Nancy Drew - The Final Scene Walkthrough Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Nancy Drew - The Final Scene Walkthrough

Nancy Drew - The Final Scene Walkthrough

Version 1.6 12/14/08                  DDDDD
DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD        DDDDDD                    DDD  DDDD
              DD   DDDDDDD 

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene Walkthrough
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Videogame humor:
Copyright 2008

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Guide
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a.  Day One
  004c.  Day Two
  004b.  Day Three
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
The Final Scene. It's the fifth game in the Nancy Drew
series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go around
and solve mysteries.  To reflect the mystery aspect, I
filled this guide with a lot of corny detective moves, like
saying "Aha!" a lot and going overboard with accusations.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank
if you do. If you want to reproduce this guide in some
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
see it at...

The video comes complete with my commentary, which is
sometimes helpful, and sometimes includes my impersonations
of the various character voices.

003- Characters

Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and
she's trying to find her friend Maya, so you _know_ that 
Maya will be found.

Maya Nguyen: Nancy's friend who gets kidnapped!  She has 
the magical ability to open doors without using the 
doorknob.  Nancy needs to figure out who the kidnapper is 
and save Maya.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend, whom she can call to get 
some hints on what to do to solve the case.

Bess Marvin: Nancy's friend at home.  Nancy can call her 
for help, too.  Bess' cousin George is usually there to 
give her two cents, too.

Joseph Hughes: The caretaker of the theater.  He's somewhat 

Brady Armstrong: The movie star, who is self-absorbed, 
which is strange because he's a loser.

Simone Mueller: Brady's agent. She'll do anything to make 
money, and thinks Nancy should change her name to "Fancy 
Jackson" (which is a little disco, but Nancy could pull it 

Nicholas Falcone: Founder of HADIT, a theater preservation 
group.  He's here to protest the destruction of the 

Louisa Falcone: Nicholas's grandmother, who was the 
architect for the theater, but got cheated out her pay.

Eustacia Andropov: Harry Houdini's closest relative.  She's 
the wife of Harry's now-dead cousin.

Sherman Trout: Head Librarian at the US Library of 

Sergeant Ramsay: An unhelpful policeman who heads the 
missing persons unit.

J. J. Thompson: Original owner of the theater.  He was a 


Start your game by choosing "New Game". Choose tutorial to
learn how to play the game, which you should do unless you
already know. Once the tutorial is over (or if you don't do
it), you can choose either "senior detective" or "junior
detective". They're both the same game, but junior
detective is slightly easier.

004a-Day One

"Dear Bess,

Remember Maya Nguyen from high school? I'm visiting her in 
St. Louis! We have tickets to the premiere of the new Brady 
Armstrong movie: 'Vanishing Destiny'. It's the last 
screening ever at the Royal Palladium. This place has been 
a landmark for almost a century, and now, in just three 
days, it's going to be demolished! I wish I could have seen 
the theater back in the 20's before it was turned into a 
movie house. All the great magicians performed here, even 
Harry Houdini!

There's a lot of public opposition to the loss of this 
historic building. Rumor has it local activists are 
planning to stage a big protest out front tonight. The 
theater will be closed when we arrive, but they'll let us 
in since Maya is covering the story for the university 
newspaper. Oh, boy, a press pass sure does come in handy. 
Maya told me she has an interesting lead and we're on our 
way to interview Brady Armstrong about the controversy now. 
I know he's one of your favorite stars. Stay tuned - Maya 
always gets the full scoop. Talk to you soon!



The game starts by the men's dressing room (where Brady 
Armstrong spends most of his time. Maya is hoping for a big 
story, and Nancy tells her to get 'em. A man tests the PA 
system as Maya walks inside.

"Think I'll go check out the snacks," Nancy Drew says to 
herself while turning aside. All of a sudden, Maya SCREAMS! 
Oh no!

"HELP! NANCY!" she screams.  Nancy turns to the door, so 
hurry up and click on the doorknob to open the door.  Then 
go inside.  The room is empty!  Well, where the heck is 

The phone rings.  Pick it up.  Someone using a voice 
disguiser says, "Listen carefully. If this theater goes 
down, the girl goes with it."  This is, in case you haven't 
figured it out, a threat to kill Maya.  WHAT THE HECK?!

In slightly nicer news, you know where this creep is 
calling from: the women's dressing room.  Aha!  I bet we 
can get over there and find whoever it is!

Back away, and the phone rings again.  Pick it back up, and 
Nancy goes on the offensive.  Unfortunately, it's not the 
person with the voice box, but Joseph "Joe" Hughes, the 
caretaker of the theater.  He's calling from his favorite 
place in the world, the projection room.

Joe can't believe about the kidnapping and tells you that 
obviously the kidnapper left through the secret passageway 
(well, not much a secret anymore, is it, Joe?).  Since 
you're on an inside line, the kidnapper who called 
obviously was on one, too.  Joe will lock the exits while 
you check out the secret passageway, and then he'll find 

Brady Armstrong comes in.  You can talk to him (avoid 
mentioning the kidnapping) to get information about him and 
his agent, Simone Mueller, who controls his life and forces 
him to be "wholesomely smoldering," whatever that means.  
But it doesn't really matter because, as you can tell from 
talking to him, he's a pretty lame guy.

Eventually you have to mention the kidnapping, and Brady 
helps by leaving (and either catching up with Joe or 
searching the building).  Now that you're alone, it's time 
to find the secret passageway!

Okay, approach the bureau (dresser) and open the right 
door.  Look up and grab the magician's wand.  Look back 
down, close the door, and back away.  Then try opening the 
door to the makeup table.  "It's locked," Nancy says.

Look around the room, and approach the black and white 
picture of a guy who is laughing (over a sink).  Approach 
it and click on it to push it aside and find a hidden lever 
underneath.  Aha! This must have something to do with the 
secret passageway!  Pull the lever.

Back away from the picture and turn around.  Approach the 
clothes rack and push the ugly sweater aside. Aha! The 
secret passageway!!!  Go through it a find a door.  Open 
the door to reach the inside of a bureau!  Leave the bureau 
to find that you're in...the women's dressing room! Aha!  
So that's how the kidnapper was able to call from that 

Speaking of calling from this room, Simone Mueller is here, 
making some calls of her own.  She's Brady's agent, and a 
big-time jerk.  She tells you to scram.  Well, screw her.

Leave the women's dressing room and turn right to find a 
door.  Go through the door and down the hallway.  On the 
left will be a set of double doors.  Go through them to 
enter the theater.  Look down and pick that quarter off of 
the ground.  Then turn around, and go back through the 
double doors, and through the door on your right.

Go forward, right and right to look at some curtains.  Go 
forward through them to enter the theater (onstage, not in 
a box like before).  Go down through the center aisle, and 
in the one of the last rows on the left-hand side is a seat 
with gum on it.  Examine the gum as closely as possible, 
and use the magic wand to pick it up.

Go through one of the doors marked "exit" now to reach the 
lobby.  Turn around in the lobby to find Nicholas Falcone 
hanging around the concession stand.  Talk to him, but 
again, avoid mentioning Maya for a while.  Nicholas is 
happy to hear that Maya was kidnapped, because he doesn't 
want the theater demolished.  Nancy then rips on Nicholas 
for being so cold-hearted.  I bet HE'S the kidnapper!

On the right side of the lobby (if you're facing Nicholas) 
is a machine in the corner, near where you enter the 
theater.  It's by a trash can.  Anyway, walk up to it to 
find that it's some weird jazz game.  Play it.

The goal of the game is to get to the dancers without a 
musical note hitting you.  You can move left, right, up or 
down, and you can reset the game.  Depending on if you're 
playing junior or senior detective, the puzzle is 

Junior detective solution:

Go up, up, right, up, up, right, up, right, down, down, 
right, right, right, right, up, left, up and right. 

Senior detective solution:

Go down, right, right, right, up, left, right, down, down, 
right, right, right, right, up, left, up and right.

As a prize you win a J. J. Thompson coin (he originally 
owned the theater).  Wow, I'm so thrilled.

Once you get the coin, don't you think it's time you called 
the police?  Go into the ticket booth (directly opposite of 
the food counter) and move in on the phone on the right.  
Find the number of the police department (555-1422) on the 
paper there and then call the police on the phone.

There's a conversation here that you don't control at all, 
you just listen to it.  Sergeant Ramsay, of the missing 
person's unit, can't do anything because there is no proof 
of a kidnapping, and besides, the official policy is to 
wait 24 hours before declaring someone missing.  Nancy 
isn't too happy, but there's nothing she can do about it.

While at the phone, you can also call Nancy's friends Bess 
and Nick.  They're helpful to talk to, because they catch 
onto the important things and help you figure out what you 
should do next.  Of course, you're reading a guide on how 
to beat the game, so you don't really need that help, but 
it's nice that it's there.

Anyway, now it's time to check the top level of the 
theater.  Go up the stairs on the left and through the 
double doors at the top.  Go to the end of the balcony here 
to notice that one of the star things is missing.  Where 
could it be...?

Look down on the ledge and Aha! There it is! It's too far 
out of reach to grab, though.  So use the magic wand with 
the gum on it to reach it, and...Aha! It worked! Just as I 

Turn around and go back through the double doors.  Turn 
left and go forward to reach the projection room (in 
between the two sets of double doors on the top level).  
Enter it.  Joe is inside.  Hey...I thought he was supposed 
to find you after his search?  Why did he give up?  Could 
it be that he is IN CAHOOTS with the kidnapper?  Or could 
it be that HE IS THE KIDNAPPER???

Talk to Joe and it turns out that, well, he just thought it 
would be best to let you find him.  He suggests calling the 
police, but we tried that and it didn't work.  He says that 
all the outside doors were locked, so it must be one of the 
people who were in the theater (Brady and Simone, Nancy and 
Maya, Nicholas and Joe) at the time who did it.  And, of 
course, this means Maya is still somewhere inside the 

Joe has an alibi (he was sound testing on the PA, remember 
how he talked while Maya entered the room?).  How 
convenient.  Joe tells you to call County Administration 
(records division) to get blueprints for the theater to 
find any secret passages.  Oh, yes, get the blue prints 
from the original theater, not the '56 remodel (when the 
theater became a movie theater).

Well, Joe was helpful, even if his goodbye is a little 
weird ("Don't let the turkeys get you down!"? - that has to 
be the strangest Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 
reference I have EVER heard of).  Check the cabinet in this 
room and take out one of the glass bulbs from inside a box.

Check out the table with reels on it, and pick up the white 
slide there.  Then back up and check out the box on the 
left side of this table.  It's a guide to running the 
projector, which is helpful because we will be doing that 
(later on).

At the end of the book is a missing key (which was used to 
open the projector).  Now where could it have gone?  No 
matter; it's time to call County Administration anyway.

The only problem is that you don't know the number.  Talk 
to Nicholas and maybe he knows.  Okay...maybe he doesn't.  
He talks about how B. Thompson, owner of "Wave of the 
Future" is the one destroying the theater.

After your conversation, talk to him again to learn about 
his poor old granny Louisa who didn't get any credit for 
designing architectural work here.  No wonder he doesn't 
want the building demolished!  But HOW FAR IS HE WILLING TO 

He tries to get you to help find evidence to help his 
cause.  Well, okay, if we find any while looking for Maya, 
we'll let you know.

Go back into the ticket booth and turn around and go back 
to Nicholas, only he's not there (by going into the ticket 
booth, we gave him, or rather, the game, enough time to 
leave...maybe he went to the theater's non-existent 

Look at one of his Royal Palladium pamphlets, and check out 
the inside to find the number of County Administration.  
All right!  Go back to the ticket booth and call them at 
555-3309 (it should appear on your list of phone numbers, 
by the way).

County Administration puts you on hold a lot, because it 

Well, forget the blueprints, we can find some hidden rooms 
ourselves!  Head through one of the curtained exits to 
reach a hallway.  Go down the hallway to wind up backstage, 
where the men's/women's dressing rooms are.  Might as well 
question the suspects.

Head over to Brady, who's reading a book.  Nancy lets him 
know that Maya was not trying to talk to Brady because he's 
a famous movie star, but because she had an angle 
concerning the demolition.  Hmmm...could this be why she 
was kidnapped?  She knew something?

Brady's alibi is that he was worried about a receding 
hairline.  Wow.  This guy needs a hobby or something, so he 
can stop worrying about himself all the time.

Check out Simone, who is planning on using the kidnapping 
as a publicity stint, where everyone's favorite movie star, 
Brady "Charmstrong" Armstrong saves the day.  How horrible!  
Maya was kidnapped, and all she cares about is helping her 
client's career?!  Earth to Simone, this is not a movie!

Simone doesn't care at all and slips into this publicity 
stint seamlessly.  A little too seamlessly, in fact.  WAS 

If you remember, before all this questioning, we were going 
to find a hidden room.  Exit Simone's and head towards 
Brady's room (just take one step).  Notice the big crate to 
the side?  Check it out, specifically the floor beneath it.  
Aha!  A trap door leading to the basement!

Head towards Brady's, but instead of going to see him, go 
to the rack with a bunch of ropes on it.  Undo the rope in 
the middle of the top rack (that's be second from the 
right) by clicking on it a lot of times (eight, in fact).  
You hear a clunk, which is a crane falling on the crate.  
Go back to the crane and connect it to the crate.  Then 
click the rope eight more times to tie it back up.  Then go 
to where the box was and go down the trap door to the 

Turn left and go down to find an old "beat the magician" 
machine.  The goal of this game is the find the ace of 
spades.  Hmmm...okay.  Try the game until you win it, and 
you win flash powder!  Read the instructions to find out 
that flash powder is a fancy magician's way of making a 
piece of paper "explode".

Turn around and go as far straight ahead as you can.  Turn 
right and move forward to find a strange safe thing.  The 
combination to the lock appears to be a series of playing 
card shapes.  Which one do you choose?  Why, spades of 
course!  I mean, you just finished the ace of spades game.

The problem with this is that turning the first block turns 
blocks one and two.  Turning block two turns blocks two and 
three.  Turning block three turns blocks three and five.  
Turning block four turns blocks one, three and four.  
Turning block five turns block five.

Mess around with it for a while, and you can get the 
combination from that information.  Try to think logically, 
like that block five can be done independently, meaning 
block three that also does block five can be moved 
independently as well, and that the middle three blocks all 
have a clover on the turn before a spade (the first one has 
a diamond before the spade).

If you can't get it, try to do the following:

Turn block four to a clover.  Then turn block one to a 
diamond.  Turn block two so it is a spade, then turn block 
three so it is a clover.  Then turn block four to switch 
blocks one, three and four to spades, and finally, switch 
block five until it's a spade.

When you solve the puzzle, the door opens.  Inside is a 
box, and, darn, it's another puzzle!  It's full of pieces 
that you can pick up and rotate.  You're on your own here 
(as the puzzle pieces aren't in the same position for every 
game), so keep trying to get a picture of a woman with wavy 
hair in front of a circular astrological chart.  She's 
facing left.

When you solve it, the box opens, and it looks like it's 
missing two gears.  Put in your J. J. Thompson coin, and 
your star-shaped thingy from the balcony, which work just 
as well.  Then run the gears and a door opens.  Take the 
key and read the papers.

The papers let you know that J. J. Thompson made a $50,000 
bet that Houdini could not escape the "Watery Grave".  
Houdini did, but J. J. couldn't pay up.  So instead he made 
Houdini the co-owner of the theater.  Hmmm...sounds like 
Thompson didn't own the whole theater after all, so how 
could his heir demolish the place (not owning all of it)?  
This is information that Nicholas would want to know!  
Close the box and safe and go back upstairs to the lobby 
and talk to Nicholas.

Nicholas catches onto this theory, even if it takes him a 
little while to do so.  Nicholas decides to follow this 
lead by researching what Houdini did with his half of the 
theater.  Hmmm...Nicholas probably isn't the kidnapper, 
'cause he's so eagerly following this path to stopping the 
demolition, and the kidnapper is using the hostage to do 

Joe calls you to his projection room.  Talk to him...he has 
Maya's press pass!  Aha! Evidence!  Now the police will 
have to listen to us! did Joe get it?  Oh, Brady found it.  Oh, 

Joe wants you to go to sleep, but you can't do that now!  
Go call the police (555-1422) and Sergeant Ramsey lets you 
know that Nicholas was involved in a kidnapping with a 
previous theater saving.  GEE, I WONDER WHY NICHOLAS DIDN'T 
MENTION THAT!  Ramsay, from then on, doesn't trust Nancy at 
all, assuming she's in cahoots with Nicholas.  Way to be 
objective, Sergeant!

Turn around to leave, and Joe corners you and forces you to 
go to sleep.  Nancy wakes up on Day Two.

004b-Day Two

The first thing Nancy sees is a funeral arrangement, for 
Maya, with a nice card that wonders if it would perhaps be 
easier to arrange for the theater to be saved instead of 
planning Maya's funeral.

Go see Joe.  Hey, on his door is a poster about Maya!  It's 
not much of a missing poster as it is a facade for 
publicity about Brady.  Talk to Joe to figure out what you 
may have guessed: Simone did it.  He can tell you a lot of 
other information, like that he's planning on opening a 
theater with his brother in Arizona, or that J. J. Thompson 
built the theater with magic shows in mind.

Go downstairs to talk to Nicholas to see how the Houdini 
lead worked out.  First, though, Nancy grills Nicholas 
about his previous involvement with kidnapping.  Nicholas 
says, in an indirect fashion, that he hasn't done that.  He 
also says that HADIT is about action, not paperwork, 
despite the fact that all you ever see him do is busy 
himself with his pamphlets.

When you're done talking to him, back away and talk to him 
again, to learn about the Houdini lead.  He's got the phone 
number of the widow of a cousin of Harry Houdini.  I guess 
it's better than nothing...

Go to the ticket booth and find her phone number on the 
notepad by the phone.  Dial her number (1-813-555-3247).  
She seems kind of pessimistic about her age, but helps you 
out by letting you know about the US Library of Congress 
(to which she donated all of her Houdini stuff).

Call the US Library of Congress (1-202-555-5000), reaching 
Sherman Trout, the head librarian or something (she must 
know him from donating her Houdini stuff).  Sherman says he 
can't just drop all of his stuff to help you, but agrees 
that, if he finds something, he'll send it to you as 
quickly as he can, which means it'll be there tomorrow.

Well, now that you've exhausted that lead, it's time to 
talk to everyone.  Go to Simone and talk to her about the 
posters.  Nancy is highly sarcastic the whole time.  Jeez, 
Nancy gets MEAN when her friends are kidnapped.  As a 
result of this, Simone doesn't invite Nancy to the big 
press conference that she's holding that afternoon.

Go to Nicholas to let him know what's going on, and he's 
glad to hear that the Houdini thing might work.  As for the 
conference, he plans to be there to protest.

Go to Brady's room and talk to him about finding Maya's 
press pass.  He can't remember where he found it.  I assume 
TELL YOU WHERE HE FOUND IT!!!  Plus, all his excuses are 
wimpy, like it's not his fault that he went around putting 
up posters to promote himself.

Go to the lobby, and the press conference is going on.  The 
press conference is a load of junk, like that Brady's 
reward for information about the case is signed 
posters...Let's take advantage of the situation to explore 
while everyone's gone.  First, let's snoop around Simone's 

Simone left her bag inside the women's dressing room for 
some reason.  Open it up and inside is her wallet and 
camera (among other things).  Check out the pictures in the 
camera.  So that's why Brady doesn't remember where he 
found the press pass...Simone made him pose in various 

Check out her wallet to find a receipt for a funeral 
You can check out her PDA, but that's just a dead end.

Check out the drawer in the desk and take out a Bobby pin, 
which is perfect for opening the locked drawer in Brady's 
room.  Go to Brady's and use the Bobby pin on the makeup 
drawer. Inside you find a handy manual for using the 
machine in the projection room to reach the magician's room 
downstairs.  Aha! I knew there had to be a secret room 

Before leaving, let's see what the book is that Brady's is 
always reading.  Why, it's "Hop on Pop"!  Just kidding.  
It's a book about becoming the captain of your own destiny.  
Read it.  Wow, what a lame book.  Check out the little 
drawing that Brady keeps inside there.  It's of Captain 
Brady (with a ponytail!) throwing Simone overboard.  Wow, 
Brady has real issues.

We should probably go check out the magician's room.  Go to 
the projection room, and the kidnapper leaves a mean 
message for you on the PA!  YOU JERK!!!  Hurry to the PA 
room to see if the culprit is still around!  Nope, no one's 
around, not even Joe!  Let's take advantage of that to see 
what's in the corner Joe is always staying.

Looks like he's busy doing crossword puzzles.  Hello, 
what's this?  A note saying his brother has been dead for 
over half a year!  But he said he was going to Arizona with 

Time to check out the projection machine.  Move in towards 
the little window that it faces a few times, and stick the 
slide you have into the place there.  Back up and turn on 
the power, then use the focus knob a few times to get the 
slide in perfect form (you can look out the other window 
for that).  Take the slide back and turn off the power.

Okay, now it's time to work the cages.  Move up onto the 
control pads, and enter the number 121192 on the number 
pad.  Then move into fader things.  They look like this:

| |  M T
| |  O O |
| |  L R |
| |  O O

Well, sort of like that, anyway.  Press the L and R buttons 
to power the faders, then move the two faders (the vertical 
things on the left) down all the way.  Then hit the magnet 
button (M) and move the two faders up once.  Hit the trap 
door button, then the hit the switch on the right (ie. turn 
it on).

If you did it right, go inside the theater and you see the 
cages onstage.  Step inside one of them and climb down.  
You're in the small hidden passageway that connects the 
cages (so in a magic act, someone can go from one cage to 
the other).

One of the lights on the wall is broken.  Examine it the 
hole it comes out of.  Aha!  So that's where Maya is!  Then 
the trap doors close!  Dang!  The kidnapper must be onto 
us!  Examine the floor to find a trap door somewhere.  
Climb down it and turn left to find the magician's room.

The door is locked by unmoving pieces.  Double dang!  Turn 
around and go down the tunnel to find the moving chair 
trick.  Press the red button on the control to move the 
chair down.  Step on it, the press the up button.  Then 
look up and try to get through the opening to the door.

Joe shows up, and tries to grease the wheels on the chair 
while Nancy tells him what's going on.  Joe opens the door 
and gives you some generic WD-40 to make the pieces of the 
magician's door move again.  Hurry up and get back to the 
door, then spray the pieces.

Now you have another puzzle to solve.  Just like the puzzle 
of the woman before, this one changes depending on your 
game.  Fortunately, this puzzle resets itself if you move 
away and come back, unlike the puzzle of the woman, so I 
can help you out with this one.

For junior detective level:

Move the highest left/right piece right, and the two 
rightmost up/down orange pieces up.  Move the leftmost 
up/down red piece down, and move the higher yellow piece 

Move the left yellow piece up, and the leftmost up/down red 
piece up.  Move the lowest left/right red piece left and 
the right yellow block down.  Move the rabbit piece left, 
and the lowest up/down red piece up.

Move the right yellow block right, and move the leftmost 
left/right red piece right.  Move the left yellow block and 
the leftmost up/down red block down, and move the rabbit 
left to open the door. 

For senior detective level:

Move the lowest left/right orange piece right, and the 
highest left/right red piece right.  Move the highest 
up/down red piece up, the rightmost up/down orange piece 
up, and the bottommost left/right red piece right, and out 
of the way.

Move the two side-by-side up/down red pieces down, and the 
right yellow block down.  Move the leftmost right/left red 
piece right, and the left yellow block up.

Move the right yellow block up, and the two side-by-side 
up/down orange and red pieces up.  Move the bottommost 
left/right orange piece left, and the rightmost up/down 
orange piece left.  Move the topmost up/down red piece down 
and move the leftmost left/right red piece right and out of 
the way.

Move the rightmost up/down red piece up and move the right 
yellow block up.  Move the rabbit piece left.  Move the 
rightmost up/down orange block up, and move the bottommost 
left/right orange thing right.  Move the side-by-side 
orange things down, and the rabbit left to open the door.

Once the door is open, step inside and, ah no! Maya is 
missing!  Examine her shoe on the floor with some pizza.  
Well, at least she's not starving.

Examine the chest and take out the rubber gloves.  Then 
check out the bookcase and read the book to learn about a 
trick where you use a pencil to make an etching of 
something.  Aha!  This should come in handy!

Leave the room, except that you don't know how.  Okay, 
examine the casket.  Aha! A secret door!  You're in the 
basement like before!

The exit is blocked!  The gate is electrified!  Oh no!  
This kidnapper is really trying to kill you!  Use the 
rubber gloves to type on the number pad.  The combination 
changes every game (senior or junior level not making a 
difference in this case), so you'll just have to figure it 
out yourself.  The trick is that it's a nine digit code, 
with no repeating digits.

Once you get it open, move up the stairs and through the 
trap door.  Brady is there, hanging around and being 
mention finding evidence.

From now on, there's a booby trap backstage (if you head 
from Brady's to Simone's).  Partway through, there is 
creaking.  Stop here and wait, and a light falls.  NICE 
TRY, KIDNAPPER!  Set off the booby trap so you won't have 
to worry about it.

Go to the ticket office and call Sergeant Ramsay (555-
1422).  He doesn't believe Nancy really found Maya, but 
says he'll come over as soon as he can.

Now you've done about all you can for today, so let's end 
the day.  Go see Joe and tell him about everything.  He 
says he'll take care of things when Sergeant Ramsay shows 
up, while you go to sleep.  How helpful of him. TOO 
HELPFUL.  Oh, wait, he has an alibi for the kidnapping.  
Leave the room and Nancy goes to sleep.

004c-Day Three

Nancy comes in and finds a newspaper article.  Apparently, 
the kidnapper is demanding $50,000 for Maya, and the 
kidnapper called from Granite City, which is, in case you 
don't know, not St. Louis, so therefore the police think 
Maya is not in St. Louis anymore.

Go talk to Joe to see what the heck is going on.  He 
doesn't believe that the demand is from the kidnapper, 
because the theater wasn't mentioned like earlier.  
Apparently the police are believing this, and that Maya's 
not in the theater because all of the evidence magically 

Hmmm...Joe's the one who waits for the police...when the 
police show up, the evidence is gone...JOE MUST HAVE HIDDEN 

Oh, Joe says he just didn't want you to feel sorry for him.  
That's okay, Joe, I don't feel sorry for KIDNAPPERS!  Nah, 
Joe is probably a harmless old man.  I mean, he's planning 
on fixing the key machine even though the building will not 
exist in a few hours.

Time to check in with everyone else.  Go to Brady.  He 
doesn't like that you're hanging out with Nicholas.  Well, 
boo hoo, Brady.  Go to Simone, and confront her because 

Simone says that she isn't the kidnapper, but only did that 
to help Brady's press conference.  What a slimeball!  When 
you're done with her, talk to her again to learn that she 
made Brady cut off his ponytail.  Aha!  That's why the 
Captain Brady picture had a ponytail!

Go to Brady's room, and Aha! He left his bag.  I'm sure he 
won't mind if we snoop inside it...wait, what's 

Give me a second here.


Check out the notebook, and, hey!  It's Maya's!  Check it 
out.  Aha!  Brady DID know about her angle concerning the 
HER TO AVOID HER SQUEALING ON HIM!  Squealing on him about 
what, though?

Take the pencil, then shut the bag and leave.  Brady comes 
in before you leave, though.  Apparently, he is Brady 
Thompson, grandson of J. J. Thompson.  I guess being a 
self-absorbed jerk runs in the family.  He's the one who is 
demolishing the theater, and he didn't want Maya revealing 
that.  He refuses to listen to reason and won't stop the 
demolition.  In fact, he does the opposite and runs off to 
find a team to start the demolition!  NOOOOOO!!!  You are 
so OFF my list of favorite celebrities now, Brady!

We've got to hurry!  Hurry back to the projection room and 
use the pencil on the book with the missing key (using the 
shading techniques learned from the magician's book).  Head 
downstairs and make an identical key on the key machine 
(put in your quarter to start the machine).  You do it from 
left to right, so the proper order is SIVO.  You know 
you've done it right when the key comes out and you can see 
the word SIVO on it, because if it's wrong, the letters 
don't appear.

Talk to Nicholas.  The lead with Houdini is working!  Go to 
the ticket booth and pick up the package (by the phone on 
the left).  It has a slide!  Great, we have a projector!  
Tell Nicholas what's going on, and he says he'll stall the 

Head to the projection room and put the slide in.  Turn on 
the power and the bulb breaks.  Well, we've got a bulb.  
Turn the power on and open up the back of the projector 
with the key you just made.

Take out the old bulb and put the one you have in its 
place.  Wait, what's that at the bottom of the inside of 
the projector?  Aha! The missing blueprints to the 
MUST BE THE KIDNAPPER!!!  The police say they're going to 
clear the building right then.

Shut the door and back off and hide in the cabinet.  The 
police check the room and see nothing there.  Okay, time to 
hurry up because the theater is going down soon.  Move up 
to the projector and turn it on and put it in focus to read 
the Houdini slide.

It's a letter from Dizzy Noshun, who is asking about who 
Houdini is giving his half to.  Well, dang, that's not 
really enough proof to stop the demolition.  Put in the 
blueprints slide and then focus.

The focus knob comes off.  Dang!  Look under the control 
thing to find it.  What's this?  A tape of Joe checking the 
PA and a voice box?  AHA!  JOE IS THE KIDNAPPER FOR SURE!!!  

Check both of them and the focus knob comes out.  Put it 
back on the projector and put it in focus to see the 
blueprints.  Aha!  A hidden passageway is located behind 
the light switch in this room!  Turn off the projector and 
turn around to get to the passageway.

Joe comes in.  He's lost it completely by now, and has gone 
crazy, still thinking that the theater will be okay.  Then 
he locks you in.  DAMN YOU, YOU KIDNAPPER!!!

The timer that keeps track of the days turns into a circle 
that gradually gets smaller.  Time's running out!  Get to 
the light switch and flip it so it faces up.  Turn right 
and climb up the stairs that just fell.  Turn right at the 
top of the stairs to see a safe.

Open the safe with the key you found in the basement.  
Inside are a bunch of keys (take them all) and papers 
proving that Louisa Falcone was in charge of architecture 
for the building.  In fact...Houdini gave his half of the 
theater to her!  Take that paper, quick!

Back up and turn around.  The stairs lead to a door (had 
you gone straight instead of turning right to find the 
safe, you would have gone straight to the door).  The door 
is locked.  Start using the keys and try to open the door.  
Remember, once you use a key, it gets put at the top of 
your items list, so start using keys from the bottom down, 
not from the top up.

Once the door's open, step inside and turn left.  Aha!  
Maya is here!  We have to save her!  Turn back right and 
follow to the end of the room, where the power box is.  Joe 
steps in the way and threatens you.  When he's not talking, 
grab the flash powder ring and THROW IT IN HIS UGLY, 

Move to the power box and flip the switch, thus turning on 
the marquee.  The people outside see it, and realize that 
someone is in the building, so the demolition is halted.  
Yay, we saved Maya!  The game ends, and we find out that 
Joe goes to JAIL for being a kidnapper, and a bad one, too, 
because he was planning on kidnapping Brady.

Speaking of getting in trouble with the law, Simone does 
for faking the funeral wreath.  Serves her right.

As for the fate of the Royal Palladium, well, since Louisa 
Falcone owned half of it, Nicholas inherited half of it.  
Guess what?  He doesn't want to demolish his half!  So 
Brady, to get some good press, donated his half of the 
theater to the St. Louis historical society.  So the 
theater and Maya are saved!  Good work, Detective!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2008.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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