Nancy Drew - The Secret of Shadow Ranch Walkthrough Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Nancy Drew - The Secret of Shadow Ranch Walkthrough

Nancy Drew - The Secret of Shadow Ranch Walkthrough

Version 1.4 1/7/09                   DDDDD
DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD        DDDDDD                    DDD  DDDD
              DD   DDDDDDD 

Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch Walkthrough
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Videogame humor:
Copyright 2009

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Guide
003.  Walkthrough

  003a.  Day One
  003b.  Day Two
  003c.  Day Three
004.  Quick Guide
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
Secrets Can Kill.  It's the first game in the Nancy Drew
series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go around
and solve mysteries.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank
if you do.  If you want to reproduce this guide in some
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
see it at...

The video comes complete with my commentary and such. I do
a cowboy accent throughout the entire video guide.



In this game, you can choose to play junior or senior detective. 
The difference between the two is in the amount of hints you 
get, and in the difficulty of the puzzles. This guide covers 
both junior and senior mode.

003a-Day One

"Dear Hannah,

Well, I made it to Shadow Ranch, but I'm afraid all is not well. 
The Rawleys, the people who own the ranch, have been called away 
on some kind of emergency. They had Dave Gregory (he's their 
foreman) pick me up at the airport. He gave me a phone number, 
told me to call the Rawleys at that number as soon as I got 
settled in, and refused to tell me anything else. In fact, he 
barely said two words to me the whole ride to the ranch!

What's worse, Bess and George aren't here yet, which is very 
strange, because even though we had to take different flights, 
we figured we'd get into Phoenix at the same time. Being here 
without them feels odd; after all, the Rawleys are their aunt 
and uncle, not mine.

I wouldn't even be here if Bess and George hadn't begged them to 
invite me out to the ranch for two weeks, too. Until about three 
months ago, the Rawleys owned a clothing store.

Bess said it was always their dream to sell the store and buy a 
cattle ranch.

I hope they're okay, but frankly, as beautiful as Shadow Ranch 
is, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this place.


The game starts with Nancy inside Shadow Ranch. You're in the 
main room, where there's a fireplace and bookshelves. Take out 
Nancy's phone and call the Rawleys.

The Rawleys are in the hospital because Ed was bitten by a 
snake. And the ranch is being plagued by a phantom horse, but 
the Rawleys get interrupted before you can learn more. But, of 
course, they give you a bunch of chores to do before.

You can't leave this room by the front door, so you have to go 
out through the kitchen. Shorty, the cook, is in the kitchen. 
Talk with Shorty about the phantom horse.

Head outside. There are three buildings here. The red one is the 
pump house. The one in the middle is the chicken coop, and the 
third one is the horse barn/stall area.

Talk to Dave Gregory, who's the cowboy standing in front of the 
chicken coop. Dave tells you about the phantom horse, and he 
gives you the key to the Rawleys' roll-top desk.

Head over to the horse barn. Three horses are tied up in this 
area. Enter the small door here to find Tex, the head wrangler.

Tex is constantly in a grumpy mood. He refuses to let you ride 
unless you do a lot of things, the first of which is do Shorty's 

You have to ask him "May I go riding now?" to start the chores.

Pick up the hat on the barrel like Tex said, then go back inside 
the house and ask Shorty what chores he wants done. He wants you 
to pick some vegetables and start a fire.

Go to the main part of the house. There are papers in front of 
the fireplace. Pick up two of them for the fire. Then open the 
roll-top desk. Take the three metal prongs, and the letter for 
Mary Yazzie. You should also read the bill from Mary Yazzie, and 
a letter from Jane Nash (who is angry at the Rawleys for firing 

Bess and George call around this time in the game. They're stuck 
in an airport in Omaha. George has a book on 19th century 
fashion, which is a not-so-subtle hint that you need to know 
something about 19th century fashion in order to beat the game.

Head outside. Right next to the door is a thermometer, and the 
basket for vegetables. Take the basket, then head to the 

You should only pick ripe vegetables. You can use the internet 
on your phone to see what ripe vegetables look like. You can 
identify them mostly by color.

Romano: Light green and straight.
Golden Queen: Orange-yellow.
Old Ivory: Golden.
Northern Lights: Big-colored.
Beefsteak: Red.
Black Turtle: Pinkish and wrinkly.

Pick four Northern Lights, two Beefsteaks, and two Golden 
Queens. Those are all the ripe vegetables. Once you pick them, 
take them to Shorty. He thanks you and gives you an egg basket.

Go to the chicken coop and look at the nests. You can take eggs 
from nests while the chickens are there, except for the white 
chicken with a "WARNING" sign over it. This is the CHICKEN OF 
else the game ends.

When you pick up some eggs, the basket breaks. Shoot. You get a 
puzzle to solve to fix the basket.

You have to put the pieces into place. When a piece is put in 
the right place, it sticks there and doesn't move. You will have 
to flip some pieces in order to get them to fit correctly.

A piece fits in a spot if a) it is long enough and b) it fits 
the pattern. You'll notice that some rows are blank, while other 
rows have green triangles on them. This means that only blank 
pieces go in blank rows, while only green triangle pieces fit in 
green triangle rows. It's not too difficult of a puzzle, and it 
gets progressively easier as you fill in rows.

Once you are done, click on the basket three times to sew it 
back up. Then collect more eggs. You need six overall; if you 
don't find enough, leave and go back inside the house. Then go 
back inside the chicken coop to look for more eggs.

Once the eggs are collected, the only chore you have left is 
making a fire. Get two pieces of paper from the fireplace inside 
the house, if you haven't done so already.

To make the fire, you'll need five groups of sticks that are 
hidden throughout the ranch.

1) In the space between the vegetable gardens, near the fence.
2) Near a bush to the right of the door the chicken coop.
3) When you exit the chicken coop, in front of a cart with a 
cactus on it.
4) Head towards the front door. They're to the left of the door, 
off of the porch.
5) To the right of the pump house.

You also need to chop wood. Head to where the chopping block is. 
Put a piece of wood on the block and pick up the axe.

You get a puzzle. You have to choose where Nancy stands, and the 
angle of the swing. To choose where she stands, pretend the 
chopping block is a 3 by 3 square. Then stand in that part of 
the square that the log is in.

Choosing the angle isn't tough either. If the black divider is 
leaning to the left, you'll have to hit it from the left.

Chopping wood isn't that tough, so once you chop up all three 
logs, you're done. Head to the fire pit.

Inside the pit is a note with weird symbols on it. Huh. Ignore 
that for now, and put the papers you have into the fireplace. 
Then put the twigs in the fireplace, then the logs.

Pick up the bucket there. Take it to the pump house and put it 
in the sink. Turn the faucet to fill it with water. Then pick up 
the bucket and put it back where you found it.

YAY! CHORES ARE DONE! Get a canteen of water from Shorty, and 
let's ride!

Go to the horse stall and ask Tex for permission to ride. He 
says you have to do his quiz first. Pick up the saddle on the 
wall that belongs to Bob (also, pick up the hat on the barrel if 
you haven't done so already). Then head out to the horses and 
put Bob's saddle on.

Lift up the "stirrup" and pull on the "cinch" to check the 
horse's "girth". That's cowboy talk for "tighten the saddle". 
Then click on Bob's neck (where your icon turns into a white 
hand) to lead him outside.

Jump on Bob, and Tex gives you his quiz. He repeats the 
questions over and over again until you get them right, so you 
can beat the quiz just by guessing.

Where's the horse's hocks? On its back legs.
Where's the horse's frogs? On the bottom of its hoof.
How tall is a horse that's fifteen hands? Five feet.
What type of horse is a Paso Fino? A gaited horse.
How do you know if a horse is colicking? It keeps lying down, 
then standing up.
What is the difference between a Bay and a Chestnut? A Bay has 
black points.
What tribe bred the first Appaloosas? The Nez Perce.
What part of a horse is most likely to be hurt when it founders? 
The feet.
What part of the saddle should always be checked before you go 
out on the trail? The cinch.
What is a mule? The offspring of a female horse and a male 

Once you pass the quiz, Tex lets you go riding. The only place 
you can ride to is Mary Yazzie's, so go there.

Talk with Mary and give her the letter from the Rawleys. They 
turned down her offer for a piece of land. And apparently, the 
trunk they gave her can't be opened.

Inside Mary's shop is a game called "Run for Cover". Play it in 
order to get a token.

Junior Mode Solution:

Level 1: Move two down, five right, two down, two right, and 
three down.
Level 2: Move three down, one right, one up, one right. This 
gets the two coyotes side-by-side. Then move five down and five 
right to the hole.
Level 3: Move two up, four right, four down, one left, four up, 
three left, two down, one right, two down, and six right.

Senior Mode Solution:

Level 1: Move two down, two right, one left, one right, five 
down and five right.
Level 2: Move two up, four right, four down, one left, four up, 
three left, two down, one right, two down, and six right.
Level 3: Move two up, two right, two down, one right, one left, 
two up, two left, two down, two right, three up, five right, and 
one up.

You win a token if you beat the game. Yay!

Also in the shop is the trunk that can't be opened, and a flyer 
about Charleena Purcell with her phone number on it. Examine the 
trunk a couple of times, until Nancy says, "If I could find out 
who made this thing, it might help me get it open."

Go outside Mary's shop and call Charleena Purcell. She tells you 
the trunk was made to celebrate a wedding on 4, 9, 1811.

Go back to the trunk. Stick the three metal pieces from the 
Rawley's desk into the trunk. Now set the pieces to 4, 9 and 11, 
as if they were clock hands. That is, put the first piece in the 
four o'clock position, the second in the nine o'clock, and the 
third in the eleven o'clock.

This opens the trunk. Take the watch out of the trunk, then head 
back to Shadow Ranch. Knowing how to open the trunk lets you 
open the blanket container in the corner next to the roll-top 

Go inside the house (return your saddle where you found it to 
knock over a card that Tex has. Tex's sister is Jane Nash, the 
disgruntled ex-employee!). The clock on the fireplace is broken, 
but the colors are a clue.

Red: 12
Blue: 2
Yellow: 7

Go to the blanket holder in the corner and put the metal things 
into the three holes. Set the red one to 12, the blue one to 2 
and the yellow one to 7.

This opens a secret compartment in the blanket holder. Inside is 
Meryl Humber's diary. Meryl was the Sheriff who hung Dirk 
Valentine. His daughter was Frances Humber, the owner of Shadow 
Ranch. She was in love with Dirk Valentine.

Read Meryl's diary.

Also inside the compartment is a letter to Frances from Dirk. He 
hid a treasure for her, and he has some clues on how to find it. 
Think about her favorite flower (which Meryl's diary says is 
Harrison's Yellow) and the flowers on her favorites. Find the 
message Dirk hid in his cell, and solve the petroglyph rock 
puzzle he left.

Pick up the piece of paper with the rock puzzle on it.

Also, pick up the watch. It's a puzzle. Click the six buttons in 
the proper order (this order is randomly chosen each time you 
play the game) to find a watch opener. Take it.

Now look at the watch you got from Mary Yazzie's. Use the watch 
opener on it. Press the six buttons in order (again) to find a 
picture scrap. On the back of the picture are the words "Green 
bottle under".

Examining everything in the blanket compartment ends Day One. 
You see a cutscene of the cookout that night, with Shorty 
playing guitar. Tex and Dave leave, and the phantom horse 
appears. The pump house explodes (or something like that) when 
the horse passes it. 

003b-Day Two

Day Two begins with a phone call from the Rawleys. They agree to 
let Nancy investigate things, of course.

Shorty isn't in his area, so you can sneak around to find that 
he's learning about mineral deposit. Shorty catches you when 
that happens, but he doesn't stay mad at you for long.

Talk to Shorty in order to get chores. He isn't doing a cookout 
tonight, so all you have to do is collect vegetables and eggs 
(not really, but that comes a bit later).

Go outside and collect the ripe vegetables. The way to identify 
ripe vegetables is the exact same as it was on Day One. Today, 
you need to pick five Romanos, two Ivory Eggs, two Beefsteaks 
and three Black Turtles. No Golden Queens and Northern Lights 
need be picked.

Once you pick vegetables, you can collect eggs. Get six eggs, 
just like yesterday. If there aren't enough eggs, go back in the 
house and go back to the chicken coop.

Shorty gives you a NEW chore when you give Shorty the eggs. It 
seems that it's Tex's birthday, so Nancy needs to bake him a 

Check the box of recipes. Frances Humber's recipe for Shadow 
Cake is in there, and it comes with a flower! Aha! We have to 
find the flowers on her favorites, so let's make the cake to 
find out what flower it is, because it'll come in handy.

Making a cake is kind of difficult, because they throw in 
purposely-tricky notes, such as instructions to use four cups of 
flour, but giving you a pint-sized flour cup. Fortunately, I've 
got you covered.

2 sticks of butter
2 eggs
5 spoonfuls of milk
2 pints of flour
3 spoonfuls of baking powder
7 spoonfuls of sugar
3 spoonfuls of vanilla

Pour the cake into the middle container, then put it in the oven 
on medium for 45 minutes. The game expects you to guess which 
container, how long to cook it, and what temperature to cook it 
at; those are the correct things you should use to make a great 

Once the cake is baked, Shorty forces you to make the flower. 
You can kind of see the outline of the flower on the cake, and 
when you get a piece in place, it stays there.

The end result is a tulip. So "tulip" is on the list of flowers 

Head outside and check the pump house. The sheriff has it closed 
off. Call the sheriff to get access to go in. If you don't know 
his phone number, it's on the fridge.

Check out the busted pipe in the pump house, and pick up the 
arrowhead in the ground nearby.

Look at the shelves here. See the grating under the right shelf? 
Open it up and go through the passage to find the hidden cellar, 
where you find...Dave?

Dave is looking for Dirk's treasure, too. See, he's related to 
Frances Humber's cousin. He shows Nancy the other half of the 
photo, which has a message on it. Putting that with the message 
we found yesterday, the message reads "green bottle under stairs 
to cellar".

Dave leaves. Check the shelves here to find Frances' old purse. 
It was made in the 19th century. What a surprise!

Head out through the secret passageway. Nancy, using her 
detective skills, figures that the stairs in the secret 
passageway are the ones the note refers to.

Turn around and open the top stairs. You get a sliding puzzle.

Junior Mode:

There is a piece that is one high and two wide on the second row 
from the top. Move this piece to the right.

Move the one-by-three piece into the hole made by your last 

Move a two-by-one up, so it is next to the one-by-three piece 
that was just moved. Move a two-by-one piece to the left, so it 
slides under the two-by-one piece that was just moved.

There are two three-by-one empty slots. There is a two-by-one 
piece that is one column left of the higher three-by-one empty 
slot. Move this piece up. This opens a space, so you can move a 
two-by-one piece right into the space just opened.

Now you have an empty space that's three high and one wide. And 
by total coincidence (okay, not really), a three high, one wide 
piece is beneath this empty space. Move it up.

Move the two-by-two piece right, and move the FH right.

Senior mode:

Ooo, the puzzle's a bit more complicated now.

There's a 2-by-2 piece with a 2-by-1 empty space both right and 
left of it. Move this piece right.

This allows you to move a 2-by-1 piece down, where the 2-by-2 
piece was. Move this piece down.

This allows you to move a 2-by-2 piece right. Do so.

This allows you to move a 2-by-1 piece up, into the spot where 
the 2-by-2 piece was. Do so. The upper/right corner will be a 2-
by-1 piece with 2 2-by-2 pieces right of it. This pattern 
repeats for two rows in the upper/right corner.

Now you want to clear some room in the lower/right corner. There 
are two pieces that are 2 high and 1 wide here. Move both of 
them up.

Moving those pieces lets you move a 2-by-2 piece right. Do so.

There is an empty 2-by-2 spot because you moved a 2-by-2 piece. 
There is a 2-by-1 piece that you can move right, into this spot. 
Do so.

Move the 2-by-2 piece up.

One the bottom row, there is a piece 3 high and one wide. Move 
this piece up. Then move the piece in the bottom/left corner 
(which is three wide) right.

Move the 2-by-1 piece that is next to the FH piece down, so you 
can move the FH piece right.

Inside the bottle are letters from Dirk. These are the hint to 
the "flowers on the favorites" puzzle. See, the letters list the 
five favorites he had in mind: her shawl, Cappy's crackers, her 
purse, her cake, and her stationery.

We know the flower on her cake was a tulip. Leave the secret 
passageway and call Bess and George about the shawl. They'll 
research it and get back to you later.

Talk to Dave and ask if he has a letter from Frances. He does. 
On the stationary is a tulip. Awesome!

Okay, that leaves two more flowers to investigate. Go inside the 
ranch and look at the picture of Frances Humber. Zoom in on her 
shawl, then take out Nancy's cell phone and look up stitches on 
the Internet. It's a daisy stitch!

The last flower, Cappy's crackers, is in the ghost town. If you 
haven't already, ask Dave about the jail that Dirk Valentine was 
arrested in. We have to go there anyway to see the message Dirk 
left in his cell. Dave gives you directions.

So let's go riding to the ghost town! Oh, wait, Tex has work for 
you to do first. You need to feed the horses and chickens.

There are five containers with food in them. From right to left, 
they contain oats, mixed meal, corn, purple stuff, and chicken 

This puzzle is kind of tricky, because the game lists things in 
pounds in an attempt to screw you up. For instance, the board 
says you need 3 mixed for Ace. But since that means 3 pounds, 
you have to get 2 scoops of mixed, or else Ace dies. TRICKY!!!

So to make things not tricky, I list the food in number of 

Bob: 2 oats, 2 corn, 1 mixed
Clyde: 3 oats, 1 mixed
Ace: 1 oats, 1 corn, 2 mixed
Chickens: 2 chicken feed

Once you feed the horses and chickens, Tex will let you go 
riding. But wait! He's got a roping and riding challenge for 

Take Bob out to the corral. Click on the barrels to go riding. 
You need to click when you're near the barrels to get Nancy to 
turn around the barrel faster. Do this for all three barrels, 
and Nancy finishes in time.

You can click on the rope that's on the wooden horse to try 
roping. You need to click on the broom to get Nancy to throw the 

The trick is to watch the circle formed by the rope. Usually, 
it's messy, but sometimes, it's a perfect circle. When it's a 
perfect circle, click and you rope the broom. You might want to 
click and hold the mouse button down, then release it at the 
appropriate moment for even quicker clicking if'n you're a 
little slow.

Once you do barrel riding and roping well enough, Tex gives you 
a lariat. When this happens, grab Bob and go riding out to Mary 

Ask Mary about petroglyphs. She mentions Cougar Bend. This 
allows you to go riding to Trail Stop and Cougar Bend.

First though, we have to check out the ghost town. Go thar.

You can check out the jail and the cell, but it's locked, so 
it's really a big waste of time. Instead, head to Cappy's.

Cappy's is locked by order of the Sheriff. Pull out the phone. 
There's a cheat you can use to call the Sheriff (even though 
you're not supposed to get reception out here). Press the Web 
button, then the phone directory button. Ta-da! You can now call 
the Sheriff.

Sheriff Hernandez gives you permission to enter. Go inside. 
There are some books here. Look at them.

Someone has been living here, if the sleeping bag is any clue. 
There's also a piano here, and a slot machine game. To play the 
game, you can stick in the token from Mary Yazzie's Run for 
Cover game. Pull the handle to get four random pictures. Click 
under a picture to save it, then pull the handle again. The 
pictures that aren't saved get replaced by other random 
pictures. You need to get four nasty varmint pictures to win.

I recommend saving your game before playing the slot machine 
game, because winning is random. If you win, you get...two 
tokens. Yay.

The only other thing of interest in Cappy's is an old can. Look 
at it to see the slogan. Call Charleena Purcell about the can, 
and she agrees to investigate it.

Before leaving the ghost town, you have to pick up two 
arrowheads. One is in front of the barrel near the noose, and 
the other is in front of the outhouse. A scorpion might show up, 
and if it does, leave and go into Cappy's, then come back and 
the scorpion will be gone.

You should also take the crank from a machine that's left of the 
outhouse. When you zoom in on the outhouse, look left and take 
the crank.

Head to the Trail Stop. There are four arrowheads here. One is 
on the ground when you first get there. Take a step forward to 
see another arrowhead on the left. Take two steps ahead and 
there's a third arrowhead on the left. Then walk all the way 
forward, and the last arrowhead is on the left.

Go back to Bob and ride to Cougar Bend. Notice something? Cougar 
Bend looks like the map Dirk left for Frances.

Look at the walls here, and you'll see drawings (aka 
petroglyphs) in the blank spots on Dirk's map. Your goal is to 
look at all the petroglyphs in this area, then place them on the 
map. Do this by putting each petroglyph on the map as soon as 
you see it.

In order to get the petroglyphs in the upper/right, you need to 
use Nancy's lariat to lasso up to the log. Then climb up to that 

Once you get all the petroglyphs in place, it spells out the 
message "under Cappy's keys, Pappy's name please". Call 
Charleena Purcell to learn that Dirk's pappy was named Cashmeer.

There are three arrowheads in this area for you to get. One is 
on the ground, in the area where you see the white dog 
petroglyph. Another is on the screen left of the log you lasso 
onto (when you're standing on the above area). And the third is 
on the left part of the area, before the rock slopes that you 
climb up.

Head to Cappy's, in the ghost town. Check out the area below the 
piano, and it's a letter puzzle. You have to spell out the name 
CASHMEER. Do this by moving the letters in this order:

7 6 8 3 2 5 1 4

That's seventh letter first, then sixth letter, then eighth, and 
so on.

You get a message about forks and Beady Eyes ranch. Well, the 
forks are the tuning forks in Mary Yazzie's.

Go to Mary Yazzie's. Examine the tuning forks, then ask Mary for 
them. She wants ten arrowheads in return. If you haven't gotten 
all the arrowheads yet, there's one in the pumphouse at Shadow 
Ranch, two in Dry Creek, three at Cougar Bend and four at Trail 

Mary lets you get the tuning forks. Head BACK to Dry Creek, the 
ghost town.

This is kind of an odd puzzle, but Beady Eyes ranch refers to 
the front of the jail. See, there's a floorboard that has BD 
written on it. Pretty odd if you ask me, but in any case, open 
up the floorboard and take the machine there.

If you haven't already, grab the crank from the machine on the 
porch of the building opposite of the jail. You can do this by 
zooming in on the outhouse, then looking left.

Head to Cappy's. Next to the old crackers tin is an indentation. 
Put Dirk's machine in the indentation, then pull out the tuning 

Put the forks in the right holes to spell out the name 
"Frances". Then turn the crank. A sound is heard, and it breaks 
a nearby lamp.

Check out the lamp for another clue from Dirk. It talks about 
Zebra Rock and an attractor of metal. What that means is a 

Go back to Shadow Ranch because Shorty has magnets on his 
fridge. It turns to night when you get there.

Dave said when it was night, you have to fix the chicken coop. 
Grab Nancy's gloves from her Bob's sadle. Then go to the chicken 

You get a jigsaw puzzle. Put all the pieces into place. Once you 
get one piece into place, that should help you get the other 
pieces into place. The difference between junior and senior mode 
is the size of the pieces.

Once you get done, Nancy notices her gloves are glowing like the 
phantom hors. The horse shows up. The power line gets destroyed, 

003c-Day Three

Day Three starts with a call to Bess and George. Fortunately, 
they're on the way, and the ranch has a back-up generator.

Talk to Shorty to get chores again. Pick the vegetables. This 
time, you pick four Northern Lights, two Beefsteaks, 2 Golden 
Queens and 2 Black Turtles.

Give Shorty the vegetables, then get six eggs for him. Give 
Shorty the eggs, then get a canteen of water from him.

If you haven't already, take the apple magnet from Shorty's 

Go ask Tex to ride. He wants you to fix a bridle. Put all the 
pieces together to be allowed to ride. Do this, then ride to 
Trail Stop.

Head to the grave that belongs to Charlie the mule. Turn so your 
back is facing the grave, then go forward. See the striped rock? 
That's the Zebra Rock that Dirk mentioned in his letter.

Open up the rock. Inside is a puzzle. You have to move the four 
magnet pieces through the maze. The tough part is that there are 
pieces of wood obscuring your view.

Cheat: Step back away from the puzzle, then move forward to look 
at it again. Once you do this ten or so times, the pieces of 
wood disappear, making the puzzle loads easier.

Fe goes on the orange spot.
Cu goes on the green spot.
Mn goes on the purple spot.
Si goes on the gray spot.

You get a box when you solve the puzzle, but the box has flowers 
on it. We don't know all the flowers yet!

Bess and George, as well as Charleena, have gotten back to Nancy 
by this time. Check the emails from them, and do the internet 
search Charleena tells you to do to learn that the crackers were 

But Bess and George didn't tell you the flower, just the sewing 
pattern. Go to Mary Yazzie's and ask for beads to sew with.

Mary gives you a bead sorting puzzle. Sort the beads by type, 
then by color, then by size (using the size chart on the bottom 
of the bead box). Wow, what an annoyingly long puzzle.

Mary gives you beads. Sew the beads onto the purse in this 

1) Yellow
2) (black, black with red corners)
3) (black, black with red corners)
4) (black, black with red corners)
5) (black, black with red corners)
6) (red, white, red with pink corners)
7) (red, white, red with pink corners)
8) (red, white, red with pink corners)
9) (red, white, red with pink corners)

Hey, the flower is a poppy! Now we know all the flowers. Just to 

Shawl – Daisy stitch
Cappy's Crackers - Sunflowers
Purse – Poppy
Cake – Tulip
Stationery – Lily
Favorite Flower – Harrison's Yellow

You learned about Harrison's Yellow from Meryl Humber's diary. 
Now open up the box and put all flowers in.

You have to put all six flowers on the box, but there's only one 
order you can do them in.

Top row: Poppy
Middle Row: Sunflower, Harrison's Yellow, Lilly
Bottom Ron: Daisy, Tulip

Once you get the flowers in place, there's another message from 
Dirk. You need to find a key to open up the box fully.

Dang it! Well, the only thing you haven't done yet is examine 
the message Dirk left in his jail cell. That's because the cell 
was locked.

Go to Dry Creek, then Cappy's. The key is where the sleeping bag 
used to be. Pick it up, and ow! The culprit knocks Nancy 
unconscious, then locks her in jail.

Well, now you can read the message in the cell. It's a simple 
code, where 1=a, 2=b and so on. Type in the message letter by 
letter to learn that the message is "under bank lamp".

Now let's escape from jail. You want to knock the key over with 
bricks that are conveniently located in your cell. However, the 
key is above a hole. Lasso the chair, then knock the key over. 
Lasso the chair again to get the key.

Use the key on the door to escape. Hello, what's this? The 
culprit left behind Dirk's secret code! Use this on the piece of 
paper you found in the fireplace a long time ago to learn...that 
the culprit wants supplies. Useless to know.

The bank in town is in between Cappy's and the general store. 
Examine a brick on the side of the bank. You can remove it to 
learn a message about playing games more than one way with a 

Go to Shadow Ranch to get the ring from Dave. Then go BACK to 
Dry Creek. Harumph. I dislike running around.

Go to the slot machine in Cappy's. Put the ring on the slot 
machine. SAVE YOUR GAME, then put a token in the machine. Play 
the slot machine game, only this time, find nice friends. You 
can reload from your save file as often as necessary, because 
that's easier than returning to Mary Yazzie's to get tokens 
every time you lose.

Once you win the slot machine game, you get a key. Use it on the 
flower box to read a message. Dirk wants you to play connect-
the-dots with the pictures on his message.

Draw the pictures on the message somewhere. Then open the 
petroglyph map and connect the dots. When you're done, you see a 
giant V.

Head to Cougar Bend, and lasso to the upper area. There's a V 
petroglyph here. Look behind it to find a stone and a poem. You 
need to take the stone to Charlie's grave.

The stone is messed up. Go to Mary Yazzie's and ask her to clean 
it for you. Then go to Trail Stop and look at the grave of 
Charlie the Mule.

Nancy holds up the stone/picture agate. Spin around in a circle 
until you see the tree on the stone. Move forward to this new 
area, and Nancy rides there.

You're in uncharted territory now. Move forward several times, 
then lasso the log to reach some cliff dwellings. Awesome!

Dirk has instructions on the wall here, written in his code.

Brown Lime Yellow Red
Blue Orange Lime Yellow
Brown Blue Lime Orange
Blue Brown Lime Orange
Red Blue Yellow Lime
Blue Lime Brown Yellow

And here is a maze! Use the colored markers above the doorways 
to get through the maze.

Here's the tricky part. In this maze are a bunch of pots. Inside 
five of these pots are keys. Collect all five keys. They pots 
they are inside of is different each time you play the game, and 
there's a good chance you might have to go out of the way (that 
is, off the path that Dirk wrote out) in order to find the keys.

Once you get all the keys and to the end of Dirk's directions, 
you reach a door. Use the keys on the door, by putting them in 
the right holes. Then open the door.

Inside is Dirk's treasure. Open the box in the corner to see 
it's a bunch of golden hearts. sweet!

Leave the room to go back to the maze. Shorty appears. Oh no! 
Shorty is the culprit!

Go back through the maze and stop in the first room you reach 
with four markers. If you didn't notice earlier, the red room 
has a trap floor.

Switch the green and red markers. That way, Shorty will go into 
the room with the trap floor. He does so, and is trapped.

Yeeha! Shorty is captured and the treasure is found! That's the 
end of the game, everyone!

004-Quick Guide

Just because I felt my guide was a bit wordy, here's a quick 
overview of what to do to beat the game. This'll help gamers 
figure out what to do next if they're stuck at a particular part 
of the game.

Day One:

Phone the Rawleys.

Talk with Shorty to get chores.
Pick the ripe vegetables in the garden, then give them to 
Fix the broken egg basket.
Get six eggs and give them to Shorty.
Collect two pieces of paper from the fireplace inside the ranch.
Collect five groups of twigs scattered around the ranch.
Cut three logs of wood.
Put the paper, the twigs, then the logs in the firepit.
Take the bucket by the fireplace and fill it with water, then 
return it.
Ask Shorty for a canteen of water.

Talk with Dave to get the key to the rolltop desk.
Take the letter from the rolltop desk.
Read the Bill of Sale from the rolltop desk.
Take the three metal prongs from the rolltop desk.

Talk to Tex in the horse barn.
Grab a hat and Bob's saddle. Put the saddle on Bob and tighten 
Solve Tex's horse quiz. 

Ride to Mary Yazzie's.
Look at the sign about Charleena Purcell.
Play and beat the Run for Cover game.
Give Mary the letter from the Rawleys.
Ask Mary about the trunk.
Examine the trunk. Try putting the metal prongs inside it.
Call Charleena Purcell.
Open the trunk and take the watch.

Go to Shadow Ranch.
Open the blanket holder, using the three prongs and color cues 
on the clock over the fireplace.
Read the diary inside.
Read the letter inside.
Take the map inside.
Take the watch inside. Open it by pressing the six buttons in 
sequence to get a watch opener.
Open the watch from Mary Yazzie's with the watch opener.
Open the watch further by pressing the six buttons in sequence.

Day Two:

Examine Shorty's area.
Talk to Shorty to get chores. 
Pick vegetables for Shorty.
Get eggs for Shorty.
Bake a cake for Shorty.
Get a canteen of water from Shorty.

Call the sheriff to get into the pump house.
Pick up the arrowhead in the pumphouse.
Go through the hidden passageway in the pump house.
Take the purse from the shelves in the cellar.
Examine the stairs in the hidden passageway.
Solve the puzzle to get the green bottle. Read the letters 
Talk to Dave about the jail cell.
Ask Dave to see a letter.
Examine the picture of Frances Humber in the ranch, and look up 
stitches on the internet to see that her shawls has a daisy 
Call Bess and George and ask them to identify the flower on the 

Talk to Tex.
Feed all the animals.
Beat Tex's barrel-racing challenge.
Beat Tex's roping challenge.
Receive a lariat.
Ride to Mary Yazzie's.
Ask her about petroglyphs.

Ride to Dry Creek.
Collect two arrowheads.
Collect a crank from the machine on the general store's porch.
Try to get in Cappy's.
Call Sheriff for permission to enter Cappy's.
Examine book in Cappy's.
Examine cracker tin in Cappys.

Go to Cougar Bend.
Match all petroglyphs on the bend to the map to get a message.
Lasso up to the area above to find all the petroglyphs.
Get three arrowheads here.
Go to Trail Stop and get four arrowheads there.

Call Charleena Purcell. Ask about the cracker tin and Dirk's 
Go to Cappy's. Look at the bottom of the piano. Spell out 
Read secret message.

Go to Mary Yazzie's.
Examine tuning forks.
Ask Mary for the forks. She gives them to you for ten 
Go to Dry Creek.
Pry the floorboard on the porch of the Sheriff's office to get a 
Go to Cappy's.
Put box in indentation next to cracker barrel.
Put tuning forks in box to spell out "FRANCES".
Examine letter in the now-broken lamp.

Go to Shadow Ranch.
Get gloves and fix chicken coop.

Day Three:

Talk to Shorty to get chores. 
Pick vegetables.
Gather eggs.
Get a canteen of water from Shorty.
Take magnet from Shorty's fridge.

Ask Tex to ride.
Fix bridle.
Ask Tex to ride.
Ride to Trail Stop.
Look under the striped rock.
Solve the magnet puzzle.
Take the box.

Check Nancy's email from Charleena.
Check the website Charleena mentions.
Go to Mary's and ask her for some beads. 
Solve Mary's bead puzzle.
Check Nancy's email to learn about sewing.
Sew the beads on the purse.

Open the box with the proper flowers.

Go to Dry Creek and visit Cappy's. 
Take the key where the sleeping bag was.
Examine scratches on the wall and spell out the message.
Lasso the chair.
Throw a brick and knock over the key.
Lasso the chair.
Use the key on the lock.
Pick up the sheet of paper on the ground.
Go to the bank in town, and pull out a brick.
Read message inside.

Go to Shadow Ranch.
Ask Dave for a ring.
Go to Dry Creek, then Cappy's.
Use ring on slot machine.
Beat slot machine game by finding nice friends to get a key.

Use key on box with flowers.
Read paper inside.
Connect the dots between the pictures on the paper and the map 
to see the V petroglyph.
Go to Cougar Bend.
Look behind the V petroglyph to find a stone.

Go to Mary Yazzie's.
Ask Mary to clean the stone.
Go to Trail Stop. Look at Charlie's grave.
Spin around until you see the picture on the stone.
Move forward.

Go through this area. Lasso up to find cliff dwellings.
Read Dirk's maze instructions.
Go through the maze, while finding five keys.
Use keys on door.
Find Dirk's treasure.
Leave and meet culprit.
Go through maze to the first room you find with four exits.
Switch the red and lime door markers.
You win!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2009.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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