Nancy Drew - Tomb of the Lost Queen Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Nancy Drew - Tomb of the Lost Queen

Nancy Drew - Tomb of the Lost Queen

Version 1.2 5/26/12

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Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Finding the Burial Chamber
  004b. Opening the Sarcophagus
  004c. The First Coffin Lock
  004d. The Second Coffin Lock
  004e. The Cat Tomb
  004f. The Golden Sarcophagus
  004g. Opening the Sarcophagus
005.  Quick Guide
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC/Mac game called Nancy 
Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen. This is an adventure game,
in which Nancy Drew goes to Egypt on an expedition. This
is the twenty-sixth game in the Nancy Drew series.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank 
if you do. If you want to reproduce this guide in some 
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

002-Video Walkthrough

For those of you who would like to watch how to beat the 
game, instead of reading how to beat the game, a set of 
videos can be found here:

The video walkthrough comes complete with my commentary.


Nancy Drew: Our heroine, Nancy Drew, is a super mystery 
solver. She is working with Kingston University, on a dig 
in Egypt right now.

Lily Crewe: The other American working on the dig. She is 
part of Abdullah's team, and she is frightened by the idea 
of curses.

Abdullah Bakhoum: A gifted archeologist with a large ego. 
He specializes in translating hieroglyphs.

Jamila El-Dine: A local Egyptian who claims that aliens 
built the pyramids. She is rather odd.

Dylan Carter: A local tour guide who is spending time at 
the tomb, even though there are no tours and he is not 
authorized to enter the tomb itself.

Professor Jon Boyle: Nancy's employer. He was in charge of 
the dig, but he is in the hospital after being attacked.

Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss: One of Nancy's old friends. 
Professor Hotchkiss may be absent-minded at times, but 
she's very friendly and knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt.

Bess Marvin: Nancy's best friend. Bess recently saw a movie 
about Egypt, so she could be helpful to Nancy. 
Unfortunately, it was a horror movie, where everyone died 
at the end.

Sonny Joon: An alien enthusiast, who Jamila has met. He has 
been mentioned in other Nancy Drew games, but he's never 
had an onscreen appearance.


To start the game, select "new game". You can choose either 
amateur sleuth or master sleuth mode. The game is basically 
the same on both modes, although amateur sleuth is easier.

004a-Finding the Burial Chamber

Everything is going fine at the newly-discovered excavation 
site, when suddenly, a sandstorm occurs. Professor Jon 
Boyle, leader of the expedition, is injured during the 
storm and gets hospitalized.

When Jon wakes up, he talks with Nancy. The good news is 
that the site is all right, but the bad news is that 
everyone except Nancy, Lily Crewe and Abdullah Bakhoum have 
left, fearing that the expedition is cursed. Jon has his 
own bad news: the doctors say he might have been attacked.

Jon asks Nancy to find his notes and continue with the 
expedition as well as she can.

You start out on the main tent. There are three bunks on 
the left, and three bunks on the right. You can go forward 
to look at a game table, or you can turn around to see the 

Go to the bunks on the right. The one closest to the tent 
entrance is Nancy's bunk. Go up to the desk and pick up the 
book here, which is by Nancy's old friend, Professor 
Beatrice Hotchkiss. Read the first page of the book to see 
Professor Hotchkiss' phone number. You might also be 
interested in reading the page of the book about Nefertari, 
the Lost Queen.

Also in Nancy's bunk, there is a trunk near the bed. Open 
it up. You'll find pictures, a Koko Kringle bar, and some 
books. One book is about hieroglyphics in general; it 
explains that each hieroglyph usually stands for a specific 

Pick up the other two books. One is a dictionary. Nancy 
will be able to use this on hieroglyphs to translate them. 
The other book is a hieroglyph practice book; when Nancy 
translates special hieroglyphics, she writes them down in 
this book.

The second bunk on the right is empty. The third bunk on 
the right belongs to Abdullah Bakhoum. If you try to look 
at it, Lily orders you to stay out of there.

Now, go to the three bunks on the left. The first one is 
empty, and the second one contains Lily. You can talk to 
her about Professor Boyle and about the game in the middle 
of the room, which is called Senet.

You can play a game of Senet with Lily if you want, but you 
don't have to do so. Simply zoom in on the board to play, 
and back away from the board to stop playing. There are 
five symbols on the Senet board, which will be used in a 
puzzle near the very end of the game. If you're ever stuck, 
click on ? to see the rules.

The third bunk on the left is Jon's. If you try to look 
through his things, Lily stops you. Nancy tells Lily to 
call Jon. Lily does so, and thus Nancy gets approval to 
explore Jon's bunk.

Go to Jon's bunk. Jon's notes are near the desk, and they 
contain clues to various puzzles in this game. In 
particular, Jon seems focused on strange hieroglyph 
passages that start and end with the same symbol.

Open Jon's trunk to find a lighter and a letter of 
recommendation from Franklin Rose, who helped Nancy get the 
job in Egypt. Franklin was a character Nancy could call in 
Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand.

That's it for the main tent. Leave and go outside. In this 
area here, we have a large water tank, the entrance to the 
tomb, and the two tents. Nancy just came from the sleeping 
tent; the other tent is the antiquities tent.

Go into the antiquities tent. It has two benches and a 
shelf. Go to the left bench. The left part of the bench has 
a flashlight Nancy can pick up. The middle part of the 
bench has a map of the tomb that Nancy can pick up; this 
map automatically updates itself when she finds new areas 
of the tomb.

The right part of the left bench has a few things. One is a 
book on amulets/relics, which Nancy picks up. One is a 
golden bird tile, which Nancy also picks up. The third 
thing is a small piece of stone with hieroglyphs on it. Use 
the dictionary on this piece of stone, and Nancy translates 

The final thing on the right part of the left bench is a 
crumpled-up pamphlet, right of the water bottle. It is 
about SPIED, an alien-based organization that is run by 
Sonny Joon. There are four numbers on it.

Back away from the left bench, then look at the right 
bench. The left part of this bench has various amulets. The 
middle part has various tools; pick up the pick and the 
brush. The right part of the right bench has an amulet 

The amulet puzzle is basically a jigsaw puzzle. Put all the 
pieces together, in order to form a cat amulet. There are 
more and smaller pieces in Master Sleuth mode, than there 
are in Amateur Sleuth mode. In both modes, there is a piece 

Examine the tag to the amulet. It reads N13E2.

Back away from the table. Check the shelves in the back of 
the antiquities tent. A binder here has the entire site 
labeled, and it shows that N13E2 is at the end of Tunnel 2 
(the middle tunnel).

It's time to explore the tomb itself now. Leave the 
antiquities tent, then go down the stairs to the tomb. It 
looks just like your map, with three tunnels going away 
from the main hall.

There is a worktable in the center of the room. Take the 
spade from this worktable. Then, turn around so you're 
facing the entrance to the tomb. See the man here?

Talk to the man to learn that he is Dr. Abdullah Bakhoum, 
one of the best archeologists in the world. He specializes 
in hieroglyphs. Talk to him about whatever you want.

Time to explore the tomb. Go down the left tunnel, Tunnel 1 
on the map. There is a picture of blue cat at the end, but 
there is not much else.

Go down Tunnel 2. At the very end, you find N13E2, the 
place where the amulet was found. Examine the sand on the 
ground here, which is on the right. Use the brush from the 
antiquities tent here. Click on the sand to get the missing 
amulet piece. All right! Now you can return to the 
antiquities tent at any time to fix cat amulet.

There is a bird mural on the wall of N13E2. Use the pick 
from the antiquities tent on the golden panel here to get 
the panel.

Finally, go down Tunnel 3. On the left wall of the first 
room, there is a scarab puzzle. You need to find the red 
scarab in order to solve this puzzle.

On the wall near one of the two doors here is a block of 
hieroglyphs. These are special hieroglyphs; Jon's notes 
talked about them. They start and end with the same symbol.

Zoom in on the notes to start a cryptograms puzzle. Each 
hieroglyph stands for a different letter. Figure out which 
hieroglyphs stand for which letters, in order to spell out 
a message.

If you are on Amateur Sleuth mode, Jon's notes tell you 
what three of the hieroglyphs are. When you finish, the 
message reads:

"Come ye hither Gods in the train of Horus, and let the 
steps ascend. We are the four of Horus. I am the air that 
sweeps up the Nile. I am the Hunter who faces to greet the 
new day. I am Imsety protector of the south. I am the cry 
that soars towards the setting sun. Together, we the Gods 
in the train of Horus guard the corners."

This is a puzzle, about the four sons of Horus. You'll 
solve this puzzle later on.

Continue to the end of Tunnel 3. You reach a doorway. Look 
left to see a slider puzzle on the left wall. Jon's notes 
talked about this puzzle. You want to slide the various 
bars left and right to solve the puzzle. When only one kind 
of symbol appears in a column, that symbol appears on the 
bottom. Move the bars until all the symbols appear at the 
bottom of the screen.

In amateur mode, the first and third bars are all the way 
to the left, and the bottom bar is all the way to the 
right. The second bar is two from the right and the fourth 
bar is one from the right.

In master mode, the first bar is all the way left, the 
second, third and fourth bars are all the way right, and 
the fifth bar is all the way left. The sixth bar is in the 
exact middle; the seventh bar is one from the left and the 
eighth bar is three from the left. The ninth bar is one 
from the right.

This opens up a doorway that leads to the tomb. Zoom in on 
the door. It's locked! Click on the lock to break it, then 
go inside.

Use the flashlight from the antiquities tent here to see 
things. Lily follows, along with Adullah and two strangers. 
Nancy's flashlight dies, and Abdullah orders everyone to 

004b-Opening the Sarcophagus

I imagine there are two things you want to do right away: 
meet the two new characters and return to the burial 
chamber. The first person is Dylan Carter, a tour guide. He 
is in a chair outside. The second person is Jamila El-Dine, 
an alien supporter. She is at the end of Tunnel 2. Talk to 
them and get to know them, if you want.

Getting into the burial chamber is a little more tricky 
than talking to people. First, you have to get the lamp 
oil, which is right near the water truck outside the tents. 
Then, return to the burial chamber at the end of Tunnel 3.

Go in the chamber, then turn around. Near the door is a 
lamp. Use the lamp oil on the lamp, then use the lighter 
from Jon's trunk on the lamp. This starts a light puzzle.

To solve this puzzle, you want to turn the various mirrors 
so that light shines on the circle on the right. The trick 
is that you can't see the mirrors in this room, unless 
light is shining on them.

In both amateur and master sleuth mode, the solution is the 
same. The light reflects off twelve mirrors, which are 
either tilted diagonally left "/" or diagonally right "\".

Starting from the left part of the screen, the twelve 
mirrors the light hits, in order from first to last, are 
tilted like this:

\ \ / / \ / / \ \ \ / /

Solving the puzzle lights up the whole room. Go to the 
sarcophagus and click on the lid to learn that it is too 
heavy to move. This causes Nancy to hear a crash.

We'll investigate the crash soon, but first, there are 
several things to look at in the burial chamber.

You can solve another hieroglyph translation puzzle on the 
wall here. This one reads "As for the one who broke the 
seal, agonies of death await you".

Wait a minute...Nancy was the one who broke the seal to the 
burial chamber. Does this mean Nancy has been cursed?

Another wall contains an indentation for a scarab necklace. 
A spear is near this. Take the spear and try to use it to 
open the lid of the sarcophagus. It's not heavy enough.

Also in this room, you can find four jars, in a box in the 
corner. Inside the four jars are four tokens, representing 
the four sons of Horus. Those will be useful when we solve 
the four sons of Horus puzzle!

Okay, that's it for the burial chamber room, for now. 
Return to the main room of the tomb. The scaffolding near 
Abdullah collapsed! Get the sturdy board near him.

Talk to Abdullah if you want. You can get rid of him, by 
talking to him about Jamila. If you do this, Nancy has the 
opportunity to translate the hieroglyphs that Abdullah has 
been focusing on. They read "This is the Tomb of 

Return to the burial chamber. You can open the lid to the 
sarcophagus, using the piece of wood from Abdullah's 
scaffolding and the spear from the burial chamber. Put them 
in the hole in the lid, and Nancy uses them as a lever to 
push the lid open.

Inside we find...a locked coffin.

004c-The First Coffin Lock

The coffin is locked by a puzzle. There are hieroglyphs 
explaining how to open the lock. Translate them to learn 
that "The procession of gods begins the reveal. Seek them 
out under the protection of the heavens."

"The protection of the heavens" refers to a mural on the 
second floor of the main room. Getting there is going to be 
slightly difficult, because it's blocked by three puzzles.

If you haven't already, meet Jamila. Then, talk to Abdullah 
about Jamila. This causes him to kick her out of the N13E2 
area; she relocates to Tunnel 3.

When Jamila leaves N13E2, she leaves behind a red scarab 
token. Go to N13E2, then pick up the token from the ground. 
Now, go to Tunnel 3, where there is a scarab puzzle on the 
wall of the first room.

The first puzzle here is the scarab puzzle. Use the scarab 
on the tile display on the wall. The goal of the puzzle is 
to slide the tiles around, until each tile is in the right 
spot. A puzzle reset button is in the upper/right. Try not 
to confuse the white and black tiles; the color which is 
important is the color of the scarab on the tile, not the 
color of the tile itself.

Amateur Sleuth Mode

1. Move the white tile left, and move the green tile up, 
left and down. The green tile is in place.
2. Move the white tile right, down and left. Then, move the 
red tile up, right, down and left. The red tile is in 
3. Move the white and black tiles up. Move the white tile 
right and down. The white tile is in place.
4. Move the black tile left, down and right. The black tile 
is in place.

Master Sleuth Mode

1. Move the green tile up and left. Move the black tile up 
and left. Move the red tile up. The red tile is in place.
2. Move the black tile right, down and left. Move the white 
tile right, down and left. The white tile is in place.
3. Move the white tile up, right and down. It is in the 
lower/right corner. Move the green tile right and down. 
Move the white tile left, up, right, down and left. The 
white tile is now in place.
4. Move the green tile left and up. The green tile is in 

Solving the scarab puzzle opens up a puzzle on the wall 
opposite of you. It's the Four Sons of Horus puzzle, which 
is mentioned on the hieroglyphs on the wall of this room.

If you haven't already, examine the box in the corner of 
the burial chamber. There are four canopic jars in the box, 
and each jar has a token. Take all four tokens, which 
represent the Four Sons of Horus.

You can technically solve the Four Sons of Horus puzzle 
now, but it'd be helpful to get more information. Call 
Professor Hotchkiss (whose phone number is in a book in 
Nancy's bunk) to learn more about the sons of Horus.

To solve the Four Sons of Horus puzzle, you'll have to put 
the information from Professor Hotchkiss together with the 
information from the hieroglyphs. There are four spots for 
the four tokens.

The monkey goes on top, the human goes on the bottom, the 
bird goes on the left and the jackal goes on the right. 
You'll hear the tokens click into place once you've got it 

Time for another puzzle. Try rotating one of the four 
tokens, and you hear something moving. Return to the main 
room of the tomb to see that the columns have changed.

In other words, the four tokens control the four columns in 
the main room. You want to try to move the columns, so they 
form a staircase, from left to right. A picture of the 
correct solution is in the middle of the screen, in between 
the four tokens.

Each token controls a different group of columns. Trial and 
error will help you determine which tokens move which 

To create the staircase, have the monkey and human tokens 
face upwards. The jackal token faces right, and the bird 
token faces left. Nancy will make a comment when you've got 

Return to the main room and go up the ladder next to 
Abdullah. Turn around, then jump across the columns. This 
leads to a small room, with a piece of paper on the floor. 
The piece of paper is a journal entry from the old 
excavation team that died at this site.

At the end of this room is a mural on the wall. Take a 
picture of it with your phone, because this is the solution 
to the coffin lock puzzle.

Return to the coffin. As you can see, the various gods in 
the mural are on the lock. You can move the rows and 
columns on the lock, and you want to move them so the 
outlined tiles contain the proper gods.

In Amateur Sleuth mode, this means having the jackal, ibis 
and falcon on the top row, with the scarab, crocodile and 
lion on the bottom row. I found it easier to do the top row 
before doing the bottom row.

In Master Sleuth mode, this means having two jackals in the 
top row and two ibises in the bottom row. The middle column 
has two lions. The second row has a falcon, crocodile, 
lion, crocodile and falcon. The third row has a crocodile, 
falcon, lion, scarab and scarab. I found it easier to do 
the middle parts before the parts on the right and left.

Here is a general strategy that works for this puzzle. Say 
the board looks like this:


You have Z in place. An X tile needs to go into the Y 
space, but you aren't sure how to do that, without 
disturbing the Z piece which is already in place.

Well, X is one column left of the place where it needs to 
go. So move the Y and Z row left once. Move X down so it is 
in that row. Now, move the row right once. X and Z and both 
in place.

Once you get all the gods in the right spots, the coffin 
unlocks. Inside, you find another locked coffin.


Amulet Puzzle

There is an optional storyline about amulets in this game. 
This is automatically triggered, when you leave the mural 
on the second floor. As you leave, Nancy overhears an 
argument between Lily and Abdullah.

Go to Lily and talk about the argument. She will ask Nancy 
to sort the amulets for her. Go to the antiquities tent and 
look at the amulets on the left side of the right table.

The relics book in this room contains the clues, as to how 
to sort the various amulets.

Rebirth: Hedgehog, scarab
Wisdom: Blue monkey
Regeneration: Rabbit, hippo, frog, lizard
Motherhood: Cow
Health: Eye of Horus and ankh
Food offering: Duck and trussed mammal
Guardian of the Dead: ?
Good Luck: fish
Love: Orange monkey
Military Valor: Golden fly, blue lion, 

Hey, where's the amulet for the guardian of the dead? Has 
someone taken it? Back away, and Nancy notes that someone 
cut a hole in the side of the tent.

Go outside and examine the hole from the other side. It's 
behind some crates, which makes it seem as if someone was 
trying to steal amulets without being seen.

If you don't already, get the shovel from the middle of the 
main room of the tomb. Use it to dig in the dirt here. 
Somewhere in the dirt, you'll find a piece of paper. The 
paper confirms that someone stole an amulet, for sale on 
the black market.

004d-The Second Coffin Lock

The second coffin is locked with a hieroglyphs puzzle. 
Translate the instructions for the puzzle, which says 
"Seven treasures of her making. Four to lead the people. 
Three to follow her path. Divided by duty, old preceding 
young. Recall them here and reach within".

As Nancy quickly deduces, this refers to Nefertari's seven 
children, four boys and three girls.

Leave the tomb and call Professor Hotchkiss. Ask her about 
Nefertari's children. She might ask you a question about 
the goddess on the doors of the tomb; the answer is 

Once Professor Hotchkiss tells you the names of all seven 
children, in order, Nancy can solve the puzzle. She has 
information about various hieroglyphs, from Jon's notes, 
the message on the Queen's tiles, the pantheon of Egyptian 
gods (which you get from talking to Dylan) and the piece of 
paper from the second floor of the tomb.

For example, Jon's notes say that a human comes at the end 
of every name. It is a sitting male for men's names and a 
sitting female for women's names. Jon's notes have a copy 
of the name of the second son, Pareherwenemef.

The hieroglyphs are these:

(reed)(rectangle and wavy line)(head and line, above a 
tentacle)(slug)(sitting male)

(bird) (circle on a stick) (head next to pole) (arm above 
slug) (sitting male)

(circle)(compass)(two reeds)(sitting male)

(sled)(compass)(two reeds)(sitting male)

(reed)(rectangle and wavy line)(compass)(two reeds)(sitting 

(two hemispheres)(two lines)(sitting female)

(a hemisphere and trapezoid)(two lines)(sitting female)

If you're in Amateur Sleuth Mode, the pieces lock into 
place once you get a name correct. Nancy also says when the 
names are correct.

Once you solve the puzzle, the coffin opens to reveal that 
it is mostly empty.

004e-The Cat Tomb

Inside the coffin are papyrus scraps. Pick them up. You 
have a jigsaw puzzle to put the pieces back together. Once 
you solve the jigsaw puzzle, you have a hieroglyphs 
translation puzzle.

The words on the papyrus read "On the wings of rebirth from 
a treasured companion, the path is opened..."

This is, obviously, a clue for a puzzle. The important 
thing is that there is another tomb! 

The person with the key to the tomb, believe it or not, is 
Jamila. Nancy needs to look inside Jamila's bag. Simply 
talk to Jamila, and Nancy will trick her into leaving by 
talking about an interesting thing somewhere else in the 

Once Jamila leaves, examine her bag. It is locked with a 
puzzle. If you open the relics book, you'll find more 
information about the lock. It seems each of the parts of 
the Eye of Horus corresponds to a number.

In the antiquities tent, there is a crumpled-up piece of 
paper, on the right side of the left table. This paper had 
the Eye of Horus drawn on it, and it has four numbers: 16, 
8, 4 and 32.

Those must be the numbers needed for this lock. You want to 
press the parts of the eye that correspond to those 
numbers. The eye on the lock is facing a different 
direction than the eye in the book, so you'll want to take 
that into consideration.


1. The left part of the eye.
2. The eyebrow.
3. The pupil of the eye.
4. The curved line coming off of the eye.

Inside Jamila's bag, you find two books. Read them if you 
want. The important thing is a cryptic note, with letters. 
That's on the left part of the bag. Nancy picks this up and 
puts it in her inventory.

Leave the tomb and talk to Dylan. He will give Nancy the 
second half of the cryptic note. Leave Dylan, then look at 
the cryptic note.

This is a puzzle, where you want to form words by putting 
letters in the blank spaces. Each word must be at least 
five letters long, and they all relate to Egypt.

In Amateur Sleuth Mode, the words and letters are...

M - Temple
P – Canopic
L – Amulet
R – Upper
I - Birds
Y - Egypt
N - Linen
U - Mummy
E - Treasure
G – Organ
A – Burial
O – Pharaoh
S – Offers
T – Natron
C – Scarab
B - Embalm

In Master Sleuth Mode, the words and letters are...

B - Tombs
M – Camel
I – Alien
P – Upper
S - Basalt
Y - Egypt
O – Lotus
U - Mummy
T - Thief
N - Opening
C – Beacon
L – Obelisk
R – Natron
A – Scarab
E – Empty

Since the letters don't make sense, Nancy figures that 
first letters of each word has to be the letters she's 
looking for. The four colors indicate words. The words 


Nancy wants you to arrange the four words in order. The 
order is..


That's a straightforward clue! The blue cat is at the end 
of Tunnel #1. Use the brush on the door, and you'll see an 
indentation for a cat amulet.

You should have the cat amulet by now. To get it, fix the 
amulet in the antiquities tent. Look up the amulet's 
location in a book in the antiquities tent; it says the 
amulet is from N13E2. Go to that area to find the missing 
amulet piece, and return to the antiquities tent to finish 
rebuilding the amulet.

Put the cat amulet in the right spot and the door opens. 
Dylan appears out of nowhere and enters the room. A cave-in 
quickly follows, and Nancy has a puzzle. She needs to 
remove six rocks from the doorway, without causing the 
entire thing of rocks to fall. 

There are multiple solutions to the puzzle. One solution is 
to get the three rocks in the bottom/left. Then, take the 
second-from-top rock on the left side. Then, take the 
second-from-top on the right and third-from-top on the 

Poor Dylan gets taken to the hospital. You can call him if 
you want.

Return to Tunnel #1. It leads you to the cat tomb. Like the 
burial chamber, it is dark. There is a lamp to the left of 
the entranceway. Use the oil lamp on the lamp, then use the 
lighter on the lamp.

You have another mirrow puzzle. This time, you can see all 
the mirrors, six of which aren't in place. The mirrors 
which are already in place can't be rotated.

Put two mirrors on the topmost row. Put a mirror in the 
hole right of the white spot on the left. There are three 
holes in the bottom row, on the left side. Put a mirror in 
the two holes which _aren't_ the middle hole.

Now, rotate the various mirrors so the light shines on 
them. The light hits all five mirrors that you put on the 

Solving the puzzle lights up the cat tomb. The tomb has a 
coffin for Nefertari's cat. Zoom in on the top of the 
coffin, where you can see the cat's mummy. Take the scarab 
necklace away from the mummy.

Now look at the front side of the coffin. It has a scales 
puzzle. Translate the hieroglyphs to learn how the puzzle 
works: "In the hall of two truths, they shall be judged. 
Only the one found to be as light as the feather of Ma'at, 
unburdened as the others, shall open the threshold".

Basically, the hieroglyphs are saying that you need to 
figure out which one of the mouse mummies weighs less than 
the other ones. The trick is that you can only use the 
scale to weigh them three times.

In Amateur Sleuth mode, you have nine mice. Put three on 
the left pan and three on the right pan. Weigh them.

If the left pan is higher, that means the lighter mouse is 
one of those three. If the right pan is higher, that means 
the lighter mouse is one of those three. If the pans are 
equal, that means the lighter mouse is one of the three 
that weren't weighed.

So, now you've got the lighter mouse narrowed down to a 
group of three. Put one on the left scale and one on the 
right. Weigh them again. If the left one is lighter, that's 
the correct one. If the right one is lighter, that's the 
correct one. If they're equal, the one you didn't weigh is 
the right one.

In Master Sleuth Mode, you have thirteen mice. Put five on 
the left and five on the right. Weigh them.

If the two are equal, the lighter mouse is one of the three 
that weren't weight. Of those three, put one on the left 
and one on the right. Weigh them to determine which is 
lighter. If they are of equal weight, the lighter one is 
the third, unweighed weight.

More likely, though, when you weigh five against five, one 
of the two pans is lighter than the other. That means the 
mouse you're looking for is one of the five mice on that 
pan. This narrows the search down to five mice.

Put two of those five mice on one pan, and put two of them 
on the other. Weigh them. If they're equal, the mouse 
you're looking for is the fifth mouse. If one pan is 
lighter than the other, then the search is narrowed down to 
two mice. Weigh them against each other to find the lighter 

Once you find the correct mouse, put it in the hole. A 
compartment opens up. Take the journal notes inside, which 
were written by a member of the Daughters of Nefertari. 
You'll probably want to take a picture of the cat tile, 
which details the name of Nefertari's cat.

004f-The Golden Sarcophagus

Time to find the real tomb! Return to the burial chamber. 
You might remember that there was an indentation on the 
wall for a scarab necklace. Use the scarab necklace from 
the cat mummy (in the cat tomb) on the indentation to get a 

It's a slider puzzle with cobra pieces. Each piece is a 
different color. The papyrus inside the coffin here had the 
solution to this puzzle; it told you what order to put the 
cobras in.

Amateur Sleuth: You want them to be gold, purple, empty, 
green, blue and red, working clockwise from the bird. To do 
this, move the cobras in this order:

1. Green, yellow, purple, blue
2. Red, blue, red, yellow
3. Green, blue, red, yellow
4. Red, blue, green 

Master Sleuth: You want them to be green, empty, gold, red, 
blue and purple, working clockwise from the bird. To do 
this, move the cobras in this order:

1. Yellow, green, yellow
2. Red, blue, purple,
3. Green

Solving the puzzle opens the door to the true tomb. Go 
through the door. The statue on the left has hieroglyphs to 
translate. They read, "The path lies in destiny".

As Nancy remarks, that is a cryptic clue. It's the clue for 
the hallway leading off of this room, which you can't cross 
yet. Go outside the tomb and call Professor Hotchkiss for 
help. She notes that "Destiny" is the meaning of the name 
of Nefertari's cat.

If you solved the mouse weighing puzzle in the cat tomb, 
you found a stone which has the name of Nefertari's cat 
written on it. If you haven't already, take a picture of 
that slab. The cat's name has nine letters in it.

You want to go through the hallway, by stepping on the nine 
letters that make up the cat's name. Of course, you want to 
step on all nine letters in the correct order.

Solving the puzzle leads Nancy to the golden sarcophagus, 
containing Nefertari. As you might expect, it is locked. 
Look at the top of the sarcophagus to see that the symbols 
on the lock are the same five symbols used in Senet.

Next to the sarcophagus is a golden tile. Pick up this 
tile. That opens the exit passageway. You can go down this 
passageway to find a locked gate and a dead end. Click the 
hand tile on the dead end to open the door here. It leads 
to Tunnel #2.

004g-Opening the Sarcophagus

By now, you should have three golden tiles. One is from the 
side of the golden sarcophagus. One is from the antiquities 
tent. The third one is from N13E2, also known as the end of 
Tunnel #2. Just use the pick from the antiquities tent to 
get the tile off the wall.

These tiles go on the ceiling, in the cat tomb. This is a 
puzzle, and you can solve it by putting together the clues 
in a journal page (from the cat tomb) together with the 
bird mural at N13E2.

The journal page lists eight birds in order, and the mural 
lets you know which birds are which. You want to press the 
eight proper birds, in the right order.


Press the tiles in that order, with 1 first and 2 second 
and 3 third and so on. Solving this puzzle opens up another 
hidden passageway.

Go in this passageway, where you find footprints in the 
sand. Someone has been in here recently! Take a closer look 
to see a jewel from Lily's sunglasses, as well as the 
bottom half to Lily's numbers sheet. Does that mean she is 
the person who was here?

Continue through the hidden passageway. At the end is a 
dead end with a handprint on the wall. Click on the 
handprint to open the door. It turns out that this hidden 
passageway connects to Tunnel #2.

Go to Abdullah and tell him about the gold coffin. He will 
then disappear, leaving behind the key to his trunk. Take 
this key and go to the main tent.

At this point, if not earlier, a cobra appears in the main 
tent. The cobra is on Nancy's bunk. To get rid of it, click 
on the trashcan, then click on the branch. Use the branch 
on the cobra, and it gets shoved into the trash. Nancy then 
takes the cobra outside, where it's safe.

Lily may or may not be in the main tent. If she is there, 
you can get rid of her by telling her that Abdullah wants 
to see her. If she is not there, you can get her to 
reappear by going back to the tomb, then going back to the 
main tent.

When Lily is there, talk to her about the Senet symbols. 
Each one has a particular meaning.

When Lily is not there, go to Abdullah's bunk. You can use 
his key to open the trunk here. He has a letter about 
Lily's shady past and a letter from Sonny Joon. This letter 
says that Jamila is not a member of Mr. Joon's alien 

Return to the tomb. Now that you've seen the letter from 
Sonny Joon, you can confront Jamila about the fact she 
doesn't believe in aliens. She admits that she is up to 
something, but she can't say what it is, because the time 
is not right.

If you haven't already, call Dylan Carter at the hospital. 
When you do this, he mentions that Jamila's bag has a 
hidden compartment. You won't be able to examine this 
hidden compartment until she confesses that she's up to 

Now that she has confessed, tell her about a new find 
somewhere else in the tomb. Jamila will leave. You can then 
search her bag and find the hidden compartment, which has a 
newspaper article about Abdullah.

You need to wait for Jamila to return, so waste time by 
going outside and calling people. Then, return to Jamila. 
Once you've seen the newspaper article in her bag, you can 
get Jamila to confess what she's up to.

Jamila is here, as a member of the Daughters of Nefertari. 
Her mother wrote the journal entries that Nancy has found 
in the tomb. Jamila is trying to find Nefertari and make 
sure she is properly treated; Jamila does not trust 
Abdullah to do the right thing if he finds the lost queen.

Jamila gives Nancy the top half of Lily's numbers sheet, as 
part of this conversation.

Return to the main tent. If Lily is there, get rid of her 
by saying Abdullah needs her. Then, go to her trunk and use 
the numbers sheet on the lock of her trunk.

The pamphlet on the ground here explains how the lock 
works. You want to group the board into various sections, 
following the numbers that are already in place. Here are 
the solutions, where each letter stands for a different 

Amateur Sleuth Mode:


Master Sleuth Mode:


Inside Lily's trunk is a book on snakes and a card from a 
nearby reptile emporium. Did she buy the cobra that was on 
Nancy's bed?

The important thing inside Lily's trunk, of course, is the 
missing half of Jon's notebook page. This has the clue 
about how to open the golden sarcophagus.

A sand storm starts. Leave for the tomb, then go the gold 
coffin. Use Jon's notes and Lily's description of the 
symbols (written down in Nancy's observations) to solve the 

The order you must press them in is rebirth, happiness, Re-
Atoum, three truths and water. Those symbols are the ankh, 
the falcon, the eye of Horus, the three dots and the wavy 
lines. Press the buttons on the coffin in that order.

The coffin opens, and Lily appears. A cave-in soon follows, 
and Lily is trapped in the burial chamber area.

Go out through the other exit, the one which leads to 
Tunnel #2. Then, go to Tunnel #3, where Jamila is. Tell 
Jamila about Lily. She gives Nancy a key, a riddle and a 
signal box.

Go back to the passageway that connects Tunnel #2 and the 
gold coffin. Remember the gate here? Use the key to open 
the gate, then go up the stairs. You reach the second floor 
on the tomb.

The floor here is missing, and Jamila's riddle will make it 
appear again. Go up to the wall, where there is a rotating 
disc. You need to pick which head should go on the god 
here. The riddle mentions an ancient reptile, so the answer 
is the crocodile. Move the disc like that, then press the 

A ledge pops out, with its own riddle. The solution is the 
blue falcon head. The one after that needs the green cat 
head, and the final one needs the woman with a sun above 
her head.

Nancy is close to the exit to the tomb, when the villainous 
culprit appears. Her job is to escape before the culprit 
does. To do this, she must rotate the various platforms 
here. If colors on platforms match, bridges appear between 

One of the solutions is to have Nancy go up, to the blue 
platform. She goes right to a yellow one, then right to a 
blue one. Then she goes down to a white platform and right 
to a red one.

She goes up to a yellow platform and up to a red platform. 
Then she goes left to a yellow platform and left to a white 
platform. From there, she goes up to the exit, which is 

Once the puzzle is solved, Nancy escapes and the culprit is 
caught. The ending to the game plays.

005-Quick Guide

This section of the guide will be a simple checklist, 
describing what you have to do to get through each section.

Finding the Burial Chamber
.Get the hieroglyphs books from Nancy's trunk
.Read Professor Hotchkiss' book, in Nancy's bunk
.Learn how to play Senet from Lily
.Get Professor Boyle's notes from his bunk
.Get the lighter from Professor Boyle's trunk
.Get the flashlight from the antiquities tent
.Get the pick and brush from the antiquities tent
.Get the amulets book from the antiquities tent
.Get the gold bird tile from the antiquities tent
.Reassemble the cat amulet in the antiquities tent
.Look up N13E2 in the site map
.Get the missing amulet piece from N13E2
.Put the cat amulet back together
.Solve the Queen's Tiles puzzle at the end of Tunnel 3
.Open the door
.Use the flashlight to see

Opening the Sarcophagus
.Get oil from the water tank
.Return to the tomb
.Use the oil and the lighter on the lamp on the wall
.Solve lamp puzzle
.Examine sarcophagus
.Get the spear in this room
.Get the four tokens in the box in this room
.Get the piece of wood from the scaffolding by Abdullah
.Use the spear and the wood on the sarcophagus lid to open 

The First Sarcophagus Lock

.Talk to Jamila
.Talk to Abdullah about Jamila, so she leaves N13E2
.Get the scarab from N13E2
.Solve the scarab puzzle in Tunnel 3
.Translate the "Four Sons of Horus" hieroglyphs in Tunnel 3
.Put the four tokens in the right spots, on the Sons of 
Horus puzzle
.Rotate the four tokens to the right positions
.Travel across the newly-created column pathway in the main 
.See the wall at the end of the new tunnel
.Use the picture on the wall to open the sarcophagus lock

Note: Once you leave from the picture on the second floor, 
you hear Lily fight with Abdullah. You can then talk to her 
and get an optional amulet sorting puzzle, followed by a 
puzzle to determine who stole an amulet which requires the 
shovel (from the middle of the main room of the tomb) to 

The Second Sarcophagus Lock

.Translate the hieroglyphs
.Call Professor Hotchkiss to learn about Nefertari's 
.Using Jon's notes and Hotchkiss' information, open the 

You might also use the pantheon, which you can get from 

The Cat Tomb

.Take the papyrus in the sarcophagus and translate it
.Get rid of Jamila
.Solve the puzzle lock on Jamila's bag
.Take the paper from her bag
.Talk to Dylan to get the other half of Jamila's paper
.Solve the paper puzzle
.Go down Tunnel 1 to find the blue cat.
.Use the brush on the door and put the cat amulet there
.Solve the Dylan and rocks puzzle
.Return to the cat tomb
.Use the oil and lighter on the lamp
.Solve the lamp puzzle
.Get the scarab necklace from the cat mummy
.Solve the scale puzzle
.Read the cat's name

The Golden Sarcophagus

.Return to the burial chamber
.Use the scarab necklace on the wall
.Solve the cobra puzzle
.Translate the destiny clue in this room
.Ask Professor Hotchkiss for help with the puzzle
.Cross the floor, by going on the tiles of the cat's name
.Get the gold tile near the gold sarcophagus
.See that the symbols on the sarcophagus are from Senet

Opening the Sarcophagus

.Get the gold tile from N13E2, by using the pick
.Use the gold tiles on the cat tomb's ceiling
.Solve the bird tile puzzle for a new area
.Get the numbers bottom piece from the ground here
.Tell Abdullah about the golden sarcophagus
.Take the key to Abdullah's trunk
.Go the main tent and open his trunk
.Learn that Jamila is a fake
.If Lily is in the main tent, tell her to leave
.If a cobra is in the main tent, get rid of it
.Confront Jamila 
.Ask Lily what the Senet symbols mean
.Talk to Jamila for the top numbers piece
.Use the two numbers pieces to open Lily's trunk
.Get the notes from Lily's trunk
.Open the golden sarcophagus
.Get the key from Jamila
.Leave through the locked gate near the golden sarcophagus
.Solve the wall puzzle
.Solve the escape puzzle 


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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