Naughty Park Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Naughty Park

Naughty Park

1. Wait until the girl and her dog are about halfway across the park going
   right to left (the two dogs should line up), and click on the other dog.
   You will throw a ball and both dogs will chase it.
2. Click on the worms so the fisherman can catch a fish.
3. Click on the sitting boy’s left hand to throw marbles down for the girl 
   to trip on.
4. Click on the worms again so the fisherman can catch a fish and leave.
5. Click on the trash can so that the boy on the swings throws a banana peel 
   on the slide. The little girl gets hurt and cries, attracting the older 
   girl’s attention.
6. Click on the apple to make it fall from the tree. The girl will stop to pick 
   it up, and the man will smack her ass.
7. Click on the trash can again and the boy on the swings throws a banana peel 
   on the path. The girl will come running by as the skateboard kid slips on 
   the peel and spills all over her blouse. Click the beehive and the bees will
   attack the girl. She will take off her blouse and run away.
8. A bird will appear in the tree, click on it, and it will start to fly away. 
   It will wait there until the girl comes by, and then poop on her. She will 
   take off her other top.
9. When the girl starts running down the path again, and turns to come down in 
   front of the couple on the bench, click on the bush behind the couple. The 
   boy on the right will throw a flower on the woman’s knee. She will grab the 
   man and kiss him. He will kick her into the water.

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