Nekonote Escape 07 - Doll Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Nekonote Escape 07 - Doll

Nekonote Escape 07 - Doll


1.Click on the portrait on the shelf to move it. Click on the pink object
coming out of the side to get Doll #1 ('lovely').

2.Go right. Click on the big cat to lift it. Pick up the cane.

3.Click on the leaves of the plant repeteadly until 'something falls down'
-you'll get a message-. Click on the floor behind the pot and get Doll #2. 
Keep shaking the plant (you'll need to click a looot of times) until the 
leaves fall off. Get Doll #3 ('pirate'). 

4.On the same screen click on the lower right corner of the clock to reveal 
a hidden area. There's a puzzle piece there. To reach it select the cane in 
your inventory and then click on the piece to get it.

5.Go right. On the coffee table you'll see a cup, a sugar bowl (marked with
an 'S') and milk (the one with the letter 'M'). Click on the sugar bowl. 
Note the symbol on it.

6.Go right. Click on the right cushion to reveal Doll #4.

7.Click on the left side of the sofa. You'll see an area that looks noticeably
darker than the rest. Select the cane, click 'About item' and press the silver
button on the cane. It has a hidden cutter/knife. Use it on the dark area on 
the sofa. Get Doll #5. Zoom out and click on the left leg of the sofa to zoom 
it in. Then click on the space between the sofa and the wall may be a bit tricky
at first but you'll eventually be able to- until you can see a green box with 
something that looks like books in it. Behind the books you'll find Doll #6. 
But there's another one here. Click on the lower left corner of the box until 
it moves forwards. Get Doll #7 ('gold'). Zoom out.

8.Click under the sofa, right side. The second piece of the puzzle is there but
you can't reach it. Select the cane, click 'about item' and close it so that it
looks like a regular cane again. Now use the cane to get the puzzle piece. 
Zoom out.
9.Click on the puzzle painting hanging on the wall. Put the two missing pieces
in place. We'll come back here later.
10.Go right. Select the cane, open it. Use the knife on the black area of the 
green punching bag/toy (you can play a bit with it before if you want to.
Pick up the red key. Then look under the cabinet to get a children's book.
11.Go right. Pick up the hat. If you inspect the hat you'll see that there are
three symbols under the rim (click to flip it). Write them down, you'll need 
them later.
12.Click on the carboard box to see what's inside. Move the contents around by
clicking on them until you find Doll #8 ('sleep'). Click on the arrow to zoom 
out. Click on the box to move it aside. There's a mouse hole behind it. You can
inspect it but nothing's gonna happen; you need something to lure the mouse out
of the hole. 
13.Go right. We're back to the first screen. Click on the portrait again and 
use the key on the keyhole behind the portrait. Get the CD.
14.Go right two times until you're facing the tv set. The left drawer is empty
and the right drawer is locked. Press the red button on the game console to turn
it on. Insert the CD (select it and then click on the vertical black line) and 
click on the screen to play the game (to beat the game you need to click on the 
pink octopuses to earn points, -it's reeeeally easy-). When you're finished, 
click the arrow to zoom out and click on the right drawer which is open now. 
Behind the box of coins you'll find Doll #9 ('dance'). Click on the coins to
take one with you.
15.Go left or right 3 times until you're facing the screen with the mouse hole
and the cookie machine. Insert the coin in the machine to get a cookie. Select 
the cookie, click 'about item' and click on the cookie to take the wrap off. 
Put the cookie in front of the hole. A mouse will take the cookie and as a thank
you it will give you a red key. Once you have the key, click the arrow to zoom 
out and then click on the hole again to get inside. Click on the big mouse and 
get Doll #10 ('mouse').
16.Go left. Use the key you got from the mouse to open the cabinet. 
Get the transparency from the bottom shelf.
17.Select the book in your inventory. Turn the pages until you find the Humpty
Dumpty rhyme at the end. Select the transparency and put it over the book. The
letters G + H + O + S + T will stand out. This is the word you need to open 
the safe, but you need to codify it to make it work. 
18.Go left two times until you're facing the door. Turn of the lights. Go left 
or right 3 times, click on the puzzle and voila! you'll see the drawing of a dog
and three symbols much like the ones you previously saw on the hat. These three 
symbols stand for the letters 'D O G'. The symbols on the hat stand for 'H A T'.
Which means we now have the symbols to form the word 'GHOST' minus the S symbol.
But... remember the coffee table and the sugar bowl? Exactly, the sugar bowl 
gives you the symbol that represents the S.
19.Go to the safe and open the cabinet to zoom it in. With the symbols you got 
from the hat and the puzzle you'll be able to spell out the word GHOST using 
the symbols. When you're done click Enter and get Lion's doll. Zoom out.
20.Go to the door, open it and give the doll to poor Lion!! Woohoo! You're 
finished with perfect score (1000)!! 

The angry doll:
The purple angry doll is behind the tv set, but DON'T pick it up if you want 
to finish the game with perfect score as it's worth -10 points. But if you do 
want it, use the cane to reach it.

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