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 Never Ending Level Game

Never Ending Level Game

Level 4
Click the "v"

Level 5
Type (using keyboard) the background color of the screen, ie. green

Level 7
Click the edge of the rectangle

Level 8
Password: fire

Level 9
Click the blue triangle at the bottom-left corner

Level 12
Password: 144

Level 13
Click button 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in order

Level 14
Password: cake

Level 15
Watch lower-left corner, there is a flashing text
Password: american pie

Level 17
Click somewhere in the fourth edge counting from the left

Level 18
Type "b"

Level 19
Try to re-order the letters and get the password
Password: special

Level 20
Click the black rectangle, it will become smaller and smaller, keep 
clicking on it, the password is the number of times you clicked
Password: twelve

Level 21
You can drag to move the screen! Follow the path and you will find the exit

Level 23
Password: 1967

Level 25
Drag away the green rectangle, move the yellow thing up, click the red rectangle

Level 26
Password: nogatnep

Level 27
Click to clear the red boxes
Password: GOLDIE

Level 28
Click the button, click the Back button, click the button again, and click the
Back button, and click the button again

Level 29
Type "#&P<" and move the red rectangle, and then click the arrow

Level 31
Type "e", click the right square, type "3", "1", click the left square, type "v", 
click the right square, click the left square, type "l", "e", click the middle 
square, type "L" (upper case)

Level 34
Click the green button, click the center of the swirl, repeat these two things 
again and again and again... until the swirl got

Level 35
Password: canHam

Level 37
Password: 8^B+

Level 39
Drag the arrows by following the direction
Password: pennywise

Level 40
Type "k", "w", "0", ".", "+", "(", "@"

Level 41
Wait for a long time, be patient, it leads you to the light side of the force ^^ 
Click the red button when it appears

Level 42
Password: 76330

Level 43
Drag the text to upper-left corner, find the invisible button on the screen (the 
mouse pointer will change), drag the invisible button upwards, you will get the 

Level 44
Click the squares in the following order: light yellow, light green, light blue, 
brown, dark yellow, dark blue, dark green, red

Level 45
Click the button according to the order of the color of the letters of "Level 45"

Level 46
Input "super impossible!!!!", and then type "OMFG"

Level 47
Move away the rectangle (be patient, you need to move a LOT of them)

Level 48
Drag the screen from right to left, when the black line pass through the exit button, 
click on the button

Level 50
Drag the green frame downwards, you will find a red frame inside the green one, move 
the two frames on the "x", you will find the exit

Level 51
Type the letters (words) that shown on the screen (When you type a letter, the next 
letter will be found)

Level 52
Click on the second square counting from the left and second counter from the bottom

Level 53
Click the triangle of 1, the wheel will turn. When you find another triangle at the 
hole, click the triangle of 2. When you find another triangle at the hole again, 
click the triangle of 3. When you find the last triangle at the hole, click the 
triangle of 4. At the hole, you will find the exit button, click on it

Level 54
Password: pants

Level 55
Type "1", "2", "3", "4", the password is "10"

Level 56
Just click the buttons (ignore the description ^^)

Level 57
Click the squares one by one in clockwise direction
Password: rewind

Level 58
Use Tab and Enter Key to hit all the stars

Level 59
Password: leaf

Level 60
Click on the screen with patient. Password is "week"

Level 61
Close all the windows and you will find the clue
Password: gnome

Level 62
Drag away the titles (Level 62) until you get the blue rectangle, move the 
rectangle around and you will find 2^66
Password: 73786976294838206464

Level 64
Password is 1000's "a"

Level 65
Use Tab key and then Enter key repeatedly

Level 66
Type "Level 66", drag away all white letters, click on the black letters
Password: CHEESUS

Level 67
Do not touch the mines, move the mouse pointer around and you will find some 
red circles, click on them
Password: N62T4HH@3

Level 68
Move the squares by dragging on them, you will find the clue of the password
Password: thepasswordisallthewordsinthissentenceexceptforthespaces

Level 69
Reorder the letters according to the color: "What is my name in capitals"
Password: CLARENCE

Level 70
Password: random

Level 71
Password: NEUTRAL

Level 72
Click 100 times.
Password: button

Level 73
Press the right key (->) until the screen is covered by green color, 
click the button.
Input "lemon" and then input "berry"

Level 74
Click the buttons in this sequence "R89NHXXM6BA338" (yellow letters), 
the password will be found.
Password: I love this game

Level 75
Use the mouse pointer, follow the path, wait until the hair line gone, 
and then click the square.

Level 76
Move the arrow to the four corners, wait and found the numbers at the opposite 
side, match the numbers with the color.
Password: 14159265

Level 77
Click "Ready", to move the mouse pointer to the exit, use Alt-Tab to switch the 
window, use the mouse to the position of exit, use Alt-Tab again to come back to 
the game window, click the exit button. (or right click the mouse button while 
moving the mouse pointer)

Level 78
Click according to the color shown. You need to click in right speed. (If the 
speed is right, the number at the top will be decreased)
Password: LOYAK

Level 79
Click the objects according to the color on the mouse pointer, remember the sequence
Password: 3589793

Level 80
You should find something inside the mouse pointer. Click the green button (inside 
the mouse pointer), click the "j" (also inside the mouse pointer), you will find 
the clue (of course, inside the mouse pointer)
Password: password

Level 81
Drag away the red colors, it will leave you with a blue sentence. Print Screen, 
paste it in your favorite photo editor, use the invert color function of the photo
editor, and you will see some letters are in different color
Password: scream

Level 83
Click the white square at the letter "e" when it appears. Drag the picture from 
the four corners. One of the picture does not have any description
Password: Green Square

Level 84
Click the sixth "Go" button in the middle, you will find the password
Password: 7 (Click the "Go" button at the bottom left)

Level 85
Use Alt-Tab trick to click the stars, square, drag the screen, click the star, 
click the small balls, the year is 2005
Password: 2005

Level 86
Click all the circles (the Alt-Tab trick helps ^^)
Password: 86

Level 87
Zoom in the picture
Password: zoom zoom

Level 88
Assume the upper-left circle is 1. Click the circles in this order: 
9, 2, 6, 5, 4, 8, 1, 3, 7, 10
Password: trial and error

Level 89
Password: hand

Level 90
Clear the password box and click "Go" button

Level 92
Password: wall breaker

Level 93
Move the mouse pointer in this order: "Green", "Yellow", "Red", "Dark Blue", 
"Pink", "Light Blue". And you will find the password
Password: xx

Level 94
Password: count down

Level 95
When you click "Go", you will find some letters, A-Z but some of the letters 
missing, use the missing letters to build the password. When you get the password,
type it in, press ENTER
Password: elimination

Level 96
Password: tricky

Level 97
Press the mouse button and move at the black area (and black area only), 
you can clear the black color
Password: 1000

Level 98
Start from fourth square counting from the right at the top, find the 
path to the exit button
Password: path finder

Level 99
Right click and then select "Play" in the menu, click "START". Right click and 
select "Play" again, click the button. Right click and select "Play" again, 
click the button (you need to be fast this time). Right click and select "Back", 
you will find the password
Password: FRAMES

Level 100
This is the matrix for the 16 boxes:
01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
Click the boxes in this sequence (without touching the red area): 
07 10 16 02 06 09 12 04 14 13 05 08 11 01 03 15
Password: sequence

Level 101
Right click at the right eye and select "zoom in" in the menu until you see the 
message, "zoom in" at the left eye again, you will see a small red spot, click on 
it. Resume to normal size and you will find the password
Password: EyE

Level 102
Type keyboard number key (0-9), re-arrange the cards
Password: BOOBIES

Level 103
Print screen and use photo editor to set the background in black color, you will 
find a path to the button, follow the path and click the button
Password: your name

Level 105
The triangle in the middle of the right hand side is movable, drag is out and pull
the screen down to get the password
Password: hidden

Level 106
Remove the password characters (*), the letter in the screen matches the letter 
on your keyboard!
Password: vrf

Level 107
Print screen and paste to an photo editor, you will find the clue of the password. 
Input the password to the password box (though the password box is very small, 
you can still input into it :-)
Password: lkjhgfdsa

Level 108
Move the mouse around and you will see that the mouse pointer changes. Drag the 
pieces to match the hole and you will see the password
Password: (space)

Level 109
Move the mouse pointer to the upper-left corner

Level 110
Click "Go" button 20 times

Level 111
Drag the screen around, you will find some black blocks, those blocks are letters 
of the password in a big size
Password: QUEST

Level 112
Right click, select "Back", and then select "Forward", "Back", "Forward", "Back", 
Password: menu

Level 113
Go to the start screen of this game (ie. the screen with "LEVEL JUMP"), print 
this screen and paste at a photo editor, change the background color
Password: BAM

Level 114
Drag the screen around, you will find the password in big letter
Password: your phone #

Level 115
house, ice cream, door, earth, note (ar.. actually i don't know how this level 
works ^^" anyone knows?)
Password: hidden

Level 116
Drag all the circle downward, you will find the password
Password: Hidden

Level 117
Carefully move the mouse pointer to the center and click. (don't worry about the 
circle which is moving very fast, you can touch that one)
Password: patience

Level 118
Click the button which is the same color of the background. Type the symbol on the 
screen (the symbol will be highlighted)
Password: colours!

Level 119
Right click, select "Rewind" at the menu, input "daisy" for the password
Password: daisy

Level 120
Print screen, paste to a photo editor, fill color in the squares, rearrange the 
letters and you will get a math equation
Password: 2

Level 121
Right Click on the path area, move the mouse out of the game screen, use the keyboard 
(up/down key) to select "Forward" in the menu. Repeat these steps until you see the 
button, go via the path very careful, click the button
Password: aMAZEing

Level 122
While the big "Play" display, right click and then select "Play" in the menu. A 
message will be flashed on the screen, use print screen to get the message 
(My friend said that this method don't work for IE)
Password: 3

Level 123
Type "T" (Press on "T"), click the keys which are same color as the squares, and 
then click the squares, you will find the password

Level 126
Password: SPEED RACER!

Level 127
Zoom in and you will see "Back x 20". Right click and select "Back" in the menu, 
20 times
Password: SPEED RACER!!

Level 128
Print screen, use a photo editor to change the background color, please note that 
the password of this level is included "(3 exclamation marks)" as part of password
Password: SPEED RACER!!! (3 exclamation marks)

Level 129
Move the mouse pointer on the red square, drag down, do it many times (30 times?),
you can click on the key button and the red square then
Password: optical-illusion

Level 130
Print screen and paste to a photo editor, change the background color, you will 
find "+%@", type "+%@". Print screen and paste to a photo editor again. 
Type "987654321"

Level 132
Password: ABCDEFG

Level 133
Click 10, 9. Right click, move the mouse pointer outside the game screen, select
"Forward" in the menu using the keyboard. Click 8, 7. Right click, move the mouse
pointer outside the game screen, select "Back" in the menu using the keyboard. 
Same idea, the point is move the mouse pointer outside the game screen, click 
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then any number at the left screen. Do the "Back" and 
"Forward" again, you will find the clue
Password: zero

Level 134
Right click, move the mouse pointer outside the game screen, use keyboard 
(up/down key) to select "Forward" in the menu. Press the right mouse button, 
move the mouse pointer inside the circle, release the right mouse button. 
Repeat these steps again (right click, select "Forward"..."), when there are 
3 circles, use the one at the right hand side. Now if your speaker is off, 
turn it on
Password: my voice

Level 135
Click the door (need a lot of clicks), a monster come out, click on it. Right 
click and select "Play" for many times, you will see some letters of a sentence, 
and it is the hint of password (reverse of reverse)
Password: esrever

Level 136
Click "1" in Level 136. Click the ear of the captain. You will find the password. 
Right click and un-select "Play", you can enter the password
Password: hidden

Level 137
Decrypt the sentence by moving each letter backward, ie. u->t, i->h, f->e... 
You will get the clue, but the password is NOT "encrypted", but encrypted 
"encrypted" ^^
Password: fodszqufe

Level 138
The light blue rectangle at the bottom right sector can be moved, 
you will find the clue of the password there

Level 139
The password is already here ^^
Password: one of these 2 colour combos:

Level 140
Password: arrows

Level 141
Play the hungman, and you get the password
Password: nice1

Level 142
Change the display quality to low, print screen and paste to a photo editor. 
Change the background to white, and then change the background to red, 
you will see the password
Password: 1+3

Level 143
After you see the password, you know why ^^
Password: blue

Level 144
The French "deja vu" means "I'd seen it before, I'd already seen it"
Password: 144

Level 145
Use Tab key, right-click and select "Back" in the menu, do it repeatedly until 
you get the password (it seems that the chance to display the password is 
Password: %

Level 146
See the red dot at the right hand side? Drag it to bottom left corner, and you 
will find something red at the upper right corner, drag it, follow the path, 
finally, drag it to upper right corner. You find another red object again, drag 
it, follow the center path, you will find a green square, click on it. Go back 
via the original path, and you will find the clue of password. The password is 
blank. i.e. clear the password box and click "Go"

Level 147
Right click and select "Back" and "Play" to find the clue of password
Password: jigsaw

Level 148
Move to mouse pointer to the "X" position, print screen, paste to a photo editor. 
Change the background of the four corners. Add the numbers at the four corners 
to get the password
Password: -44

Level 149
Print screen, paste on a photo editor, color the background color, you will see 
an arrow pointing to upper-left, it refers to a position of the keyboard
Password: `

Level 150
The first screen is black, wait until the blue background, click the lower-right
square, DON'T click "Go back", right click and select "Back" in the menu (red 
background). Click the lower-right square, background changes to green. Click 
the squares from left to right except the last one, input password "Acemira". 
Right click and select "Play". Drag the screen. Right click and select "Play". 
Click "Begin" button, move the mouse. It seems that only "YES" let you go 
to next level.

Level 151
You need to answer the questions in 3 different ways: good, evil and middle to 
get all 3 parts of the password (i have not verified about that ^^")
Password: 2817&46%%#xtlrv

Level 152
Right click and select "Play" in the menu repeatedly. Finally, you will find a 
small sentence at the right hand side, zoom in to read it, it is a clue of the 
password. To enter the password, right click and select "Back" repeatedly, until 
it is back to the screen with the cracking lines, input the password
Password: hidden

Level 153
Ok, i am not sure for everything, but i got something: Print screen and use a 
photo editor to change the background color. Click the red shapes in a specified 
sequence and you will clear all of them. Print screen and use a photo editor to 
change the background color. Right click and select "Back", input the password. 
The password is "really hidden." (with the period) Why this password is to be 
found out
Password: really hidden.

Level 154
Password: ©

Level 155
Press on the circle (not to release the button), while you see the yellow circle, 
print screen and paste to photo editor. Change the background color of the circle,
you will see the clue of the password. (But it is not the true password) To input 
the password, click the circle, at the second page, input the password.
Password: bUtToNs

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