Niburu Age Of Secrets Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Niburu Age Of Secrets

Niburu Age Of Secrets


niburu age of  secrets                                                    
the bridge 
when on the bridge check out the statue and pedestal.Go to the painter and  
talk to him,
( he will tell ypu about Barbora,.)
Go back to the pedestal,right click
Take the note Barbora left and read it.roght click on your cellphone to  call 
the professor.
Barbora's residence
Always look around.Walk to the door.Find the doorbell and click on the  third 
one from
buttom left.You will have to ring fove more bells before the door  opens.Once 
in the
hallway find her letterbox.Go to the elevator Look for her door.No  answer,so 
go back
downstairs.Remember the billboard by the front door? right click it.
Upstairs next to the fire extinguisher there is a sign ,get the key from  
behind it.
To the attic we go.
The attic
The lightswitch will be behind you.You should collect the rag and the  
rope.Look at the
buttom left corner of the wardrobe and pick up the bricks.After the  wardrobe 
falls pick
up the marble that rolls into the hole in the floor.Walk to the window and  
use your rag
on it twice.Tie the rope onto the beam.If you are scared of heights,take a  
The apartment
After waking up with a headache have a good look around.Get the purse and  
look inside.
enter the door on the right.What a nice kitty.You just found the password  
for the
computer.Time to leave.
Central coty archive
Chat with the pensioner.Sort of.Enter the buiilding and you will find that  
the doorman
wont let you into Barbora's offilce.Back outside leave the park.
Bureau building
They are out to lunch.Pass the bum on the bench( he wont talk to you  anyway)
On the way to the subway you'll have a surprise.Make your trade with the  
girl on the 
balcony.Buy the matches and go talk to the bum.He'll ask you for  
cigarettes,get them.
Walk toward the pensioner but don't talk to hin.Hand him the fire  
cracker.Now talk.
Go get the wine.On the way back stop to make the trade with the bum.Deliver  
wine and enter the achives again.No problem with the permit.
Barbora's office
Use her ID card to get into her office.Look under the plant.On the table  
right click the 
picture of the cat.Combine the pencil and the sharpener to get the message  
on the
notepad.Take the stamp out of the drawer.Go to the computer.Do you remember  
password?Well it's still the same,just not in the same order.Enter it  
backwardsTake the
report out of the printer.Find the mechanical elevator in the hallway.First  
use the ID card
then the paper of the notepad on the elevator.You have to do it very quick  
or the light
turns red before you done.Get the document.Also make sure that you stamp  the 
of the computer.Leave the biulding.
Bureau building
Go inside and talk to the secretary. Step outside and go back to talk to  her 
again. Leave the building and talk to the bum. 
Combine your cell phone and the card you got from the secretary,so you can  
call her.
Go directly to the office inside.
The camp
passing the guard stand at the bridge. look down at the mushroom.Don't  
forget to look around,exspecailly the light bulb. cross the bridge and talk to  
Stasek at the stairs of the trailer.aroud the trailer or the back of the trailer  
is a cabin,talk to Stasek about the cabin.
The mine entrance
See what the soldier has to say.Go back to Stasek,leave the site,come back  
and chat
some more.
Once in the trailer gather up the beans,can opener and a piece of  paper.Take 
a stroll to
the soldier at the camp and come back to the mine entrance.Return to the  
and come back.On the way to the trailer pick up the mushrooms. Open the  
the mushrooms and heat them.Take them to the soldier and leave again.After  
you come
 back you will be able to enter the major's tent.Get the keys and the  radio 
and make your
way back to the cabin.Go inside.
The cabin
Get the hammer,rope and the tool bag. Look inside. Use the screwdriver to  
open the lid
to the generator.Take the hammer to break the lock on the locker.  
Turn off the lights
The Mine
Here you have to make sure to look at everything at least once.Use the  
wrench to remove the rod from the barrel.Let's start at the corridor on the  
left.The rod will be useful  at the cave-in.
Take your flashlight to discover .........Well .......... you will see. Get  
the pin and the keys. Leave to take the other corridor.Before you turn left 
find  the cramp in front of you.Take it and continue to the corridor. There you 
will  see a crate hanging on a chain.Look to your right.Click on the opening 
on  the wall.Then look down at the dirt pile.Use the cramp to dig up a wheel 
handle.  Put it the opening,it will help you get the hook.Leave and go to the 
middle  corridor.Push the center of the mechanism. Use your key,turn the 
dials.You will  notice that one of the dials is stuck.Try to use the oil can. Leave 
then go  to your right. Look around and point the flashlight into the water. 
There's a  can of oil floating in the water.Combine your rope and hook to fish 
out the  can.Go back to the mechanism. Fill up your hand oiler and use it on 
the stuck  dial.Exit the close-up and look UP. There's your clue.
Once inside there's a generator to your left.Find the lamp and light  
it.Click on the generator towards the front will be a lever.pull it. Then turn  the 
valve controls. One of them is stuck.Use the oil handle, and try it.Still  
stuck use the wrench on it.  Pull the lever.Let there be LIGHT...
Go straight ahead.Don't forget to look around.Take aleft to the  respository. 
Go inside to collect test tubes, lightbulbs, and a can of fuel.  Open the 
crates with your cramp, take the TNT and leave. Take the right  corridor. Use the 
key to get in.OOOPS.................................
Go back to the respository.Do you remember the battery?  Click on it  again. 
Take the test tube to drain the acid out of it.BACK THE BROKEN KEY  DOOR
Pour the acid into the key hole.
As entering check both side.When you get to the close-up you will need the  
paper, that you got out of the major's coat.Get the metal box out of the  
file.Open it.Go further into the room. Get the ruler and the box off the table.  
Find the light and replace the bulb.Look down at the groove in front of the iron 
 cabinet. CLick on the groove and then the cabinet to move the cabinet.Use 
the  cramp on the secret wall.Stick the TNT into the crevice.Try to light the  
Get another stick of dynamite.Right click on it to get the fuse.Go back to  
the secret door, add the fuse and light it.Check the crevice. Go back to the  
rathole.Build a rat trap.{box and ruler} Put the beans in it, set it down in  
front of the rat hole.Get some more dynamite. Then go back to the trap. Get the 
 trap and return to the secret wall.Open the box with the rat in it.
Combine the rat and dynamite.SORRY THIS WAS NOT MY IDEA
Stick it in the crevice.GO and hide.Enter the room.Light switch on the  left. 
Retrieve an iron and a report.Behind the desk you will find a iron cover  on 
the wall between the bookcases.Click on it. Let's go find the key. Now go  
back to the hallway or corridor in the middle. You will run into a massive door.  
On the left is a triangle with a red button below it. Use your magnetic 
pieces  to fill the triangle
Square piece goes to bottom,,big triangles goes to each side.Think you can  
figure out the rest of it.Right click makes them turn.Left click them to  
retrieve them back.Push the red button and get in the elevator.
The lab
After looking around you will find there's a key down in the drain.Tie the  
string to the magnet,that you found on the table.Get the key.Fill the burner  
with fuel and light it.Now heat up the iron.Use the magnefying glass on the  
journal and then right click on the journal.Take the hot iron and point it the  
last page on the bottom.Remember these numbers.Go back to the secret room,open 
 the iron plate on the wall then open the safe.Leave the room.After you 
toss Stasek the "Statue" quickly pull the lever next to you.
Examine all your surroundings before entering the hotel.Inside in the  
lobby,take the matches
out of the ashtray,ring the bell and speak to the desk clerk.Now have a  chat 
with the man at
the desk.Leave the hotel to use the payphone.First you have to right click  
on the matches.Go back to the hotel.Before going to your room check all the  
floors.Take a nap.Go
back downstairs to talk to the clerk.Make your phonecall.Go outside to talk  
to the fisherman
at the dock.Click the happy dramaface to continue.
The mansion
Ring the bell,go inside to receive a flight ticket and a letter.Sail back  to 
the hotel.Soonest
you get there,you will be attacked.After the timer starts,pick up the knife  
in front of you and
push the button to the right of you. Then take the pin and undo the  
cuffs.Climb the ladder
to get out.Talk to the detective in front of the mansion.You must show him  
the letter before
he let's you in.
Inside,play the messages on the phone.See the hourglass?Click on the bust  on 
the mantel.
Did you pay attention to the poster above the fireplace?That's the clue to  
the combination to
the safe.Turn the letters to numbers.I used my phone. 84525
Click on the hourglass again.Use your knife to break it. Now go to the  table 
to pick up the 
pyramid.Use the key on it.Examine the map,exspecially the back.
Enter the hotel.Go around to the back.Notice the fire escape and the beggar  
further down.
You need the cane next to her.Follow all of her requests.To get the ketchup  
risk going back
into the hotel.Put it on the hotdog.Pick up the cane and pull down the fire  
inside,walk all the way to the end of the hallway on the floor your room is  
at.Ask the
repairman about it.Go into your room.Pull the plug in the outlet.Get the  
vase on the table
and pour the water into the plug.Tell the repairman about a problem.Take  the 
keys from
the ladder and enter the service room.Collect a rag,diluter and broom.Have  
you found the
sensor?Combine all three objects and light it.Go to the desk downstairs and  
right click on
key no.32.Find room 32.Right click the bed.Click on the briefcase.Listen to  
the clicks to
open the case.371
Viva mexico
The village
Stop at george's junkshop first.Turn around to the fountain.Go on to the  
side street.
There's a hobo on a bench.Go to the pub.The bouncer want let you in until  
you go get
Isabella.Find the yellow house around the corner.Go back and try to wake up  
the hobo.
By the fountain is a bowl,fill it with water and dump it on the hobo.Go  back 
to the wife.
Now try to get into the pub again.The hobo has what you need. Speak to the  
than george.Leave with george.At his shop he'll give you two more locations  
on the map.
Go outside to mingle with the townspeople.Go back into the shop to inquire  
about the jeep.
Temple of dawn
Speak to the tourist.Enter the ruin and examine it.Now check out the  
archeological site on
the right.Talk to both men.Return back to the ruin,but go on to the  
temple.In front are two
statues.First click on the left one then the right one.Insert the stone  
statue you purchased
in the village.Go back to the left one and remove it.Talk to paul  
inside.Take a picture and
give the camera back to the tourist.Now go to the site to pick up the  scraps 
for paul..After dropping of the scraps return to the ruin.Insert the  stone 
statues into the
openings around the stone disc.Push the disc.Click the marbles to move them  
into a emty
slot.Click the rings to rotate them.Grab the prizm and take it to the  
temple.Put the prizm on
the pedestal.Return to the site to talk to pedro once more.
Back at the village,go to rosie's after talking to the boy.The old man will  
tell you about an
old indian you need to see.After that ask george about some equipment.He  
will leave you
a bag.Look inside.Let's see if pedro is ready.
The ruin
Pedro is waiting for you.Click on the opening above the pedestal.A beam  will 
shine on three
of the tiles on the floor.Pedro will stand on one of them.Pick up the stone  
and place it on the
second tile(middle right)You will stand on the last one(upper middle)Tie  the 
rope around the
statue and climb down.
Light the lantern.There's something on the wall in front of you.Solve the  
puzzle and go down-
stairs.Find the stone torch and light it.On the opposite side are a stone  
sink and an opening.
Stick the hammer into the opening.Go back to pedro to get some water.Pour  
the water intol
the sink.Pull the lever.The water is leaking out of a crack in the wall.  
Click on it.Pedro needs
to get you some plaster and more water.Open the plaster can and mix it with  
water.Fix the
crack in the wall,pour the water into the sink and pull the lever  again.More 
water.The stone
wall opens.Enter .This is good spot to save the game.
On the alter are artefacts and the last statue.Pick them up.I'm so sorry,i  
couldn't resist.
Look down in front of the alter.Click on it.Do you recall seeing these  
symbols? The are on the
back of your map.The combination to the dials are.Top   5,,,Middle   
0,,,Bottom   4.
Now you can pick up everything.Go back upstairs.Later the old indian will  
give you the final
destination and an amulet.
At the door of the temple is another puzzle.Move the tiles to expose the  
center. Put the
amulet in it.Now you have to move the tiles to match the symbols behind  
them.Once inside
place the statues on each monolith and watch the show.Take the ball and  
place it into the
tombstone of your uncle's.YOU DID IT 
                                                                  THE  END
Thanks for beeing patient with me.

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