Norakurabako Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Norakurabako Escape

Norakurabako Escape

1. Click the three parts of the bed, noting the contents of the 
   piece of paper.
2. Click the bed pieces in reverse order, to put them back down.
3. Click the tail of the dog, and take the key within and use it
   to open the drawer, getting the screwdriver. Also, click elsewhere
   on the dog to lift it up for another piece of paper.
4. Open the bottom right drawer on the bed, and make it look like the
   calander. You may have to click on individual squares to rotate 
   them, as well as moving them in the grid.
5. Take the item below it, and make a note of the note below it. It 
   is the major clue for the code.
6. Moving right, click on the right painting. You need to get all the
   dots flattened. Just keep at it, using the arrows to shift those 
   rows appropriately. Work toward getting an L shape in a corner.
7. Take the items, and check under the cushions for another paper.
8. Moving right again, take the nub protruding from the third red pillar.
   Also, move to the left of that, getting a DVD ROM from amidst the other
   dvds. Also, look at the note ontop of some more DVDs to the left, and 
   under the two bears on the floor.
9. In the drawer under the TV, there's a hammer and Crowbar. Take them.
10. Moving right again, you're at the computer. Solve the box puzzle to 
    the bottom left of the computer by "popping" them all out at once. i 
    suggest mapping what each one does.
11. Take the dvd and click again, revealing a secret compartment with a 
12. Use the two keys in your inventory to open two of the three drawers,
    and the screwdriver to open the computer.
13. Take a wire and read the note from the computer.
14. Using the hammer, open the middle drawer and punch a hole in the back,
    taking a wire from the hole.
15. Also, take the battery from in between the two leftmost struts of the 
    monitor. Put both batteries in the keyboard.
16. Going back to the first screen, pry off the board with your crowbar, 
    and attach the handle in your inventory.
17. Now, click the briefcase on the left bottom drawer. Using the codes 
    from the pieces of paper, you can figure out the code If you need more
    help the code if based on two things. the element determines the order, 
    and which letter to use for each word. to convert from letters to 
    numbers, run diagonally left-up on your keyboard from the letter to see
    which number it corresponds to.
18. Take the key and cable within.
19. Go to the TV. Combine one of your cables with the DVD player, and one 
    to the TV. Turn them both on.
20. Open the dvd player by clicking on the tray. Put in the dvd rom. 
    close it. Click the red button. Then remove it.
21. Go back to the computer. Use your new key to open the top drawer. 
    You should get a deck of cards and a razor.
22. While you're here, use the cable on the tower of the computer. 
    Push the power button. You'll come back to this later.
23. Go back to the paintings. Use your razor on the left one. 
    Then turn off the lights, and return.
24. Now, go to the computer again. click the monitor, and type in what you
    saw, except with a K before the second word, and click OK twice.
25. Now, go back to the computer, install the DVD drive in the computer by 
    dragging it there. Then click the door to open it, and put your burned 
    DVD in it.
26. Getting closer to the end now. Go back to the room with the paintings. 
    Take the deck of cards, and put them on the table. Figure out which four
    are out of order by Starting with the first card, write out the cards 
    until you reach it again. Then start a new row under it, starting with 
    that card. You should end up with four near-identical rows. Find where 
    the mixed up cards are, and there should be one of each suit. This is 
    the code to the card briefcase in the computer room.
27. Open the briefcase and take the weights and black light flashlight.
28. Now the weight puzzle. Set your weights on the platform to the right 
    of it. Then click it. Given that the smallest weight is 1, map all the 
    possible combinations, 0-24, to a number.
29. Now, turn the lights off, and take your black light to the plaque 
    underneath the painting you slashed. These numbers tell you which six
    of the symbols you just mapped to look for, and press in that order.
30. I would suggest taking a screenshot of the image from the TV, and the 
    computer, as references here, which can be done by hitting the prt scrn
    button, then opening paint, and clicking paste. Go to the main door, now,
    and map the corresponding colored symbol, to the door symbols, via the 
    TV, and you're out.

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