Splinter Cell 2: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Splinter Cell 2: Pandora Tomorrow

Splinter Cell 2: Pandora Tomorrow


                                  Version 1.0



All of this content is based on my own observations. If you write in with a useful tip,
and I include it in a future version, you will, of course, be credited. This guide is
still in progress, and I will be updated it as time allows.

Speaking of which, you are free to repost this wherever, just please keep me credited
as the original author. Thanks. If you're NOT reading this on Gamefaqs, you might want
to check there for a more recent version. I will not reply to any more mail asking me
for permission to post this. While I appreciate you asking, my stance on this is
clearly spelled out in this paragraph, and I get tired of repeating myself.

I don't mean to be a jerk, but I'm getting a lot of very repetitive emails. Read this
before you send me email. Thanks.
1. Check gamefaqs BEFORE mailing me asking about updates. The latest version is always
to be found there. If you mail me asking about an update that's already been posted,
you will not receive a reply.
2. Do not mail me a carbon copy of somebody else's faq or forum post.
3. There appear to be subtle differences between the PC and console versions. If
you're on a console, and something is working differently for you than I describe it
here I don't want to hear about it.
4. If something is working differently for you than I describe it I don't want to hear
about it unless you can tell me EXACTLY what CAUSED that difference in gameplay. If it
doesn't work for ME, it's not going in the guide.
5. I'm not tech support. If I don't cover a bug or oddity in this guide, then I didn't
encounter it and probably can't help you.
6. This email address has become inundated with virus spam since I first posted it
with a faq. I only check it about once a week. Also, make sure you put a specific
subject line. Anything with a vague subject like "hello" is liable to be mistaken for
virus spam and deleted.

-Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate (

I intend to provide an exhaustive list of options for each obstacle, including a route
to mimize casualties, so it does take me a while to thoroughly beat a mission. PLEASE
do not mail me about any missions not yet covered. I will delete such mail unread.

I try to keep casualties at a minimum, so my guide explains in detail all the options
you have for doing so. However, there are certain parts of both Splinter Cel games
where combat is unavoidable, and if you try to get through those parts without killing
anybody, you'll be in for a frustrating time. Don't fight the game. However, I sort of
feel that you don't need my help to just kill everybody, so I'm really concentrating
on the stealth here.

1. Movement speed-
	The great thing about playing this game on the PC (aside from the infinitely
	superior graphics) is the precise control the mouse wheel gives us over Sam's
	movement. I can tell you to move at "2 clicks" instead of just saying, "move
	slowly." In general, 0 clicks (slowest possible) is only neccesary when moving
	on noisy terrain, such as over glass or through water. 1 click faster will
	always work for sneaking across normal terrain, but is really only neccesary
	when you are sneaking behind someone. 2 clicks is safe if you are more than 3
	or 4 feet away from an enemy.
2. The diagonal bug-
	This is important. If you push two movement buttons at once, like forward and
	right to move diagonally, Sam will move 1 click faster than he would if you
	only pushed one button. This can get you into trouble sometimes. I don't know
	if this is a problem on console versions. I'm guessing not.
3. Standing vs. Crouching-
	There's not much to say here. Always crouch unless you NEED to stand. Sam can
	move pretty fast while crouched, so there's no reason not to.
4. Body hiding-
	Illumination is the most important part of hiding bodies. You can leave them
	right in the middle of a hall if you want, as long as they're in the dark.
	Conversely, stuff them behind a box in a well lit, out-of-the-way closet, and
	somebody will find them.
5. Stealth firing-
	Sam's guns are very quiet. Enemies are more likely to hear the sound of impact
	than the report of the shot. One subtlty many people miss is that enemies can
	see your MUZZLE FLASHES in the dark.
6. Throwing things-
	If you throw an object to distract an enemy, they will investigate where they
	first SAW the object, not neccesarily when it landed. This is why it's import-
	ant to throw things so they don't see it.
7. Weapons-

The grab-
	This is my weapon of choice for thinning out crowds. You can grab people when
	other enemies are as close as 6 feet, and they don't hear. You can drag
	conscious enemies much faster than you can move bodies, so you can safely move
	your victim away from prying ears before dropping him.
Human shield-
	This move is pretty disappointing. Enemies seem to be able to hit you pretty
	well behind a hostage. I've had enemies KILL me while apparently NOT killing
	my shield. Use it if you need to, but don't expect it to save you from all
	damage. It's best used when you need to quickly take out 2 guys, and you can
	only stealth one of them.
The magic elbow-
	Sam has mastered the art of bonking people with his elbow. If done from the
	back, it will knock the victim out every time. If done from the front or side,
	the first hit will stun the enemy, and the 2nd will drop them. Sometimes, in a
	pinch, a frontal double bonk will be the best available way to take out an
	enemy. If you can do it without getting shot, and without any other guards
	hearing the partial scream the victim emits before being stunned, then go for
The drop attack-
	This seems a little less reliable than it used to be. I keep sliding backwards
	off of people.
	The pistol fires 9mm ammo at subsonic speed, so it's pretty weak. Don't bother
	using it for anything other than a headshot. The alternate fire brings out the
	laser sight, which makes the gun MUCH more accurate, but tends to attract
	attention. Only use the laser if enemies are facing away from you, or at the
	last second before you fire. I have had success switching it on in an enemy's
	face and firing a split-second later. They die before they get to finish their
	yell, so nobody is the wiser.
	Also, surprisingly weak. Go for headshots whenever possible. Mostly useful for
	sniping. The full-auto mode works pretty well if you get into a fight, but Sam
	has only 2 clips of ammo, so conserve your fire.
Sticky Shokers-
	BZZZZZZT! Probably the most reliable projectile in the game, in that anywhere
	you hit will knock the enemy out. As with all the secondary projectiles,
	there's substantial drop over distance. Aim high.
Ring airfoils-
	These work sort of like the elbow; one good hit can knock a foe out, but one
	bad hit will stun him, and a 2nd will knock him out. The trouble is, because
	of the drop when fired, it's hard to get a headshot on foes who are any real
	distance away.
Distraction cameras-
	Teehee! I LOVE these things. They're my weapon of choice for crowd clearing.
	You DO have to lure the enemies pretty close in order for the gas to knock
	them out.
Smoke grenades-
	I find these useless. They just bounce too damn much. They actually emit
	knock-out gas, not just regular smoke. Don't try to use them to hide from
	enemies, because they don't do that.
Frag grenades-
	There are few places in this game where these are useful, but they work pretty
	well if you can actually put them where you need them. The lethal radius is
	smaller than you might think, but enemies don't seem to think to run away from
	grenades like in other games.
Wall mines-
	Since the game doesn't bother telling you, I will; You can disarm these by
	pressing the action button when the light is green. They don't trigger off
	slow movement, and they tend to miss people who run, so they have limited use-
	fulness, and are mostly an annoyance.
	As many are unaware, you can knock out enemies with bottles. Hit them in the
	head, and be fairly close when you do it. If you hit them too gently, they'll
	only be temporarily stunned.

                        MISSION 1- American Embasy in Timor
1. Smoke may conceal you, but fire is VERY BRIGHT.
2. Broken glass is very noisy if you walk on it.

My best-
1 terrorist KOed

Part 1- The Basics
If you need me to guide you through the first part of this, you probably pirated the
game and I have no sympathy for you. If you have the manual, read it, and check the
little hint panels throughout the level. The only place I had trouble is when the hint
is telling you about how to press up against walls. When it says this, you are meant
to press up against the fence furthest from you when you enter, and squeeze between it
and the nearby building.

You will then come to your first guard. What the game wants you to do is use the "SWAT
turn" (or as I like to call it, "The Squatting Ballerina Turn") to move to the other
side of the fence, then shoot out the lantern. Once you've done that, it's a simple
matter to either elbow the guard into next week, or just sneak past him.

Alternatively, you can just sneak up behind him and grab him or elbow him without
wasting a bullet. Just make sure the body is in shadow when you leave.

Turn on your thermos as soon as the game hints for you to do so, and bypass the first
clutch of mines by crawling under the nearby deck, and the second by climbing up the
box on the left and shimmying along the rail.

In the next section, keep an eye on the guard on the right. You can whistle to summon
him, the hide by the truck, and bonk-ify him, or simply be careful and move under the
bridge, avoiding him entirely. Whatever you do, don't drag his body into the stream.
He will drown, and YOU will be blamed.

Next, the game will want you to interogate a guard. Do so, and drag him back and to
the left while he's talking. Drop him in the shadows, and wait for his friend to come
and look for him. Eventually the friend will go back inside his hut, where he will sit
with his back to the door. Feel free to knock him out if you want.

You can advance to the next part by either climbing the pipe, or doing the triple
jump trick midway in the alley.

Part 2- An Old Friend
Climb up the scaffolds the obvious way, then say Hi to Mr. Learning Curve! You have to
crouch and press against the wall to pass under the window with the guard with the
binoculars. Continue on, whether or not you wait for Sadono to finish his talk, being
careful to avoid the broken glass. Press against the wall and use the Ballerina turn
to pass the doorway, if Sadono is still in it.

Once you climb around the edge of the building, drop in front of the window, crouch,
and open it to sneak inside. You can also keep climbing around to a balcony, but some-
times the guard on the next balcony over spots you. Once inside, bonk the guard (or
turn off the lights first, to mess with him) and talk to Douglas. From here, you have
two choices. The door on the right takes you past the other balcony guard. You can
knock him out easily enough. The door past him contains a medkit. If you go this way,
and try to sneak down the corridor behind him, be advised he does OCCASIONALLY turn
and look behind him. You can usually avoid detection by just ducking into the next
room, but if you're trying to avoid disturbing any enemies, the other path is easier.

The door behind Douglas takes you to the room with the hostages. You can just sneak
right through here to the next room, or you can lay out the guard since he's not
facing you, and never moves. Just be careful of the glass. As always, be sure to hide
the body if you decide to drop him.

Part 3- Downstairs
Downstairs there are 3 guards. It's quite tricky to keep track of the patrolling one,
since the smoke blocks your sight and nightvision, and the fire obscures thermograph-
ics. I find this room much easier if you shoot out the chandelier at the top of the
stairs on your way down.

Once downstairs, the patrolling guard will probably be standing with his back to you,
but will move away too quickly for you to get him. If you want to see some seriously
screwed up object physics, try shooting the chandelier in the middle of this room.
Watch it dance! I even made it pass through the ceiling!

If you're trying to be uber-stealthy, go to the far, right side of the room, and sneak
between the wall and the bar. Follow the patroller, staying very close to the fire.
Not TOO close, unless you want roast Sam for lunch, but close enough that the smoke
helps obscure you. Eventually, he'll turn to come back, but by then you should be in
the shadows with your back against the wall. I don't reccomend using the bottle to
distract him and trying to sneak by. It tends to alert all 3 guards, and there's just
too much light in this room to have that many eyes searching for you.

Alternatively, you can take out the first guard. Make sure you shoot the light at the
top of the stairs, and wait by the painting leaning up agains the chair. When the
guy comes back, he'll turn his back to you, and you know what THAT means. Grab Attack!
Solomon Grundy would be proud. Of course, whistling and throwing the bottle into a
dark corner work too, but why risk alerting multiple guards when he so kindly presents
his back for bonking?

Now, you're in the far, right corner of the room. The easiest way to pass is to shoot
out the nearest light. The guards will be alerted, and will look around, but often
they don't even look in the right direction. Alternatively, you can throw the bottle
back toward the stairs, then use the Squatting Balerina Turn to pass between the last
few pillars and that little chest of drawers.

If you really want to knock these guys out, it can be done. I threw a bottle at one
from the shadows, and his friend saw the bottle, but not me. Oddly enough, he didn't
wake his friend, or raise the alarm, but rather came to investigate. Once he was in
the shadows with me, I introduced him to Mr. Elbow.

Part 4- Blinded by the light
Walk forward until you hear Lambert's speech about the searchlight. What the game
wants you to do hear is to sneak through the courtyard, staying in the center of the
searchlights. They move slowly enough, so it's not that hard.

There is another way, however. After you hear Lambert's speech, pull out your pistol.
Aim it at the guard on the balcony, and turn on the laser. The guard will eventually
notice, and turn around to investigate. This is your cue to stow the gun and cross the
courtyard. Do it quickly, at a full crouch-run, because he comes back pretty fast.

Either way, there's two ways up. The obvious door, and some pipes on the front of the
tower. If you use the pipes, pay attention to the guard. He DOES occasionally look to
his sides, and he can spot you. Also, be SURE to use a soft landing when you drop from
the ledge onto the balcony.

If you went in the door, and used the laser trick to cross the courtyard, be careful
going up the stairs. Sometimes it takes the guard a while to calm back down, and he
may be looking in your direction. Either way, once in, he's yours to do with as you

After you talk to the translater, you can shoot the balcony guard if you like, and
then make your exit. You can either go back down the stairs to the back door, or out
the window and rappel down the building.

Part 5- Ladders and lanterns
Now that you can kill people, you probably don't need much help getting through the
rest of the mission. Wait in the shadows until the guards come close, and use the
laser sight to headshot them.

If you want to leave them alive, you'll have to shoot some lights instead. Start with
the lantern atop the searchlight control tower. This will probably panic the guard,
but you can ignore him and climb the ladder to shut off the searchlight.

Nexting to the next area is a little tricker. You can either stick to the shadows, and
time your movements carefully to get through, or shoot out the lights above the deck
on the left and go up there.

Once around, shoot the lantern on the tower, climb it, and disable the searchlight.
The guard here will eventually walk halfway back to the first area, so you can safely
bypass him when he does that.

If you follow my suggestions, the only enemy killed or KOed so far will be the guy
guarding Douglas.

                             MISSION 2- Saulnier Cryogenics
1. Spend some time in the tunnels getting used to the SC-20K
2. Small metal discs with red lights are motion detectors. Walk very slowly.
3. Cameras can be shot out with one well-placed bullet.

My best-
2 terrorists KOed
1 innocent dead
2 terrorists KOed
3 terrorists dead

Part 1- The tunnels
Well, I'm sure you're dying to try out that fancy rifle of yours, so go ahead and tag
this first guard in the face.

Feeling merciful? He'll start walking towards your position. Sneak past him on the
left, accelerating as you get some distance between you, and jump up to the ladder on
the back of train car. You should be able to climb up to the shadows before he sees
you. If you're having trouble with the timing, try sniping the light above the ladder
and/or the lantern near your start position. Watch and you'll notice him walk halfway
along the train on the raised walkway, then go back.

As soon as he's gone, drop into the car through the hole, and scurry to the end. You'd
better wait for the 2nd train to go past so the next two guards don't see you in its

It's actually easier to sneak by these guys than to kill them, but I'll walk you
through both. To sneak, go through the second car until you hear them talking. Drop
down softly from near the left hand edge onto the tracks, so that you're nestled in
the corner betweem the train and the walking platform. After they walk past you, climb
up on the platform to your left. One of them will stand in the car behind you and look
in your direction. Wait for him to turn his back, and sneak at 2 clicks or so down the
hall. Accelerate as you get further away.

The stealthiest way to kill them is to get into the position mentioned above, then
shoot the guy who stands in the back of the train car just as he's about to walk away.
This way, his friend will be far enough away that he won't hear it. Now you can mantle
onto the walkway and snipe the other guy. Alternatively, you can waste a diversion
camera, smoke grenade or frag grenade on them, since those items aren't really useful
elsewhere on this mission.

Shoot the wheel handles to put out the fire.

Part 2- The basement
The guard in the next room usually starts right by the door, and will investigate it
if it opens when he's close. Luckily, it's so dark he won't be able to see you, and
you can just slink right by him, or bonk him in the face.

If you opt to leave him alive, sneak up to the bookshelf and jump up to grab the top.
For optimal sneakiness, be about 2 feet out from the wall, so the little wall lights
can't illuminate you. Soft-land drop off, then crawl through the lower, right hand gap
in the next shelf. The third shelf has a similar gap about in the middle. Make sure
the guard is on the far side of the room and crawl through it and out the door.

The next room of interest features three guards who fan out and search for you. You
can safely cross the room in the pools of shadow on the left. If you do this quickly
enough, right when you enter the room, the three guards will emerge and you can
simply sneak out behind them.

If you really want to take them out, do what I say above, and grab the third and final
soldier from behind. Drag him into the corner and drop him, and the other two won't
know what to do. They'll just stand there for eternity. You can sideswipe the one in
the stands by sticking to the walls, and then take out the guy in the center of the
room in the manner of your choosing.

Not stealthy enough? You can also cross the room using a pipe to the left side of the
door. You'll have to pull Sam's legs up tp clear the cabinets. The only problem is
that by the time you get to the other side, the remaining guards tend to be watching
the door. However, if they think they spot you, and come to investigate, you can just
move on to the next part of the level with impunity. They don't come out into the

Once you're past them, you get to the unavoidable combat. Just pop up and shoot the
first guy as quickly as you can, then duck and wait for the other to make himself

If you'd rather do it with minimal risk, crouch-run to the doorway. You can sneak
quickly inside as soon as the close guard has his back to you. Grab him, then very
quickly turn your gun on his friend, and drop him with a headshot using the laser
sight. For even more safety, turn out the lights. This causes both guards to develop
psychic powers, so it's extremely hard to sneak up on them, but you can safely snipe
them both with impunity, either using bullets or ringfoils/shockers if you're trying
to avoid kills. Be aware that they tend to make a bee line for the target computer
when the lights go out, so you must be swift.

If you want to make the next part easier, shoot out the lights in the hall before
going in and using the computer. Once you've gotten to the bomb scare part, there'll
be two guards in the hall. Creep towards them, and one will leave, and the other will
take up position at the corner. You can easily shoot him or sneak behind him and
elbow. If you didn't bother to shoot out the hall lights previously, just wait til the
2nd guard leaves, and snipe the guy at the corner from the safety of the shadows.

It IS possible to get past these guys without violence, but it requires a lot of luck.
Shoot out the hall lights before using the computer, then immediately move down the
left side of the corridor, at a brisk pace, 5 clicks or so, crouched. When you reach
the door into the boiler room, one guard will emerge and speak to the other. They will
then both walk away from the boiler room. Sneak inside at no more than 2 clicks. If
you're lucky, and you didn't alert them at all, you should be able to get over to the
far left corner of the room and wait until the door closes. Sometimes, espcially if
alerted, the guards will notice you in here despite there being no possible line of
sight, but it IS possible to sneak in here.

Once the bomb is disabled, you can easily sneak past the remaining guard, if he's
still alive. Open the door, and it will shield you from him, and as soon as you step
out you're in shadow again. Just go around behind him.

Part 3- Of servers and searchlights
Immediately around the corner, you'll find three guys shooting at God knows what.
When finished, two leave and one patrols the hall. The easiest thing to do is press
against the wall, lean out, and shoot him in the face. There are a couple ways to do
the next part.

**METHOD A- Die, lights, die!
Take out the guard in the hall in the manner of your choosing. Now go to the broken
window, and shoot out all the lights in the room o' cameras. You have to make sure
your shots go between the two sets of blinds. You CANNOT fire though gaps between
slats, and the slats themselves are bulletproof.

Once the lights are out, go through the door on the left, and you should see a guard
head into the room on the right, where you need to go. You can follow him, and either
take him out, or avoid him. Both should be easy, since it's so dark in there. Use the
computer and make your way out the other side.

**METHOD B- Die, guards, die!
Take out the guard in the hall in the manner of your choosing. Go to the control room,
which should contain 2 enemies. Kill them both, but be advised that you have to shoot
the window before putting anything through it. You can't break it with a thrown
grenade like in Raven Shield. Just opening the door and quickly shooting both in the
head works, or you can use a grenade or other toy through the window.

Now that the camera-monitoring guard is dead, it won't count against you when the
cameras spot you. The alarm will sound, but nobody seems to care, and it doesn't count
toward your total.

**METHOD c- Squeaky clean
As soon as the first guard in the hall turns away, sneak over to the right hand door
and use a disposable pick. If you're REALLY feeling studly, try picking it by HAND
before he turns back towards you. Hey, I did it. Either way, open it and sneak into
the next hall. Here, shoot out the small light to the right of the door into the
server room. Once it's out, use the cable on the door to see which way the central
camera is facing. The camera CAN spot your optic cable if you don't shoot out that one
light. When it's facing away, sneak in, and break right, hugging the wall. With a
little care, you can make it to the computer you need without being spotted, since
you're under the blind spot of most of the cameras, and in decent shadow. On your way
back out, just make sure the central camera is facing away from you.

Alternatively, you can shoot out the central camera, but that tends to
bring a guard, and it's hard to time, especially because that damn camera SEES YOUR
OPTIC CABLE! Either way, you can completely ignore the two guards in the security
office. It's sort of ridiculously easy when you know how, isn't it?

On to the next room. Shut off the spotlight, and the guard will come to look. Once he
does, you can either sneak past him to the stairs, or take him out. No real
alternative method for this section, unless you want to shoot him through the window.
Make sure to fire twice!

In the stairs, wait for the door to close if the guard behind you is still awake. At
the top of the stairs, we have a wall mine and a camera. I think it's a bit unfair
that they expect you to know how wall mines work, since there's no explanation in this
game. Guess you'd better have played the last one. Anyway, we can easily solve both
our problems here with one bullet; Just shoot the wall mine. Alternatively, creep up
the stairs 1/3 of the way, so you're still in shadow, and use your camera-jammer. Walk
up under the camera using the jammer, then disarm the wall mine. Wait for the camera
to face the other way before darting up the stairs.

Part 4- Lobby and beyond
The lobby is pretty easy. Just beware that there is a guard on the far side of the
room who is somewhat hard to see. As soon as you open the door, start sneaking out to
the left, and hide in the shadows near the 2 couches. One guard will check his email,
and the other will walk into the hall in the back.

The easy path is probably to grab the email guard, and use him as a shield while you
shoot the other.

The sneaky way is to wait until the further guard turns toward the back hall, and sneak
out to the computer. Use it while he either looks out the front door, or checks the
corpse. Now sneak into the shadows over by the left hand couches, and move back toward
the phone. Eventually, the guard in the hall will reemerge and head over to the front
left side of the room. As he does this, the other one will go back to the computer.

This is your cue to sneak toward the back hall, but there's a catch; The pay phone
rings as you pass it. You can avoid this by shooting the phone earlier, but it's hard
to do that without being heard. If you just wait for a bit in the first pool of shadow
in the hall, eventually a guard will shoot the phone, and they will both face away
from you.

The easiest way through the lobby, of course, is to just remember the code from a
prior game and sneak straight to the keypad. It's sort of cheating, but it's fast, and
you get to pretend Sam is psychic.

After the brain room, you'll be in a freezy area, and will need to use your thermo
goggles to see. The guard here faces away from you, so you can really have your kinky
way with him if you want, including turning off the enemy-friendly recognition on the
auto-turret, and letting it mow him down. There's no need, however. Just walk by him
for maximum imaginary stealth points.

In the next room, the easy way is probably to shoot out the light above you, thus
luring one guard. Take him out, then use your thermo sight to target his friend. For
a stealthier option, hop off the ledge to the left of the door, and shimmy your way to
the other end. Be sure to dodge the spurts of Freezy-Gas (tm) on your way. The strange
thing is, the guards hear you shimmying. They'll start looking around, and you can
just dangle from the ledge until both walk back past you to the right, into the room
you just crossed. Once, they both managed to set off the wall mine in the next room
while searching for me. Way to go, guys!

Speaking of wall mines, either sneak past it or disarm it, and head into the next room
where you're looking for a bookshelf on the right-hand wall. There's an opening in the
roof above, so climb up to it.

Alas, these three guys HAVE to die. Eventually, you will have to shoot the handle
behind them to shut off the Freezy-Gas so you can escape, and that WILL kill them,
even if you knock them out previously with a smoke grenade or diversion camera. Shame,

Anyway, since they have to die, they might as well die as cheaply as possible, so just
wait and get them later. Visit Francois, and then, when the timer starts, climb back
into the vent and shoot the now-steaming handle behind them on the left. You can now
make your escape.

The only other option, if you can call it that, is to go back through the vent to the
prior room. You can escape the explosion in here. The three terrorists will run away,
meaning that you avoid killing or knocking them out, but Francois will die and Lambert
will yell at you. Technically, it means less kills, if you're trying to minimize them,
but I think killing 1 innocent is a LOT sloppier than killing 3 terrorists. Take your
pick. It doesn't seem to have an affect on gameplay.

The only people I had to kill/KO were the two guys destroying computers, and these 3
at the end.

                             MISSION 3- Paris-Nice Train
1. Don't try jumping when on the roof of the train.
2. Innocents can be a real pain here. They won't pooch the mission, but they will
	often scream so loud the enemies will hear.

My best-
0 kills or KOs

It doesn't matter whether you hop down through the hatches, or crawl all the way to
the end of the car. A dog will bark at you if you drop through the hatches, but nobody
seems to care. Well, except the dog.

Once you reached the first car with bipedal inhabitants, you need to get to the hatch
in the floor. The easiest way is to whistle, and bring the conductor to you. You can
elbow, or grab him. He can be interrogated for useful info. Unlike the demo, this guy
does have an alarm pad, so be careful not to let him see you, or alarm him too often.

The trick to getting through clean involves an easy-to-miss space in the center of the
central shelving unit which Sam can hide in. If you approach it from the right, you
can generally get there without being seen.

The conductor walks between 3 points. Two of them face you, and one faces the coffee
maker to the right. When he starts walking over there, sneak out of your cubby hole,
and go through the hatch. Timing is tough, because it takes Sam so damn long to climb
down, so wait a little while before celebrating your success. Once done climbing along
the pipe, use the optic cable to make sure the coast is clear and climb up. I like to
shoot out the light in this room, but, as you may have noticed, I like shooting lights
in general. If you wait a while, for the NPCs to finish their chat, you shouldn't need
to, but it does increase your margin for error.

There's two ways to do the next part-

**METHOD A- Shimmy like the WIND!
Use the switch to unlock the side doors, and then exit this room. Turn left and climb
out the left-hand door to a pipe. Go up it, and shimmy along the side of the train.
The trick here is to pass the windows when nobody is looking, AND when not lit up by
the extra-bright track lamps.

Hang there a while, and you'll notice that only some of the lampposts along the track
actually shed light. There's no set pattern to this, but avoid crossing a window when
one is coming.

At the first window, the large man with the book will be watching, but he'll
eventaully go away. The next window is pretty safe, but the third has a woman who
only looks away for a brief moment. Try to keep an eye on her movements, AND the lamps
so you can start moving when she looks away, and yet make it all the way past her
window before the next lamp comes.

The next window has a terrorist, but he's only half-awake, so you'll be fine as long
as you're not lit up by a lamp. The last window has no observers. It helps if you
didn't already alert the terrorists by being half-spotted, or heard, or by turning off
the lights.

**METHoD B- Some like it dark
Exit your little room and turn off the lights. Sneak into the car and tuck yourself
behind the seat on the right. Eventually the guy with the book will come and try to
turn the lights back on. Grab him, drag him behind the seat, and knock him out. You
can now move through the car with impunity, as long as you avoid the pools of light.
And sneak. It means knocking out an innocent, but it's a lot less frustrating than
scaling the outside of the train.

If you're feeling frisky, you can also whistle to attract a terrorist once the lights
are out for good. If you can hide from him between seats, and get behind him, you can
take him out, and then simply elbow his friend where he sits. Both have satchels for
you. You can also bonk up some passengers if you really want to.

Next you have to wait for the conductor to finish talking, and then use your Ninja
Squatting Ballerina Move to pass the open door. If you didn't interogate the first
conductor, you can locate Soth by using the optic cable through the doors on thermal
mode. Go in and talk to him.

As soon as you regain control, use the computer, then follow Soth. When he reaches the
bar car, veer right behind the bar, and whip out your laser mic. Point it at his head.
Right. It's a joke.

When he's done flapping his gums, you can increase your bodycount if you want by
grabbing the soldier that leaves with him. It'll save you having to deal with him
later. Just be careful when you do it so that Soth doesn't hear you.

On your way out, you'll sneak behind one last soldier. You can take him out now if
you want. Stash his body in the bar if you do.

Once you reach the next car, the last two soldiers will come after you. You can either
hide behind some machinery, and shoot them as they come through the door, or just run
to the ladder and get out of there. Or, if you took them out in the prior car like I
mentioned, then you don't have to worry about them.

There's no way to take out the helicopter, so just run. When you make it to the end,
turn the camera, and you'll see the Osprey shoot the helicopter down. So... shooting
Soth is BAD, but blowing him up is GOOD?

So far, this is the only mission I've been able to do 100% clean.

                             MISSION 4- Jerusalem
1. I reccomend you don't read further ahead in this mission than you have gotten.
2. Again, civilians are a pest because they fetch cops. If you set off a civie, don't
	be there by the time he gets back.
3. I hope you like doing ninja stealth turns!
4. If you like using projectiles (shockers, ringfoils, etc) save them for the end.

My best-
2 thieves KOed
6 mercenaries killed
1 mercenary KOed

Part 1- Sammy get you gun
Head up the stairs and turn nightvision on. There's a cop ahead of you in the dark.
You need to go left. The first lit doorway on your left has a man looking out it, so
press against the wall and do the Squat Turn across the doorway. It doesn't really
matter if one or two guards start searching for you. This area is so open, and so
dotted with shadows, that you can easily get away from them and hide in the darkness
if you need to. You can also get past that door by climbing up on the awning across
from it, and sliding down the wire nearby. For some reason, Sam won't grab it if you
jump. You can have to walk off the awning in the wire's direction. Be sure to pull
your feet up to avoid the light. A little further down the road, we come to a large
window on the left emitting light. You can most easily pass it by moving behind the
boxes on the right.

Around the corner and down the stairs, you'll see a cop on a pool of light. Past him,
behind the postcard store (why doesn't Sam pick one up for Coen? He said he would.) is
the first of many red herring alley ways. You can half-split jump here, but there's no
place to jump to. Follow the cop when he leaves, then stick to the shadows on the left
of this area as you cross to the far left corner. Eventually, the cop will start to
leave, and the two gents will go to sit down. Be careful! On his way out, the cop sort
of bumps into the two men, which momentarily turns him toward you, so wait until he's
past them to sneak out of here. The two men will not see you.

There's plenty of shadow for you to use to make it through this part of the road, but
the easiest thing to do is climb the pipe in the right-hand corner. Slide down the
rope at the top, and you'll be clinging to a ledge. You can drop off here if you want,
and make your way to the left on foot after the man has emerged from that area, but it
is easier to shimmy around the corner, then drop to a lower ledge. From here, you can
drop to the next ledge down, and then to the ground, putting you behind a box.

There's a bottle here, but you won't need it. Unless you have to tinkle, I guess. Any-
way, just press against the box, and use your Ninja Stealth Super Ballerina Squat turn
to move between the boxes. When you reach the last set of them, the cop in this area
will probably be nearby, so wait for him to walk away and sneak into the open garage.

Getting down to Saul's quickly is the key to doing the next part cleanly. Since the
men are talking, you can sneak right up behind the close one at up to 3 clicks and
dispose of him. Believe it or not, you can elbow him, then run over to his friend and
elbow him while he's trying to draw his gun. For a less silly option, grab the closer
thug, then quickly draw your gun, turn on the laser-sight, and shoot him. He will use
Saul as a shield once he knows you're there, so be careful where you aim.

Talk to Saul and grab all the stuff. If you talk to him again, it's time for an
optional excursion.

Optional Part 2- Basic training
So the gun tutorial is in MISSION FOUR? I think most gamers are inquisitive enough
that anybody capable of making it to mission 4 has probably already mastered the
gun in missions 2.

Anyway, follow Saul. Clear the outside area the same as you did coming in, then creep
down the street. A cop will talk to a man in a doorway, then walk into yet another
red-herring alley. If you really want, you can follow him in, split jump, then drop
attack him, but there's little point. It's best to wait til he ducks into the alley to
move down the sidestreet, because there's a surprising amount of light at the corner.

Anyway, once you reach the next area, hop up on the wall and look down in the lit area
to the right, in front of the church. You can see Dahlia pacing around waiting for

Play with the gun for a while and a cop will show up. You can either drop him with the
ring airfoil or sticky shocker as Saul suggests, or just walk up and bonk him, or even
climb onto the rail to his right, run off and drop attack him. Alternatively, just
leave him be and move on. Leave the way you came in.

You can knock out Saul now, if you really want to.

Part 3- Lots of very basic sneaking
Out in the street, wait for the first guard to walk into the tiny alley. The lit
window has an observer, so you'll either need to STAND and press against the opposite
wall, or press against the close wall and Ninja Turn to get past him. Make sure the
cop isn't looking, as, again, the corner is well lit.

On the next street, an old woman will walk past. Just wait in a pool of shadow til she

The next corner is a little tricky. There's a nice, appealing pipe for you to climb.
It will eventually lead you to place where you can drop down to a ledge, then into
some guy's bedroom. If you look out the other window without being in the light, you
can see a smoking man, who will eventually leave. The cops below will spot you unless
you wait ample time for them to leave. So why bother?

The easier way is to sneak down along the fence on the left, staying in the shadows.
Wait for the cops to leave, and follow them down the street. Alternatively, shoot out
the nearby streetlight and just sneak past these two while they're looking around for

The next street is quite long, but there's plenty of shadows. Just be sure to hide in
one when a cop stops, because it means he's about to turn back toward you. There's an
alternate path around behind the church that I quite like to take, to avoid all the
nasty light in front of it. There's also a ledge on the church you can get on to. From
one corner, you can jump to a wire that takes you to an ledge, where you can shimmy
around the corner to an extremely well-lit awning. You can shoot out the store sign
that illuminates it, but generlly not without raising suspicion, and even then,
there's nowhere to go but back down.

Just keep an eye on all the cops, and stay in the shadows if any are near you, or have
stopped walking away. It's not that hard, especially if you cut around behind the
church. At the next area, ignore the interesting area to the right, and turn left.
Check to make sure no guards behind you are looking, and creep forward. Sometimes this
guard does turn and check behind him, but not often. Move through the light briskly,
or shoot it out, and climb up the pipe. Go along the top of the church and slide down
the wire. From here, you can rappel down to the ground off a pipe behind you.

Part 4- My date with Dahlia
Talk to Dahlia, and start following her. The only way to completely avoid calling any
attention to yourself right here is to shoot out that big, bright streetlight. If you
do it just as the two men take their seats, nobody will become alarmed. Now you can
just hustle after Dahlia. If you don't mind a close-call, just go for it without
shooting the light. They won't find you before you get into the safety of the further

Next, as you approach the tunnel, shoot out the first light. Make sure you are far
enough away from the last group of guys so they don't hear. Creep through the tunnel.
Dahlia will be stopped by the cop ahead, and will lead him away so you can sneak past.
You can take the guy out from behind if you want, or you can simply sneak way behind
him. Sometimes he doesn't stop her. I don't know why.

Alternatively, just let him see you enter the pool of light at the start of the
tunnel. He will come to investigate, and you can either sneak past him or elbow him.

The next area is pretty simple, despite its appearance. There's two guards, but one is
so far off to the right that he's really no concern. Just be careful to stay on the
edges of the area, and in shadow, and you'll get by easily.

This brings us to the prayer wall. The only way past this completely cleanly is to
press up against it, and use your Squat Turn at each gap. Useful move, isn't it? If
only the split-jump were so useful. If you don't mind an alert, just crouch-run past
the wall. The worshippers will become alarmed, but you can be safely gone and in
shadow by the time anything comes of it. You do not seem able to sneak behind these
guys. The first always detects you, usually when you're just getting behind him. Go

For fun, you can hop up on the low rock to the left, then leap over to the top of the
wall, where you can creep in semi-shadow to the other end. It's really hard to pull
off, since the jump is so noisy, but it's fun!

The guard in the next room will eventually follow Dahlia away, and I'm afraid you'll
just have to wait. The room is too well lit for you to move through undetected.
Depending where he's facing, you can sometimes get a bonk in, which might be easier.

The next passage is, again, covered in shadows, so just move between them. Nothing
fancy. The guards give you ample warning that they're about to turn by standing still.
After that, Dahlia is stopped by another cop. This guy won't leave her be, so she'll
eventually knock him out. You can either wait for that to happen, or knock the guy
out with one of your projectiles. As a third way to knock him out, try climbing
over the nearby awning and dropping behind him, and knocking him out yourself.

The only way to spare him is to throw the nearby can down the alley before Dahlia
does her thing. It's debatable whether or not you should count it against yourself
when people are killed or KOed through no fault of yours, but I tried anyway. You can
then hide in the shadows in the alley when he investigates, and then sneak past him
when he goes back past your position.

Part 5- Was that a threat?
A guard near you will walk off down the alley. Wait until he turns off and walks out
into the plaza. Sneak down the alley, then wait near the entrance to the next one. Yet
another cop will emerge from it. Sneak past him into the alley. I know, I know it
screams split-jump, but there's nothing to jump to. just go climb the pipe at the end
like a good boy.

Sneak through the apartment, the take the obvious path up and over the rooftops to the
rappel point. No need to take out or ditract the guard talking to Dahlia. He'll let
her pass.

Alternatively, you CAN go through the plaza. Move to the right from where you start.
You'll be lit up, but nobody should be close enough to see you. Snipe the light at the
corner of the alley on the far side of the plaza, and all the lights on the furthest
of the three lamp-posts. The guards will look around, but shouldn't find you. Now
follow Dahlia's path. You'll have to be careful going through the tunnel, since much
of it is well lit, but the end, where the cops should be, is dark. If Dahlia hasn't
crossed the plaza, make sure you shot out the light by the target alley.

Either way, as you and Dahlia approach the chainlink fence, another cop will appear.
You can either let Dahlia talk her way past this one, or distract him with a can.
Using a projectile to knock him out is always a valid option too, of course.

Once he's gone, follow her into the building. It's a strange place. That big,
elaborate scaffolding, the multiple stories, all empty, all unclimbable. There is some
ammo and projectiles laying around.

As you get in the elevator, Lambert will give you THE order. You do NOT have to follow
it. If you haven't gotten this far in the game, and don't want spoilers, STOP READING
NOW! I reccomend leaving a save file here, so you can try it both ways.

Part 5- Clearing the sewer of rats
Bad news. You can't avoid a fight here. The elevator doors make a noise when they open
and you can't shoot out the lights. Instead, quickly snipe the first guy in the head
before the door opens. Another guard will come, but if you killed the first before he
got to say anything, you'll have a chance to cap #2 before he gets a shot at you.

Theoretically, it's possible to snipe the first guy, shoot the light, and move into
the shadowed archway before #2 arrives, but I haven't been able to do it. Even if you
did it, the odds are #2 would bump into you in the arch anyway.

A third guy will come running. You can move out to the catwalk, and either go right or
left. From right, you can wait in the shadows for #3 to round the far corner, then tag
him in the face. If you go left, crouch run all the way to the corner and press your
back against the wall. #3 will run right past you, and you can avoid having to take
him out. However, unless you clear the next two guys quickly, you may not have a

Down the steps The best stratgey here is to just snipe the next two guys in the face
as they come into view. If you don't, one will walk past you and one will stand in the
corner. You can actually sneak behind the guy in the corner, but don't seem to be able
to grab him, oddly. It's so dark over here, that you can usually pretty safely shoot
him from behind, then snipe anyone who heard the body drop.

On to the next corner. Shoot out the light here if anybody behind you is alive, and
get in the shadow near the corner pillar. Simply snipe the next guy in the head.
There's no way to avoid it. He always either spots your most recent kill, or comes to
investigate a broken light, and you can't shoot out the lower lights. And when he
comes to check the lights, he can bring up to THREE guys with him. Just shoot him now.

Turn left, but do it slowly, and stick to the right-hand side of the arch. Turn right,
and sneak along the wall toward the hall. There's two guys, a medkit, and a bunch of
toys in the room here. If you really want to, you can snipe one, then quickly mow down
the other before he gets to fire back. However, it's safe to just ignore  them, and
there's no reason to take unnessecary risks.

As you are about to enter the next tunnel, wait until the guard, if he's there, leaves
the hall, and bring out your gun. If you're tyring to minimize kills, snipe all 3
lights. If not, just snipe one, then your friend, or just snipe him when he's in the
hall to begin with. If you're sneaking past him, beware of broken glass, and press
against the wall as he passes you. Go into the arch on the right.

Depending on the timing, you should just barely be able to see a guard enter the room
from the far side. Watch until he starts to leave, then enter, and scurry over to the
objective as quick as you dare. If you want to kill that guard, you can snipe him
through the lab. It's not glass, it's some sort of plastic. Plastic which probably
shouldn't have holes in it. If you do shoot him, do it when he's as far from the door
he entered as possible, lest you attract attention.

Go back the way you came. If you left the hall guard alive, be aware that he'll most
likely catch up with you again, but you can avoid him via the same method as before.
Either way, make your way back to the hall where you sniped the lights. At the far
end, you'll see a guard with his back to you. Grab him, and make your way down the
hall, staying on the left. Go into human-shield mode, and shoot his friend, then
either hop in the elevator, or shield-shoot the last two or three guys at the end of
the hall, if you're feeling thorough.

My best total for this part alone is 6 kills, 1 KO. I could probably convert most of
those kills into KOs if I really wanted to, but I just wasn't feeling merciful today.

Optional Part 6- Snipe Countersnipe
This is the part you will play if you did NOT kill Dahlia. Shoot out the lights in the
tunnel, and creep to the end.

Look up high with your nightvision on, and you'll see her and another sniper facing
you. She's armed now Sam. How's that? It might seem that you could maybe make your way
through here without killing anybody, but they pick you out of the shadows pretty
quickly. They are snipers after all. Take Dahlia down first. She's a much bigger
threat than her friend. It is also possible to sticky shock her, though it's tricky.
Fun to watch the treacherous minx twitch though. Once those two are down, move
forward, and look up and to the left, from the safety of the shadows. You should see
another sniper. Drop him.

Number 4 is harder to get. He's on the opposite side of the courtyard, but there's no
way to shoot him without letting him see you. If you're lucky, he'll miss his first
shot, but even if he doesn't, you should be able to easily get the better of the
exchange. Make for the small alley with a fence at the end to end the mission.

Alternatively, you can just run to the exit. You'll get clipped, but you'll make it.
Assuming you count Dahlia as a kill, this is the cleanest way to do the mission. My
total of 9 enemies down comes from just running past her and her sniper buddies.

Bonus points if you can grenade Dahlia.

Optional Part 7- The worlds most well-lit plaza
This part is so hard, it's a shame that it's technically the way you're SUPPOSED to
go. When I was replaying to write this guide, I honestly couldn't remember how I got
through here.

I have managed to get through it cleanly, though. First, move quickly out of the
elevator, down the tunnel, and to the right. The first guard should not see you. He
will assume a position in the shadows with his back to you. You can bonk him if you

Head under the scaffolding until you can see out in the open courtyard. You will see
three guards. Eventually, they all assume a position looking away from the exit, but
the closest one keeps twitching back in your direction. Across the plaza, you will see
two small lights you can shoot out. One is very small, just above a brown door. The
other is larger, and round, and to the right of the first one. This will set some
guards on edge, but it's ok. Head back around under the scaffolding. If the first cop
is still awake, use the whistle in the area of the scaffold to distract him. You need
to go where he's looking. Creep around the corner of the building with the little
steps and hand-rail, then straight back along the wall, then along the back wall,
under the scaffold, then along the far wall, still behind the scaffold. Hold up where
the strong shadows end.

You will more than likely alert a few cops while doing this, but it's ok. They'll all
be investigating where they saw you, which should be very far from where you are now.
You are now a short distance from the exit, which is straight in front of you, along
the wall to your left from here. You will find the route surprisingly dark, so it's
just a matter of making sure no guards are nearby and looking directly at you.

Eventually, they will stop looking for you, and assume permenant positions. You can
move them around by shooting something. I don't think there's any more distructable
lights, but you can ping the dumpster. That should draw their attention enough for you
to get by. You really only need to make it past the sheet of corohated iron before
they turn back. Beyond it, there's no light at all.

Alternatively, after you drop the first, easy guard with an elbow, you could use the
whistle to lure #2 and either evade-and-elbow him, or use up some of those sticky
shockers and airfoils you've been hording. The trouble is, it's very hard to seperate
the last two guards using the whistle. However, you can solve this simply by sticky
shocking or airfoiling both of them in VERY rapid succession, but this only works if
both the other guards are down. You don't need to worry about the bodies. Personally,
I find the whistle so hit-or-miss that sneaking by them was easier for me.

                       MISSION 5- Drug refinery, Indonesia
1. Long grass can hide you fairly well from enemies.
2. Keep a close eye on your light-meter. The shadows in this level do a poor job of
	representing how dark an area is.
3. Shooting out lights is less useful here, because it's still light out.
4. You don't need to follow Sadona THAT closely. He'll always wait for you to catch
	up, so don't panic and rush if he gets away from you. Also, if he's nearby,
	ONE alert will pooch the mission, but if he isn't, you have THREE to play
5. The easiest way to snipe enemies through grass without standing is to target them
	using thermographics.

My best-
1 soldier KOed

Part 1- Insert grass joke here
Let's assume you've figured out how to start the mission, and have either rappelled or
ziplined down into the weeds. An important note about the plants on this level; they
will conceal you from prying eyes, but not if enemies get too close, or if you're too
well lit. Move forward and into the shadows provided by the tent, and you'll see a
guard in front of you. You can pretty much have your way with this guy. Just shoot
him. Or, wait until he turns his back, and creep around the corner of the tent. Be
advised that Sam's head will be exposed as you do this.

Creep up through the shadows to where the bottles are. Your goal here is to go forward
and left, behind the truck. The ideal time to do this is when the first guard is
sitting on his bench, and #2 is walking away from you. The shed behind you has some
ring airfoils, if you really want them.

Once behind the truck, go to its other end, and wait until the nearest gaurd is moving
away, if he's alive, and move out at a brisk pace. Your target spot is in the grass
ahead, behind the white sandbags. It'll seem overly illuminated, but the grass helps
to hide you. Two guards will discuss trip-wire traps. Eventually, one will walk away
and the other will futz with a trip-wire, with explosive results.

To those trying to get a clean game, I have bad news. You can't save this guy. Even
if you distract him with a bottle or whistle before he dies, he'll eventually wander
back into the tripmine and die, and you can't get to it to disable it fast enough with
two guards alerted.

One solution for this part is to let nature take its course, and then shoot the 2nd
guard when he's trying to perform CPR on his friend. Alternatively, you can just sneak
by him, if you stay in the grass to the left of the area, and sneak behind the leaves
of the broken palm.

Another way is to wait until #2 walks away, and shoot #1 with your choise of
projectile JUST before he "spreads himself too thin." You can save his life this way,
if you're being anal about that kind of thing. I hit him in the head with a bottle,
just because I had one with me. Of course, it's safe to assume that when he woke up
groggy in a mine field, he didn't last too long, but hey, I'm not his guardian angel.

Anyway, if you do this, his friend will never have a reason to come back and look.
Sneak through the grass, using thermo vision to spot the traps. You can avoid them in
many cases just by sticking to the sides of the path, which you should do anyway to
avoid guards. There's one more further ahead. Shoot him, or avoid him by pausing in
the darker area of grass to his right. Once you're past him, you'll reach the plane.

Part 2- The plane, boss, the plane
**METHOD A- Up and over
Sneak to the left, and up the ladder. Up here, you'll find a pole that you can use to
cross the ceiling. However, you'll be spotted in the light coming through the holes
in the roof. You can reduce the odds of this by shooting out the lights near the pole,
but it's still pretty bright up there, and the guards will become alert.

Actually, oddly the alertness helps you, because they don't seem to be looking up as
much. Once you reach the other side, be careful sliding down the pole, as you may be
spotted, and be sure to sneak again once you land.

Sneak up to the plane under the wing and plant the bomb. Sam has to be able to stand
to plant it, so if nothing happens, back up a little, or make sure you're not stuck
under a wing-strut.

**METHOD B- Around and behind
Sneak in and to the left, but skip the ladder. The table here has a toy for you, if
you want to risk detection for it (or if you already killed the guards.) Keep going
around behind the plane to the big grey box. Jump up and grab the ledge, and pull up
onto it, then drop off the other side. Sneak around through the boxes and you'll find
yourself about by the pole used in method A.

This is the easiest and stealthiest method, although you do have to keep an eye
peeled for the patrolling guard. It's dark enough all 'round that he won't SEE you,
but he might bump into you if you are careless.

Sneak up to the plane under the wing and plant the bomb. Sam has to be able to stand
to plant it, so if nothing happens, back up a little, or make sure you're not stuck
under a wing-strut.

**METHOD C- A work in progress
I tried this just for grins, but I can't quite make it work... Stay in the doorway til
the two guards seperate, and then sneak in and behind the close one. You can plant the
bomb on this side of the plane too.

The problem is that there's no stealthy way out of this position, unless you've
already taken out the first guard. He's looking in your direction, and eventually the
other guard, AND the new arrival (see below) will come to join him. The best I could
manage was to huck a grenade at them when they're all together.

However you do it, a guard will arrive through the far door when you're done. Maybe
you can ask him we we're going to plane-bomb a guy who's death will cause the use of
biological weapons in US cities. Anyway, he shouldn't be a problem for you to sneak

Part 3- The One Tower
In the next room with guards, creep through the shadows on the right, near the boxes,
and tuck yourself into the corner between the last box and the hut, with the plants.
When they finish talking, the first guard will walk away, and the one in the hut will
have his back to you. At 2 clicks, sneak past the open doorway, and then off toward
the back wall. Be sure to keep a good distance from that damn flaming barrel.

If you're prone to violence, just shoot the wandering guard when he's at the far end
of the area, where you came in, then plug his friend when he comes to investigate.

For a stealthier solution, move so that you can JUST see the light inside the guard-
house. You can NOT shoot it through the wire mesh windows. Snipe it when the wandering
guard is far away, and quickly move back to the position with the plants, next to the
boxes. Both guards will start looking around. Sneak into the guard house and raise the
barrier. Sneak back out quickly.

The lights in front of the guard house are a bit of a bother, depending where the two
guards go while looking for you. This is largely where luck comes into it. If they
don't cooperate, just wait a while for the coast to clear. The barrier does not seem
to be on a timer. Once you make it past the barrier, head quickly down the path, and
duck behind the sheet of metal on the left to hide from the guard with the dog.

In the next section, veer right. You will see two guards patrol. Keep going around to
the right, disabling the trip-mines in the grass as you do so. Eventually, one guard
will go into a tent to lie down. For some reason, if you don't go around back that
way, he doesn't lie down. Now you just have two guards to deal with.

Sneak back around the the grass, and in through the back of the first tent you saw.
Eventually, a guard will walk past. Sneak out and grab him. Don't bonk him, or shoot
him, because he stays near the tower, and the tower guard will hear. Drag him some-
where out of sight, and drop him. Now simply snipe the tower guard, from somewhere far
away from the sleeping guard, and make your escape. You can snipe him with an airfoil
or shocker if you're careful.

Alternatively, from the back grassy area, retreat to the wall, and shoot out the
lantern on the fence from point blank range. Now, snipe the tower guard. Alas, there's
no way around taking him out. Now snipe the explosive barrel to the right of the truck
on the far side of the area. This wakes both guards, and they run over to investigate,
allowing you time to sneak to the tower and escape over the zipline. Move quickly,
though! They won't keep their backs turned forever.

Part 4- Trailing Sadono
Move forward, and duck in the shadows to hear the conversation. There's two ways to go
here. One is to follow Sadono, and the other is through a tunnel under the hall he
takes. Either way, just wait where you are, until the courtyard is down to one guard.
He will eventually walk off toward the other end of the area, and this is your cue to
follow him. Alternatively, just shoot him when he's in a nice, shady area.

Keep the billowing smoke between you and the hall Sadono took, so the guard there
can't see you. When you reach the barrel, quickly duck under the deck. If you are
seen, then you probably either took too long getting there, or moved from behind the
barrel too quickly. It's tricky to time, but it's the only way to get by without
messing with any guards.

If you want to go down the hall, you'll have to drop the guard in it, so you really
might as well drop the first guard too. You CAN reach him without taking out #1, if
you want, by shooting out the nearby lantern from a safe distance, then sneaking up
there and hiding in the corner just before the hall with your back against the wall.
You can now follow the hall guard and bonk/grab/shoot him. However, for maximum
stealth, just take the tunnel as I described above.

At the end, you'll see Sadono again. If you took the tunnel, use your thermo vision to
make sure the guard above you is gone, and follow Sadono through the next empty area.
Soon, you'll be told about having to use your sticky-cam to record a conversation.
However, it's not the conversation going on in front of you. There's a sticky-cam to
your right, if for some reason you're out of them.

Once Sadono leaves, it's safe to snipe the guy in front of you. Whistling, then
evading and elbowing works well too, but we can get buy without perturbing him in the
slightest. Turn left, and make for the gap between the building. There's a bright
light just at the corner, and you must ROLL (hit crouch while moving quickly) to get
past without being seen. Split-jump up and go through the window. Once inside, be sure
to hit the crouch button again, to go back into sneak mode. Move very slowly at the
bottom of the stairs, as there's a squeaky board down here. There's a guard to the
left watching TV with his back to you.

There are 3 ways out of here to the next section, but I won't bother describing them,
since none of them involve guards or obstacles. Just get there.

Sadono and his guard will go through a hut. Either follow them, or stand and press
against the side wall to get by. It doesn't matter which you choose.

In the next area, you will have to shoot a sticky cam at sadono, and listen to his
conversation. Don't fire it TOO close to him, you'll hear it land. Once you've got
the code, start creeping to the back, right corner of the area, in front of you, along
the shadowed wall. You'll find a pipe with a spotlight pointing right at it. Wait
until the enemies have walked fairly far away, and shoot it. Scale the pipe. There's
a lot of lights up here, but you won't need to shoot them. Just hug the wall, and stop
in the squarish-shadow (being cast by one of the rugs) at the end. You can shoot out
the last lantern if you want. Nobody will find you, though the will be curious. Or you
can wait until the wandering guard isn't look, and sneak by. Ahead, you have your
choice of dropping into the area from the left or right. I reccomend right, since left
is lit up like a Christmas tree.

The only other way through the last area is to take out two guards and a dog. You can
lure/elbow the first one easily enough, but you will have to snipe the second guard
and the dog. It's messy. Note that you can't move dog corpses.

Anyway, let's assume you trusted me, and took the high road. While Sadono is talking,
drop down, and put the boxes between you and the guards. One will start patrolling.
Keep theboxes between you and him, as this area is quite well lit. As he turns back
away from you, sneak around the perimeter of the area, in the relative darkness, until
you get behind the trucks. From here, wait for the patroller to come back, and leave
again, then sneak behind the boozing guard, and to the ladder.

Again, there's no alternate way though here unless you take both guards out. If you
must do this, I'd wait until they're as far apart as possible, and snipe the one that
patrols. Next, snipe the drinker.

I've you've followed my stealth-mode instructions, the only KOs or kills so far will
be the guy in the tower, and the guy who blew himself up (who I'm not counting.)

Part 5- The actual refinery part
Pretty soon, a guard will walk in front of you. You can take him if you want, but
there's no need. Simple wait til he's gone, then drop off the hole in the balcony.
From there, head around the pillar, and put your back against it. You know where this
is going, don't you? You guessed! Ninja Ballerina Turns! Now just sneak to the door.

Alternatively, follow him as he walks away, and move to the right, up against the
railing. Move as close to the pool of light at the top of the stairs as you can with-
out lighting up, then sneak down the stairs at 2 clicks after the guard patrols back
past you.

In the next room, at the top of the stairs, is a light switch. There's no way through
here without either taking out guards, or turning off the switch. Flip it, then press
against the wall you faced when you came up the stairs. Stand, and walk-wall to the
exit. You can pass by the guard just fine as long as you're against the wall. For fun,
try shooting the big piles of coke in here. Note that if you kill the innocents in
here, you lose the mission.

In the next room, wait until Sadono finishes talking to the pilot and leaves. There
are two guards here. It's easy enough to isolate and shoot them, but that's not sneaky
enough for me. Turn the gigantic red switch near the door. The stationary guard from
the next room will come to see what the noise is. Go press against the well behind the
generators, and stand. Wall-walk behind the generators to the other side of the room.

By now, a guard will have walked in here, and will be standing behind the second of
those large, boxy things. Wait in the shadows for him to walk out, toward the switch
you flipped. Sneak through the door to the other room. Quickly bring out your gun and
snipe the light above the exit door, near the pilot. The guards will become concerned
and start searching for you. Calmly engage your pilot in conversation and enter the
door code while they flounder.

Part 6- That's it? The refinery was like 2 rooms!
Yeah, but watcha gonna do. In the next area, you'll here some guards complain, then
walk off to futz with an auto-turret. There's some flares nearby, in case you want to
simply shoot the two guards and use the flare to bypass the autoturret. For a sneakier
path, take the pipe beyond the barrles, up, over, and around to a hatch in the roof.

If you came in through the door, jump up to the pipe. It's the only way through here
without violence. Simply pull Sam's legs up, and climb til you can't climb no more. At
the other end, drop, and make your way around behind Bruce Lee here, and go out the
door. Grim will say something about waiting for dark, and if you wait around, the sun
will actually go down. You can tell it's sufficiently dark when there's no more light
coming in the door. The reason you have to wait is a stationary guard immediately to
the right of the door as you exit. Don't feel like waiting? Whistle to summon him in,
and shoot him.

Either way, once you're outside, creep around the area to the left. You can use the
auto-turret to mow down the patroller if you like. However, more often than not, using
auto-turrets in this manner means an alarm. It's really not worth it. Just wait until
he walks away and sneak inside.

The next room is a bear. Moving spotlights and roaming guards, oh my! Wait until the
spotlight goes to the right, and move out to the left. Get behind the first set of
boxes. By now, the guard is probably wandering toward you, so when he turns off, move
out and wedge yourself in the narrow gap between the deck and the second set of boxes.

Squeeze through the gap, and again, wait for the light to go away. You should be able
to sneak out, past the steps, and into the boxes on the other side. Mind out for the
little lantern here. It can light you up just enough for the guards to see you. The
trick to doing this clean is shooting out the light above door. Wait until both guards
are far away though. It's okay if they start looking for you, but if they're too close
or see the muzzle flash, they'll trigger an alarm, and we don't want that. When the
light is out and the guards aren't looking, mantle up on to the stoop, and sneak into
the shadows by the door. Punch in the code and slip inside.

Wanna know something wierd? The auto-turrets on the deck don't seem to work. They
never fired at me, and I walked right by them. There's nothing around either way, in
case you're wondering. Either go in the front door, or start Ninja-Ballerina-Turning
past the windows keeping up with Sadono. When he goes to leave, WAIT. As you will
notice if you fire a sticky cam in the hall, he comes back to check the room once
more before leaving. When he's gone the SECOND time, move out and hack the laptop.

Go back out the way you came, and around the back of the house. There's no way to
avoid getting held up. What you do AFTER that point is up to you. You can grab the
closest guy on your right, and use him as a shield, or hide back inside the door and
use the corner. For maximum cleaniness, just run.

                       MISSION 6- Sub Pen, Indonesia
1. Again, pay attention to your light meter. For some reason the little lanterns that
	are so common on the Indonesian missions light up Sam, but not actually the
2. Beware auto-snipers!
3. They don't explicitly say this, but when you actually get ON the sub, you can't
	kill anyone, and one alarm means mission over.
4. Again, they don't explicitly say this, but on the sub, you need to grab the colonel
	and force him to use the retinal scanner. The colonel is the dude with the red
5. Once you reach the actual sub pen, almost all the lights are indestructable.

My best-
6 guards KOed
1 technician KOed

Part 1- Auto-snipers? Oh WONDERFUL!
Yes. Auto-snipers. Just stay out of the light, and away from their laser sight, and
you'll be fine. At the start, you'll notice one patroller in addition to the laser,
and there's also an auto-turret behind the truck. Despite all this, it's a deceptively
easy room. The grass does a great job of hiding you, the fire distracts the auto-gun,
and it's dark. Feel free to shoot the soldier if you want.

**METHOD A- The left
Go left at the begining. At 1 or 2 clicks, you can generally make it with no trouble
as the birds distract the enemy. Head on through the next two rooms, grabbing the can
on the way.

In the next area, you'll see another auto-sniper, and two guards. One patrols randomly
but the other just stands there and smokes. The smoker needs to go elsewhere so we can
get by. Shoot out the nearby lantern, and then huck your can into the far side of the
area. Creep forward toward the exit, but don't go up on the elevated area right away.
Sometimes one of the guards walks there. Eventually, they should both be on the far
side looking away. Sneak through the corner.

**METHOD B- The right
Go ALL the way around in the grass to the right. Go around behind the truck, and then
the tree. The auto-turret shoulnd't spot you. This can be done, but it takes a while
as you can't move too quickly. In the next hall, you'll find a trip-wire to disarm.
Keep going, to the room with two guards.

These two are a bit more problematic from this side. Your best bet is to sneak into
the back corner, and whistle, summoning the smoker. Evade and drop him. Now go back
the other way around the fire and follow the patroller as walks toward the exit. Hop
through when he goes back the other way. It is possible to do this without dropping
the smoker, but if you're looking to go clean, use the left entrance. It's easier.

The next room appears complex, but it really isn't. Just sneak through to the right.
Make for the entrance to the little hut, then stick to the left-hand side inside it so
you're not lit up. The guy in the next room is asleep, and then you can just sneak
right to the gap between the building and the fence. Split-jump up to the window. I
haven't found another way through here without killing most of the inhabitants.

As you climb in through the window, you'll see a man watching TV. Be aware that
attacking this guy, or the TV in anyway will cause an alarm. So let's not, eh? Drop
off either side.

Drop off into the corner behind the curtain, and you'll find a hidden hole in the wall
behind you. It leads you outside, behind the boxes where a guard is taking aim at some
cans and bottles. Just keep creeping, and use the Ninja Ballerina Turn at the last
box. This will put you in a hut with a generator. You can turn it off, but this
doesn't seem to accomplish anything but summon the guard we just bypassed.

Wait for a bit, and Shooty McRifle will go sit down at the table with his back to you.
You can then either sneak out and take him, or sneak straight to the auto-turret, then
disable it, then go to the door. OR, you can sneak past him to the left, up the pole,
and over to the hatch in the roof. You can also turn off the generator, but this
doesn't seem to accomplish much.

Anybody have any idea what the big open space BEHIND these huts is for? You can get
there two different ways, and it serves no purpose at all. What the hork, Ubisoft?

Part 2- Komodo Underground would be a good name for a band
You'll find a medkit in the nearby closet if you need it. The next guard you'll see is
seated at a desk, and there's another just through the double doors. He will
eventually come out to look in the hall, but it takes him a jolly long time. You've
got ample opportunity to whistle and evade/elbow the guy at the desk first. The
sneakiest way through, however, is to wait until just as he's started to come out, and
turn off the lights. He and the other guard will both walk over toward you, and you
can slip between them and into the room.

Go around the back and grab the technician. Force him to raise the sub, and wait a
while until Sam forces him to radio the all-clear. Drag him into a dark corner and
make him go night-night.

Getting back out is a little trickier if you left the last two goons awake. Turn off
the light at the door. Open the RIGHT door and whistle. This should attract the guard
at the desk. Move over to the LEFT door, and sneak out as the guard walks inside. He
should go to turn on the lights, and this is your cue to sneak down into the hall. The
other guard should be standing here with his back to you. Turn out the lights here,
too, and whistle by the light switch. Sneak past him as he comes to investigate.

Ahead of you, you'll see a guard through a door. Wait until he starts to walk away,
then turn out the light and slip out the door. You can move into the far corner so he
can get to the door without bumping into you. He'll eventually go into the prior room
to see what's up with the lights, and you can haul tail down the ramp. The little wall
lights reveal you to the enemy very well, but don't actually provide any illumination.
You should make it all the way to the Gondola before he returns, and by then you'll be
too far away.

Bad news; the enemies in the next section apparently have bad childhood gondola
traumas, so even if you shoot out the light in it, they'll shoot at you. You can snipe
them back, if you want (easiest to do in thermographics) or just hold tight and hope
they miss. I've made it all the way to the other end unscathed, however, you'll still
have to kill one guard when you land. Make your way down the stairs.

Alternatively, send the gondola on its way and drop off the edge. Drop down to the
cable below. When you eventually stop, wait up a bit. You'll see a nearby guard with a
light on his hat, most likely staring straight at the cable you're about to drop to
and slide on. Wait until he's stopped staring and has started walking in one direction
or the other, then slide. You've made it to the other end and nobody's the wiser!

There's a guard near the actual sub, but evading him is child's play. Just hang off
the deck on the way to the sub, and climb up and enter it when he walk's away. Be
advised that the top of the sub is a lot more well-lit than the actual illumination
would seem to indicate.

Part 3- We love the suuuuub!
Okay. No killing. No alarms. Let's go. The first guard you'll come to patrols a short
hall. Wait for him to walk away, and follow him. Duck behind the three pipes into the
dark corner at the intersection. When he goes back the other way, go hide in the dark
corner by the exit. If you're lucky, you can make it through the exit in one go. If
not, wait for him to come back and leave again before sneaking out.

The next guard is asleep, so just leave him there. They look so peaceful when they're
sleeping. At the bottom of the ladder, press up against the wall and Ninja Turn to the
other side. Come off the wall, and turn off the lights. Sneak into the little kitchen
room, going under the counter so the guard doesn't bump into you, and out the other
side. The only other way past this guy is to whistle and hit him with a knock-out
projectile as soon as he rounds the corner.

Peep through the porthole in the next room, and you'll see a colonel walking towards
you. As soon as he enters and stands with his back to you, grab him, and introduce him
to Mr. Retinal Scanner. The best place to drop him is in the little pool of shadow
just to the left of the door. Make sure he's really tucked in there. Don't worry, the
door won't re-lock if you take too long.

Inside, hide in the corner to the left of the door, and wait for the one guard to
leave. The other will stand with his back to you, so you can drop him if you like, but
there's no need. Just sneak around behind him into the little room off the side and
use the computer. While you're in there, he'll move to a different spot, but he's
still just as oblivious. Sneak behind him again and out the door.

Part 4- Mutter forced combat grumble
I'm sure that the forced combats make for varied gameplay that some of you like, but
for stealth monkeys like me, they're somewhat off-putting, especially when they make
no sense, like this one. The enemies just magically appear in their positions while
you're in the stairwell, and they just magically know where you are. Anyway, a first
guard will come running out of the stairs as you're about halfway across the gang-
plank. It is possible to evade this guy, but it serves no purpose, since he'll just
come up behin you in the upcoming gunfight. The best you can do is just elbow him in
the head from the shadows near the side rail. Or just shoot him.

Pick up the toys in the next room, and make your way to the bottom of the stairs. You
can knock these guys out with the smoke grenades if you want, but it's tricky. My
favorite strategy is to press against the wall, and draw the pistol. Shoot the far
barrel, then the middle range one (It's harder to shoot the further barrel through
the fires from the first one) and run out of the level past four flaming corpses.

Part ?- Your homework
There's a ladder down to the main surface of the sub. From there, you can run to the
nose where you're tantalizingly close to your escape boat (how did that get in here?
And why didn't I just come in with it?) but there's no way to reach it because Sam
can't swim. Anyway, I'd love to hear from anybody who can figure out what they heck
you're supposed to DO down here, or how to get to the escape boat without having to
go through the forced combat.

                       MISSION 7- TV Station
1. I wish I could tell you this mission wasn't incredibly, painfully frustrating, but
	I'd be lying.
2. The enemies tend to clump together. There'll be vast tracks with nobody, then four
	guys in one narrow alley. They let the intern design this one or something?
3. Don't kill civilians.
4. Save your sticky shockers and airfoils for the end.
5. You don't have to follow Ingrid closely. She'll wait for you.
6. I've never been to an Indonesian TV station, but I'm willing to bet they can't
	afford retinal scanners.
7. Do NOT use your flashbang until the very end.

My best-
2 outside guards KOed
7 inside guards KOed
2 inside guards killed

Part 1- Getting there is half the torture
At the begining, there's so much to climb on, and so many ways to make it down that
lit street unseen, that you might think this was going to be a fun level! Then you'll
reach the end of the street, and realize your mistake!

Talk to Coen. Think that's her way of telling us she's a lesbian? "'Like' isn't the
word."... "Don't ask and I won't tell..." Hrmmm. Anyway, climb down the ladder, then
rappel from the pipe. Creep up behind the brick wall and jump up onto it. As soon as
you do this, the nearby civie will walk down the alley. Hop down the other side of the
brick wall, and scurry over to the plants in front of you. Behind them is a pipe for
your climbing pleasure.

Once on the roof, you've got three options. Yes, three. You can either climb the
middle pipe on the back wall to a wire you can scale, or run to the end, where there's
a pole you can climb down, or jump to the lit balcony. On the other side, there's a
high ledge you can walk across, and from the balcony you can wall-walk to the next
balcony, where you can find a pipe, also accessable from the ledge above.

Confusing, isn't it? Don't worry, they all go to the same place. Climb up somewhere
nice and high (I like the high ledge above the lit balcony) and, when nobody is near,
snipe the light in the alleyway to the next area. It's the one blowing in the breeze
that doesn't seem to be affecting anything else. You can snipe it from above. If you
do it at the right time, there should be no enemy reaction. Make your way to either of
the two pipes down.

If you took the pipe furthest from the alley, there's probably a guard right near you.
Grab a bottle and huck it down the street, towards the civilian's broken vehicle. Make
sure you through it BEHIND his head, so that he doesn't see it fly. If you took the
other pipe, just time your drop carefully.

Before you exit the alley, but after you're past the last pipe on the left, shoot out
the big spotlight on the right, then sneak through and to the left. There is a guard
here with a light on his hat. Eventually, he'll stop right in front of a door. That
door goes through to the next area, but using it is a pain unless you've already
killed all the nearby guards. Insted, climb up the ladders on the scaffold, then up on
the roof, and you'll find a wire. Slide down it to another roof, and go inside. You
can either jump to the pipe, or use the rails to climb to it once you're there. At the
bottom, you'll overhear a conversation about snipers and lightning. You don't have to
worry about snipers, YET, but the lightning will make the next section truly painful.

Part 2- Of lightning and lighting
Well, I do have to hand it to them. The flashes of lightning were a very creative
obstacle for a game like this. Unfortunately, in order for a good obstacle to equate
to a fun game, there need to be methods of coping with that obstacle, and there just

Grab a bottle or can and crouch-run to the back of the van. Shoot out the light
nearby, then throw the can into the far corner behind you. This should get both guards
moving. Make off down the street.

The obvious route is down the driveway. There's an autoturret that you can distract
with a flare, sort of. The range at which it detects Sam is so great compared to the
range at which it detects the flare, that it's hard to get close enough to throw the
thing without getting shot. Once you've dealt with the auto-turret, be prepared for
some attention from enemies. There's a fair bit of shadow around, especially if you
shoot out every light you come by, but it's very hard to get through here without the
lightning giving you away. Lucky for you, I know another way!

Distract the first two guards as mentioned above, then scurry off down the road. Go
PAST the driveway. You'll see a little kiosk on the left with no door. That's the best
available place to hide from the lightning. Once the guards are done looking at your
broken bottle, one should walk down near you. Get behind him and take him out. Be
warned that there's a polygon glitch by the door that makes Sam stand up for no reason
sometimes. It IS possible to sneak past the guy, but take him out now. Trust me on
this, I'll explain later.

Once he's down and hidden in the kiosk, make your way down to the far end of the area,
by the steam, and shoot out the nearby light. Sam can climb this gate, and the left-
most part of it has no spikes on top, so he can climb over. However, if the guard you
just took out is still awake when you do this, even if you do it in complete darkness
while he's miles away with his back to you, he'll run in the driveway and come around
to investigate. You know, it's rich AI like this that make this level such gaming joy.
Maybe he's just got a psychic link to the fence.

Anyway, take up a position under the trellis. It's a good place to hide from the
lightning.There's a van with one headlight pointing at the sewer entrance, and two
nearby guards. One is hard to see, but he stands near the entrance to the greenhouse.

Snipe the van headlight, and watch the guard to see where he goes. More than likely,
you'll have to take out the greenhouse guard so you can go around behind the van. This
is easy enough to do. Just follow the greenhouse around, and you'll come at him sort
of from the side. The only safe place to hide the body is way back under the trellis
near the gate you climbed. Now you're clear to sneak around behind the van, and wait
until the patrolling guard walks away. Make haste to the sewers!

Part 3- Splish splash!
There's two guards down here, and you can sneak past them both using plain old sneak-
ing; follow them, then hide in the shadows when they stop, then let them pass you and
move off in the other direction. There's only two wrinkles;

First, there's a camera in the middle room that you need to move through. It's really
hard to shoot it without it seeing you, even if you do the corner-lean trick. My best
advice is use your jammer instead. Walk under the camera, and wait. If you move too
far through the doorway, the next guard may spot you. This is an ideal place to use a
sticky-cam, so you can keep track of his movements without having to stick your nose

Once he starts walking away, follow him, and hide in the dark patch in the middle of
the tunnel on the left. Wait until he walks back the other way, and shoot out the
light nearest the ladder. That was wrinkle #2. If you're quick, you should be able to
make it up the ladder and out before he comes close enough again to see you.

You'll emerge below a radar which will shield you from the nearby sniper and spot-
lights. What you need to do here is make your way around the area, using the radars
and boxes to hide from the light. The catch, though, is that this area is also mined,
so you'll have to do the whole thing in thermographic mode. Luckily, you can move at
a full crouch-run without being heard, so the timing is not so sticky as you might
think. Go around to the right, because there's a solid wall of mines to the left.
Keep stopping behind each radar, then turning off thermo's to see where the light is.
You won't need to stop behind the boxes if you move at a full crouch-run.

You CAN snipe the sniper here, but it doesn't help much. One of the two spotlights can
still cause an alarm if it sees you, although, oddly, the other one doesn't. Once you
make it all the way around past the fenced-off area to a dark corner where the lights
never reach, come at the fenced area from the side, and climb over the part with no
barbed wire. Hide behind the boxes, and either wait for the light to go away, or use
your Ballerina Stealth Turn to get past. Pick the lock.

In the next room, do NOT use the lightswitch. This is one of few rooms where the light
defaults to off. Outside, you'll see two guards having a conversation on the other
side of the car. Sneak behind them into the corner, and use the raised planter to
climb up to the roof. There's a narrow gap here where you can split-jump up above to
the next roof.

Once you reach the skylights, shoot out the once that's already broken, and rappel
into the lobby. You will hear a noise indicating a guard is alerted, but it's not the
guard inside. When you land, he'll be at the desk, so sneak around to the left, look-
ing at the desk, and then around behind it. He'll go look out the front door and you
can easily sneak by to the elevators.

Part 4- My interview with Ingrid

**METHOD A- What auto-turrets?
At the start, go forward and look down the hall to the right. You'll see a guard and
an auto-turret. I don't know about you guys, but these things kill me in one hit. You
will see a series of wall lights above posters. Wait until 4-5 seconds after the guard
is out of sight, and shoot the 2nd wall light from the left. The auto-turret will
blast away at the wall, giving you time to crouch-run down the hall. One in the next
corner, start shooting lights. Take out the small flashlight on the ground, and all
the wall lights between you and the camera. You'll probably cause some alerts, but
nothing more than that.

Press against the wall to walk down toward the double doors past the guards. In the
next hall, there's most likely a guard walking towards you. We have too much to do
here to sneak around this loser, to drop him in the manner of your choosing, then take
out the two hall lights. The office at the end has ammo and a sticky shocker for you.

Go in the door closest to the double doors, and elbow the guard. Turn off the light
when you leave. Alternatively, go into the room with Ingrid right away, and turn off
the lights. Elbow the guard when he comes to investigate. Either way, once he's down,
talk to Ingrid.

Follow her out into the hall. All the lights should be off, so you shouldn't have any
trouble. Occasionally, she gets into conversation with the two guards. If this happens
just turn off the other auto-turret and go that way.

**METHOD B- 4 guys guarding a drumset? See what I mean about enemy placement?
From the elevator, turn left. You'll see a guy looking at you. Wait until he turns
away and go through those double doors. At the end, you'll see a grate on the floor
that should give you a hint where to go. Split-jump betwee the two large, wooden
colomns up to the airvent. At the other end, you'll find yourself in a small audi-
torium in the stands. There's a pipe in the middle you can jump to.

You REALLY don't want these guys alerted, so if they semi-spot you as you climb, try
restoring and doing it over. At the far end, you need to drop onto the very front tip
of the catwalks, just before the final lighting truss. Sneaking over the left, and
when the coast is clear, drop down below. Be careful while making your exit. These
guys can seemingly see right through that backdrop (notice also that some of the blue
spotlight seems to pass through it as well) and hear the door open from miles away.
Don't be surprised if they become alerted.

If you make it to the hall safely, you'll hear a guard talking to Ingrid. Go elbow him
and then sneak into the control room and elbow that guy. Remember to turn out the
lights on those rooms so the bodies are hidden. Grab the ammo and shocker from the
security office at the end of the hall, and talk to Ingrid.

Following her becomes a bit trickier, since we haven't had a chance to clear this
hall yet, and she doesn't seem to want to talk to the guards for you. Get to the
double doors before she does, and open the left one. Quickly shoot out the three hall
lights. You should be able to scurry down the hall past the guards before they get too
close to your position. You will also have to shoot out the flashlight and light near
the auto-turret, but with luck, the guards are back by the double doors and won't
notice. Deactivate the turret, and head over to the scanner.

Head down the left-hand tunnel just until Lambert starts squawking, then go in behind
Ingrid. You can wait until she gets into conversation if you want. Quickly snipe these
two guards when they go for Ingrid. Stay where you are. You'll soon hear "Go go go!"
or something similar from the far end of the hall, and probably see a guard wearing
nightvision goggles come out. Fire a smoke grenade at him, and with luck, you'll take
out all 3 of the enemies at the end of the hall. A thrown fraggie works too, but you
have to get much closer for that.

Part 5- Desperately Seeing Suhadi
The camera ahead of you can't be shot out, but the lights near it can. Hold up until
Lambert is done talking, so that you're free to whistle, and make your way to the end
of the hall.

There's two ways to go here, and a couple options once inside:

**METHOD A- The scanner
From the darkness, wait until the wandering guard has wandered far away, and creep
forward and whistle. You're trying to lure the colonel who's looking at the window.
Once you get him into the dark hallway, grab him and make him use the scanner. Leave
his body in the shadows, and slip inside. Do be careful that the camera doesn't see
you in the light from the room you're heading into. Quickly make your way toward the
studio, and sneak along the front wall toward where the proper entrance is. You passed
the other side of that door on your way in with Ingrid, but the lock was jammed. Turn
out the lights using the nearby switch. You are safe here.

All the METHOD A technigues for clearing the room involve being in THIS position.

**METHOD B- The vent
Wait until the patrolling guard moves away, and follow him. Duck inside the bar and
hide behind the wall with the glass at the top. When the patroller goes back the other
way, sneak out and turn right. You'll see a pipe on the wall. Climb it. This will take
you to a bar, upon which you should shimmy into the corner. Now, STAY! You should
reach the shadowy corner JUST as the patrolling guard comes back. When he leaves again
you can make it into the vent. Stop JUST before dropping down off the catwalks to the
floor below.

All the METHOD B technigues for clearing the room involve being in THIS position.

Once inside, you'll see Sadono and 4 guards, a ton of lights, and a moving spotlight.
Of all the spots in the room, I found those desribed above to be the best. Some of
these strategies work from other locations, but not nearly as well.

These options are available if you're in the spot mentioned in Method A above:

**METHOD A-A  Shocking
Wait until Sadono starts broadcasting. Sticky shock the camera man. Now sticky shock
the guy by the TV nearby, then the two guys flanking Sadono in quick succession. This
takes 4 shockers, but you should have 5. If you do them in that order, nobody knows
where you are. Sadono will run to one of the guards to try to wake him. Tag him with
an airfoil, but not in the head. I like to aim for the crotch, myself. Now run up and
grab him while he's stunned.

Of all the options, it's probably the safest. Very little can go wrong, and I guess
it's the stealthiest too, since there's no gunfire.

**METHOD A-B  Good things come...
Wait until Sadono starts broadcasting. Yep. Keep waiting. Let him finish. Yep. Wait
some more. He will eventually walk right towards you. Stick to the sides of the hall,
and quickly turn and grab him as he passes. Whip out your pistol, and drop the two
nearest guards. Alternatively, toss a flare, flash bang or grenade JUST past them as
they all approach, before you grab Sadono. The two guards will stop, but Sadono will
keep walking. This way, you can distract, stun or even blow up the two bodyguards
while grabbing Sadono. You will most likely have to shoot the remaining two guards
while using Sadono as a shield.

This is probably the method to use if you have trouble running up to Sadono and grab-
bing him quickly.

These options are available if you're in the spot mentioned in Method B above:

**METHOD B-A  Only those with gigantic grapefruits need apply
So, you're on the catwalk. You'll notice early on all the guards and Sadono near the
center of the room. You know that flashbang you've been carrying the entire mission?
Huck it dead smack into the middle of the room. Quickly drop off the catwalk, and head
backstage. You should get there just in time for it to go off and stun everybody. Now
run out and grab Sadono. Start moving him back towards the scanner. It varies exactly
how willing the enemies are to shoot you while you're holding their boss. In general,
I've found the guys in masks will shoot first, so go into shield mode and drop them
when they make an appearance.

The other two will sometimes take potshots, but I've gone all the way out to the heli-
copter without either of them firing. Play it by ear. The good news is, their reluc-
tance to shoot will make it really easy for you. Just go into shield mode, turn on the
laser, and start dropping bodies.

This is my absolute favorite way to do this room. This is some big, bold, texas-style
counter-terrorism right here my friends. This strategy works from the other spot too,
(or anywhere else for that matter) but it's harder to find prime real estate for your
flashbang, and the guards seem more eager to shoot you. It's surprisingly easy to do
without being hit if done from the balcony.

**METHOD B-B  What's one gunfight between friends?
From your perch, start sniping. The enemies will lean around the corner near the door
you come through in Method A. You can snipe them one at a time from up here pretty
easily. Eventually, Sadono will take up the same spot. Huck the flashbang at him. When
it goes off, run off the catwalk and grab him.

It's a little blah, but it works. Use it if you're more comfortable shooting normally
than using the human shield technique or if you're out of shockers.

                                MISSION 8- LAX
1. There's projectile toys all over this mission. Usually in dark corners. You won't
	need them though.
2. ANY alarm means mission over. If you see an innocent running for the alarm pad,
	quickly airfoil him, or be prepared to restore.
3. There's a couple times where I reccomend knocking a guy out, then shooting him
	later. Be advised that the hit-model gets really funny in these circumstances,
	and it may take more than one head shot to kill them. You can check to see if
	they're dead with the thermals.
4. Don't try to ride conveyers past any of the devices with the red lasers. They'll
	pick you up on x-ray.

My best-
1 innocent KOed
10 terrorists dead

Part 1- Just for variety, Part 1 is infiltration
Climb over the fence in front of you, and slowly move forward, hugging the wall on the
left for some cover. A truck will appear. When it stops, get in the back. When it
stops again, get out.

Too easy? Okay, screw the truck. Sneak behind it towards the shed area. When it leaves
the guard will go inside his hut and sit down. Sneak towards his little kiosk, and
press against it, crouching. Use the Ninja Turn to pass the door. To make your way down
the tunnel, stick to the left side and time your movements between the shadowa so the
cameras don't see you. If the next cop and his dog are anywhere in the vacinity, just
freeze. You wind up in roughly the same place as if you'd take the truck.

As you can see on thermo-vision, the guy in the kiosk here is a terrorist and needs to
die. Sneak over to the kiosk in the shadows, and climb up onto the roof. If the dog
gets on your trail, just wait up here. Eventually he'll give up since he's not able to
find you. Try to keep one eye on the legit cop and one eye on the terrorist below.
Eventually, the cop will be far away, and the terrorist right below you. Shoot him
once in the head, then quickly drop down and move the body into the shadows.

Alternatively, you can drop-attack him, carry him away, then shoot him, or move way
past the kiosk to the corner and whistle, then shoot him when he comes to investigate.

At not the next door, but the one after, use the optic cable and wait until the maid
moves further away from the door. Sneak inside.

Part 2- Of bags and baggage
There's two ways to go here;

**METHOD A- Gotta use the facilities
Before the maid gets a chance to leave the room, turn out the lights. The switch is
right by the door your came in through. Sneak past her into the bathroom. Turn out the
light in there too, then climb up on the sink and into the airvent. Drop down and
eventually, the terrorist here will come stand with his back to you. Make a quick
check that the innocent won't see you, and grab the baddie and drag him into the
closest dark corner. Drill him in the head while he's asleep.

**METHOD B- Facilities be damned!
Turn out the lights AFTER the maid leaves the room. Sneak over to the other door and
wait to the right of it. When the guard comes out, sneak through the door and through
the next room. Creep forward and turn right into the shadows. Before long, the
terrorist in here will come stand with his back to you. Make a quick check that the
innocent won't see you, and grab the baddie and drag him into the closest dark corner.
Drill him in the head while he's asleep.

The innocent usually has his back to the exit, so just sneak out through it. Turn left
and keep going around the outside of the room til you come up behind a seated terror-
ist under a spotlight. In front of him you'll see another terrorist and an innocent
chatting. When the two conversationalist walk away, grab the guy in the chair and drag
him back into the shadows. Dispatch him.

Sneak back past the way we came in. You may see the next terrorist standing between
the two conveyers, but that's not a good place to get him. Go over the conveyers into
the far corner behind the boxes, then under the high conveyer, and up and over a black
shelving unit. In front of you, you'll see a carboard box, and some crates. You
should be directly opposite of where you grabbed the guy out of the chair.

Eventually, the next baddie will come stand with his back to you. Drag him back into
the shadows and execute him. Now climb onto the black shelf, then run and jump to the
higher set of shelves. From here, you can access the upper walkway. Wait for the cop
up here to come and start walking away. Follow him, and veer right when you can. When
he goes away again, drop down off the ledge and you should grab onto a railing. Start
to shimmy along it, but freeze if anybody is nearby or looking at you. It is possible
to make it across here without anyong becoming alerted, but it's tricky.

When you make it, pull up onto the walkway and wait. You need the terrorist to be
standing behind the glass, looking out towards the cop, and the cop to be just about
to walk away. Sneak around behind the terrorist, and quickly draw your pistol. Go into
laser mode, and quickly shoot the terrorist in the back of the head, then the light
above him, and the light above the exit. If you timed it right, nobody should be the

In the next area, you've got two choices. On the left, you can get past just by wait-
ing for a large pile of baggage to go past and hiding behind it. On the right, you
will see a pipe. Shoot out the light near it, then climb up. You'll come to a crawl-
space Sam can use to pass over the observer's window.

The next guy, I cannot figure a way past. He hears if you shoot the light, and he
doesn't turn away long enough to creep by. Bring up your rifle and tag him with your
choice on KO projectiles. Shoot the light above him, just to be safe.

Part 3- Above and beyond
The next part is deceptively easy. Turn left and press against the right-hand walk-way
railing. Whenever you come to a gap in the wall, do the Ninja Squat Turn. Sneak across
the gap to the second walkway and resume turning. At the end, wait, and a terrorist
will talk to an employee, then walk to the door. You can elbow him at the doorway and
wait to drill him until the employee is out of sight, or you can follow him through
the door (saves you having to get his satchel to get the code) to overhear a conver-
sation. If you do this, he'll patrol the lower part of the hall until you can take him
out. Sam can interrogate him if you manage to grab him.

Alternatively, way back at the begining of this part, bring up the rifle before you
open the door, and, the instant you do, tag the guy with a shocker or airfoil. You'll
have to drag him back into the stairwell to safely shoot him, then shoot out the light
to leave him hidden.

Either way, when you get through the lounge area to the hallway, you'll see a bullet-
proof camera. You can either use your cam-jammer to get under it, or shoot out the

In the next room, the fat guy never quite stands still long enough, so turn out the
lights next to the door from which you enter. This makes it easy to get behind him. As
soon as you knock him out, the innocent in this room will fall asleep, meaning you can
safely execute fatty at your leisure, then turn the lights out again to hide his body.

There's a door here out to the balcony, but I don't reccomend going that way. Instead,
go through the door at the far end. Turn and press against the wall to the right, and
stand up so you can walk behind the screen. This will keep you completely hidden. As
soon as you can, crouch again, and come off the wall. Wait for the second guy to
leave the room and go stand on the balcony. Now sneak through the dark stripe in the
center of the room, then over to the door. Here, just sneak down the right-hand
escalator. There's another camera at the bottom. You might want to cam-jam it just to
make sure it doesn't get you before you get into the nice shadows.

Be a good boy, and look down into the lobby using the binoculars and thermals. Zoom in
on Soth' pegleg to procede. Through the door behind you are two cameras. Wait until
the one on the left isn't looking, and cam-jam the other one as you make your way
around to the right, into the right-hand elevator. Press up.

Part 4- The somewhat disappointing endgame
I don't know why, but this seemed a little tame after the end to the last mission.
Anyhoo, shoot out the roof and cimb up. Sam can climb almost everything here, and the
only trick is that you need to hit crouch to fall backwards off the wires to reach
other wires. You're aiming for a crawl space just above the neighboring elevator. Once
there, creep forward. At the intersection, you'll see a bunch of guards. Wait until
the one that wanders walks away, and press against the colomn. Ninja Turn over to the
right, and go up the ladder. Above you is a pipe. Jump to it from a crouch. Pull up
Sam's legs, and start climbing.

Keep going until you're about to hit the wall, and drop onto the higher of two plat-
forms. If you jumped to the pipe from a crouch like I said, Sam will do a soft landing
and nobody will hear. Head down the nearby ladder, and to the right. In front of you
will be a chain you can climb to nowhere, and on the left will be a large, concrete
support. Climb up into the gap in the middle of it, then sneak down to the right when
the coast is clear. Keep going and head up the first ladder, but stop before going up
the next one.

Save here. This is as close as I've been able to get without the timer starting. Even
if you shoot out the light above without being spotted, the timer will start when you
climb the ladder. Even if you knock out all 3 terrorists with the same diversion
camera, the timer still starts, so let's just consider it inevitable from here.

Observe the patrolling guard above, and when he's close to you, shoot him in the head.
Quickly climb the ladder and run to the ledge. Bring up the gun and you'll see Soth
and the other terrorist, most likely running toward you. Snipe them both in the head.
Soth may occasionally take cover and return fire, but with nightvision and your scope,
you should have no difficulty sniping him. Jump off the ledge and run to the box, but
wait to pick it up until Lambert is done talking. Sometimes the game hangs if you grab
it during the conversation.

Sort of a blah end sequence eh? I've got bad news, too; The ending not much better.

(c) 2004 Irrelevant Seven Productions

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