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 Poptropica - Astro Knights Island

Poptropica - Astro Knights Island

Pewter Moon: 56, 52
  An AstroZone store is located on this popular moon. AstroZone repairs and builds custom
rocket ships that traverse the galaxy. This store is owned and operated by hospitable

Jungle Planet: 15, 15
  This planet is populated with strange mechanical vegetation and creatures. One of the
most ill-tempered inhabitants is the Atomic Phoenix.

Fire Planet: 83, 20
  This planet is inhabited by hot-tempered creatures such as the mechanized Dragotank. The
Dragotank is said to be impenetrable except for his mouth, which is usually spewing

Black Hole: 84, 47
  A dangerous and fatal hole in outer space which will cause you to be teleported near
Pewter Moon if you get sucked in. This is also where you should lure the space sharks to
eliminate them.

Ice Planet: 73, 83
  This planet is surrounded by dangerous mechanical Space Sharks. Space Sharks are
virtually indestructable, but even they cannot withstand the pull of a black hole.

Crystal Gate : 11, 82
 When four knights of the Quest are gathered the Chosen One may pull the key from the
Welcome to Astro-Knights Island. This is home to the peaceful town of Arturus  always from
above to shine.

Unfortunatly the peaceful town is no longer peaceful. After some tragic events with a dark
sorcerer, Mordred, the town has fallen to ruins and the princess was abducted by aliens.
Three brave knights were sent out to save her, but they never returned. It is now up to
you to rescue her. Good luck.

Welcome to Arturus!
The star city, always from above to shine. The first building on the left is the House of
Mordred, now known as the Museum of Mordred. It contains all the wonderful things Mordred
the dark sorcerer used while this he was staying at Arturus. Next is the Space Shuttle
Fountain  dedicated to Mordred who brought technology to the town (also contains a secret
passageway to a hidden cult).

Next is the Planetarium  Filled with Mordreds amazing technology in star gazing,
unfortunately none of it works besides the telescope. And last but not least is the Crop
Circle Inn - a multiplayer room where you can eat, rest, play and chat with your friends.
We hope you enjoy your stay at Arturus.

Museum of Mordred:
After landing in the town of Arturus, make your way right past the first building and to a
space craft fountain. Notice on the top water ring there is something gleaming. It is a
coin. Walk over it to pick it up.

Now go back to the building you passed and enter it. This building was formerly the house
of Mordred  now known as Mordreds Museum. Unfortunately the manager wont let you through
without paying. Talk to him to obtain a Museum Pamphlet. Go into your items and select use
on the Golden Coin.

Now click on the books to the right of the manager. He doesnt want you touching them so he
will give you a Library Book Slip instead. As un-exciting as it may seem, the book slip is
a clue to a hidden dungeon. Notice the underlined McM.

Castle Library and Dungeon:
Go outside and run all the way to the right until you get the option Go Right. Go right
again until you get to the Castle of Arturus. Move a little right and enter the castle
through a large wooden door.

Once inside go right and enter the smaller door. You are now in the castles library (a
slightly destroyed library). Inside there are two books you can grab; The Mystical Weapons
of Arturus (far left in the fiction area), and The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale
(non-fiction area on a stand). Both these books are great reads; just dont touch the other
books, the librarian doesnt like it.

Go into the Non-Fiction area. Notice the golden plaques with letters on them. Click on the
strangely colored brick behind the one with McM. A secret passageway to the castle dungeon
will open. Click on this entrance to enter it.

You are now in a gloomy room. Walk over the moldy cheese to the right on the ground to
pick it up. The item Moldy Cheese should now be in your inventory. Go right and click on
the handle (lever) on the wall. This will open a small grate to the right, leading to a
passage way. Inside is a strange robotic monster. Click on him and a bunch of binary
numbers will pop up  this can be translated into the word Bard. Now head back up the

Maids Room and Royal Chamber:
Once back up in the library you will be confronted by a couple of guards and the unhappy
librarian who is now very unhappy. Escape them and run out the door to the right. You will
be back at the main castle.

Head left and enter the small door by the stairs. You will enter into a small bedroom with
a little mechanical mouse scuttling on the floor and a maid. Walk right into the middle of
the room and click on your items. Click on the moldy cheese and select Use. The mechanical
mouse will eat the cheese and you catch him. (The mouse will now be in your inventory.) 

Walk right; notice the letter sitting on the chest. Walk over it to pick it up. It is a
secret message and it will go into your items. Go back outside to the main castle

Head up the stairs and enter the door at the top. This is the Royal Chamber. The King and
Queen promise to knight you if you can find the stolen Princess. Ask the Queen if theres
anything else that might help. She will give you the co-ordinates to all the missing
knights. (Coordinates will go into your inventory.) It might not make sense for now, but
it will soon.

Ye Olde Rumour Mille:
Climb back down the stairs and make your way outside. Once outside go to the very right.
Click to Go right and then right again until you reach a man with a shovel. Talk to the
man with a shovel to receive a Bag of Manure, which will enter your inventory. Next jump
over the two hay bales and walk up the hill and then enter the windmill.

Climb up on the hay bales, jump on the cog wheels, then jump over onto the platform. From
here jump onto the rope hanging. Notice this lifts up the rod, stopping the wheels from
turning. From where you are, slide down and fall onto the platform where a strange,
darkly-dressed girl is standing. She will ask you for a secret in return for hers. She
will then hand you a note with 3 symbols on it - a moon, a planet, and a star. This is the
new password to the clans secret entrance.

Fall down and go outside. Walk to the right until you reach the edge. On top of the
turning wheel there is a coil of rope. Jump on top of it to recieve it (Coil of Rope
should go to your inventory). Jump back down and stand under the sign that reads Ye Olde
Rumour Mille. Jump on top of it and then jump onto one of old mills turbines. Notice it
will start moving. When this moves around it opens a secret access point on the roof.

Keep spinning the windmill round and round until the glass cover on the top is open. (Tip:
It is a lot easier to stand closer to the center of the turning blades so you can easily
jump onto the next one.)

Once the roof is open enter it. Inside, there is a hovercraft. It does not work because it
is out of power. Open your items and select Use on the Bag of Manure. Once thats done, the
hovercraft will fly out the roof and will land a little above the mud outside. Climb up
the haystacks and exit the mill.

Princesss Tower:
Once outside, head left and go past the man with the shovel and go left and left again
until you reach the castle. Go left and stand in front of the massive oak door. From here
jump onto the windowsill and then onto the platform with a giant bow and arrow on it.
Stand in front of it, go into your items and select Use on the Coil of Rope. This will
attach a long piece of rope to the arrow.

Point the arrow to the left and aim to the top-left. This door on the left leads into the
princesss tower. (Tip: Move the arrow so the tip of the point just touches the windows
outside shadow.) Once fired it should hit and stay into the door creating a walkway from
where you are. If you manage to miss the door keep lowering or raising the arrow until you
hit it. Walk across the rope and enter the doorway at the end.

Once inside, walk to the far left where a chest filled with parchment sits. Notice the
brown paper sticking out. Walk over it to pick it up. It is a note from the Princess
explaining the whereabouts of Mordreds Secrets. Read it, then make your way back outside.

Secret Sanctum:
Go left from the castle until you reach Main Street. Head to the center, where the Space
Shuttle Fountain is. Walk into the middle of the fountain and click on the plaque on the
wall with space symbols. Remember the Cosmic Symbols the strange girl gave to you Click
the symbols in this order:

Crescent Moon (looks like a banana) 
Planet With Rings 
5-Pointed Star 
Sun (in the middle of the plaque) 
The fountain will then turn off; the water will drain away and the secret entrance to
Mordreds Secret Order will open. Enter and go down.

Down below there are 5 people in purple hoods and cloaks. Talk to the boy with bad acne on
the far right. He will give you a Small Key, which will go into your items. Once you
receive this key, make your way back up the rope on the left and out of the secret room.

Mordreds Hideout and your Fuel Rod:
When youre out on Main Street again, walk left and enter Mordreds Museum. Go to the top
floor and click under the bed. You will find a missing page containing the location of a
nearby moon.

Head back outside and go right and keep going right until you the place called Ye Olde
Rumour Mille on your Map. Move a bit right again and jump onto the two hay bales there.
Slowly move between the two of bales, causing you to fall between them. Once you have done
that push the hay out of the way to reveal a trapdoor. It is locked. Now go into your
items and select Use on the Small Key. You will open the trapdoor. Click on it to go

Slide down the rope to enter the wonderful hideaway where Mordred made his creations.
Notice the strange mechanical owl. Walk up to it and click to cause it to fly outside. Go
back up the rope to exit Mordreds hideout. The owl should be hovering just to the right of
the hay. Hop onto the ground and go into your items. Select Release on the Mechanical
Mouse. The owl will swoop down and eat it. It is now your friend and will follow you.
Notice that by clicking on the bird, you can control where it will fly. (The owls name is
Merlin, by the way.)

Now head back down into Mordreds hideaway. Walk left and pick up the book on the chair.
You will receive Mordreds Journal. Walk as far left as possible, until you see a rocky
wall block your path. Push against the wall, causing it to bend and shake. Push against
the wall for a few seconds to break it. Go along the passageway and crawl through the
small hole there.

You will now be behind the bars in the Castle Dungeon. The robot monster inside the cell
with you will notice you and will explode (self-destruct), causing his fuel rod to fly up
and fall behind the bars. Walk up to the bars, click on the bird (Merlin) and then click
on the green rod. The owl will fly down and pick it up for you. You will now receive a
Fuel Rod.

Excalibur, the UFO:
Crawl back through the hole and climb back up outside to where the hay bales are. Jump
over them and head right until you get to the edge of the hill. The red hovercraft you
found earlier will be waiting for you there. Hop on top of it and steer it with your
cursor (mouse). Fly all the way to the right until you find a slightly damaged space
craft, or UFO (unidentified flying object). It is called Excalibur. Click on it to access

This will bring up some controls with dials and a broken fuel rod. In the bottom left
corner drag the fuel rod to where the broken one is. Because there isnt much fuel, we have
to travel somewhere close. Remember the location of the nearby moon on the lost page Turn
the left dial to 56, and the right dial to 52. Then click on Launch.
Pewter Moon:
You have just arrived at Pewter Moon, but due to the fact that the fuel rod is now
depleted, you crashed Excalibur, now you have to find a new ship. On this planet there is
little gravity, so you are able to jump much higher than normal. Head over to the right
and jump up on the moving platform and enter the doors of the AstroZone building.

The boss, who looks like a green alien, is inside. Ask him how you can get off this
planet, and you will be given permission to create your own ship. Wait for your character
to reply, Great! Thanks!, then go back outside and click on the floating holopad console
to the left. The console will pop up and you will be able to create your very own
custom-designed rocket ship!

You can customize your wings, body, door, window, engine and guns. You can select each
part and change their design even their colors! Different combinations of parts will
change the Speed and Shield levels. (Tip: Do a bit more Speed then Shield.)

When youre finished, click Done. You will then be taken back outside with your ship
waiting on the pad next to you. Enter it to finally begin your rescue mission. Once inside
your spaceship, click on Launch to begin flying. The next three planets can be done in any
order. You can also click on the screen above the Launch lever to read about each of the
planets to help you decide.

Jungle Planet:
You are now in control of your spaceship. Lets first fly in a north-west direction to the
Mechanical Jungle Planet. The coordinates are 15, 15. Keep in mind that the area around
the planet is inhabited by space aliens. They will fire at your ship so watch out. Try
your best to dodge them!

Once you arrive at the planet, click on it to land. When youve landed, exit your
spaceship. You should be now on a platform with  your ship next to you. Fall off the
platform to the right. Keep falling down until you reach the ground. Now make your way to
the center of the ground. In the middle will be a small platform with the Laser Lance
weapon covered with a beam of light. Walk over it to pick it up.

Now go left and jump on a flower. They will spring you up in the air. Jump onto the one on
the right, then left, then left again until you reach the platform with you spaceship on
it again. Notice the strange bug on the roof. There are more along the way to the right,
and they will zap you if you get too close. Wait for the swinging platform to get near,
then jump. (Tip: When the swinging platform get to the end then starts falling back then
jump, this will cause you to land perfectly on the next platform.) Remember to watch out
for those zapping bugs, which may knock you off. Once you have reached the end, go right.

Mother Phoenix:
In the next room there is a knight dressed in shining green armor. His name is Sir Cador.
If you talk to him, he will tell you to save the princess from the cage to the right. To
do so you should climb up the rope. You will then have to pass by four mechanical eggs
that may knock you back if you do it incorrectly. Directions on passing them so that you
can get to the cage:

Wait until the first egg opens, then jump on it. 
Now wait on here until the second egg opens, then jump on the that. 
Now on this second egg, as soon as the third egg opens, jump immediately because that egg
will open fast. 
Nowquickly jump onto the last one and jump onto the cage with a unicorn in it. 
Click on the cage to open it and again. Doing so will cause the Mother Phoenix to come.
Ready to fight 
First off, its a lot easier if you keep your lance charged. The bird missiles can only be
shot down with a fully charged lance shot. To completely charge up your laser shot, click
and hold with the mouse until it is glowing very brightly. Click again to shoot.

Avoid the flying bugs, or you can shoot them with short little shots. Short laser shots
can be made simply by clicking over and over again. Watch out for electric clouds. Theyre
the dark black clouds that will shoot out with lightning every now and then. They can be
harmful, so simply move out of their way. After a while the Mother Phoenix will arrive.

When her mouth is open, shoot at her mouth. If you aimed right, her body will start
flashing red, indicating it had been defeated. Youll have to do this three times to beat
it. If you missed, its usually a good idea to stay away and wait for her to fire her
missiles and leave. Wait for the Mother Phoenix to come back, and she will either charge
at you from the left or the right.

If she comes from behind you, quickly avoid her by staying at the very bottom or very top
of the screen, opposite of the area she is in. It is impossible to shoot at her when she
is behind you. Simply wait for her to pass, and come back facing you. (May take a few

A good tip is for you to stay at the bottom of the screen. It cant hit you there often.
Once you win, the green knight (Sir Cador) will join you. When you are back inside your
rocket ship, click Launch. Then press the Teleport Home button, which is right above the
area it shows what coordinates you are at.

Fire Planet:
Fly in a north-east direction to the Fire Planet. Its coordinates are 83, 20. Along the
way there is a black hole, which you should avoid by going around it. The area around the
planet is also inhabited by space aliens. They will fire at your ship, so be careful. Once
you see this dark red planet, click on it to land. Then exit your spaceship.

Below you is lava, or really hot water. If you stand in it, you will be teleported back to
your starting point beside the ship. The hard thing about this part is timing. Make sure
that before you jump to the next platform that it is close enough for you to land on.
(Tip: When you get to the second last platform, it is easier to jump on the one before,
wait for it to get to the bottom then do a huge jump to the last platform.) After you get
to the last platform, enter the volcano.

The next part can be quite annoying for some people. It requires you to be patient until
the moving gas stops and youre able to move and hide. If you arent careful, it will send
you all the way to the top of the volcano. Once you reach the end you dont have to worry
about it. Now go through the passage.

Halfway through this is a strange creature that whacks and rolls at you. Jump over it when
it rolls. Keep going left until you meet the red knight. His name is Sir Pelleas. Ask him
what you should do and he will give you an Ice Arrow. Continue forward and get ready to
fight a dragon  it is known to Poptropicans as the Dragotank.

When you enter the room jump onto the hanging chains, then jump across them until you
reach the other side. Jump down, dodge the spicky tail and then walk under the switch.
Jump up and click on it. This will cause him to temporarily shut down. Jump out to the
side where you started and fire an Ice Arrow in his mouth. Do this three times to defeat
him. (Tip: When he starts to get angry after you shoot him, jump on the chains, dodge the
falling spikes and get to the other side to do it again.)

Once you defeat the Dragotank, the red knight (Sir Pelleas) will join you in your mission.
Back at your spaceship again, press Launch. Then press the Teleport Home button.

Ice Planet:
Start flying in a south-east direction. The coordinates to the Ice Planet are 73, 83. The
only problem about getting to the planet is that its protected by three space sharks. All
you have to do is get them to all follow you by shooting at all of them. Do this by
getting near them (note: Do NOT touch them!), then click once for each shark to shoot
something. This will get their attention. Once they are all following you lure them into
the black hole which is north to the right a bit at the coordinates 84, 47.

If this is too hard, just attract them one by one. (Note: Make sure you keep them in view
when you fly to the black hole because they can stop following you.)Be extremely careful
not to get sucked into the black hole yourself, because you will just be teleported back
near Pewter Moon without having done anything to the sharks. To get the sharks sucked into
the black hole without pulling yourself in instead, simply fly around the hole and
avoiding any parts of it at all costs. You will know that a shark gets sucked in when you
see the yellow scrolling message at the bottom of the screen telling you that they have
been eliminated.

Once you land, exit the ship. You are now standing on a platform of ice. Below you is icy
cold water that will freeze you if you land in it, causing you to teleport back next to
the ship. Jump onto the floating platform to the left, and keep moving left until you
reach the end. (Tip: Make a giant leap to the center, and watch out for the jumping helmet
fish, which can knock you into the cold water.) Once you reach the end, go right.

Quickly climb up the mountain and watch out for the gigantic falling snowballs. At the
very top is the blue knight. His name is Sir Gawain. Ask him if you can help, and you will
receive a Force Shield Necklace.

You will have to defeat a Tigercopter, which is a tiger and helicopter combined into one
creature. Use your force field to hit the snowballs back at the Tigercopter. Watch out for
when it falls, because it will destroy your force field for a certain time. After he
falls, a large snowball shoots out that will freeze you, so jump over it. You must repeat
this three times in order for it to be defeated.

Once you have destroyed it, the blue knight will come with you. You will return to your
spaceship. Click on Launch, then click on the Teleport Home button.

Crystal Gate:
Once all 3 knights have been rescued and reunited, you will be able to visit a legendary
asteroid known as the Crystal Gate. Start flying in a western direction. Its coordinates
are 11, 82. Beware though, because this planet is surrounded by asteroids. Be sure to
avoid bumping into the asteroids!

Once you land, exit the space craft. Climb up the crystal mountain to the top where the 3
knights (Sir Cador, Sir Pelleas, and Sir Gawain) are waiting. You are the fourth knight!
Click on the sword. This will cause a small portal to form, which will suck in the sword.
Enter it.

You will land on top of a castle. It is Binary Bards Fortress. Go down the bottom and talk
to the princess. She will ask for your 3 weapons. Once you have given them to her, the
princess will turn into Binary Bard. It turns out that she was a fake and that the evil
Binary Bard has tricked you! He will disappear.

Click on the strange wall next to you. A puzzle door will appear, which you must solve in
order to get through to the other side. The picture below will show you how to solve this
puzzling puzzle. They are numbered in the order you must click on each piece. The
completed puzzle should show a picture of Mordred, with words at the bottom announcing
that he is ruler of the universe. This is how to solve the puzzle door:press all of the
tiles on the 2nd row,and the 2 middle ones on the 3rd row, and all of the tiles on the 4th
row then enter the door.Defeating Mordred:
In the first round, you will be using Merlin, the owl. Fly him over and pick up the
explosive bombs Mordred drops. Pick them up and drop them on the green orb on top of
Mordreds robot. Make sure you drop them only while they are flashing red, otherwise it
wont work. Also, avoid the flying bombs he throws, which lower Merlins health. Do this two
times. Once complete, Mordred will destroy Merlin.

Now its your turn! Lure Mordred to the center, just underneath the princess. Then jump on
him from under him and onto the princesss platform. From here jump on the chandeliers on
either the left or right. Wait for him to go underneath and he should fire a red laser
beam at it, causing it to fall on him. Do this for both sides (if you did it on the left
the first time, do it on the right, and vice versa). Once this is done, Mordred will be no

Your Reward:
You will then go with the real Princess back to Poptropica be knighted by the King and
Queen. The Princess will have had Merlin repaired, and you can find the owl flapping
around in the Royal Chamber. Youll receive the Astro-Knights Island medallion and 100
credits to spend at the Poptropica Store.

To show that you have received your knighthood, the King will call you by your knight name
just before you get the Island Medallion. If your character is a boy, it will be Sir; for
girls, it is Lady. This title will then be followed by your Poptropican last name. (For
example, if your Poptropican name is Tall Fish, your last name would be Fish.) Since Tall
Fish's character is a boy, he would be Sir Fish. Please bear in mind that this does not
apply to your name in multiplayer rooms.

Also, if you look back at the Space Shuttle Fountain, youll notice that Mordreds green orb
has been placed there. Power has been restored to Arturus, and the town is saved.

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