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 Poptropica - Haunted House

Poptropica - Haunted House

"Haunted House" is a special Poptropica mini-game released on October 10, 2009. The object
of the game is to recover 4 missing items hidden in the Haunted House, which will allow
you to complete the quest.

*After October 31, 2009, the Haunted House can be accessed for free thru the Poptropica
Store. (In the store, select the Haunted House card (0 credits) and select Buy. Close the
store. The Haunted House will be in your Item Bag under Purchased Items.)

The steps to follow include spoilers :

   1. Enter the Haunted House game.
   2. Go past the tombstones, which are joke epitaphs but not important to the solution.
   3. Go to the far left side of the house (which you cannot enter) and find the locked
basement door.
   4. The key is being carried around by a flying bat. Chase him until you get the key
(this is easier on the roof where he can't fly as high).
   5. Unlock the door and enter the basement. There is a barrel of kerosene which you will
later use.
   6. Twist the boiler pipes around until they create a path from the furnace to the
boiler. This will create a stream of steam you can use to float upward.
   7. Grab the bottle (DRAUGHT) from the high shelf.
   8. Go right and enter the house. There is a ghost cat there who will tell you to bring
him four treasures from around the rooms of the house.
   9. Climb the stairs until you reach the suits of armor. Jumping on top of the one to
the right will release his AXE. Go back below and use the axe to get ICE from the freezer.
  10. In the hallway from the stair, you will find a spider on the floor. Clicking him
will drop him down in front of the "witch" painting and she will drop her broom. Climb
onto it and carefully fly it upstairs to the attic at the upper right of the house.
  11. Unlock the chest by rearranging the scrambled "skull" diagram. If you watch how the
pieces move to scramble it, you can just reverse those moves. (Move one square each time :
Column C up, Column B down, Column A up, row 1 left, row 2 right, row 3 left). Inside the
chest is the CHALICE.
  12. In the third floor room to the left, there are two clocks. According to the ghostly
message on the telephone, you will receive the light (LANTERN) when the clocks strike
midnight at the same time. By clicking on either clock, you speed it up, and the object is
to have both clocks strike midnight (both hands up at the 12 on top) at the same time.
This is tricky but not impossible.
  13. Once you have the lantern, go down in the basement and fill it from the kerosene
  14. Go to the ghost cat again, who will tell you where to go : the "crying cherub",
which is the large angel statue out in the graveyard. Clicking on it will open the hole
down to the Ghouls Party below the graveyard. Now that you have brought the Ice and
Draught for their punch (mixed in the Chalice), and a Lantern, the party can proceed!
  15. You get 50 Poptropica credits for completing the Haunted House. You also get to copy
the various costumes of the ghouls with your Costumizer.

Original Answer ---

1. When you enter, read the tombs if you like, or move on.
2. Go to the very edge of the house at the bottom, and chase the bat until you get the key
he is holding.
3. Click the cellar and go in.
4. Turn the pipes in the correct direction
5. Let the exhaust from the boiler push you up and grab the bottle.
6. Talk to the ghost cat.
7. Make the clocks turn midnight.
8.go to room with arrow click on spider
9.get the broom
10.go in hole by crying statue
Answer 2 ---

I've boldfaced the most important parts of this walkthrough.

To begin the haunted house adventure, go to the hot air balloon to travel. From there you
will see a haunted house icon. Click it. Before you do anything, you have to get the key
from the bat on the left. To do that, spook the bat so that he starts flying around, then
go to the top of the house and wait for the bat to fly over you. That's when you jump up
and get the key. When you get it, go to the left side of the house, press on the lock, and
enter. Now you are in the cellar. Click the pipes to rotate them and connect them to the
boiler. When the pipes are connected, jump on the steam and it will push you up to a shelf
with a red bottle with a skull and cross bones on it. That is the draught of the dead (as
written on the cellar wall). Grab the bottle then go up the stairs on the right hand side.
Now you are in the house. Go right and speak to the cat to find out what you are supposed
to do.

There are four treasures that the cat wants you to get before he tells you his secrets.
I'll tell you in advance that they are the draught of the dead, some ice, a chalice
(goblet), and a lantern. You already have the first one.

Go up the stairs on left. Keep walking right until you get to two knights. Jump on the
head of the knight on the right and his weapon will fall down. Grab that and then go up
the stairs. Walk into the room on the right (the dining room) and something will shoot an
arrow over your head. It can't hurt you but it lands on the wall and says, "Fly to find
the CHALICE". On the floor, there is a spider. Click the spider and it goes down and
scares the witch picture. The witch will then let go of her broom, giving you a means of
flying. Jump on the broom and go back into the dining room. Go up to the ceiling on the
right hand corner and there is an entrance to the attic, where you find the chalice. Go to
the left and you'll see a treasure chest. Click on the thing where a key hole would
normally be. To solve the puzzle, click and drag the bottom right corner up, the top
middle part down and the bottom left corner up. Then click and drag the top right corner
left, the middle left part right and the bottom right corner left. When the chest opens
grab the chalice and go back to the dining room. You don't need the broom anymore, but it
will follow you around in case you want it again. After you get the chalice, go to the
bedroom next to the dining room. Answer the phone it will say, "Darkness fills the grave.
Find our light when midnight strikes twice." Then you click on the two clocks on the
fireplace. Uses the blue thing to make either one of the clocks go faster. You know you
have finished when both skulls pop out at the same time, which would be when both clocks
hit midnight at the same time. When you have done that, the fireplace will open revealing
a lantern. Grab it then go to the kitchen at the bottom floor of the house. Open the
fridge and click the ice. The weapon you got from the knight will automatically act as a
chisel and get some ice for you. You have all four treasures! However, the cat will not
accept the unlit lantern so go back to the cellar. Click the barrel of kerosene on the
bottom left-hand side. This will fuel your lantern. Go back to the cat and he will say,
"Bring the treasures to where the cherub cries." He's talking about the tombstone that
looks like a crying girl. It will have moved to reveal a hole. Go down into the hole and
talk to the witch. She'll say, "We've been waiting for you. You've brought us light and
everything we need for our punch. As a reward, I've given you 50 poptropica credits. Let's
get this party started!"

If you want to get a few giggles while inside the house, turn your back to the plants,
click the pictures on the wall, or go to the bathroom and click the shower curtains! Also,
talk to the party ghouls to hear their cheesy uptakes on the situation!

Answer 3 ---

On the haunted house you have to get the key from the bat to do that go to the top of the
house and keep jumping and trying to touch the key when u get it go to the left side of
the house then u press on the lock and enter then u connect the pipes when the pipes r
connected u jump on the steam and it will take u up to a shelf with a box and a red bottle
with a skull and x bones on it collect the bottle then go up the stairs on the right hand
side once u get up go right and speak to the cat then go up the stairs on left hand side
there is a knight with a side jump on his head his pick will fall down collect that then
go up the stairs walk into the right hand room an arrow will shoot when u walk in not to
hurt u but it lands on the wall and says "Fly to find the CHALICE" then on the floor there
is a spider press the spider and it gos down and touches the witches hat, the witch let's
go of her broom and then u go and get it then u go back into the room with the arrow, on
your broom u go up to the ceiling and there's an entrance on the right hand corner go
through it then u go to the end and click on the treasure chest and solve the puzzle after
that u get a cup then u go to the bedroom next to the arrow room, answer the phone it will
say "Darkness fills the grave. find our light when darkness strikes twice." Then u click
on the 2 clocks use the blue aimer to make any1 of the clocks go faster by clicking on
them it only finishes when both clocks have the skull popping up at the same time which
would be with both minute hands and hour hands r pointing to the top when u have done that
at the fireplace bellow the clocks there will be a lantern collect it then u go to the
bottom floor of the house there will be a fridge open it and press the ice the pick u got
from the knight will automatically get the ice for u and give u back the pick then u must
go back to the cat and it will tell u 2 return 2 him when the lantern is lit go down to
the boiler go to the stairs on the left hand side don't climb up the stairs go to the
barrel that says kerosene on it press it and it will fuel your lantern then go back 2 the
cat and he will say " bring the treasures to where the cherub cries" that's the tombstone
girl that's crying it will have moved where the hole is press go down and then the witch
will speak 2 u and give u 50 credits! If u want a good laugh, inside the house press on
the plants, the knight some of the party creatures and the shower!
Answer 4 ---

First you get the key from the flying bat. Then use it on the door on the ground to get
inside the house. Soon as you get in you should see some pipes. line them up so that the
boiler is able to reach to the other one. Then after you finish, the boiler should make
some smoke which you jump on and it will carry you up to you getting your first item. Then
go up the stairs and keep going to you see 2 knights and one of them have a pick axe so
jump on the knights head (the one with the pick axe) and it should release the pick axe.
Get it. Now you can get your second item. Go downstairs to the fridge and open it and use
the axe to get ice cubes. Now go upstairs and go all the way to the 3rd floor and go left.
you should see 2 clocks above a chimney in the room with the bed. Click the clocks until
the skeletons pop out together at 12:00 midnight. The lantern you see in the fireplace is
the 3rd item. Now go to the room with the statue holding a bow. You should see a spider on
the floor. Click it and the spider should drop, scaring the witch with the broom and the
broom will fall out of the picture. Get on the broomstick and fly all the way up past the
room with the statue, and go to the attic. Then you will see a chest. to open it just
reverse the pattern you see it move in. You have your 4th and final item! (As well as the
key and the ax) Speak to the cat. If iy says you need to light the lantern, get kerosene
in the basement. Now the cat will say to go to the crying cherub (the angel in the
graveyard). Go there and you will see a hole in the ground near the big statue. You will
find a group of ghouls waiting for you. Congratulations! Now you can party will all the
people and customize your clothes for Halloween.
Answer 5 -- (literary version)

As you take the blimp to the Haunted House, you feel a chill run up your spine. Out of a
hole in the ground (wait, don't we take a blimp?), you emerge into a spooky graveyard,
cluttered with grave stones and a single crying angel. As you get near the house, you see
a sign on the old boarded up door. "Gone to the grave. Fill our yearning." -- that's what
it says.
You try to open the door, but it is boarded shut. To the side of the house, you find a
small locked door to the basement. Try as you might, you cannot get the door open. Right
as you're about to give up, a blue bat swoops though your hair and hits you with a heavy
key. "That must be the key to this hatch," you think to yourself. After chasing the bat up
to the roof of the house, you finally catch it and grab the key from its feet.
As you open the basement door, years of dust and grime blow into your face. When you step
in, something white and sticky engulfs your face. "Oh, gross!" you yell as you pull the
spider webs off your face. As you walk down the old creaky stairs, you notice writing on
the wall that says "Find the Draught of the Dead" and a barrel full of kerosene, a type of
fuel. "I don't know what that means, and I don't need any kerosene right now, but I'll
remember this for later..." you mutter to yourself. Further on in the basement, you see a
water boiler and a furnace. The odd thing was, all the pipe pieces to connect the two were
out of place and floating in mid air. By rotating the pieces, you reconnected the boiler
and furnace you make them work again. Suddenly, you're swept up in a burst of steam from
the boiler and launched up onto a high shelf. Once you regain your feet, you noticed a
bottle of red liquid with a skull and cross bones on it. "Perhaps this is the 'Draught of
the Dead' I was supposed to find," you think. You looked to the right and walked up the
stairs that were there.
"Looks like nobody's lived here for years. Nobody still alive, at least," you think as you
noticed the pearly (and transparent!) white cat licking itself in the corner. You slowly
approach it and after much questioning, it tells you more about your quest. "When the 4
treasures are found, I will guide you to the dead," the cat tells you.
With that in mind, you enter the kitchen and noticed yet another eerie message on the
wall. "Ice soothes the burning dead," the wall reads. There was a freezer, but you have no
way of getting any ice, so you move on to the next room. Walking down the halls, you
notice the painting eyes fallowing your movements. You ignore this and continue on. Still
in the hall, but up the stairs, you trip over one of the suits of armor. It makes you so
mad; you jump on its head. You must be stronger than you thought, because you knocked the
knight's pickaxe right out of his hand. You grab it for future use.
You walk up another flight of stairs and enter the room on the right. Upon entering, you
find that you were nearly hit in the head with an arrow with a note on it. The note said:
"Fly to find the chalice." As you walk along to check out the rest of the room, you spook
a spider on the ground and hear a crash downstairs. You run down the stairs to find a
floating broom that had fallen off the wall. You hop on and fly back up the stairs. While
flying around in the other room, you find a secret passage to the attic through the
ceiling. You spot an ancient chest with a puzzle lock on it. You study the movements of
the puzzle pieces carefully, and when it stops moving, you find that you can solve it
simply by retracing the moves it made, but in backwards order. You quickly complete the
puzzle and take out what you find: a spooky ancient goblet with green jewels set into the
rim. "I'll keep this for later," you tell yourself.

    After going back down from the attic, you enter the room to the left of the stairs.
You notice the phone ringing, so you picked up. "Darkness fills the grave. Find our light
when midnight strikes twice," a ghostly voice rasps at the other end. "Midnight strikes
twice..." you muttered again as you spotted the two old clocks to the left. As you hover
your hand over the one on the left, it goes faster. If you hover your hand near the right
one, that goes faster. After much trial and error, you finally get both clocks to strike
midnight at the exact same time. A small lantern slides out from the fireplace and you
pick it up.

Back downstairs, you used the knight's pick you found earlier to take some ice out of the
freezer. Examining your inventory, you realize, "These must be the four treasures! The
draught, the chalice, the lantern, and the ice. Now, I've got to talk to that crazy little
kitty again." You walk back over to the ghost cat and show it the four treasures you had
collected. Unfortunately, it turns out that you're not done yet. The cat tells you to
return to it once the lantern was lit. "Where am I supposed to light a lantern around
here?!" you yell, confused. And then you remember the kerosene. You go back down to the
basement and light the lantern using the kerosene.

Now with all four treasures properly prepared, you go back upstairs and speak to the ghost
cat again. You are told to "bring the treasure to where the cherub cries." So you go back
outside to the crying angel near all those gravestones that were mentioned earlier. Now
that you have the treasures, you notice a deep hole that had been dug out near the base of
the cherub. Against your better judgment, you decide to enter.

Underground, you see several dark figures staring at you through the darkness. Witches,
mummies, and even a Grim Reaper (as well as so many more!). This was true nightmare.
"Thank you for returning the items needed for our party," congratulated the witch. So, it
was just a huge Halloween party for the dead! The draught and ice were just punch to be
put in the chalice, and the lantern was for light. The witch awards you 50 credits to
spend at the Poptropica Store.
Answer 6 (last)

When you get to the graveyard, run all the way past the haunted house and get the key from
the bat. Once you have the key, go into the hatch. Not to far in, you will see pipes.
Align the pipes then ride the steam to the top. You will then see a red bottle. Get it. Go
up the stairs to the kitchen. Go to your far left, and you will see more stairs. Climb
them and go right till you see a knight with a pickax Jump on his head and grab the axe.
Go back to the kitchen and get the ice out of the fridge. Go back upstairs, climb the
stairs above the knights, and go to your left. Go answer the phone. Then go to the left
again where you see clocks. Once you get both clocks at midnight at the same time, you
will get a lantern. Go to the stairs above the knights, but go to the right this time.
Click on the spider after the arrow has been shot above your head. The spider will fall
scaring the witch and she will drop her broom. Get the broom and go back to the room with
the arrow. Fly above the statue with the bow and you will see an opening in the ceiling.
Go through it and keep going until you reach the chest. Figure out how to put the skeleton
back together then you will receive the chalice. Go back all the way downstairs where you
first came in. Find the barrel of kerosene (it is at the far left), click on it and it
will light your lantern. Go back upstairs to the right of the kitchen and you will see a
ghost cat. Talk to it, then go to the graveyard. Go to the statue of the girl crying and
go into the hole, talk to the witch inside and CONGRATULATIONS! You passed the haunted

Alright this is one tricky trick one. So follow theese directions CAREFULLY!!!!
1. Get the key from the bat and open the cellar door. Connect the pipes and jump on top of
the smoke. You will see a red bottle- the draught. Jump for it.

2. Go up to the second floor and get a pick axe by jumping on top of the soldier with the
pick axe. He'll drop it. Get it. Go down to the kitchen and open the fridge. Use your pick
axe to hit the ice. Get the lantern.

3. Go up another floor and you'll see a spider on the gorund. Press it and the witch in
the picture frame below will drop her broom. Take it and fly up to the very top.

4. This part is tough. Go to the left and you'll see two clocks. Press on them. When you
touch them, it'll turn green. That means the clock is going faster. You have to try to
match both of them. When it's 12:00, a skull will pop out. When both of the skulls pop out
at the same time, you will get the chalice.

5. There is a chest next to the clocks. It will give you a puzzle. It's very easy if you
pay attention. Do everything reverse. Go down the cellar and find a barrel of kerosene.
Click on it.

6. Go outside and go to the statue of a girl crying. There's a hole next to it. Jump in.
Congratulations! You've finished the Haunted House mini-quest! You recieve 50 credits for

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