Poptropica - Shark Tooth FAQ Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Poptropica - Shark Tooth FAQ

Poptropica - Shark Tooth FAQ

Arrive on Shark Tooth Island. You get some carbonated coconut milk from the Coconut Cafe
vendor there. You can also get a shark fin, but this is not needed in the game. Items and
information can be retrieved out of sequence or some skipped completely. 
Island residents tell you that their commerce is suffering due to a menacing shark (in
Booga Bay at the far right of the island). In the Tourism Center on Main Street, you will
see a tribute to Professor Hammerhead, who studied the ruins here but disappeared. In the
Shark Museum is his journal (with a huge bite out of it), which no longer contains the
secret information about the Ancient Ruins. 
Go to the right, pass in front of the Ancient Ruins, and go to Booga Bay. 
Get a grass skirt from the cart. You cannot reach the boy trapped in the Bay because Booga
the Shark knocks you back. You can try feeding coconuts to Booga with the Coconut Launcher
before you leave. 
Go back to the ancient ruins, and avoid the falling giant coconuts. Slide the giant block
along the ground to the right, to the base of the giant bamboo stalk (which is supposed to
be a coconut palm). You can now jump up to the hanging vines. Watch out for falling
coconuts. At the top, you meet the Medicine Man who will only talk to you if you wear the
grass skirt. who tells you about a potion to calm the shark. The recipe and ingredients
are in the underground chambers of the ruins. 
Although you don't need it, you can get the Missing Journal Page from the roof of the
ruins by jumping to the left from the first platform going up the vines. 
Enter the ruins, make your way through the water and passages to the left. You will reach
a door with a face next to it. You need to press 4 of the 7 symbols to spell
"OPEN" and the door will open. Press the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th symbols from the
left. Push the nose. 
The Creature Bone is at the bottom of the next chamber (to the far left, under the
tooth-edged hole). Climb back past the giant worm on the statue. 
The fourth chamber contains a wall mural that explains the object of the game. Get the
"Key Ingredient" at far left, and exit. (You are now back on Main Street. Note :
the hole is not there when you first arrive.) 
Give the three ingredients (coconut milk, bone, and key stuff) to the Medicine Man. He
will mix you a sleeping potion in a coconut. 
Take the coconut to Booga Bay and feed it to Booga with the Coconut Cannon. 
Rescue the boy and Professor Hammerhead. Go back to the happy mom and the professor gives
you your Island Medallion. 

== well to beat the game you have to do this okay!!! 
1.pick up the carbonated coconut milk from the dude in front of the coconut cafe. 
2.get the grass skirt, and put it on. 
3.climb up the palm tree to the medicine man. 
4.he will tell you where to go to get the ingredients for the calming potion. (the
  temple) (but first you have to get the translator. it's on top of the temple entrance. 
  jump from the palm tree onto there.) 
5.go into the temple, and find the key ingredient and the bone. 
  (there are 3 temple sections. they are in the last sections.) 
6.get out from there and give the ingredients to the medicine man, and he will make you
  the potion. 
7.go the the island with the cannon w/ the sign that says: "feed the shark" 
8.feed the shark the potion from that and 
9.cross the water to the island. == == Comment !lmfas == === 10. there you will find 2
  guys (professor hammerhead and the girls son) 
11.bring them back to the mother, and talk to professor hammerhead, and he will give you
   your medallion.

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