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 Postal 2 - Share the Pain

Postal 2 - Share the Pain

Ricky Rossato

1.About this guide
2.General tips
7.Enhanced mode

1. About this guide

This is my first attempt at making a game guide, but I will do my best. This is
a guide for postal 2: Share the Pain, but should work with postal 2 if you have
the 1337 patch. This is not an official guide. I will describe the levels as 
best I can. I won't walk you sraight through a level, because the erands you
have to complete can be done in any order you wish. I will tell you as many 
ways as I can to complete a certain task, and will give you tips on new ways
to do things when you play in enhanced mode(unlock it by beating the game
once). I am playing on average mode. If you find anything wrong with my guide
feel free to E-mail me.

2. General tips

1.Don't use the shotgun or machine gun at anywhere but medium to close range.
2.When your on fire piss up to put yourself out fast.
3.Don't use scissors or melee weapons in combat if you don't have to.
4.When your in a bad situation sniff catnip to slow things down.
5.When you have people chasing you, or are low on health, run to a RWS guy.
6.Try not to set cats or dogs on fire, or you will most likely catch fire too.
7.Training dogs can help distract enemies.
8.If you are whereing cop clothes, you can kill civilians and carry a weapon.
9.Don't waste health pipes.
10.If you don't want to fight, let cops or RWS guys kill hate groups.
11.Avoid/kill fanatics on site, they usualy mean trouble.
12.Shoot SWAT in the head.
13.Save cow heads for really tough enemies.

3. Walkthrough


Get milk
Get paycheck
Cash paycheck
Note: I am not sure, but I am assuming you need to get your paycheck befor you 
cash it.

Get milk:
When you get to the store, you should decide how you want to do this. If you 
want to just pay, kick the ATM outside the store for cash, then just get the 
milk and pay for it. If you want to kill the shopkeeper, get a shotgun.
He has tons of health for the first erand of the game, and if you can find any
catnip it will help you a lot. To kill him just shoot him with a pistol and see
if he leaves his booth. If he does, just keep shooting him in the head to kill
him. If he doesn't, then shoot him through the cage around him with a pistol
from behind the line of products, or just get close to the cage and blast him
with a shotgun.

Get paycheck:
When you get to the RWS building there will be protesters outside the building.
You can kill them, or just walk right past them. When you find the room with 
the paycheck, draw a gun befor you pick it up. After the cutscene, you can 
either run to the exit, and kill the protesters out there, or fight your way 
out the way you came in. The RWS guys will do a lot of fightning for you.

Cash paycheck:
When you get to the bank, you have two choices: cash the check, or rob the 
vault. If you cash the check, you have to fight it out with robbers and cops,
or just stand still and let them fight it out. If you rob the vault, go around
the bank tellers and make your way to the vault. Now after you take the money
police will be after you(well duh). Now you can kill all the cops, or take the 
secret passage(or both). If you kill the cops, run out and shoot them with a 
shotgun or machinegun. When you are running out of health, run into the vault
and take a health item, then shoot the cops as they come in. If you take the 
secret passage, go to the lone bookshelf in the corner on your left when you 
exit the vault and it will open. You will find a weapon stash and will come 
out in the building next door.


Get signatures
Return book
Get Gary's Autograph
Confess sins

Get signatures:
Easy. Just walk up to someone and ask for them to sign it. Get 8 and you win.

Return book:
This is kinda hard. When you get to the library, it is really hard to find 
the return place, but when you get there just throw the book into the box, 
because you have to wait in line and pay for the other way. Either way when you 
return it you will see a cutscene with protesters buning the library. When your
in control, run out and kill the protester. Don't hit the flames or you will 
die. When you get to the dead guard, jump over the bookcase in front of him 
and you will land near the exit. Leave and find out that you have a new hate
group. Yay!

Get Gary's autograph:
When you get into the mall it is best to wait in line, because his guards are
armed very well. You can kill him and make him drop a book. If you buy it cops
swarm the place and you can fight ar run. One thing I thought worked well is 
wait behind the stack of books behind him for someone who already bought a 
book, and use the stungun/shovel combo to kill them and take there book. You
also shouldn't have to deal with cops, but if you do get the cutscene, you can
just run.

Confess sins:
When you get to the church, go inside and follow the signs to the confession 
box. After you confess, fanatics will storm the church. Just fight your way 
back. When you get to the door with tons of fanatics, then you can send a 
steady stream of bullets at the door, or just wait for one to throw a molotov
and they should all burn up. When you get to the court yard, a fanactic will 
throw molotovs at you, so he should be your first priority. After that you 
are free to go.


Piss on dad
Get clothes (after piss on dad)
Get X-mas tree

Piss on dad:
When you get to the cematery, find the plot that is way back, and piss on it.
Then you will see yourself being knocked out by rednecks. When you wake up, you
will be in the rednecks brewery and will be dressed in Gimp clothes. Kill the
rednecks and walk into the next room to get your next erand, get clothes. Fight
you way through the place, and be on the lookout for your items and weapons, 
but you won't get back cats or catnip(witch sucks). When you get to the 
convayer belt, save. It isn't that hard, but will kill you one hit. When you 
get to the pipes and hit a dead end, where you find a health pipe, you need to
jump up on the pipes, and go back. After you get out you will need to get new 

Easy. Just walk up to the voting booth and click three times.

Get clothes:
Again easy. Just pay for the clothes, or kill the guy, then put them on.

Get x-mas tree:
Get some catnip and guns. When you get there, you can rob picknics for heailing
items. When you find the tree (has a ray of light on it) pick it up and get 
ready for some redneck killing again. Fight your way back the way you came and
heal and use catnip as needed. There should be a RWS guy to help you, and when 
there dead or you just run, leave and the day is over (if you did this last, 
that is).


Get napalm
Get Krotchy
Pay ticket
Get steaks

Get napalm:
When you get to the napalm factory, you can pay to get inside, or just walk in 
and get a wanted level. Either way, fallow the will call signs to the napalm 
lancher. When you pick it up, you will see a cutscene whith a guy pukeing and
skrewing up the factory. Walk out and jump down to the pipe and walk under the
flame flying out of the pipe. The liquid below you will set you on fire so 
avoid jumping into it. Get back on the walk and take a right at the place where
it branches off. Go that way until you find a hole in the wall then go through
there. Go right if you need health, then go the other way. You will find 
yourself at a pipe puzzle. After you get done with that, follow the path and
when you ge to the part with the light falling, go through the room, avoiding
fire and RUN when you here the crash behind you. When you leve the room you are
safe. Keep going down the path until you see a scientist and follow him. When
you get to the part where debris falls and hits him, jump down the place he 
fell, and land outside the factory.

Get Krotchy:
Get lots of scissors, and go to the mall. He will tell you that they are out. 
So go to the back of the store, follow the path until you find the doll. When
you pick it up, police will be after you, and so will everyone in the back of
the store. Fight your way back and you see the scene when krotchy comes
after you with the rocket launcher. He is immune to most guns, so spaz on him
with scissors. If you want you can run, but you don't get the RL and that's
just not fun. 

Pay ticket:
Just walk into the police station, talk to the guy at the desk, and hit enter
when it says to.

Get steaks:
When you get into the store, nobody is there, so you have to go to the back.
When you get there, you will see a cutscene of someone falling into the meat
grinder. After that you need to fight your way to the steaks. There is RL ammo
and napalm along the way, but don't use them if you arn't ready to take some 
serious damage. There are a few pathes, but they all lead to the same place.
once you get the steaks police and SWAT swarm the place. Fight your way back,
and don't be afraid to run. When you get to the last room, run to the exit and
wait in the front of the store for your wanted level to go down. 


4. weapons
For this section I will rate the weapon out of ten and desribe it. I Will 
probably add better descriptions after I finish the bulk of my guide.  

Pistol - 7.5 It is a fair damageing gun, but is very accurate at a range.

Shotgun - 8.0 It is only good up close, and will explode peoples heads when you
kill them

Machinegun - 8.0 It is very usful at close to medium range, but at any distance
it is almost useless.

Rifle - 9.0 Can kill almost anything by shooting it in the head, but never use
it without the scope.

Scissors - 4.0 Only usful for killing civillians and Krotchy.

Shovel - 4.0 Usful for killing unarmed people, but will get you killed fast in

Baton- 1.5 COMPLETELY usless in the normal game, but is fun to hit people with
when your bored.

Gas - 6.0 Usefull by pouring a line of it and lighting it. Most people will
walk right into it and set the other near by people on fire.

Molotov Cocktail - 7.0 usefull for killing large groups of people, but tougher
enemies will put themselves out quick.

Grenade - 8.5 A little hard to hit with, but powerful, and can be set as mines.

Shocker - 5.5 Can stun civilians for a while, but most other people will just 
brush it off and keep attacking.

Cow head - 10 As far as I know it will kill anybody with just one, but stay out
of the cloud of poison as it kills you fast too.

Rocket Lancher - 9.5 Powerful, but not as powerful as a RL should be, and has
a poor lock on ability that usually doesn't hit people, and bounces around 
until it explodes.

Napalm Lancher - 10 If you use this at close range, your going to catch fire,
will pretty much kill anything it hits, even people who normally put themselves

Piss - 5.0 Useful for putting your self out when your on fire, but serves no 
real perpose as a weapon.

WMD - 10 Awsome weapon that sends out a virus that will be passed from person
to person and eventualy kill them.

5. Items
Just a quick description of each one.

Catnip - Use it to make everything around you slow down.

Health pipe - Brings health to 125 and you lose some after a while if you don't
use anouther.

Cash - Used to buy stuff. Kick ATMs to get some.

Pizza - Brings back 5 health.

Fast food - Brings back 10 health.

Donuts - Brings back 5 health.

Newspaper - Tells you the currant news.

Dog treats - Used to train dogs.

Cats - Used a silencers for the shotgun and machingun.

Armor - Gives you extra protection.

Radar - Has 3 plugins, but I'm not sure what they do yet.


Easy enemy that is rarely a threat. Low health and will fall with a few shots.
The best weapon to use is the pistol, or even the shovel if there unarmed. 

Will only pose a problem when you have a wanted level. Use the shotgun when you
can, and even then it takes two shots. Run to them when your not in trouble 
with the law, and need fire support.

Cops with machine guns. That is really the only diferance other than looks.
Only a problem on the last two days.

I hate them. They aren't as hard as they seem, but are still pretty deadly. 
Body shots are pointless because one headshot with a rifle or shotgun will kill
them one hit, and they are very well armored. Like military they only appear on
Thursday and Friday.

You will piss off two proteser groups in the first two days. They are both the
samem, but RWS protestors appear near the RWS building, and book protestors
appear near places with books. Both can appear anywhere, but those are the most
common places. THey are civilians with pistols or shotguns, and will attack you
on sight.

They carry molotovs and machineguns, and near the end, rocket lanchers. They 
usualy attack wheather you are there or not and will do suicide attacks with
molotovs at the slightest disturbance. They have more health than civilians,
but they have less than cops.

They have about the same health as fanatics, and have shotguns and rarely 
grenades. They do usualy come in groups though, so watch out after you kill one
because anouther one is usualy nearby.

They have a little more health than rednecks, and have a veriety of weapons. 
They aren't a threat until thursday, after the get steaks errand.

They are your friends. They have A LOT of health, and will take care of a lot 
of people for you. Run to them when you are in trouble. Don't kill them for 
there weapons because 1. They only have pistols and machineguns, and 2. They
will do a lot of damage to you first.

8. Copyright
Copyright 2005 Richard Rossato

I am only submitting this to GameFAQs. If you want to use it somewhere else
E-mail me and I will give you permission.

Authorized websithes

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