Star Wars - Rogue Squadron Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Star Wars - Rogue Squadron

Star Wars - Rogue Squadron

    /     ___________  __     ____     __        __  __     ____    _____\
   |     /  ____   __|/  \   |  _ \    \ \  /\  / / /  \   |  _ \  /  ___||
   |     \  \   | |  / /\ \  | |_) )    \ \/  \/ / / /\ \  | |_) ) \  \   |
   |  ____\  \  | | / ____ \ |    /___   \  /\  / / ____ \ |    /___\  \  |
   | |_______/  |_|/_/    \_\|_|\_____|   \/  \/ /_/    \_\|_|\________/  |
   |    __   __   __        __    __   __             _   __   __         |
   |   |__) |  | | _` |  | |_    (__` |  | |  |  /\  | \ |__) |  | |\ |   |
   |   | \  |__| |__| |__| |__   .__) |_\| |__| /--\ |_/ | \  |__| | \|   |
    \________________________ ______ __ _______ _________________________/
                             / ____ \  |  ___  \
                            '-' ___) | | |   \ |
                               |___ <  | |   | |
                            .-.____) | | |___/ |
                             \______/  |_______/

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                          Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Platform:                                      DOS/Windows (PC)
Genre:                                         Flying Simulator
Author:                                        TimmyTheRabidTurtle
Last Updated:                                  Thursday, 8th April 2004
Date Created:                                  Saturday, 5th April 2003 
Current Version:                               Version 1.46
FAQ Size (.txt format):                        209kb
Guide Type:                                    FAQ/Walkthrough

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                           1. - FAQ Information
                           2. - Table of Contents
                           3. - Version History
                           4. - Introduction
                           5. - Controls
                           6. - Characters
                           7. - Craft
                           8. - Other Alliance Craft
                           9. - Enemies
                          10. - Mission Walkthroughs
                          11. - Frequently Asked Questions
                          12. - Weapons List & Power-Up Locations
                          13. - Ranks
                          14. - Craft Availability 
                          15. - Tow Cable Help & Tips
                          16. - Strategies
                          17. - Passcodes
                          18. - Credits

** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 1.46 – Updated an error.

Version 1.45 – Took out the old crappy logo and replaced it with a new, correct
               ASCII logo. Thanks to osrevad for some amazing work!

Version 1.41 - You don't care what I've done, do you?

Version 1.39 - Me so sleepy...
             - Things were done, unnoticeable as they may have been. Go about  
               your business as usual.
             - ASCII editing. 

Version 1.36 - Re-did the Characters section.
             - My first guide over 200kb! \m/!
             - Changed some incorrect information.

Version 1.29 - Changed the section dividers slightly.
             - Did some unnoticeable work on the ASCII front.
             - Added Crix Madine, Chewbacca, Han Solo and Moff Seerdon to the  
               Characters section.
             - Added the Planets to each level.

Version 1.19 - Corrected a few unnoticeable mistakes.
             - Added gold walkthroughs to Hoth, and added more detail to the 
               Kile II and Sullust ones.
             - Added much more detail to the Enemies section, as well as more 
             - Also added the Other Alliance Craft section.
             - Added pwning amounts of new information to the Craft section.
             - Searched through the entire guide looking for mistakes on the 
               word 'Crafts'. The plural of craft is 'craft', don't you know?
               The word 'Crafts' is no longer present in this guide, apart
               From twice in this section when I was pointing it out.
             - Added Patrick Conroy to the Credits section. 

Version 1.06 - New ASCII Art. Like this, I do.
             - Changed a nit-picky error thanks to Patman.

Version 1.02 - Added two forgotten enemies to that section.

Version 1.00 - Added silver medal to Fest.

Version 0.99 - Added some more silver medals to the walkthrough. There are 
               seven silver medals yet to be added.
             - Changed all subsection dividers.
             - Centred the medal status tables for the walkthrough.
             - Added more questions to the FAQ section.
             - Added two more weapons to that section.
             - A lot of this update is down to Starvenus' critique. Thanks!

Version 0.97 - Finished the Tow Cable help section. 
             - Added some medals to the walkthrough.
             - Added some questions to the FAQ section.

Version 0.95 - Added the Craft Availability section to the guide.
             - Added the Gold walkthrough to Chandrila. 

Version 0.9  - Added the Tow Cable Help & Tips section.
             - Added some things to the FAQ section.
             - Added the Strategies section.

Version 0.84 - Added gold + bronze medals for some levels.
             - Added both the AT-ST and the Millennium Falcon to the craft 
             - Added the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Version 0.79 - Added the walkthrough for 'Moff Seerdon's Revenge'.
             - Added the Passcodes section. 
             - Added the power-ups section.
             - Added the Characters section.
             - Added TIE Interceptor to the Craft section.

Version 0.5  - Added Introduction.
             - Added Controls.
             - Added Walkthroughs.
             - Added Enemies.
             - Added Ranks.
             - Added Credits.
             - Added Copyright information. 

** 4. - Introduction                                                         **

In Rogue Squadron, you take the place of Luke Skywalker, the heroic Jedi of the 
original Star Wars movies and future Jedi orders, who, along with his eleven 
other comrades, make up Rogue Squadron. Rogue Squadron is the Rebel Alliance's 
elite starship fighting force. As Luke, you will pilot a spacecraft, in which 
you engage in missions ranging from seeking and destroy-types, to protect-
types. In general, sadly, there are more protect kinds than any other kind. The 
story is set in the time where the Rebel Alliance has just destroyed the Death 
Star, but the Empire has made new threats. The game takes place between A New 
Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. There are eight different craft to use 
(excluding passcode for AT-ST), upon many different settings, to make up an 
amazing game. 

** 5. - Controls                                                             **

These are the default controls, and the controls I use. I find them easier to 
use, somehow. I recommend you use these:

[Directional Buttons]     - Pilot craft and change direction
Space Bar                 - Fire Blasters
W                         - Thrusters
Alt                       - Secondary Weapon
S                         - Brake (Hold to fly at minimum speed)
F                         - Special Feature
E                         - Roll or Flip (hold key and use arrows)
X                         - Switch Firing rate of Blasters
Esc                       - Pause
F1-F5                     - Change Camera View
Z                         - Drop Camera
A                         - Sharp Airspeeder and V-Wing turn left
D                         - Sharp Airspeeder and V-Wing turn right

** 6. - Characters                                                           **

                             ROGUE SQUADRON PILOTS                             

                              * Luke Skywalker *   

Luke was the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, and the twin brother to 
Princess Leia Organa. He was separated from his sister just after their birth, 
in order to conceal his potential Force-sensitivity from the Emperor and Darth 
Vader. He was hidden on the planet Tatooine by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and lived his 
early years under the watchful eyes of Owen and Beru Lars. Luke was an eager 
boy, and was always flying his T-16 skyhopper in the canyons near his home 
while dreaming of being a starpilot at the Academy. Known as Wormie by his 
friends, he was a reckless youth whose best friend was Biggs Darklighter. 
       When Biggs went off to the Academy, and later the Alliance, Luke felt 
that he was being mistreated by his Uncle, who annually refused to allow Luke 
to enrol. Fate and fortune intervened, however, when Owen purchased two well-
worn droids named R2D2 and C3PO. With their purchase, Luke was catapulted into 
the midst of the Alliance. Obi-Wan Kenobi began to instruct Luke in the use of 
The Force. Luke then rescued Princess Leia from the first Death Star with the 
help of Han Solo. Following Kenobi's death, Luke destroyed the Death Star by 
calling on The Force. Later, Luke was visited by Kenobi's spirit, and directed 
to the planet Dagobah, where Luke trained under the Jedi Master Yoda. Following 
Yoda's death, Luke became the last of the Jedi Knights. He used his newfound 
strength to defeat Emperor Palpatine and turn Darth Vader from the Dark Side of 
the Force, returning Anakin Skywalker to the Light Side. 

In the years following the formation of the New Republic, Luke was instrumental 
in the New Republic's defeat of the Ssi-ruuk, the reborn Palpatine, as well as 
Imperial Admirals Thrawn and Daala. Luke continued his training on his own, and 
eventually became a Jedi Master. He set up a new Jedi Academy on Yavin's fourth 
moon, and began teaching the ways of The Force to a new set of Jedi Knights. 
During the period following the revelations of the partial Caamas Document 
found on Wayland, Luke travelled to Nirauan to search for Mara Jade. Mara was 
reported missing and out of touch, after tracing the paths of several unusual 
starships. They discovered the Hand of Thrawn complex, and managed to eliminate 
any potential threat it held to the New Republic. During their escape, Luke and 
Mara worked together with the Force, and both were opened up to the other's 
inner thoughts and feelings. This deepened and strengthened their relationship 
to a point that neither could ignore. Just before leaving Nirauan, Luke 
proposed to Mara. She agreed, and they were married, first in a solemn ceremony 
performed by Kam Solusar and witnessed only by the Jedi, and later in a public 
ceremony when they returned to Coruscant. 
      Luke and Mara then left the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 in the hands of the 
new Jedi Knights and travelled the galaxy teaching potential Jedi about the 
ways of the Force. Luke proposed to the New Republic that a new Jedi Council be 
established, but many members of the Senate feared that the Jedi would become 
too powerful. Shortly afterward, Luke and Mara were forced to bring the Jedi 
into battle when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. Despite their ties to the 
Force, the Jedi were unable to defeat the alien invaders. Several Jedi, led by 
Kyp Durron, struck out on their own to fight the battle their own way, much to 
Luke's dismay and to the consternation of the Senate. However, even in battle, 
Luke was surprised to find that Mara was pregnant with a son. His devotion to 
Mara, and his deep connection to the Force, allowed Luke to drive out the 
Yuuzhan Vong disease and help Mara give birth aboard the Errant Venture, 
shortly after Borsk Fey'lya ordered Luke's arrest. They named their son Ben, in 
remembrance of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke and Mara spent less time with Ben than they 
had hoped to, when they were pressed into action defending the Eclipse base 
from invasion and, later, defending Coruscant. With the fall of Coruscant, Ben 
was separated from them, but was kept safe by Leia Organa Solo and her husband, 

Luke, obviously, the series' most famous character, is the person you play as 
in Rogue Squadron. He is Rogue Leader, and is best known for his Jedi status, 
and not just his X-Wing piloting abilities, though they are top-notch. Luke was 
raised on Tattooine. It was Luke who destroyed the Death Star, and his mentor, 
Obi-Wan Kenobi, is quite famous, and he trained Luke's father also, Anikin 
Skywalker. I don't want to give out any more spoilers, so I'll just shut up 

                              * Wedge Antilles *   

Born on Corellia, Wedge spent much of his childhood working for his parents on 
the last planet in the Gus Treta system. Note that the Marvel Comics adaptation 
of Star Wars: A New Hope indicates that Wedge was a native of Tatooine. His 
parents, Jagged and Zena, owned a fueling station there, and Wedge became 
proficient at starship systems. He also gained a great deal of piloting skill 
there, and was ready to go to the Academy when a pirate ship, the Buzzzer, 
under the command of Loka Hask, got spooked at the fuel depot when a Corellian 
Security Force fleet arrived. Hask ordered them to lift off, but the crew 
forgot to unhook their refuelling coupling before blasting away. The resulting 
fuel leak was ignited, and Wedge's parents were forced to eject the fuelling 
station in order to save the rest of the station. Note that Star Wars Screen 
Entertainment software indicates Wedge was away at school when the accident 
happened, that the accident was caused by smugglers, and that the smuggler's 
ship was destroyed in the resulting explosion. Both of Wedge's parents were 
killed in this effort, and Wedge - who was with Booster Terrik at the time - 
went after the pirates in an old Z-95 Headhunter. 
       Although he managed to destroy the Buzzzer, Wedge's lack of funding led 
him to start taking all kinds of odd jobs, and was getting nowhere as a 
smuggler when he decided to join the Alliance. He quickly demonstrated his 
abilities as a fighter pilot, and also ran a number of reconnaissance and 
escort missions before being tapped as one of the X-wing pilots in the Battle 
of Yavin. Since then, Wedge's growing skills have earned him a number of 
distinctions, the greatest of which came when he was named squadron leader of 
the famous Rogue Squadron. While with Rogue Squadron, Wedge assisted Lando 
Calrissian during the Battle of Endor, and helped destroy the incomplete Death 
Star being built there. He remained as Rogue Leader through the restructuring 
of Rogue Squadron, and his squadrons provided invaluable support in the battles 
against Ysanne Isard and Grand Admiral Thrawn. It was during this time that 
Wedge also developed the idea of Wraith Squadron, which he successfully 
implemented and modified into a crack infiltration unit. 

After turning down two promotions, Wedge was promoted to the rank of General 
about a year before the defeat of Thrawn, and was offered the command of the 
Star Destroyer Lusankya. He also chose to remain with the Rogues, but was 
assigned, along with Calrissian, to command the captured Star Destroyers 
Emancipator and Liberator when Emperor Palpatine's clone emerged from Byss. He 
fought bravely at Coruscant and Calamari, although the Emancipator was 
destroyed on Calamari. He later returned to Coruscant, where his primary role 
in the New Republic was changed from pilot and warrior to General and clean-up 
supervisor following the near-destruction of the planet. This was a short-lived 
assignment, though, for his desire to pilot a starship quickly outweighed the 
ease of being a supervisor. 
       When that effort was launched, Wedge wanted to get back into piloting. 
He became the escort for the ship which dropped the Eol Sha colonists off at 
Dantooine, and then was named Qwi Xux' bodyguard. During this time, Wedge began 
to fall in love with Qwi, while also returning to Rogue Squadron and assisting 
the Republic in the assault on the Maw Installation. Wedge was assigned to the 
Lusankya, which served as his base of operations, for the purposes of 
commanding a special task force. However, after several years of war, Wedge 
began to realize that he had grown apart from Qwi. What he didn't know was that 
she felt they had grown apart as well, so they both agreed to end the 
relationship and go their separate ways. Wedge decided to take a vacation and 
figure out what to do with his life, when he was chosen by Airen Cracken to 
lead the delegation to Adumar. 
        Wedge's diplomatic skills were not the greatest, but his gut instincts 
proved more valuable in swaying the Adumari to join the New Republic. During 
the mission, he also discovered that he and Iella were in love with each other, 
and he quickly proposed to her. Iella accepted almost as quickly. Shortly after 
peace was negotiated between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant, Wedge 
retired from active duty, and he and Iella set to work starting their own 
family. Wedge was eventually succeeded by Gavin Darklighter, although the 
former pilot provided assistance to Gavin during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. 
Wedge served as Rogue Alpha during the struggle against the Vong, piloting a 
reconnaissance X-Wing to gather data. Shortly after the Battle of Garqi, Wedge 
discovered that he was not only a father but an uncle as well, after meeting 
Jagged Fel for the first time

                               * Dack Ralter *   

Born on the Imperial labour colony of Kalist VI, Dack was seventeen when an 
Alliance pilot was shot down near the colony. The pilot survived, and helped a 
group of prisoners escape. Dack then joined the Alliance. He was Luke's gunner 
during the Battle of Hoth Unfortunatly, Dack was killed in the battle by a 
stray laser bolt.

                               * Derek Klivan *   

A native of the planet Ralltiir, this Alliance pilot was known to his comrades 
as "Hobbie". He served as Biggs Darklighter's executive officer aboard the Rand 
Ecliptic. Hobbie was known as a sceptic in his early years of service to the 
Alliance, but that seemed to change when he met Biggs. He was always eager to 
get into a starfighter and shoot down the enemy, much like a rookie on every 
flight. Hobbie served under Captain Heliesk on the Rand Ecliptic, and when 
Heliesk staged a mock mutiny and stole the Ecliptic from the shipyards of 
Bestine, Hobbie defected with Biggs and several others. Later in his career, 
Hobbie assisted in the defence of Echo Base on Hoth, and was later assigned to 
Wedge's Rogue Squadron as Rogue Six. Many of his comrades often said that 
Hobbie enjoyed bacta baths too much, and that he could crash any starship he 
touched. He was given the nickname Bugbite by Iella Wessiri, a reminder of 
their first meeting on Corellia, after Hobbie had been stung by a local insect. 
Shortly after the Imperial Remnant agreed to a peace treaty with the New 
Republic, Hobbie and most of the other veteran Rogues retired from active duty.

                               * Zev Senensca *

Zev grew up on Kestic Station, near Bestne. He and his parents were sympathetic 
to the Alliance, and worked to supply the Alliance with arms. When the Empire 
discovered their gun-running scheme, the Star Destroyer Merciless was sent to 
destroy the station. Zev was able to escape the destruction, and joined the 
Alliance soon after. He single-handedly held off three TIE fighters during the 
Alliance's evacuation of the Alis Point base. He later served at the Alliance 
outpost on Hoth, and was the snowspeeder pilot who found Han Solo and Luke 
Skywalker after they had been stuck outside all night. Unfortunately, Zev was 
killed in the battle.
                               * Wes Janson *   

A native of Taanab, Wes Janson joined the Alliance at Tierfon, and quickly 
showed his abilities as a pilot and sharpshooter. He gained True Gunner status 
while serving at Tierfon as an X-wing pilot in the Yellow Aces. It was while of 
Tierfon that Janson and Jek Porkins were forced to shoot down the rogue pilot 
Kiseek Doran. He came down with a strain of Hesken Fever just before the Battle 
of Yavin, and was unable to fly his X-Wing. Jek Porkins drew the duty of 
filling in for him, and the importance of this occurrence has haunted Janson 
ever since. He managed to recover, and eventually became a member of Rogue 
Squadron under Luke Skywalker. He served as Wedge Antilles' gunner in the 
Battle of Hoth, and was known by the callsign of Rogue Five. Janson was a 
native of the planet Coruscant. In the years which followed, Janson remained a 
fixture of Rogue Squadron, serving as the team's comic relief with Hobbie 
     He was reported dead when the Rogues were ambushed at Distna, while 
searching for evidence of Pulsar Station, but he was rescued by Booster Terrik 
and the Errant Venture and returned to Coruscant. After recovering from his 
injuries, Wes rejoined the squadron during the hunt for Prince-Admiral Krennel. 
Like most of the veterans of Rogue Squadron, Janson retired shortly after the 
negotiation of peace between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. 
However, his retirement did not last for long. With the arrival of the Yuuzhan 
Vong in the galaxy, Wes renewed his commission as Captain and took command of 
the Taanab Yellow Aces Squadron

                                * Kasan Moor *   

This woman was one of the best starfighter pilots the Empire recruited from the 
planet Alderaan. She was tops in her class, and moved quickly up the Imperial 
ranks until she was given the command of the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron 
shortly before the Battle of Hoth. However, by this time, Kasan had begun 
questioning her loyalties. The destruction of Alderaan by the first Death Star 
was an emotional blow, for Kasan dearly loved her family and friends who died 
in the cataclysm. She felt that she could no longer serve a government that 
would wantonly destroy people for its own ambitions. When the 128th was sent to 
intercept Rogue Squadron on the planet Gerrard V, Kasan offered herself and her 
ship as a defector, and joined the Alliance.

                               OTHER CHARACTERS

                                * Crix Madine * 

A Corellian General with the Alliance, his strict military background was 
formed during years of service to the Imperial Academy and the Empire. He took 
pride in the fact that, regardless of other Imperial squadrons' tactics, his 
team never took unnecessary liberties during a battle. However, when he began 
to see that his personal tactics were never going to be accepted, he tried to 
accept the Empire's ways himself. When this failed, he decided that it was time 
to seek out the Alliance. Using information on the Darktrooper project of Rom 
Mohc, Madine made his first contact with the Alliance. After his Storm 
Commandos were ordered to release the Candorian Plague on Dentaal, any vestige 
of support for the Empire left Madine completely. He erased all Imperial 
records of himself and sought out the Alliance. Mohc tracked him down and 
imprisoned him at Orinackra, but Kyle Katarn managed to rescue him. He made 
contact with his old friend, Carlist Rieekan, who put in some good words for 

When the Alliance accepted Madine, his Imperial training made him the logical 
choice to plan the assault on the second Death Star. There are rumours that the 
true reasons behind his defection deal with the receipt of a set of highly 
criminal orders from Emperor Palpatine himself. They so assaulted his 
sensibilities that he left the Empire. After Endor, he turned down a seat in 
the New Republic's Inner Council, preferring to remain with the Republic's 
growing military. He became the Republic's commander of Special Forces, drawing 
together a crack team of commandos who were prepared to enter any situation for 
the sake of the Republic. Not many of his accomplishments are known, due to 
their often-secret nature. The one mission that was lauded by the New Republic, 
unfortunately, was also his last. He had taken a small team to infiltrate the 
Hoth asteroid field and determine the status of Durga the Hutt's Death Star 
revision, the Darksaber. A series of mishaps left Madine alone; Korenn had died 
entering the asteroid field, and Trandia died giving Madine a hope for escape. 
Madine chose not to escape, and was captured by Durga's alien guards. Durga, 
pleased with himself for hatching the Darksaber plot and capturing Madine, 
executed Madine with a blaster bolt through the heart.

                                 * Hans Solo * 

Han Solo was born on Corellia. He was a good student, and caught the eye of 
Imperial Senator Garm Bel Iblis with his pointed questions during a school 
political rally when Han was 11. Some of his friends goaded him to ask Bel 
Iblis about the growing xenophobia in the Senate, as well as the apparent 
internal corruption in the Old Republic. This helped Han get an appointment to 
the Academy on Carida, where he excelled. Following his graduation, he was 
considered for Naval Officer's training, but he was sidetracked by Imperial 
atrocities against the Wookiee race. On a particular mission, Han tried 
successfully to rescue a Wookiee slave named Chewbacca. Chewbacca claimed a 
life-debt to Han even as Han was receiving a dishonorable discharge from the 
Imperial Navy. They were forced to flee Imperial control and live their lives 
at the fringes of the lawful world. 

For a number of years, Han tried to shake Chewie, who was always at his side. 
Even though Han took the worst kinds of jobs, Chewie stuck with him. 
Eventually, Han realized the depth of a Wookiee life debt, and accepted Chewie 
as part of his life. Han was awarded a second-level set of Corellian 
Bloodstripes for his bravery and selflessness in rescuing Chewbacca. (It is 
unknown at this time how Han earned his first-level Bloodstripes.) They turned 
to smuggling, using Han's starship knowledge and Chewie's muscular and 
mechanical skills to quickly gain recognition in the smugglers' world. Han's 
skills at gambling became equally sharp, and in a famous Sabacc match, he 
managed to win the smuggling ship Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. With 
a ship and a partner, Han had many adventures. He spent a number of years based 
on Nar Shaddaa, working with Shug Ninx and falling in and out of love with 
Salla Zend. He left that life behind to work in the Corporate Sector, and spent 
a number of years there with Doc, Jessa, and Roa. 

After all these adventures, Han ended up in the domain of Moruth Doole and 
Jabba the Hutt. Han was one of many pilots who were contracted to make the 
Kessel Run and smuggle spice out from beneath Imperial control. Han made the 
run a number of times, once in under twelve parsecs. However, his last run 
almost cost him his life. He was set up by Doole, who was in the process of 
being set up by Jabba the Hutt, and the Imperials were tipped of as to the time 
of Han's Run. In order to escape the Imperials, Han was forced to dump Jabba's 
spice and flee. This earned him a death mark from Jabba, and Han was again 
forced to go underground. In an effort to make some extra credits and pay off 
Jabba, Han accepted Obi-Wan Kenobi's offer of 17,000 credits to transport 
Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and C-3PO to Alderaan. The mission was 
sidetracked as the Millennium Falcon was captured by the first Death Star. Han 
and Luke rescued Princess Leia Organa, and brought her to Yavin 4. Han tried to 
leave with his reward money and pay Jabba off, but his conscience interfered 
again. He destroyed Darth Vader's wingmen and gave Luke the time he needed to 
destroy the Death Star. 

Following the Battle of Yavin, Han spent time with the Alliance, helping them 
gain key victories against the Empire while trying to stay one step ahead of 
Jabba's mercenaries. He was even promoted to the rank of General in the 
Alliance. After a close call with a bounty hunter on Ord Mantell, Han again 
tried to return and pay Jabba, only to be forced to Cloud City while escaping 
Darth Vader and the Imperial Navy. During this time, he and Princess Leia began 
to fall in love. This trip reunited Han with Lando Calrissian, but led to Han's 
being tracked by Boba Fett, imprisoned in carbonate, and returned to Jabba for 
the reward money. Han was freed by an elaborate plot by Luke Skywalker on 
Tattooine, and Han rejoined the Alliance to lead the ground assault on the 
forest moon of Endor. His timely destruction of the second Death Star's main 
shield helped the Alliance destroy the space station and the Emperor, thus 
ending the Imperial Civil War and restoring the Republic. 

Following the formation of the New Republic, Han and Leia tried to continue 
their relationship, but Leia's duties often interfered. Han resigned his 
commission with the New Republic, but stayed on as a freelance pilot. Following 
the Battle of Bakura and the fighting on Dathomir, Han and Leia were finally 
married. Their marriage produced twin children - Jaina, a daughter; and Jacen, 
a son - as well as a second son, Anakin. Leia's Force sensitivity was passed 
onto all of the children, and this made them prime targets for the Jedi clone 
Joruus C'Baoth and the reborn Emperor Palpatine. Han and Leia continued to 
protect their children against the Imperial threat. During a vacation from his 
wife's Republic world, Han and Chewie were shot down over Kessel, and captured 
by Moruth Doole's forces. He was forced to work the spice mines for Doole, 
which led him to discover Kyp Durron and the Maw Installation. Han's friendship 
with Kyp helped avoid serious damage when Kyp was corrupted by Exar Kun's 

Despite the fact that Han had resigned from service to the Republic after his 
marriage to Leia, he was often pressed into service. One of those times 
occurred during the Yevethan Purge. After Etahn A'baht was unable to blockade 
the Koornacht Cluster, Han was temporarily promoted to Commodore and placed in 
command of the Fifth Battle Group. This move was designed to keep Leia's 
supporters, as well as the supporters of Borsk Fey'lya, from arguing over the 
position and focused on the battle. However, the deceit of Tig Peramis provided 
this information to Nil Spaar, who sent several of his Interdictor cruisers to 
intercept Han's shuttle before it reached the fleet. Han was tortured and 
interrogated by Spaar himself. Later, Han was instrumental in the resolution of 
the problems in the Corellian Sector, overcoming the Human League and the 
actions of his cousin, Thrackan Sal-Solo. Han and Chewbacca continued to serve 
the New Republic, despite the fact that they had resolved their commissions 
long ago. 

At fifty-four years old, however, Han met his match when the Yuuzhan Vong 
invaded the galaxy. During a rescue mission to Sernipdal, Chewbacca was 
stranded on the planet while trying to ensure that Han and his son, Anakin 
Solo, made it to the Millennium Falcon. Chewie died saving them, and Han 
immediately blamed Anakin, who had been piloting the Falcon. He soon realized 
that there was no fault to be given in Chewie's death, since the Wookiee was 
simply honouring a life-debt with all his strength and energy. This did nothing 
to soothe Han's heart, though, and he distanced himself from his friends and 
family while trying to come to terms with his grief. He found an outlet when 
Roa asked him to help locate Reck Desh. Han took off for Ord Mantell, only to 
have Roa captured by the Yuuzhan Vong. As Han fled the Jubilee Wheel, he found 
an unexpected ally and friend in Droma, a nomadic Ryn. However, Han's 
relationship with Leia deteriorated when he explained that he was headed back 
out to find Roa and help Droma locate his family. Their estrangement only 
worsened in the aftermath of the Battle of Fondor. Han remained behind, helping 
to get Droma and his family settled on Abregado-rae, then helping Roa recover 
from his captivity. Leia continued to work with SELCORE, and refused to meet 
Han on Coruscant. After the loss of Kalarba, Han ran into Leia on Duro, and 
they decided to stop being foolish and restore their lives.

                                 * Chewbacca * 

Born on Kashyyyk around 183 PE, Chewbacca (Chewie, for short) grew up without a 
great deal of human intervention. He excelled the various hand-to-hand combat 
skills a Wookiee is taught, and also gained a great deal of mechanical 
aptitude. At the age of 80 (WEG has him leaving at age 50, SCRE at 80), he left 
Kashyyyk to explore the stars. For 60 years (WEG says 140, SCRE says 60 years), 
he answered to no one but himself, until the Empire declared Wookiees a slave 
commodity. Chewie captured as a rogue Wookiee and imprisoned, where her heard 
about the Imperial mandate, and he spent the next 30 years doing hard labour in 
the Empire's slave camps. Note that this assumes the Empire existed for more 
than 30 years, which is debatable. 

Chewie was doomed to a short life when an Imperial Navy trainee named Han Solo 
rescued him. Chewie claimed a life-debt to Han, and the two fled Imperial 
observation and began living underground as smugglers. Chewie's physical 
strength and mechanical abilities made him a formidable partner, and he and Han 
had many adventures during the 15 years prior to taking on Obi-Wan Kenobi and 
Luke Skywalker for passage to Alderaan. Chewie's actions in rescuing Princess 
Leia and helping Han Solo give Luke some breathing room during the Battle of 
Yavin earned him a commendation from the Alliance. His life-debt to Han Solo 
kept Chewie active. Following Han's need to repay Jabba the Hutt, he continued 
to help the Alliance, becoming a part of the ground assault team that disabled 
the shield generator on Endor's Sanctuary moon, allowing the Alliance to 
destroy the second Death Star. 

Following the formation of the New Republic and Han's resignation from the 
Republic, Chewie and Han continued to assist the Republic as pilots, and Chewie 
was forced to expand his hnor family to include Princess Leia following her 
marriage to Han Solo. Chewie's family continued to grow after the births of 
Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo. Chewie became a guardian of Jacen and Jaina 
after their return from Anoth, but the siblings eluded him and got lost in the 
underground of Imperial City. Chewie and C-3PO managed to find them. On a 
vacation flight to Kessel with Han, Chewie and Han were shot down over the 
planet and forced to work in the spice mines. Their escape led them to the Maw 
Installation, and a group of Wookiee slaves still under Imperial domination. 
After convincing the Republic's leaders that they needed to establish an 
occupation of the Installation, Chewie also lobbied for the Republic to rescue 
the enslaved Wookiees. He was granted permission to accompany the occupation 
team and free the Wookiees. He was successful in rescuing the Wookiees, and 
helped get them out of the Installation before Daala destroyed it. 

Even though Han retired from active duty to spend time with his family, 
Chewbacca never left his side. His life-debt to Han had grown to encompass the 
entire Solo family. During the initial stages of Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Han, 
Anakin, and Chewbacca were on Sernpidal, helping Lando Calrissian with a 
shipment. They were on the planet when the Yuuzhan Vong used a dovin basal to 
draw the moon Dobido into an impact trajectory with Sernpidal, and were 
assisting with the evacuation effort when Anakin and Chewie were trapped on 
stony outcropping. Recognizing that Dobido was going to crash any second, 
Chewbacca flung Anakin onto the landing ramp of the Millennium Falcon, ensuring 
Anakin's survival. When Han realized Chewie didn't get onboard, he ordered 
Anakin to fly back while he searched for Chewie. Anakin, torn between his love 
for Chewie and the cargo hold full of refugees, was forced to retreat before 
the Falcon was destroyed. Chewbacca died on Sernpidal while giving the highest 
service to his life-debt. Han grieved for a long time before he could come to 
grips with the realization that Anakin hadn't killed Chewie, but that the 
Wookiee had saved them all.

                                  * Rieekan * 

A native of Alderaan, Rieekan was the Rebel General in charge of Echo Base on 
Hoth, just prior to the Battle of Hoth. He joined the Army of the Republic when 
he was 17, and returned to Alderaan for active duty. There, he became a secret 
member of the Alliance, and was assisting with the inspection of the satellite 
transmitters around Delaya when the Death Star moved into position near 
Alderaan. He knew that Tarkin had been secretly building the battle station, 
but felt that any transmission warning Alderaan about it would result in the 
Empire's knowledge of the security breech. He held off in warning Alderaan, but 
Tarkin destroyed the planet anyway. This single incident hardened Rieekan's 
resolve to never hesitate in battle, and to never let the Empire surprise him 

After fleeing Delaya with as many of the Alliance's personnel as possible, 
Rieekan continued to assist the Alliance as commander of Echo Base on Hoth. It 
was his foresight and planning that allowed the Alliance to escape from Hoth, 
once its location was discovered by one of Darth Vader's probe droids. 
Following the loss of Echo Base, Rieekan continued to assist the Alliance, as 
well as the New Republic, as a General in the armed forces. After Leia Organa-
Solo was chosen as the Republic's Chief of State, Rieekan accepted a promotion 
to Minister of State. He later became the head of New Republic intelligence 
before retiring. Unfortunately, Rieekan was called out of retirement during the 
Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, to act as the commander of Coruscant's 
Planetary Defence Force.

                               * Moff Seerdon * 

This Imperial Moff was one of the first individuals to recognize the true 
importance of bacta to the Alliance. Many Imperial officers and leaders felt 
that the control of arms and foodstuffs would eventually choke out the 
Alliance, while Seerdon realized that the Alliance would keep on fighting until 
it could no longer sustain itself. He felt that, in order to eliminate the 
Alliance's forces, the Empire would have to control bacta. Keeping the healing 
fluid from the Alliance would mean that it couldn't restore its wounded troops, 
thereby reducing its numbers and eliminating resistance. He sought to control 
the world of Thyferra, but was kept from achieving his goals by the combined 
efforts of Rogue Squadron and the Alliance, dying the process.

** 7. - Craft                                                                **

Thanks to Patrick Conroy who donated just about all of the in-depth information 
given for each craft. THANK YOU.

                                 I - X-Wing
                                II - Y-Wing
                               III - A-Wing
                                IV - Speeder
                                 V - V-Wing
                                VI - Millennium Falcon
                               VII - Naboo Starfighter
                              VIII - T-16
                                IX - TIE Interceptor
                                 X - AT-ST

                                 * I - X-Wing *   

The common name for the Incom T-65c A2 Starfighter, this is a 12.5-meter snub 
fighter with two wings that split in two by activating S-foils. This allows for 
greater manoeuvrability and firing accuracy; each of the split wings has its 
own laser cannon (total of four). It is a single-pilot ship, with an R2 
astromech droid socket. The R2 unit is used in place of a navigationa computer. 
It is extremely manoeuvrable, even at its top sublight speed of 110 MGLT. It 
has also been clocked at 1,050 kilometres per hour in an atmosphere. Incom 
designed the X-Wing just before the Empire stopped contracting out naval 
construction. The Empire believed that Incom was infiltrated by Alliance 
sympathizers, and relieved the X-Wing team of duty. The X-Wing team then 
defected to the Alliance, flying out with all the X-Wing prototypes and the 
starfighter's plans. Their parting gesture to the Empire was to destroy all 
records of the X-Wing in Incom and Imperial databases. The Alliance then began 
to produce the X-Wing themselves, recognizing its potential. It continued to 
gain acceptance after the Galactic Civil War due to its manoeuvrability and 

Several upgrades and modifications from the liberated Incom design team didn't 
yield major improvements until the advent of the T-65d A1, which eliminated the 
astromech droid in favour of more computer power to provide the pilot with more 
in-flight options in terms of manoeuvrability and management of shipboard 
resources. The T-65c A2 boasts the following shipboard components: Incom GBk-
585 Hyperdrive Motivation Unit, Incom MKI Drive Module, 4 wing-mounted Incom 
4j.4 Fusial Thrust Engines (some models use Incom 4L4 Fusial thrusters), IN-
344-B Sightline Holographic Crosshairs, 4 Taim and Bak IX4 Laser Cannons (some 
models use Taim and Bak KX9 laser cannons), Fabritech ANq 3.6 Target Tracker, 
Fabritech ANs-5d Sensor Unit, Fabritech k-blakan Mini Sensor, S-foil Activator, 
Gax Revival Life Support System, Guidenhauser Ejection Seat, Novaldex O-4Z 
Ionisation Reactor, Chempat Defender Shield Projector (rated at 50 SBD), 
Cryogenic Power Cells, Torplex Rq8.Y Avionics Control Package, Carbanti 
Universal Transceiver Package, Melihat Multi-Imager Dedicated Energy Receptor, 
Tana Ire Electro-photo Receptor, Long Range Phased Tachyon Detection Array 
Model Number PA-9r, Short Range Primary Threat Analysis Grid Number PG-7u, 
Bertriak Screamer Active Jammer, Krupx MG7 Proton Torpedo Launchers (2 racks of 
3), Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 20 RU), Transparisteel Canopy, R2 Astromech 
Navigation Droid, 4 Exhaust Nacelles, Sarylcorp Reactant Agitator Injector, 
Surge Vent and Extinguisher

The X-Wing is the standard Rebel spacecraft for Rogue Squadron. Its 
manoeuvrability is just behind that of the A-Wings and V-Wings. It can do flips 
and rolls which flying, which are surprisingly useful. The secondary weapons 
are Proton Torpedoes. These are missiles with huge penetrating damage. Six are 
given at the start of a mission, with the stock being replenished if you should 
die or crash. When flying for a large distance, you may close the S-Foils of 
the craft to make it go much faster. While the S-Foils are closed, you CANNOT 
fire a blaster or secondary weapon. The X-Wing's shields give a good enough 

Overall: 95%

                               * II - Y-Wing *

This is the common name of the Koensayr BTL Longprobe Starfighter. Originally 
designed for long-range reconnaissance, this J-type snub fighter has twin-
propulsion systems behind a single cockpit. The BTL-A4 is a 16-meter-long, one-
man fighter with space for an astromech droid. The BTL-S3 is a two-man fighter, 
also equipped with an astromech droid. They can make 80 MGLT at sublight 
speeds, and can manoeuvre at 1,000 kilometres per hour in an atmosphere. 
Because the Y-Wing required constant repairs, the Alliance - and many other 
independent parties - stripped off the outer hull covering the craft, aft of 
the cockpit, to make repairs easier to execute. The durability of the Y-Wing 
made it a staple in the Alliance's starfighter corps, and it was rumoured that 
the Alliance lost more Y-Wings than any other ship type during the Galactic 
Civil War. 
It boasts the following shipboard systems: Gax Revival Life Support System, R2 
Astromech Unit for Navigation, 2 ArMek SW4 Laser Cannons mounted on top, 
Titanium Reinforced Alusteel Alloy Hull (rated at 40 RU), Thiodyne O-3R 
Ionisation Reactor, Koensayr R300-H Hyperdrive Motivation Unit, Long Range 
Phased Tachyon Detection Array Model Number PA-9r, Short Range Primary Threat 
Analysis Grid Number PG-7u, 2 Disk Ventrals for manoeuvring, Cryogenic Power 
Cells, Subpro NH-7 Avionics Control Package, Fabritech ANs-5d Sensor Unit, SI 
5G7 Quickscan Vector Imaging Crosshairs, 2 Koensayr R200 Ion Fission Engines, 2 
Taim and Bak KX5 Laser Cannons mounted on nose (early versions and many BTL-
S3's used IX4 cannons), Novaldex Power Generator, Chempat Shield Projector 
(rated at 75 SBD), 2 Exhaust Nacelles, Fabritech ANc-2.7 Tracking Computer, 
Arakyd Flex Tube Proton Torpedo Launchers (2 racks of 4 each)

The Y-Wing, being slow and cumbersome, is usually only used as a bombing craft 
in RS. It can do flips and rolls, but alas, there are slow to be done. This 
craft's shields are amazingly high, which barely compensates for it's slow 
speed. There are two missile turrets, which fire at a slow rate (to me, at any 
rate), which make it tough to bring down fighters. The secondary weapons for 
the Y-Wing are bombs. These give excellent damage to a structure, though to a 
small area. Twenty of these can be carried at a time. The Y-Wing also has an 
Ion Cannon fixed above its cockpit. These are used to disable craft, and make 
them stand still. This feature is used little though.

Overall: 49%

                              * III - A-Wing * 

The generalized name of the Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 Starfighter, this ship was 
designed from the R-22 Spearhead. It was a flat, one-man, wedged-shaped snub 
fighter built for the Alliance after the loss of Echo Base and prior to the 
Battle of Endor. The A-Wing was designed, as its name implies, by Jan Dodonna 
and Walex Blissex. Because the Alliance was short on funds, most A-Wings were 
custom-built in private shops. The ship Tycho Celchu flew at the Battle of 
Endor had its cockpit inlaid with Fijisi wood. It measured 9.6 meters in 
length, and was designed for interception and long-range reconnaissance. A 
unique feature of the A-wing is the short hydro-servo bearing installed in each 
wingtip, allowing the pilot to tilt the laser cannons up to 60 degrees up or 
down. Its top sublight speed is 120 MGLT, and can manoeuvre at 1,300 kilometres 
per hour in an atmosphere. It has limited NavCom capabilities, being able to 
calculate only two jumps before requiring recalibration. It boasts the 
following shipboard systems: MPS Bpr-99 Power Core and Fusion Reactor, Twin 
Novaldex J-77 Event Horizon Engines, Torplex Rq9.Z Advanced Avionics Control, 
Microaxial LpL-449 NavCom Unit, Incom GBk-785 Hyperdrive Motivation Unit, Long 
Range Phased Tachyon Detection Array Model Number PA-9r, Short Range Primary 
Threat Analysis Grid Number PG-7u, Fabritech ANq 3.6 Target Tracker, 2 Borstel 
RG-9 Laser Cannons, Dymek HM-6 Concussion Missile Launchers (up to 6 missiles), 
Sirplex Z-9 Shield Projector (50 SBD), Fabritech ANs-7e Sensor Unit, IN-3444-B 
Sightline Holographic Crosshairs and Titanium Alloy Hull (15 RU).

The fastest ship in the Rebel Alliance's fleet, the A-Wing can travel over land 
extremely quickly and without tire. While it gets few standard missions in 
Rogue Squadron, this may be due to the lack of suitability of the missions 
given. The shields are short in supply, which is almost made up for by its 
speed. The laser cannons are ok, two turrets, but at a faster rate than the Y-
Wings' blasters. Secondary Weapons come in Missile-form here, though the A-
Wing's missiles are slightly less powerful than the X-Wing's Proton Torpedoes. 

Overall: 76%

                               * IV - Speeder *  

An Incom Airspeeder, which can transport 2 passengers and limited cargo. 
Because of the T-47's 250-kilometre ceiling, the Alliance modified them for 
military use on the frozen world of Hoth. Alliance technicians added two fire-
linked laser cannons, a power harpoon, and heavier shields. These craft could 
attain speeds of nearly 570 kilometres per hour.                              

The Airspeeder can't really be compared to the other spacecraft. It is only 
used as a land craft, more so than the others. Despite its name, it doesn't 
really move very fast at all, and its manoeuvrability is even worse. It cannot 
do rolls or flips, probably because it is a land-hugger. The blasters are 
average, and the secondary weapons are non-existent. Instead of a cool missile 
or bomb or something, the Speeder gets... A Tow-Cable! It's only used for 
wrapping around the legs of AT-Arts, though it takes time. One good thing about 
it is that you cannot crash into flat into horizontal ground... Not that I ever 
would... >_> <_<... Anyway, I dislike the Speeder for many reasons.

Overall: 63%

                                * V - V-Wing *   

An Airspeeder used by the New Republic at the first Battle of Calamari, it was 
designed by Slayn & Korpil to be an all-environment speeder and an interface 
transport used to move the speeder from its docking space. The transport 
section is loaded in order, and can carry four or six transports. They 
transport is then launched, and plunges through the atmosphere under 
snubfighter escort. The speeder pilots enter their ships during this plunge, 
moving through sleeves to their ships. When all is ready, the speeders are 
launched from the transport, which disengages from any battles. It flies back 
to the parent ship, to refuel and be ready to launch more speeders. The four-
speeder transport, designated Model A, is 20 meters long; the six-speeder 
version is the Model B, and is 27 meters long. The transport is unarmed. The 
speeder is 6.3 meters in length, and is armed with a double blaster cannon. The 
speeder's design allows it to channel air into Chab-Ylwoum scramjet intake 
channels, which help the craft obtain speed (the base 1,000 kilometres an hour 
can be boosted to 1,400 kph) but reduce manoeuvrability.

The V-Wing is a new addition to the Rebel Fleet. Its blasters are worthless 
until you switch on the Rapid Fire Mode. Then, you can shoot about twenty 
blasts per second, though you should be careful - they burnout quickly. The V-
Wing's secondary weapons are cluster missiles, which I don't think are very 
good until the seeker power-up is received. Then, they are incredibly useful. 
One shot can take out about five fighters, given that each hits at different 
fighter. Also, the V-Wing has booster jets, which give it speed much faster 
than the A-Wing, but only for five seconds or so. 

Overall: 87%

                          * VI - Millennium Falcon *

The Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's souped-up YT-1300 smuggling ship, which has 
been modified from its "original" specifications over the years. Han came to 
own it after winning it in a Sabacc game from Lando Calrissian. Lando had won 
the Falcon in an earlier sabacc match at Bespin, just before he started hunting 
for the Treasure of Rafa. He had no idea how to pilot it, but he recognized its 
abilities. As he grew to become a better pilot, Lando continued to upgrade the 
ship's systems, and it became his primary mode of transportation. After Han and 
Lando (had just completed a run of the Kessel Spice Mines together/got together 
on Bespin), Lando was in a gambling mood. He was running low on credits, so he 
added Han's choice of any ship in his used ship lot. Han chose the Falcon from 
among the Junkers, much to Lando's dismay. Once Han got control of it, he added 
a non-spec Imperial power plant and Hyperdrive system, as well as an impressive 
amount of armament: upper and lower quad laser cannons, an underside sweep gun, 
multiple forward laser gun pods, and a pair of concussion missile tubes. The 
ship continued to astound those not familiar with its military-issue components 
and higher than normal lift/mass ratio. 
        The ships' central ladder-well, leading to the upper and lower quad-
laser cannons, is equipped with separate gravity generators, allowing the two 
people manning the cannons to operate in reciprocal gravity fields. After the 
Battle of Bakura, the Falcon was swapped back and forth by Han and Lando in a 
series of Sabacc matches. Lando won the Falcon finally, but opted to give it to 
Han as a gift, in order to end the inane series of card games. 

The Millennium Falcon contains much of its original systems, as well as many 
modifications: a Novaldex Stasis-type Shield Generator, a Koensayr TLB Power 
Converter, a Fabritech Sensor Array Controller/Interpreter, a Chedak Frequency 
Agile Subspace Radio, a Fabritech ANy-20 Active Sensor Package, an Imperial IFF 
Transponder, a Corellian Engineering Corporation Emergency Power Generator, a 
retractable Taim and Bak Auto Blaster Cannon, a Quadex Power Core, 2 Escape 
Pods, a Hanx-Wargel SuperFlow IV Shipboard Computer, a Torplex Tandem Flight 
Computer, an Incom N21-4 Power Converter, a Corellian Engineering Corporation 
Subspace Hyperdrive, a KDY Aft Deflector Shield Generator, a Seinar Fleet 
Systems Active Sensor Pulse Generator, Cryonic Reserve Power Cells, a Torplex 
Fore Deflector Shield Generator, a Siep-Irol Passive Sensor Antenna, a Carbanti 
Signal-Augmented Sensor Jammer, a Carbanti 29L Electromagnetic Countermeasures 
Package, a Nordoxicon-38 Anti-concussion Field Generator, a Corellstand C-8 
Life Support System, 2 Arakyd ST2 Concussion Missile Launchers (2 racks of 4), 
an Ion Flux Stabilizer with Alluvial Dampers, a KapriCorp Acceleration 
Compensator, a Microaxial HyD Modular NavCom Unit, Gelieg 20m-Cp Strobe/C-beam 
Lamps, an Enlarged/modified Cargo Bay, and an Ax-108 Surface Defence Cannon. 

In the years following the births of Han Solo's three children, he began 
refitting the Millennium Falcon and removing some of its more military 
components, in favour of safety and security. The concussion missile launchers 
were the first weapons removed, making it easier to load and unload cargo. 
During the struggle to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong, Han painted the Falcon with 
matte-black paint, hoping to make it harder to spot. In this way, he hoped to 
work with Droma to locate and rescue Roa and the Ryn's family.

In Rogue Squadron, however, the Millennium Falcon is shitty. It's manoeuvrable, 
yes, and it has good blasters from the turret on top. They are linked to two at 
a time and are pretty powerful, and the firing rate is pretty quick, too. The 
shields are pretty good too, though the ship is pretty bulky, and always seems 
to get in the way onscreen. Its secondary weapons are Torpedoes. To be honest, 
I don't think you should use this ship for a serious attempt at any mission. 
Use it for fun only. Another problem I have with it is that its blasters are 
locked to any Imperial target, and don't always go where you want them too. 

Overall: 54%

                          * VII - Naboo Starfighter *

The Theed Place Space Vessel Engineering Corps created this starfighter design 
for the use of the Royal Naboo Air Defence Fleet. It is a sleek, needle-shaped 
craft with two short wings. It uses an astromech droid to offload key functions 
from the single pilot. Unlike future designs which load the astromech from the 
top, the smaller N-1 loads the droid from the bottom. The legs and lower body 
fit snugly into position, and the droid's head is raised up to extend above the 
fuselage. This allows greater connectivity to the ship's computers and frees up 
valuable space. The wings support a pair of modified Nubian 221 sublight 
engines arranged in a J-type, or twin-radial, configuration, which makes the 
craft extremely manoeuvrable in atmospheres. 
      The N-1 is also equipped with a Nubian Monarc C-4 hyperdrive for 
interstellar travel. The ship is armed with a pair of laser cannons and a 
Proton torpedo launcher, and has a sophisticated sensor and shielding suite. 
Overall, the N-1 fighter measures 11 meters in length. The distinctive rat-
tail, which extends from the rear of the ship houses a computer communications 
package that allows ground-based controllers on Naboo to relay battle 
information to each N-1 starfighter while in combat. In keeping with the Naboo 
culture and ecology, the N-1 is also equipped with propulsion systems that 
produce a limited amount of emissions. The ship's yellow fuselage was 
contrasted with a highly polished chromium finish, which indicated that the 
ship served the ruler of Naboo.

In the PC Version of Rogue Squadron, you must download a patch to receive the 
Naboo Starfighter in your game. The Naboo Starfighter is, in my option, the 
best ship in the game. It flies with excellent speed and manoeuvrability. 
Shields are slightly less powerful than the X-Wing, but its speed making it a 
tougher target to hit. Its blasters have two turrets, are more powerful than 
other ships' (though I dislike the green colour ^_^), and are also very 
accurate. The secondary weapon is powerful enough, though doesn't lock on quick 
enough when upgraded to Seeker status. The N-1 can do flips and rolls with 
ease, also. Seeing as how it is not a standard default craft, you can use the 
N-1 in most missions.

Overall: 100%

(Link to N-1 Update:

                                * VIII - T-16 *

The T-16, a three-winged, triangular craft built by Incom for terrestrial 
transportation. Similar in controls to an X-Wing, they are often referred to as 
Skyhoppers. The T-16 was equipped with an E-16/x ion engine afterburner, in 
addition to a pair of DCJ-45 repulsor lift engines, which gave it a top 
cruising speed of 1,200 kilometres per hour, as well as a 300 kilometre 
ceiling. The 5.2-meter craft was armed only with a single laser cannon and 
carried no shields. Luke Skywalker's uncle Owen Lars purchased a T-16 for him 
to use on Tatooine, which Luke used to fly the canyons and shoot womprats
The T-16 Skyhopper is only used in one mission. The mission is a bonus, where 
you must race three other members of Rogue Squadron through Begger's Canyon, on 
Luke's home planet. There are no shields and no secondary weapon. Also, there 
is only one blaster turret, which make for tough shooting. It can do flips and 
rolls, though. It is also the slowest craft available, apart from the AT-ST. I 
don't know why but, despite its low stats and uselessness, I really like the T-
16... It's just so... cool! Especially the three-wing-thing. 

Overall: 15% (Compared to the other ships) 

                           * IX - TIE Interceptor *

Three words - TIE. Interceptors. Pwn. 

One of the three Imperial craft available to fly, the TIE Interceptor is one of 
my favourite ships in the game. Powered by twin ION engines, the TIE 
Interceptor is quick, manoeuvrable, and tough to take down. In Rogue Squadron, 
however, it is the most common foe you come across, though, lacking in shields, 
it can be taken down with a few direct hits. Its blasters are excellent too, 
firing quickly and penetrating in a flash of green. There is no secondary 
weapon for the Interceptor. View the Enemies section for more information on 
the TIE Interceptor.

Overall: 91%

                                 * X - AT-ST *

Pointless, really. I have absolutely no idea why the AT-ST was included in the 
game available to fly... It is stuck to walking around on the ground. Slowly, 
too. I'd prefer to use an AT-AT. Really. Its cool to play with at times. To 
unlock this vehicle, type 'chicken' into the passcodes section. It will not 
show up in the Rebel hangar, though it IS actually there once you start the 
mission. You cannot use it in missions like... the Battle on Calamari, as there 
is a lot of water involved, and the AT-ST would be deemed even more useless 
than ever. The blasters are ok, though the firing rate isn't great. There are 
no secondary weapons. Shields are at minimum. As you would expect, you cannot 
do flips or rolls. View the Enemies section for more information on the AT-ST.

Overall: Pointless

** 8. - Other Alliance Craft                                                 **

                         I - Lambda-Class Shuttle
                        II - Sentinel-Class Shuttle
                       III - Sorosubb PLY-3000
                        IV - Y-4 Transport
                         V - Gallowfree Yards Medium Transport
                        VI - Bespin Motors Storm IV Cloud Cars
                       VII - Corellian CR90 Corvette
                      VIII - Armoured Hovertrain 

                         * I - Lambda-Class Shuttle *

Three-winged transportation used by the Empire, it is also built in a military 
configuration as the Cygnus Spaceworks T-4a shuttle. The Lambda-class shuttle 
was designed to swiftly transport personnel and cargo between ships in the 
Imperial fleet. Sienar Fleet Systems built the original shuttles to carry up to 
twenty passengers in relative safety, for the Lambda-class has standard 
reinforced hull plating and multiple shield generators. The Lambda-class is 
also fitted with a hyperdrive for travel between fleets. The basic Sienar 
Lambda-class shuttle measured 20 meters in length, and was armed with three 
double blaster cannons and two double laser cannons. It was designed to have a 
crew compliment of four, with two additional positions for communications and 
power regulation.
The Defection on Corellia, Search for the Nonah, Blockade on Chandrila and 
Rendezvous on Barkesh missions both have Lambda-Style-Shuttles on the Alliance 
side. Lambda-Classes in Rogue Squadron are usually used for collecting Rebels 
(like Crix Madine, for instance). Personal transport, really.

                        * II - Sentinel-Class Shuttle *

This Sienar Fleet Systems' design was derived from the Lambda-class shuttle, 
retaining the Lambda's triple-wing design. As with the Lambda, the Sentinel's 
two lower wings fold during landing. The Sentinel differs from the Lambda in 
terms of cargo space and weapons. There are eight retractable laser cannons 
mounted on the hull, two concussion missile launchers, a retractable ion 
cannon, and a pair of retractable repeating blaster cannons mounted beneath the 
cockpit. This weapons system of retractable mounts means the Sentinel-class is 
sleek and aerodynamic when swift transport is needed, but it can handle its own 
in a fight. The Sentinel also has enhanced armour plating for defence. The 20-
meter-long central section of the Sentinel is widened and elongated to allow 
for the transport of up to 54 soldiers and six speeder bikes, and drives the 
length of the craft to 20 meters. The Sentinel-class was introduced after the 
Battle of Yavin, but never became widely used in the Imperial fleet. Following 
the Battle of Endor, SFS allowed Cygnus SpaceWorks to build their own version 
of the Sentinel, and the craft became available to private, pro-Imperial 
concerns. In this way, it also found its way into New Republic fleets via front 

Sentinel-Class Shuttles are the stronger of the two types of Shuttle seen in 
Rogue Squadron. You will see them in Prisons of Kessel only on the side of the 
Alliance. The Rebels don't use shuttles for dropping mechanical units, but that 
is their primary function, such as the one Imperials use them for. The Rebels 
use them as passenger or cargo transports (from what I can tell in Rogue 
Squadron). Crix Madine's personal transport is a Sentinel-Class Shuttle.

                          * III - Sorosuub PLY-3000 *

SoroSuub's personal luxury yacht, the PLY 3000 is a 50-meter starship which has 
three main levels: the main deck, which features a full galley, six deluxe 
cabins, a dining area, and the bridge; an engineering level below the main 
deck; and an observation area above the main deck, in the rear. The ship is 
armed with a single laser cannon, but has minimal shielding. The PLY 3000 alsop 
has limited Hyperdrive capability. These appear on the Taloraan and Gerrard V 
missions. They aren't really to be fired at though.

                             * IV - Y-4 Transport *

A transport ship built by Incom, the Y-4 was designed for military duty. It was 
introduced to the Empire shortly before Incom was nationalized, and so never 
gained much popularity due to its assumed "Rebel" creators. Following the 
Battle of Endor, the Imperial Warlord Zsinj began using these ships as part of 
his Raptors squadron, thus the nickname Raptor became added to the Y-4 
designation. At just under thirty meters, the Y-4 is a small ship. Its design 
is simple: a thin, deep body with basic engines and weapons. The unique thing 
about the Y-4 is its S-Foil-controlled wings, which aid the ship when dropping 
off cargo. Though small, the wings greatly stabilize the transport during 
military missions. The primary role of the Y-4 is the ferrying of troops and 
supplies between starships. It can accommodate up to forty troops and four AT-
ST scout walkers. These can be delivered to docking bays or ground sites by via 
three folding access ramps on the left side. The military version of the Y-4 
comes with a pair of forward-mounted laser cannons and a recessed concussion 
missile launcher. A civilian version of the Y-4 was eventually produced, 
lacking the weaponry, armour plating, and enhanced engines of the military 
version. The Y-4 only appears once in Rogue Squadron, and that is even brief. 
It is a cut-scene in Mission Twelve, Escape From Fest.

                   * V - Gallowfree Yards Medium Transport *

Developed and manufactured by Gallofree Yards, this clamshell-hulled craft was 
noted for its ability to carry virtually any type of cargo. The upper and lower 
sections of the hull could be opened independently, so that modular cargo 
crates could be loaded in a variety of configurations. At ninety meters in 
length, the Gallofree Medium Transport could accommodate up to 19,000 metric 
tons of cargo. It required a crew of six to operate, and was originally 
designed with quarters for up to forty passengers. In its basic configuration, 
the Gallofree Medium Transport was armed with four turret-mounted twin laser 
cannons, and was giving an enhanced shielding package to handle the various 
cargo configurations.

                   * VI - Bespin Motors Storm IV Cloud Car *

One of Bespin Motor's cloud cars, the seven-meter-long Storm IV is a twin-pod 
car with handling and propulsion characteristics similar to a B-Wing fighter. 
They are driven by a Quadex Kyromaster ion engine, modified to fit between the 
small pods. Each pod can hold a single passenger. The Storm IV can reach a 
maximum cruising speed of 1,500 kilometres per hours, with a flight ceiling of 
250 kilometres. They are also armed with two fire-linked blaster cannons. In 
Rogue Squadron, they are only seen in Mission Eleven, Battle Above Taloraan. 
They do little to help the Alliance in that mission, though.

                       * VII - Corellian CR90 Corvette *

A hammer-headed, fast transport ship built by the Corellian Engineering 
Corporation, often used as blockade-runners because of their speed and 
mobility. They have a modular interior, which can be modified for specific 
needs. They have a standard crew complement of 46-104, depending on the 
mission. Some military missions require a crew upwards of 165 men. These ships 
are 150 meters in length, and can make 60 MGLT at sublight speeds. They are 
regarded as extremely vulnerable, however, since the primary solar collector 
and stabilizer fin are located dorsally, and when disabled can cripple the 
ship's ability to manoeuvre. 
       The CR90 boasts the following shipboard systems: 6 Taim & Bak H9 Dual 
Turbolasers, 8 Faberstien-Lago 37s Emergency Escape Pods, 4 Faberstien Maximum 
Capacity Life Ships, 2 Pax Hustana Variable Array Sensor Units, Mason-Branger 
7085 Ionization Reactor and Regulator, Corellian Engineering Corporation 
Subspace Hyperdrive, Corellian Chain Management NavCom Unit (26640 limited non-
AI processing, Phoah-Kingsmeyer 484-J4e Screen Control and Shield Projector 
(rated at 100 SBD) and Ferro-Magnesium Ceramic Hull (rated at 50 RU). During 
the Galactic Civil War, many Corellian Corvettes were modified to make up for 
the original design's weaknesses. The main solar collectors and stabilizer fins 
were incorporated into the hull, creating a long, pod-like shape instead of the 
angular shape of the original design. Most other shipboard components remained 
In Rogue Squadron, the CR90 only appears in Mission Eleven, The Battle Above 
Taloraan. I have absolutely no idea why it was in that mission though.

                        * VIII - Armoured Hovertrain *

This repulsorlift cargo transport has a main cockpit pod, behind which are 
connected a number of repulsorlift cargo modules. Often, there are segments of 
the hovertrain dedicated to weaponry, in order to protect the transport of its 
cargo. The hovertrain is used on the Alliance's side in Mission Thirteen, 
Blockade on Chandrila. The plan was to deliver desperate supplies to the city, 
which was under siege. It got there, however partially destroyed. 

                               * IX - Commando *

Commandoes appear in very few missions. There are some littered about the 
missions, but the main instance they appear is in Mission Ten, The Prisons of 
Kessel. They enter Imperial Prisons to free captured Rebels and take them back 
to a Shuttle. Surprisingly, the plan worked and many Rebel Pilots were freed 
that day. They dress in grey with cloaks billowing behind them.

                              * X - Rebel Pilot *

Rebel Pilots appear few times either. They are weaponless, too. The first time 
would be in Mission Four, Defection on Correllia, though this is a bit of a 
glitch. If you destroy the surrounding city, a Rebel Pilot will run around the 
hills, but he cannot be destroyed. Odd, eh? The next time is in, previously 
mentioned, Prisons of Kessels. Rebel commandoes enter the prisons and free any 
Rebels locked inside. A Rogue was taken out in Mission 19, Hoth, and escaped 
his fighter. However, three AT-STs were nearby and he was almost dead, really. 
Lucky guy.  

Thanks to Patrick Conroy who added almost all the information in this section. 
For him a special salute: \m/

** 9. - Enemies                                                              **

Thanks to Patrick Conroy who donated just about all of the in-depth information 
given for each craft. THANK YOU.

                               I - TIE Fighter
                              II - TIE Bomber
                             III - TIE Interceptor
                              IV - Lambda-Class Shuttle
                               V - Sentinel-Class Shuttle
                              VI - AT-AT
                             VII - AT-ST
                            VIII - AT-PT
                              IX - Armored Hovertrain
                               X - Stormtrooper
                              XI - Scouts
                             XII - Probe Droid
                            XIII - Tank Droid
                             XIV - Wavewalker
                              XV - Wavespeeder
                             XVI - Missile Turret
                            XVII - Blaster Turret
                           XVIII - Turbolaser
                             XIX - Blaster Tower
                              XX - Radar Dish
                             XXI - Silo
                            XXII - Barrack
                           XXIII - Shield Generator
                            XXIV - Geo-Thermal Shield Generator
                             XXV - Imperial Container
                            XXVI - World Devastator
                           XXVII - TIE/D

                             * I - TIE Fighter *

TIE Fighters (nicknamed 'Eyeballs' as a slang term by Rebel Alliance pilots) 
are the craft, which formed the backbone of the Imperial's stronghold on the 
galaxy before the TIE Interceptor became the most widespread ship used. 
Supported by two ion engines on each side, the TIE Fighter is quick and 
manoeuvrable. The TIE Fighter is seen less in Rogue Squadron than other ships 
such as Interceptors. The X-Wing would probably be the Rebel Alliance's 
equivalent of the TIE Fighter. This ship is usually taken down with about two 
or three direct blaster hits. Sometimes called the TIE/ln starfighter, this was 
the first flat-winged, single-pilot TIE ship developed by Seinar Fleet Systems, 
and the basis for all other TIE ships. It is 6.3 meters in length, and can make 
100 MGLT at sublight speeds. It has also been clocked at 1,200 kilometres per 
hour in an atmosphere. 
      Like all TIE ships, it has a titanium alloy hull and quadanium steel 
armoured solar panels. All visual information on TIE Fighters shows that they 
have six-sided solar panels, although X-Wing: The Bacta War indicates that they 
are octagonal. Also, like other TIE ships, it is built exclusively from Seinar 
Fleet Systems components, and lacks primary life support systems. It is a 
short-range starfighter, requiring a nearby base of operations from which to 
obtain fuel and guidance. It also boasts the following shipboard systems: 
Seinar Fleet Systems T-s8 Targeting Computer, Seinar Fleet Systems I-a2b Solar 
Ionisation Reactor, Seinar Fleet Systems N-s6 NavCom Unit, Seinar Fleet Systems 
P-s4 Twin Ion Engines, Seinar Fleet Systems F-s3.2 Avionics Control, 2 Seinar 
Fleet Systems P-w401 Ion Manoeuvring Jets, 2 Seinar Fleet Systems L-s1 Laser 
Cannons, Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 15 RU) and Quadanium Steel Armoured 
Solar Panels.

                              * II - TIE Bomber *

The TIE Bomber is the second most common fighter in Rogue Squadron, as it is 
often used for bombing in the Imperials' seek and destroy missions (protect 
missions for the Rebels) and the like. TIE Bombers can be taken down in about 
four or five direct hits though it's a lot easier to hit these than TIE 
Fighters though, seeing as how it is much bigger. TIE Bombers have the nickname 
of 'Dupes' for Imperial pilots. Built by Seinar Fleet Systems, this version of 
the TIE fighter is a double-hulled bomber ship with bent wings for increased 
stability. It is 7.8 meters in length, is a single-pilot craft, and can make 80 
MGLT at sublight speeds. 
      It was designed for surgical strikes against ground and deep-space 
targets. It suffers in manoeuvrability due to its double-hulled configuration, 
but when complemented by TIE Fighters or TIE Interceptors, it makes a lethal 
combination. They have enhanced targeting capability, making them much more 
accurate than many capital ships. These ships eventually evolved into the 
Scimitar assault bomber. It boasts the following shipboard systems: Seinar 
Fleet Systems P-s4 Twin Ion Engines, Seinar Fleet Systems N-s4 NavCom Unit, 2 
Seinar Fleet Systems L-s1 Laser Cannons, Seinar Fleet Systems M-s3 Concussion 
Missile Launchers (2 racks of 4), Seinar Fleet Systems I-a2b Solar Ionization 
Reactor, Seinar Fleet Systems F-s3.2 Avionics Control, Seinar Fleet Systems T-
s7b Targeting Computer, Seinar Fleet Systems T-s5 Proton Torpedo Launchers (2 
racks of 2), Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 50 RU) and Quadanium Steel Armoured 
Solar Panels.

                           * III - TIE Interceptor *

The TIE Interceptor, or 'Squint', a Rebel slang, is an incredibly swift 
fighter. The most common Imperial fighter in Rogue Squadron and piloted again 
by one, the interceptor is the only Imperial fighter available to fly in Rogue 
Squadron for the Rebels. With no shields at all, this craft relies completely 
on its manoeuvrability and speed to defend itself from any attacks. Two or 
three direct hits would be able to down a TIE Interceptor, assuming you can hit 
it, of course. Built by Seinar Fleet Systems, these single-pilot bent-winged 
attack craft were designed so that the wings are longer in front than behind, 
and have been cut out at the front for better visibility. They are 9.6 meters 
in length, and can run at 110 MGLT at sublight speeds. They have been timed at 
1,250 kilometres per hour in atmospheric conditions. It boasts the following 
shipboard systems: Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 20 RU), Quadanium Steel 
Armoured Solar Panels, Seinar Fleet Systems I-a3b Solar Ionization Reactor, 
Seinar Fleet Systems S-c4.1 Multi-range Tracking Array Grid, Seinar Fleet 
Systems F-s4 Avionics Control, Seinar Fleet Systems T-s9a Targeting Computer, 
Seinar Fleet Systems P-s5.6 Twin Ion Engines, Seinar Fleet Systems N-s6 NavCom 
Unit and 4 Seinar Fleet Systems L-s9.3 Laser Cannons.

                         * IV - Lambda-Class Shuttle * 

Three-winged transportation used by the Empire, it is also built in a military 
configuration as the Cygnus Spaceworks T-4a shuttle. The Lambda-class shuttle 
was designed to swiftly transport personnel and cargo between ships in the 
Imperial fleet. Sienar Fleet Systems built the original shuttles to carry up to 
twenty passengers in relative safety, for the Lambda-class has standard 
reinforced hull plating and multiple shield generators. The Lambda-class is 
also fitted with a Hyperdrive for travel between fleets. The basic Sienar 
Lambda-class shuttle measured 20 meters in length, and was armed with three 
double blaster cannons and two double laser cannons. It was designed to have a 
crew compliment of four, with two additional positions for communications and 
power regulation.

The Lambda-Class Shuttles are the weaker of the two types of Shuttle seen in 
the game. Assault on Kile II and The Imperial Construction Yards are the only 
missions to have Lambda-Style-Shuttles on the Imperial side. On the Kile II 
mission, it even leads you to one of the objectives ^_^. Lambda Classes have 
weaker shields and are smaller, physically, thus easier to destroy. Shuttles 
are usually used for dropping Imperial troops and units, such as AT-ATs, AT-PTs 
and Tank Droids.

                        * V - Sentinel-Class Shuttle * 

This Sienar Fleet Systems' design was derived from the Lambda-class shuttle, 
retaining the Lambda's triple-wing design. As with the Lambda, the Sentinel's 
two lower wings fold during landing. The Sentinel differs from the Lambda in 
terms of cargo space and weapons. There are eight retractable laser cannons 
mounted on the hull, two concussion missile launchers, a retractable ion 
cannon, and a pair of retractable repeating blaster cannons mounted beneath the 
cockpit. This weapons system of retractable mounts means the Sentinel-class is 
sleek and aerodynamic when swift transport is needed, but it can handle its own 
in a fight. The Sentinel also has enhanced armour plating for defence. The 20-
meter-long central section of the Sentinel is widened and elongated to allow 
for the transport of up to 54 soldiers and six speeder bikes, and drives the 
length of the craft to 20 meters. The Sentinel-class was introduced after the 
Battle of Yavin, but never became widely used in the Imperial fleet. Following 
the Battle of Endor, SFS allowed Cygnus SpaceWorks to build their own version 
of the Sentinel, and the craft became available to private, pro-Imperial 
concerns. In this way, it also found its way into New Republic fleets via front 

Sentinel-Class Shuttles are the stronger of the two types of Shuttle seen in 
Rogue Squadron. You will see them in The Search for the Nonah, Defection on 
Corellia and Moff Seerdon's Revenge for the Imperials, though Moff Seerdon's, I 
have reason to believe, is a bit stronger, probably upgraded and modified. 
Somehow, the Sentinel-Class on the Nonah mission is not destroyable. Again, 
these shuttles are often used for dropping heavy mechanical units on terrain in 
seek and destroy Imperial missions. 

                                * VI - AT-AT *

Imperial All-Terrain Armored Transport vehicle, an elephantine assault tank 
built at the Kuat Drive Yards. These 15-meter-tall machines lumber around on 
four articulated legs. They require a crew of three to operate, although much 
of the war machine's motion is controlled by sophisticated artificial 
intelligence. The AT-AT can carry up to 40 troops and 400 kilograms of cargo. 
Armed with two fire-linked heavy laser cannons and two fire-linked medium 
blasters on its head-like cockpit, the AT-AT was designed to inspire fear in 
the enemies of the Empire. General Veers was a proponent of the AT-AT, and 
purposely overlooked the fact that the AT-AT could be toppled by a cable 
wrapped around its legs. Although this weakness was used effectively by the 
Alliance on Hoth, the Empire continued to use the AT-AT to instil fear. 
         The massive, four-legged, turtle-like Imperial walkers are a huge 
danger for Alliance buildings. With two blaster turrets on it's head, AT-ATs 
are slow to get anywhere, but cause enormous damage once they arrive. The main 
way to defeat them is to use the Airspeeder. Use the tow cable on them and wrap 
around their legs. The only other ways would be to shoot blasters at either 
their undersides or directly at their heads. Shooting anywhere else other than 
the underside won't yield anything other than a higher accuracy rating, which 
is a good thing, I think. It takes a lot of shots, due to the fact that the AT-
AT has extremely thick protection and armour. Once they're downed, you can 
shoot off their head to humiliate them a bit :). There are four levels in which 
these are met, the first being Defection at Correllia.

                               * VII - AT-ST *                               

The All-Terrain Scout Transport vehicle is a two-legged version of the AT-AT, 
used as a scout vehicle and in areas where agility is required. The 8.6-metre-
tall AT-ST was mass-produced by the Balmorrans, and was also built by Kuat 
Drive Yards. It has a crew of two, and can transport up to 40 kilograms of 
cargo. It is armed with a twin blaster cannon, twin light blaster cannons, and 
a concussion grenade launcher. Because of its small size, the AT-ST lacked a 
dedicated power supply. Instead, it used disposable, high-intensity power 
cells, which tended to limit the AT-ST's range. Walking only on two legs, AT-
STs are, compared to other stationary targets, tough to take down. Usually, it 
should take about fifteen or more shots, or one torpedo/missile and about five 
blasts. Their blasters are pretty powerful, so you shouldn't mess with these 
short keepers of death. AT-STs can be played in Rogue Squadron by typing the 
cheat 'chicken' into the Settings area. 

                               * VIII - AT-PT *

The AT-PT is a new machine for the Imperials, and is a bit more mobile than the 
other two All Terrainers. Smaller than the AT-ST, and walking on two legs, you 
might underestimate them. Trust me, they are pretty tough if you don't take 
them too seriously - their blasters are really powerful. Rebel Alliance 
members, on the Escape On Fest mission, stole three AT-PTs, but luckily (if you 
do the mission well), they escaped. AT-PTs have the ability to climb slopes at 
the maximum of a forty-five degree angle. This is Kuat Drive Yards' All-Terrain 
Personal Transport vehicle. A squat, single-pilot transport which was developed 
about the time of the Katana fleet but which has never been mass-produced, it's 
similar to the AT-ST, only smaller in stature. It is armed with a twin blaster 
cannon and a concussion grenade launcher.

                         * IX - Armoured Hovertrain * 

This repulsorlift cargo transport has a main cockpit pod, behind which are 
connected a number of repulsorlift cargo modules. Often, there are segments of 
the hovertrain dedicated to weaponry, in order to protect the transport of its 
cargo. An Armoured Hovertrain appears only once for the Imperials throughout 
the game, and that is in the Rescue on Kessel mission (nine). In that mission, 
Wedge Antilles, a Rogue Squadron member, is being transported to a larger 
prison system. Other than that there is the front engine and that's all there 
is. It's quite easy to destroy Hovertrains, so the best bet is to disable them 
with ION cannons.

                              * X - Stormtrooper *

These white-armoured Imperial troopers were the footsoldiers of the Emperor's 
war machine. Considered separate from both the Imperial Army and the Imperial 
Navy, they are extremely loyal to the Empire but are also extremely expendable. 
Although there are many rumours about Stormtroopers being clones, in general 
the average Stormtrooper is a normal human male who fits within a certain 
physical and mental profile. They wear an 18-piece suit of white armour 
covering a two-piece, temperature-control body suit. The armour houses an 
energy source and various implements, and snaps together around the trooper. 
The helmet contains a polarized visor and communication gear. The utility belt 
worn at the waist had compartments for a grappling line, spare batteries, and 
survival gear. 

The image of the white-clad soldiers was one of the primary ways the Empire 
instilled fear in its subjects, but the bright white armor was not suited for 
many environments, as the Empire learned at the Battle of Endor. So, in the 
years following the death of the Emperor, Imperial factions began camouflaging 
their armour to blend in with their surroundings. Stormtroopers train for one 
of a number of different mission profiles, based on the environment in which 
they will operate. 
        Basic training allows Stormtroopers to operate in temperate or 
controlled interior environments, but there are several specialized types of 
Stormtroopers: Cold Assault Troops wear specially-modified armour so that they 
can operate in harsh, frozen environments; Zero-G Troops, also known as 
Spacetroopers, wear highly-refitted, vacuum-resistant armour for use in deep 
space; Scout troops are assigned to garrison posts, employing speeder bikes and 
other swift craft to patrol surrounding areas; Aquatic Assault troopers, also 
known as Seatroopers, are equipped to operate in marine or other underwater 
arenas; Desert Assault troopers, also known as Sandtroopers, were trained to do 
battle in the harsh conditions of a desert; Radtroopers were specially-trained 
to perform operations in areas with high concentrations of radioactivity. 
Shadowtroopers, also known as the Storm Commandoes, were among the most elite 
special forces troops in the Imperial military. The one exception to the 
standard Stormtrooper is the Dark Trooper, which was a mechanized weapons 

The Stormtrooper is only one man on the ground and a small target, but they 
still count. They can be destroyed in one shot, so pick these off to increase 
your Enemies Count, though you might want to take care with your accuracy, as 
they are quite small. Storm Troopers often appear on the ground after buildings 
are destroyed, so keep your eyes open. While they may not seem to do much on 
their own, many in a group can do much damage towards take you down. Once you 
destroy them, the sort of... explode, which I think is pretty cool.

                             * XI - Speeder Bikes *

Speeder Bikes are tough to spot against the ground (Especially in the 
Construction Yards and on Kile II, seeing as how they are almost the same 
colour as rock), so you'll mainly have to check the radar to find them. They 
are seldom used, so they shouldn't cause much trouble. Being small and quick, 
they are tough to shoot at, so I wouldn't waste too much time on them. They 
usually come in either twos or threes. 

                             * XII - Probe Droid *

An Arakyd probe droid used by the Empire, the Viper was a squat, spherical 
droid which moved about on a small repulsor engine and had six segmented arms. 
Manufactured to specifications detailed by Darth Vader, they were armed with a 
light blaster cannon and a self-destruct mechanism. They were also equipped 
with a variety of sensor systems and recording devices. The first wave of Viper 
probots to come into Imperial service were produced on Mechis III, at the time 
when IG-88 controlled the planet. The assassin droid added secondary 
programming to these droids, mandating that the droids also report back to IG-
88 on Mechis III if they found any weakness or flaw which the assassin droid 
could exploit in its quest for galactic dominance. In essence, IG-88 hoped to 
use the Viper probe droids as the advanced scouts in the droid revolution. The 
Viper was extremely sensitive to external stimuli, and were known to turn 
themselves on during transport if jostled too much. They were delivered to a 
specific destination by a hyperspace jump pod, which was specially designed to 
carry the droid without damaging it.

Probe Droids are common throughout Rogue Squadron, though taken down in one or 
two shots. In Rogue Squadron, however, probe droids are used to block paths, 
even though they do it badly. In swarms, droids can do you quite a bit of 

                             * XIII - Tank Droid *

Designation of Ubrikkian's Floating Fortress, this repulsorlift craft was 
designed to extinguish urban uprisings without the need to call in AT-AT 
walkers. These floating cylinders have fully independent, full-sweep heavy 
blaster cannons mounted on a topside turret. The two guns sweep across the 
field of fire, eventually locking onto the target. The fortress is also 
equipped with a sophisticated sensor package modelled after assassin droids. 
The package creates a 30-meter bubble around the vehicle which is extremely 
effective at locating targets. This has made the HAVr A9 all the more 
effective, as the sight of a huge repulsor tank homing in on a single target 
and swiftly eliminating it is awesome to behold.

Tank Droids are surprisingly tough nuts to crack. They pack a powerful punch 
embedded in their blasters, and are often used by the Imperials as ground 
defence. They are used well at the Battle of Fest. Often, though their target 
is pre-set, and not aimed at you or your Rogue Squadron companions.

                             * XIV - Wavewalker *

Wave Skimmers only appear (to my knowledge) in the last normal level, which is 
The Battle of Mon Calamari (mission sixteen). They are built in such a shape as 
make it tough to hit, and if you do hit them, they will take many shots before 
finally becoming destroyed. They do barely any damage so don't spend too long 
on them.

                             * XV - Wavespeeder *

Speedboats, driven by one Stormtrooper but manned by two others, only appear on 
Mission Four, Defection at Corellia. They are tough enough to hit, as they are 
quick and stealthy, and especially hard to see against the black ocean. They do 
little or no damage to you, just speed around in circles. On occasion, one of 
the Stormtroopers may fire a single shot at you, but it rarely hits.

                           * XVI - Missile Turret *

Missile Turrets are the bane of Rogue Squadron's existence. They lock on to 
your ship as a target and send their cursed seeker missiles relentlessly at 
you. Either their power is a glitch or LucasArts like making things tough. 
Sadly, they are pretty common, though, fortunately, they can be downed in a few 
shots, so that's ok. Also, a note on their missiles: If you shoot at them, 
sometimes they can be destroyed, so sometimes try it.

                           * XVII - Blaster Turret *

Blaster Turrets are the standard Imperial defence against attacking craft. They 
shoot twin lasers at your craft though; turning your craft sideways can help 
dodge them. They somehow seem to lack accuracy in shooting upwards, and their 
accuracy isn't the best shooting upwards. Coming at them head on is NOT a good 
idea. Seriously. Make sure you're dodging a bit when coming at them. They can 
be defeated and blown up in six or so shots.

                            * XVIII - Turbolaser *

Turbolasers are only found on Taloraan. They are the cylinder-shaped turrets. 
They shoot relentlessly at you and your Rebel friends, damn them. They should 
be downed in eight blaster shots or so. There's a good few of them on that 
mission, so be careful.

                            * XIX - Blaster Tower *

Blaster towers are found in only three levels, Rendezvous on Barkesh, 
Liberation of Gerrard V and The Death Star Trench Run. They are much harder to 
take down than any other turret. Twin blasters pack powerful shots to puncture 
your ship and its shields. To take it down, try two or three 
missiles/torpedoes, or twenty-thirty shots of your laser blasters. 

                              * XX - Radar Dish * 

Radar Dishes are pretty inconsistent as far as appearances go, with only about 
two levels (I think), which have them in them (Imperial Construction Yards, 
Kile II). They are taken down easily enough and pose no damage.

                                * XXI - Silo *
I seem to be the only one whom calls these silos. I guess that's what they look 
like, to me. They're grey and cylinder-shaped. They are just standard Imperial 
buildings. I can only guess what they hold... Grain? Food? Puppies? Foreign 

                              * XXII - Barracks *

Like before, they're probably not really barracks, I just think that they look 
kinda like what a barracks would look like. They're black in colour and 
sometimes have Stormtroopers coming out of them. By the way, they're cuboid-
shaped. Also, pretty common, barracks are just common Imperial buildings, found 
everywhere and destroyed in about six or eight blaster shots.

Upon recent re-observations, I have found these 'barracks' are called 'bunkers' 
in the game. My mistake.

                          * XXIII - Shield Generator *

Shield Generators, are large and hard to miss. You'll find them in The Jade 
Moon, The Prisons of Kessel and Escape From Fest missions. They are pretty 
tough to destroy, but offer no resistance themselves. Often, there will be 
turrets and All-Terrainers to guard them too. Just like the name says, these 
buildings power the shields for large or important buildings.

                    * XXIV - Geo-Thermal Shield Generator *

Geo-Thermal Shield Generators are radically different than the normal shield 
generator. They only appear on the Sullust mission. The heat from the volcano 
in which they were placed was used to power the shield around the capacitor. 
There are about eight littered throughout the volcano. They are tough to take 
down and are but on two occasions unguarded.

                          * XXV - Imperial Container *

Tiny little black boxes, these can be taken down in about three blasts. Not 
really very important, to be honest, but why the heck not? They still count on 
the enemies defeated list, huh?

                           * XXVI - World Devastator *

The World Devastators, appearing (thankfully) only on Mission 16, The Battle of 
Mon Calamari, are huge Imperial machines, capable of destroying entire planets. 
An energy shield surround them, but that can be taken down by destroying the 
shield generator on the top. Also to defend it are many laser turrets. They 
don't fire too often though, so you don't need to bother much if you're quick 
at taking them out. Once you have taken down the shield, destroy two of the 
four suction jets and the Devastator will become deactivated, having now power 
to move. A job well done. 
       Designed by the scientists at the Maw Installation, the plans for the 
World Devastator were sent to Grand Moff Tarkin years after his death at Yavin. 
The plans were intercepted by Umak Leth, who convinced his superiors that the 
designs were his own. This was easily accomplished, since the existence of the 
Maw Installation was well-hidden by Tarkin. Leth saw the creation of the World 
Devastator as his chance to surpass the genius of Bevel Lemelisk. He took the 
basic idea of a molecular furnace that broke down matter into its basic 
elements, and expanded on it. The plans were transmitted to GM Tarkin just 
after he left the Maw Installation with Bevel Lemelisk and the plans for the 
first Death Star. As with the original Death Star plans, their source was never 
revealed to Emperor Palpatine. The World Devastators were eventually 
implemented by the clone of Emperor Palpatine and used against Calamari. 
      It was the second generation of superweapon from the Installation, and 
was designed to "eat" the material from a planet's surface (buildings, cities, 
spaceships, etc.) and reconstitute them into raw materials for creating new 
Imperial war machines. As with the Death Star before them, the World 
Devastators were described to the engineers working on them as beneficial, to 
be used to recycle useless rubble into useful industrial components. In a 
similar vein to the Mon Calamari starships, each World Devastator was slightly 
different than the others. This stemmed from the fact they built themselves 
over time. The basic skeleton is the same, but the ships are "grown" under 
supervision until they are ready for deployment. Then, their programming is 
altered to allow them to attack a planet and begin consuming its resources for 
use in creating other war machines, rather than for expanding themselves.

                               * XXVII - TIE/D * 

TIE/Ds are extremely quick, nimble and manoeuvrable. They are almost impossible 
to take down without using one of the seeker secondary weapons, the V-Wings' 
seeker cluster missiles being the most effective. Luckily, they only appear in 
level sixteen, The Battle of Mon Calamari, attacking the city. As with many 
other Imperial fighters, they carry no shields, and rely completely on agility 
to survive. They are pretty new at the time of Rogue Squadron. The pilotless 
TIE/Droid unit fighters run by onboard droids, designed by Arndall Lott 
following the Battle of Endor. Lott used the Katana fleet as an inspiration, 
seeing that the automated systems could work if implemented correctly. Lott 
originally automated the AT-AT, but his early work suffered from lack of 
computer power. 
      The TIE/D has received the best automation the Empire could afford, and 
could be used as independent fighters or computer-slaved squadrons. However, 
the initial TIE/Ds were not very powerful, and were only effective in large 
numbers. The TIE/D measures 6.1 meters, and resemble the centre section of a 
TIE Fighter with squared-off TIE Interceptor-like wings which were flat and 
tilted. The TIE/D is armed with a pair of laser cannons, and lacked a 
hyperdrive. A Cybot Galactica Ace-6 combat droid brain is the heart of the 
ship, but was shown to be greatly inferior to human pilots. The TIE/D, although 
produced in large volumes to overwhelm New Republic starfighters, is primarily 
produced by the nuclear furnaces and factories of World Devastators. When these 
were destroyed over Calamari, the primary sources of the TIE/Ds were 

** 10. - Mission Walkthroughs                                                **

First, I think I'll give a little introduction to the way this walkthrough is 
laid out. The name will be shown in a special, bulletproof section divider as 
seen below. Next, is the available, standard, and recommended craft(s) to use 
in that particular mission. Following then is the actual walkthrough for that 
particular level. Next is a table, which shows the gold, silver and bronze 
medal requirements. After that is a note on how to get gold medals on the 
selected level and whatever different you need to do to get the gold.

By the way, to get the Naboo Starfighter on the PC version, you must download a 
patch. I'm uncertain of where to get the patch, but in a future version I will 
post the link.

Link to Naboo Starfighter patch:

-----*                            * Chapter I *                          *-----

                             THE REBEL OPPOSITION

                         Six months have passed since
                        the battle of Yavin. The Death
                            Star has been destroyed,
                           but the fight for freedom
                               is far from over.

                        As the war against the Empire
                          rages across the vastness
                           of space, Luke Skywalker
                          forms the legendary Rogue
                           Squadron from the Rebel
                        Alliance's most skilled X-Wing

                        Their mission: to defend the
                          struggling Rebel Alliance
                       against the still powerful and
                           battle hardened Imperial
                         foe, in a last ditch effort
                           to control the galaxy...

                           * Ambush at Mos Eisley *

Location: Tattooine
Available Craft: X-Wing, A-Wing, V-Wing
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: Anything. This level is EASY! The X-Wing, if you're making 
me choose.

This is the first mission, and is just a little taste of Rogue Squadron for all 
you beginners out there (*points fingers at various readeers*). You will start 
off the mission with one of your comrades saying that there are probe droids in 
the area surrounding the city of Mos Eisley. Kill the three droids in front of 
you, making sure you hit the one in the hollow next to the hut. Slam on the 
accelerator and head to the right, destroying all the probe droids in the 
following two hollows, using the radar to guide you to where the clusters of 
droids are. If you're a beginner, it may take two or three passes to get them 
all. It's helpful, by the way, to slam on the brakes. Next, just follow the 
radar to the next two. There will be two huts, one droid at each. Once you 
destroy those two. In a cut-scene, two sets of TIE Bombers (making a grand 
total of six Bonmbers) will appear and start attacking the Mos Eisley city. 
Take these six out to complete the level and watch RS fly through Mos Eisley as 
a treat.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |           
                 | Completion Time   | 5:00   | 4:00   | 3:00 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 27     | 27     | 31   |  
                 | Accuracy          | 5%     | 10%    | 15%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 45     | 49     | 50   |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 0    |

For the gold medal, you will need to find four more enemies to destroy, other 
than the probe droids and TIE Bombers. There are some Imperials somewhere near 
Mos Eisley, though I cannot remember where exactly. There are some 
Stormtroopers. Kill them. That will bring your total up to thirty-one. (Sorry 
for being so vague!) You should have the available time to go look for them if 
you've done the previous part well. The four imperials are storm troopers 
investigating a crashed escape pod (A New Hope, anyone?)

                          * Rendezvous on Barkesh  *

Location: Barkesh
Available Ship Craft: X-Wing; A-Wing; V-Wing
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: X-Wing or Naboo Starfighter

The next mission is Rendezvous on Barkesh. In this mission, you must escort a 
convoy of rebel supplies through Barkesh, making sure to ward off any attacks 
from Imperial enemies. You start off in the corner of the area. Dead ahead 
there are some probe droids: take them out quickly. Then, turn 180 degrees 
around and take out the AT-STs nearby. There should be about three of them. Fly 
down that path, eliminating all you see, until General Reiken says, "Alright 
Rogue Group, the supplies have begun moving, their escorts will follow 
shortly." Then, close your S-Foils and follow the radar to where they are. 
Eliminate the probe droids and the AT-ST nearby. You may fly around a bit more 
and destroy a few more imperials. But, about the time the convoy turns left, 
some bombers will appear. Destroy those. The convoy will then move into the 
shuttle landing space and the mission will be complete. Note that Reiken will 
often say something like, "Commander, it's imperative you stay with the 
supplies vehicle." He doesn't mean it. He'll say it if you aren't near the 
       There is a base somewhere near where the Rebel landing space is. There 
are some Stormtroopers, two AT-STs, a barracks and a large blaster tower. 
Destroy them all to increase your enemies destroyed rating. Go here when the 
Rebel convoy is going through the first valley.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 5:45   | 5:45   | 5:45 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 20     |        | 30   |
                 | Accuracy          | 20%    |        | 40%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 5      |        | 19   |
                 | Bonus             | 0      |        | 0    |

Getting gold on Barkesh isn't too tough. The time will always be 5:45, so you 
don't need to worry about that. Destroying enough enemies isn't too hard 
either. Remember that there is an imperial base there somewhere, so destroy its 
contents for a higher rating. Accuracy shouldn't be too much of a problem. 40% 
isn't too much, though I remember when I started playing Rogue Squadron, I 
could rarely get over 35%. Just keep at it. Make sure you are close to a bomber 
before shooting at it. The Friendly Saves rating is crucial here. You MUST make 
sure all the convoy containers DON'T get blown up. Destroying TIE Bombers first 
before anything else will help stem this problem. One or two bombs will destroy 
a vessel, so you must take them out. Other than that, this task isn't too hard 
either, though it will cause the most problems. There is no bonus in this 
level. If I may say so, take every chance you can to fly away from the convoy 
to attack any imperial structures or troops, which may be around.

                          * The Search for the Nonah *

Location: Chorax
Available Craft: A-Wing; X-Wing; V-Wing
Standard Craft: A-Wing
Recommended Craft: X-Wing 

A Rebel ship has crashed on the planet of Chorax while travelling with some 
Rebel soldiers and stolen Imperial equipment. You must find it, and defend it 
and the pickup shuttle from the invading Imperials. 

With the A-Wing, straight away there will be six TIE Interceptors coming 
straight at you. Destroy all of these and then take a left. There are many 
Imperial probe droids around here. Destroy them all to take your Enemies 
destroyed rating up a few notches. The Nonah will be at the bottom of one of 
the branches in the centre of a lake. Usually, though it seems, it is found in 
the left branch. Once found, patrol the area, shooting down any Imperials you 
come across. At Imperial Landing Shuttle should appear some. Shoot at it as 
often as you can to increase you Accuracy rating. Some Tank Droids and an AT-ST 
should come from it once it lands. Destroy them quickly, as the tank droids can 
do a good bit of damage to the ship and the Rebel Shuttle. Many TIE Bombers and 
TIE Interceptors will appear around the Nonah for the next few minutes. Destroy 
them as quickly as possible, but PRIORITISE THE TIE BOMBERS. They can do SO 
much damage to both ships. The Interceptors aren't as bad, but worth taking out 
to avoid having them shoot you or your comrades down. Soon, the Landing Shuttle 
should deploy some AT-PTs. Destroy these and the remaining Bombers, and the 
Rebel shuttle will leave. It won't leave right away though, so you must escort 
it for about forty-five seconds. BE CAREFUL OF THE TIE INTERCEPTORS. In a group 
they can do astronomical damage, so be sure to take out at least five of them, 
which follow. Soon enough, the shuttle will blast off out of the atmosphere.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 10:00  | 10:00  | 10:00|
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 20     | 30     | 38   |
                 | Accuracy          | 10%    | 15%    | 20%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 1      | 1      | 1    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 0    |

For the Gold Medal, you needn't do much more than you already have been doing. 
The time is no problem, I don't think, friendly saves are compulsory, as they 
come with the level. There is no bonus, so the only real problem is enemies 
defeated. Just defeat all you see. Any skilled pilot should have no problem 
here. Accuracy can be improved by shooting at the Imperial Landing Shuttle at 
every change given. I'm pretty sure it cannot be destroyed, but it will help 
your accuracy rating.

                            * Defection at Corellia *

Location: Corellia
Available Craft: Airspeeder
Standard Craft: Airspeeder
Recommended Craft: Airspeeder

Crix Madine, an Imperial General, wishes to defect to the Rebel Alliance. Rogue 
Squadron must protect his escape route before Imperial fighters take him out. 
Corellia is the first REAL test you'll come across in Rogue Squadron, you will 
probably get stuck here for a while, I know I did.

Straight off the bat, turn 90 degrees left and accelerate in that direction. 
Wait until someone says something about a strange reading on his scanner. 
Follow the radar until you reach a hollow. There should be some probe droids in 
it. Defeat them, preferably in one pass, before your comrades arrive and head 
back towards the city once you have. A short sequence will appear, and General 
Reiken will have been besieged and will have TIE Bombers attack him, raining 
bullets on the Capitol Tower.
      Race back towards the city, and take down the group of TIE Bombers whom 
you will meet. There are many TIE Bombers around, a lot being out in the lumpy 
areas behind the capitol tower, and you must destroy them all. Once you do have 
taken them all out, a cut-scene will appear, and you will discover that Madine 
is trapped in the Tech Centre and Rogue Squadron must try get him out before 
the TIE fighters attacking blow up the building. Your comrade's hands are full 
with other matters, so Luke must go. Follow the radar to where the Tech Centre 
is situated. There are four fighters around it. Defeat them all. Once you do, 
more fighters will appear... To save the day, Han Solo and Chewbacca appear in 
the Millennium Falcon, and will take both Bombers out. The radar will point 
back towards the Capitol Tower. ***** Follow it, but stay out near the shore. 
You will find clusters of Imperials landing in speedboats and heading into the 
city. Take them all out for extra enemies downed. Once you've got a good few of 
them, return to the Capitol Tower. What appears to be an AT-AT walker will 
start to attack the Capitol Tower. Use the Airspeeder's Tow Cable Secondary 
Weapon to take it down quickly. (For help on using the tow cable, see the 
Frequently Asked Questions section). Shoot at it a little bit on approach to 
improve accuracy. Destroy the remaining TIE Bombers also when given the chance. 
      Once this task is completed, an Imperial shuttle will let loose some AT-
STs and Stormtroopers near the Tech Centre. Race to the Tech Centre and destroy 
the AT-STs. Kill the bigger part of the cluster of Stormtroopers and then use 
the Tow Cable to wrap around the legs of the AT-AT. Shoot its head off for fun 
when it has been downed >:). Two Rebel Alliance Shuttle's will then appear. One 
will head to the Tech Centre to get Crix Madine, and the other, with the help 
of the Millennium Falcon, will evacuate the Capitol Tower. You'll only have to 
protect the one that hangs around the Tech Centre area. Six TIE Fighters will 
attack it. Take them all out and follow its route towards the sea. When it has 
left, the other shuttle and the Millenium Falcon will leave, just in time too, 
as seconds later, two TIE Bombers drop two bombs on the tower, and it is blow 
to smithereens.
                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 15:00  |        | 10:00|
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 20     |        | 50   |
                 | Accuracy          | 10%    |        | 20%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 90     |        | 95   |
                 | Bonus             | 0      |        | 1    |

Getting gold in this level is the hardest you'll have met so far. The only 
really tough parts are the Bonus parts, and the time may cause some problems. 
If you look in the main walkthrough of the text you will see a section with 
***** in it. This is on the return to the Capitol Tower. I think this is the 
perfect time to get the bonus and get some kills on the shore. There are six 
speedboats around, kill them all. Kill all the Stormtroopers nearby too. Again, 
to increase your accuracy rating, shoot at the two AT-ATs upon approach. 

                         * Liberation on Gerrard V *

Location: Gerrard V
Available Craft: X-Wing; A-Wing; V-Wing; Y-Wing; 
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: X-Wing 

Gerrard V, which had been previously controlled by the Imperial Forces, is 
fighting for its independence, though the Imperials are looting the city. Rogue 
Squadron must defend Crix Madine's Y-Wings while they disable the Imperial 

When you start, you will be reminded of the fact that Rogue Squadron must only 
disable the yachts, not destroy them. Close your S-Foils for about 1.5 seconds, 
then re-open them and destroy the two turrets immediately in front of you. 
Quickly, fly through the city, destroying any turrets you see. Make sure you 
don't dwell or spend too much time there. Once that objective has been 
completed, search the perimeter of the city for AT-PTs and missile turrets. 
Then, for about thirty seconds, fly around the city, making sure every non-
yacht red dot is destroyed. Once you're ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN all are dead, fly 
towards the second part of the city and begin work on defeating all enemies 
there. After you get one or two warnings, return to the first city and clean up 
any new Imperials, which can be found. 
     Soon enough, Wedge will say that the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron have 
taken the other part of the city. Return there and first of all knock out any 
turrets to be found and the very large turret also. Defeat the AT-PTs, and 
finally go after the Interceptors. These ones are tougher, as the 128th 
Squadron is the best the Universe has to offer in the line of skill. Soon 
enough, all the yachts should be destroyed and the outro sequence will appear. 
A pilot by the name of Kasan Moor will defect to the Rebel Alliance. 

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 7:00   | 6:00   | 5:15 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 18     | 27     | 33   |
                 | Accuracy          | 20%    | 25%    | 30%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 2      | 4      | 6    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 0    |

The gold medal on Gerrard V isn't really too tough. You just got to make sure 
you destroy all turrets, and make sure all Y-Wings live for the entire battle. 
Time is a factor too. Destroy any inconveniences around so the Y-Wings can 
continue with their work. By the way, the more Y-Wings there are, the quicker 
they will work, so time and Friendly Saves go hand in hand in this level. The 
more fire-power you have makes a quicker-disabled yacht.

-----*                           * Chapter II *                          *-----

                                 ROGUE SQUADRON

                            Kasan Moor, Imperial ace                          
                            and leader of the dreaded
                             128th TIE Interceptor
                          Squadron, has now defected
                             to the Rebel Alliance.

                            As a loyal soldier for the
                           Empire, Moor witnessed both
                            its cruelty and hypocrisy
                            in the destruction of her
                              home world, Alderaan.

                             Convinced to join Rogue
                            Squadron, Moor offers her
                          flight expertise, in addition
                              to knowledge of hidden 
                              Imperial strongholds...

                                * The Jade Moon *

Location: Jade Moon (A moon of Loronar)
Available Craft: X-Wing; A-Wing; V-Wing; Y-Wing; 
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: X-Wing or Naboo Starfighter

Kasan Moor has provided the Rebel Alliance with the location of an Imperial 
Base, which is on the Jade Moon of the planet Loronar. Down the energy shield 
to have General Reiken release his firepower on the Imperial scum!

First off, Wedge will warn Luke, thinking Kasan is leading the Rebels into an 
Imperial trap. Anyway, accelerate ahead and then slam on the breaks to destroy 
the few buildings and the four AT-PTs. In the clearing, destroy the four 
blaster turrets and the two silo buildings. There is an energy shield 
surrounding the base, so you must find the shield generator and destroy it. Fly 
down the trench leading away from the base to the left and destroy the few 
missile turrets around. Get away from the trench once you reach a missile 
turret and quickly destroy the line of them. Enter the hollow and blow up all 
the buildings, AT-PTs and turrets inside. *** Next, take out the shield 
generator and follow the radar away to where Reiken's commandoes are taking 
shots at the base. Destroy the nearby AT-PTs and then the TIE Interceptors. 
Once finished, the mission will end _. 

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 7:00   | 6:30   | 6:00 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 25     | 35     | 45   |
                 | Accuracy          | 20%    | 30%    | 40%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 4      | 5      | 7    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

Getting gold in this level is relatively easy. The only difficulties are the 
bonus and the Friendly Saves. You must have all assault vehicles alive at the 
end, so take care here. The bonus is inside a building, which can be found by 
going down the opposite trench to the one taken to find the shield generator. I 
prefer to go above the trenches and over flat ground. It's faster, and you 
shouldn't have too much of a problem with the missile turrets. The power-up is 
Advanced Shields, which are important. They add a new layer of shields to each 
craft. Also, accuracy may be a bit of a problem for some people. To improve 
this, try take out the shield generator with just blasters and not Proton 

                        * Imperial Construction Yards *

This is a tough level for beginners who are not yet used to the game. Kasan 
Moor has engineered another assault on a hidden Imperial base. This time, you 
aren't protecting anything, and you can do whatever you want to destroy this 

Location: Balmorra
Available Craft: Airspeeder 
Standard Craft: Airspeeder
Recommended Craft: Airspeeder

To enter the construction yard in stealth, you must destroy the six radar 
shields on approach to the yard. Failure to do so will result in your security 
being breached and almost certain death for the mission fliers. In Rogue 
Squadron though, if you fail, we only get to see as far as Reiken saying, "Your 
security has been compromised", and then the mission fails.

The six radar shields are easily destroyed. However, it would be best to follow 
your other Rebel friends the first few attempts at this mission. Trust me, you 
should. They are easily destroyed, but don't get too close as you the mission 
will fail otherwise.
After this objective has been completed, there is a lone AT-AT, and later a TIE 
Fighter factory on the immediate right. Destroy the turret dead ahead first, 
then on to the factory. Don't take too long a time here - only take one or two 
passes at taking out all the buildings and targets you can to improve your 
enemies rating. Stormtroopers come out after buildings are blown up, so be 
careful (Bi Curamach!), as, in swarms, they can do an awful lot of damage. Go 
to the shuttle landing space next. The shuttle, which takes off straight away, 
is easily blown up, but you don't need to bother. It'll leave straight away and 
won't fire at you. Again, only take a couple passes at this factory, making 
sure to tackle the turrets first as to not waste a life. 
      To get on with the mission objectives, go to the AT-ST factory first, 
which is just past the second Factory. Approach the factory from the left above 
the fire of the turrets and on the shelf. Destroy the main grey building, which 
is the actually factory and is the one that counts for the objective. All the 
other targets are easily destroyed, and can be destroyed in a couple passes, 
but don't count anything towards your objectives. Don't bother trying to 
destroy the AT-STs as they take too long. Just destroy the incomplete AT-STs. 
Exit discreetly, making sure not to be shot down, of course.
     Head off to the AT-AT factory, which is the first left of the AT-AT near 
the TIE factory. Don't waste time on the walker! Again, approach the factory on 
the left on the little path luckily produced previously to avoid the missile 
and turret fire. There is another AT-AT ahead, so don't bother with him. Only 
bother with the main three buildings. They are the ones that count. Destroy 
most of the other targets and then take out the factory.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 7:30   | 7:00   | 6:30 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 45     | 60     | 80   |
                 | Accuracy          | 25%    | 35%    | 45%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 0      | 0      | 0    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

Getting gold on The Imperial Construction Yard is tough. The main toughness 
lies down to the low time and high enemies count. There are many targets, but 
some aren't as easily taken down as would be thought. The first factory should 
yield about twenty-five enemies downed to add to your total, with the second 
yielding about twenty. It's useful to pick off Stormtroopers too, as they can 
be killed with one shot, even though illusive. The Bonus is located on the 
Shuttle Landing Facility in a cylinder-shaped building. The power-up is 
Advanced Bombs for the Y-Wing. Excellent.

                            * Assault on Kile II *

Location: Kile II
Available Craft: Y-Wing 
Standard Craft: Y-Wing
Recommended Craft: Naboo Starfighter

Rogue Squadron must seek out and destroy the Imperial facilities in this area. 
Destroy surrounding elements to help stop production of the Imperial Navy. 

First, we're going to the Imperial Garrisons, then to the Sensor Array, and 
finally to the Kile II Spaceport. Accelerate down the trench and past the other 
Rebel Y-Wings. Take the first left you come to and destroy the base you come to 
with blasters. Continue straight down the path and take out the next base with 
more blasters. Fly on for a little bit until you come to a little take left 
near a missile turret. Go in there and take a left, and continue straight until 
you reach a large hollow. Destroy the missile turrets first and then take out 
the garrisons (the four large buildings) with lasers. They fall surprisingly 
easy. Then, fly close to the ground and fire at the radar dishes of the sensor 
array nearby. Another helpful thing is that when you are finished taking out 
the two bases here, Stormtroopers will appear, so you can pick up ten or twelve 
of them with blasters, however you need to be particular, as accuracy ratings 
may be damaged when firing at the Troopers. 
     When you're done, a shuttle should appear and will fly around the clearing 
for a bit before going down a different trench. Follow it closely, but DO NOT 
shoot it down. Yet. It will lead you to the Spaceport. Destroy it once you 
enter the spaceport. First, fly around the perimeter of the port, destroying 
all the turrets, so as to lose the risk of getting shot down while you're 
destroying. Again, fly close to the ground and use blasters to take out all the 
buildings you see. With about three or four buildings left, a cut-scene will 
appear, where Wedge and Hobbie are being ambushed. Hobbie will tell Luke that 
Wedge survived the crash, but he will be probably taken hostage by the 
Imperials. Sadly, you don't get to help Wedge, and you are free to destroy any 
remaining Imperial buildings in the spaceport before the mission ends.
    By the way, (if you are using the Y-Wing) remember that you only have 
twenty bombs. When you're out of them, a combination of ion cannons and laser 
blasters can take out some buildings. Though if you're starting to get the crap 
beaten out of you by turrets, try some suicide bombing into a large enough 
building to restart with more bombs. Remember, you only have three lives. Also, 
when using the Y-Wing, fly high so as any comrades won't drop any bombs on you. 
It's also useful because when you are targeting your bombs, you might fly into 
a building. 
    When using the N-1, fly close to the ground. This is very important, as not 
only is it tougher for the turrets to shoot you, but you'll be flying at this 
level to take out any buildings you see. The Starfighter is the best for Kile 
II anyway. Don't even bother trying with the Y-Wing.

Recently, I made a great discovery: A map of Kile II on GameFAQs. It tells you 
exactly where the Garrisons, Spaceport and Sensor Array are, too! A nice 
adition to it would be to show where there are other Imperial bases too, though 
it doesn't really matter too much. Go to, and type 'Rogue 
Squadron' in the search box on the left. Next, click on the 'Rogue Squadron' 
link which is next to 'Nintendo 64'. The map is on the next screen under 'In-
Depth FAQs'. Check it out if you're having problems on this level. Print it out 
for best results.
                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 8:00   | 7:00   | 6:00 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 45     | 55     | 65   |
                 | Accuracy          | 40%    | 50%    | 60%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 0      | 0      | 0    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 0    |

Gold on Kile is not actually too hard. Friendly saves and bonus are no problem, 
and the enemies are pretty easy to get many of. As I've mentioned before, when 
you destroy the Imperial Garrisons, you should get about ten to fifteen 
Stormtroopers out of the farthest one. You should get about ten from the Sensor 
Array. The other forty you should be able to pick up from the turrets around, 
the spaceport and the array. However, accuracy is something of a problem, 
especially seeing as how sometimes buildings can become transparent, and your 
shots go through them. It's only really a glitch when flying close to the 
ground. However, it still hurts accuracy. 

                             * Rescue on Kessel *

Location: Kessel
Available Craft: X-Wing 
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: X-Wing

At the Battle of Kile II, Wedge was captured and taken hostage by Imperial 
forces. He is aboard a hover train en route to an Imperial Prison. Rogue 
Squadron must equip Ion Cannons to their X-Wings, and disable the hover train 
to liberate Wedge.

The first of the two Kessel mission is pretty easy. Just fly towards the train 
and use the secondary weapons button to take out the train. Take out the 
turrets at the end first, though. Along the way you might encounter some AT-
STs, Blaster Turrets and Missile Turrets. These can be taken out easily, like 
before. The train can be disabled in a few shots at each compartment. Once the 
train is disabled, Rogue Squadron bring in Wedge's X-Wing to take him home.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 5:00   | 4:45   | 4:30 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 7      | 15     | 26   |
                 | Accuracy          | 30%    | 35%    | 40%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 3      | 4      | 5    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 0    |

Getting gold on Rescue on Kessel requires a completely different walkthrough. 
Here it is:

As soon as you start, close your S-Foils and head left by about 120 degrees. 
There should be an AT-ST, a convoy and a barracks. Destroy them all and take 
out all the turrets you find on the way to the prison. Fly down through the 
hover train tracks and take out all the enemies you see. Note that there is a 
barracks and a few poles at the start of the level. Make sure you get them too. 
Also, you MUST kill all the enemies in the level to take the gold. Once you 
have them all, return to the train and take it out. 

                             * Prisons of Kessel *

Location: Kessel
Available Craft: X-Wing; A-Wing; V-Wing
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: X-Wing

With Wedge returned to your squadron, Rebels have discovered the location of 
the main Prison of the Empire on Kessel. Protect Reiken's commandoes as he 
frees other Rebel Alliance members whom are imprisoned here. 

Off the mark, close your S-Foils and fly straight until you reach a cluster of 
probe droids. Take them all out and then fly to the nearest base, taking out 
everything BAR THE BARRACKS. First of all though, take out turrets. They deploy 
critical damage to your commandoes if left too long. Soon enough, a cut-scene 
will take place where Reiken will explain that there is a shield around each 
prison. He will tell you to take out the Shield Generator, which should be 
nearby. Follow the radar to its whereabouts and take out the two turrets, the 
silos and the AT-ST. Then, jam on your brakes and fire at the generator. Once 
done, race back to the situation of the Rebel Shuttle, killing all Imperials 
you find along the way. Once there, immediately take out the blaster turrets. 
Don't destroy the barracks yet. Destroy the surrounding fighters and silos 
though. When Reiken shouts, "OK Rogue Group, I'm clear", or something to that 
effect, four storm troopers will come out of each of the barracks. Destroy them 
all and then the barracks to raise your hits total by ten on EACH prison. 
Reiken will soon leave to go to the next prison.
       Along the way, if you follow the shuttle, will be some probe droids. 
They won't do much damage, but worth taking out at the expense of one blast all 
the same. Also, there will be two turrets on the lead up. Repeat the same 
practise on this prison, involving taking out all fighters and interceptors, 
and the eight storm troopers. Also, note that the bonus for this level is here. 
Fly past the prison and there should be a shelf. Take out the Missile Turret, 
and destroy the barracks. The bonus, the power-up of Seeker Missiles, is inside 
the barracks.
      There are two more prisons to go to after this one. Repeat the exercise, 
destroying all around to complete the message. Note that there are a few AT-STs 
in the last few prisons. 

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 13:00  | 12:45  | 10:30|
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 75     | 85     | 103  |
                 | Accuracy          | 30%    | 35%    | 40%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 9      | 25     | 35   |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

The above walkthrough tells you just about everything you need to know for 
getting the gold. The Stormtroopers thing is a good trick for picking up forty 
extra kills for your total. Also, I may remind you about the bonus which 
appears on the second prison above main battleground on a shelf. Also, time 
shouldn't be a problem if you kill all Imperials surrounding the commandoes 
quickly, as they will not leave the shuttle until all are destroyed. 

-----*                          * Chapter III *                          *-----

                                 THE NEW THREAT

                            With the rescue of Wedge
                          Antilles, and Rogue Squadron
                          at full strength, the Rebel
                          Alliance turns its attention
                            to a new Imperial threat
                              - Moff Kohl Seerdon.

                              Preparing to capture
                          Thyferra, with its precious
                            supply of healing bacta,
                         Seerdon is now consolidating
                            his power for a massive
                           attack. His success could
                         very well break the fledging
                          Rebellion, and surely doom
                         the galaxy to Imperial rule.

                           Luke Skywalker and Rogue
                           Squadron are assigned to
                          disrupt his operation with
                          swift hit-and-run missions
                           against key targets such 
                             as he Imperial mining 
                            operation on Taloraan...

                          * Battle Above Taloraan * 

Location: Taloraan
Available Craft: X-Wing; A-Wing; 
Standard Craft: A-Wing
Recommended Craft: Naboo Starfighter

The Rebel Alliance takes on the Imperials to battle for control of the Typhera 
gas supplies above Taloraan. Destroy the Imperial silos, but make sure to 
protect civilians!

This mission is pretty tough the first few times. Anywho, first destroy the 
Imperials on the first platform. Follow the radar to the next. There will be 
some fighters around this one, but you don't really have to bother with them 
too much. Just destroy the Imperial silos and continue to the next. There will 
be two platforms right next to each other on the next. There will also me some 
Turbo Blaster Turrets. MAKE SURE YOU DESTROY them, as you will not receive a 
Friendly Save if you do not protect the large Rebel ship, which follows you. 
Anyway, once done continue to the next. The ship won't follow you to this one, 
so you now have your friendly save. If you're not going for gold, it doesn't 
matter though. The next platform will be loaded with Imperials, so get level 
with the bottom floor and fire like mad. There are five Turbo Blaster Turrets 
on the inside, so be wary. There are no Imperial silos on the top floor. 
Continue to the next, once ready.
      There is another double next. After destroying all, follow the radar to 
the next. Before you reach it, however, a huge swarm of Imperial TIE Fighters 
and TIE Interceptors enter your sight. Once they overtake you, use a 
combination of Seeker Missiles and blasters to take the majority out. Once this 
is done, follow the radar again. A city will appear before the last platform. 
Inside is a bonus. The bonus is Advanced Lasers. Like Corellia, buildings will 
surround it, so you'll by relying on the A-Wing's manoeuvrability to get it. 
Once you collect it, fly past the city and finish off the last platform to go 
home and complete the level.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 10:00  | 8:00   | 7:00 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 70     | 80     | 90   |
                 | Accuracy          | 40%    | 60%    | 70%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 0      | 0      | 1    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

Gold on Taloraan... A heinous task, if ever there was one. The bonus is needed 
for the gold, you know where to find it. At the city, surrounded by buildings. 
Also, you must make sure the Rebel carrier-ship stays in tact to account for 
your only friendly save needed. I'd also like to pay particular attention to 
the swarm of fighters before you reach the city. Make sure you take at least 
fifteen of them. They're everywhere, so you shouldn't really miss. That swarm 
greatly improves your accuracy, as accuracy may be a bit of a problem in this 

                            * Escape From Fest *
Location: Fest
Available Craft: Airspeeder 
Standard Craft: Airspeeder
Recommended Craft: Airspeeder

During the Battle Above Taloraan, a team of Rebels captured three AT-PTs, and 
have hit trouble while escaping. Rogue Squadron must protect (yawn... again) 
the three and escort them to the Rebel landing space to be picked up.

The level will start with Rogue Squadron reporting in while flying over a hill. 
Destroy the tank droid and Stormtroopers upon it. Destroy the two turrets 
immediately ahead, and then the turret on the left next to the shielded 
buildings. Fly above those buildings and destroy the two turrets above the 
hill. Destroy the bunker and take the Advanced Seeker Torpedoes bonus inside. 
Next, fly down to where the AT-AT is, along with the Rebel AT-PTs. Use the 
cable on the walker. You will get a warning from Moff Seerdon, it being to 
leave the Imperial airspace. Destroy some of the troopers on the ground and 
then the two barracks. Fly towards the gate and make a one pass at it, shooting 
as much as possible at it. 
     Destroy the barracks, turrets and shield generator if you can fit it in, 
which are in the next hollow. Also destroy the walker as quickly as possible 
before the AT-PTs arrive there. Make sure to destroy the ground cover before 
going at the walker, as you'll need to stay healthy. By then, the gate should 
be destroyed. Destroy all the tank droids, and also destroy the AT-AT in the 
next passage. DESTROY ALL THE TANK DROIDS IN THE AREA. I cannot stress this 
enough. They will KILL your AT-PTs. After a while, some TIE Bombers will enter 
the area. Destroy them all and wait for the AT-PTs to enter the Rebel landing 
     Once they have been shuttled away, your next objective is to take down the 
Imperial base in the area. If you haven't already, destroy the shield 
generator, which you will find in the space just after the gate. Once 
destroyed, follow the radar to its whereabouts. Take down the barracks and 
missile turrets, and finally place your blasters on the main building.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 7:00   | 6:45   | 6:30 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 40     | 50     | 65   |
                 | Accuracy          | 15%    | 20%    | 25%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 5      | 6      | 7    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

To get gold, ALL the AT-PTs must survive. That is your main concern. Also, the 
bonus is needed, which as previously mentioned, can be found in the barracks 
above the Imperial tech centre. Take out the AT-AT walkers quickly as they will 
do much damage to the Rebel AT-PTs. This is where you usually hone your Tow 
Cable skills. Shoot at stationary targets on approach to improve your accuracy. 

                            * Blockade on Chandrila *

Location: Chandrila
Available Craft: X-Wing; A-Wing; V-Wing
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: V-Wing or Naboo Starfighter

A Rebel Hovertrain of supplies upon its way to the city of Chandrila has been 
besieged be Imperial forces. Protect the hovertrain and fight off the blockade 
on the city.

The train will fall easily, so make sure to take out any TIE bombers before 
they do too much harm. Keep a bit away from the back of the train at all times 
and then shoot down all fighters, which will overtake you. There is not much I 
can say to you here, except that you MUST FOLLOW THE TRAIN, otherwise your 
mission is doomed. Also, there will often be some TIE Interceptors flying at 
ground level on the left side of the train. Don't bother with them. They will 
lead you away from the train, therefore making it open for attacks. If you 
really feel the need to destroy them, 
      Once the train reaches the city, a cut-scene appears, where Moff Seerdon 
gloats about how he has blockaded the city and now pwns it. Once it's over, 
destroy all the fighters and bombers you can find until the Rebel evacuation 
Shuttles appear in a cut-scene also showing some AT-STs firing at them. You 
must keep at least one alive, otherwise the mission fails. As quick as 
possible, preferably on the first run, destroy the attacking AT-STs to allow 
the shuttles escape. To take them out quicker, jam on the breaks and use 
torpedoes or missiles to take them out. They can destroy the shuttles pretty 
quick if you're not careful. There will soon be more fighters around though, 
so, as Luke says, "Clean up the remaining Imperials and go home." After the 
mission, Seerdon confronts Kasan Moor. She waves his challenge though thanks to 
Luke's advice. 

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 6:15   | 6:00   | 5:45 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 20     | 30     | 35   |
                 | Accuracy          | 10%    | 15%    | 20%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 2      | 3      | 4    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

Gold on Chandrila is tougher than it seems. You must keep all carriages of the 
hovertrain in tact. You also have to save all the shuttles, which you find at 
the end of the level when the city is being evacuated. Just stay close to the 
hovertrain, making sure to take out any TIE Bombers as quickly as possible. 
Accuracy isn't too much a problem, neither is time. The Enemies Destroyed 
rating is also ok and easily kept in check. You need the bonus for gold too. It 
is in a lone AT-ST, which can be found on the outskirts of the city. The AT-ST 
will be attacking three small towers.

                            * Raid on Sullust *

Location: Sullust
Available Craft: Y-Wing 
Standard Craft: Y-Wing
Recommended Craft: Naboo Starfighter

Kasan Moor has engineered an attack on another Imperial base. This one is 
inside a volcano upon Sullust. There is a capacitor inside protected by 
shields. There are shield generators littered about the volcano. Destroy the 
capacitor and the generators. 

You will notice while flying this mission that there is an assload of missile 
turrets around. Kill them, and kill them quickly, especially if you are using 
the Naboo Starfighter as your ship of choice. Anyway, immediately, head left 
and destroy the blaster turrets and the generator by dropping bombs on them. 
Continue slightly into the centre of the volcano and take out the next 
generator, which will be guarded by a missile turret. Head back to the 
perimeter and bomb the next. Follow the radar to the location of the next and 
destroy it with the Y-Wing's bombs. The next will be alone in the centre of the 
volcano. Bomb it. Fly over the Imperial landing ground, which you will see 
next, and destroy a few of the Imperial Containers just after it. Destroy the 
turrets and the generator. To the right of the bunker, there will be a large 
grey building. Destroy it and get the Bonus, which will be inside. Follow the 
radar for the next generator. Destroy it, along with its sidekick of a 
turret... For the remaining two generators, use the radar to find them.
      This first objective should be complete by now. Go to the centre of the 
volcano and fly to the top of the capacitor. Fire at the yellow and blue 
cylinders, which rotate in the top of it. Once they are all destroyed, the 
mission is over. General Reiken will tell Rogue Squadron how Moff Seerdon has 
started attacking Typheria, so they fly off into the night.

                  ___________________ ________________________
                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 6:00   | 5:00   | 4:00 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 20     | 30     | 40   |
                 | Accuracy          | 25%    | 50%    | 75%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 0      | 0      | 0    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

Getting gold on Sullust is extremely tough. The fact that the Y-Wing is the 
standard craft sucks even more. The only way this feat can be achieved is with 
the Naboo Starfighter. While it may be possible with the Y-Wing, it will take 
you too long to do. The accuracy is pretty high, and will cause you a few 
problems. Just remember not to shoot too many blasters when firing at targets. 
Turn away before you run over and the target is destroyed (the extra blasters 
you fired won't hit a building, damaging your accuracy rating). On the run up 
to a cluster of turrets, buildings and generators, use a few blasters on them 
to up the rating. Also, the bonus is compulsorily to get gold. Enemies 
destroyed shouldn't cause too many problems. Just make sure to take out the 
turrets before going after the generators. You shouldn't take more than two 
passes at any one cluster, this will weaken your time. The time is also a tough 
factor to get around, but once you know what you're doing and know where each 
of the generators are, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

                            * Moff Seerdon's Revenge *

Location: Thyferra
Available Craft: X-Wing; A-Wing; V-Wing  
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: V-Wing

Moff Seerdon has attacked Thyferra, and will take the Rebel's bacta supplies 
from it. The blockage of bacta, a powerful healing tool, from the Rebel 
Alliance would be a major crush for them. 

Making a walkthrough for this is quite tough, but I'll do my best anyway. 

First, destroy the missile turret right ahead of you, then turn 160 degrees to 
your left and continue that way until you reach an Imperial bunker. Destroy it 
and pick up the bonus inside. Fly up above the shelf and destroy the turrets 
and bunkers. There will be some AT-STs attacking civilians too. Take them out. 
Leave the height and go down the slope into a hollow. Use your blasters on the 
missile turrets, AT-STs, and bunkers. Further on, there will be more Missile 
Turrets and bunkers. Go up the steep hill and take out all the nearby bombers. 
Continue on and take out the turret and bunker later. Further on there will be 
more bombers - kill them swiftly. Go to the opposite side of the level and 
destroy the turret and AT-ST in the hollow. Fly past the large civilian 
building and destroy the missile turret. 
       Next, you must destroy all TIE Interceptors. This is where the V-Wing's 
seeker cluster missiles come in handy. Even Seeker Missiles or Seeker Proton 
Torpedoes will come in handy here. There will be about eight of them, to my 
knowledge. Once they are all destroyed, Moff Seerdon will duel Luke in an 
Imperial Shuttle. The shuttle is pretty tough, so take long runs at it, mainly 
using missiles or torpedoes on it. It will soon blow up, Moff Seerdon inside.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 7:30   | 6:30   | 6:00 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 45     | 45     | 45   |
                 | Accuracy          | 10%    | 20%    | 30%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 40     | 47     | 55   |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 1    |

Gold is also pretty tough here. Accuracy and enemies destroyed are no problem. 
The time, you'll want to watch. Time is a huge factor. Note that you should 
make sure you take the bonus. Friendly Saves is the one of the toughest parts. 
The Imperials can destroy some bacta containers, but YOU CANNOT. Otherwise, you 
will not be able to get gold. You will end up trying many times to take the 

-----*                           * Chapter IV *                          *-----

                                    DARK EMPIRE        
                            Six years after the Battle 
                         of Endor, the fight for freedom
                           continues. Even without the
                            thousands of Jedi Knights
                             who formed the backbone
                          of the Old Republic, the Rebel
                             Alliance has managed to
                            control three quarters of
                                   the galaxy.
                          Darth Vader is dead, but a
                             reborn Empire under a
                         mysterious new leader strikes
                         back at the struggling Rebel
                           Alliance, hoping to crush
                           the fledging new Republic.
                           Massive World Devastators,
                               more powerful and
                           unstoppable than the Death
                          Star, ravage entire planets.
                            Rogue Squadron, which is
                             now commanded by Wedge
                         Antilles, persists in mounting
                           daring missions throughout
                                  the galaxy...

                           * The Battle of Calamari *

Location: Mon Calamari 
Available Craft: V-Wing; X-Wing; A-Wing
Standard Craft: V-Wing
Recommended Craft: V-Wing

This time fly as Wedge, in the new V-Wing's first standard mission. The new 
menace for the Rebellion, the World Devastators, have assaulted the peaceful 
planet of Mon Calamari. 

Straight away hit your boosters and follow the radar. While on your way, make 
sure you link your blasters so they are in rapid-fire mode. Go as high as you 
can before reaching the first of the World Devastators. They are huge box-
shaped black-coloured machines with a whole bunch of blaster turrets on them. 
Soon enough, you will view a cut-scene, which tells you to destroy the shield 
generator on top. It looks something like this:

     /     \
    /       \
    \       /
     \_   _/ 
       | |
      / _ \
     / / \ \ 
    / /   \ \
___| |_____| |___
Do so, as it is not very tough. Then, fly down a bit, and maybe shoot a cluster 
missile or two to take out some of the turrets. Destroy two of the leg jets to 
stop the devastator's propulsion, being careful not to get caught beneath, nor 
to be sucked into the hole at the back. There will also be an aerial assault of 
TIE/Ds on Mon Calamari. TIE/Ds are a new type of fighter to the Imperial ranks. 
They are extremely manoeuvrable and fast, so the best way to deal with these is 
to shoot cluster missiles from a distance at them. Soon enough, you will have 
defeated all the TIE/Ds, and the radar will point off in a new direction. 
Follow it by hitting your boosters. 
      There will be another World Devastator on the attack, so repeat the 
process of taking out the shield generator on top, and then shooting down two 
of the leg jets on the bottom. Again, there are fighters attacking the city, so 
use your clusters to take them out. There are some Wave Skimmers also. Take 
them out with your blasters. Follow the radar to the third and final 
devastator. Again with the shield generator and leg jet destroying, while this 
time there is a larger assault on the town. First, destroy the two Waveskimmers 
and wait for the TIE/Ds to arrive. When they do, destroy them with cluster 
bombs to finish the level.

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 7:00   |        | 5:30 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 24     |        | 24   |
                 | Accuracy          | 20%    |        | 25%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 80     |        | 87   |
                 | Bonus             | 0      |        | 0    |

There's not much to do different than the main walkthrough given above. You 
might want to watch your accuracy though. 

This mission, the sixteenth, is the last of the normal missions. Depending on 
your medal status, you will get the following hidden missions.

-----*                        * Hidden Missions *                        *-----

Once you complete all missions with more than a Bronze Medal, you will get the 
following mission:

                              * Begger's Canyon *

Location: Tattoine
Available Craft: T-16
Standard Craft: T-16
Recommended Craft: T-16

Begger's Canyon, probably the most unique mission in the game, is also my 
favourite, though short. You pilot a T-16 Skyhopper and run through Begger's 
Canyon while racing against three other of your Rogue Squadron companions. 

There are three routes. The main route, which is the easiest, yields the bronze 
medal. The Left branch, which is slightly tougher, yields the bronze medal once 
completed. The right branch, by far the toughest, yields a gold medal. 

Main Route: If racing through the main route, you will race against Zev, a 
veteran X-Wing pilot. There are few tough spots, if any, so no help is needed 
here, I believe. The only thing to watch for is the sand crawler, which can be 
found in one of the clearings. Just fly over it. 

Left Branch: The left branch is also pretty simple, and can be completed 
without your hand being taken off the accelerator. There are many more twists 
than the main route, and you will face Dack in this branch. Eventually it leads 
back inside to the main route and finishes up in the same place. Not too much 
bother, but still much tougher than the previous route.

Right Branch: Much tougher than the others. You will face Wedge this time, your 
closest pal and the best non-Luke member of Rogue Squadron. There are two 
methods to beating Wedge in Begger's Canyon. I like to call one the 
Sportsmanship Way or the Cheater's Way. Myself, I prefer the latter. The first 
would be just to fly quickly, rarely take your finger off the accelerator and 
beat Wedge with your skill. The Cheater's Way involves cheating, oddly enough. 
There are two turns at, which you can bring your T-16 straight up and over and 
occur about fifteen seconds into the race. You must keep close to the ground 
though, as, if you go too high, the other members will know you cheated. 

At the end, there's a circle made of stone erected. Fly through it for fun. 

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 |                   |        |        |      |
                 | Competitor Beaten | Zev    | Dack   | Wedge|

                            * Death Star Trench Run *
Location: Death Star
Available Craft: X-Wing
Standard Craft: X-Wing
Recommended Craft: X-Wing

Travel back in time to fly through the Death Star, under the fire of Imperials 
to shoot into the Exhaust Port at the end of the trench.

Accelerate (and keep the button held for the entire mission, taking out the two 
incoming TIE Fighters with blasters. Also, destroy the three looming turrets 
and continue on, eliminating all stationery targets as possible. There will 
somehow be a corner in the trench, so turn it and take out the Tower Turret 
just after it. There will be plenty more Tower Turrets along this stretch, and 
you don't need to destroy them all, so close the S-Foils and rocket beneath the 
jutting-out things usually on the right side. Soon enough, the Millennium 
Falcon will fly in, which prompts Luke to ask "Han, Chewie... Wha What are you 
doing here?" The Falcon's answer: "*Chewbacca's Roar*". Nice answer, kid.
      There will soon be another corner, so turn it, destroy most of the 
turrets you find, and once you reach the clearing with the Exhaust Port in it, 
use a torpedo to lock on and fire into it. 

                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 4:00   | 3:30   | 2:45 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 25     | 27     | 30   |
                 | Accuracy          | 50%    | 60%    | 70%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 0      | 0      | 0    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      | 0      | 0    |

The main problem with getting gold here would be time. You cannot destroy all 
enemies and get inside the required time in this mission. Your best bet is to 
just take out the stationary targets, such as turrets and the like, and, once 
you have about twenty seven enemies downed, close your S-Foils and race to the 
end of the mission. Destroy a few Blaster Turrets and lock on the Exhaust Port. 
Fire. Boom. Death Star = Destroyed.

                            * The Battle of Hoth *
Location: Hoth
Available Craft: Airspeeder 
Standard Craft: Airspeeder
Recommended Craft: Airspeeder

The Battle of Hoth, as you may remember from the Empire Strikes Back, turned 
ill for the Rebel Alliance. Being attacked by much power from the Imperials, 
they were forced to evacuate their base on Hoth. In the movie, however, there 
was much more destruction. 

Once you start, you will be told that you must take out the probe droids 
blocking the escape of the Rebel Transports. They are right ahead, and there is 
about eight of them, if my memory serves me well. You should get them all with 
one pass. Continue on and you will have a cut-scene involving a Rogue Squadron 
member running around on the ground after his Speeder has crashed. Three AT-STs 
surround him. Rush to the location pinpointed by the radar and take they three 
down, making sure not to kill the Rogue on the ground. When this objective is 
complete, another cut-scene will be shown, whereas you find two turtle-walkers, 
two AT-STs and some Stormtroopers have been released. Go through the pass of 
the mountains straight ahead. Take out the two AT-STs straight away, and then 
search for the others, which have been landed. First, go for the AT-STs and 
then wrap the walkers with your tow cable. You might want to be a bit more 
careful here, because of the tight space. When finished, finish off the 
remaining Stormtroopers (the other rogues have killed the rest for you) and 
then take the corner. There is another AT-ST and another AT-AT. Defeat the two 
of these to complete the level.

                  ____________________ ________________________
                 |                   | Bronze | Silver | Gold |
                 | Completion Time   | 6:00   |        | 3:45 |
                 | Enemies Destroyed | 29     |        | 29   |
                 | Accuracy          | 20%    |        | 60%  |
                 | Friendly Saves    | 0      |        | 0    |
                 | Bonus             | 0      |        | 0    |

It's not really much of a problem to get gold here (trying to get bronze, 
however, now THAT's a task. I'm serious). Just make sure to take out the turtle 
walkers quickly and without more than two shots at wrapping them. Be precise in 
taking out the probe droids and AT-STs at the start of the level. You can't 
afford to waste too much time. Take out the AT-ATs first of all when you reach 
that area(the one on the left from behind view before the others). Accuracy is 
pretty easy, shoot at the AT-ATs to build on that. Enemies destroyed is 
compulsory for the level, so no need to worry about that. Time is your greatest 

** 11. - Frequently Asked Questions                                          **

Q: How do I take down AT-ATs?
Like in The Empire Strikes Back, you must use the Airspeeder's tow cable to 
take them down. Wrap the tow cable around the legs of the walker until it 

Q: Have you any tips on using the tow cable?
Sure, a wealth of them. Approach the walker from behind (if possible, to stop 
the walker's blasters hitting you. Hit the Alt button as quick as possible upon 
approach to be sure to make the harpoon fire quickly. For beginner to medium-ly 
advanced pilots, stay at medium distance from the legs of the walker. Just hold 
down the inside directional button until you get too close. Then let it go 
until you reach the end and then hold it again. For advanced pilots, use the 
right and left brakes to make sharper turns. The latter method also saves much 
time. Be careful not to crash into the walker's legs or body. Sometimes, the 
camera can get in the way though.

View the Tow Cable section for more.

Q: Are there any other ways to destroy AT-ATs?
Firing a hundred billion blasters at the underside will take it down alright. 
It takes a long time though, so the tow cable is best and quicker, even though 
it is tough to get the hang of.

Q: Should I bother getting the bonuses?
Yes. It's just about imperative you get them. The shields and blasters bonuses, 
especially, are a must. You need all bonuses to take the gold medals, at any 

Q: How come some ships can't be used on certain stages?
Different missions suit different craft. For example, on the missions which 
have AT-ATs in them, you cannot take any other craft but the Speeder (or the 
AT-ST?). After you beat all missions on gold medals, all craft will be 
available to select for missions. There will be standard craft, too. The X-Wing 
is the most common standard craft.

Q: How do I beat [insert a mission]?
Look in the walkthrough section for tips on each mission.

Q: Is there a Rogue Squadron 2?
Yes, it's on the GameCube console. It's called Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader.

Q: Is there a Rogue Squadron 3?
There is an upcoming game for the GameCube console called Rogue Squadron III: 
Rogue Strike, or something to that effect.  
Q: I've heard Rogue Squadron is available for Nintendo 64 too? Is this true?
Yes, it is true. Rogue Squadron was first released for Nintendo 64, though it 
soon made its way to PC.

Q: Would you recommend using a joystick for this game? 
I've never tried using a joystick or joy pad. However, I've done ok on the 

Q: Is it possible to complete any mission with the AT-ST?
I seriously doubt it. The fact that it can move VERY slowly, shoots few 
blasters, and has no aiming crosshair... No. If you wanted to, I'm sure you 
could, all the same. An easy one.

Q: ARGGGHHGHGH! How do you get gold on Sullust?!?!?!?! 
Look that guide. (Yes, I FINALLY got gold on Sullust today! 7/25 Praise me, 

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for Rogue Squadron?
Operating System: Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium 90 or faster required.
Memory: 16mb RAM required
CD-ROM: 2X CD-ROM required.
Graphics Card: 100% DirectX compatible, PCI graphics card required.
Sound Card: DirectX compatible 16-Bit sound card required.
Input Device: Joystick required.
DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 5.2 is included on CD.

Q: What are the recommended system requirements to play Rogue Squadron?
Operating System: Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium 133 or faster recommended.
CD-ROM: 4X CD-ROM recommended.
3D Acceleration: Supported through Direct3D with most major cards.

Q: How come I cannot select the Naboo Starfighter and it does not appear in the 
You must download the 1.2.1 patch. Get it here:

More questions as they happen...

** 12. - Weapon List & Power-Up Locations                                    **

I - Introduction
II - Weapon List & Description
III - Upgrades Locations

                             * I - Introduction *

During Rogue Squadron missions, you might notice there are some bonuses lying 
around. These take the form of yellow boxes with red cones on top, and appear 
when you destroy certain buildings in certain levels. In this section is a list 
of the bonuses, what levels they appear in, and how to get them. In total, 
there are nine bonuses to be picked up. Sometimes, bonuses are compulsorily to 
receive a gold medal for a certain level.

                      * II - Weapon List & Description *

These are just the normal firepower for all craft. They do small amounts of 
damage, though they are infinite, meaning they don't run out.

-Ion Cannons
Ion blasters are rarely used, if at all. They come as the special feature for 
the Y-Wing, though you have them attached to the X-Wing for the Rescue on 
Kessel mission. They disable the target from doing any of its usual features, 
though I think sometimes the disability status wears off, though I haven't used 
it enough to be sure.

-Proton Torpedoes
The normal torpedo for the X-Wing. They do a good lot of damage.

The normal secondary weapon for the A-Wing craft. They do slightly less damage 
to targets than torpedoes.

-Cluster Missiles
These are pretty useless until seeker status is achieved or received. These are 
for the V-Wing. 

-Advanced Proton Torpedoes
These power-ups are for the X-Wing, upgrading the previous Proton Torpedoes to 
Advanced status. Of course, they make them stronger...

-Advanced Shields
Advanced Shields add another layer to your shields for EACH craft. The shields 
status can be seen in the top left corner during flight, and this power-up adds 
a blue layer to them.

-Advanced Bombs
Advanced Bombs are the upgrade of previous Bombs for the Y-Wing. Again, these 
make the craft's secondary stronger.

-Seeker Missiles
Seeker missiles are for the A-Wing. The new 'Seeker' status makes the missiles 
just like the missiles from a Missile Turret - Lock on and destroy. These come 
in very handy, though a new strategy is used to fire them. 

-Advanced Blasters 
Advanced Blasters increase the firepower of EACH CRAFT's blasters by roughly 

-Seeker Proton Torpedoes
As with the Seeker Missiles, these make the original, Advanced Proton 
Torpedoes, Seeker status. See Seeker Missiles for more help.

-Seeker Cluster Missiles
In my opinion, the best Secondary Weapon upgrade in the game. Seeker Cluster 
Missiles fire about eight shots from the V-Wing's turrets and, unlike the other 
Seeker Weapons, these automatically follow Imperials.

                          * III - Upgrade Locations *

---- 1 ----

Mission: Defection at Corellia
Bonus: Advanced Proton Torpedoes
Difficulty Level: 9/10

This bonus is pretty hard to get, especially considering you must use the 
Airspeeder. After rescuing Crix Madine, the Imperial general, from the Tech 
Centre, fly back towards the Capitol Tower. Along the way, there are various 
districts of the city. One of them, close to the shore, should have two 
Stormtroopers between a cluster of buildings, with the bonus nearby. Fly in 
from the opposite side to the ocean and swoop low to take the bonus.

---- 2 ----

Mission: The Jade Moon
Bonus: Advanced Shields 
Difficulty Level: 7/10

This bonus is also relatively difficult to receive. You know the trenches along 
the way to the shield generator? Take one of them to where there is a hidden 
Imperial building, along with some turrets nearby. Destroy the building to take 
the most important bonus in the game.

---- 3 ----

Mission: Imperial Construction Yards
Bonus: Advanced Bombs
Difficulty Level: 3/10

This bonus is located in a silo at the second Imperial factory. It is the 
factory which the Imperial shuttle flies out of upon reaching it. At the back, 
on the side of the cliff, there is a collection of Imperial buildings. Take the 
bonus here.

---- 4 ----

Mission: Prisons of Kessel
Bonus: Seeker Missiles  
Difficulty Level: 6/10

At the second prison, which Reiken flies to, Fly above the prison to a shelf. 
There will be a missile turret there along with an Imperial bunker. Take out 
the bunker to pick up the bonus.

---- 5 ----

Mission: Battle Above Taloraan
Bonus: Advanced Blasters
Difficulty Level: 8/10

Just before the last platform, there is a city. Upon arriving near it, Kasan 
will tell Rogue Squadron (as if WE care!) about how it reminds her of an 
Imperial city she once considered attacking... Anyway, like on Corellia, there 
are some buildings scattered around, and the bonus is in the middle. With out 
the speeder it makes the task easier, but the buildings are also closer 
together. I think this bonus adds (roughly) a 50% power-up to your blasters.

---- 6 ----

Mission: Escape From Fest
Bonus: Seeker Proton Torpedoes
Difficulty Level: 5/10

In the dying moments of this mission you should have to take out an Imperial 
Research Facility after rescuing the AT-PTs. Behind the building is a bunker. 
Take it down and catch the bonus.

---- 7 ----

Mission: Blockade on Chandrila 
Bonus: Advanced Bombs
Difficulty Level: 6/10

When the Rebel shuttles have arrived and departed, there will be three 
buildings on the outskirts of the city, with a long AT-ST firing at it. Kill it 
and you will receive the bonus.

---- 8 ----

Mission: Raid on Sullust
Bonus: Seeker Proton Torpedoes
Difficulty Level: 4/10

At the fifth (or so) generator, there will be two large grey buildings. Take 
the larger of the two, and the lighter coloured, out. It will take very few 
shots for some reason. The bonus will be inside.

---- 9 ----

Mission: Moff Seerdon's Revenge
Bonus: Seeker Cluster Missiles
Difficulty Level: 3/10

This one is pretty easy. To complete the mission, you will have to destroy the 
building which it is situated in anyway, so not much worries. It is a lone 
Imperial bunker anyway, and can be found if you turn roughly 120 degrees left 
from the start and head off in that direction for a while.

** 13. - Ranks                                                               **

Sometimes, after you beat a level or get a certain medal, you will receive a 
rank upgrade. There are sixteen different ranks, with these being them:

- Trainee 
- Cadet
- Ensign
- Officer
- Lieutenant
- Flight Leader
- Captain
- Squad Leader
- Gold Leader
- Major
- Commander
- Colonel
- General
- Line Admiral
- Fleet Admiral
- Supreme Allied Commander

You will start off as a trainee. 

** 14. - Craft Availability                                                  **

This section shows how, once you beat a certain level, you will unlock 
different craft to use on various missions. As mentioned later, completing the 
game and getting gold on all missions will let you use any craft on any 
 ______________________________ ______________________________________________
|                              |                                              |
|  MISSION                     |                WHAT HAPPENS                  |
|                              |                                              |
| Liberation at Gerrard V      | A-wing becomes available for Ambush at Mos   |
|                              | Eisley, Rendezvous on Barkesh, and           |
|                              | Liberation at Gerrard V.                     |
|                              |                                              |
| Jade Moon                    | A-wing becomes available for the Jade Moon.  |
|                              |                                              |
| Prisons of Kessel            | V-wing becomes available for Mos Eisley,     |
|                              | Barkesh, Search for the Nonnah, Gerrard V,   |
|                              | the Jade Moon, and Prisons of Kessel.        |
|                              |                                              |
| Blockade on Chandrila        | All ships become available for Chandrila.    |
|                              |                                              |
| Moff Seerdon's Revenge       | X-wing becomes available for Search for the  |
|                              | Nonnah and Battle above Taloraan, and all    |
|                              | ships become available for Moff Seerdon's    |
|                              | Revenge.                                     |
|                              |                                              |
| Battle of Calamari           | All ships become available for Mon Calamari. |

When you get gold on all stages, all ships become available everywhere.

All information in this section was created by Brother Reed - many thanks go to 
him for the work put into this section. 

** 15. - Tow Cable Help & Tips                                               **

I - Introduction
II - Tips
III - Missions with AT-ATs in them

                             * I - Introduction *

The Airspeeder's secondary weapon, the Tow Cable, has limited uses, though it 
is still pretty cool. Used for taking out AT-ATs only, it requires much skill 
to get the hang of it. This mini-guide is here for that purpose alone. If you 
have seen "The Empire Strikes Back", you should know what this is supposed to 
look like. Wrapping a cable around a walker's legs to trip it up and take it 
out of the battle. 

                                * II - Tips *

The angle you should come in on to wrap an AT-AT is parallel to its legs. 
Preferably from the back, as from the front the AT-AT can shoot at you and 
damage your craft. Also, I believe it easier to take it out coming in on its 
left side. Thrash the Secondary Fire button upon entry of range and when you've 
turned the first corner, let it get in a comfortable position and hold the 
inside key. Let it go when you're a little close to its legs. Make sure not to 
fly too far away from it, as you will break the cable.

For advanced pilots, you might want to use the left and right breaks to turn 
quicker and sharper. This method is a bit more risky, though it saves much 
time. Watch out for when the walker moves its legs, as you might crash into it.

For a little but of extra speed, hold the accelerate button. Be prepared. The 
camera often gets in the way.

When you've got around the AT-AT three times with your Tow Cable in tact, it 
will trip up and fall to the ground, eliminating all its grace and glory. For 
fun, shoot its head off while it lies down helplessly.

A little something I found out recently is that if you shoot at the AT-AT's 
head for about one or two long passes it should destroy. It's not as quick as 
the Wrapping mode, but it still works.

                    * III - Missions With AT-ATs in Them *

Mission IV - Defection on Correlia
Mission VII - Imperial Construction Yards
Mission XIII - Escape From Fest 
Mission XIX - The Battle of Hoth 

The first will be at mission number four, Defection on Corellia. There are two 
AT-ATs in this mission. Both have little surrounding them, so are easy enough 
to take down once you know how. There are no Imperial Forces around to shoot 
you down. The next one is in a less wide-open space, however, but still no 
Imperials to shoot at you. You need to destroy them soon as, you can actually 
destroy the Tech Centre and Capitol Tower. 

The second is on mission seven, the Imperial Construction Yards. The first is 
just as you enter the base. You don't need to bother with it, as it faces away 
from where you should be busy. None of the AT-ATs in this mission are of any 
bother once you avoid them. I believe there's one at the AT-AT facility and one 
at the entrance to that particular factory. There's also one at the AT-ST 
factory, I believe.

The third of the AT-AT missions is Escape From Fest. There are three AT-ATs 
here. The first you will find before the gate in the enclosed area behind the 
gate along with the AT-PTs. Destroy it quickly, as it deals good damage to the 
AT-PTs. There will be some Stormtroopers shooting at you, but they do't give 
too much damage. The next will be in a cluster of Imperial buildings. There 
will be many Imperials firing at you, so you will have to get it on the first 
go or else you will be too severely damaged to have to go do it again. The next 
is not long after the second. It will block a pass to the Rebel landing zone. 
There are many tanks here to shoot you down, so be quick. 

The last, the Battle of Hoth, has three available to take down. Two of them are 
together, along with two AT-STs and numerous Stormtroopers. The other is alone 
in another passage. They are all in tight space, so skill is needed for both. 
Take the more behind of the twin AT-ATs first. Then go for the second of the 
two, and finally to the one AT-AT, first killing the AT-STs, of course. 

** 16. - Strategies                                                          **

Strategies are pretty important for Rogue Squadron. There are certain things 
that must go for all levels, and others just for one level. In this section I 
will detail strategies and notes for general Rogue Squadron gameplay. Any tips 
for certain levels will say so. Go to the walkthrough if you need more help on 
this matter.

                               * Radar Tips *

Using the radar is extremely important for missions, if you didn't know 
already. Keep the orange wedge-shape at the top of the radar to make sure you 
are flying towards your target and next objective. When you reach the target, 
the wedge shape will widen out. You MUST learn how to use the radar, though on 
some missions, such as Imperial Construction Yards, the radar isn't much use.

The green dots on the radar are friendly craft/buildings/people. The red ones 
are enemies, and the small blue ones are neutral.

In protect missions such as The Search For the Nonah (Mission Three), 
Rendezvous on Barkesh (Mission Two) or Blockade on Chandrila (Mission Eleven), 
destroy TIE Bombers FIRST. FIRST! Bombers do the most damage to whatever you 
are trying to protect. This is especially important on Barkesh, as you need all 
five transports to stay alive to get gold.

                              * Attacking Tips *

Destroy any stationary targets before you go for the aerial cover. Especially 
the ones that have blasters there to shoot back. I would classify AT-PTs and 
AT-STs as stationery. They all count towards your total, and unless you have 
terrible aim, you should be able to gather a few extra per cent towards your 
accuracy rating.

It is best to attack enemy fighters from behind, as they cannot shoot you with 
blasters when you aren't in sight. Coming in on a direct head-on run while 
attempting to take them out is a terribly bad idea and should be avoided. 
Taking them out from the side is tough, but can be done. Just make sure to fire 
in its path.

On the note of secondary weapons, don't use normal missiles or torpedoes on 
fighters. Use them only on stationary or Armoured Transports (??-ATs). Seeker 
missiles or torpedoes are used in the best way when the fighter is too 
difficult and too far to hit with blasters.

Try to boost your accuracy rating by firing at large Imperial targets that 
can't be destroyed such as the Imperial Shuttle on The Search for the Nonah, 
The Turret Towers on Barkesh and Gerrard V (those two actually can be 
destroyed), or AT-ATs. Note that if you fire enough at their underside, AT-ATs 
will eventually crumble. It takes a lot though,

Probe Droids are easily destroyed. Only fire one or two shots MAX at them to 
destroy them, so to not lower your accuracy rating.

Be careful at the amount of shots you send out when attacking a foe. You will 
notice that when it is destroyed, some of the remaining shots you fired will 
not go anywhere. This lowers your accuracy. Experiment and see how long it 
takes to destroy certain enemies.

If you are attacking an enemy, and you are in  fear of getting shot down with 
one more hit, try and position your self so that you will crash into an 
Imperial target upon getting shot.

                              * Defence Tips *

Missile Turrets are deadly enemies for Rebels. They are a priority to be 
destroyed. When coming in at them in a straight line, they will shoot missiles 
directly at you. Fire at the missiles to destroy them before they hit you. The 
missiles they fire are seeker, therefore they can follow you if you speed off 
to avoid one.

If there is a fighter closing in on you and you can see it on the radar, jam on 
the brakes until it flies past you and into your sights. Shoot it down then.

Blaster turrets also deal much damage to you and your comrades. Take them out 
quickly too.

                             * Airspeeder Tips *

When approaching an AT-AT when attempting to wrap it, go at it low and 
preferably from behind, as on the run up you will often get shot at. Seeing as 
how the speeder has little or no shields, you will be taken down with about 
three direct hits. For more information on wrapping AT-ATs, go to the Tow Cable 

Taking out AT-ATs requires both time and a period of vulnerability. It should 
take in the regions of ten to fifteen seconds to take it down, assuming you get 
it in one go. Vulnerability because of the angle you must wrap in. you cannot 
see and other craft, and therefore can't shoot at them. If you don't 
concentrate while wrapping, you will crash. Only take down AT-ATs if the 
mission depends on it. For example, the AT-ATs at the Imperial Construction 
Yards don't need to be bothered with.

A little something I found out recently is that if you shoot at the AT-AT's 
head for about one or two long passes it should destroy. It's not as quick as 
the Wrapping mode, but it still works.

                               * V-Wing Tips *

When using the V-Wing, use the boosters for ultimate speeds. Over short 
distances, these can be powerful tools. Note that the boosters run out pretty 
quickly. Press 'F' to slow down, or hold it to recharge them. They recharge 
slowly though.

Link your blaster cannons. Rapid Fire mode pwns j00r soul. Also, the seeker 
cluster bombs are amazing too. Unlike the other seeker upgrades, this one locks 
on automatically. Fly in to where you have many Imperial fighters on your 
screen and fire them. They never fail. This is especially useful on mission 16, 
the Battle of Mon Calamari, as the newly introduced TIE/Ds are EXTREMELY quick, 
and so are tough to hit. 

                              * A-Wing Tips *

When you have selected this craft, quickly exit the mission and re-start with a 
better craft before the crappiness of this fighter dawns on you.

                              * Y-Wing Tips *

When using the Y-Wing, never try to take down any aerial targets but TIE 
Bombers. The others are too quick for you. All the same, TIE Bombers are still 
swift, so will still cause problems for Y-Wing fliers. Imperial Shuttles are 
easy enough, though.

Fly high. Flying low is for fighters with good blasters. Y-Wings are only used 
as bombers, so if they bomb a short bit above ground they will be caught and 
damaged by the explosion. 

                              * X-Wing Tips *

When in the X-Wing and you are looking to fly a distance quickly, close your S-
Foils. Beware that the camera won't follow it for the first little while, 
though. Press F1 to return to the original camera. Also, you can't fire any 
weapons while the S-Foils are closed, so use it when you need to escape either. 

More strategies as I think of them...

** 17. - Passcodes                                                           **
 ________________________________________________ ____________________________
|                                                |                            |
| EFFECT                                         | CODE                       |
|                                                |                            |
| Play all levels as an AT-ST*                   | 'chicken'                  |
| The credits play like at the end of a SW movie | 'credits'                  |
| Gives you infinite secondary weapons           | 'numbertwo'                |
| Gives you all secondary weapons                | 'toughguy'                 |
| Infinite Lives                                 | 'iamdolly'                 |
| Unlock all levels to play**                    | 'oompawampa'               |
| View all available cut-scenes                  | 'director'                 |
| Fly as the Imperial TIE Interceptor***         | 'goodguytie'               |
| Change difficulty setting                      | 'ace'                      |
| Switch off auto-aim feature                    | 'usedaforce'               |
| Fly the Millennium Falcon during missions****  | 'wookiepelt'               |
| Make radar better                              | 'radar'                    |
| Show pictures of the Development team          | 'blameus'                  |
| Activates Force Feedback for Joysticks         | 'leiawrkout'               |
| Modifies Force Feedback for Joysticks          | 'gundark'                  |

* - See the Craft section for details on the AT-ST
** - You will unlock the final three hidden levels, but (if you have less than
     a bronze medal for each mission) when you exit and start again, they will
     not be unlocked, though the rest will.
*** - To select the TIE Interceptor, go to the hanger and rest the curser on 
      the Millennium Falcon. Press up to select the TIE Interceptor. You must
      have the Millennium Falcon unlocked for this code to be effective,   
      obviously. Use the code 'wookiepelt' to unlock the Millennium Falcon. See
      the Craft section for more detail on the Interceptor.
**** - See the Craft section for details on the Millennium Falcon.

** 18. - Credits                                                             **

Thanks to everybody who was involved in the writing of this guide and the 
creation of his game. In particular, credit must go to Brother Reed (His Craft
Availability Chart was used in this guide.), osrevard (for the ASCII art) and
Patrick Conroy. 

All characters are trademarks of LucasArts.

Thank you for reading my guide. The most current version can always be found 

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