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 Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2

~=BY: ImAShaaark=~
=STARTED: 2/19/08=

---To skip to a part, press Ctrl+F in your browser then copy and paste the 
part between parentheses (  ) into the Find box.


	///-///-///JAILBREAK\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAINTS1)

First things first, character creation. Your looks make no difference. The 
only thing that changes in gameplay based on your looks are spoken lines - 
scripts are different based on both your gender and the voice you choose, but 
the story stays the same. Skinny or obese, black or white, nothing else 
matters, as far as I know. For writing this walkthrough, I made a female with 
Female Voice 2.

This is basically a tutorial mission, and so isn't much I can tell you, as 
everything is basically handed to you as you play, so don't worry about it 
too much. You can choose to either take the tutorial or not - obviously, not 
doing it is much faster but if this is your first time playing a Saints Row 
game, I highly suggest taking it.

After the tutorial is over and you make your way to the boat, just shoot down 
the helicoptors and the boats following you to complete the mission.

	///-///-///APPOINTED DEFENDER\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAINTS2)

Easy enough. When the mission starts, run out to the street and jack a car, 
and drive it around the block to the Sloppy Seconds clothing store. Buy 
whatever you want - the style points given by this clothing are so low it 
won't matter. Jump back into the car after buying clothing and drive on over 
to the bar. You'll see a cutscene where your character sees a television 
broadcast about Gat's trial, and that's where you decide to go.

Fight your way out of the bar, as the Brotherhood is upset after you busted a 
bottle over one of the member's faces. Just pull out the gun you got from the 
Jailbreak mission and shoot them down, then run back outside to your car. 
Rush over to the courthouse - remember that you're on a time limit.

Once you arrive, leave the car and run inside, up the stairs, and to the 
checkpoint. Don't bother with shooting the guards - running around in the 
courthouse with a pistol drawn won't attract their attention. You'll see a 
cutscene where you shoot the balifs and rescue Gat. Shoot your way out of the 
courthouse, making sure Gat doesn't get stuck on anything as he often does. 
Run outside, jack a police car, and wait for Gat to get inside. Then put the 
pedal to the metal and speed over to Aisha's house to finish the mission.

After finishing, you'll have to do an activity to continue, as your Respect 
bar won't be full enough to do another mission. Pick any activity and do it, 
or several, if you want to get a head-start on your respect bar. I chose to 
do the first three levels of the Fuzz side-mission, as that gives you two 
full bars of Respect and also gives you the Police Noriety bonus, which makes 
your wanted level fall faster.

	///-///-///DOWN PAYMENT\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAINTS3)

Go to the checkpoint and start the mission. Jack a car, or use one of the 
ones in the parking lot, wait for Gat to get in, then drive to the abandoned 
mission. Gat will tell you that you have to evict the current residents, 
which is your first rival gang, the Sons of Samedi, and homeless people.

Really nothing to it. Just run in, shoot the gangsters, then destroy the 
shanties by throwing homeless people into them (press LCtrl to grab them, 
then LCtrl again to throw them), then kill the remaining bums. All there is 
to it - just shooting people.

	///-///-///THREE KINGS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAINTS4)

Easy enough, it's time to start recruiting for the Saints now that you have a 
leader and a command center. You have to go and recruit Carlos, the guy you 
busted out with, and two of Gat's friends. First, you have to do errands for 
them to make them join.

Take the tow truck, drive to his friend's car, tow it back. Simple driving 

Just as easy. Jack a car, drive to the Ronin members, another rival gang, and 
kill them. All there is to it.

The most difficult of the three, thanks to the bad driving controls for the 
PC. Take a car, and do the three stunt jumps she wants you to do. Not hard.

Now that you've done that, you've got a gang. You can recruit one follower 
after doing this mission. Pick either the Sons of Samedi, the Ronin or the 
Brotherhood and start doing their missions. I chose the Sons of Samedi to 
start with, so that's what will be next in this walkthrough.


	///-///-///STILWATER CAVERNS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAINTSS1)

Yes, you have a stronghold to attack too. Wait, what?

It isn't what you think. Remember the bums you kicked out of your abandoned 
mission? Yeah, they didn't like that, and so set up their shanties in the 
Stilwater Caverns to mug tourists to buy guns to attack you!

Anyway, this is the easiest stronghold in the game. You're fighting bums with 
Vice 9s and crowbars. That's all. Anyway, rush into the caverns, put one 
bullet into each of the six shanties and you're done.

Reward: 500$, Stilwater Caverns location.

	 ///-///-/// OPTIONAL \\\-\\\-\\\
	///-///-/// ACTIVITIES  \\\-\\\-\\\ -----(OPTIONAL2)
The following things will make the game much easier for you to continue. If 
you don't like worrying about ammo and don't want to cheat, or just want the 
best guns in the game without even trying, do these diversions first. Not 
only will you get a boat load of respect, but also very nice weapons that 
will last the entire game.

Shotgun: Complete all six levels of the Airport Drug Trafficing activity to 
unlock the X2 Ultimax and unlimited shotgun ammo.

Pistol: Complete all six levels of the Projects Fuzz activity to unlock the 
Kobra and unlimited pistol ammo.

SMG: Complete all six levels of the Downtown Snatch activity to unlock the 
Gal 43 and unlimited SMG ammo.
	*Alternatively, you can get the Gal 43 during one Samedi mission, Riot 
Control (SAMEDI8), but the unlimited ammo is still from the Snatch activity.

Perfect accuracy: Complete all six levels of the Suburbs Septic Avenger. It 
tells you that it only increases weapon accuracy by 15%, but that removes all 
weapon shaking when aiming.


	///-///-///GOT DUST, WILL TRAVEL\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI1)

Shaundi explains how the Samedi work - they make a drug and sell it to 
college kids. She wants you to steal three pounds of it, for "research", so 
you can learn how to make it yourself, sell it for less, and steal their 

Run outside and jump into the car. Drive to the university, then start 
hitting the dealers. Drive to each one, shoot them until the Loa Dust drops, 
then grab it and drive away. Do this twice, then Shaundi will call you. One 
of the Samedi's VIP dealers is in the area, and Shaundi thinks it'd be a good 
idea to kill him while he's there. Follow the trail to him, switch to your 
SMG, and just unload on his car until it blows up. If he gets out and starts 
to run, chase him down, grab the drugs he drops, then drive over to Shaundi's 
location. Easy.

Reward: 1,000$, Frat Row location.

	///-///-///A FILE IN THE CAKE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI2)

Shaundi can't figure out how to make the Loa Dust - but she knows someone who 
can. Only problem is... she's in jail. So, you have to bust her out. 
Shaundi's other friend gives you a bomb, but it's timer is activated too 
early, so you only have 3:50 to make it all the way to the jail and plant the 
bomb with a boat. And to think, just a little while ago you escaped, and 
you're already headed back.

Take the boat and just speed over to the jail. You'll get a phone call from 
Shaundi explaning that you can knock out the prison's power by blowing up the 
generator. Drive over there, kill the guard, plant the bomb. Easy. Run out so 
you don't get blown up, and take the water speeder to the next location.

The rest of the mission is simple. Remember the route you took out of the 
jail about an hour ago? Yeah, just take the reverse route back into the jail. 
Shoot the guards that get in your way. Avoid shooting any convict - if you 
do, they will all start attacking you at once. Not good. Find Laura, then go 
back outside again - but this time, instead of going to the docks, go to your 
right - there's a helicoptor, and you're going to take it out of there. Wait 
for Laura to get in, then lift off, and fly to the mainland. No specific 
location - just get to the mainland and a cutscene will trigger and end the 

Reward: 1,500$, Pilsen location

	///-///-///AIRBORNE ASSAULT\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI3)

Laura is back with the product. You can make it, but the Samedi still can 
too, so you've got to hit them where it hurts - their farms. Laura's husband, 
Tobias, is willing to fly you over their farms in his helicoptor so you can 
shoot at explosive stuff in the farms to light the product on fire.

The mission is very straight foward and probably the easiest one in the game. 
Just shoot the things with big arrows over them. Don't worry about individual 
Samedi, except the guys with rocket launchers, but they're standing next to 
explosive things you can shoot anyway.

After you take out the farm, some of the Samedi lieutenants are going to try 
to escape. Tobias will fly you in close, just unload on the cars until they 
blow up.

Reward: 2,000$, Pleasant View location, News Helicoptor in your garage, 
Tobias as a homie, Bodyguards as a gang style.

	///-///-///VETERAN CHILD\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI4)

Veteran Child, the Samedi's number 1 drug dealer, is in trouble with the 
Samedi leader. He thinks he talked. Now, he has to prove himself by killing 
his ex-girlfriend - Shaundi. He runs into the Saints' base, and kidnaps her, 
and you want to take him out yourself.

Your first stop is the club Cocks. It's a trap, of course. This is also your 
first chance to get a rifle if you're following this guide - go up stairs, 
and the gangster there will be shooting at you with one. You only have 30 
bullets, so use it carefully. Go there, and kill all the Samedi gangsters, 
then leave and get in a car. You'll get a phone call explaning where Veteran 
Child actually is - his own club. Rush over there and go inside.

You'll have to gun down a bunch of gangsters in your way, but they aren't 
that tough. Run downstairs to where Veteran Child is. He'll be using Shaundi 
as a human shield, and you can't just kill her to get to him. In all four 
corners of the dance floor VC is standing on, there are piles of flash 
grenades. Throw one next to him, wait for it to blow, and you'll have about 5 
to 6 seconds to shoot him. Do this over and over until he dies.

Reward: 3,000$.

	///-///-///BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI5)

Shaundi got a tip - there's drug labs set up in the projects owned by the 
Samedi. You know what you need to do.

First things first - if you are bad at driving and shooting at the same time, 
get a homie to follow you. You'll need it. Otherwise, it's easy to solo this.

Hop in the car waiting for you, and book it to the first location. Rush in, 
kill all the gangsters, then shoot the lab until it blows up. Be sure to 
stand away from it, or it will light you on fire. Rush out, get in the car, 
drive away. Do this two more times.

On the fourth location, you might run into trouble. By now, you could have a 
four or even five level noriety with the Samedi, making this very tough. 
Drive up, get out of the car, and rush inside. Now you have to kill the 
gangsters, blow up the lab, and kill some technicians. Still pretty easy. One 
of the techs will drop a key, be sure to pick it up. Rush to the other end of 
the lab, and open up the door with the key. Kill the gangsters, and blow up 
the lab, then run out to the back door. The head tech is trying to escape. 
Run across the street and jump in the car waiting for you. Follow the 
technician. If you have a homie, shoot the car once so your homie will unload 
on it, and just focus on driving. Otherwise, whip out your SMG and just fire 
away at his vehicle.

I've read on the forums that if you just follow the last tech for four 
minutes, he will leave his car on foot, making it extremely easy to kill him. 
I do not know if this is true or not - but if you absoutly can't manage to 
shoot him in a car, this may be your only other option.

Reward: 5,000$, Shivington location

	///-///-///BAD TRIP\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI6)

You got kidnapped and are stuck in the Samedi limo, which is basically like a 
hotbox thanks to all the product they've lit up inside it. You're totally 
stoned, but can still fight well enough. Once you escape from the limo, you 
find out that the Samedi are totally hammering the Saints' base.

Grab a car and rush over there. Fight your way through your own base down to 
where Shaundi is and help her. Finally, she decides to actually help and 
picks up a gun. Run outside with her following along. You need to defend the 
base until Pierce can come back. Do so. Pierce is being followed, so take out 
all of those too. Keep up killing the Samedi - eventually the mission will 
end. This is an easy, easy mission as long as you are accurate with weapons.

If you're quick, it's extremely easy to pick up your triple gold stars in 
Gang Kill, and unlock the Leather Coat in your wardrobe and AR-50 w/ Grenade 
Launcher during this mission. Just kill enemies quick in succession. You have 
to kill nine gang members with no longer than five seconds in between each 

Reward: 3,500$, Ultor Dome, Samedi Fighting Style

	///-///-///BONDING EXPERIENCE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI7)

Pierce wants to be more involved, so you and him are going to go blow up some 
helicoptors that are dropping Samedi goods.

He'll drive, you'll shoot. Turn to your rifle (which has unlimited ammo for 
this mission) and just shoot down the helicoptors. Easy. After you knock out 
two, you'll need to get a boat. Run down the docks that Pierce stops next to, 
and get on the boat. Shoot down two helicoptors from the boat, then you go 
back on land. Steal the car that is waiting right outside, and shoot down the 
two next helicoptors. That's all. Really easy mission thanks to the unlimited 

Reward: 5,000$, Sunsinger location

	///-///-///RIOT CONTROL\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI8)

The druggies want their drugs, and guess what? You have it all.

When the druggies start attacking, you decide it's time to move the product. 
Pierce will run to grab the truck, leaving you and Shaundi to defend the 
place. Just keep killing the druggies as they come - it's based on time, but 
you aren't shown the time left. I think it's three minutes, but I'm not sure.

The druggies, for some reason, are weilding very good weapons that not even 
the Samedi gang themselves use. They'll drop .44 Shepard, which are the third 
best pistol, and the Gal 43, the best SMG in the game. Be sure to grab two of 
both if you haven't done the Downtown Snatch activity yet.

Once Pierce comes back, you'll be stuck doing the same thing, but alone. 
While Shaundi and Pierce are arguing and loading up the truck, you have to 
shoot the incoming druggies.

Once they're done, run and jack a car. You have to escort them to the Saints 
base. This is fairly easy because the truck has a crazy high ammount of 
health. As you're driving, shoot the drivers of the other car instead of 
blowing them up. It saves you a lot of ammo, and prevents the vehicles from 
blowing up, which could do a lot of damage to you, your vehicle, and the 
truck. When you arrive, the mission ends.

Reward: 7,500$, Black Water location.

	///-///-///ETERNAL SUNSHINE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI9)

This is one of the easiest boss fights in the game.

Grab a car and drive to the meat packing plant. Kill all the gangsters in 
your way untill you make it to Sunshine. Don't bother shooting at him yet - 
he's immune to damage for the first 10 seconds of the fight. Once his voodoo 
doll starts floating, shoot it once, then just completely unload on Sunshine. 
Once he dies, the mission ends. Incredibly easy.

Reward: 12,500$, The Mills location.

	///-///-///ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 31\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDI10)

Last mission before you have to start on the Strongholds, if you haven't done 
those already.

This is pretty easy for the last mission before the boss. Basically, you have 
to break into the police station and hack into the computers with Shaundi so 
she can watch all the street-level security cameras and watch for the 
Samedi's leader, General. First, you have to jack a repair truck so you can 
use their uniform as a disguise. Do so. Grab a car and drive over to where 
the repairman's van is, and start shooting. Be sure to drive up close to 
Shaundi can shoot too - she has a shotgun and it's useless from a certain 
range. Once the van takes enough damage the driver will bail. Jump into his 
van, and you'll automatically wear the jumpsuit disguise.

Drive over to the police station. Shaundi will warn you, but I'll warn you 
again - put away your weapons before entering, or the entire police station 
will come down on you. If you do, you can walk peacefully all the way to the 
control room and start rigging up the hacks.

Once inside the control room, Shaundi will begin setting up, but will also 
trigger an alarm. This is unavoidable. It will blow your cover. Just start 
totally unloading on the cops as they come up the stairs. Easy. Once Shaundi 
tells you she's at the half way mark, the SWAT team will also come after you 
with rifles. Shoot them down, and make sure you pick up their rifle ammo they 

Once she's done, hop into the awaiting Helicopter, and fly back home.

Reward: 25,000$


	///-///-///SUNNYVALE GARDENS FISHING DOCK\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDIS1)

Welcome to one of the most frustrating missions, for me, at least, in the 
game. I highly suggest stocking up on all ammo for every weapon, and buying 
10-15 RPG rockets. It's expensive, but you'll need it.

You'll need to rush in and shoot the fish that contain Samedi drugs. After 
taking out their farms, dealers and helis, their last effort is to try and 
smuggle drugs out to other places.

This part is easy. You need to go to the six stashes listed on your map and 
shoot the fish inside. Step OUTSIDE the refridgerators and far from the doors 
before shooting the fish - if you're too close, you'll get high off the 
product, blurring your vision and make you inaccurate with your guns.

For some reason, one of the Samedi gangsters inside one of the stashes is 
what can only be described as a "Super-G". He has a crazy ammount of health. 
He's holding a machette as a weapon, and so is really easy to kill, but it 
takes a while. Just unload an entire clip into him.

Now comes the tough part.

Head outside to the docks and gun down the gangsters there. Whip out your 
rocket launcher and unload on the boats. Two rockets per. It sounds easy, but 
between the sheer number of enemies there combined with the level three 
noriety you have with the Samedi, meaning cars will speed at you and run you 
over, makes this mission extremely annoying. Having a full group of homies 
helps, as does bringing 4 75% healing food with you.

After that, it's easy again. Run to the big boat, kill the gangsters, set the 
bomb. It will "malfunction" and explode too early, leaving you with 30 
seconds to get off and out of the way, which is plenty of time. Just hold 
down LShift and sprint away. Don't bother shooting enemies, no point.

Reward: 5,000$, Sunnyvale Gardens location.

	///-///-///STILWATER UNIVERSITY STUDENT UNION\\\-\\\-\\\ -----

Just the opposite as the above, this is quite possibly the easiest mission in 
the game. Nothing more to it than killing gangsters. Some of the enemies are 
extremely undergeared - some will charge you with melee weapons, some even 
totally unarmed or just Pepper Spray. They use the least powerful guns and 
come in small numbers. If you're breathing, you can do this.

Reward: 5,000$, Stilwater University location

	///-///-///BAGOVIAN PLAZA DRUG LABS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDIS3)

Easy. Just rush into the drug labs, kill the crack heads and the gangsters. 
Run up stairs, blow up the dust labs. Go onto the roof and shoot down the 
helicoptor. Done.

Reward: 2,500$, Bagovian Plaza location

	///-///-///ELYSIAN FIELDS TRAILER PARK\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDIS4)

Not too hard. Drive to the trailer park and run through the store there to 
get to the map of trailers inside, gunning down gangsters. Run out to the 
trailer. If you don't have an RPG, take a car and drive it next to the 
trailer, then shoot it until it blows. Having a gun with unlimited ammo from 
an Activity helps with this. Do this five times, and you're done.

Reward: 1,000$, Elysian Fields location


	///-///-///THE SHOPPING MAUL\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(SAMEDIEND)

The last mission for the Samedi before they're wiped off the map. If, for any 
reason, you need to kill Samedi members, jack their cars, anything to do with 
them, do it before this mission. After this mission, you can no longer see 
the Samedi anywhere again.

It starts off with a timed driving section. Jump in the car that you spawn 
next to and book it to the mall with Shaundi. The time limit here actually 
matters, too - the fastest I've been able to do it is with only 20 seconds to 

Once you get there, you'll see a short cutscene that shows how the plan 
works. A bus comes out and sideswipes the limo. Now, gun down all the 
remaining escorts, and then The General will run inside, into the mall. 
Follow him.

Now, you're supposed to run down the stairs and shoot your way through the 
mall to the other end, to start the fight with The General, which you could 
do. Just walk down the stairs and keep shooting. Or...

The Samedi are going to rush you with cars. Take one, drive to the right, and 
drive all the way to the other end of the mall to trigger the cutscene, 
skipping every gangster in your way. Is it cheap? Yes. But it's a lot faster 
and easier.

Now, the fight with the General. The guy driving the Bulldog can't drive at 
all. It's like he's high or drunk or something. Just pull out your rocket 
launcher, and fire three rockets at the bulldog while it's driving around. Do 
it quick enough and you don't even have to deal with any other gangsters. 
Once the Bulldog is destroyed, you get a short cutscene showing the end of 
the Samedi.

Rewards: 50,000$, Prawn Court location, The General's Bulldog (vehicle), 
Samedi Vehicles, Samedi Personality, Ninjas gang style, Shaundi as a homie.

Once you finish that mission and if you're still following this, it's time to 
move onto...


	///-///-///SAINTS' SEVEN\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN1)

Pierce has a plan that's almost a direct reference to Ocean's Seven, the 
movie, hence the name of the mission. However, you and Gat decide that you 
would both rather just walk in and shoot everyone, so that's the plan and 
basically the whole mission.

Walk outside and hop in the car waiting for you, and drive to the casino. 
Once you get there, walk into the casino and kill the 15 Ronin members. Gat 
will then start rigging up bombs - defend him. Ronin members will come in 
waves of two to four, just gun them down. Once the bombs are set, move away, 
watch them blow, then a short cutscene will start.

After the scene, you'll be driving the truck. The Saints members Gat 
mentioned during the opening cutscene to the mission never show up for some 
reason, so it's just you and him. He explains how the money is unlaundered, 
and if they stash it in the gang HQ, someone will steal it, so you need to 
bring it to Aisha's house. You'll have a two star noriety with both the Ronin 
and the police, so expect plenty of people chasing you. Just drive to Aisha's 
house and the mission is over, and a short cutscene introducing Shogo, the 
Ronin leader in Stillwater, will play.

Reward: 1,000$, Centinnal Beach location

	///-///-///LAUNDRY DAY\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN2)

You've got the money, but it needs to be laundered. Let's do that.

Take a car and drive it to the trailer park. The guy there will sell you a 
car. Don't worry, it won't use any of -your- cash. Take the car. Pierce will 
call you and warn you of the Ronin coming to attack you. Don't worry about 
it. Go to the gun dealer, and buy his XS-50 w/ Greande Launcher. You now have 
unlimited rifle and grenade ammo until the end of the mission, which makes it 
about 10 times easier. Drive to the fence, now. Be careful with the car - if 
it takes too much damage, you'll have to get it repaired, and if it blows up, 
you fail the mission.

Once you get to her, you need to transport the goods to her stash. She'll 
drive while you shoot. Switch to your rifle - it has unlimited ammo. Just 
unload on anything that comes at you. Remember that you also have unlimited 
grenades (R mouse button). When you arrive, the mission ends.

Reward: 1,500$, Nob Hill location

	///-///-///ROAD RAGE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN3)

Easy mission. Just jump on the motorcycle and follow all the Ronin, and shoot 
them down. Killing the driver and blowing up the bike both count as 
"destroying" it. Kill them before they get to the Saints hideout. That's all.

Reward: 2,000$, Tidal Springs location

	///-///-///BLEEDING OUT\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN4)

Uh-oh. Things are getting serious between the Saints and the Ronin. Now 
Aisha's either injured or dead, and Gat is hurt. Seriously hurt. You've gotta 
get him to the hospital, but the Ronin won't let that happen easily.

Defend Gat by shooting the incoming Ronin members as they show up. Gat has a 
lot of health for someone who is wounded this badly, so defending him isn't 
really that hard. You can make a few mistakes and he won't die. Defend him 
for a minute.

Things just keep getting worse. Now the Ambulance won't even show up. So, you 
call one of your homies to help out. Kill the Ronin members that are left, 
and the homie will show up.

Now, you get unlimited rockets to launch. Just switch to your rocket 
launcher, and let them rip over and over at all the Ronin following you. It's 
a long drive, so do good. After that, the mission ends.

Reward: 2,500$, Adept Way location

	///-///-///ORANGE THREAT LEVEL\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN5)

So, now you know what plane their head honcho is on, and you're going to take 
him out together with Pierce. Awesome.

Grab the car outside, and listen to the little arguement between you and 
Pierce over music. Funny stuff.

Once you get to the airport, you're going to go through the back entrance. 
Just follow the markers.

Inside the airport, just shoot down all the Ronin members. Once they're all 
dead, you'll start a chase in possibly the least gangster vehicles ever: golf 
carts. Chase down the two Ronin members trying to escape to finish the 

Now you'll see what happened. They evacuated their leader when they saw you 
in the airport. Whoops.

Reward: 3,000$, Quinbecca location.

	///-///-///KANTO CONNECTION\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN6)

Alright, time to kill one of their highest members, Jynuchi.

Jynuchi tells you to "die with honor" and gives you a sword. You can't use 
guns in this fight. Ironically enough, even though he's the one telling you 
about honor, he refuses to fight you without six of his friends helping him.

You're supposed to counter his moves by clicking either mouse button right 
when he attacks, but I've got an easier method. Move close enough to attack, 
but not close enough for him to grab you. Use the jump attack by holding down 
the right mouse button - you'll hit him, but he'll toss you and do damage. 
That's fine. Just eat some of your food items, and keep doing this over and 
over and over. I only needed two 75% healing foods to finish him using this 

If you don't want to do that, just continue to counter over and over. It's a 
tough mission and might take you a few times to finish.

Reward: 3,500$, Location, Ronin Melee

	///-///-///VISITING HOURS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN7)

-----Having the unlimited SMG or pistol ammo from the activities makes this 
mission much easier.-----

An annoying mission. You head to the hospital to visit Gat, but the Ronin cut 
the power. (Either through a bug, design flaw or just an overlook by the 
programmers, the power doesn't actually, well... turn off.) Time to get Gat 
out of there.

You'll have to push Gat out of the hospital. Even after being shot countless 
times in the past, one stab wound puts him on a gurney, helpless, for days. 
Stand behind the gurney and press E to push him. This limits you to using one 
handed weapons, so you will be using A LOT of SMG and pistol ammo. It's a 
good idea to get the unlimited ammo from activities.

If you run out of one handed weapon ammo (don't say I didn't warn you), 
you'll have to leave Gat somewhere safe, then run out with your other weapon 
(rifle, shotgun), kill the enemies, then run back, backtrack with Gat... it's 
a lot harder and longer.

Anyway, take the elevator down, and go out to the Ambu... well, nevermind. 
One of the Ronin just blew it up. Go back in, then back up the elevator 
again, and out to the helicopter. Fly back to your hideout.

Reward: 5,000$, Union Square location, Medical Helicopter

	///-///-///ROOM SERVICE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN8)

-----Having the X2 Ultimax shotgun and unlimited ammo greatly helps during 
this mission. Having the no-fall-damage perk from the Basejumping diversion 
makes this much more fun, too.-----

Time to start taking out their bases. Vogel comes to you directly to tell you 
where most of the Ronin lieutenants are living, because he's bitter over the 
Ronin turning down their protection offer. So, just run in and kill the 
lieutenants, right?

Wrong. You're going to blow up the entire building.

Run in with your shotgun, and just shoot down all the Ronin on the ground 
floor. The shotgun is an awesome weapon in this mission simply because almost 
the entire level you're face to face with Ronin.

Take the elevator up, and plant the two bombs. Now you're on a timer. Take 
the stairs up, plant the next two. Stairs, plant. Then the top level, plant 
the last bomb, and rush in and kill the lieutenants. Once you do that, you've 
got to base jump back to the ground floor. Jump and press E for your 
parachute (or if you have the no fall damage bonus from the Basejumping 
diversion, just hit the ground).

Reward: 7,500$, Brighton location

	///-///-///REST IN PEACE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN9)

-----Unlimited or full SMG ammo is almost REQUIRED for this mission. The 
motorcycle chase at the end is very close to IMPOSSIBLE without it.-----

How rude! The Ronin won't even let you have a funeral for Aisha in peace 
without them trying to kill you. Shogo is pissed at you and wants you dead.

When the mission starts, just point your SMG or Rifle at Shogo and open fire. 
One clip is all it takes to knock him down to half health and start the next 
part of the mission.

Now you have to kill the other Ronin members. There are a lot, and this is a 
generally open space, so be careful, watch your health, and don't forget to 
eat food if you need to. Once you kill all of them, another cutscene will 

Shogo is trying to escape on a Motorcycle. Pull out your SMG and just unload 
on him. Don't have SMG ammo? Good luck with your pistol, then. You can also 
shoot his bike enough times for it to blow up, which kills him instantly. 
That works too.

Reward: 12,500$, Morning Woods Cemetary location

	///-///-///GOOD D\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONIN10)

So, the Ronin are taking the fight to your home, now. Here goes.

First, run downstairs. So that's their plan... the Ronin are going to blow up 
the support pillars and collapse your base in on itself. Hmm. Better stop 

Defend the two pillars for the time limit. Of course, go after the enemies 
with rockets first... those do big damage.

Now, run deeper into the underground... now you have to defend FOUR pillars. 
This is harder and will probably take a few tries. Run around and kill the 
gangsters down there already, then watch the stairs. Ronin will continue to 
just walk down the stairs, straight into your line of fire. Easy.

After that time limit, Mr. Akuji will come himself. Just point and fire at 
him. Totally unload on him and in no time he'll go down.

But he escapes...

Reward: 25,000$, Adept Way


	///-///-///HUMBOLDT PARK SCIENCE MUSEUM\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONINS1)

So, the Ronin run an internet porn ring... well, time to break it up!

Simple mission. Just run in, shoot the gangsters, go to the server room, 
shoot them all. After that, run to the doors, shoot your way out, then shoot 
down the helicopter and done.

Reward: 2,000$, Humboldt Park location

	///-///-///AMBERBROOK MUSEUM PIER\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONINS2)

Ronin have something big going down. Can't let THAT happen!

Pierce suggests sniping all the guards by the boat, so that means you need to 
get to a vantage point. Gun your way up through both groups of guards. If you 
already have a sniper rifle, pick up the extra ammo at the top. If you have 
an RPG, switch it out for the sniper rifle. Pick off all the guards (but 
expecially go for the guard with a sniper rifle and the one with an RPG - 
both can easily hit you for big damage), then if you have the no-fall-damage 
perk, jump, or take the stairs all the way back around. Hit the docks and 
blow up the boats. That's all there is to it.

Reward: 5,000$, Amberbrook Museum location

	///-///-///NEW HENNEQUET REC CENTER\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONINS3)

This is a unique mission.

Go inside and your informant will meet you. Go downstairs to the gaming room, 
kill the Ronin, then start shooting all the gambling games. After you finish 
the first room, move to the second, and do the same.

Secret: In the hallway to the second room, there is a control room through a 
door on your right. Kill the gangsters inside, then walk up to the control 
panel on the wall opposite the door. Press E when it tells you to, and you 
can release a Saint from the cage on the other end of the hall who will join 

After you finish both rooms, you have to blow up all the cash boxes. Shoot 
them each a few times and that will do it. Then, kill the reinforcements and 
you're done.

Reward: 10,000$, New Hennequet location

	///-///-///SUBURBS STRIP CLUB\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONINS4)

Pierce calls and tells you that one of his girls at the Technically Legal 
strip club told him that the Ronin bachelor party there is getting a little 
too touchy... time to fix that.

This is basically just a run and gun mission. Walk in, kill the Ronin. Go 
upstairs, kill more. Go to the roof, kill the reinforcements on the ground 
floor. Thats it.

Reward: 1,000$, Misty Lane


	///-///-///ONE MANS JUNK\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(RONINEND)

This is probably the hardest boss fight in the game, but one of the easiest 
to exploit, as well.

First things first, get to the docks and steal the watercraft. Book it over 
to the festival, dodging the exploding barrels the plane throws at you first, 
of course.

Once you get there, kill all the Ronin you need to kill, then get to the 
boats. You're on a time limit here, Wong's health. Keep moving, go fast - 
it's easily possible to run out of time if you aren't quick enough.

Now comes the boss fight. This fight is identical to the one with Jynuchi, 
except the jump attack doesn't work anymore, Akuji has more health and does 
more damage.

Now, you can do the fight normally, and counter every attack by him, but 
that's time consuming, frustrating and boring.

Walk downstairs. Put yourself in the fire, and light yourself up. Then, just 
run into Akuji. While he's running around on fire, eat some food, then do it 
again. Two or three times will finish him off.

Reward: 50,000$, Stilwater Boardwalk, Akuji's Prototype Bike, Ronin Vehicles, 
Ronin Personality, Johnny Gat as homie


	///-///-///FIRST IMPRESSIONS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER1)

Remember that phone call you got way near the beginning of the game about the 
Brotherhood leader, Maero, wanting to speak to you? Time to go do that. When 
you get there, he has a plan that would let the Saints and Brotherhood work 
together. However, he was followed by the police, and they think it's a 
perfect time to take out two of Stillwater's gang leaders.

You, Carlos and Maero will have to fight your way out. It's pretty easy.

HITMAN: If you are trying to complete the hitman missions, and haven't killed 
the target inside Stilwater Caverns, now's your chance. He's in here.

Once you get to the exit of the caverns, you're given a choice. Go out 
through the front, or down below and take a boat. I went through the front, 
which was easy. Just jack a Five-O, and drive it to the Brotherhood hideout.

They want to cut you a deal, 80-20 on "something big". You, of course, don't 
take the deal because you're only getting the 20. You've just made yourself a 
new enemy, the Brotherhood.

Reward: 1,000$, Southern Cross location

	///-///-///REUNION TOUR\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER2)

Remember Donnie from Saints Row 1? Well, he's back, and in a new gang, the 
Brotherhood. Time to use that to your advantage. You decide to kidnap him and 
make him rig up Brotherhood vehicles to explode.

Take his car. Drive him to the first location, wait for him to rig it up, 
then turn and blow it up. Do this with the next two as well.

The fourth and last truck changes things. Once the bomb is rigged up, the 
detonator doesn't work. It's on a 30 second timer... but someone is driving 
it. Towards you. If you're too close when it goes off, you'll be blown up 
too. Just take Donnie's car and drive as fast as you can away from it, and 
you'll be fine.

Reward: 1,500$, Kurt Row location, Donnie's Car

	///-///-///WASTE NOT WANT NOT\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER3)

Carlos has no info. You know that the Brotherhood likes trucks and tattoos, 
but nothing else. But that's enough to get personal with their leader. You're 
going to steal some toxic waste and plant it in the tattoo shop. Guess what 
happens after that?

Don't be scared by the 15 minute time limit. The mission isn't that hard, 
just long. While writing this, I finished with 4:40 to spare. Anyway, grab a 
car and then drive to the Friendly Fire store. For some reason, they have a 
geiger counter on hand for sale. Whatever. Grab it, then get back in the car 
and drive to the docks. Hop on the boat there and take it to the power plant.

This is a stealth mission. If the guards don't see you, they won't chase you. 
The location of the waste changes, so I can't tell you where to go. Use the 
geiger counter. Once you track it down, you need to run up to the helipad for 

Carlos will need you to clear the guards first. Kill all nine, then you need 
to defend the helipad for 1:30. Just shoot the guards as they come up the 
stairs with your shotgun. After 1:30, the helicoptor will arrive and start 
flying you home. You'll be hanging out the side with a machine gun, as usual, 
so shoot the police copters and boats as they come.

For some reason, the helicopter will crash, but you and Carlos will be okay. 
Jack a car, and drive over to the Brotherhood tattoo parlor to end the 
mission. You'll see your plan go into action - right after Maero gets a 
tattoo on his face, it begins to burn and scar that side of his face 

Reward: 2,000$.

	///-///-///RED ASPHALT\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER4)

Jessica gives you a call. In revenge for what you did to Maero, they're 
doing... something to Carlos. She won't say what... but you bet Donnie will 
cough up info if you beat him up again.

Grab the car and rush over to Donnie's shop. Shoot the gangsters outside then 
run in and start beating on Donnie. DO NOT SHOOT HIM, you will kill him and 
fail the mission. Switch to unarmed and just start punching the hell out of 
him. After you talk for a while, he'll tell you where Carlos is. Hurry over 
to him, his health is running out.

When you get there, you see what they've done. Carlos is chained to the back 
of the truck, and they're dragging him behind the speeding truck. Horrifying. 
Follow behind the truck, shooting it, but be careful to not shoot or run over 
Carlos. Shoot the truck enough and it will stop, then get out of your car and 
run over to Carlos to end the mission.

Carlos is injured too badly to save. Without saying anything, you take 
Carlos' hand and shoot him, putting him out of his misery.

Reward: 2,500$, Charlestown location

	///-///-///BANK ERROR IN YOUR FAVOR\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER5)

The rivalry between you and the Brotherhood is getting serious now. They 
tortured and murdered Carlos, now you're going to get them back. Shaundi 
calls you about Jessica, Maero's wife, walking into the bank to make a 
deposit. Alone. Here's your chance.

Grab the car outside the hideout and drive over to the bank. Pull out your 
guns, rush in, and grab (LCtrl) Jessica. Since you're fighting cops, they 
won't kill an innocent, so if you point Jessica at the cops, they won't 
shoot. But you can shoot them, and you should. Kill the cops, and run 
upstairs while holding Jessica to make her turn off the alarm. Once that's 
done, grab hold of her again and make your way out. The SWAT team has 
arrived, but once again, if Jessica is blocking you, they won't shoot. Just 
don't turn your back.

Throw Jessica into her trunk, then take her car. Don't worry about damaging 
it, but don't destroy it completely or you'll fail. Drive it to the location 
and the mission is over.

And now you get to see the fruits of your labor. Maero was entered in a 
Monster Truck derby, where they crush cars with giant trucks... and you 
parked the car with Jessica in it at the end. Maero starts and at the end, 
flattens the car... with Jessica inside.

Reward: 3,000$, location, third set of custom gang cars.

	///-///-///THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER6)

Alright, time to go after another person who might know something. Matt, the 
Brotherhood's lead tattoo artist and the guitarist of The Feed Dogs.

Before going to the show, you decide to hijack the pyrotechnics truck... for 
no reason. Seriously, it's never told why you did it, and it has no play in 
the mission, other than getting it.

Whatever, gotta do it. Hop in the car with Pierce and run over to the 
warehouse. Kill the Brotherhood gangsters there, then get in the truck. 
You'll be in the back and Pierce will be driving... while playing Classical 
music. Ick. Throw the boxes of fireworks out the back at the enemy gangsters 
and cops until you arrive at the Feed Dogs show to end the mission. Easy 

You'll rough up Matt a bit, and he'll explain to you that the "shipment" is 
coming in through the docks. That's all he knows. Off to the docks!

Reward: 3,500$, Copperton location, Brotherhood Fighting Style

	///-///-///RETRIBUTION\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER7)

The Brotherhood are pissed and have launched a full scale attack on the 
Saints home. You have to kill the lieutenants. There are four.

One of them is in a truck that circles the docks. He follows a set path, 
throwing Molotovs behind him. What I did to make things easier was got out of 
my car, stood on the sidewalk where I knew he would drive by, wait for him, 
and just unload on him as he drives past.

The easiest one. He's being arrested by the police against a warehouse. Just 
take a potshot at him and drive away.

A group of them are inside a liquor store. Enter and look directly to your 
right - kill those gangsters beating up the store owner. For some reason, if 
he dies, you fail. Kill the rest of them off.

The last one is on top of the parking garage. Once you reach the top, he'll 
take off in his car and try to jump off the roof with a ramp. If you're fast 
enough, shoot out his tires, causing him to swerve and either miss the ramp, 
or land on his side/upside down. Then, just unload on his immobile car. If 
you aren't fast enough, jack a car and follow him, shooting his car until it 

You're hurting Maero, and he's getting desperate. He goes to Ultor for help. 
And after a little... "persuasion", they decide to help.

Reward: 5,000$, Encanto location

	///-///-///JAIL BAIT\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER8)

Looks like Vogel took Maero's advice and is helping out the Brotherhood. 
Ultor's lawyers fought and got all the arrested Brotherhood members released 
from jail. Here's your chance to take out a big number of rival members.

Jump into the car right next to where you start and drive over to the busses. 
Shoot them down one at a time, just unload on them. Easy. Now, you're given a 
choice of taking a helicopter or boat to the prison boats. I chose the boat 
because it was closer. Jack the boat, then speed over to the prision ships, 
and shoot them down. That's all there is to it.

The tables have turned between the Brotherhood and Ultor. Vogel is no longer 
choosing to help the Brotherhood - in fact, they're now sabotaging them. 
Ultor has hijacked the boat carrying all of their "product". Maero is not 
happy about that... but you are.

Reward: 7,500$, Huntersfield location

	///-///-///THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER9)

-----Before starting this mission, it is highly reccomended that you get the 
Gal 43 SMGs and the unlimited ammo. It will make the final fight much, much, 
much easier. It isn't required, but it is a very good idea to do so.-----

Ultor has taken over the boat carrying all of the Brotherhoods illegal 
assault rifles and RPGs. You want them.

Take the helicopter over to the boat and land it quickly - several of the 
Ultor guards have RPGs and getting hit by one wouldn't be pretty. Once on 
foot, be very careful of the two guards with RPGs - even on foot, they can 
kill you quickly. Once all the guards are dead and the cutscene plays, move 
into the blue circles and press E to load up on unlimited free rockets and 
rifle ammo. Then rush outside and get ready.

Here's where the unlimited SMG ammo comes in handy. While you have rockets, 
it's extremely hard to hit the moving copters with one. The SMG is much 
easier. If you can unload a whole clip into the sides of a copter, it will 
take it down. It doesn't sound easier, but trust me, it is.

However, worry about the boats first. The copters don't really do anything. 
If they land on the boat, they will drop off a single Brotherhood gangster, 
then fly around. Boats will drop four gangsters each, who will all charge 
you. If possible, aim your rockets/SMGs at the boats and try to stop them 
before they land. Leave the helicopters that have already landed for last. 
They just fly around and do nothing and pose no threat. Leave them be until 
you have nothing else to shoot at.

Do this for three waves, and the mission is over.

Reward: 12,500$, Fox Drive location.

	///-///-///THE SIEGE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHER10)

-----For the strategy I present for the boss fight, you will need four 75% 
healing food items. If you don't have them, you're on your own. It only costs 
400$, no reason to not have them. Also, having the Gal 43 SMGs with unlimited 
ammo helps a ton.-----

Here it goes. The beginning of the end for the Brotherhood. Jump into a car 
with the two homies you're given and drive down to the docks. Speed down to 
where the lieutenants are, and start killing them all off. Once you knock 
down all of them, rush into the warehouse and start making your way up.

Gun down everyone in your way until you make it to the roof and meet Maero. 
Here's the first Brotherhood boss fight - Maero himself. It's a really easy 
fight. If you've got the Gal 43s, it's even easier. Basically, the fight is 
supposed to be you hiding behind stuff, waiting for Maero to reload, then you 
jumping out and taking potshots. Well... that's too slow. Jump out, unload a 
full clip of Gal 43 into his chest, then duck behind cover, eat food, jump 
back out, unload, eat, over and over again. After about the fourth time he 
should die.

If you don't have the Gal 43s, rockets are a good alternative. Just launch a 
bunch at him and he should die eventually, I'd imagine.

You and Maero get into a fist fight and long story short, he escapes, but 
both of you are alive and the Brotherhood is extremely crippled. On to their 

Reward: 25,000$, Stoughton location, Minigun


	///-///-///POSIEDON ALLEY DOCKS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHERS1)

Easy, easy, easy stronghold with a catch at the start.

Run across the street and kill all the gangsters, then take the Brotherhood 
truck. Wait for the other Brotherhood truck to pass. Don't shoot it or touch 
it. Follow it to the meeting place.

Once you're there, get out and kill everyone. Watch out for the explosive 
barrels and RPGs.

Reward: 5,000$, Posiedon Alley location.

	///-///-///IMPERIAL SQUARE PAGODAS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHERS2)

Time to take out one of the last sources of Brotherhood money - the 
protection racket.

Take a car to one of the four places. Plow through the items to raise the 
Destruction meter until the owner comes out, and beat them up a little bit in 
melee. Don't shoot, that lowers their health too fast and you might kill 
them, failing the mission. Do this four times.

Next, it's off to the leader of the protection ring. Plow into his hotel, and 
kill the gangsters there, then beat up the owner. That's it.

Reward: 2,000$, Imperial Square

	///-///-///WARDILL AIRPORT HANGARS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHERS3)

Easy mission. Turn right and run into the hangars. Kill the gangsters in your 
way, then run to the servers and press E. Defend for a minute, until the 
money transfers, then run down the stairs and proceed to blow up the trucks. 
Then, shoot the two planes next to you until they explode. Run down the 
runway and shoot at the plane beginning to take off, then the one behind it. 
Mission complete.

Reward: 10,000$, Wardill Airport location

	///-///-///SOMMERSET APARTMENTS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHERS4)

So, this is why the Samedi had problems with the Brotherhood. These guys are 
running everything to college students out of these apartments - drugs, 
hookers, gambling... time to break it up.

Basically just a run-and-gun mission. Run into each apartment, kill the 
members inside, and leave. That's all.

Reward: 1,000$, Sommerset Apartments location


	///-///-///SHOWDOWN\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(BROTHEREND)

-----While not required, buying many rockets before starting is a very 
helpful thing to do. If you're low on cash (which you shouldn't be - if 
you're following this guide this is the last boss and you should have well 
over 200,000$ by now), unlimited rifle or SMG ammo will work too, but will be 

Frustrating little boss, but an easy one. Basically, you're stuck in a 
monster truck derby... without a truck. And you're the target. All the trucks 
circling you will shoot at you and try to run you over. Not good.

Whip out your rocket launcher and just let loose. This is extremely easy if 
you have many rockets. There are some lying around, but you have to move 
around to get those. One rocket will either blow up or kill everyone inside 
the vehicles. Knock out a few of the gangster trucks so you can move around 
without being run over every 10 seconds.

Find Maero's truck and hit it with four rockets (or a TON of ammo) to kill 
him. That's all there is to it.

Reward: 50,000$, Little Shanghai location, Maero's Monster Truck, Brotherhood 
Vehicles, Pierce as homie


Ultor missions are only avaliable after beating every single mission and 
stronghold for every gang. There are 11 missions for each gang (+3 Saints 
tutorial missions. 36 total), and four strongholds for each gang (+1 Saints 
stronghold. 13 total). They must ALL be completed to continue on to Ultor 
missions and strongholds.

The first mission you accept is just a cutscene showing Ultor's plans to 
remodel Shivington, which would once again put the Saints out of a hideout. 
Can't let that happen!

	///-///-///PICKING A FIGHT\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(ULTOR1)

Alright, Ultor is putting their plan into effect. If you watched the cutscene 
from before, you know they need you GONE for their plan to work. If the gangs 
are gone, crime goes down, and property value goes up. You've already done 
most of the work and taken out every other gang for them. It's just you left 
in Stilwater.

First things first, Ultor is going to come after you. Shoot your way out, and 
take one of their APC Bears. It has a roof-mounted unlimited ammo minigun, 
which is awesome. Gat can handle himself. Get Pierce first, he's closer. Kill 
the 10 assassins trying to get to him, then book it over to Shaundi. She's a 
little harder to capture - you have to shoot the van until it stops. It's 
tricky. If you can't keep up with the van, ditch the Bear and take a Five-O, 
since a ton are following you anyway. Then Pierce can shoot too.

Once you get Shaundi back, you're done. If you've been listening to the in-
game radio, you've heard about the Pyramid, a secret underground R&D 
facility. Well, thats where these assassians came from. Time to put a stop to 

Reward: 10,000$.

	///-///-///PYRAMID SCHEME\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(ULTOR2)

Ah, so the Pyramid DOES exist. Not for long... Shaundi finished digging up 
everything on the Pyramid. Now her and Pierce are going to start attacking 
Ultor, while you and Gat go after the Pyramid.

Grab a car and drive over to the Saints Row. Park next to the Forgive and 
Forget, and just start shooting and blowing up EVERYTHING. Once you get a 
four star wanted level, walk through the Forgive and Forget and drop the 
wanted level. Hop in a car and drive over to where Gat is.

Now, gun your way through the Pyramid facility until you get to the room with 
the key. Grab it. Now plant the bombs.

Once the bombs are planted, a timer will start. You have 1:30 to get out. 
Plenty of time. Start running, and when you get to the tunnel, kill the three 
guards and take the Bear APC out. Drive out, hit the doors, mission over. 
It's also a free Stunt Jump location.

Ultor is getting worried. They give Vogel one last warning... Stop the Saints 
or else.

Reward: 15,000$, Custom Ultor APC, Pimp Cane weapon

	///-///-///SALTING THE EARTH... AGAIN\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(ULTOR3)

Someone tipped you off to a party that almost every executive of Ultor will 
be at. Time to go crash it.

Grab a car and drive down to the docks. Take the little waterspeeder and 
start driving over to the yaht. Shoot down the helicopter along the way - it 
isn't hard.

Once you get onboard, shoot all the execs. They're all around the boat. Then 
go back to the first floor, take the boat, and shoot down the fleeing exec.

Hmm... Vogel set you up. Now that every exec but him is dead... he gets 
promoted. Nasty little plan, isn't it?

Reward: 25,000$.


	///-///-///ROUNDS SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(ULTORS1)

Remember the place you went to for the Samedi boss? Time to go back and 
finish off the Ultor execs.

Kill one of the Ultor execs and you'll get a three star wanted level. When 
the guards on the little buggy things come after you, shoot them, and jack 
the vehicle. Drive around and kill off the other execs.

Now, go to the bottom floor and storm the conference room. There's a ton of 
guards inside, but I got away with just running inside, shooting all nine of 
the execs, and starting the cutscene.

Anyway, Ultor thinks they have you trapped now. It says you need to escape 
the mall, but you don't. Touch the blue circle past the APCs and the 
stronghold ends.

Go out of the conference room and get back on your buggy. Don't worry about 
shooting any guard. Just drive up all the floors, through the guards, and 
between the APCs and you're done. Time for the last mission.

Reward: 10,000$, Rounds Square Shopping Center location




			+++++SAINTS ROW 2 SPOILERS+++++

						+++++SAINTS ROW 2 SPOILERS+++++







	///-///-///...AND A BETTER LIFE\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(ULTOREND)

Time to finish off Vogel. You're all ready to do an assassination. Gat has a 
sniper rifle ready to pick off Vogel's guards, and you're ready to spring 
onto him and take him out.

But a guard spots Gat. They start shooting, and Vogel evacuates. You try to 
stop him... but he gets into his heavily armored limo.

Now, there's two ways to finish this fight.

Either get in a car, and chase him in a stupidly frustrating fight until the 
battle finally ends. Or...

Immediately pull out your rocket launcher when the mission starts. Fire a 
rocket at Vogel's limo. You should hit it at least once.

When it warns you to catch up, DON'T MOVE. Vogel is going around the block. 
He will be back with about 5 seconds to spare. Here's your chance to nail him 
with more rockets. At this point, you'll have either done enough damage to 
finish the fight, or very, very close. Hop in a car and follow him to the 
Ultor building.

You get a phone call from Gat. He tells you that while the building is on 
lock down, all of the power supplies to the building are in open, unprotected 
spots, and that an attack helicopter could take them all out. But where are 
you going to get one of those?

Go to the blue blip on your radar. One of the security guards set his copter 
down there. Kill him and fly up.

First things first, blow up the other copter following you. Do this by 
putting your cursor over it, waiting for the square around it to turn red, 
then right click. Launches a locked-on rocket straight for it, which is a 
one-hit kill.

Now, look at the building. This is tough because the things to shoot are hard 
to find. Fly around the building until the cursor on your map says you're 
level with the target. On the walls somewhere at that height is going to be a 
triangle shaped hole in the wall with something in it. Shoot it.

Do this four times.

Time to kill Vogel. This is one dissapointing boss fight.

Just run up the stairs and shoot him. He dies quick. Seriously, that's it. He 
has a few guards running around, but nothing actually difficult.

Once his health runs out, you just beat the game.


Vogel will begin trying to beg for his life. After listening to him for a 
bit, you shoot him right in the mouth, which sends Vogel flying out the 
window all the way to the ground floor.

Shaundi and Pierce show up, finally, and are upset that they missed it, but 
they cheer up quickly. You call Gat, and find he's still happily killing 
cops. Then you call Tobias, who comes and picks you up. As you fly away, 
Pierce asks "what next?"

You say, "This is our city... We do whatever the fuck we want to."

Reward: 50,000$, Attack Helicopter, you just beat the game.



	///-///-///REVELATIONS\\\-\\\-\\\ -----(REVELA1)
This mission is entirely optional and not required to beat the game, but if 
you played Saints Row 1 and care about the story at all you'll likely want to 
do it. It explains the ending to Saints Row 1 and ties up the "Where's 
Juilus?" question everyone always asks. Or, if you just want a quick 20,000$ 
and a cool car, do it.

(Thanks to the GameFAQs forums for these directions:) To begin it, go to the 
Police Station on the south side of the Saints Row district. Gun your way up 
to the third floor into a room marked S.R.P.D. Detective Bureau. Inside you 
can find recorded conversations between Julius, Troy and Dex that explain 
exactly what happend at the end of Saints Row 1. You'll also find Dex's phone 
number. Call it and he'll tell you to meet him at the church.

Well, that sure explains things, doesn't it? The ending to Saints Row 1 was 
all a set up by Julius to get his own butt out of jail. Killing you was his 
solution. If he was able to disband the Saints, the mayor would pardon all 
the living leaders of the gang, including him, from jail.

Head to the church. When you enter, Dex isn't there... Julius is. You've been 
set up by Dex. He has you both in the right place, and has sent assassins 
after you.

Six groups of Ultor assassins are going to storm the church. Kill them all. 
After that, an attack chopper will fly in, but that isn't too hard to take 
down either. Run over to Julius' car and get in.

Now you have to drive to the old Ampitheater. Julius will take the wheel, you 
take the infinite ammo and grenade rifle in the passenger seat. Ultor will 
continue to send Bears after you - just launch the grenades at them from the 
rifle. Don't bother shooting them, it won't do anything, but two grenades for 
each Bear will do it.

Once you make it to the Ampitheater, get out of the car and shoot down the 
two helicopters to finish the mission.

Cutscene will start. You shoot Julius in the arm and you two talk for a bit 
about how you haven't learned anything, before you plug a bullet in his head. 
That wraps it up for Julius...

Reward: 20,000$, Julius' Car.

	.1 (2/19/09) Began writing. Finished Samedi walkthrough. 50% done with 
Ronin walkthrough.
	1.0 (2/20/09) Finished Ronin, Brotherhood, Ultor and Revelations 
walkthrough. Added FAQ, Contact, Hosted On, Table of Contents. Released to 
GameFAQs and Furfags, Neoseeker and Supercheats.
	1.1 (3/13/09) Added Cheatchannel as an approved website and
corrected errors where the vehicle "Bear" was called "Rhino".


Q: Where do I get the best weapons in the game?
A: The best weapons that you can buy with money are available from any 
Friendly Fire store. Just buy the most expensive ones. For the best weapons 
in the game, you need to do activities.
Shotgun: X2 Ultimax. Obtained after finishing level 3 of the Airport Drug 
Pistol: Kobra. Obtained after finishing level 3 of the Projects Fuzz.
Flamethrower: Finish level 3 of the Nuclear Plant Mayhem.
RPG: Annihilator. Finish level 6 of the Nuclear Plant Mayhem.
SMG: Gal 43. Finish level 3 of the Downtown Snatch or pick one up during the 
8th Samedi mission, Riot Control (SAMEDI8).

Q: Will eating too much make your character fat like in GTA:SA?
A: No. Friends told me this several times. I tested this by going to the 
plastic surgeon and setting my fatness to 0. I went to Freckle Bitches and 
ate 30 The Fist burgers, and then went back to the plastic surgeon - my 
fatness was still at 0 and my character still looked extremely thin. If it 
does work, and you really need to eat more than 30 food items in a row, 
you'll never do it unless you're actually trying to, in which case it would 
be many, many times cheaper to just pay the 500$ (as opposed to the 3,000$ 
for 30 The Fists) and get plastic surgery to fatten up your character.

Q: Do my character's looks matter, like they did in GTA:SA? For example, 
being fat will make you run slower, but punch stronger?
A: Just because a game is GTA style, doesn't mean everything is the same. 
Whether your fatness is 0 or 100, muscularity 0 or 100, black or white, long 
hair or short - nothing will change the actual gameplay.

Q: Why does it run so badly? My PC is awesome and can play  on higest 
A: To be honest, the game on the PC is just a badly made port from the 
consoles. It was a console game first and foremost, and that's where the 
effort went. The PC version was a side idea, and it shows. The range of 
unplayability changes - I can run it decently (about 10-15 FPS unpatched), 
while others it's completely unplayable (1-3 FPS) and some it won't even 
start. All I can suggest is getting the patch if you have a legal version of 
the game (and if you don't, you don't deserve to have it, so good luck 
finding it) and hoping that helps.

Q: When I'm driving, sometimes I can't accelerate or steer when I press the 
button! Why?
A: It's a known bug. Only solution is to wait for a patch.

Q: I had unlimited ammo, now I don't! Where'd it go and can I get it back?
A: This is a bug. If you've earned unlimited ammo from one of the activities, 
but lose it somewhere, it's probably because you switched weapons. The 
unlimited ammo is supposed to work with all weapons of that type, but it's 
buggy and sometimes won't. If you lose your unlimited ammo, visit a crib's 
weapon stash and select the weapon. Bam, unlimited ammo returned.

Q: Do NPCs make fun of you if you're fat?
A: Yes. The character I made to write this tutorial was fat (Fatness was at 
83). A few times, I heard pedestrians yell out at me "You need some 
exercise!". It was only three or four times - it does happen, just very 

Q: What happened to Julius and the rest of the Saints crew?
A: Do the optional mission Revelations. (REVELA1) That will explain 

I can be contacted by:

	E-mail: f10fortacos(at)furfags(dot)com.

		Be sure to title your e-mail with "Saints Row 2 Walkthrough" 
somewhere in it, or it might be pushed aside as spam.

	AIM: Harblsoie


		Please be sure to tell me you want help with Saints Row 2. Don't 
just say "hi".

I will respond to:
	Submissions, stratagies and corrections
	Hosting offers/questions
I will not respond to:
	XBox acheivement questions (I play on the PC, I can't help you with the 
XBox version)
	Personal questions (if it isn't covered in the walkthrough, I probably 
don't know)
	Save file requests
	CD, Spray, etc locations (I didn't do them, I don't care about them)
	Questions about controls (look in your user manual)

This walkthrough can only be hosted, in whole or in part, modified or not, 

If you own a website and would like to add this walkthrough to it, contact 
me. I won't have a problem if I know about it first. All I ask is that the 
guide remains largely unmodified, my name and contact info remain intact in a 
easily readable and appropriate place, and that I am free to submit 
changes/corrections once you host it.

If you are a user on another game walkthrough website and want to take my 
guide and submit it under your name, no, that is not acceptable, and anyone 
found doing so will have an e-mail sent to the staff of the website they've 
uploaded it to.

(c) Copyright 2009 Salvatore D'Addio (ImAShaaark, Baron Von Yiffington)

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