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A few notes before we begin: When you see wires coming out of a device,
follow them. There might be a connection with something else. Also, there
is a device solver you can use to get hints on some puzzles. I didn't
know about it when I made this walkthrough, though. When I corrected this
walkthrough, I noticed a lot of gramatical errors or misprints. I would
be ever so glad if someone could report them to me. I tried to make this
walkthrough in a way so that you could read straight down it, but of
course you can visit the planets in whatever order you want.

Here is an example of the organization:
| System | Planet |------------------------------------------------------
	Generally, I tried to keep the the platforming paragraphs and the
puzzle paragraphs separate.

	For instance, if that were how to reach the teleporter, this
would tell you how to use it.
Anything in a separate box like this is a puzzle solution.

Now then, the walkthrough:

| Austra | Lomond |------------------------------------------------------
|Impulse Charge|
|  (Homebrew)  |
|     Tape     |

	This is escentially the tutorial world of the game. If the tips
are set off, you can turn them back on from the PDA (Hit d and press s on
Game instructions [Off]. Start by going left. On the first screen over
you will find a code engraved in the ground. Hold s, and move the box
over to the code. While still holding s, press a to capture a photo. On
the next screen over is a save point. It says to use d to save, but I
find it much easier with down arrow. Go a few more screens and you will
come to the first puzzle. Use the arrow keys to manuver the * through the
maze, to the W.
Up 3, left 3, down 4, left 2, up 2, left 3, down 3, left 2, up 13, right
13, down 4, left 2, up 2
	Press escape to close it. You will notice the laser turns off as
soon as you do this. Climb up to the opening. There are a number of ways
to do this. Most people initially jump up, grab the edge, and jump once
more. You can also hold up and jump onto the wall to climb it. Go over to
the next puzzle. Remember that code you took a picture of earlier? Well
you have to go get it back now. Press d while the password box is still
open to get another window. The selector should be on Photos. Press s. If
you only have one photo in this menu, that will be the one you want.

	For sake of space, I will now refer to the process of selecting
as arrowing over to it and hitting s to select.

	If you have more than one picture, cycle through them by slecting
the left/right arrow buttons. Instead of closing the photo window once
you've got it, hit tab to switch back to the password box. Enter the
numbers by slecting them one by one then select ok. If you mess up,
select the C.
	Escape your way out of both windows, and save past the laser.
Moving on to the next screen, you'll see another code. Get a snapshot and
move on. In the puzzle that follows, open up the two windows side by side
again. This time, you will have to select the correct photo. Enter the
symbols in any order and exit back to the game.
 |/     __ --|   |-|
 /      -X-- |  'X |   Middle right symbol (5,2), top right symbol (5,1) 
/|___  L_____|   | |   Symbol one left of center (2,2)
	Aha. A jumping puzzle. This one is pretty easy as they go,
actually. Jump up to the lowest wall. Note that if you release everything
you will slide down and hang onto the small niche. Hold right and jump.
Note: if you hold right too long you will dismount the wall completely.
You can also jump up from here to the platform, and from there jump onto
the wall. Now simply jumping without any other keys pressed will get you
up to the next niche. Repeat again for the third. Hold left and jump.
Alternatively, you can hold jump and hit left. Both work.

	Fall down to the lower level of the next room. There, in the
bottom right, you should find an object. This is not necessary for the
best ending, but you can pick it up anyway.

	Climb out of the room. Wall jumping is the fastest way out the
final chute, but you can use the niches as well. Once up, head left.
What's this? A wall! Calm down. It's not as big as the wall to the right.
Hold up as you jump onto the wall and you'll be able to scale it. The up
velocity you get on a wall is the same regardless: jumping up, running
into the wall, dropping from a great height. The best place to hit it,
therefore, is at the peak on your jump.

	Run into the left room and save.

	Look at the puddle over there. It's acid; one touch and you die.
Or so I thought when I first played the game. Any puddle the looks like
this, any color, is flight fluid. Step in and you will notice a white bar
appear above your head. This is the amount of time you have before you
flight ability wears off. Run out of the puddle and continue on right.
Try to go as fast as you can to the right side wall. Once you're 10 or so
tiles away, jump and hit a to fly. When flying, you are a white glowing
ball controlled with the arrow keys. You come out of flight when your
time runs up or when you hit a wall. Like wall climbs, your flight time
has no corelation to the amount in your white bar when you take off.

	Go into the right room and pick up the circle on the floor.
Press d again to open your menu. This time, go down one and select Items.
If you picked up the first item, it will show Impulse Charge (Homebrew).
Go left one from this. Now (or if you didn't get the impulse charge) it
will display tape. Select Exit to do back to the SprunkelBox menu. At the
very bottom it says teleport to ship. Select this option and close.

	Notice the small opening on the right side of your ship. Move
over to it and press d. It will show you a broken engine. When you press
s, the engine is fixed and you can be on your merry way. Escape out and
walk over to your ship. By now, you must've noticed that interactable
items are marked with and arrow. Press d to go to the space map. Notice
the r-type almost pi reference in the cutscene, another one of Nifflas's
games. You can also check out the teleporter to the left if you like.

	If you have at least on of each required part (fuse, targeting
unit, impulse charge) you can put them in the teleporter, climb on top,
and hit d.

| Austra | Sekkei |------------------------------------------------------
|Battery charge|
|    +  250    |

	The reason you'd be here is most likely because you ship doesn't
have enough power to reach Polvere, am I right? Whatever the cause, start
out by going right. It is my philosophy in this game to always start with
the high routes. Especially if the planets are open, you can get down
from up but not always up from down.

	Anyway, here is our first encounter with deadly creatures. You
don't need to look at a photo to see that. But if you did, you'd notice
they're marked with orange triangles.

	If you continue right, you'll notice the path ends abruptly.
Instead, go up to save and perform a series of jumps and wall climbs to
the right. Stop once you see a hole in the ground below you. This is not
absolutely necessary, but it is helpful if you intend on returning to
this solar system. Go into this hole using the down arrow (it's easier
this way) and look at the ground. There should be a four letter word on
it. Remember the word, photograph it if need be, but don't save on the
save point.

	Go to the PDA and select Teleport to last checkpoint. Thi will
but you back on the upper leve when you exit.

	Go left, this time ignoring the hole, and jump over the wall. On
the next screen, you should notice a strange circular device. When you d
it, you'll find out it's a ship's battery charger. Hit s and wait. You
batteries will be charged to 250.

	If you got the word from underground, head down the hole in the
left of the screen. If not, you can teleport to the ship and skip the
rest of this.

In the next puzzle, you will perceive a black screen. Then suddenly,
letters will appear out of nowhere and attack you! Don't panic. Don't try
to dodge the letters for all eternity because it won't work. Remember the
four letter word into the snow? You need to use those letters here. Use
the arrow keys to maneuver your X around. When it touches a letter, it
will be added to the white "word." Hit s at any time to reset the string.
When the string reads the four letter word you found, the letters will
disappear and the word will turn blue. You can predict the letters (they
go in alphabetic order) but it gets pretty hectic anyway.
	Turn off the puzzle and the laser will go out as well. You can
now select Teleport to ship on your PDA. Make sure you move off the
puzzle, or d will simply re-open that. Go into you ship and leave.
Remeber: to go to another system of planets, simply move the selector
outside the screen.

| Cham | Hoffmann |------------------------------------------------------
|Fuse (Standard)|

	Welcome to Hoffmann. If this is the first planet you've visited
besides those on Austria, have a look around the ship cockpit. In the
bottom right you'll notice a few options and a TAB symbol. Press tab to
switch between them. You can read up on the planet your visiting. Tune
in to the planet you're visiting. Or for those really long and boring
flights, play a game to pass the time.

	Start off by going left. Make a note of the two white flowers.
When you find a device, you will neither know the question, nor the
answer, but make a note of the possible answers to number 5.
	Back at the ship, head on over to the right. Skip over the first
two ground holes and save. On the next screen over will be two jumping
enemies (yes the pink one can kill you.) Wait for the first to jump and
jump over it. It is easier to go under the second. Keep going to find..
wait for it.. nothing! Well, not quite nothing. Take a pic of the clock
and select return to last checkpoint in the PDA.
	If you already saved, simply head back through the enemies. This
time go down the with two hole on the screen with the save.

	A giant head in the background? Remember that now. Keep going
down. Continue down and right. There should be a small device on the
ground. When you d it, it presents you with 7 questions. Write them down
somewhere. Exit the device and head left. It is not necessary to note
the light blue sequence on the ground here, but it can be helpful on the
other planet to have it.

	A few more screens to the left is a large megalith with some
flight liquid on the other side. Remember that nothing is without a
purpose, especially flight liquid. With a full white bar, head up. To do
this, you must perform some fancy jumps. Jump out to at least the first
ledge of the blue tower. Then wallclimb and perform a walljump to the
ceiling spike. Walljump back to the pilar, hopefully up one more level.
Perform the same routine to get on top. You needn't stop in the middle
on the two, however. You can do four walljumps in a row to climb it.

	Hopefully you did not loose too much of your white bar doing
this, because now you must climb the shaft. Jump from wall to wall and
out. Once your in the clear, fly stright up and to either side. On the
right are some puzzle hints. On the left is another. You must go to each
side one by one with the flight.

	RIGHT SIDE: Note the pretty white flower as you jump over the
bugs. The third flower, as it were. On the other side, there should be a
giant stone head. That makes two.

	LEFT SIDE: Here you will find a computer. When you boot it up, it
seems to be in pretty bad shape. If you got the answers to number 5, try
and make them display by pressing the arrow keys. Make a note of the one
of the three you can't.
3 white flowers
2 mega stone faces
Left + right = ERROR
Down + right = (division by) zero
MEDIBOT can't be displayed.
	Unfortunately, this is all you can do here at the moment. Head on
over to the other planet, Claymore. If you have already gone through
Claymore, read on.

	This time, you should have all seven question answers. Simply
imput them and the laser will go off.
three, 12:15, Bird, x-1526, MEDIBOT, two, nine
	Slide down into the hole and you can find the standard fuse.
Teleport back to the ship; you have finished this planetary system.

| Cham | Claymore |------------------------------------------------------
|Battery charge|
|    +  250    |
	The major part of this planet is one big speed run. You will find
the clock starter two screens down from your ship. If you didn't
photograph the sequence on Hoffmann, have a look at where all the
checkpoint letters are. Even if you did, however, you may want to get a
good feel of the level before starting. Also, take note of the 9 EYED
Clamorian pitfall in the bottom left.

	All ready for the race? Good. open the device, hit s, and go for
it. You can do this anyway you want, but here's what I do. Remember that
you can pause at a checkpoint to gather your wits.

	Go left and wall jump up the tower, then jump right. Activate A
and use the liquid to fly out the hole in the ceiling. Run over to B,
activate it, and continue right. Slide down the hole just after the
spaceship, and straight down to C. After activating C, run right and jump
to get D. Get up to E somehow (liquid). Once there, you may need to
walljump up. Run right to F. Go back to the liquid again, and fly
straight up to G. Go back down to the liquid, and fly straight across to


	As you can see, there is plenty of time to acomplish this. Save
and head right into the evil pink polka dot room. Do a triple walljump up
the first part. Make sure you don't jump of the wall strait into the pink
when you finish. Another wall climb and jump, some basic platforming,
and you should be at the edge of the top left pit. Get a running start,
for the previous platform if you need to, and jump to the opposite wall.
then, just wall jump out.

	In this next room, there is a very lerge gap between the walls,
but it is possible. When you walljump, hold up, reardless of how much you
have climbed already, you will get a boost up the wall. At the peak of
this boost, when you begin to slow down you climb and are about to go
back down the wall, jump across. This should sucessfully get you up.

	Now that you have finally made it, prepare for the big reward in
the screen to the right. It's.. an impassible jump. Have a look around,
though. There are two clues here.
	Run back to the left and save if you didn't already. Aha. Here's
the reward: a 250 battery booster. It was looking over you the whole
time. Charge up, and teleport back to the ship. Head on over to Hoffmann.

| Liuz | Ashoun |--------------------------------------------------------
|Battery charge|
|    +  350    |

	By now you should have noticed that you cannot get to any planets
when you deplete your battery power. For this reason, each system of
planets has a charging station. This one, incidentally enough, is on the
planet, not the space station.

	Go ahead and head left, but stay on the surface. You should come
to a large wall obstructing your progression. In the same screen, on the
right side, you should notice a bit of rubble. Go over to it and press d
when you see the arrow designating interaction. It's Confuso@Mail! Yay.
Read the message. What the heck? Control room? Dodgesquare2? What is all
this? Hold on. It will all become clear on the orbiting satelite. Take a
photo of the email in any case.

	Head back to the hole leading underground. To the left is an evil
chrystal room. (Actually, there's one to the right as well, but you
needn't worry about that yet.) In the room to the left, your health drops
very quickly when you're close to chrystals. Run and jump over the first
to gaps. To avoid the next two sets of chrystals, go underneath. Don't
bother walljumping back up yet. Instead, go into the next screen on the
lower path. When your health is refilled, go back and walljump up to the
upper path. Save.

	Jump on the platforms above the white creatures and exit the
cave. You should now be on the other side of the wall earlier. Use the
niches in the wall to the right to climb up. Head left and save. Then,
go back into the cave.

	The wall on the right should be in three segments. Slide down to
the middle one, and then walljump to the left and run out. Save and go
left. In the Confuso Mail you find just outside, will be another
important clue. Photograph the mail, why don't you. Teleport back to the

	There are two ways to get to the next part. You can go right
from the ship and avoid the green things that are shot, or you can go
back in the caves and run underneath the chrystals. Either way, walljump
up and save. One screen to the right is a battery charger. Charge up and
teleport back to the ship. You may now leave.

| Liuz | Explorer XLII |-------------------------------------------------
|Impulse Charge|
|   (Regular)  |

Oh lovely, lasers. The right one's easier; start out there. In these
puzzles, you use the up and down arrow keys to select a row, and the left
and right arrow keys to move it. Push the numbers into their
corresponding white numbers.
Up, 2 left, 2 right, 4 left, down, 4 left, down, 2 right, up, 6 right,
left, down, 2 right, 2 up, 2 left, 7 right, down, 3 right
	When the laser goes off, you may enter the corridor. Go to the
right. There is nothing interesting on top of the tower. Not even a giant
telescope, as is stereotypical of giant domes. Head down, save, and to
the left instead.

	This is a rather hard room, but don't get discouraged. Wait for
an open spot, climb over the block and run through. Same with the next
room, except there aren't as many shooters. You can save if you think it
unlikely you'll be unable to make it up the left wall in one try. Yes,
climb up into the corridor on the left.

	If you want to take a rather complex way of completely avoiding
the first of these rooms, simply solve the puzzle to the left. Whenever
you need to get from one side of that room to the other, teleport back to
the ship and take the appropriate passage.
2 left, up, right, 2 down, right, up, 4 right, 3*(2 left, down, 2 left,
up), 2 left, down, right, left, 2 up, 2 left, down, 3*(2 right, down,
2 right, up), 2 right, down, left
	In the next room over, go down, not up. go back to the right and
open the puzzle there. It may seem confusing at first, but it really
isn't. The number colomn is constant. It represents the numbers 1-5.
The count colomn tells you how many of each number you currently have.
(they should all be at 0) Finally, the target column is also constant
and tells you how many you want to have. When you turn a cell on, it
displays the number of adjacent cells that are also on.
341--   and all it's rotations and reflections
	Oh no. It didn't work. I'm still locked out of the room. Yes,
that's right. It only opened that one laser. You can now, however take a
photo of the symbol on the wall. Teleport back to the last checkpoint.
This time, enter the sparkly corridor to the right. Open the puzzle. My
my, where have I seen those shapes before? Open the PDA photos and flip
through to the right one. Up and down keys to select shapes. Left/right
to rotate them. When you're done, hit s.
Triangle points up, diameter line is horizontal with triangle on right,
other triangle is in bottom right, not touching any other shapes.
	Do you see the blue wire on the ground? I wonder where that goes.
Would you look at that? It goes right to the laser doors you were just
trying to get through. Have a look at the computers. You may want to take
a photo of the Dodgesquare2 scores.

	Now, you can return to where you were before and enter the top
corridor of the three-way intersection. Walljump up the shaft and save.
When you enter the room with the control room, wait for the laser to move
away and enter the username and password.
	Slide down behind the laser when the door is open, and enter the
control room. Grab the regular impulse charge and teleport back to the

| Josephine | Mihika |---------------------------------------------------

	Mihika: Most well known planet in the Jospephine system. It is a
beautiful, foggy planet rich in life and vegetation. Start off by heading
right. It is a good idea to get into the habit of taking the upper path,
not to mention it avoids a jumper. Leap over the gap and off the cliff.
If you don't jump off the cliff, you'll have to go back up and jump
again. Take a shot of the three circles and teleport back to the ship.

	This time go right. This planet, I must say, is not a very good
example of upper path. Still, you can save up at the top for later uses.
If you do, jump down but don't save. d the laser puzzle box. You will
notice three available buttons. Each one controls a different laser.
When you press the button, if not already active, the laser will span
the full width of the box. It then contracts at a certain speed. The goal
is to get all three lasers in between the two vertical lines.
Hit the first laser. When it's getting close to the first line, quickly
do the other two.
	Close the puzzle. If you saved on the upper path, teleport back
there. If not, teleport back to the ship (or run back) and go up. Take a
leap of faith from the last floating platform and hold up. You should
make it onto the laser platform. Take the upper path, above the cave.
You should notice some wires coming out of the cave, and on the upper
path. They lead into a puzzle. On the far left screen, save and open the

	Controls: s. Oh well that's easy. Hit s. Hmm, maybe if we hit it
again.. Well that's not working. Take a photo of the puzzle and move
down the hole. Drat. Another laser. This puzzle isn't too bad, however.
The red Xs, when selected, turn on themselves and the four adjacent ones.
The blue turn on themselves and the four adjacent diagonally. You must
turn them all on.
The four red edge Xs, and the center blue.
	Go past the former laser and right. Aha! So that's where the
wires lead. Open the puzzle and you should notice four arrows. Before you
fiddle around with the arrow keys, open the other puzzle's picture.
Notice a connection?
Up, up, up, right, right, up, right right, down, down, right, down, down,

If you already fiddled around with the arrows:
Left, up, left 2, up 4, down 2, right 2, up, right 4, left 2, down 2,
right, down 2, right
	Teleport back to the last check point, or simply climb back up
if you already saved. This time, the x should rest on top of the o. Press
s and the laser goes away. Walljump up. You needn't get on top of these
floating platforms, however. Photograph the three greek letters and
teleport back to the ship. Then leave. Remember, you can delete photos
that are no longer needed.

| Josephine | Hulton |---------------------------------------------------
| Targeting Unit  |
|(Extra Precision)|
| Battery charge  |
|      + 500      |

	Okay start off on the planet's lower path to the left. The upper
path way look pefectly clear, but the super-heated steam will fry you in
an instant. Open the puzzle and you should see three dials marked with a
C. Look familiar? The easiest way to do this puzzle is to match the first
dail and then focus on the other two. That, or try the 32 possiblilities.
Each button adds different amounts to the three dials. Use 1, 4, and 5.
  A  B  C
	When you select key and close the puzzle, the smoke will turn
off. Now go to the upper path. Take the upper path to start out with. Do
you notice the six letters with lines coming out of them? Try and
remember which one is which as you follow the letter lines to six
1=F 2=E 3=C 4=D 5=B 6=A
	When you come to a room with seven flying bugs in it, go into the
alcove underneath the plaform and form there jump across. In the next
room is a battery charger. Here we go. A whopping 500.. device locked?
Darn. Maybe if we FOLLOW THE WIRES..

	The next room over is one of the more annoying, but possible.
Drop down on the left. Run across, avoiding the red dots and climb up
the opposite wall. Unlock the battery charger from the next room and
return to last save. After charging up, go back the way you came, but
this time take the downwards path in the room with the six letters.

	Wut? I didn't know those drops were deadly. -_- Well, if you
accidentally wlakied into one you'd know for sure they're deadly. Take
this room nice and slowly. You can't turn on a dime in this game.
When you get to the other side, unlock terminal 1 and Teleport to last
checkpoint. Follow the wires back out and to the left into the mad gear

	Setting the wire problem aside, jump through the gears and unlock
terminal 2. Now you can Teleport back to your last checkpoint and follow
the wires up from the gear room. You can go down from this room if you
want, but it just leads to some kind of large room.

	When you open terminal 1, you will be asked to imput the correct
sequence (think back to following the wires). Use the arrow keys to
select a slot and select to place the number there.
F, E, C, D, B, A
	In the next screen over, you should notice the wires comming in
from terminal 2's unlocker. This time you must enter the greek letters
you found on Mihika.
	At the end of the room is the Extra Precision Targeting Unit.
Pick it up and teleport back to the ship to leave.

| Ninian | Dragon Noir |-------------------------------------------------
|Impulse Charge|
| (High Power) |
|Battery Charge|
|    +  250    |

	RED GENERAOTR: You walk left one screen. Wow. Could it really be
that easy? The battery charger right there? Nope, guess not. Go down a
screen and right. By now, you should have noticed the wires connecting
the red boxes. Follow them down to the generator. Once you s it, a light
will turn on indicating the lines are now functional. Furthermore, when
you exit out, more lights will light up along them. You may now do the
red puzzles, or proceed to the blue generator.

	BLUE GENERATOR: Take the tunnel out of the generato room to the
right. You'll know you're going the right way when you see the black
mega monsters. Don't fret, as these will not harm you. Wall jump up
three screens until you come to the surface. Turn on the blue generator
there. Now follow the blue puzzles back to the sign, solving each one as
you go.

	GREEN GENERATOR: Once again, go down, but this time, head left as
soon as you can. When you reach a room with flight liquid, jump in. Then,
go as fast as you can through the curvy tunnel room to the right. When
you come out onto the surface again, use the flight to continue following
the wires. To the generator!
	NOTE: If you go up the left side of the screen with flight
	instead of the right, you fill find a large statue of some woman.
	This is not important, however, so don't go out of your way to
	find it.
But that's not all the flight liquid does. There's some other useless
stuff around here. Apply the same technique but go one screen right and
climb up before flying. Fly up, hugging the left wall, but don't touch it
until you run out of flight. As soon as you enter the screen above the
one where you applied flight, hold left and up and hope.
If you make it, jump off the edge to the left. You should land on a ledge
with a weird machine playing a faint tune.
	To the extent of my knowledge, there is nothing over to the

|Puzzles| NOTE: There may be other answers. |
|-------'  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '
||Red Puzzles
||Select two pieces to swap them.
||#1:	This circuit makes a loop. Like a 'q' Easy enough
||#2:	 ,-X
||	,+,
||	|''
||	X
||#3:	,-,
||	|,+X
||	''|
||	  X
||#4:	   ,X
||	 ,,',
||	,'','-,
||	',,+,,'
||	 ''|''
||	   X
||Blue Puzzles
||Select a switch to flip it. Switches will channel the current in a
||certain dircetion. Based on the last puzzle in another Nifflas
||game, Riddle. About nodes: Nodes may have one or more numbers on them.
||The numbers indicate how many lines are allowed to be powering it at
||any given time.
||#1:	Flip the switches one by one from the bottom right to the top
||	left
||#2:	Flip the blue one leading to the 0, then flip the top, then the
||	leftmost.
||#3:	Flip the two non-active switches. Then the two actives, lowest
||	first. Finish off by flipping the one closest to the Power this.
||The battery charger should now be active.
||#4:	Flip the lowest switch. Then flip and unflip each of the other
||	three actives in turn. Flip the lowest, then one row above that,
||	and finish with the one one row above that.
||Green Puzzles
||Use the arrow keys to move the orange circle. When it goes over a
||purple circle, the circle becomes green. When it goes over a green
||circle, the circle becomes white and will reset the puzzle if you
||return to it. You must turn all the circles white.
||#1:	2 down, left, down, 2 right, 4 down, 2 right, 2 up, 4 left,
||	3 down, up, down, 3 up, 2 left, 3 up, 6 down
||#2:	right, 3 down, right, down, 3 left, up, right, up, down, right,
||	down, left, down, right, 2 down
||You must fly out the hole in the liquid room to reach #3.
||#3:	2 down, right, down, 2 left, down, 2 left, down, up, down, right,
||	down, right, up, right, up, 2 right, 3 down, right, up, 3 left, 
||	2 down
||#4:	up, right, left, 3 right, left, 2 right, down, up, 3 down, left,
||	up, 4 left, 2 right, 2 down, 3 right, 2 down, 3 left, 2 down,
||	6 right, 2 up, 4 left, 2 down, 2 right, up, 2 left, 2 right, up

	You must feel very acomplised, having lit up that sign.
Fortunately for you, that's where the colony, in their infinite wisdom,
decided to put the password to the laser door. Procced to the blue
generator again, and head right.
	And that's it. Grab the high power impulse charge, and you've
completed Dragon Noir.

| Polvere | Haakon |-----------------------------------------------------
| Targeting  |
|Unit (Basic)|

	Welcome to Haakon, the extremely foggy planet with a lava lake
everywhere. It orbits the gas giant, Gass Lividus, which would obliterate
you and your ship in an instant. 

	First and foremost, were going to need some orange arrows. Use
the flight puddle right underneath the starting screen to make it up the
cliff to the right. In the 'center' of the cave, with the save point,
take the upper left path going out the left side of the screen. Light up
the chrystal by using d as if it were a puzzle. Close the chrystal and
head back. If you already got the to chrystals, however, take the right

	This time, take the upper left path going out the TOP of the
screen. Up at the top is flight liquid. First, light up the chrystal next
to it. Then, head back to the flight liquid. Jump in and then fall down
three screens. Oh crap, magma! Before you fall two far down, use your
flight to enter the small tunnel to the left, where another chrystal
resides. Light this one up as well and continue right.

	Walljump on top of the large pillar in the middle of the screen
and slide down the other side. Walljump just as you're about to hit the
first level of magma and hold up to climb the opposite side. Up won't be
quite enough to make it though, so at the peak of your climb, start
walljumping again.

	The next room over has three platforms. They look (and are)
pretty easy to cross. Just don't get cocky. The easiest method here is to
hold right and up. When you get to the last platform, jump. Make sure you
can see all the arrows when you take a picture. Then, teleport back to
the ship. It is recomended you get the two chrystals on Bormine before
coming back.

	If you have already lit up the two chrystals, head left from the
ship. If you follow the 'go as high as you can philosophy,' good. It will
show you where another chrystal is. Anyway, you only really need to go up
one screen at this point before entering the cave.

	Drop down in the cave, and light up the chrystal by the two giant
walnuts. Take some flight power with you, and head back to the check
point. From there, fly up and left to the chrystal. Light it up and drop
back down to the lava level. (Outside the cave.) Enter the lowest level
of the cave.

	Save, and jump across the platform. If you missed any chrystals,
the machine will know. (Orange lights for Bormine, green for here.)
Simply open and close the device if you have all the chrystals lit up.
You'll get the basic targeting unit. Teleport back to the ship and leave.
This component, while superfluous, is necessary for the Knytt ending.

| Polvere | Bormine |----------------------------------------------------
|Battery charge|
|    +  500    |

	This is the only planet from which you can get to Goldschmidt.
To the right is a battery charge. If that's all you came for then great!
Recharge and head out. Oh right. The puzzle. Select a slot with the
arrow keys.	Press s to fire. If your shot hits an arrow, it will be
placed in that position. Enter the sequence you found on Haakon. Note:
You cannot overwrite an arrow.
	Alright: the actual reason you came to this planet. To get the
two chrystals, am I right? Thought so. Run one screen left from the ship
to the second blue flower left of the ship. Wait until your health is
refilled, then continue left. To do this quickly, jump right before the
first wall, and walljump off it to the second. That you are holding up
will be assumed from now on. Jump onto the inner right wall, and propel
yourself off it the the ledge. On the next screen, take a flying jump to
the central platform and fly out ot the left. From there, it's the home
stretch. Remember the pink flowers expedite health loss.

	Heal at the blue flowers and get ready for the next part. Climb
out and jump onto the left wall. From there, to the floating platorm and
then to the right wall. When you get into the next screen, walljump to
the higher of the two floating platforms and jump from it to the left
ground. Jump over the pink flowers and activate the chrystal. By now,
you should be lowish on health, so teleport back to the checkpoint. (The
chrystal remains active. Save.

	Perform the same routine, but head right at the top. Jump over
the first pink flower. The pit filled with them is pretty much
un-avoidable, but there are less on the top, so jump over it. Save and

	It the gap on the right screen, jump from atop the bump. If you
try to jump from closer, you will inevitably fall down. Climb the tower.
Jump over a few more gaps and walljump/climb up. This one cuts it close,
but it's completely possible to make it to the blue flowers if you
walljump fast enough. Save and heal.

	Jump over the last six gaps and activate the chrystal. You can go
to the last checkpoint if you want, or you can simply teleport back to
the ship and leave.

| Goldschmidt | Nyquist-Meyer |------------------------------------------
|Battery charge|
|    +  700    |

	See that puny star down in the bottom right? Yup. That's

	Nyquist-meyer is named after the two adventurures who recently
incovered its existence. It displays the remnants of a once great
civilization, including, you guessed it, their puzzles. There are four
puzzles you must find and solve. Use the arrow keys to select a slot.
Press 's' to cycle throught the options. Arrows move the block. FUNC
runs one Func cycle. LAST MAIN moves the last direction moved in the MAIN
sequence. Run runs the sequence. Light the blue, avoit the red.
NOTE: The device solver may be of assistance here. I didn't know about
it, so the solutions I came up with may not match those hints.

	Just right of the start is the first puzzle. It is very easy.
Note: these are just the first solutions I found. There may be others.

MAIN:	Up, up, right, right, down, down, down, left, down, left, FUNC
FUNC:	Left, left
	4 lights up when you beat it.
	When you beat it, a character will light up in the circle.
Remember it, or take a picture. Continue right, and jump down the hole
past the green jumper. Another easy puzzle awaits at the end. It's a
pretty good one. Remember the LAST MAIN command.
MAIN:	Left, right, FUNC, up, up, left, FUNC, FUNC, down, down, right	
	Another puzzle, another hint. The next puzzle is in a hole over
to the right, but it's a bit tricky, so skip over it for now. Save and
open the cliff's edge puzzle. Not too bad of a puzzle either.
FUNC:	Down, down, up, left, left, up
	Jump off the cliff and head right. There is a green enemy on the
ground here. Wait in one place. When he jumps, jump over him. Otherwise,
you'll jump into his jump. Save and climb the cliff to the right as far
as you can. Use this height to wall jump to the platforms. Jump under the
large rectangular one, and then climb on top of it from the left to make
the next jump. Do the next puzzle. Now they start to get harder.
MAIN:	Left, up, right, right, down, FUNC, up, FUNC, right, up, FUNC
	Return to where I told you the last puzzle was. Sit at the edge
of the corridor and lure the second green guy out. Wait until he's almost
upon you. Then, jump out to the protruding ground and walljump back.
He should follow you and fall down with the other. You can either do this
or try the other method, but with a three tile corridor. Anyway, open the
last puzzle. Awwww. It's a heart. Nifflas does care.
MAIN:	Down, up, up, right, up, left, FUNC, FUNC, left, down, down
FUNC:	Left, up, left, down, left
	There are now three ways to get back to the ship. You can go out
past the now deactive laser and back up the cliff. You can go back the
way you came (this works better if you got the two green guys together).
Or finally, you can teleport there.

	Go left from the ship and enter the five characters in the puzzle
box you find there. Charge your batteries and leave.

| Goldschmidt | Gass Umbra |---------------------------------------------
|Ship Drive|
|Extension |
|Fuse (High|
|  Power)  |

	What? You call this a gas giant? No. I don't. It's a station
positioned in the troposphere of a gas giant. Unfortunately, the people
operating the station liked to challenge visitors to races. There's
really not much to say about these. Be as fast as you can. Hold the up
arrow. Scope it out before you start, etc. I haven't updated my times in
a while, so they may have improved.
v' Race 1: Gears 'v

	30 seconds. Wallclimb the left wall and jump out. Maneuver
through the gears and jump off to the right. Press d on the finish flag
for level 1.

First: 00:17.01
Best: 00:13.90

v' Race 2: Passage 'v

	20 seconds. The first part is easy. Hold right and up. Note the
laser door at the end. It will open after level 5, but you needn't use
it. Walljump up and you barely even need to worry about the next set of

First: 00:16.38
Best: 00:14.25

v' Race 3: Simplicity 'v

	20 seconds. Remember. Scope it out. Jump up and wallclimb. Take
the passage to the flight room and fall out the bottom of the room. Fly
over to the otherwise unreachable right spot. That's it. Simple, no?

First: 00:16.18
Best: 00:14.73

v' Race 4: Electric 'v

	22 seconds. Wait for a clear spot in the zappy balls before
tunring on the challenge starter. That way you can do it faster. There's
not much to say about this one either.

First: 00:14.38
Best: 00:11.75

	Ah. The final race. Notice the big arrow clearly indicating we
have to go right. So what are we going to do? That's right. We're going
to go left. Walljump up and enter the next screen left. There you should
see a powerup. Slide down the right wall. It may help you face the right
wall if you jump onto the left vertical platform and fall over to the
right, thereby switching directions. At the bottom of the wall, perform a
triple walljump to the safe platform in the middle. Climb the next two
vertical platforms by wall jumping to the other one. Grab the part and
Teleport back to last checkpoint. Note the tutorial hint: "The ship drive
extension lets you travel faster between stars." This means you need less
of a battery charge to fly between systems of planets.

v' Race 5: Underside 'v

	43 seconds. A few gaps in the beginning, and a room you have to
fly across. Nothing new. In the third room, the last two gaps are best
crossed with right and up held down, nothing else. Two rooms further to
the right has flight liquid. You can actually make all the jumps without
it, though. Note: Jump from the [ platform to the highest of the three
square platforms.

First: 00:32:70
Best: 00:31.15

	See the laser door that just went out? Climb out there and save
if you wish. Walljump from the left wall to the platform in the middle of
the room. Grab the high power fuse. If you continue left, you'll come out
the laser door I pointed out from level 2. But I'd rather use the
Teleport to ship function. Beign so far away, this is probably the last
place you visited. Head back to Lomond on Austra.

Copyright (c) 2010,

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