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 Sam n Max Hit The Road

Sam n Max Hit The Road

                                               ! %%%
                                 %!     !#@#%!!!!!&&%!!!!!!!!!%&#!
              !%!          %&@@%!!!!!!!!!!&%%!!%%!!!!!!!%&!!!!%
              @@@%%!!!!!&@#####@###@&&########&!&&######&%!!!!&&   !!
              %@@#%!!%%%!%&&###@@##@&&###@@@@&%!%#######@!!!&##&#  !%%
                #&%!!!!%&####@##@@%@%%&&%!%!!!%!&########!%#####&&!!&&% %%%%%
      %!!%%&%!&&##&!!########& @%!#&!#&@&@%##%!%####%!!!###!!&##%&##%#&!!#&%###
 ! ! %!!@####!!####&!######% !#&%@%!@%%%&&&&&%!&######& ##&&#&!%######%%#&!%#%
!!%##!!!%###&%!&###% %!!&###   !%!!       %#@!!%%%  !              %#&!###&!
%####%!!!&###&!!#### %!!&##&
!####& !!%####!!&###  !!&##&
%!%####&!&&####!!&##%   !!
  !!&######&###&  %
   !%####! !&##%

Above Art by Atom Edge. 

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                          Sam n Max Hit The Road 
Platform:                                      DOS/Windows (PC)
Genre:                                         Adventure (Point + Click)
Author:                                        TimmyTheRabidTurtle 
Last Updated:                                  Saturday, 24th of January 2004
Date Created:                                  Friday, 26th July 2002  
Current Version:                               Version 2.34
FAQ Size (.txt format):                        72KBs 

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                           1. - FAQ Information
                           2. - Table of Contents
                           3. - Version History
                           4. - Story
                           5. - Characters
                           6. - Walkthrough Description
                           7. - Walkthrough
                           8. - Frequently Asked Questions
                           9. - Item List             
                          10. - Mini-Games  
                          11. - Places Of Interest in Sam & Max
                          12. - Credits

** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 2.34 – Changed the Items List, now split into two pieces.  

Version 2.26 - Changed the section dividers.

Version 2.24 - Formatting updates.
             - New kick ass ASCII art. *Nods at Atom Edge*

Version 2.16 - Added the Item List
             - Edited some formatting problems
             - Changed the section dividers, from the bland old ones.
             - Switched the two Characters section. Now only one.
             - Got rid of the Review (Praise me!)
             - Got rid of the large _ (I've trimmed 5kb of filler in this 

Version 2.06 - Added another website to the Copyright Info. Section.

Version 2.05 - Finished the Frequently Asked Questions section.
             - Fixed one or two errors in the walkthrough.
             - Once I review the walkthrough completely, fix up the review and 
               change the ASCII art, then this guide will be finished.

Version 2.0  - I revised the first three sections of the walkthrough 
               thoroughly, and edited many other parts. 
             - I also started the 'Frequently Asked Questions section. It is 
               yet unfinished.

Version 1.96 - Full Spelling/Grammar Check. Changed the format a bit and 
               revised a few sections, editing some errors, and adding more 

Version 1.94 - Nothing much... changed the review a bit...

Version 1.93 - Added my MSN name, MSN name, and the creation date to the FAQ 
               Info section at the top of the page.
             - Added the new ASCII Text... I actually like this one...
             - More editing... This time a full spell-check... I think you guys 
               are getting tired of me just updating with fixed errors...

Version 1.9  - Edited a bit more... I don't really have a whole lot more to do
               in this FAQ... the Final Version might be coming up soon...

Version 1.88 - Revised the FAQ almost completely. 

Version 1.86 - Edited various parts of the FAQ.
             - Deleted the large ASCII text at the top, realising how crap it 
               looked. Might be a new one soon.

Version 1.83 – Added the E-Mail Policy Section.

Version 1.78 – Added the "Places Of Interest in Sam & Max" Section
             - Edited countless errors
             - Added another character to the non-main characters section. 
             - Ran a full spell and grammar check.
Version 1.64 – Changed the way the FAQ was displayed on screen.

Version 1.6  - Changed the walkthrough from 3 parts, to 10 and put in their
             - Added a little note about the walkthrough

Version 1.55 - Made a few changes. Nothing major.
             - Added a Sam and Max review.   
             - Added the Thanks section.

Version 1.45 - Revised the FAQ. 
             - Did my first spelling/grammar check. 
             - Added the note to the top of the page. I urge you all to read 
             - Added the amount of KBs this FAQ has to the FAQ info section. 
             -"Promoted" the FAQ Information at the top of the page to a

Version 1.4  – I Added Large ASCII Text to the top of the page. 
             - Added the mini-games section. 
             - Finished the Main Characters Section. 
             - Added the not-so-main-characters section.

Version 1.0  – FAQ created. Everything added:
             - Added Intro/Story. 
             - Added full Walkthrough. 
             - Added Characters Section. 
             - Finished the Copyright information Section

** 4. - Story                                                                **

You take the place of Sam, the talking police dog who, along with Max, the 
rabbit are in the United States freelance police department. Your mission is to 
find out what has happened to Bruno the Bigfoot who has escaped along with 
Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Woman from the local carnival. 
It doesn't really seem like a good assignment for the world's greatest 
Freelance Police team, but trust me - it turns out great. Anywho, just put in 
the CD/disks and start playing the dang game already!

** 5. - Characters                                                           **

                               I - Sam
                              II - Max
                             III - Bruno The Bigfoot
                              IV - Trixie 
                               V - Conroy Bumpus
                              VI – Lee-Harvey
                             VII - Shuv-Oohl
                            VIII - Flambé the Fire-breather

  I - Sam:
Sam is a brown, talking, crime-fighting, ass-kicking dog who walks on two legs 
and wears a blue suit and tie. Sam is pretty much the brains of the Sam n' Max 
team. Sam really hates it when you ask him to pick up stuff that can't actually 
be picked up (try it!). Sam likes to play 'Car Bomb' against Max and loves (and 
I mean LOVES) answering the phone in his apartment. He has a very good idea for 
crime, and can solve cases with ease.

 II - Max:
Everyone's favourite fuzzy little bunny, Max is the probably the craziest 
cartoon animal of all time. Max is a white rabbit whom, like Sam, can also talk 
and he also walks on two legs, not four. But, unlike Sam, Max is naked, as most 
rabbits are. Max usually does the strange, sickening, vile stuff when doing a 
case. Max also loves answering the phone in Sam's apartment (Office?).

III - Bruno The Bigfoot:
For years, Bruno was kept in a huge block of ice in the 'House of Oddities' 
section of the carnival, until Trixie ordered Flambé, the (in)famous fire 
breather, to free him from his icy prison. Bruno then ran off with Trixie to an 
unknown location, which started this case. Eventually, Conroy Bumpus caught him 
and forced him to play the banjo in his backup band, along with Trixie.

 IV – Trixie:
Trixie, the Giraffe-Necked Woman, helped free Bruno the Bigfoot from the 
carnival and she then ran off with him to be eventually caught by Conroy Bumpus 
and forced to play the tambourine in his back-up band. While Trixie was in the 
carnival, she was a huge fan of the 'Cone of Tragedy' and she lived in the 
trailer in the centre of the carnival setup.  

  V – Conroy Bumpus:
This country singer is one of the richest (*cough*bastards*cough*) in this 
modern-cartoony world. He lives in his mansion, in Bumpusville, and has been 
known to be looking for a bigfoot to play in his back-up band. He owns a 
virtual reality game security system, which is in his mansion and deploys Lee 
Harvey as his personal bodyguard. He actually wears a blonde toupee and can go 
to desperate measures to get something he wants.  

  VI – Lee-Harvey:
Lee-Harvey is basically just a hired goon (Security Personnel), working for 
Conroy Bumpus, the world famous country singer (see above). He usually wears a 
black leather jacket with jeans and sports a sandy coloured haircut. One of the 
muscles types, preventing Sam and Max from solving this case once and for all.

  VII – Shuv-Oohl:
Shuv-Oohl id a strange, strange guy who lives/works(?) in the Mystery Vortex. 
He owns a mood ring and keeps many bags of mystic moleman powder in his Mystery 
Vortex room. He always seems to repay his debts and runs in an over-sized 
hamster wheel for a lot of the day. His nephew lives in the Tunnel of Love.

  III – Flambé the Fire-Breather:
Flambé is the flame swallower that guards the house of oddities in the 
carnival. He is very strict about letting people into the carnival, while it is 
closed. Flambé helped melt the block of ice that Bruno the bigfoot was 
imprisoned in on Trixie's request so she could run off with Bruno.

If you can think of someone else to put in here, e-mail me with the address at 
the top of the page with their name and a little info.

** 6. - Walkthrough Description                                              **

Part 1: 
Main location(s): The Office, Snucky's
Other location(s):  [None]
Part 2: The Carnival 1
Main location(s):  The Carnival
Other location(s): [None]
Part 3: The Carnival 2
Main locations:   The Carnival 
Other location(s): [None]

Part 4: The World of Fish/World's Largest Ball of Twine
Main location(s):  The World of Fish, World's Largest Ball of Twine
Other location(s): Snucky's

Part 5: The Gator Golf Emporium
Main location(s):  World's Largest Ball of Twine, Gator Golf Emporium
Other location(s): World of Fish

Part 6: World's Largest Ball of Twine/Mystery Vortex
Main location(s):  World's Largest Ball of Twine, Mystery Vortex
Other location(s): None

Part 7: Worlds Largest Ball of Twine/Frog Rock/Bumpusville
Main location(s): World's Largest Ball of Twine, Bumpusville
Other locations:  Frog Rock

Part 8: The Savage Jungle Inn 1/Celebrity Vegetable Museum 1
Main location(s):  The Savage Jungle Inn, Celebrity Vegetable Museum
Other location(s): Bumpusville

Part 9: Dino Park/Celebrity Vegetable Museum2/The Savage Jungle Inn2
Main location(s): Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Park, Savage Jungle Inn
Other location(s): Celebrity Vegetable Museum

Part 10: Savage Jungle Inn 3
Main location(s):  The Savage Jungle Inn
Other location(s): The Mystery Vortex, World's Largest Ball of Twine

************************************ Note: ************************************

I recommend you DON'T go through this game with the walkthrough at your side, 
helping you every time you are stuck. I would think you'd try everything and 
anything, logical or not. Only use it when you are completely stuck, but go to 
the Sam & Max board on first and ask your question there, first. 
Once you look at the Walkthrough once you start to use it more and more even if 
you're not really stuck as much.

** 7. - Walkthrough                                                          **

Intro (Cut-Scene): 
A mad doctor/scientist is a little pissed off when his girlfriend breaks up 
with him after only three dates. He plots to kill her with a nuclear ray, 
before Sam and Max arrive. Sam attempts to keep his mind on untying the lady, 
while Max beats the (un)living pulp out of the doctor. After the beating that 
Max gives him, they discover that his head is in fact a time bomb. Then, they 
drive away, and the intro credits roll. 

 PART 1:

Once you enter your office, Sam and Max will start talking, until Max realises 
that they still have the bomb with them. Sam ponders where to put it, and 
eventually throws it out the window, blowing a bus to smithereens. 

USE the mouse hole to get some cash ("Never Leave home without it" ^_^). Walk 
to the very right of the office. PICK UP the purple light bulb. You can put the 
sandwich in the ant colony if you want by using Max. You can also PICK UP 
everything on the dart board and throw the back on. Leave the office via the 
door. Attempt to go down the stairs. Some guy in the office next to yours will 
throw another guy out the window. He will also shoot a smiley face in the wall. 
USE Max with the guy on the banister of the stairs and he will push him off... 
Hee Hee, you're so evil ^_^ Anywho, walk down the stairs and exit the police 
building. USE Max with the cat outside the building and he will reach inside 
him and take out a roll of paper. USE the nearby car.

Drive to any one of the three Snucky's. PICK UP the Snucky's branded cup 
outside on the pavement. WALK inside Snucky's and PICK UP the box of candy on 
the shelf closest to the counter. After a while, Max will start saying that he 
wants to go to the bathroom. TALK TO the clerk and ask about the box of candy. 
Ask about letting Max use the bathroom. When he gives Max the key, Max will go 
outside to do his 'business'. Quickly, WALK outside the store also and wait for 
Max to come back. When he does come back, TALK TO him. Ask him about the rasp. 
He will give it to you and you can keep it. Stop talking to Max and USE the car 
and drive to the carnival. A short cut-scene with Conroy Bumpus leaving the 
carnival just before you enter will appear. 

 Part 2: 

Walk to the house of oddities. Try to enter it and the fire-breathing guy 
(Flambé) should stop you. Show him the letter-like-item that Max got from 
inside the cat. He will let you in. Walk over to the far right and the Kushman 
Brothers, Shep and Burl (the Siamese twins) will talk to you about the loss of 
their bigfoot, and eventually they will give you a free pass for all the rides 
in the carnival. Pick up the loose fur on the floor near the melted block of 
ice. Walk back to the entrance and pick up the hand in the jar. 

Exit the house of oddities via the rightmost exit. Walk to the Cone-O-Tragedy. 
Talk to the fat guy running it. Ask him about the cone of tragedy. He should 
let you have a go on it. After it is over walk over to the fat guy and then 
check you're inventory. Talk to the fat guy and ask about your inventory. He 
will give you a claim ticket for the lost and found. Go to the entrance of the 
house of oddities and walk to the right. Go inside the tent. 
The person inside will give it all back to you. Check your inventory once you 
walk outside again. Look at the fish-shaped magnet and the World of Fish will 
be available to drive to. 

 Part 3:

Go to the caravan beside the cone of tragedy. Go to the Wak-A-Rat stall beside 
it. Play Wak-A-Rat and hit 19 different rats and you will get a prize of a 
flashlight. Take the red lens beside the Wak-A-Rat stall (It's on a height. 
Just beside the Wak-A-Rat stall). Look at your inventory. Use the light bulb 
with the flashlight. Go to the "Tunnel of Love", which is to the left of "The 
Cone o' Tragedy". Use the wooden duck/swan(?). Take the flashlight out of the 
inventory and shine it on the walls between each segment of the ride. On one of 
the walls there should be a fuse box with some buttons on it. Use Max with the 
fuse box (You might have to use the grabbing hand on him first). The ride will 
stop and you can get out. 

Look at the guy holding the axe and then USE him and Sam will pull at the beard 
causing him to raise his hand, which in turn makes the executioner cut the head 
off the woman. The door at the side will open. Walk inside. Talk to the small 
person in the chair (Doug). Ask him about Bruno, and soon after The World's 
Largest Ball of Twine setting will open up. Give Doug the pecan-flavoured 
candy. Press the lever near the door and leave. Go to the caravan in the middle 
of the carnival. Use the crowbar with the door. Open the blue box and pick up 
the blue costume. Open the closet on the right and pick up the golf scorecard, 
which is pinned to the inside of the closet. The Gator Golf Emporium will be 
available to drive to now. Exit the caravan and then exit the carnival. 

 Part 4:

Drive to one of the Snucky's shops. Talk to the clerk and ask him about the jar 
with the hand in it. He will open it for you. Leave Snucky's.

Drive to the world of fish and pick up the bucket of fish from beside the hut. 
Leave and go to the ball of twine. Go to the front right and walk inside the 
tram. Wait for Max to go inside the tram and then let the tram go up the ball 
of twine. Use the cylinder-shaped item, which is an elevator to enter the 
restaurant. Talk to the guy wearing the fez. Talk to him until you can ask him 
about the spanners. He will give you a free demonstration and let you keep it. 
Before leaving, Pick up the wires on the floor near the elevator/lift. Use them 
with the binoculars on the left. Use the magnifying lens with the binoculars. 
Exit the restaurant and exit the ball of twine via the tramcar. 

 Part 5:

Go back to the world of fish. Use the spanner with the statue of the fish in 
the water. Use the fish to climb inside. Once inside grab Max, and use him with 
the fish. The fish will wobble and fall in the water. The fisherman will catch 
you and you will be taken to the world's largest ball of twine. Use Max with 
the loose string over the side of the barrier. The chef will reappear and you 
will throw yourselves over the side of the kitchen. Your car will be dropped 
back in the parking place after a while. Exit the ball of twine.

Go to the Gator golf course. Walk to the bin at the entrance Pick up the broken 
golf ball retriever from there. Walk down towards the driving range. When you 
reach it, Max will start slagging Conroy Bumpus about his (phoney) hair, and 
soon after Lee-Harvey will beat up both Sam & Max. Eventually, Conroy Bumpus 
will hit Max into the dunking tank across the range. 

Switch the bucket of golf-balls with the bucket of fish. Pick Up the golf club. 
What you have to do here is make a path with the crocodiles/alligators to the 
dunk the beast tank by hitting the fish in the path of the crocodiles. When you 
have got a full path Sam will automatically walk across. The flag will help you 

Open the door of the tank and Max gives you some more bigfoot fur. Open the 
door of the small store room underneath the tank. Pick Up the sno globe and 
look at it. 

 Part 6:

Go to the world's largest ball of twine and go down to the little house at the 
bottom of the ball of twine (museum). Look in your inventory and use the broken 
golf ball retriever with the severed hand that was in the jar. Use the world of 
fish magnet with the severed hand and then use the broken golf ball retriever 
with the ball of twine. Sam will find a purple coloured ring entangled in the 
twine and the magnet takes it out. Leave the ball of twine and go to the 
Mystery Vortex. 

Walk to the far right to enter the vortex. Use the mirror in the middle of the 
screen. There are three magnets in there (You have to walk off the edge of the 
screen to the right to get the third) that powers the vortex. Note that the 
doors outside the mirror are coloured. There are different combinations of 
magnets that have to be turned on and when they are turned on the make a 
certain colour. You have to try each room and in the end you will find one with 
a man in a hamster wheel in it (Shuv-Oohl). Ask Shuv-Oohl about Bruno. He tells 
you it will help if you go to find Frog Rock, and he will also attempt to 
psychically talk to Bruno, but without the mood ring it is hopeless. Give him 
the mood ring (the ring you found in the largest ball of twine). He will give 
you mystic mole man powder (Yay!). Exit that room and walk to the curtains on 
the right of the room. Go to the melted block of ice. Pick up the sasquatch 
hair on the melted block of ice and leave.

 Part 7:

Go to the world's largest ball of twine. Use the tram to get to the balcony. Go 
inside the restaurant. If you haven't already, pick up the nearby wires 
protruding from the elevator and use them on the binoculars. Use the 
binoculars. You can look about for frog rock now. Right click the mouse to go 
right and left click to move left. Look for Frog Rock with the directions Shuv-
Oohl gave you (He should say it's between two certain places). When you find 
it, it appears on the map. Exit the restaurant and exit the ball of twine. Go 
to Frog Rock.

Use all of the bigfoot hair on the rock. Then use the mystic mole man powder on 
the rock. A weird sequence ensues, and soon after, Bumpusville appears on the 
map. Go there.

Open the door and go inside. Walk to the left and Pick up the picture of John 
Muir. Walk around until you find the door with the horns over it when you go 
inside. Use the elevator to get on the overlarge bed. Pick up the greenly 
soiled pillow and use the broken golf ball retriever with the blue book over 
the door. Look at the manual. Leave the room unless the maintenance droid is 
there. Go and find the droid and then use it for a nice little Star-Wars style 
sequence ^_^. Unplug all of the wires that are connected to the droid's brain 
and then plug all the wires back in. The droid will wander around cleaning and 
eventually sets off the security alarm in Conroy's performing room.

Go to the room that is beside the one with the horns, there is a helmet 
suspended from the ceiling by an iron bar in there. It is a virtual reality 
game. Use it. Walk into the cave. A dragon will come out. To kill him, get the 
sword from the rock and use the sword with the middle of the dragon to kill him 
(The exact middle. It may take a few tries). Use the heart and you will reach 
inside it and get a key from it. Exit the room and go to the door on the far 
left. Go inside the other door. Use the key with the keyhole. The Savage Jungle 
Inn will be available to drive to. Exit the house and Exit Bumpusville and Go 
to the Jungle Inn. 

 Part 8:

Enter the inn and talk to the secretary (Evelyn Morris). Talk to her about 
anything and then stop talking to her when you're finished. Eventually she 
gives you a brochure. Look at the brochure. The Dinosaur Tar pit and Bungee 
Jumping National Park and the Celebrity Vegetable museum will be available to 
drive to. Talk to the bigfoot by the door. Give him the rasp. Exit the Inn and 
go to the celebrity vegetable museum. 

Walk over to the woman on the right of the museum. Ask her about a John Muir 
vegetable. Give her the John Muir portrait. Get one of the Conroy Bumpus 
eggplants from the box. Go to Bumpusville. Go to the room that you got the 
maintenance droid book from. Use the Conroy Bumpus eggplant with the wig on the 
right. Lee-Harvey will throw you out but you can keep the wig. Before leaving, 
use some money on the fountain in the garden. You don't actually have to do it 
but it's so very, very funny.                                                   
 Part 9:

Go to the Dinosaur Park and walk to the two robots of prehistoric creatures. 
Operate the Tyrannosaurus Rex's voice. Wait until his mouth is open and then 
make it stop by using the eye (examine) icon. Use the rope (91 yards of twine) 
with the dinosaur tooth and use max with the rope. Go to the woolly mammoth and 
use Max with it. You now have a lot of fake fur. It's what I've always wanted - 

Go down towards the tar pit. Walk past the tar pit and use the elevator. Use 
the screen and Sam will change into the bungee-jumping equipment. Use your 
broken golf ball retriever with the Snucky's (Inc.) cup. Use the bungee jumping 
cord and then jump off. Use the golf ball retriever and cup with the tar. Stop 
bungee jumping and Use the car to leave. Go to the celebrity vegetable museum 
and ask the attendant about the John Muir vegetable. She will give you it. Stop 
talking to her and leave. Go to the Jungle Inn. 

Use the mammoth hair and the tar with the blue costume you got from Trixie's 
trailer. Use the wig you got from Bumpusville with the costume. Use the costume 
and walk through the door that the sasquatch is guarding. Pick up the wine 
bottle off the table in the centre of the room. Go to the kitchen (the door at 
the top of the screen. Pick up the ice pick. Attempt to leave the room via the 
back door, but Lee-Harvey and Conroy Bumpus will stop you. They will think you 
are a real bigfoot and want to capture you. Take off your Sasquatch costume. 
Lee Harvey and Conroy Bumpus will change into it in the freezer so that they 
can kidnap bigfoots at will. Talk to Max and he will slam the door on them. The 
bigfoot chief will discover you, and congratulate you. You are allowed to do 
whatever you want at the party now. 

 Part 10:

Leave the party and go to the World's largest ball of twine. Use the tram and 
enter the restaurant. Ask the guy bending the spanners if he will bend the ice 
pick for you (you must give it to him). Use the ice pick with the wine bottle. 
He will. Leave the restaurant and Go to the Mystery Vortex.

Go inside. Walk to the curtains. Use the Mini-Vortex to ask the woman if you 
can take a go in the mini-vortex. She will accept. Once inside use the sno 
globe. When some of the vortex is sucked in, use the cork from the wine bottle 
with it. Exit the vortex and drive to the Jungle Inn again.

Go to the bigfoot party. Enter the nearest door on the left of the stage. Walk 
right, past the totem poles and go to the pool of water. Use the John Muir 
gourd, the dinosaur tooth, the sno globe and the pillow with the hair tonic 
with the hot tub. The ending sequence ensues which you can watch. The credits 
roll and you get to throw some stuff at the targets going by.


Now try clearing it without using the walkthrough or getting any help at all. 
Also, mess around with the mini-games for no apparent reason!

** 8. - Frequently Asked Questions                                           **

This section is made for all those questions that you want to send me via e-
mail. I ask you, please look around here first before you send me an e-mail 
asking a question.

Q: What do I do after I leave the office building?
If you haven't already, use Max to get the commissioner's orders from the cat 
outside, and then drive to the Carnival.

Q: Where do I get some money?
Grab the mouse-hole in the apartment to get some cash. Cash is needed for 
buying the Carbomb, Sam & Max colouring In and Sam & Max Dress-Up mini-games. 
Also, money is needed to buy some candy for the Moleman in the Tunnel of Love. 

Q: Where do I get a light bulb for the torch?
You can get a light-bulb in Sam and Max' office. It is purple and is on the far 
right side of the screen, in another room.

Q: Help! I was on the Cone-O-Tragedy and when I came off, all the contents of 
my inventory was gone! Help! Please! 
... This always happens - It's supposed to. Talk to the fat guy running the 
carnival and Ask about your inventory. He will give you a claim ticket. Take it 
to the lost and found tent near the entrance of the carnival.

Q: The guy in the lost & found tent gave me a fish magnet. How do I give it 
_ You can't. You need it. Look at it to open up the location of Fish World.

Q: What am I supposed to do in the Tunnel of Love?
Well, when you get the torch from the Wak-A-Rat game, and the light bulb from 
your apartment, you may enter. Use the torch and look around on the walls. When 
you see a control panel, use Max with it. The boat will stop and you can get 
out. Use Max with the beard of the guy with the axe.

Q: How do I get the key from Doug?
Give him the pecan-flavoured candy, which you can get from any of the three 
Snucky's stores. They are in a box on the last (I think) shelf from the right. 
The box is orange, I think. Buy them if you have any money.

Q: How do I get the large fish in the water in the World O' Fish?
Use the crooked spanner (get it from the man with the turban at the World's 
Largest Ball of Twine restaurant.) with the bolt underneath the fish. Use it to 
climb inside, and then use Max with it to make it wobble and fall into the 

Q: What am I supposed to do at the chef's side of the Ball of Twine?
Use Max on the loose end of the ball of twine to get ninety-one yards of twine. 
The chef will soon come out and you will fall off the ball of twine in an 
attempt to escape.

Q: How do I get Max out of the tank at the Gator Golf course?
If you have the bucket of fish (if you don't, get it from the World of Fish), 
switch it with the bucket of golf balls on the course. Hit the fish in the 
path's of the crocodiles and alligators so that you will form a path across the 
driving range to reach Max.

Q: In your guide it mentions going to the Mystery Vortex. How do I get there?
When you are at the Gator Golf Emporium, go to the tank that used to hold a 
sasquatch in the driving range. When you pull Max out, a door should be 
revealed. Open it and pick up the snow globe inside. Look at it and then the 
Mystery Vortex should be available on the world map.

Q: Where do I find Shuv-Oohl in the Mystery Vortex?
Shuv-Oohl could be behind any of the coloured doors in the hallway of the 
Mystery Vortex. You must try them all. You'll probably realise that you can't 
enter some doors due to the fact that you keep shrinking and enlarging. Use the 
mirror near the stairs. Play around with the magnets there until you make the 
colour of the door desired to be entered with the lights omitted from the 

Q: Where do I find Shuv-Oohl's Mood Ring?
Go to the World's Largest Ball of Twine. Go to the little room at the foot of 
it and enter it. In your inventory, use the broken golf ball retriever (from 
Gator Golf) with the severed hand (from the carnival) and use them both with 
the world of fish magnet. Use that contraption with the ball of twine and you 
will find the mood ring inside. Bring it back to Shuv-Oohl.

Q: I am unable to find Frog Rock. Please Help!
Shuv-Oohl mentions that Frog Rock is between two certain landmarks - take note 
of these. First, go to the World's Largest ball of Twine and enter the 
revolving restaurant. Pick up the wires protruding from the side of the 
elevator and use them on the binoculars nearby. Use the magnifying lens (from 
near the Wak-A-Rat stall in the carnival) on it. Use the binoculars and when 
you think you have found Frog Rock, stop them and Sam will say if it's correct.

Q: What am I supposed to do at Frog Rock?
Put the three bigfoot samples (From the carnival, Mystery Vortex and Gator Golf 
Emporium) on the rock and afterwards the mystic moleman powder. Once the crazy 
sequence ensues, do what the stars say and go to Bumpusville.

Q: Grrr... That bastard cleaning droid is annoying me. How do I kill it?
Well, you can't kill it, but it does serve a purpose in this game. First, find 
the room that has horns over the door on the inside. Pick up the blue book on 
the shelf over the door with the golf ball retriever. Once Sam is done reading 
it, find the room with the droid inside. Use the droid, and a section with some 
wires will pop out. To stop it, take all the wires out. TO make it serve it's 
purpose, take all the wires out and then plug them back in. 

Q: How do I put on the helmet in the room that Lee Harvey is in?
Once you have done the above, Lee Harvey will leave his post and go to see 
what's wrong. Use the helmet while he's gone. 

Q: How do I kill the dragon inside the virtual reality game?
Pick up the sword in the rock and wait for the dragon to come out. Once he 
does, stab him in the middle of his body with the sword. It may take a few 
tries to get the exact middle.

Q: How do I get the wig from Conroy Bumpus' room in Bumpusville?
First, you have to wait until the Celebrity Vegetable Museum is available to 
drive to. Once it is, go there and pick up one of the Conroy Bumpus eggplants. 
GO back to Bumpusville and go to Conroy's room. Switch the eggplant with the 
wig and then Lee Harvey will throw you out. Keep the wig.

Q: How do I get inside the bigfoot party at the Jungle Inn?
Make sure you have the blue costume (from Trixie's trailer inside the carnival) 
and Conroy Bumpus' toupee and then go to the Dinosaur Park and Tar pit. Use the 
elevator next to the tar pit. When you are ready to bungee jump, connect 
yourself to the hook nearby. Before you jump off, use the golf ball retriever 
with the Snucky's cup. Use the golf ball retriever with the tar pit. Once 
you're done, go the statues of the dinosaurs in the same location. Use Max with 
the woolly mammoth robot. Use the tar with the blue costume and put the woolly 
mammoth hair on it. Use Conroy Bumpus' wig with the costume. Give the bigfoot 
bouncer by the door of the party the rasp you got from Snucky's. Go inside 

Q: How do I stop Bumpus and Lee Harvey from pissing me off?
Take off the bigfoot costume.

Q: What do I have to throw in the pool at the Bigfoot party?
You see the totem polls next to the pool? You must find something that means 
something to what is displayed on the totem poll. 

Q: What's the totem poll with John Muir mean?
It means you have to find something to do with John Muir, a famous naturalist 
^_^, and throw it in the hot tub pool. To get this, go to Bumpusville and pick 
up the John Muir portrait from the hallway on the right (if you haven't 
already). Go to the Celebrity Vegetable Museum and ask the woman there if she 
would be able to grow a vegetable with the shape of John Muir. Wander around 
the world map until she has it ready. Return to the Jungle Inn and put that in 
the pool

Q: What does the dinosaur totem poll mean?
Again, it means you must find something to do with a dinosaur and throw it in 
the pool. To get it, make sure you have the 91 yards of twine (which you got 
from the World's Largest Ball of Twine). Go to Mount Rushmore. Go to the 
dinosaur robots and press the button near the Tyrannosaurus Rex. When his mouth 
is open, use the 91 yards of twine with one of the dinosaur's teeth. Use Max 
with it.

Q: What are the other two items?
Sno Globe:
Go to the bigfoot party. Get the wine bottle on the table and go to the 
kitchen. Pick up the ice pick near the freezer. Leave and go to the World's 
Largest Ball of Twine and go to the restaurant. Talk to the guy in the turban 
and ask if he will bend the ice pick. Use the ice pick with the wine bottle and 
then go to the Mystery Vortex. Go inside and go to the room behind the 
curtains. Ask the attendant if you can go in the mini-vortex. Once inside, use 
the empty snow globe and use the stopper with it.

Soiled Pillow:
Go to Bumpusville. Go to Conroy Bumpus' room. Pick up the soiled pillow on his 

Throw these items into the hot tub, and you have beaten the game Sam & Max.

Q: What do you have to do at the end at the carnival game?
Nothing. Just shut off your computer or quit Sam & Max when you're done messing 
around with the game at the end. A tentacle from the game Maniac Mansion: Day 
of the Tentacle will be one of the targets to appear.

Q: Are there any other games like Sam & Max?
*Yawn* Sure. Any of the following:

- Maniac Mansion
- Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle
- Simon The Sorcerer
- Full Throttle*
- Beavis & Butthead in Virtual Stupidity*
- The Secret of Monkey Island
- Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
- The Curse of Monkey Island*
- Escape From Monkey Island**
- Grim Fandango**

Please note that the games with nothing next to them are run on the SCUMM 
engine. Games with '*' next to their names are run on the iMUSE engine. Escape 
From Monkey Island and Grim Fandango use the same engine - A 3-D version of 
iMUSE using the keyboard.

Q: Can Sam & Max be played using Windows XP?
Yes, it can, but to be played with best performance use SCUMMVM. Sometimes you 
will need SCUMMVM just to play the game at all. It is the same with Monkey 
Island 1 & 2 and Day of the Tentacle. All other Windows OS systems work fine.

** 9. - Mini-Games                                                           **

                              I - Wak-A-Rat
                             II – CarBomb
                            III – Sam & Max Dress-Up
                             IV – Sam and Max Colouring In
                              V – Gator Golf

I – Wak-A-Rat:
Wak-A-Rat can be found in the carnival on the East Coast. It is a game where 
you get 40 attempts to hit mice who come out of holes in a box... with a 
hammer! To win the prize you only have to hit 19 of the 40 mice but after you 
win the prize for the first time, the machine seems runs out of prizes. If you 
don't like hitting the mice, there is the option of hitting Max in the side of 
his head instead, so it suits all.

II – CarBomb: 
One of the coolest mini-games ever! Car bomb is an in-land version of the 
classic boredom-style game, "Battleships" where you (Sam) play against the 
computer (Max). There are five different cars to place on the board: The Bug, 
Taxi, Police-Car, Hearse, and the Camper. The winner is the player who destroys 
all of the other players' vehicles. There are 2 super-rocket-bombs that can be 
deployed that destroy everything in a 3x3 square radius. Max is really 
competitive in this game, but usually you can beat Max, as it isn't really that 
tough. The only thing that this game misses is a bit of music.

To make this game playable, go to one of the Snuckey's stores on the world map. 
Buy one of the items on the rack near the candy needed for the Moleman in the 
Tunnel of Love.

III – Sam & Max Dress-Up
This is your chance to put some of the funniest clothes on our cartoon heroes! 
You can put on various costumes, including, a rock-star, a pizza boy, a chef, a 
surfer, a butcher, a doctor, and many more! On some versions of the game you 
can play this as the entrance password, but I think that's only on the disk 
To make this game playable, go to one of the Snuckey's stores on the world map. 
Buy one of the items on the rack near the candy needed for the Moleman in the 
Tunnel of Love.

IV – Sam & Max Colouring In
You get to colour in Sam and Max in 2 different situations: "Under the sea" and 
"Snake charmers and Sword Swallowers". There are many, many different shades of 
colours and it isn't really a time-consuming task. It's kinda fun if you're 
bored or stuck on a certain part. But the only problem is, that sometimes you 
close the box by accident and finish the game, ending all your hard work... :( 

To make this game playable, go to one of the Snuckey's stores on the world map. 
Buy one of the items on the rack near the candy needed for the Moleman in the 
Tunnel of Love.

V – Gator Golf
You have the chance of hitting golf balls and/or fish to various places on the 
gator golf screen. The best part is that Sam has an excellent shot, so if you 
use the flag to aim you will easily get the shot exactly right. If you get the 
golf balls/fishes into certain areas and holes different animations happen, so 
explore. If you want, before you rescue Max, you can dunk him a few times by 
hitting the target on the side of the tank just to piss him off a little. This 
game itself is actually quite important in the story.

** 10. - Item List                                                           **

|                       |                                                     |
|         Item          |   Description (What Sam and Max say about it)       |
|                       |                                                     |
| Cash                  | Sam: "It's more money than we'll ever need."        |
| Lightbulb             | Sam: "It's a black light."                          |
| Free Pass             | Sam: "Hey! This means we can ride free all day!"    |
|                       | Max: "Does it say anything about corndogs, Sam?"    |
|                       | Sam: "Sorry, little buddy."                         |
|                       | Max: "WHY YOU DIRTY LINT-SNIFFING MAMA'S TWINS!! I  |
|                       |       OUGHT TO STRETCH YOUR LEGS AROUND YOUR HEAD   |
|                       |       AND MAKE YOU DO THE LAMBADA!"                 |
|                       | Sam: "Gee, maybe you shouldn't be eating corndogs   |
|                       |       anyway."                                      |
|                       | Max: "Yeah, I guess you're right. I don't need the  |
|                       |       cholesterol! Forgive me for my senseless      |
|                       |       reasoning, Sam."                              |
| Sasquatch hair        | Sam: "It's a mange-ridden tuft of Bruno's sasquatch |
|                       |       hair."                                        |
|                       | Max: "I think it would make a swell toupee for      |
|                       |       balding computer programmers."                |
|                       | Sam: "Don't be stupid, Max."                        |
| Hand in Jar           | Sam: "Jesse James' severed hand... and it's still   |
|                       |       twitching."                                   |
| Severed Hand          | Sam: "Jesse James' severed hand... and it's still   |
|                       |       twitching."                                   |
| Lens                  | Sam: "It's a fishbowl magnifying lens."             |
|                       | Max: "My head's already shaped like a fishbowl."    |
| Flashlight            | Sam: "Hey, this crummy prize doesn't come with any  |
|                       |       Lightbulb."                                   |
| Flashlight with Bulb  | Sam: "It's a nifty flashlight equipped with a black |
|                       |       light."                                       |
| Lost & Found Ticket   | Sam: "It's a Lost and Found Claim ticket."          |
| World of Fish Magnet  | Sam: "It's a powerful refrigerator magnet that says |
|                       |       "World of Fish" on its side."                 |
| Bucket of Fish        | Sam: "It's a bucket of fish."                       |
|                       | Max: "Actually, Sam, it's a slimy bucket of fish. I |
|                       |       wonder if this will in any way shape or       |
|                       |       thoughts on today's lunch."                   |
| Snukey's Cup          | Sam: "It's one of those jumbo size all-you-can-     |
|                       |       drink Snuckey's cups"                         |
|                       | Max: "It's almost as big as my head."               |
| Candy                 | Sam: "It's a box of pecan-flavoured candy."         |
| Carbomb               | Sam: "It's the portable carbomb game."              |
| Sam & Max Painting    | Sam: "It's the Official Bootleg Sam and Max Paint   |
|                       |       By Numbers Game."                             |
| Dress-Up Game         | Sam: "It's the Sam and Max Dress-Up Book."          |
| Rasp                  | Sam: "It's a rasp."                                 |
| Crowbar               | Sam: "It's a key's key."                            |
|                       | Max: "No Sam, that's a crowbar. Let's pummel        |
|                       |       someone."                                     |
| Costume               | Sam: "It's stilt-walker's costume."                 |
| Golf Score Card       | Sam: "It's a score card from the Gator Golf Emporium|
|                       |       in Rhumy Eyes, Florida."                      |
| Golf Balls            | Sam: "It's a bucket of golf balls."                 |
| Sasquatch Hair        | Sam: "It's a hunk of bleached blonde sasquatch fur  |
|                       |       mange."                                       |
|                       | Max: "Suitable for framing."                        |
| Empty Sno Globe       | Sam: "It's an empty sno globe without a stopper."   |
| Crooked Spanner       | Sam: "It's a perfectly good metric left-handed      |
|                       |       spanner that's been bent out of shape."       |
| Mood Ring             | Sam: "I must be happy."                             |
| Twine                 | Sam: "It's 91 yards of twine."                      |
| Moleman Powder        | Sam: "It's a charming decanter filled with vile and |
|                       |       mysterious liquids."                          |
|                       | Max: "It could be my long lost brother, Sam."       |
| Sasquatch Hair        | Sam: "It's another tuft of sasquatch hair and       |
|                       |       mange."                                       |
|                       | Max: "My rabity instincts tell me that this is NOT  |
|                       |       Bruno's hair and mange."                      |
| Soiled Pillow         | Sam: "It's a pillow, and... Eww, it's got Miracle   |
|                       |       Grow Tonic all over it."                      |
| Droid Guide           | Sam: "It's a guide to the operation of Macrohard    |
|                       |       Maintenance Droids."                          |
| Key                   | Sam: "It's a cheesily polygonned key."              |
| Portrait              | Sam: "It's a portrait of John Muir, famous          |
|                       |       naturalist."                                  |
| Leaflets              | Sam: "These are pamphlets for the Mount Rushmore    |
|                       |       Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping Park, and  |
|                       |       someplace called the "Celebrity Vegetable     |
|                       |       Museum"."                                     |
| Bumpus Plant          | Sam: "It's an eggplant that looks somewhat like     |
|                       |       Conroy Bumpus."                               |
| Dinosaur Tooth        | Sam: "It's a somewhat authentic dinosaur tooth."    |
| Mammoth Hair          | Sam: "It's more faux woolly mammoth hair than we'll |
|                       |       ever need."                                   |
| Tar                   | Sam: "It's a bunch of tar."                         |
| Tar-Covered Costume   | Sam: "It's a stiltwalker's costume covered with     |
|                       |       tar."                                         |
| Hairy Costume         | Sam: "It's a stiltwalker's costume covered with tar |
|                       |       and faux woolly mammoth hair."                |
| Toupee                | Sam: "It's Conroy's toupee."                        |
| Bigfoot Costume       | Sam: "It's a stiltwalker's costume covered with tar |
|                       |       faux woolly mammoth hair, and a toupee."      |
| Wine                  | Sam: "Chateau Sasquatch '92. A very bad year."      |
| Ice Pick              | Sam: "It's an ice pick."                            |
| John Muir Plant       | Sam: "It's a gourd that looks just like John Muir,  |
|                       |       naturalist."                                  |
| Crooked Ice Pick      | Sam: "It's an icepick that's been horribly          |
|                       |       twisted."                                     |
| Cork                  | Sam: "Cork."                                        |
| Vortex Globe          | Sam: "It's a sno globe of swirling pseudo-mystical  |
|                       |       energies."                                    |

Bigfoot Costume
This is the costume made from a stiltwalker's costume, tar, a toupee and fake 
mammoth. Sam & Max used it to get into the bigfoots' party. Later, Conroy 
Bumpus stole it.

Bucket of Fish
A random bucket of fish from the World of Fish. Sam used them to have the 
crocodiles make a path to Max in the Gator Golf Course.

Bumpus Plant
This is one of a number of eggplants which curiously grow in the shape of 
Conroy Bumpus. 

Bought from Snucky's, this candy was used to tempt the moleman into telling his 
story. He also gave Sam & Max his "key" to Trixie's trailer.

See the mini-games section. 

This is the infinite amount of cash that Sam retrieved from the mouse-hole back 
the office. 

This is the cork Sam pried from the wine/champagne bottle at the Sasquatch 

Stolen from Trixie's unlocked and doorless trailer, this is a blue stiltwalkers 
costume, the basis for the bigfoot costume Sam and Max make later.

Crooked Ice Pick
The guy with the turban in the Largest Ball of Twine restaurant bends tools for 
free. Ask him to bend the icepick and he will.

Crooked Spanner
Again, the turban-bearing guy in the Twine restaurant bends tools with his 
mine. This is a sample he gives you.

This is the key for Trixie's trailer. Sam got it from the moleman guy in the 
Tunnel of Love at the carnival.

Dinosaur Tooth
Although the dinosaur tooth is fake (they got it from a mechanical 
Tyrannosaurus Rex at Mount Rushmore, it still worked to get rid of the dinosaur 

Dress-Up Game
See the mini-games section.

Droid Guide
This is the entire manual to Conroy Bumpus' cleaning droid. Sam read the entire 
thing in one night.

Empty Sno Globe
Back in the days of the strongest vortex, the Mystery Vortex would give out Sno 
Globes. But they realised that they made the Vortex weak, and so they stopped 
selling them.

The bulb-less flashlight that Sam won, as a prize for hitting more than twenty 
rats in the Wack-A-Rat game, at the carnival.

Flashlight with Bulb
The flashlight that Sam won, as a prize for hitting more than twenty rats in 
the Wack-A-Rat game, at the carnival. This time, however, it is equipped with a 
lightbulb from the office.

Free Pass
This is the free pass to unlimited rides on any of the amusements at the 

Golf Balls
Just an average bucket of golf balls taken from the Gator Golf course. 

Golf Score Card
This was found inside Trixie's wardrobe. Look at it to unlock the Gator Golf 
ranch in Florida.

Hairy Costume
To get into the bigfoot party, Sam and Max had to dress up in a suit. This is 
the suit, comprised of a toupee, tar, a blue stiltwalkers costume and some 
woolly mammoth hair.

Hand in Jar
This is Jesse James' hand in a jar.

Ice Pick
This is the ice-pick Sam found in the kitchen of the party. 

John Muir Plant
The woman of the celebrity vegetable museum managed to grow a plant of John 
Muir, famous naturalist, for the John Muir totem.

Conroy Bumpus' security system can be unlocked by killing the dragon inside and 
taking the key from his heart. This is the key.

These are some pamphlets from Mount Rushmore. Look at them to unlock Mount 

This is a large magnifying lens stolen from the carnival. Sam used it to 
magnify the scenery when looking through the binoculars in the World's Largest 
Ball of Twine restaurant.

A purple lightbulb from Sam and Max's office which was used in the flashlight.

Lost & Found Ticket
This enables the barer to search the stock of the Lost & Found tent in search 
of something they have lost.

Mammoth Hair
Eaten from the machine by Max, this is the mammoth hair used to make the 
bigfoot costume.

Moleman Powder
This is the powder given to you to spread on Frog Rock.

Mood Ring
Found in the centre of the World's Largest Ball of Twine, Sam gave this ring to 
the moleman guy in return for the secret moleman powder.

Stolen from Conroy Bumpus' hallway, this is a painting of John Muir, famous 

This is the rasp that came with the keys to Snucky's toilets. It was used to 
make the bouncer at the bigfoot party more comfortable.

Sam & Max Painting
Another of the Sam & Max mini-games. View the mini-games section for more 

Sasquatch Hair
There are three variously coloured batches of sasquatch hair. They were used on 
Frog Rock.

Severed Hand
This hand some good uses, but is generally used attached to the golf-ball 
retriever to extend your reach.

Snucky's Cup
I'm afraid this is only a mere cup. It was used, along with Jesse James' hand 
and golf-ball retriever, to scoop some tar from the tar pit near Mount 

Soiled Pillow
This is just a plain pillow soiled with Conroy Bumpus' hair tonic. It was used 
for one of the totems, however.

Basically, just a pile of tar scooped from Mount Rushmore's tar pits. It was 
used on the costume below.

Tar-Covered Costume
The first part of the bigfoot costume, which is just a blue one-piece suit 
covered in tar.

Conroy Bumpus' top-of-the-range toupee, though Sam stole it and replaced it 
with a fruit.

A piece of rope cut from the loose end by Max. 

Vortex Globe
A Mystery Vortex sno globe filled with some of the vortex. It was used to solve 
one of the totems.

A bottle of wine from the bigfoot party.

World of Fish Magnet
Using this magnet, Sam unlocked the World of Fish place. 

** 11. - Places of Interest in Sam & Max                                     **

There are many ludicrous, crazy locations in Sam and Max, each in different 
parts of the United States of America. This is a brief explanation of what each 
place is, what goes on inside it and what kind of people live/work there.

                         I – The Office/Sam's Apartment
                        II – Snucky's
                       III – The Carnival
                        IV – The World of Fish
                         V – The World's Largest Ball of Twine
                        VI – The Gator Golf Emporium 
                       VII – The Mystery Vortex
                      VIII – Frog Rock  
                        IX – Bumpusville
                         X – The Savage Jungle Inn
                        XI – The Celebrity Vegetable Museum 
                       XII – Mount Rushmore 

I. - The Office/Sam's Apartment: 
This is where you start the game and where you get your orders from the 
commissioner. Basically this is where Sam and Max prepare their next case and 
relax when they are off duty. Sam and Max's telephone is in here, which is the 
coveted item which Sam and Max really like to fight over ^_^.

II. - Snucky's:
There are three Snucky's stores dotted around the Sam and Max map. Each one 
sells a different Sam & Max mini-game (Sam and Max Dress-Up, Car Bomb, or Sam & 
Max Colouring In). All of them sell boxes of candy and other miscellaneous 
foodstuffs. There is usually a fat guy sitting near the diner, eating ice-
cream. Apparently, Snucky's has the cleanest restrooms in eight counties, which 
is probably a good thing... Also, the attendants are trained to be able to open 
ANY jar in the world (Hint, Hint).

III. - The Carnival: 
The scene of this most heinous crime. This is really just a local carnival that 
has lost their star attractions, Bigfoot and Giraffe-Necked girl. There are 
many other great attractions, including Wak-A-Rat, The Cone O Tragedy, The 
Tunnel of Love and The House of Oddities. It is closed for the time until 
Bruno, the carnival's bigfoot and Trixie, the giraffe-necked girl are re-
captured and ready to put on show again. 

IV. - The World of Fish: 
Basically, it's just a river where, many fish swim through each year. There is 
only one guy fishing there most of the time. In the World of Fish there is many 
statues of fish and stuff lying around. There is always a bucket of two of dead 
fish lying around which can be taken, free of charge...

V. - The World's Largest Ball of Twine: 
The name says it all: it's a big ball of twine, the largest in the world by 91 
feet. There is a restaurant on the top of it and a tram leading up to it. There 
is also a twine museum on the ground beside it. Many items get stuck or lost in 
the ball of twine due to it's large mass of twin-ey goodness.

VI. - The Gator Golf Emporium: 
The world famous golf course, overcrowded with alligators and crocodiles. It 
used to have a game consisting of a bigfoot in a tank, where, if you hit the 
target, the bigfoot falls into the water, like many other carnival games. Alas! 
the bigfoot has escaped and The Emporium is now closed. Also the point of where 
the Gator Golf mini-game is staged.

VII. - The Mystery Vortex: 
If I used three words to describe the Mystery Vortex they would have to be 
"Strangest. Place. Ever." The Vortex is the home of many a queer sighting. 
Sadly, you discover the secret by going through a mirror in the hall: it is 
actually powered by massive magnets. The mystery vortex also used to have a 
bigfoot and it also has a Mini-Vortex (Hard to explain). 

VIII. - Frog Rock: 
Frog Rock is really just a rock in the middle of nowhere. Despite its name, 
Frog Rock does not, I repeat: DOES NOT, look anything like a frog or even a 
frog's closet cousins. If you spread some mystic moleman powder and some 
samples from what you are looking for, you will find out what to do next to 
find that item.

IX. - Bumpusville: 
As the name would suggest, it's the famous country artist, Conroy Bumpus' 
house. It is littered with gold and platinum discs and crazy crap like that. Mr 
Bumpus has a virtual reality game, which is actually a form of security system. 
He also has a maintenance droid, a huge truck-like bed and his own personal 
band, consisting of a rather familiar Giraffe-Necked girl and surprisingly 
strange bigfoot, possibly named Bruno. I really didn't see that one coming...

X. - The Savage Jungle Inn: 
The Savage Jungle Inn is an exotic hotel for exotic animals. It is also where 
the bigfoot and sasquatch party is secretly being held. The secretary of the 
Jungle Inn is none other than, Evelyn Morris. Conroy Bumpus will be seen 
snooping around this party, looking for a bigfoot for his band. 

XI. - The Celebrity Vegetable Museum: 
As the name suggests, it is a museum showcasing various vegetables that look 
like various celebrities. There are many, many different plants, fruits and 
vegetables that look quite strange, including many eggplants that grew in the 
form of Conroy Bumpus. Apparently, the owners can't get them to stop growing 
like that.

XII. - Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Park and Tar Pit: 
Mount Rushmore, you would think, wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary… 
think again! Aside from the 4 greatest presidents in American history, you have 
a small dinosaur museum and a tar pit. And if that isn't enough you can also go 
bungee jumping... from the president's noses! While it may sound revolting and 
disrespectful to the great American presidents, I can safely assure you, it's 
not really, and they would have WANTED to be used in a game so great as this 
one is, _.              


Thank you for reading my guide. 

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