Sam and Max - Ice Station Santa Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Sam and Max - Ice Station Santa

Sam and Max - Ice Station Santa


This would be my first walkthrough, so I'm sorry for the lack of flaire.

I also would like to say that there are no real changes between this episode,

and the ones from the first season.  The gear at

the top is your options, the bag at the bottom is your inventory.

Anyways, Let's do this!

1.  Go outside.

2.  Talk to Maimtrom 9000.

3.  "I have a question."

4.  "Why do fools fall in love?"

5.  Go back into the office.

6.  Click on the wind up key outside the window.

7.  Go outside.

8.  Enjoy the opening scene.

9.  Go inside the workshop.

10. Get Boxing Betty Doll

11. Get world's simplest maze.

12. Pull switch to make the rotating bomber stop over the trampoline.

This might take a couple tries.

13. Talk to the green elf.

14. "What do you do here?"

15. "We could make you cry."

16. Have Sam say, "Santa doesn't exist."

17. Get watering can.

18. Go outside.

19. Use watering can on tiny topiary.

20. Click on Giant topiary to climb it.

21. Get Christmas Record.  It's on  the left wall sticking out of the shelves.

22. Get parchment.  It's on a podium to the immediate right of the fireplace.

23. Go out the way you came in.

24. Enter the workshop.

25. Talk to the red elf.

26. "Do you have any horsemen?"

27. "See you later."

28. Get the gift tags next to the green computer.

29. Exit the workshop.

30. Get in the Desoto.

31. Go back to your office.

32. Enter Bosco's.

33. "What's in the package?"

34. "Your package is a bomb?"

35. "So long."

36. Exit Bosco's.

37. Enter Stinky's.

38. Talk to Stinky.

39. "How's Buisness?"

40. "Your feet hurt?"

41. "So long."

42. Talk to Sybil.

43. "Let's talk trivia."

44. "We think it's A."

45. "So long."

46. Talk to Lincoln.

47. "Let's talk trivia."

48. "We think it's C."

49. "So long."

50. Get the trivia card on the table nearest to the door.

51. Pick B.

52. Go to the right of Stinky's

53. Click on the garage door.

54. "Can you pimp our car?"

55. "We want that horseman."

56. "Yes, please!"

57. This next part is pretty much self explanatory.  

Just stay to the right side of the screen keep your eye open for 

the dolls, and you'll be fine.

58. Get the horseman of death off of your Desoto.

59. Head over to the Maimtron's remains.

60. Talk to Jimmy Two-Teeth.

61. Use Boxing Betty on the Robot innards.

62. My boxing strategy:  

For the first rat, I punched every time he lifted one of 

his gloves to attack.  For the naked rat, I dodged depending 

on what fist he would use to attack me.  

If he lifted his left fist, I moved left,

and if he lifted his right fist, I dogded right.  

I then slugged him right after he attacked.  I used the same strategy

for Jimmy, and it should be noted that if he hits you just 

once with the big glove, the fight is automatically over.

63. Have Sam say, "so long"

64. Go to your Desoto.

65. Go to the North Pole.

66. Enter the workshop.

67. Use the Green Computer.

68. Select Obsess-o-matic stopwatch.

69. Use the gift tags on the present.

70. Send the present to Bosco.

71. Use the Green Computer.

72. Select the foot bath and Piranha aquarium.

73. Use the gift tags on the present.

74. Send the present to Stinky.

75. Leave the workshop.

76. Get in the Desoto.

77. Go back to your office.

78. Enter Bosco's.

79. Enter Stinky's.  (Don't look at me like that, just do it!")

80. Get Stinky's sock.

81. Exit Stinky's

82. Get in your Desoto.

83. Go to the North Pole.

84. Enter the workshop.

85. Use all of the horsemen with the North Pole.

86. Click on the Slimy Crate.

87. Click on the red computer.

88. Use the record with the record player.

89. "Like Gelatinous Goo!"

90. "In Lower Manitoba!"

91. "Like Mimesweeper!"

92. "Hey, Shambling Corporate Presence!"

93. Go into Santa's room.

94. Click on Santa's safe.

95. Use Stinky's sock on the stocking stuffer.

96. Go out the chimney.

97. Go into the portal to the future. (Right in front of the sleigh.)

98. Exit the portal.

99. Use sock full of coal on the sleigh's boiler.

100.Enter the portal to the present.

101.Exit the portal.

102.Get a snowball from the yellow snow reclemation.

103.Hurry back to the portal to the present, as you don't have much 

time before the snowball melts.

104.Use the snowball on the bug.  Not the bug family mind you, just the bug.

105.Enter the portal to the past.

106.Use world's simplest maze on the mousehole.

107.Click on the tv.

108.Exit the portal.

109.Get in the Desoto.

110.Go back to your office.

111.Use Mary on Jimmy. 

(He's still on the ledge between your office building and Bosco's.)

112.Get in your desoto.

113.Go to the North Pole.

114.Enter the portal to the past.

115.Use the boxing glove on Jimmy.

116.Use the spirit bottle on the shambling corporate presence.

117.A lot of stuff happens.

118.Click on the green computer.

119.Get out your gun.

120.Shoot the cannon.

121.Shoot the wall switch.

122.Shoot the wall switch again, and time your shot so the 

cannon ball will land on Santa.

Enjoy the ending!

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