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 Savage - The Battle for Newerth

Savage - The Battle for Newerth

 _____       ___   _     _       ___   _____   _____  ___
/  ___/     /   | | |   / /     /   | /  ___| | ____| |_|
| |___     / /| | | |  / /     / /| | | |     | |__   
\___  \   / / | | | | / /     / / | | | |  _  |  __|  
 ___| |  / /  | | | |/ /     / /  | | | |_| | | |___  ___
/_____/ /_/   |_| |___/     /_/   |_| \_____/ |_____| |_|
¯|¯ | | |¯   |¯/ /¯\ ¯|¯ ¯|¯ |  |¯   |¯ |¯| |¯|   |\| |¯ \ |\ | |¯ |¯| ¯|¯ | | 
 |  |¯| |¯   |¯/ |¯|  |   |  |_ |¯   |¯ |_| |¯\   | | |¯  \| \| |¯ |¯\  |  |¯| 
         ¯    ¯                  ¯                     ¯         ¯             

by Kris "Eggzmaster" Westreich

Version History:
.25: Done with the basics for Beast & overrall basics.
.50: Completely done! Faq is useable.

Next version: Going to add a hella amount of pointless and useless
details about weapoons and possibly about the units. And exp.

This better not be anywhere other than, just email me if you want
to have it on your site...that's all, I'll probably say yes.

If your browser is configured correctly, you should see this line equal:


How to find what you want:
Press CTRL: F and type in what you want.

Choosing Officers
Building and Teching
Unleashing your Inner Beast

And the end.

Commanders are almost exactly like commanders in any RTS game out there. You 
tell your units (PC's[Player Character's] in this case...) to do stuff. The 
only NPC's in this game are the workers, whom can start buildings and mine 
stone and gold.

Note: This FAQ requires basic knowledge of the game, and it is recommended you 
play as a PC before learning how to be a commander.

-=Chapter 1: Basic Commandeering=-
The basics. What everyone needs to know, and has yet to find out. Anyway,there 
are about 3 basicrules of thumb to follow:

1) Choosing Officers
2) Building & Teching
3) Expanding

If you can master those three, you should be set for awhile.

-=Chapter 2: Choosing Officers=-

Choosing a commander is quite a tough thing. If you make the wrong choice,
then you could be screwed for awhile.
Chances are, you're probably not going to be the commander as soon as you log 
onto a server, so take a little while to see who has the highest kills. Then,
when you become commander, choose them as commander. For those that don't know,
you can have two officers, and they get quite a few bonuses:

a. They do extra damage.
b. They regenerate health.
c. They can tell troops where to go.

Quite a useful ability, no? Officers can make or break a good game. I've seen 
it happen before, noob becomes officer, and starts abusing the power. Remember, 
you can demote people back into your lovabel peons if you so wish.

-=Chapter 3: Building and Teching=-

Ah, the great glories of being a commander. One of these such things include 
being able to tell your workers to build stuff. 
Remember, you can tell PC's to build, too. I will go into the individual tech 
trees for each race (Humans and Beasts) in laterchapters. Teching is the process 
in  which you research weapons and magic for your PC's to use at their own 
discretion. This is a very important element to the game. Memorize both
Tech Trees, you will need them.

-=Chapter 4: Resources=-

You need money to fund your glorious empire of peons, don't you? You can order
PC's or workers to mine Red Stone (used for buildings) or gold. 
(used for upgrading towers and to loan your PC's money so they can buy Tech's.) 
Both of which are equally important. I personally usually put about 5-7 workers 
on RS(red stone), and 3-4 on gold.

-=Chapter 5: Unleashing your Inner Beast=-

So, you elected yourself to become the leader of hundreds of beasts everywhere?
Good work, governer, now you're gonna have to learn yourself how to lead the 
peoples. First on the agenda should be knowing the tech trees and buildings.

Main Building(Lair): This is the building you that if you lose, you lose the 
game. This is the only building you start out with. Can be upgraded, each 
upgrade lets you use new units. Scavenger is the one you start out with, 
then Stalker, and finally Predator.

BUILDING 1: Sub-Lair
This is a mini MB, but it is buildable anywhere. Usually used for expansions.

Building 2: Nexus
This should be the first building you build. This is where you can research the
technologies Venom, Rabid, and Carnivore.

Building 3: Arcanum
This lets your PC's equip items. Must research them.
Entropy items require Entropy Shrine, etc, etc.

Building 4: Defensive Spire
Your basic tower. Shoots flame balls.
Can be upgraded into Fire Spire, Entropy Spire, and Strata Spire.

Buildings 5,6,7:
Fire Spire: Shoots 3 flame balls. Very deadly.
Entropy Spire: Heals nearby buildings.
Strata Spire: Moves projectiles coming at friendly buildings.

Building 8: Strata Shrine:
Can research lightning magic.
Frost Bolts, then Tempest, then Lightning.

Building 9: Fire Shrine:
Can research Fire magic.
Ember, Blaze and Fireball.

Building 10: Entropy Shrine:
Can research Entropy magic.
Chaos Bolt, Surge, and Rupture.

Building 11: Charm Shrine:
Lets your PC's use siege units.
Unlocks Summoner and Behemoth, but each requires level 2, and level 3

(Note: In future versions, I will include deteailed information about the weapons
and units.Until then, you'll have to check somewhere else.)

-=Chapter 6: Hoo-man?=-

The humans. What more to say about them? They're big, and they love killin' them
beasts. And that I'll add stuff about them in the .50 version. 
Which will come out sooon.


Building 1: Stronghold

The nuts and bolts of every commanders arsenal, and can be upgraded just
like the beast one. Nothing much to say, except that if it dies,
your team loses.

Building 2: Arsenal

Lets you research Bow technology. Is also the prerequisite for
all of the other human buildings except for towers.

Building 3: Chemical Factorium

Let's you research chemical technology. This is mainly used
against buildings when you don't have siege yet.

Building 4: Electrical Factorium

Lets you use electrical technology. This is anti-personel weaponry, but
IMO it's not really as useful as magnetic weapons.

Building 5: Magnetic Factorium

Lets you research gun technology. This is the real nuts & bolts,
of the human offensive, since it starts of with Scattergun, then
Repeater(machinegun), and finishes off with the strong coil-gun.

Building 6,7,8: Human Towers

Arrow tower shoots arrows, can be upgraded to mortar tower,
shield tower and electric tower. They are essentially the
same thing as the Beast towers, except with different names.
Mortar tower shoots mortars,Shield Tower protects buildings,
Electric tower deflects projectiles.

Building 9: Garrison
Same thing as a sub-lair, it's used for expansions and spawn 

Building 10: Siege Workshop
Allows your units to become siege weapons, the Ballista,
and the Catapult. Requires level 2, and level 3 stronghold.

Building 11: Research Center
Allows you to research items. Magnetic items require Magnetic
Factorium, etc, etc.

-=Chapter 7: Closing and FAQ's=-


What if my Commander's being a total noob?
Vote to kick him.

What if I just plain don't like my commander?
Vote to kick him.

How many commanders can I have at a time?
1 per team.

How many officers can I have at a time?
2 per team.

Can I impeach myself?
Yes, you'll move to the front lines.

Do commanders gain experience?
Yes, they do. But it's only put into use if you go
to the front lines to fight!

A chart of experience, please?

Killing a player gains 10 exp,
An order of yours followed gains you 1 exp,
An order given is 1 exp,
Use commander power gives 5,
Building gives you 20,
and a tech research gives you 10,
Killing a building of your oponents gives you 50,
Getting one of your buildings killed loses you 20.

Useful links:

MFO: Savage

A great site with detailed information on the weapons.
Place that I used for research. (Note, not copied.)


Questions? Comments?


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