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 Save Pooky Game

Save Pooky Game

-Get puzzle piece #1 in bushes
-Click on doorbell to enter puzzle. Navigate to the blue dot. For those 
 of you with trouble the directions are (using Up, Right, Left, and Down) 
 R U L D R D L U R U L D R U R.
-Enter house- Piece #2 is in purse
-Key #1 is behind plant
-Go left
-Piece # 3 is in recess in wall by left door in the middle of the info 
-go down
-Piece #4 is on stairs
-Go up twice
-Piece #5 is out window floating on balloon
-Key #2 under bottom right corner of rug
-Go right
-Click on gray square by red car- Do game (avoid green walls, collect 
 purple orbs and get piece #6) Win and get key #3
-Puzzle piece # 7 pops out from behind toy boat when car runs over panel
-Piece #8 behind action figure on floor
-Go right twice
-Piece #9 is car door in picture
-Key #4 is at bottom left of screen
-Go right, then go down and then right
-Key # 5 is on top of boiler
-Collect all the colorful jars from cabinets and a bowl
-Go left
-Go to top floor
-Piece #10 in crack in wall
-Go left
-Piece #11 in picture
-Key #6 under right pillow
-Open left hand night stand- click on dark rectangle- play game.
-To solve: (P= purple, S= square, C= Circle)
-Key #7 is awarded
-Go left to balcony
-Piece #12 is on flower pot
-Touch key and it will fall down
-Go out main entrance- retive key #8 from wheelbarrow
-Go to basement, go right
-Piece #13 on tool
-Get green batteries
-Go to purple floor, go left
-Use batteries in remote- note the order of the colors the chef uses
-Go to kitchen and use the colored bottles to get key #9 and puzzle piece 
 #14 from behind bottles on counter
-Go to top floor and go right
-Click on button on toilet to get piece #15 that jumps out
-Click on white tile to right on row above tub faucet to play pong game 
 to reveal code for panel
-Enter code and get doll leg that falls
-Go to basement go left
-Replace leg on broken doll
-Get ladder from cabinet
-Return to restroom go up ladder get Pooky and piece # 16
-Go to toy room and click on panel with puzzle symbol
-Find spot where pieces lock into place automaticlly and complete puzzle. 
-Click on tiny purplish key to the center left of puzzle.
-Use key to open lock box by front door
-Use key on front door
-You are out!

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