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The game starts with a brief history about the situation leading to 
this point and finally you get a glimpse of where Hannah lands. If you 
click on Sam you will get a glimpse of where Sam lands. They try to 
communicate between themselves but cannot. Clicking on their portraits 
in the lower right hand side of the screen toggles you between both of 
them; in order to finish the game you must solve both of their 
predicaments almost simultaneously. So in this walkthrough we will 
start with Hannah.

Go to the ramp that goes up. There look for an electronic slate on one 
of the benches. When you go back down you see a transmission wanting to 
get through. Go up and get on the elevator with the walls with lattice. 
Walk up two other ramps until you come to a line with tulip type poles. 
In the far back there is a staircase go up until you come to some 
dials, click on them. If you push one of the dials, you will see 
something jump out of the farthest tulip, toward the front. You can try 
it but the combination that worked for me was: numbering the dials 1 
through 5 from left to right, 4,2,3,1,5. Walk up to the very top, look 
around and you will find a wooden tablet among some junk. Write down 
the symbols they are the coordinates that correspond to where you are 
right now.

Walk all the way down to where the line of tulip shaped poles are. Look 
inside the first one and there is another wooden slate, write down 
these coordinates, they correspond to the base camp. Now go down to 
where there are two elevators go in between the two elevators and you 
will see a console. Walk over there and push the only button. A boat-
like ship will come and take you over to the other side. Walk up the 
ramp to the very top and walk to the far right click behind a strange 
wall there is a lantern like utensil. If you push the button on top of 
it, a light flashes on some spikes on the wall and they move in and 

Go down the ramp and you will see a protruding bridge with another 
wall- like the one on top. Click on it and go behind it. Put the lamp 
on the pedestal. See the notches on the pedestal, each one correspond 
to a spike on the far wall. Once again every game is different, but 
this is the combination that worked for me: 2,3,4,5,7,10,11,12,13. The 
object is to have all the spikes out. That will make a ledge. Now use 
the ledge and walk around. You get to another ledge and at the far side 
you can see a contraption hanging from a beam of some sort. Click on it 
and a bicycle seat like thing unfolds. It takes you to an island. Look 
for a ramp that goes down. You arrive at an elevator. Get on it and go 
up. Once there go towards the three tables. These are the controls for 
the ship, because you are not on an island you are really on a ship.

The first two tables are the ones that you are going to use. Remember 
the tablets you found? Well, now you are going to use them. The one 
with an upside down v is where you are. On the table nearest the chair 
are for the F coordinates. You can see the coordinates that correspond 
to where you are now. So now we want the coordinates to Base One. On 
the outer dial click on the roman number one or a capital I. In the 
middle ring look for the Roman numeral two or II and on the most inner 
dial a minus sign.  Now go to the other table and enter the Z 
coordinates. Outer dial roman numeral three or III, middle ring an 11 
and the inner most a roman numeral three or III. Now go to the middle 
table that has a hand on it and click on it. WOW! AWAY WE GO!

You are at a balloon like city. When you first arrive you will see a 
protruding dial on the ground click on it and write down the symbol. 
Turn around and you will see a big ball with gold tongues that have 
symbols on them. They are eight of them, with a hornlike thing at 
twelve o'clock. Once again the combination that works, changes with 
every game. I will be talking of how it went with me. Turn around and 
on your right there is a pedestal with a personal log on it. It belongs 
to Dr. Hovis, click on it and hear what he has to say. 

Now turn around and go past the first dial and when the movement stops, 
just before the tunnel, go to the railing and you will see a second 
protruding dial. Write down the symbol. Walk through the tunnel and 
when you arrive at the other side there is a little ship, don't do 
anything right now. Go to the third dial, then the forth and fifth 
dials. At the fifth dial when you turn around you will see something on 
the floor in front of you. It is another personal log, this time from 
Dr. Francis Bremmer. Hear what she has to say and then head back to the 
big ball.

Once you arrive at the ball touch the tongues corresponding to the 
symbols you wrote down, the order is the way you wrote them down, the 
first two before the tunnel and the last three after the little ship. 
If you number the tongues starting on the right side of the hornlike 
thing from 1 through 8, the combination is: 1,5,6,2,8. Once you insert 
the correct combination the ball in the middle opens up and you see 
some purple balls, take them. Now go to the little ship and you are 
taken to another balloon base.

When you arrive there, you see a pedestal with a dial contraption. Look 
at it and see the symbols. Turn right and walk through the tunnel and 
you arrive at machine room. On both sides of the middle of the room you 
see a gigantic dial with marbles on it. There are 10; on the left side 
of each marble is a lever. Starting from the top (one at 12 o'clock) 
then on its right side we will call it one, two, three... ten. If you 
click on the lever it sounds like gas going somewhere. If you push the 
middle one you are automatically taken to your right to a smaller dial, 
which has indentations like it needs marbles or stones; but don't fret 
you don't need anything. It is a counter. The two outer circles count 
for 12 and the inner one counts for 1. A black marker shows the outer 
one and the inner one is marked by a white pointer. On it's right side 
is a balloon punching bag on the side. If you try it out, when you turn 
to go to the other one Dr. Bremmer appears and tells you that only one 
gas is double the others, so that is why we are doing this. 

So let's start. Push lever one, once. Push lever two twice and lever 
three, three times and so on until you come around to lever 10 which 
you push 10 times. Which means that if you add the number of clicks you 
get 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55. Now push the middle marble. When you get 
to the smaller dial, count the outer pointer just like on the big dial. 
I get 5. That number is multiplied by 12 and you get 60. Now see the 
pointer on the inner dial, each one is 1 so I get 3. Adding 60+3=63. 
Now we subtract 63-55=8. Turn back to the big dial and push lever 
number eight. Automatically you are taken to a view of a fish like ship 
inflating and rising. Turn around and go to the dial on the other side. 
I get 8 again. But I had to do it three times and the third one I get 

When you finally do it right the ship docks on the top level, where you 
are. So go through the other tunnel and go to the ship. Enter the ship, 
from where you stand turn around and go straight. You get to the 
cockpit. There are two chairs go to the one on your left and pick up a 
disk. Now go to the other chair and see the levers. You have a yellow 
numbers lever, blue numbers lever and a button in the middle. In front 
of you, you have an arc with symbols. Look familiar? Looks like the 
ones on the pedestal that you saw when you first arrived. So go back to 
the pedestal.

When you get to the pedestal, put the disc. Now click on the inner most 
symbol; the one that looks like a seven. The disc rotates and two 
symbols light up an N with a heart shape apostrophe and an r shaped 
symbol. Click on the second symbol, the one that looks like a p. /the 
symbols that light up are a cursive e and a mathematical less than 
sign. Click the third symbol the one that looks like an r. The symbols 
that light up are an r and a p. Return to the ship and go to the chair 
on your right.

Move the left lever to the seven symbol, the top dial to the N with a 
heart and the right lever to the r. Move the left lever to the p the 
top dial to the cursive e and the right lever to the mathematical less 
than sign. Move the left lever to the r, the top dial to the r and the 
right lever to the p. Push the middle button and if you did it right. 

Base One or Bosh's Tunnels

When you get there you try to contact Hannah but no answer. So walk 
down the stairs, and then go around and under those pipes, to some more 
steps that lead to a catwalk and to a metallic bubble. It is an 
elevator, go in and take the elevator down to another long catwalk, 
which takes you to a big hall like place that has pillars that look 
like pineapples. Go to the far wall until you get to a bud like 
contraption on the wall. That one is broken so turn left and walk until 
you get to another one on your right. There is a button on its right 
between two pipes, click on it and the bud opens. Go through the 

You find yourself at an airport like place. Sam tries to contact Hannah 
and says you are at Bosh's Tunnels; follow the forward arrows there is 
only one way to go. So look around. You will go over two bridges and go 
up a lot of steps, until you get to a place where there is a rail on 
the ground that leads inside somewhere. Wait! Don't go in. Look around 
and go towards the left side of the tunnel or on the left side of the 
tracks. Go to the end where the tracks go across the ravine. Turn 
around and on the first pillar, behind you there is a button, push it. 
A motorcycle type vehicle will come. Get on it and go where it takes 
you. Get off at the next stop and go into the tunnel. On the other side 
you will come to a circle of prayer grinders. Listen to the sounds each 
one makes. Walk out and go back to where you got on. Walk to the other 
side of the stairs where you came up or cross over the tracks to the 
other side until you see a catwalk that leads to a round apparatus in 
the middle of the ravine, go there. On a wall you see painted with 
yellow paint a symbol. Just take note. 

Sit on the seat of this apparatus, look down and click on the button. 
This opens up the apparatus, it is like a telescope. It is an 
instrument used by the civil engineers to find levels, distances and 
heights, a theodolyte. So now we have to go to work. Turn yourself to 
the yellow painted symbol; we will start from there. Slowly turn right 
until you come to a pillar, there are five. This is complicated so be 
careful. First with that glass thing pull it up until the red line is 
on the top of the pillar, there are symbols on the measuring stick, 
although you can't really read it, well that happened to me. So just 
count the lines. The first one I got 4 lines, this is the height. Now 
click on the bottom and it takes you to a dial with a 0 and a +. Click 
on the 0. The dial moves to the symbol for zero. Ok! Now click on the + 
button, the dial moves and gives you the distance. Write down the 
symbols you get. Now click right above the dial and you see a lot of 
symbols, they correspond to the symbols you saw on the dial. I know! 
You really can't really distinguish them; but try. I get the symbols 
for 45; remember the first one from the bottom up is zero, looks like a 
hollow apostrophe. So now you are ready to go to the second pillar. You 
do exactly the same thing at the second pillar and so on and so forth 
until you complete five.

Thought I wouldn't give you the measurements for the others, huh?   ...  
I thought about it but since it is free.   2: 5 height, 16 distance; 3: 
7 height, 20 distance; 4: 4 height, 25 distance; 5: 6 height, 35 
distance. Now armed with this information let's venture in.

Follow the rail inside; you enter what seems a temple. Turn left and 
walk through the opening. If you have followed me till now you can't go 
on until Hannah is at the research center. Let's go see what Hannah is 


So we arrived at a new place, turn to your right and take the elevator 
down, go down the ramp and now take that bicycle transport. It takes 
you to a catwalk on the side of a cliff. Go to the circular golden open 
doors. You arrive at what looks like a big hall they say it is a 
research center. Walk forward and now turn left and move forward. 
Somebody appears and says something to you in a weird language, she 
gives you something. Now go back to you turned left and now turn left 
so that you are facing a sitting statue. It is showing you something 
but you really can't make it out, looks like new coordinates, but you 
need something to make them come into focus. Go back to where you saw 
the lady and go straight until you get to a structure that has 
something on top. Go upstairs, the symbols on the organ keys look 
familiar, but for Sam and not Hannah. Try it and see if it works. No, 
didn't think so. Walk down and go to the other similar structure. There 
you can finally communicate with Sam. You tell him he is the one that 
is going to have to look for an exit, because she is stuck. So let's go 
back to Sam.


Now walk down the hall and turn left at the second stop. It looks like 
an oriental shrine. If you click on the cages that are on top, they 
chime. Huh? Exit and turn left, you come to a crossroad turn right and 
up the stairs on top the stairs turn to your left see a room. Go in. 
There is a painting of on oriental monk on the wall and beneath it a 
stone carving of what looks like an insect. Now to your left there is 
another stone carving on the wall, look at it. It looks like temple 
pillars. Walk out and continue to your left down the stairs. You will 
come to another crossroad; turn right. Down that hall you will see 
another shrine, a staircase. Ignore the stairs for now. After the 
staircase you come across two more shrines. In front of the last shrine 
you see a catwalk that looks like it is made out of palms, that crosses 
the pond. Right at the middle a ghost of a monk appears and says or 
sings something to you and then disappears through a door. If you tried 
the chimes some of them sound like him but in another order. Continue 
across the pond and you get to the other side. There is one last shrine 
that is the one you want go in. You have eight chimes counting from 
left to right change the colors until the third one is white, and that 
makes the sixth one black and the eighth one is green. OK! Now click on 
the cages in this order black, white, green. Oh boy! The door is open. 
WAIT! Don't go yet. Remember the staircase you saw earlier? Well go 
there now.

Go up and when you get to the second floor turn right go down the 
corridor. Look at the painting on the wall to your right. Look 
familiar? Keep going. Go into the next room. It has a lot of dials; 
they look like the ones on the telescope. Turn around and study the 
drawing on the wall. Here is where we start our geometry lesson.

The point from where you were when you took the measurements and the 
measuring stick is a fixed distance. Remember the scale between the 
dial and the glass eye. This fixed distance are 10 units because you 
counted from zero to nine. And the distance between the stick and the 
pillar is the measurement you took when you pressed +. The height is 
still not determined. So what we have here is a ratio. Don't panic! The 
handy rule of three is just what we need. So if we know that the two 
triangles are proportional, then we can say the fixed distance (10) is 
to the distance you measured with the + plus the fixed distance; as the 
height you measured is to the height we need. So in order to visualize 
what I just said we have:
                            10 .10+45     where hwn= height we need
                             4. hwn 
So now we go to the calculator and do some punching. Pillar 1: distance 
45 + 10=55, 55*4=220, 220/10=22 is the height. Do the same with the 
other pillars. I will just give you the heights. Pillar 2: 13; pillar 
3: 21; pillar 4: 14; pillar 5: 27.

See that wasn't sooo hard. Now turn around and go to the dials. 
Starting from the far left then up one down one up one and down one. 
When you do it right a drawer opens and you take the lens. Now you are 
ready. So go back to the grinders that opened the trapdoor. Once you 
are there turn left and go through the opening, which takes you to the 
back of the statue. Once there you go down. WOW!

Hannah and Sam are talking and they are in the same place but can't see 
each other. So from now on both of them are going to travel together. 
Taking the lens you got from the dials go to the statue and put it on 
its face. Now you can read the coordinates. These correspond to 
Hannah's ship so we will be traveling in her ship. Now go to the organ 
computer you as Sam and click on the same symbols and combination you 
used when you got the purple marbles. Nothing happened. Guess we will 
be back when we solve the problem. Well let's head for the next 
destination. Go to Hannah's ship (both of you) Remember where it is? 
You have to go through the circular tunnel near the statue.

Once both of you are at the controls at Hannah's ship, enter the new 
coordinates. WHAT! It doesn't move. Oh yea, remember that they told you 
the coordinates keep changing. So here we go with more problem solving. 
The first two tablets that you found had two pair of coordinates, one 
pair that was crossed out and the other that wasn't. So using that as 
our relationship let's see the coincidences.

For the coordinates that correspond to the table with the F looking 
letter. Starting from the outer ring, that symbol does not change. The 
middle ring if you start from the old coordinate you count 10 symbols 
you arrive at the new coordinate. On the most inner ring from the old 
coordinate you count 5 symbols you get to the new symbol. Try that on 
the other pair. It works too. Now for the table on your right, middle 
ring you count 1, the most inner ring count 4. OK! So do the same with 
the ones you found and you get: For the left panel -,3-,||, for the 
right panel |||,||,||. So away we go to our next destination. 



When you arrive onto the island somebody appears to you saying that it 
is more of a custodian device than a defense system. It has been 
converted into a prison zone. So let's see what this island looks like. 
Get into the buggy and on the machine you see four symbols. I guess the 
first one is where you are at so lets try the second one, the one that 
looks like a fallen H with two small lines on the side. You go through 
some tunnels and then you turn back. When it stops, the symbol that is 
on the machine is not the one you entered; this has a U with a figure 
in the middle. Wonder why? Well get out there anyways and go to your 
right walk down the walkway until you come to a first door.

Write down the symbols on it and push the button in the middle. The 
door opens walk through the tunnel and you get to a balcony where you 
can see a rocket-like machine in the background. Turn to the right and 
walk down the path. You get to a puzzle, where you have to connect one 
side to the other before the machine blocks you off. It is really trial 
and error. When you finally do it you will see a rail rise halfway; you 
must do it twice to get it all the way up. If you don't get the second 
one on the first try the rail goes down all the way. Once you do it, it 
will stay, but there is still another rail to raise. 

The next door has some symbols but you don't know the combination. You 
need another key like the one you were given at the research center. So 
for now walk on down to the elevator. There are four stops to the 
elevator, by pulling or pushing on the plunger you go up or down. Right 
now you are on the third stop. First we will go all the way down. 
Remember to go together. 

Take the elevator down; there are some water control wheels. Go behind 
the elevator and into the cave. When you arrive you can see at the 
other end a person, but you can't get to him because there is water. On 
your left there is a machine. If you are Hannah use the pamphlet the 
lady gave you and see the symbols but you don't know the combination 
(remember it is a key). One of you walk out of the cave and take the 
path on the left side of the elevator all the way to the end. You can 
hear water flowing, turn to face the water control wheel and move it so 
that you can't hear the water. Click on the other person that is still 
supposed to be in the cave. Now the water has disappeared and you can 
cross over. 

Talk to Dr. Charles Santos he tells you that there is an other 
dimension and that Dr. Hovis knows the secret to look for him and the 
key to the other dimension is to "enter twice and exit once" He also 
says not to forget that he is there. Exit the cave and decide who is 
going to do what on the next puzzle. I recommend that the person who 
has the key from the research center do this part. 

One of you go will stay outside the cave where there are two water 
control wheels and the other walk around the right side of the elevator 
near the draw bridge. There you can see a plunger. You are going to be 
clicking back and forth. In my case Hannah has the key so she is at the 
bridge. So Sam starts with the wheel that is on the left side of the 
cave. Turn the wheel three clicks and click on Hannah so that she can 
push the plunger to see how much the bridge lowers. This too is trial 
and error. So do it a few times on the left wheel and then change to 
the right wheel until the bridge locks into position. Good Luck! Once 
you do it you won't have to do it again. Even if it looks up once you 
click on it, it will go into position. 


So now Hannah, who has the key, crosses over to the village. There are 
four houses in a semicircle around another larger one. If you try to 
enter the center house you are encountered with a bright light but 
can't go in. If you enter any of the other houses you automatically 
find yourself outside of another house. That is the way you are going 
to enter twice in each of the houses and exit only once. Starting 
clockwise from the bridge let us number them from one to four. The 
center hut doesn't have a number. My combination is: house 2, house 4, 
house 1, house 1, house 3, house 3, house 4, and house 2. When you get 
out of house 3 the second time, a man appears to you and says something 
you don't understand and hands you anther key. When you enter house 2 
for the second time you exit but the outside looks like it is evening. 
You also loose radio communication with Sam. When you start towards the 
bridge a lady appears to you and says that you are at the doorstep of 
their sanctuary and to choose between the Wanderer and the Good 
Servant; and disappears. Look towards where she was looking before she 
started to talk to you. There on top of the cliff you can see a group 
of twelve lights, some higher than others. Write down, from left to 
right, the order of the lights if they are up or down. 

Walk back to the center house and go in when you come out you are at 
the normal dimension. From now on you can go between the dimensions. 
The bad news is that even if Sam tries to do the same he cannot even 
open the door to any house.

Now, if you look at both keys there is a symbol on each one of them, 
they correspond to the door. So let's go back to the cave to figure out 
the key.

Put the key that corresponds to the door that was open and of which you 
wrote down the symbols. The symbols on the door are from left to right 
and should correspond to the symbols on the machine from top to bottom. 
Enter the code by sliding the windows to the corresponding symbols on 
the door. On each slider there are a total of five symbols. So we have 
four rows and five columns. First row the symbol corresponds to the 
second column. Second row the symbol corresponds to the fifth column. 
Third row, second column. Forth row, forth column. Ok!

Now put the other key in and using the same configuration as the other 
one obtain the symbols that correspond to the positions above (r1/c2, 
r2/c5, r3/c2, r4/c4). Now armed with this knowledge go to the locked 
door and enter the code from left to right, push the button and the 
door opens go in and you will find a puzzle like the first one. So you 
know it is trial and error. Once you've solved the puzzle both of you 
go to the buggy and go to your original destination. Which is the 
rocket-like building. 

Once there get out and look around. There are two houses, one on either 
side of the tracks. On each side of the house there is a long pipe with 
eight plungers on top. In the background where you see the rocket-like 
ship, there is a steel plate hanging from some steel cables and if you 
turn around you see another plunger, click on it. Nothing happens. Now 
what? Ok. Let's go ask Dr. Santos.

Once inside you talk to him and he says that you must go back to Bosh?s 
Tunnels and go to the computer and to remember "ossa" and "dissa". So 
now we have to go back to the tunnels.


When you arrive at Bosh's Tunnels go directly to the computer. On the 
top part you see some pistons that you can pull up or leave down. 
Remember the lights Hannah saw in the other dimension on top of the 
cliff? Ok, the sequence is: up, down, down, down, up, down, up, up, 
down, up, down, up.

The middle part has old typewriter keys, but only eight keys are 
yellow. This corresponds to "ossa" and "dissa". They are, counting only 
the yellow keys, third from the left and seventh from the left. At the 
bottom of the computer are some purple pistons that have moved. Now in 
the position that they are at now, write them down. Now we go back to 
Matia's Island.

Matia's Island

Go to the rocket-like machine and first go to the house on your left 
and enter the first set of eight pistons: down, down, up, down, up, 
down, up, up. Now go to the right side: up, down, down, down, up, down, 
down, up. Now push the plunger that is near the machine, in front of 
the hanging tablet. The rocket-like machine opens and closes?? When you 
move the lady appears and says, "So you have chosen, there is still 
time to help your friends". Now what? You still have the purple 
marbles? So let's go to the first island, from where Hannah started. 
Remember, it must be both of you.

Living Island

Go to where there is an egg-shaped canister full of a liquid. Before 
you get there, a door to one of the houses will open and a man will 
appear. He will tell you that with the pearls (purple marbles, who 
knew?) you will get oil and to take it to the priest at the temple.

Go now to the egg-shaped dispenser of oil and on the front you will see 
a scale. Move it down to nine, because you have nine pearls. Now 
deposit the pearls and go to the back of the egg-shaped dispenser and 
take the container with oil. Now one of you, the one with the oil 
container, go to Bosh's Tunnels.

Bosh's Tunnels

Get out and go to where Sam arrived at the research center. Go up the 
stairs that lead to the opening behind the big statue. Remember the 
room where there was a painting of a Chinese priest and a stone carving 
of an insect? Go there. Once you enter another priest will appear and 
will ask you for one more measure of oil, and will not accept the 
container you have. So go back to the Living Island.

Living Island

The man will appear again at his door and will tell you that the other 
pearl is under the elevator. So turn around and the one that doesn't 
have the container, get in the elevator and go up. The other can now 
retrieve the pearl. Now go to the dispenser and give them the pearl and 
get the other measure of oil. Now go back to the Temple. Wait!! It has 
to be both of you. 

Bosh's Tunnels

Sam goes in alone. Once you give the priest the container of oil, he 
will give you a disc, like the one you got at the balloon Island. Now 
Sam will have to go back to the balloon Island and get the new 
coordinates. So go back to your fish-like ship. Go to where you first 
undocked this ship, do it by pushing the first lighted button on your 
left. Once you dock go to the pedestal where you read the first 
coordinates. Now insert the disc and read the new coordinates: The 7 
gets a loopy nine on top and a cursive e on right wheel; p is < on top 
and r on right wheel; r is 3 on top and N on right wheel. If you did it 
right you are off to Matia?s Island.

Make sure that Hannah is back at Matia?s Island too. Take her meanwhile 
to the cave where Dr. Santos is. 


Once there you dock on the top floor of the elevator; before you go 
through the gate, look to your right and you see a hanging tablet like 
the one that is near the rocket-like ship. Click on the key to its left 
and the tablet opens. Those are the coordinates from the disc. I know 
they are hard to read, but no matter you are already there. Now take 
the key. Go through the gate. Now go to the rocket-like ship.

Once there, go to the hanging tablet and using your key open the tablet 
and write down the new coordinates. The 7 gets < on top and p on the 
right wheel; p is N on top and e on right wheel; r is 3 on top and 
backward s on right wheel. Now go back to the ship and put in those 
coordinates. WOW!!!

The ship goes to the rocket-like ship and hovers over it taking out a 
ball, which is then taken to the living ship. OK!! The ship 
automatically goes back to the elevator. Now go to the cave where 
Hannah is waiting. Close the water wheel.

Hannah now talks to Dr. Santos, who tells you that you kept your 
promise and that everything is all right. Thanks you and disappears. 
Now both of you go back to the living ship.

Once at the living ship a priest-like person appears and talks to you 
in another language, but points to something near the chair of the 
control room. Go there and click on the new apparatus that has 

Now the living ship takes off and you are now in space and Dr. Brenner 
appears and explains everything. GOOOD JOB. 

Hope you liked the game, I did.

Copyright July 2002 Catalina Navarro

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