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 Sea Legends

Sea Legends

How to complete the scenario

1. Start-up animation .
Sail from England to Bridgetown and enter the town (click on
boatswain and select "Enter the town" or click on bottom of the screen).

2. Enter governor┤s garden (arch between two houses on the right).
Enter governor┤s house (arch In the comer), talk to governor and
receive first mlsslon.

3. Leave Brldgetown, go to Nevis (click on boatswaln and select
"Continue the voyage" or click on wheel on deck).

4. Enter Nevis and visit governor┤s house (church behind palm In
the centre).

5. Leave Nevis and patrol waters nearby (click on boatswain,
select "Continue the voyage" and in global map select some point not
far from Nevis).

6. Battle #1 FrIgate Hefestus vs. Dutch hooker.  Sink or capture this

HINT: If you scull within one cable of the target and hit her with at
broadside of cannon balls or bombs, this should be sufficient to sink
the vessel.
Always wait until the "guns aimed" sample is heard before firing.

7. Go to Bridgetown, visit govenor, talk to him and receive second

8. In governor┤s garden you can speak with Anna Gray.

9. Enter tavern, speak with Captain John, select ┤┤Drink with Captain

10. Cartoon : "Earring┤s stealing".

11. Speak with Archibald, leave Brldgetown, go to Port Royal.

12. Battle #2. Hesfestus and brig Defender vs. pirates┤ brig and
hooker. You must defend your brig and sink or capture both pirate

HINT: To escape, raise all your sells (if they are all 100%
functional) and sailwith the wind. Keep an eye on the "target select"
panel (CTRL 3) in the 3D battle view. Once your ship is 6.0 cables or
more from the nearest pirate ship you should be able to select ESC and
quit the battlefield. If you feel like a fight, go to the a tactical
map" (F8) and order your Brig to board the pirate hooker Tornado while
you take care of the pirate brig Armageddon.

13. Enter Port Royal, visit governor┤s house (from city square - the
house on the hill), talk to Archibald, leave Port Royal.

14. Go to Brldgetown, speak with Anna.

15 Visit governor (Uncle David Gray), talk to him and carry out his

16. Go to Martinique. Enter governor┤s house (next door to tavern ),
talk to him.

17. Leave Martinique and head for Brldgetown.

18. Battle #3. Frigate Hefestus vs. 2 Spanish warships and frigate.
You will end up being defeated but this is necessary to the game.

19. Cartoon of "Robert Baal saves Richard Gray┤s life".

20. Speak with Robert Baal. He will take you to Nevis. (From this
moment until you visit Archibald you will be unable to enter the "Global
Menu F10" or change destinatlon on "Global Map F9").

21. In Nevis go to tavern, locate Captain John and hitch a lift with
him to Port Royal.

NOTE: It is worth dropping in at San to Domingo or Santiago from points
22 to 26, as you may come across a character called Pablo. If you do,
then give him a lift, because he will help you later in the game.

22. Visit governor Archibald, who will give you money (12,000 coins).
Go to the ship yard and purchase the Sea Snake. Your main objectives at
this stage are to gain a better ship and/or fleet,

When attacking a fort you need to get approximately 1.0 cable away then
hit It with all your guns using a mix of cannonballs and bombs. Once
the fort has been battered, launch your boats  (launching
Richard┤s boat Is ) and order them to ˘board÷ the
fortification. When you got within 0.1 cables you will automatically
be thrown into a fight with the defenders. If you have another ship
you can also order it to ˘lower boats÷ and ˘board÷ the forts. This
Is to defeat any survivors that are lurking inside.
Sometimes it is worth obtaining a boat and using if as a decoy. As you
approach, send the docoy fowards the fort so as to draw away its fire.
Then concentrate your fire and attack upon the enemy.
Once the Boatswain has said, "you have captured this town", press the
"ESC┤ key which will allow you to enter it.

23. It Is recommended that you have a strong, fast ship like a
frigate, warship or battleship to continue scenario.
Return to Fort Royal and visit Archibald. Return your debt (say ˘Yes"
when he asks you about your financial position).

24. Go to Antigua, visit governor, talk to him and Peter Barlow.

25. Return to Port Royal and visit Archibald.

26. Go to Cumana, making sure you run up the Spanish flag before you
get there. This will allow you to enter unharmed. Speak to the tavern
keeper, exchange money, and he will tell you where to find Valdes.
(If you have no money then go to Caracas.)

27. Go to Caracas and enter it. Find ValdesĂ house, offer him out, and
if you defeat him he will tell you some useful Information.

28. Battle #44. Leave Caracas.
As you leave you will be placed In a 3D battle map. You have the
option to fight the forts or escape.

29. Set course for Port Royal via Cartagena. On the way you wlll
encounter the worship Sant Augustus, captained by Raymond de Feunte.

30. Battle #5. Richard Grey vs. warship Sant Augustus with captain
Raymond de Fuente.
Your aim Is to capture de Fuente┤s vessel. Raymond de Fuento should
provide you with information regarding one Admiral Diego de Almagro.

HINT.- If you capture de FuenteĂs boat, place a captain on board and
sail to a few friendly ports to Increase your crew strength. The
boatswain will always provide Information about crew members and
would-be captains who are eager to join your complement of men.,

Sail to Havana, and en route you will encounter two warships and a
war galleon.

Battle #6.
Your aim during this battle Is to capture Admiral Diego de Almagro.

(1) It is best to enter this battle with three ships In your "fleet".
When the Spanish first appear, enter the ˘tactical map" (F8). Click on
your ships to bring up the "extended" order options list.
Order them to engage the other vessels, while you fleece Almagro ship
with shrapnel to weaken his crew and to ensure success when you board
and engage him In hand to hand combat.
(II) The battle can be won with just one strong ship. Ignore the war
galleon and the worship "San Juan II". Spray the "Rosario" with
shrapnel and board it from your left-hand side, so that your ship is
parallel with the "Rosario" and masked from the view of the "Son
Juan II",
Load all goods from the "Rosario" onto your own vessel and sail
directly away. The other ships will be distracted by the destruction
┤of the "Rosario", allowing you to make good your escape.
Note: this Is not always successful.

31. Return to Port Royal. Visit Archibald who will give you 2 letters.

32. In Port Royal┤s square you will be forced to fight with two murderers.

33. Stay In the tavern overnight and return to see Archibald, who will
tell you of the imminent arrival of Uncle David.

34. Go to Tortuga and visit the governor, who will offer to help you
find some treasure - you can agree or disagree. In the first case go
to Yucatan (on F9 map, select point marked with a flag). You will
automatically enter 3D view and then you must try to find the island
similar to the one pointed on the treasure map. You can view this map
In "private things÷ in ˘global menu FIO".

3S. Return to Tortuga and visit the governor, who will Inform you
about Archlbald┤s messenger.

36. Go to tavern to meet with the messenger. Talk with him (Captain John).

37. Cartoon "Uncle┤s Death".

38. You will see a diary and an earring next to the now deceased Uncle
You can pick them up and head for your ship. As you reach the harbour
you will be stopped by three guards. If you accompany them you will
be jailed and the game ends, but if you fight them you will have a
battle to escape Tortuga harbour.

Leave the diary and the earrtng on the floor and head for the quay
side. When you got there, accompany the guards to the governor┤s
office. He will release you as he has "insufficient evidence to
convict you". Now you can return to the murder scene, pick up the
items and make good your escape.

39. Leave Tortuga.

40. Return to Port Royal, drop In for a chat with Archibald.

41. Go to Bridgetown, visit commandant In governor┤s house. He will
Inform you that Miguel and Anna are going to Curacao.

42. Go to Curacao, enter It using Dutch flag, visit governor.

43. Go to Maracaibo, enter it using Spanish flag. Enter the church
so you can find Anna and talk to her.

44. Leave Maracaibo, but youĂll be forced to fight with three guards.

45. Battle #7. Richard Grey Vs. 5 Spanish ships and 3 Forts.
Your goal Is to escape.

It is useful to have a fast ship at this point (ten sails or more).
Try a zig-zag course down the middle of the bay to avoid being hit
by the forts. Try to keep approximately 2.0 cables away from them, as
the Spanish gunners are not that good.

46. Once you have escaped, Anna will talk to you about the Indian
village and temple. Set sail for the village - It will be marked by
a flag on the Map.

47. Enter village, talk with Indian chief.

48. Battle #8. Richard Gray vs. Belize fort.
Go to Belize, off ack and capture this town. Your alm here Is to rescue
the Indian chlef┤s son.

If on your first attack you are sailing into a head wind, your approach
will be very slow. Hit the ESC key and leave the battlefield, then re-
enter the town, and you may find the wind has changed to a more
favourable direction.

The Indian chief┤s son Is located in the remains of the fort.

49. Return to Indian village, talk with chief, who will take you to
Indian temple.

50. Cartoon: "Receiving Diamond of the Moon".

51. Return to Port Royal.

NOTE: As you enter the town you will bump into Pablo, who will inform
you of the immient affack on Port Royal by the Spanish. This point is
only relevant if you have rescued him between Point 22 and Point 26.

52. If the conditions in point 51 are met then you have two possible
If NOT - then go to point 57.
Visit Archibald.
He will tell you to go and defend Antigua. You can:
(1) Agree and set sail,
(II) Disagree, and inform him of your spy┤s Information. Leave
Archbald┤s office and go to the fort (located on the hilil at the
far end of the dock). Speak to the guard.

53. Leave Port Royal.

54. Battle #9. Richard Gray Vs. 5 Spanish ships.
Aim is to defend Port Royal.

Sail forwards taking a course around the side of the advancing
Spanish. A few of the Spanish ships will become grounded on the high
sandbars, giving you the opportunity to pick them off at your leisure.

55. After the battle return to port and see Archibald. He will
congratulate you on your success and give you 3 more ships for your
mission at point 57.

Visit the governor, then go to the harbout and speck with the merchant
there. Return to the governor and speak with him again.

57. After you have spoken to the relevant governors, your next mission
Is to travel to Havana to apprehend Miguel.

58. Battle#10. Rlchard Grey vs. 3 forts and a number of Spanish ships.
Your goal Is to capture Miguel┤s ship.

Miguel┤s ship Is the "Eldorado II".

59. Cartoon: "Richard recovers his earring".

60. Go to the Indian village, talk to the Chief. He will escort you and
Anna to the Temple.

61. Final cartoon: "Return of the jewels".

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