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 Sea Rogue

Sea Rogue

                         Tips and Hints for Sea Rogue
                          Brought to you by Rifleman
                        March 31th, 1992        12:37pm

Rifleman here ... Here are some tips and hints that I have found while
playing Sea Rogue.  There might be a better way to do some of the things, but
until I find them, this is what I have.


When you are making a character, try and get each stat as close to 20 as you
can.  I think the most important one is intelligence.  Because that tells how
many stat points you get each level.  It is also a good idea to hire new
crew.  People who charge 10,000 a month are excellent and are level 10 and
have skills upwards around 60 or so.  And you will make tons of money so
thatīs not a problem.


After you have your party made, you will be given a set of coordinates, go to
that and dive the wreck.  To do this, you must scan for the wreck under the
sonar Icon.  Then select auto search.  It will let you know you have found a
wreck and if there is a picture of a wreck on the main grid then you need to
manually search.  Increase your speed one notch and click one square away
from your shit in the direction of the wreck until you are on top of it.
Then go to the missile icon and select your dive team.  You NEED to select 4
members.  I have found that 3 detectors and 1 spear gun works the best.  Give
the gun to your best underwater combatant.  Save your team and exit from the
menu.  Now go dive the wreck.

When you are on the bottom, you will see your divers in the main window.
Select a diver with a detector and start scanning the bottom.  You can control
your diver with the arrow keys or by clicking the pink arrows with your mouse.
I have found that a up and down search gives you the best results.  When you
are over a metallic item, the box directly under the blue grid will indicate
that there is metal under you.  You can either mark the spot with an flag or
dig up the item.  The flag key is īxī dig is īsī and īgī is get item.

The detector window has 5 letters in it.

        I is Iron
        S is Silver
        B is Bronze
        G is Gold
        S is Steel

When ever an S or G is indicated, I always dig it up, B is for the cannons
which are only worth like $500,000 and take up 7000 pounds, so I recommend
that you donīt take them, but if you must, use the īHīook command. I also
recommend that as you are scanning, you mark each metal object with a flag so
you can come back and dig with an efficient tool such as a sand sucker.
Sometimes a valuable item is marked as Iron and Steel.  They are swords,
muskets and those types of things so be aware of that.

When your divers run out of oxygen, recall your divers by clicking on the bell
or by hitting escape.  When you get back aboard your ship, dive again, but
only select the examine bell.  Then go to the communications area and identify
the ship.  You must do this before you get any salvage money.  If you donīt
have enough for a Wreck ID computer, just get it wrong and you still will get
some salvage.

After the wreck is identified, dive again and select Archeological recovery
and finish your sweep of the bottom.  When that is done, surface and bring down
sand suckers.  Go to where you put your flags and dig up your treasure by
clicking on the shovel icon or hitting īSī.

After you have retrieved all the treasure go to a port.  Go to the engine
room, by hitting the Wrench Icon.  Then use the treasure separator.  This
will only work if you have indeed recovered any encrusted items or anything
else besides chests.  Now go to the Captainīs Icon and appraise the treasure.

Now since you are finished with this wreck, increase the speed one notch and
sweep the area with your boat.  There are often many wrecks in the same
coordinates.  If you are out of cargo space, come back and dive the new
wrecks.  Now go to a port.


When you first arrive in port, you should go to the bank and deposit your
money that you got from the wreck.  Next go to a collector or museum and sell
any items that you may have recovered.  Then go to the tavern and īTalk to
People.ī  Keep slamming on the key until someone will talk to you.  Almost
every time you enter port someone will sell you a map or give you info on a
wreck.  Next go to the research center and hire a researcher and buy
information.  Next go to any training facilities and try and train your crew.
If you have more treasure in your cargo, but canīt seem to sell it, leave
port and go to the Captainīs Icon.  Go to Cargo Manifest and Select Cargo.
Select another payload of cargo and return to port.  Deposit the money, and
sell any items.  Repeat this until you are empty.

When you have enough money, I recommend you buy several items before you buy
any others.

Identification Computer, Map Computer, Extra Cargo Areas, and Fuel Efficiency
Drive are the most important.  If you have hired an awesome Communications
Officer, you can get by with out an ID computer for awhile, but I would get
one as soon as you have the dough.

I have never been in a battle with another ship so I donīt have any tips on
that part of the game.

If you have any questions / comments, feel free to write Rifleman FelonyNET,
or call The Manhattan Project.

** Note **: Look for my character editor for Sea Rogue.  It should be out
tomorrow night.  Full name, stats, experience, and credits editing.

"Whassupwitcu?"īs go to: Trick Lord 
(Thanks for typing up the quick docs they were a big help!)

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