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 Season of the Sakura

Season of the Sakura

a mini-guide by J@x (

A word from the author:
I have written this guide for one of Jast's best games simply because I want to
do so. I realise I'm a little late as this game was made some years ago. But my
passion for Hentai games simply spurs me on. This 'guide' will only show you how
to get the respective endings for each girl and not take you through the whole
game because the game itself, like most Hentai adventures, is pretty
straight-forward. I have chosen not to pen out a description of each girl as the
game has already done a good job of that.

1.0 History
	1.1 "What's new"

2.0 Game Controls
	2.1 Saving and Loading

3.0 Endings
	3.1 Extra stuff

4.0 Credits
1.0 History

-06.25.01 Launched my nearly completed Version 1.0 guide of Season of the Sakura

1.1 "What's new"

06.25.01 Nothing! I just finished this guide!
2.0 Game Controls

The controls in SOTS are pretty simple and straight-forward. Any regular
Hentai-game player should know how they work. Most Hentai adventures merely
require you to move your mouse cursor to highlight your selection and (left)
click to choose it. A right-click will take you to the game menu where you can
either save, load or quit your game.

2.1 Saving and Loading

To save or load your game, simply click on the save or load option at the game
menu. Note that there is no prompt when you save so always be careful lest you
overwrite a save file.
Like all Jast games, saving your game merely saves the location that you were in
and not your progress itself. So if you load your game, you will likely be taken
to the location where you last saved.
3.0 Endings

Note: Before you read on, note that the game relies on the use of 'Love Points'
to progess. Which means that how you treat a girl will affect the affection she
has for you. The more Love Points you accumulate with a specific girl will
likely give you her ending. Also, the only times you actually encounter true
Hentai scenes are when the game ends. There is a CG-room available in the game
though so you'll be able to 'remember ' those good times. (Excluding Koyko
however, so I suggest you save your game permeneantly when it comes to the
'teaching' part) I suggest you try every ending possible to 'fill up' the
CG-room. The majority of the endings involve the Christmas party.

Now on with the damn guide:

Shoko Nishino
Shoko's ending is probably the easiest to get. After you tire yourself out from
playing various sports at the Sports Practice, Shoko will come over to your
place and beg you to stop practicing at soccer. Accept all the way and you'll
get her ending. Refuse and you'll get her temper.

Reiko Sawamura
Reiko's ending is kinda easy. Shower all your attention on her and don't try
anything on the other girls. This will ensure that you get her ending.

Mio Suzuki
Similar to Reiko's ending. All you have to do is stay away from the other girls
and give it all to her.

Kiyomi Shinfuji
Same as Reiko and Mio. All to her, none to others.

Ruri Shiromizu
Ruri is my favorite girl. And I have yet to get her ending!!! Gimme a coupla of

Aki Hinagiku
Sigh. Didn't get her ending but a friend did. According to him and other guides
I have seen, you're suppose to keep your pace during the three-legged race at
the Sports Festival. That is, not speed up I think. A few days later, you'll
encounter your bevy of girlfriends again and if you look around a few times, you
should see Aki by the window. As usually, you magically know that she wants to
talk about something and then you do the obvious. Say you need to use the
bathroom and then talk to Aki. Go ahead and console her. At the dance thingy,
choose her and as the usual goes don't go near any of the other girls. Obviously
you're suppose to give her the Christmas present. It's kinda easy from here.
Choose her as your true love. (Why do the Japs always get mushy about these
things?) Enjoy.

Meimi Nakano
I'm not to sure about Meimi. All I know is that she's another Love Pointer. I'll
get back to this. I'm sure that the Christmas party is involved, so without a
shadow of a doubt, give her your gift.

Seia Yoshida
Seia's ending is the hardest to get. You'll have to be observant. She's another
Love Points ending. And I have no idea how to get it. Yeah, I know, I know. I'm
gonna get back to this.
3.1 Extra stuff

1) You are able to get two girls in the cave scene. Ruri and Reiko for now. You
might be able to get others. This occurs during Summer Camp. It's raining it's
pouring the T-shirts are...ah hell, the T-shirts are wet. Dun seem to be a
see-thru though.

2) Kyoko Kobayashi, your Sensei, will corner you at the party in her house
somewhere in the game and come on to you. Relinquish the art of love. Save this
one, as it doesn't appear in your 'memories'.

3) There are a couple of other characters in the game that add to the storyline.
I found Shinji, Kiyomi's little brother, a hell of a turn-off. There's your best
friend Makato and of course, your weirdo parents. Your dad's a voyeur and your
mom's like a nightmare version of the care bears.

4) Easter Egg (!): Rin whatever-her-lastname-is from Runaway city is also here.
Virtual Ninja 2 appears as a cameo. You'll be playing it in the arcade.

4.1 Credits:
Author: J@x (that's me!) a.k.a. Carbuncle
Developers: Jast U.S.A.
Music by: Ah, let's skip that crap.

Special thanks to: Industrial Boie (, who somehow inspired me to
write this guide after I read his. And also enabled me to get most of the
endings as well as complete the game.
Darker (; for getting this game for me and
ending my search.

	This guide is 'dedicated' to Oniboy.

4.1 Legal Crap
Your free to link this guide but please refrain from ripping it off the net and
passing it off as your own or some shit like that. And if you wish to modify my
guide in any way and plaster it on your website please ask me first (this is
meant for someone).

You'll be able to find this guide at I send all my updates there.

Finally, if you have any qualms or questions, e-mail me at


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