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 Secret of Monkey Island 1

Secret of Monkey Island 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo
Secret Of Monkey Island:Part 1

This is a general start for Secret Of Monkey Island.
The 1st thing you do is go into the SCUMM bar, talk to all the pirates. Then
go into next room and talk to the 3 important Pirates. After that wait for the
cook to exit the kitchen, and enter that, take the slab of meat, and dip it in
the boiling Stuff. Go outside step on far right corner and knock the bird in
the air, take the Fish. Go back inside, dip the fish in the boiling stuff Pick
up the pot under the counter and exit. Next go visit the Voodoo guy and he says
some crap, but take the single rubber chicken. Next go outside to the pirates
and talk them into giving you a map and some money. Next go into the jail talk
to the guy and he will want breath mints go to the store buy them, and give it
to the guy, he will ask you for a trade.... You can also go into the cliffs by
going directly left up from the 1st screen you start on, if you are in the path
you can take a yellow petal from a flower bush... I have found an Island house
with no way across other to use the chicken pulley.. Another thing, i have
found the Troll, he wants something, you give him the stewed fish, and he lets
you pass.. You then can go to a house and you will find the guy who will train
you. Ok now go to the circus, and use the pot as a helmet. They will give you
money, you then go to the store and buy a shovel, and a sword. Leave town, and
go to the trainer's house, he'll teach you about sword play, then leave. Go
out and see all the walking pirates, and learn their insults. go into the fork
again, and wander around, when you see a small sign, push it with your shovel.
Then walk along the wood bridge, and find the sword master. Challenge and beat
her.. Great You have completed 1/3 of being a pirate.. Now continue to walk
around and find an 'X' dig there and get the second treasure... Ok now make
your way to the governors mansion, and put the yellow petal in the meat and
give to piranhas dogs. They will go to sleep. Go into  he house, take the vase
open the door, and enter.. Just watch it is kind of cool.. Then when you exit,
go back to the jail, give the prisoner the gopher repellant. He will give you
a cake, Open the cake and look at the file.. Go back to Governors house, go
through hole in wall, watch some more. Congrats you have just gotten the 3rd
part of being a pirate.. Now go back to the Chicken Pulley Island, swing
across, tell the chrome dome that the governor was captured, let him think,
and when you play with the animal, stroke it! Now go to the Master Swordsmen,
tell her about the governor, get her to join you. Now go to Scumm bar, pick up
another slab of meat, and all the mugs you can find.. Fill 1 cup with grog,
and exit, make your way to the jail. when you are about to lose the mug o'
grog, select the use mug (with the liquid) and replace with new mug.. then do
it again when it is near death.. Then when you get to the jail, use the grog
on the jail cell. You have freed him, Now ask him to join you.. Ok now go to
Stan's (Boat Place) and ask to buy a boat, he will tell you you need credit so
go to the store in town ( he will also give you a business card, and a
compass).. Ask the guy  for a note, and watch how he opens the safe, when he
puts note back ask him to go speak to sword master. Then go up to  safe use
the push/pull thing on the handle to open safe, get note close safe, and go
back to stan. When you go to stan ask him for the boat in the far back. You
say $5000, he will say no, so u leave, he calls you back, you then buy the
boat for $5000! Now go to where you 1st start game, and you will meet stan, he
will want to buy boat back, and it is kinda funny! This is the end of part 1!

Oh BTW. There is a part when the sheriff throws you in the water, you get the
idol, and climb out, you automatically get the sword.

Secret of Monkey Island: part 2

You made it through the first part and you're now on your way to Monkey
First open the drawer and look inside. Read the book (this will get you a
bookmark) and pick up both the feather pen and the ink. Leave this room.
Climb the rope ladder and take the flag. Go down again and enter both hatches.
Take the giant piece of rope, open the chest, look inside and open the kegs to
take some gunpowder. Climb the ladder and enter the kitchen. Open the cupboard
take some cereal and grab the pot. Go back to the captain's quarters. You're
kinda hungry so you open the cereal. What's that? A prize. Great. Now look at
the prize. Too bad, it's no new car. Just a small key. But it's enough to open
the cabinet. Do this, open the chest and look inside it. You now have the
recipe you read about in the dusty book. Go back to the kitchen and set fire
to the business cards. Now put the following ingredients in the cooking pot:
Cinnamon sticks, breath mints, Jolly Roger, ink, fine wine, rubber chicken,
gunpowder and cereal. Bang! You've made it to Monkey Island. Who said voodoo
was bullshit? Stand up and go to the deck. Go down both hatches, take some
gunpowder and go up again. Don't bother trying to talk to the crew. They're
just a bunch of lazy parasites. Now you must figure out a way to get to the
island. Right, the circus act. Make a fuse from the giant piece of rope by
putting it in the cannon. Put the gunpowder inside the cannon nozzle,
wear the pot and off you go...... To part three.

Secret of Monkey Island: part 3

Stand up and read the piece of paper. Grab the banana that's lying on the sand
and enter the jungle. Go north and then west. Go to the beach, read the memo,
chat with Herman, enter the jungle and go to the fort. Take both the rope and
the spyglass. Push the cannon and talk to Herman for a while. When you're done,
take the cannon ball and some gunpowder and walk back into the jungle. Go east
and walk to the riverfork. Pick up the memo and look at the stone you just
grabbed. Climb the footholds. Take the memo and pull the artifact twice. Climb
the footholds. Walk to the stone and have another chat with baby Herman. Then
push the rock. If all went well, you hit the banana tree on the beach. Go
down, take the memo and go down again. Walk over to the dam and put the gunpow-
der between the rocks. Then use your piece of flint with the cannon ball to
create fire and light the gunpower. Bam! No dam! Go to the pond and take the
memo. Talk to Herman. Again? Yes, again. Take the rope and scram. Go south and
walk to the crack. Fasten one rope to the strong branche, climb down and fasten
the other rope to the stump. Climb down again, take the oars, climb up and
leave. Go back to the beach on which you started the third part of the game,
take the bananas and use the boat. Go north north twice and row to the beach.
Read the memo, enter the jungle and go to the village. Walk to the west side of
the village and take the bananas. Go east and let them put you in a hut. Read
the memo (all these memos are making me sick), take the skull and remove the
loose board. Enter the hole and you're a free man again. Go back to the boat
and row to the beach on which you started part three. Enter the jungle and go
to the monkey. Give him all bananas you've got (five). He will now follow you.
Enter the jungle and go north and east. Visit the beach to pick up another memo
(it's in the bottle), enter the jungle and go to the clearing. Walk east
and pull the totem pole's nose. Walk away a little and wait until the gate
opens. Walk to the head, take the wimpy little idol and go all the way back
to the village. Walk to the west of the village and go east again. Offer the
cannibals the idol and go west. Enter the hut, take the banana picker and exit
the hut. Walk to Herman, give him the picker and go back to the large monkey
head. Open it by putting the monkey head key in its ear. Enter the head and
walk east into a cave. Now go back all the way to the village. Talk to the
natives and give them your leaflet. They'll give you something very useful.
Go back to the monkey head, enter it, go east into the first cave and use
the navigator's head to get you through the maze. When you've reached the
pirates' ship, talk to the head and beg him to give you his necklace. Then use
it and enter the ship. Enter the hatch and go east. Pick up the feather that's
lying near the chicks and go west. Tickle the pirate under his foot with the
feather. Do this again and take the jug he dropped. Climb the ladder and go
west, into the captain's quarters. Use the compass to take the key and go
back to the room with the animals (not the pirates but the other pigs). Use
the key to open the hatch and enter this. Pour some grog into the dish and
grab a handful of grease. Go back to the deck and use the grease on the
sqeaky door. Open the door and grab the tools. Go back to the pigs again and
use the tools to open the glowing crate. Take the root, leave the ship, go
west and you'll eventually end up at the place where the ship used to be. Talk
to the pirate and your crew and tell 'em to go to Melee The Last

Secret of Monkey Island: The Last Part

Your back on good old Melee Island. Go to the church (you'll have to kill some
ghosts on the way) and enter it. Object to the wending. Chat with some people
and you'll eventually be flying around the island. Wait until you're at Stan's.
Take the bottle of root-beer and use it on LeChuck. Well all's well that ends
well. Except maybe for Herman, whom you forgot on Monkey Island. But that's
not really a matter. Enjoy the ending sequence (you'll have to say some stuff
to the governor, but I think you've got the situation under control, right?)



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