Secrets of the Ark - Broken Sword IV Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Secrets of the Ark - Broken Sword IV

Secrets of the Ark - Broken Sword IV

Walkthrough Final Version
Copyright (C) 2007 by OutRider

NOTE: This game is known as Broken Sword: The Angel of Death in the UK

This is the final version of this walkthrough, meaning that it will no longer
be updated.

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WARNING: This walkthrough does contain spoilers that may ruin the game for
anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Do not read ahead
unless you fully understand the risks involved.

Copyright notice:

Don't plagiarize this guide or add this guide to your site without my
permission, as legal action will be taken against you. Please don't reproduce
this guide for profit. Please do not distribute this guide, and please don't
email me requesting permission to add my guides to your site, as enough places
already have them on their pages.  Please do not make an HTML version of any of
my guides. Other than that, have fun and I hope this guide helps you out.

People have constantly emailed me because they were having technical
difficulties with a game for which they are using one of my walkthroughs.
I am not tech support, nor am I affiliated with any of the different companies
that made the games for which my walkthroughs are based upon. If you do email
me with a technical problem, the only answer I can and will give you is to
check the developer's website and read the FAQs. The reason for this is because
I do not want to be held liable for any damages done to your system.

Update History:

1 - April 13, 2007 - The first version of this guide is completed and released.

2 Ė January 29, 2008 Ė The final version of this guide is completed and


Introduction (from the manual):

Biblical scholars have long agreed that Moses was more than just a poor
shepherd's boy. It is said that he was a natural scholar and that from an early
age he devoted himself to unraveling the mysterious arts of alchemy.

Indeed, he read documents that even in those times were already very ancient -
the scant remains of older, extinct civilizations. Amongst those documents, it
is believed; lay the primitive blueprints for an awesome weapon...

Moses was able to construct this weapon. And when the Pharaoh refused passages
for the Israelites out of Egypt, he unleashed it upon the Egyptians with
terrifying effect. The Pharaoh capitulated. The Exodus began.

The weapon was the final and most terrible of the Great Plagues.

Uncannily, it seemed to kill selectively, leaving the Israelites unharmed. The
Egyptians called it - 'The Angel of Death'.

Hundreds of years later, the secrets of Moses' deadly weapon that could destroy
to order were lost, although the memory lived on.


Or so it was thought...

Harlem, New York:

Watch the opening movie and then we'll be taken to New York where we'll find
everyone's favorite hero, George Stobbart. After the events of The Sleeping
Dragon, he is now wasting away as a lawyer in a bail bonds office. The manual
explains that after what happened in the last game, George was interrogated by
various secret service agencies and eventually it was all written off as a case
of mass hysteria. After returning home, George finds that his patent company
has gone bust and no one else is willing to hire him. The only job he could get
was as a legal aide at a bail bonds office in the Harlem projects and his new
life also involves living in a tiny apartment in the most dangerous part of

When George's next client walks in, she is a beautiful and sophisticated blond
woman whose problems he'd die to solve. What he doesn't realize is that he
almost does for no sooner has the mysterious woman tells him of her plight than
a couple of unruly men attack them, thus beginning a new adventure for George

You have to find a way to keep the men from barging into George's office and
kidnapping the woman who introduces herself as Anna Maria. Grab the golf club
near the door and try to open the other door. George needs something to pry it
open, and the only thing that comes in mind is the golf club you just picked up.

Use the golf club on the door to force it open and Anna Maria will follow you
into the next room. Knock over the filing cabinet to block the door, and then
you'll be able to climb onto it to access the hole in the ceiling. Anna Maria
will reveal that she is in the middle of translating a manuscript, but she
called a little too much attention to herself and now those unruly men are
chasing her. In the middle of the conversation, you'll be interrupted by the
sounds of an elevator door closing. Anna Maria will quickly run over and try to
keep the door from fully closing, but she won't be able to hold it for long.

The golf club will come in handy once again as George can use it to hold the
door open, but it's only a temporary solution. You'll need to find something a
little more permanent. At the right side of the room, you can find a vent
covered by a grille. George is not strong enough to remove the grille himself,
so ask Anna Maria to help out by going into your inventory at the top of the
screen and clicking Anna Maria's head on the grille.

With the grille removed, George can pull out the vent it was covering. Work the
vent over to the elevator and push it inside to find your permanent solution to
keeping the elevator door open. Retrieve the golf club and then exit the
building through the ventilation shaft you uncovered.

Down below at the street level, you'll see a goon attempting to kick open the
door. Shimmy across the ledge until you reach the fire escape further down.
Climb up the ladder to the roof and on top of the roof, you'll find a joist.

Use the ladder to get on top of the joist and pick up the chain lying at the
end. George will knock it down so that he has something to use to swing over to
the next building. Climb down from the joist and use the golf club to extend
your reach so that George can grab the chain and swing to the next building.

You can't leave Anna Maria behind, so now you'll have to find a way for her to
cross as well. Turn the right handle on the second joist to turn it so that it
forms a bridge between the two buildings. Once Anna Maria has caught up with
George, she'll rotate the joist back to keep the goons from following you.

Inside of the next building, follow the wall down to the left and grab onto the
ledge. Move down to the other side and as you do so, you should see a pipe give
way and fall down to the floor below.

Continue to move around until you reach a gap in the floor. George can easily
jump across this, so do so and continue on to where you'll find a broken brick
wall. Go through the hole and remove the rope from the door. Close the door and
use the sliding bolt to lock it. Right click on the door and then use the gear
icon to have George kick the door, which will then fall over and create a
bridge for Anna Maria to use.

Head down two flights of stairs and enter the next room. Run to the other side
of the room to find the pipe that fell from the floor above you. Look at it to
see that it's rusted and then check out the circuit box nearby to discover that
the pipe broke off the breaker switch and that if you flip it, it'll only stay
in the off position for a short time before coming back on.

Leave it alone for now and go to the other side of the room. You'll see that
part of the floor has sunk. Climb down from the ramp to the next floor below
and follow it around until you see where a couple of boards have formed a
bridge to the other side. You can cross it, but the only thing keeping you from
achieving your goal are the live wires draped across your path. Make your way
back up to Anna Maria and head over to the circuit box.

Have Anna Maria hold the switch by clicking her icon on it, similar to what you
did when you needed her help with the grille. Now that the wires have been
powered down, return to the bridge and cross to the other side. Move the
cabinet that's blocking the door and Anna Maria will catch up to you here. Walk
over to the security shutters and ask Anna Maria to turn the crank to open
them. Have George hold the shutters open and the duo will make their escape.
The only place to go from here is to the hotel where Anna Maria is staying.
Little do they know, the goons already know where she's staying and they'll
attempt to get her there.

The New York Hotel:

Walk over to the front desk and try to open the center window, only to have the
manager yell at you. Speak with him to learn that his name is Alfonso, and that
he owns the place, and his family has owned it for generations. Talk to him
about everything and then cross to the other side of the room into the lobby.
Talk to the guy reading the book. He sure is a nervous fella, isnít he? Talk to
him about everything and then look at the book he's reading. George will note
that he is using a key card as a bookmark. Talk to him again and he'll finally
introduce himself as Thelwell Minster. He won't let you borrow the key card, so
we'll have to figure out another way of getting it.

Go through the door near the vending machines to find the restroom. Look at the
hotel flier to get the phone number for it and then call the number using the
PDA. Ask Alfonso to get Thelwell Minster and watch as Thelwell leaves his book
behind as he goes to answer the phone. While he's gone, quickly leave the
restroom and remove the key card from his book. Talk to Thelwell once more
before leaving him alone.

Go through the double doors to the left of the desk by swiping the key card
through the reader. Head upstairs and at the top, Anna Maria will call and let
George know that she's stuck out on the fire escape and it won't be too long
before she's spotted. Enter the hallway to the left and you'll hear a banging
coming from one of the doors. The guy further down will tell you to dismiss it
as beetles ravaging the wood of the hotel. Talk to him to realize that by the
way he's dressed and talks, that he is an Elvis impersonator. Talk to him twice
and then head back to the stairway.

Look at the sign to learn that the upstairs is being fumigated and you can see
the results lying at George's feet. Pick up one of the dead bugs and then head
back downstairs. Swipe the card through the reader to open the doors and
re-enter the hotel lobby. Try to open the grandfather clock near the desk and
Alfonso will yell at you again. Talk to him about the on-going fumigation, the
death watch beetles infesting the place, and about the grandfather clock.

Plant the dead beetle on the clock and then ask Alfonso about the clock again
to distract him. While he's not looking, open the center window and swipe the
lighter lying just on the other side of the glass.

Head back upstairs to the Elvis impersonator and walk between him and the
window. When the guy starts dancing, quickly open the window. Once he goes to
close it, set the dry flowers on fire with the lighter and the sprinklers will
go off. In fear of ruining his hair and suit, the impersonator will run down
the hall, allowing George access to the room he was guarding.

Inside the room, check out the safe in the corner to learn that the thugs have
already cleaned it out, meaning that the manuscript has been stolen! Walk over
to the bed and pick up the pen lying on the floor. Go into the bathroom on the
other side of the bed and turn off the vent by pressing the button on it.
Notice that it shakes as it powers down. Put the string into the fan and then
turn it back on to cause it to short out and fall out the window.

Anna Maria will rejoin George here and she'll inspect the damage done to her
room. Leave the room for now and head back down to where you heard the banging
on the first door in the hallway. Slide the flier and pen under the door and
the captive will write down the code to unlock the door. Punch it into the
panel next to the door and you'll free the receptionist from her bindings. The
Elvis impersonator will run by and the receptionist will take off after him.
Afterwards, you'll head back to the bail bonds office.

The Bail Bonds Office:

You'll find George's partner Virgil sulking in front of his couch because the
office has been trashed, and Virgil's MP3 player containing 40 gigs of the best
soul and R&B music has been destroyed. Go through the door on the other side of
the room to enter the office you started in at the beginning of the game. Take
the cigarettes from the desk and then head back to the hotel.

Hotel Alfonso:

When you arrive back at the hotel, you can see the receptionist being
interrogated by a police officer. Talk to the girl to be introduced to Juanita,
who seems to have developed a crush on George. Talk to her about everything and
then talk to the policeman to be introduced to Officer O'Halloran. Talk to
O'Halloran about everything and then show him the cigarettes. You'll learn that
the tattoo that George saw on the Elvis impersonator is that of the Martino
gang and that they're also a part of the Mafia. Talk to Alfonso before leaving
and going back to the office.

The Bail Bonds Office:

Talk to Anna Maria about Martino's and then tell her about the Mafia. Talk to
Virgil before taking off for the meat packing company.

Martino's Meat Packing Company:

Enter the small shop near where George is currently standing. Check out the
butcher's apron behind the counter to see that it's covered in blood. Talk to
the man running the shop about everything. He sure does have an affinity for
salami, doesn't he? Offer him the cigarettes and take the salami in exchange.
Leave the shop and hang out near the wooden pallets. After Chico leaves,
quickly run into the shop and take the apron.

Now that you're free to roam the lot, head across to the other side and up the
ramp to the loading platform. Talk to the guard standing near the entryway to
the factory and listen as he drops some subtle hints as to exactly what the
Martino Vintage salami is made out of, as if Chico's hints weren't enough
already, before heading through the door.

Take the door to your right and cross the room to the other side. If you look
along the right wall, you'll find a fireproof blanket hanging there. Take it
with you as it will come in handy in just a few minutes. Head straight through
the next door and you'll find a machine here. Take the keys out of it and
continue outside.

You'll find a dumpster and a forklift with flat tires. Push the dumpster until
it comes to rest on the forklift and then turn it on using the machine safety
keys. Push the button to raise the dumpster and then climb all the way up until
you're standing on top of the dumpster. Peek through the window to eavesdrop on
a conversation between Fingers Martino and his henchmen.

Once they're done talking, make your way back through the meat factory until
you're back where you first entered the building. It's the room with the
hanging pigs. On the other side of the room, you will find a door with a green
light above it. Enter this door and head down the nearby stairs. In one corner
is a meat smoker, and when you attempt to open it George will flinch because
it's extremely hot to the touch. Use the fireproof blanket to protect yourself
while opening it and then enter the smoker.

Use the blanket once again to pick up a log from the fire pit. Grab some ice
from the back of the truck and quickly run to the forklift that you used to get
a leg up so you could spy on the Martinos before it melts. If the ice melts,
run back to the truck and grab some more.

Put the log in the vent along with the ice and it'll smoke the goons out of the
office. Notice the hidden doorway they emerge from as they're leaving and from
where George is standing, go through the newly opened door near the conveyor
belts. You should find a couple of tables with sliced meat lying on top of
them. In the back of the room is a butcher knife stuck in a chair. Check it out
before going through the next door.

Make your way back to the room with the hanging pigs and press the blue button
on the wall near the pigs. As the machine powers on, you'll find a corpse
hanging from one of the racks. Examine Toni's body to find a key card and then
head back the way you came.

In the room that the Martinos emerged from, you'll find a first aid kit on the
wall. Upon closer inspection of the kit, you'll find a hidden card reader when
you open it. Swipe the key card through the reader to open a hidden door. Head
upstairs to the office and open the middle drawer on the desk. George will take
a silk hankie that was found inside.

Go into your inventory and right click on it to learn that the hankie was
covering up a picture of an actress named Lucy Chu, who was in the movie In
Cold Blood.

Try to open the cabinet in the back of the room but like George says, given the
condition that it is in even a professional wouldn't be able to do anything
with it. Look out the nearby window to realize that the bone cruncher machine
you saw earlier is conveniently positioned underneath. Leave the office and
make your way back out to the forklift. Remove the keys from it and put them
back into the bone cruncher. Turn the machine on before returning to the meat

Enter the smoker and use the hankie on the meat to get a grease-soaked hankie.
Go back up into Martino's office and use the grease on the cabinet. Push the
cabinet out the window and the bone cruncher will take care of the rest. Once
the machine breaks down from the stress of eating up the cabinet, pick up the
stolen manuscript and MP3 player that it spit out in order to return to the
bail bonds office.

The Bail Bonds Office:

George will return to the office to show Anna Maria what he has recovered.
You'll now get a chance to study the manuscript, so be sure to look at
everything that you can possibly can on it. Once you're finished, talk to
Virgil and give him the MP3 player you found. Luckily for George, it's the same
model as the one that the mobsters destroyed but it was dumb for Virgil to get
upset about it because he has all of his music on CDs as well. Talk to him
about everything and he'll give you a flash card for the PDA that'll give it
some nifty features.

Use the PDA to log onto George's old friend Andrť Lobineau's private server.
You'll get to hack into it, but before we start, Virgil will give you a quick
run-through on how to go about doing it. After he's finished, you'll get a
chance to put your newfound skills into practice.

The way I explained how to do these puzzles was a topic of concern for some
people using my walkthrough, so I am going to try to do a better job of
explaining the solution this time around.

From where the green data stream is currently being directed, place a reflector
(the straight thing with a green box on it) on South America so that when the
stream is reflected, it'll be directed between two red nodes. You'll have to
make sure you change the direction of the reflector so that it's sitting on the
square in a diagonal line, from the upper left of the box to the lower right.

Place another reflector in the same row as the first one you moved, but you'll
want to place it on the eastern part of Africa. It'll sit just pas the two red
nodes, but before the blue X. Change the reflector so that when the stream
bounces off of it, it'll head straight north.

The next step is to put a router a couple squares above the last reflector you
positioned. Click on the router to change its position so that the data stream
will head northwest through Europe. Another router should be placed in the
square just next to where Norway is located on the map, which is north of
Europe for those who may be geographically challenged.

Change the position of the router so that the data stream will be redirected
west into Canada. Place the last router on the spot where the Canadian
territory of Nunavut is located. Change its angle so that if you've done
everything else correctly, the data stream will be directed into the server
you're trying to hack into, making this puzzle a success.

There may be more than one correct solution, so if you don't like what I've
given you, feel free to come up with your own. You'll just have to avoid the
blue X's and the red node, and you'll also have to be sure that the stream goes
through the server near the red nodes before it goes through the other server
in the corner of the grid.

Once you've made your way through the puzzle, scroll through George's notepad
and click the link that says ĎLatin on manuscript translatedí. Once you're done
reading it, go back by clicking on the small circular button on the PDA's
screen and continue to scroll through the text until you find a link to
Lobineau's historical database. Check out the welcome note if you want,
otherwise read the article on Baphomet and click through the links on the great
secret, Philippe IV, Clement V, Jacques de Molay, and the Knights Hospitaller.

After you're done listening to George's comments, turn off the PDA and look at
the manuscript some more. Take a closer look at the fortified city and George
will deduce that it's time to take a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. Exit the office
and we're off!

Istanbul, Turkey:

You'll have arrived at the Pasha Palace Hotel. Talk to the receptionist about
everything and you'll realize that she doesn't seem to care for George very
much since it sounds as if he decided to stay in one of the cheapest rooms
available. Feel free to look at the photo near the receptionist's monitor to
see that a woman has a thing for golf. Look at the map on the wall, although it
won't mean anything just yet. Walk downstairs into the dining area and speak
with the waiter.

Ask him about everything and then check out the map again to realize that it's
the layout of the Topkapi Palace. Zoom in on the Lover's Vestibule on the
right-hand side of the palace and then ask Mevlut the waiter about it twice.
Exit the hotel and let's go investigate the palace.

Topkapi Palace:

Talk to the guard near the archway. He won't let you in, but note that George's
old friend from The Sleeping Dragon, Eamon O'Mara hasn't signed in yet. Go back
to the hotel.

The Pasha Palace Hotel:

Ask the receptionist about Eamon O'Mara, who has since become a celebrity after
publishing a book on the events from the last game. She seems to have a real
thing for him. Talk to her about golf and then ask Anna Maria about Eamon and
she'll agree to grab the papers while George shows the receptionist his golf
club. Once George is done demonstrating, go into the dining room and take the
knife off the second table to the right. Talk to Anna Maria again and she'll
hand over Eamon's press ID as well as a map. Go into your inventory and remove
the ID from the map. Use the knife on George's bail bonds ID to remove the
picture and place the photo on Eamon's ID card. Leave the hotel again and go
back to the palace.

Topkapi Palace:

Show the guard the fake press ID and he'll let George pass. Attempt to open the
door and the guard will prevent George from going any further. Try taking the
passage to the left, only to be denied again. Ask Anna Maria to distract the
guard and once she has done so, follow the passage until you reach the
scaffolding to the right.

Climb up onto the first level of the scaffolding and then climb up onto the
ledge on the right. While the guard isn't looking, jump up and steal his cell
phone. Look at it to get the guard's phone number and then put the cell phone
back where you found it.

Climb down from the ledge you're on and climb up the scaffolding on the other
side. Use the PDA to call the guard's cell phone and when the guards aren't
looking, climb through the hole in the wall and you'll land in the next part of
George's stealth mission. You'll find George hiding behind some stairs with
another guard patrolling the area. When he starts to walk away, you can follow
him until you reach the niche in the wall directly ahead of you. If you don't
think you're going to make it that far without being caught, you can always
hide behind the next wall and wait for the guard to walk to the far end of the
area before continuing on.

Once you've climbed up into the niche, walk over to the window nearby to find
some loose plaster. Use the knife on it to scrape some off the ledge and
temporarily distract the guard and his dog. While they're gone, go straight
into the dark hallway and around the corner. The guard's cup of tea is sitting
in one of the windows. Empty it before the guard returns and then run back to
where George entered the area.

When the guard returns, he'll find his mug is empty and will take his dog to go
get some more. Before the guard goes inside, he'll tell his dog to stay
outside. George will now have to find a way to keep the dog distracted so he
can make his way downstairs.

While the guard is gone, walk onto the balcony that's just before the dark
hallway and if you look closely enough near one of the windows, you'll see a
dangling clothesline. Use the knife to cut a slice of salami and then grab the
clothesline. Tie the slice of salami to the clothesline and George will use it
to distract the dog. Now that the mutt's out of the way, follow the passage
down and head downstairs to the courtyard. Take the passage to the left of the
one the guard went through to enter the next screen.

Go to George's left and take the stairs down to enter a security area. Access
the computer to learn that it's password protected. You'll have to hack into it
using the PDA.

I didn't get to drawing up a grid to explain the last hacking puzzle, but I did
draw one up with this puzzle. The grid is 12 by 10, and I used letters to
designate the columns, with A being the first column and J being the last. The
rows were designated with numbers, with 1 being the first row and 12 being the
last. This means that when I was to say A1, I am referring to the first box in
the upper left corner. Here's the solution to this puzzle:

1) Place a reflector on J11, and change its angle so that the data stream will
be headed west.

2) Place another reflector on F11, and change its angle so that the data stream
will head north through the servers on F5 & F6.

3) Another reflector should go on F4, with its angle changed so that the stream
will now be going to the east.

4) A reflector should go on J4 with its angle changed so that it's headed south
through another server.

5) In the space between where you started and the last server the stream passed
through, place a reflector and change its angle so that it's headed west.

6) The last reflector should be placed on B7 and the router should be placed
two squares below it on B9. Change the angle of the reflector so that the data
stream will run into the router. The router should be changed so that the data
stream will now be heading southeast through the last server and into its
destination to solve the puzzle.

After you've successfully hacked into the system, click OK and then on Service
System. Click on Yes to put the laser grid into test mode, which is the best
George can do for now. The lasers will now flash on and off for an hour, but
now George needs to find a way so that he can actually see the lasers.

Proceed through the door on the other side of the room. Walk over to the vent
on the right side and open it. Place the flyer inside and then light it on fire
using the lighter. The smoke will cause the lasers to become visible. Carefully
head down the hallway and go through each set of lasers as they turn off. Some
of the laser beam panels may be hidden, so you'll have to proceed with caution.

Once you're at the other end of the corridor, walk over to the barred door and
pull the first, second, and fourth levers. Anna Maria will rejoin George here,
and she'll prove useful in just a second. Attempt to turn one of the heads next
to the door behind you only to realize that they'll need to be turned at the
same time. Ask Anna Maria to help out and the door will open.

Inside the courtyard, distract the guards by following the left wall to a power
switch. Use the paper clip on it to short circuit the fountain. Once the guards
have left, head down into the fountain and use Anna Maria's icon on the
fountain in order for her to help George move the statue, which will uncover a
hole. Jump down into the hole to enter the sewers.

Topkapi Palace Sewers:

Along the wall are some pipes, valves, and levers. At the far end of the wall
is a loose block. Your goal here is to build up the water pressure to take out
that block. In order to accomplish this, start from the right and work your way
down. Turn the second lever down and then go down to where you see two levers.
Turn the upper one down and then continue on to the first valve. Close it and
then open up the last one. When you're successful, the block will come out part
of the way and a colony of bats will fly out and push the block out the rest of
the way.

Climb through the hole that the block made and then follow the passage until
you reach a wall that you can climb down. Here you'll find what looks like a
knight etched into the floor and a button with the imprint of a hand on it on
the far wall. Attempt to push the button, but it won't do anything. When you
step onto the knight, you'll uncover another button. Talk to Anna Maria about
the hand button and she'll agree to press it. Before she pushes the button,
position George on the knight button so that when Anna Maria is done, a secret
door will open.

Proceed to the next room to find a number of alcoves, with one containing a
knight statue. Upon closer inspection of the statue, you will find that it is a
puzzle that you'll need to solve. While you can find the necessary clues to
solve the puzzle on George's PDA and manuscript, what use would they serve when
you have this walkthrough to give you all the answersí Turn the first stone
twice, the second stone once, and then the fourth one twice. Another alcove
should open up containing another knight statue.

Examine the next knight statue to uncover another puzzle. Turn the second dial
twice, the third one three times, and the fourth one twice to uncover another
alcove containing yet another knight statue. With the third statue, turn the
first dial once, the second one four times, the third one twice, and the fourth
one three times. It'll open yet another alcove, but this one won't reveal

Explore the alcove and then talk to Anna Maria about it. George and Anna Maria
will take their places to uncover a passageway with a small golden cherub at
the end. Proceed into the next room and the doors will close behind you. The
next puzzle involves stepping on the places Jacques de Molay had visited in the
correct order. Consult the PDA if you must, otherwise step on Acre first, which
is southeast of the cherub. You can use the Eye icon to have George identify
the city before right clicking on it and stepping on it using the Operate icon.
After that, follow it up with London, Paris, and Cyprus in that order and
George will now be able to remove the cherub from its base. However, you'll
still need to open the doors.

The doors can be opened by turning the cherub's plinth to the right once and
pressing it down. Turn it left and press it down again, and repeat. Watch the
sequence and the pair will return to the Pasha Palace Hotel where Anna Maria
reveals her true feelings for George.

Topkapi Palace Prison:

After the night of passion, you'll find Anna Maria gone and George sitting in a
Turkish prison cell inside the Topkapi Palace. Before you go WTF, George will
recap what happened between last night and the present time. It turns out
George was sleeping in his room when he woke up to see that Anna Maria was
missing. Mevlut the hotel waiter is now in the room with him, pointing a gun at
George's head. It turns out that Mevlut is actually an undercover cop and that
for whatever reason the police suspected George as being a terrorist. A Turkish
policeman will come to the room and knock George unconscious before hauling him
off to prison, thus bringing us to our current predicament.

You'll spot a rat camping out on the floor. Attempt to pick it up and it'll
just scoot off into its hole. When George sticks his hand into the hole, the
rat will bite him, but on a positive note, a bracket will be discovered inside
the hole. Try to take the moldy cheese off of the table, but if the rat hasn't
touched it, neither will George. Go towards the back of the room and you'll spy
a loose stone in the right wall. Use the bracket to scrape away the loose
mortar and then pull out the block. The guard will come over and see what all
the commotion is about but he's not at all concerned because George is only
breaking into the next cell.

The next thing you know, the guard will tell George that he has visitors, a
priest and a nun. They'll give George three toys; a squeak toy, a mechanical
mouse, and a bag of marbles. Hey, doesn't the sister look familiarí Eh, maybe
it's just my imagination. After they leave, take the key out of the mechanical
mouse and open the bag of marbles. Use the marbles on the drain and George will
roll them out under the cell door.

Climb into the next cell and attempt to open the door to have George call the
guard. As the guard walks over to see what the matter is, he'll slip on the
marbles and knock himself out. Climb back into the original cell and take the
keys off the guard and use them to free George from the cell.

Tie the guard up using the string from the bag of marbles and stuff the cloth
into the guard's mouth. Proceed down to the end of the hall and head upstairs.
You'll find a dog guarding the room here, but the dog won't do anything to
George just yet. Tease him with the squeaky toy and while it's distracted, grab
the can of beef off of the table. Give the dog the beef after opening it with
the mouse key and then continue up the stairs that's past it.

George will arrive back inside the security center. Go over to the door leading
to the laser room and use the mouse on it. You'll have a short time before it
sets off the alarms, so quickly run upstairs to the balcony overlooking the

Once the alarms go off and the guards below leave, climb up the vines that are
on the outside wall closest to the stairs to reach the rooftop. Head over to
the left and near the bottom of the stone is a spot that appears to be loose.
Use the squeaky toy on it and it'll go off. As the guard walks one way to see
what's going on, George will be walking the other way so he can head past where
the guard was originally standing and onto the next area of the roof.

Jump across the span between the two rooftops and walk over to where the sister
is hiding. The sister will let you know what is going on, and she will also
drop her disguise to reveal herself to be none other than George's
ex-girlfriend and frequent adventure buddy, Nicole Collard. Nico and George
will next find themselves inside the Pasha Palace Hotel.

The Pasha Palace Hotel:

Talk to the receptionist as Nico and ask her about herself and then about Eamon
O'Mara. After delivering the Ďbad newsí to the receptionist, Nico will be given
the key to his room. Ride the elevator up that's near her desk and control will
be given back to George.

Cross to the other side of the room and open the right window. Climb out onto
the ledge and follow it to the right until you see a window with its curtains
completely closed. Hang off the ledge here and then drop down to the floor
below. Jump over the railing to the right onto the small ledge and drop off
here. Hang off the next ledge and shimmy all the way down to the last window to
find Anna Maria's room. Open the window and go inside.

Inspect the wastebasket inside the bathroom to find a credit card receipt and
then pick up the rosary from the floor in the bedroom. You'll be interrupted by
a changing of the guard, and one of them will walk in on you. It's Mevlut, the
cop that caught you earlier who also played the part of the hotel waiter and
Father Nicholas. He's not going to do anything this time because he's since
realized that George is nothing more than a treasure hunter. The way will be
free of guards, but it won't be that way for long. You'll find yourself back
down in the lobby with Nico.

Use the PDA to hack into Credit R Us. I won't explain the solution for this
puzzle as it is fairly simple. It only involves positioning the reflectors in
the right spots so that the data stream passes through each server before
reaching the destination.

Once you've hacked into the system, you'll learn that Anna Maria's last name is
Presa and that she lives in the most expensive part of Rome, our next

Rome, Italy:

Check out the yellow car and its owner will tell you to leave it alone. Talk to
him and you'll be introduced to Brother Mark. Talk to him about everything
before continuing down the street to meet the beggar, Archie Lonsdale. As with
Mark, talk to him about everything and then walk back up to the apartment
building with the two plants. Attempt to open the door and Mark will tell
George that he needs a key. Talk to Mark and ask him about it, but he doesn't
trust George enough to just fork it over.

Talk to Archie some more and when you ask him about Nico, it's because she's so
damn hot that he can't help but look. Hell, I would be looking too. As you're
speaking with Archie, you may notice a moldy loaf of bread hiding behind him.
Try to take it and he'll swat George's hand away. Walk back up to Mark and ask
him about Archie and then go over and talk to Archie about the bread. Talk to
Nico about Mark and she'll distract him and Archie. While the beggar's eyes are
lost in Nico's butt, take the bread and scatter it on Mark's car to draw the
pigeons onto it.

While Mark is busy shooing the pigeons off of his beloved Lucy, move the left
potted plant to get the key needed to unlock the door to the apartments. Once
inside, walk up the stairs and head down the right hallway. Attempt to open the
first door on the right, which is Anna Maria's apartment, only to find it
locked. Open the double doors and head out onto the balcony.

Hop on top of the potted plant on the left and then shimmy down the ledge to
the right to the next balcony. Grab onto the pole nearby and shimmy across the
street to the balcony on the other end. You'll see a nun standing on the
balcony next door, and when you try to open the double doors, the noise will
cause her to come over to where George is standing and kick him out.

After she leaves her position, quickly shimmy down the railing to the far end
of the balcony. Once you're at the end, hop back over and grab onto the ledge
above and follow it down to Anna Maria's balcony. Her door is locked, meaning
that all that work you just did was all for naught. Wait, I see an open window
nearby. Look through it and above the door is a sliding bolt. Use George's golf
club to unlock the door and let George in.

George will automatically open the door for Nico so that they can go searching
for clues. Look at the picture on the mantel to discover that Anna Maria is a
nun! Good going, George, you've defiled a holy woman!

Look at the book she left open on the table before going into the kitchen. Take
the ticket stub off of the table to learn that Anna Maria was in Phoenix,
Arizona not too long ago. Leave the kitchen and enter her bedroom. You'll find
a train ticket lying on her bed, which you should pick up and take with you.
You can now leave here and head back out to the street. Before George leaves,
he'll be stopped by Mark who says he has a package for Anna Maria, but he isn't
about to let George take it. I guess we'll come back for it later.

Once you're out on the street, follow it down past Archie and onto the city
map. Let's head to the Vatican to see what we can find there.

The Vatican:

Follow the road down a little ways and try to open the doors to the right, only
to be stopped by a pair of Swiss guards. You can try to talk to them if you
want, but they've clammed up. Though George speaks to them with a phony
Southern accent, he apparently thinks with one too. Look at the plaque on the
wall next to them to learn that you're looking at the building for the Holy
Order. Walk over to the office to the right of them and speak with the sister
seated behind the window to meet Sister Angelica. Ask her about all the
available topics and then try to take the sheet of paper she keeps looking at
on her desk. She'll slap George's hand away, and he'll be left to walk away to
lick his wounds.

Ring the bell next to the door nearby and you'll be introduced to Sister
Serena. Talk to her about all the available topics as well, and is it just me
or does George seem to have developed a nun fetish since the last time we've
seen himí First it was Anna Maria, now it seems he's set his eyes on Serena.
Angelica better run and hide the next time George comes around.

Make sure you've exhausted all of the available discussion topics with Angelica
before leaving here and heading back to Anna Maria's apartment.

Anna Maria's Apartment:

Use the PDA to hack into the Vatican server and follow this solution,
remembering the 12x10 grid that we used the last time.

1) Place the T-shaped router located at A2 on F4, turning it so that the bottom
of the T is facing south.

2) Place an angled router from either E1 or G1 on E4, rotating it so that it
redirects the data stream, allowing it to flow southwest into a server.

3) Place a reflector on J4, changing it so that the data stream bounces off of
it and heads south.

4) Place the other angled router from either E1 or G1 on J5, changing it so
that the data stream heads southwest through another server.

5) Another reflector should be placed on E10, changing it so that the data
stream bounces off of it and heads northwest through a third server.

6) Take the Y-shaped splitter from H11 and put it on B7 and change it so that
the bottom of the Y is facing west. This should condense the two separate paths
of the data stream back into one.

7) Place a reflector on A7 and turn it so that when the data stream bounces off
of it, it'll hit its destination and make this puzzle a success.

After you've hacked into the Vatican server, you'll receive the phone number
for the wafer factory as your reward. Leave here and return to the Vatican.

The Vatican:

Walk over to Sister Angelicaís office and stop when George is between the door
to the factory and Angelicaís window. Use the PDA to call the wafer factory and
ask Serena to get Angelica for you. After Angelica leaves, peek through her
window and look at the schedule that is sitting on her desk. Once she returns,
talk to her about everything and one of the most amusing points of this game
will ensue as George Stobbart suddenly becomes Henry Steiner, health inspector.

Serena will give George a tour of the factory and after itís over, talk to her
about everything and I bet you will be laughing by the time youíre done here.
Walk into the storage room to the north and check out the box on the table.
Push the white box behind George and as Serena works to pick it up, take a
wafer from the brown box. Push the white box over again and this time put some
of the moldy bread into the box.

Now that George has the run of the place, walk over to the boxes on the other
side of the storage area and use the knife on long brown box to cut it open and
retrieve a miniature bottle of wine. Head towards the center of the factory and
walk up the stairs to the catwalk. Follow it around to find the dough mixer and
open up the hatch. Toss the bottle of wine into the hatch and head back
downstairs to see the results.

Now that George is done being cruel to the nuns, leave the factory through the
door at the end of the hall thatís between Angelicaís office and the storage
area. Once youíre outside, proceed to cross to the other side of the area and
hop up onto the crates. Grab a hold of the ledge above you and shimmy down to
the broken part of the wall and then climb up once youíve reached that point to
enter the garden.

The courtyard is swarming with monks, so youíll have to be careful not to get
caught. To accomplish this, work your way around to the left side of the center
statue and put some moldy bread into the potted plant to the northeast. This
will distract the monk nearby and before he turns around and spots George, run
out of the garden through the left side and hide behind the hedge.

Wait for the wandering monk to tend to the plant to the right of the door, then
run over to the door and enter it before he sees George. Proceed into the room
and head upstairs. Follow the hallway until it ends and enter the door on the
left side.

Behind the desk hangs a painting. Look at it and pay close attention to the men
carrying the corpse, the men debating, the woman with the baby, and the temple
block. Look at the angels in the corners of the painting before zooming out.
Open the desk and remove its contents to find a folder with Anna Mariaís name
on it.

George will be caught by a Cardinal who summons a priest to escort George
outside. Once outside, George will be introduced to Father Gregor and the two
clergymen will fill you in about Anna Maria. Apparently she stole some
manuscripts a couple years ago and she hasnít been back since then. George can
breathe a sigh of relief after hearing that Anna Maria isnít a nun anymore.
George will return to Anna Mariaís apartment to fill Nico in about what heís
learned so far.

Anna Mariaís Apartment:

Exit the apartment and head across the stairway to Markís apartment. Knock on
his door and show him Father Gregorís card. Talk to him about the package and
heíll give it to George. Show him the pen, but heíll refuse to talk about it
while Nico is still around.

Head back into Anna Mariaís room and open the package to find an unmarked DVD.
Play the DVD in the laptop to learn about a cure-all form of gold that was
discovered in Phoenix, Arizona. Nico will take this opportunity to leave for
Phoenix to learn more about it, leaving George all by his lonesome.

Go back and talk to Mark about the pen to learn that it came from the Black Cat
Massage Parlor. Talk to him about the parlor to get its location, and then
leave the apartments and go there now.

The Black Cat Massage Parlor:

Follow the street down to where you see a bouncer guarding the stairs leading
down to the club. Talk to him to learn that George wonít be able to get in
without a membership card, as well as the fact that theyíre not accepting new
members right now. Head back to the apartment.

Anna Mariaís Apartment:

Talk to Mark about the club again as well as the membership card. Show him the
photo of Lucy Chu, but heíll only want it if it had a more personal meaning to
it. Walk away from his door so that heíll turn around and close it. Use the pen
on the photo and George will forge an autograph. Knock on the door again and
give Mark the photo and heíll agree to trade his Black Cat membership card for

Letís head back to the massage parlor now.

The Black Cat Massage Parlor:

Show the bouncer the membership card and heíll let George pass, so head down
the stairs and enter the club. Try to walk by the receptionist through the open
door and heíll say that George will need to change before he can enter. Head
through the door on the opposite side of the room to find the locker room and
then walk around to the showers until you find a towel hanging near an occupied
stall. Attempt to take it and the showerís occupant will tell George to get his

In one corner of the room is a potted plant sitting next to a valve. Move the
plant out of the way and open the hot water valve to steam up the shower area.
Take the towel from the occupied stall and George will change.

Head back out into the lobby and talk up the receptionist. Continue on through
the door and follow the hall to the end and enter the opened door to Georgeís
right. This hallway leads into a bath room and it is here that George will run
into another old friend, and this oneís named Duane. You met him along with his
wife Pearl in Syria in the first Broken Sword game, as well as in South America
in Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror.

Talk to Duane about everything and afterwards, George will be caught by the guy
who lost his towel as well as a guard as he attempts to leave. George will be
tied up for interrogation, and while heís being interrogated, youíll overhear
one of Spallacciís flunkies talking to him about having caught Nico. Youíll
then hear some gunfire and George fears that Nico has been killed. George will
be knocked out and when he comes to, the men will have left and that George is
still tied to the chair.

To get him freed, use the power switch on the wall to set off a vibrating
rabbit, this will fall over and spin around into a metal hook. The hook will
then fall off the shelf and hit George in the head, knocking him unconscious
once again.

After he recovers again, check out the large metal box to learn that there is a
man trapped inside. Talk to him and then use the hook to move the chained
harness twice to put it on the shelf and then tip the bottle of baby oil off
the table. Hit the power switch again and this time before George gets hit,
heíll fling himself across the room and knock an axe off the wall, freeing
himself from his bindings.

Now that George is free, move the curtain aside to overhear a conversation
between Spallacci and Cardinal Gianelli, who caught George snooping around back
in the Vatican office. Push the button near the window to open a hidden door
and head back into the room where you ran into Duane. Youíll hear him calling
for you, and itís when you walk into the bath that you realize heís down in the
sewers. He has the key to allow George to escape, but he has no way of giving
it to him.

Return to the locker room and change back into Georgeís regular clothes by
opening the second locker in the top row. Once you return to the steam room,
combine the rosary with the paper clip and stick into the drain. Duane will
attach the key to it. Back out in the hallway, stop at the first locked door on
the right and use the key to unlock the door to the laundry room. George can
escape by heading out the door at the top of the stairs, and once outside,
follow the street down until George stops.

A distraught George will head to a bar to drown his sorrows over losing Nico
and eventually return to Anna Mariaís apartment.

Anna Mariaís Apartment:

When Mark and George get up to the apartment, theyíll hear a ticking sound
coming from the kitchen. Look out, itís a bomb! Youíll have ten minutes to
defuse the bomb, but before you can do that, youíll need to learn how to do it.
Use the PDA to hack into the military field notes and follow this solution:

1) Take the T-shaped splitter and put it on E4. Turn it so that the bottom of
the T is pointed north, and itíll split the data stream into two separate paths.

2) Place a reflector on C4, and turn it so that the stream heads south through
the first black box with the down arrow on it.

3) Take a double-sided reflector from either A4 or I6 and put it on C7. Turn it
so that the stream will pass through the black box with the left arrow on it.

4) A reflector should be placed on A10, and turned so that its reflective
surface is pointed towards the upper right.

5) Another reflector should go on C10, which two spaces right from the last one
you placed. Turn it so that itís pointed to the upper left.

6) A reflector should be placed on F7 and turned so that itís facing the lower

7) The next reflector should go on A7, which is the space to the left of the
second black box. Turn it so that when the data stream bounces off of it, itíll
bounce off the reflectors on A10 and C10, then carom off the double-sided
reflector at C7 and finally bounce off the reflector at F7. It should now be
flowing harmlessly between two dead servers for the time being.

8) Take the Y-shaped splitter and put it on F9. Itíll be on the space to the
northeast of the destination, and turn it so that the bottom of the Y is facing
the end point. This concludes the first half of the puzzle.

9) The second half begins by placing the second double-sided reflector on H9
and turning so that the reflective surfaces on facing the upper right and lower

10) Next, place a reflector on J9 and turn it so itís facing the lower left.

11) Place a reflector on J11 and turn it so itís facing the upper left.

12) The second to last reflector belongs on H11 and turned so itís facing the
upper right.

13) The last reflector goes on H4, and itís the space just above the other
black box with the down arrow on it. When you turn this reflector, it should
ultimately solve the puzzle.

After the puzzle has been solved, quickly scroll down the notes in the PDA
until you can access the military notes that were just downloaded. Skim through
all the articles as quickly as possible and then turn off the PDA.

Ask Mark for his rubber gloves so that George can avoid discharging any static,
which could possibly set off the bomb. Attach the paper clip to the bottom blue
wire, which is the one partially hanging off the bottom edge of the bomb. When
given your list of options, choose to attach the other part of the paper clip
to the live trigger wire. Cut the blue wire that is dangling off of the top
edge of the bomb with the knife and if youíve done everything properly, the
bomb will be defused and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. I find it
amazing that even though George was drunk, he still had the clarity of mind to
defuse the bomb.

Afterwards, you'll be treated to a shocker of a lifetime because just when Mark
thinks that the mobsters have returned, it turns out that itís just Nico coming
back from the dead. George passes out on the floor and after Nico scolds him
for assuming the worst, weíre off to Phoenix as Nico recaps exactly just what
happened to her there.

Phoenix, Arizona:

Look in the back of Nicoís jeep to find a jack handle. Use it to pop open the
gate and follow the path behind it until you spot a fire escape on the left
wall which is just out of Nicoís reach.

From there, head into the area across from it to find a dumpster and a couple
of wooden crates. Pull the crate next to the dumpster away from the wall, and
then climb over it and release the brake on the dumpster. Push it out of the
way and then put the wooden crate underneath the broken railing.

Climb up onto the catwalk and then climb up onto the platform to Nicoís right.
Shimmy over to the next platform and continue to make your way up onto the
roof. Once there, pick up some rubble a few feet away from Nico and you should
then spot a satellite dish holder nearby. Turn it clockwise four times and then
use it to fling the rubble at the fire escape, which should knock it loose.

Make your way back down to the ground level and climb up the newly accessible
fire escape. Push the crate down the hole to find out that itís too deep for
Nico to climb down safely. Push the pipe into the hole and use it as a bridge
so Nico can cross the gap. On the other side, kick the rubble into the hole to
realize that Nico can climb down, which you should then do.

Youíll find yourself inside an office. Look at the picture on the nearby desk
and notice that a date is scribbled on it. On the desk on the other side of the
room is a gold plated name tag. Examining it reveals that it belonged to
Maynard, the guy George saw on the DVD being interviewed. Look at the rest of
the stuff in the room if you want, otherwise attempt to open the locked door
using the key pad and punching in the date you found on the picture. The code
doesnít work, so youíll just have to hack into it.

1) Place the T-shaped splitter on D8 and rotate it so that the bottom of the T
is pointed towards the northeast.

2) A reflector should go on B6, changing it so that the data stream will bounce
off of it and head northeast through a server.

3) Another reflector belongs on F2 and turned so that the stream bounces off of
it and passes through another server.

4) Place a reflector on H4 so that stream bounces off of it and hits the fixed

5) The last reflector belongs on H8 and changed so that it passes through the
lower right server.

6) To end the puzzle, put the Y-shaped splitter on F10 and change it so that
the bottom of the Y is facing the destination. If everything is done correctly,
youíll download some readable files.

Read through the files to get the correct password for the keypad. Input the
wedding date reversed to unlock the door and head out onto the catwalk. The
catwalk is broken part of the way down the path, and you can see a platform
just below the hole. Drop down onto the platform and then hang off the side of
it. Shimmy down until Nico is hanging above some crates before dropping down to
the floor.

Attempt to take the key card lying next to the hopper and Nico will
inadvertently fall into it. After Nico emerges in the room below, leave the
room and go through the door across the hallway to enter a kitchen. Take the
hook off of the wall and then move the table to get access to a pack of gum
lying on the top shelf thatíll you need for later. Climb back down and exit the

Head down from Nicoís present location and enter the first door to your right
to find a menís locker room. The door will close behind Nico, but donít worry
about that for now. Use the jack handle to open the center locker and take the
engine oil you find inside. You can attempt to use the card reader on the left
side of the door, but you donít have the necessary key card. Itís time for
another hacking puzzle.

1) Place a reflector on H3, which is two squares west of the starting point and
angle it so that the data stream will head south.

2) A reflector should be placed on C7 and changed so that the stream heads
south through a third active server.

3) Place reflectors on C10 & E10 so that the stream will head east and then

4) Put a reflector on E7 so that the stream will now turn east through the next
active server.

5) Place reflectors on J5 & J6 so that the data stream will head north and west
and then bounce off the double-sided reflector to turn it back south.

6) The last reflector will go on H12, which is two squares west of the
destination. If everything was done correctly, the puzzle will be a success.

Leave the locker room and open the door at the end of the hall. Head down the
first couple flights of stairs to find another unlocked door. Proceed through
it and enter the opened door at the end of this hallway to find the elevator.
The door will close behind Nico and when you go to open it, a Mafia goon will
be lying in wait. Just when you thought Nico was done for, Maynard jumps down
and saves the day with his AK-47.

Watch the sequences and when you regain control, youíll be in a room with a
safe. Use the safe to climb up to the floor above and use the control panel on
the wall nearby to learn that the chain is rusted in place. Use the engine oil
to lube it up and then move it to the right and then lower it down to the safe.

Climb back down onto the safe and attach the hook to the chain. Operate the
control panel once again to move the chain up and to the left to drop the safe
onto the rollers. Walk around the right side of the room until you find a much
larger control panel to fiddle around with. However, when you try to use it,
youíll find that itís dead.

Check out the wires in the back of the panel and use the gum to hold them in
place. Use the panel again to learn that the electrical system is working, but
that the panel itself still isnít working. Ask Maynard to fix it and all heíll
do is kick it. Talk to him about everything and then go back to using the panel.

Maneuver the safe over to the centrifuge by clicking left twice, down, right
twice, up twice, left, down twice, left, and finally up four times. The safe is
too heavy for Nico to push on her own, so ask Maynard to help move it and get
it put into place.

Watch the sequence where Maynard will explain that the safe is too large for it
to be in the centrifuge safely, so heíll have to go inside and hit the
override. When he says to, have Nico press the button on the panel in front of
her to start the centrifuge. Itíll trap Maynard inside and ultimately result in
his vaporization. Itíll also attract the attention of the two mobsters guarding
the area, so once the centrifuge shuts off, head inside and pick up the folder
along with Maynardís keys. Inside the folder, youíll find a bank statement
along with some drawings.

Leave the centrifuge and unlock the door across from you using Maynardís keys.
Close and lock the door behind you and then head upstairs to the door leading
to the elevator. Lube up the doorstop using the oil and then shut off the
lights using the switch on the wall to the left.

Open the door to attract the attention of the mobster guarding the elevator and
heíll end up slipping on the oil. Before he recovers, quickly head down to the
elevator. Close and lock the door behind you using Maynardís keys before
pressing the button to call the elevator. Follow the catwalk down to the end
and run out the door to escape the compound.

Now that Nico has finished recapping her story, George and Nico will eventually
leave for the Vatican.

The Vatican:

It is dark out and you can see Archie sitting on a bench nearby. Talk to him
and then attempt to take his bottle of meths sitting on the ground near him. He
wonít let you take it, but he is willing to trade it for something when you ask
him about it. Follow the road to the end where youíll see a garbage can and
rifle through it to find a half full bottle of Krueg champagne. Take it and
then head back to Archie. Ask him about his bottle of meths and heíll agree to
trade it for the champagne.

Pick up the meths and then head back to the garbage can. Pour the meths into it
and then light it on fire using the lighter. Itíll attract the attention of the
nearby Swiss Guards and while theyíre distracted, enter the wafer factory
through the door near the window.

When youíre inside the factory, run across to the other side of the room and
open the door to find a hidden wafer manufacturing room. Angelica is here
guarding the place, but leave it to Nico to take care of her. While theyíre
away, take the time to look at the wafers on the conveyor belt and then examine
the controls to the right of the conveyor. Look at the vats and finally at the
gold dust between them.

Wait near the door that Nico and Angelica left through for them to return. When
they do, ask Angelica about the machine and gold dust twice. After the
conversation, George will hear someone coming and it turns out that itís
Cardinal Gianelli. Follow him through the door at the end of the hall thatís
between Angelicaís office and the storage room.

Walk up the stairs to see that youíll have to work your way across the
courtyard again without being spotted by the monks. Itís still fairly easy to
do, just cut through the middle and hide when necessary. Head through the door
on the other side and head up to the office and along the way, George will
notice that the door is cracked open. Peek in to see the Cardinal rifling
through a safe, and then open it to walk in on him.

More of what exactly is going on will be revealed when George and Nico find out
that theyíve been doing the dirty work for Father Gregor and the monsignor all
along. The Cardinal is shot while Nico is taken somewhere underground and then
Father Gregor will pistol whip George into unconsciousness.

When George comes to, heíll find that Mark has made his way to the Vatican to
help out. The Cardinal will hand George a manuscript before dying and you
should take this time to look at it. Take a closer look at the Latin texts and
the symbols next to them as well as the pictures of Jesus with the cross.

Make your way out of the office and head downstairs. Instead of going outside,
do you see that large trap doorí When you have George open it, heíll say that
he can see the lock, but he canít reach it. Have Mark hold the door open while
George uses the golf club to break the lock on the door.

Walk down into the basement to find two large angel statues with hourglasses in
front of them, which can be turned. The left hourglasses on both statues should
be turned so that the sand is on the bottom while the right hourglasses on the
statues are turned so that the sand is on the right side. Afterwards, turn the
heads on both statues and youíll unlock the door leading down into the
catacombs. However, when George releases the second angel head, the door will
quickly close.

Ask Mark to hold the lever so that the door will stay open and then head down
into the catacombs.

The Catacombs:

From where George is standing, youíll see a junction box on the wall to the
left of him. Use the knife to open it and then use the rubber gloves to
disconnect the wires. Head down to the end of the hall and attempt to grab the
light bulb to the left of the door to discover that itís extremely hot. Grab it
using the fireproof blanket and put the C-4 in its place. Return to the
junction box and use the rubber gloves to reconnect the wires and the C-4 will
cause the door to explode.

Head through the door to get into a confrontation with two monks and if you
think George is killed here, youíre right. Itís sad, but itís true. After so
many adventures, after so many laughs, everyoneís favorite adventure hero is
dead. Iím guessing that if there are any more installments in the Broken Sword
series, theyíre going to feature Nico in the lead role. All I can say is, itís
about time! We need more Nico!

I canít believe you actually fell for that! While we do need more of Nico, what
actually happens is that Mark will have made his way into the catacombs and
heíll summon whatever lackeys heís brought with him. Mark will pass out after
being shot in the shoulder and George will be pulled out of the crossfire and
into Anna Mariaís waiting arms. Sheíll tell George her side of the story and
then the shootout will come to an end.

When you regain control, feel free to read each of the fourteen plaques on the
columns, otherwise just continue through the door at the opposite end of the
room. Walk through the passageway to your right and another monk will corner
George and Anna Maria here. I could say that theyíre killed here, but I just
remembered that I just used that prank. Archie will save the day this time
around as he knocks out the monk with his last bottle of Ď85. It turns out that
the popeís cellar was the Secret Stash that Archie was talking about back on
street level.

Look at the dials on the wall and youíll have another puzzle. Turn the first
dial once and then the second dial five times. Turn the third one once and a
secret door will be revealed. Be careful heading down the next corridor because
a floor puzzle is coming up and you donít want to be caught off-guard.

Starting with the second tile on the left, proceed to follow this path:

Cross (this is the first tile you step on)
Move straight onto the next Cross tile.
Turn right onto the Sword tile.
Proceed onto the Lion tile to the right of it.
Move forward onto the next two Cross tiles.
Turn left onto a fourth Cross tile.
Go straight onto the fifth Cross tile.
Turn left onto a Moon tile and then onto the Lion tile to the left of it.
Proceed straight onto two more Cross tiles.
Turn right onto a Moon tile and onto the Lion tile to the right of it.
Move onto the final Cross tile to successfully make it across.

Anna Maria will repeat the path that George just took to make it across.
Continue onto the next room and cross the skinny bridge. Just after George
makes it across, heíll fall into a trap and itís up to him to tell Anna Maria
which levers to pull so that he can re-emerge. Tell Anna Maria to pull the
Assassin, Turk, Mamluk, and Templar levers in that order and George will emerge

In the next room, youíll find a statue of Jacques de Molay on the left wall.
Put the map in his hands and then light it on fire using the lighter and a
hidden door will open. Follow the hall down to the Ark only to find it missing.
Anna Maria will kick the base in frustration, and a door will close behind the
duo as poisonous gas begins to fill the room. Insert the rosary into the base
to unlock the next door to finally find Nico. Problem is, sheís chained up and
it looks like theyíre ready to sacrifice her in order to summon the Angel of
Death and cleanse the Earth of nonbelievers.

When your first opportunity arises, use the golf club to smash one of the
cherubs and watch the next set of sequences. Mevlut will enter here and
threaten to shoot George now that heís no longer a part of the Turkish
security. Heís fallen in line with the other guys in this room. Use the golf
club to smash the other cherub and youíll be treated to a rather abrupt, but
tragic ending.

All I can say is that I can't wait for Broken Sword V and I hope you've enjoyed
the game as much as I have, despite the long loading times and sometimes goofy


Revolution Software - Thank God for regaining your senses and making Broken
Sword IV as great as the first two games. Sure, there were quite a few hacking
puzzles, but none of them were nearly as bad as all the crate puzzles that
plagued Broken Sword 3. I also commend you on continuing to write great
dialogue and insisting on spot-on voice acting for George and Nico. As long as
you keep on making any future Broken Sword games as cool as this one, you know
you can count on me to continue supporting the series. I just hope that with
Broken Sword V you can improve on the load times because the ones in this game
seemed atrociously long.

Rolf Saxon - This guy has voiced George in every Broken Sword game to date and
it'd be hard to imagine the series without him. He does an excellent job
bringing George Stobbart to life and injecting humor into the games where it's

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