Sentimental Shooting Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Sentimental Shooting

Sentimental Shooting

 - - Walkthrough
Written by - - Alex "Joker" Hall
V. Final
2/5/03 - started on walkthrough
2/10/03 - completed walkthrough
2/24/03 - revised walkthrough
3/1/03 - revised walkthrough
3/12/03 - revised walkthrough
3/24/03 - revised walkthrough
10/18/03 - revised walkthrough
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- Personal Notes -

Ok.....first off this game isn't exactly for little kids since there
is nudity in it. This game works on PC, and I have no idea where you
can buy it. If you do want to play this game then I suggest downloading
it. I downloaded it off of Kazaa, so I suggest looking there to get the
game. Now as far as I know it doesn't have a rating, but if it did then
I'm pretty damn sure it'd be rated A - Adults. It's not the greatest
game around, but it is really fun. It works like Galaga or 1942, and
if you're an old school gamer then you'll find alot of nostalgic
enjoyment outta this one. Welp......on to the walkthrough.

Well my first walkthrough for GameFAQs is hit! Lotta people out there
really like my work. You all love me! You really really love me!
*wipes the tear from his eye* Well enough fooling around. Really this
update is long overdue for the millions......(AND MILLIONS!!!)........
of the Joker's fans for this FAQ. I'd like to apologize to all who've
waited for this update patiently. I've been a bit preooccupied with a
few things that were going on over here with me. Really the only thing
that would be significant of an excuse would be that I had a slight
cold...been in bed for like 3 1/2 days. The rest of that time I was
just watching The Pest and Dungeons & Dragons alot. So I'm bit lazy....
in anycase.....the first update for this FAQ is up and ready for all to
see and enjoy. Talk to you guys later.  -Alex "Joker" Hall-

- Revisions to the walkthrough:
  Added how to obtain the OMAKE pics

- Revisions to the walkthrough:
  Added Final Level clothes in the clothes part of each girl
  Added people's corrections and submissions
  Added the Sentimental Shooting Tip of the Decade!
  Added a new tip I figured out on the Wild Arm boss
  Added The Jace "Daijaga" Challenge
  Added the first Hall of Famers to the list

- Revisions to the walkthrough:
  Added new people to the Hall of Fame
  Made correction from an angry wife
  Added the Amber and Jace Hall of Fame

- Revisions to the Walkthrough:
  Added corrections and new people to the HoF
  Added a new HoF Coming Soon!!!!!!
  Added some other things to this that I felt were needed ^.^

Sentimental Shooting Tip of the Decade......

Table o' Stuff in this Walkthrough

1) Controls
2) Weapon Pick-Ups
3) Characters in the game
4) Enemies and Bosses
5) How the game works
6) Defeating (and undressing!) each girl
7) THE OMAKE PICS!!!!!!!!!!
8) The Amber "Kodamagurl" and Jace "Daijaga" Summers Challenge
9) The Hall of Fame!!!
10) The Amber and Jace Hall of Fame!!!
11) The PoisonFrog8 Hall of Fame!!!
12) Credits

1) Controls

- Basic movements are used with the Directional keys (up, down, left,
  right) you can use these keys to move all over the screen. You can
  also of course go diagonally. It's not that hard to learn these

- The Z button is your fire button. You'll basically be holding this
  button down the entire game, barely letting off of it.

- The X button is called ScrollStop in the game, and it's basically
  your special attack in the game. It has 2 distinctive functions in
  the game I have noticed. The first would be that it can stop the
  movement of the board, allowing you to take some time shooting away
  at that one target spot on the girl's clothes. Now enemies will still
  fly in and try to kill you off. They're not affected by your little
  ability to stop time. Using your ScrollStop function for this slowly
  drains your ScrollStop meter. The 2nd function you could use with the
  ScrollStop is destroy all enemy fire on the board including boss
  fire. To do this just tap the X key. This takes off a good chunk of
  your ScrollStop meter, but it's by far the most useful trick in this
  game, since you're under constant enemy fire! The X key is also used
  to take a snapshot of the girl once you've completed the level.

- The Escape key (Esc) will pause the game.

- The only keys you will use in this game is the Directional keys, Z, X
  and Esc keys.  

- Remember only have 3 lives per level. You are killed
  with one shot no matter what enemy hits you, so you must be careful.
  3 hits and you're outta there.

2) Weapon Pick-Ups

- Ok.........there are 2 kinds of weapons that you can carry and use
  alongside your basic weapon. They're a Laser and Missle Launcher.
  You can carry 3 extra weapons at a time. To get 3 at a time you have
  to grab the small boxes that'll fall down the screen from time to
  time (They have an L or M inside the box for Laser or Missle
  Launcher). To get 3 weapons at once it all depends on how you grab
  the boxes. If you grab one by running into it on your left side, then
  whatever you picked up will appear on your left side. So by running
  into the boxes once on your left, right, center sides you'll have 3
  extra weapons to carry at once and use all at the same time.

- The Laser is by far the best weapon to have. I suggest that you get
  3 Lasers. The Laser has an extremely fast rapid fire function, and it
  locks on to the strongest enemies currently on the stage. Also while
  it's locked onto these enemies if any other enemy happens to get in
  the way the laser damages them (or kills them) and continues on it's
  path to it's designated enemy. The Laser is a very dependable weapon
  and if you're to make it the boss levels I'd suggest getting 3 of

- The Missle Launcher is slower than the Laser and has no lock-on
  feature. But on the upside it's extremely powerful. The missles 
  won't go through enemies like the Laser either. Get missles if you
  have no extra weapons, and when Laser boxes appear substitute a
  laser for the missle launcher. If you can actually do great with the
  launcher then by all means stick with it.

- None of the weapons can help you to destroy the target points on the
  girls' clothing. You have to use your main guns to strip the girls.

3) Characters in the game

- First of there's're in this itty bitty little space ship
  that's actually been tricked out all pretty damn cool-like. You're blast off each and every girl's clothing to shreds!!!!!

- Here I'll tell you what each girl's name is, where they're located on
  the level select (or girl select, whichever you prefer) screen, and 
  their difficulty for each. I'll get into how to defeat their stage 
  and undress them later in the walkthrough. Difficulty is ranked from
  1 - 10. 1 being easiest and 10 being hardest. The first number will
  be for the first stage of the girl and the second is for the final 
  stage for the girl. Difficulty is based on an average of how things
  go for that girl for me. You may find a girl that I find easy hard,
  and vice versa.

- Akira - She's the blonde haired girl on the far left
          of the level select screen. She's holding a violin case 
          (thanks for the clarification goes to Don "Gamera" Chan)
          in her pic. Difficulty - 4, 2

- Asuka - Has short golden light brown hair and a green/yellow/white
          sailor school uniform. She has both hands against her chest
          in her pic on the level select screen. Difficulty - 1, 2

- Chie - Has dark hair and it's in a pony tail tied with a white
         ribbon. She has a redish maroon colored clothes. Her clothes
         resemble a sort of a blazer for business meetings on the level
         select screen. Difficulty - 3, 2

- Emiru - Has her hair in pigtails and in her stage select screen pic,
          she has a chick stuffed animal with her. Difficulty - 2, 4

- Honoka - She's the girl you start off on on the level select screen.
           She has long brown hair with a ribbon in it, and a red/blue/
           white sailor school uniform. Difficulty 1, 1

- Kaho - She has short brown hair, and wears a grey buisness type of
         suit. In her level select pic she's giving a double peace
         sign. Difficulty 3.5, 3

- Manami - Has long black hair, wears a peach and blue colored sailor
           school uniform. In her level select screen pic she is
           holding a small yellow bird. Difficulty 4, 6

- Miyuki - She has short brown hair with a white headband, a brown
           shirt, a red skirt, and is the only girl in the game that
           wears glasses. Difficulty 4, 4

- Rurika - She has short brown hair, wears a blue over shirt, a black
           under shirt, a white under shirt, a tie, and a black skirt.
           In her level select pic she has a small noticably fang in
           her smile. Difficulty 4.5, 7.5

- Taeko - Has an all blue sailor school uniform with a red scarf.Has
          short dark brown hair in pig tails. She has her finger 
          pointing in her level select pic. Difficulty 6, 7

- Wakana - Has long black hair, wears a white/blue shirt and a black
           skirt. In her level select pic she is facing you with her
           side to you. Difficulty 3, 5.5

- Yuu - She's the little goth girl of the bunch. Her hair in her level
        select pic brown, but when you get into her levels it changes
        from purple to red. She wears a black sailor school uniform
        with a yellow scarf. Difficulty 6, 9

4) Enemies and Bosses

- There 3 types of enemies in the game, regular enemies that you see in
  first stage of each girl's level, mini-bosses that you see in the
  first stage of each girl's level (these guys appear at random in all
  girl's first stages), and bosses that appear at the final level where
  you're gonna reap your rewards by stripping the girl down to nothing
  but her birthday suit.

- I don't know what the names are for any of the enemies in the game
  that the game developers gave them. I'll give them my own names with
  descriptions. If anyone knows the real names behind any or all
  enemies in the game then e-mail me and get some credit in this FAQ.

- Regular enemies -

- Grunts - The grunts are those small green ships that only fire 1 or
           2 shots and then retreat. They come from the top of the
           screen and go down about halfway. These guys are easy to

- Sweepers - Sweepers are annoying as hell. They travel as a pair
             always. They come in from the left and right side of the
             screen and when they reach each other in the middle
             they'll fire a spread shot that sweeps across the whole
             bottom area of the screen. If you take out one of them in
             time and only one of them fires, then you can easily make
             your way through the shots fired and dodge this annoying
             attack. If you have a Laser with you when they come out,
             the Laser will then always aim at them making it easier
             to kill them (unless a miniboss comes out, then the Laser)
             will aim at that instead).

- Back-Stabbers - These guys travel as a pack, and appear from the
                  bottom of the screen. To make matters worse with
                  these guys their shots have a sort of homing ability.
                  The shots fired from them will home in on you to a
                  point. You can go above it and it won't follow you,
                  or you can swing out farther from it and it won't
                  curve as far as your distance. Just so long as you
                  put some space between you and the shots then you'll
                  be fine. So first you must dodge the pack that
                  appears from behind you, then you must dodge their
                  semi-homing bullets after that. And the fact that
                  there's like 6 or more that come out at a time with
                  these guys makes them extremely annoying. When
                  they've passed by you and have got in front of you
                  do what you can to pick them off before they can fire
                  at you.

- Parachuters - These guys travel in a 6-pack. 3 come in from each side
                of the screen and fire a type of spread shot that goes
                off into the 3 different directions at first. The shot
                they fire at first comes out as a 3-Way shot with
                several bullets following the front one, but as they
                catch some distance they start to slowly spread out
                making the attack much more deadlier. With 6 of these
                guys firing at you, dodging this attack won't be easy.
                To make things more fun about this losers is that they
                figure if their attacks don't work on you, then they'll
                go kamakaze on your tail and try to fall down after you
                taking you with them. Their weakness is that they come
                out 2 at a time. So pick one of off, and dodge the shot
                made by the other one. You should have a small window
                of opportunity to get in between the shot or go around
                the shot completely before it has a chance to spread.
                Then when you've dodged the attack successfully shoot
                the suicidal mother out of the air before he has a
                chance to reach you. Repeat for the other 4 that's
                going to come out after you in a moment.

- Note on Regular Enemies - Now don't think that the enemies come out
                            one at a time now. They love to switch
                            things up with you. You could be fighting a
                            pack of grunts while sweepers come out to
                            help them. The Regs. in this game heavily
                            rely on teamwork with each other. So you're
                            gonna find yourself in constant lines of
                            fire since you can't very well pick off all
                            the enemies at once, even with 3 Lasers.
                            In order to survive to strip the girls
                            you're going to have to learn how to dodge
                            more than try to go all out with firepower.
                            The ScrollStop Breaker (just tapping the X
                            button, ScrollStop Breaker is my way of
                            saying destroying all enemy fire on screen.
                            ) is one of the best ways to rid yourself
                            of enemy fire and keep you alive. Another
                            way to get rid of all enemy fire is to
                            destroy an article of the girl's clothing.
                            If you destroy an article of girl's
                            clothing then the screen will flash similar
                            to the ScrollStop Breaker and destroy all
                            enemy fire, saving you a ScrollStop Breaker
                            for later and your butt.

- Mini-Bosses -

- The Destroyer - The Destroyer is the mini-boss you will encounter the
                  most out of the 2 mini-bosses. It takes up a good
                  portion of the screen and fires 2 3-Way shots similar
                  to the Parachuters, except that the bullets are
                  bigger, faster, spread farther, and they're blue as
                  opposed to the red ones of the Parachuters! Now
                  dodging this attack of the mini-boss is fairly easy.
                  Just get in between the bullets like with the
                  Parachuters and attack the thing. It's life isn't
                  as bad as you would think. It'll die in no time flat.
                  Just keep firing at it. If you just spend your time
                  dodging it's attacks then the thing will stop firing
                  and keeping in line in the position it came from from
                  the top of the screen, it'll attempt to crash into
                  you, just destroying you. It'll keep on going until
                  it goes off screen. Just dodge it's attacks and
                  attack it and you should have no problem at all with

- The Mother Ship - Now this is the hardest of the mini-bosses. The
                    Mother Ship comes in from the top of the screen
                    and begins firing these small bullets in a total
                    spread shot formation that takes up the entire
                    screen. Not only that it fires lasers that go in
                    straight lines just in case you're in front of it.
                    In order to defeat this thing so that it doesn't
                    try to run you over you must dodge in between the
                    bullets and watch out for the lasers. This thing's
                    life is a bit longer than the Destroyer's, so just
                    stick with it. Keep up the pressure and it'll be
                    out of your hair in no time.

- Notes on the Mini-Bosses - The guys have the most annoying tendency
                             to join in when a huge group of regs. are
                             out on the screen. You have to fight the
                             minis along with the regs., which is no
                             easy matter. You will be using your Scroll
                             Stop Breaker here in these instances,
                             especially if it's with the Mother Ship.
                             In order to get back to stripping the
                             girls with minimal annoyance you have to
                             deal with minis when they come out. It's
                             bad enough that you have to deal with regs
                             while stripping the girls, let alone a
                             mini to go with it???? So do what you can
                             to destroy the mini as fast as possible.
                             If you have 2 or 3 Lasers equipped, then
                             stay out of the minis range and let the
                             Lasers do the work for you. Just 
                             concentrate on dodging the stray bullets
                             that go out from it's far side while the
                             Lasers hack away at the mini.

- Bosses -

- Notes on the Bosses - I know it's early for notes, but I should tell
                        you this first since.....they're bosses. Number
                        1....each boss appears twice in the game. They
                        guard 2 different girls each. So be prepared
                        to face a boss that you don't like again some
                        other time. Now on to the bosses.....

- The X-Vulcan - This boss is by far the easiest. It's in the shape of
                 an X and only has 3 types of attacks. It's first
                 attack (which it uses the longest) is a simple line
                 shot that resembles the Back-Stabbers ('cept this
                 one doesn't have any type of homing). After a good
                 amount of line shots taken by it (which are so easy to
                 dodge that it's not funny) it will then fire a spread
                 shot that randomly fires in all directions (this is
                 easy to dodge also, but not as easy as the line shot
                 it has.). Try and dodge the spread shot as much as
                 possible, and use your ScrollStop Breaker when it's
                 needed. It's third shot is it's most devestating and
                 coolest. It's a huge beam that it shoots from the
                 center of the ship. You will see it start to charge up
                 for this attack as it's starting to end it's spread
                 shot attack. You can't use your ScrollStop on this,
                 besides........why would you want to anyways? It's
                 easy to dodge. All you have to do is stay out of the
                 X-Vulcan's center range (basically stay on the outside
                 of the X-Vulcan all together.) and you've dodged it.
                 In time at all you'll have this boss dead in no time.
                 Boss of: Honoka, Asuka

- The Wild Arm - The Wild Arm looks like a giant tank almost that has
                 these 2 long arm attachments that has a rapid fire
                 function to it. Basically it's firing so fast that it
                 makes it impossible to move out of the small area it
                 traps you in. Once it has you trapped inside it's
                 rapid fire wall, it starts firing spread shots at you.
                 Now the area it gives you doesn't leave you with
                 really any room to dodge at all, so you're extremely
                 lucky if you're able to dodge all the shots it fires
                 at you. In order to prevent it from hitting you allow
                 yourself to get inside of it's trap (really you won't
                 have much of a choice since it spreads it's arms all
                 the way to the very ends of the screen.). You will
                 need to have some ScrollStop energy up for this boss.
                 Get to just right beside the bullets and use your
                 ScrollStop Breaker to momentarily stop the bullets
                 from it's arms. You won't have but a second to move to
                 the outside of it's rapid fire stream. Once you're on
                 the outside of the stream you can focus on stripping
                 the girl. In order to easily destroy the arms on the
                 boss you will need to have Lasers equipped. Once
                 you've got to the outside just start firing and let
                 the Lasers do their stuff by picking off Wild Arm from
                 a safe distance. If you're not fortunate enough to
                 have any Lasers then you'll need to attack it when
                 it's not using it's main spread attack and only trying
                 to get you into it's trap. When you first fight it it
                 will spread it's arms out and trap you in to use it's
                 main spread shot attack. After the attack is finished
                 it will spread out it's right arm and try to trap you
                 on the right side of the screen, then it'll do the
                 same to the left. While it's trapping you to the left
                 and right it will use a small mini spread attack
                 before using it's main spread attack. Once you've
                 destroyed the arms on it it will start sending out
                 4 small satellites that fire line spread shots in
                 every single direction. All 4 fire at the same time.
                 It's very hard to dodge the shots (but not impossible)
                 so if you know you can dodge the shots at that time
                 then don't use your ScrollStop Breaker, if not then
                 use it.( New Info: I found out that if you shoot out
                 just one of the satellites, then they all disappear
                 along with their bullets.)
                 Basically to beat this boss you're gonna need
                 dodging skills and good amount of ScrollStop Power to
                 beat this boss.
                 Boss to: Emiru, Manami

- The Samurai - The Samurai looks like a tank with some frilly stuff
                around the bottom of it, and it has 2 cannons that
                crazily circle the thing. It has 3 different attacks
                that it uses with the cannons. The first attack is the
                easiest to dodge. It fires shots that come out as V's.
                When it changes it's firing mode the cannon's will go
                flying offscreen and come back just as fast. It's
                2nd firing mode is a small spread shot that's a bit
                difficult to dodge, but with enough dodging practice
                this'll be a sinch. Use your ScrollStop Breaker here
                if needed. The 3rd firing mode and it's final one
                before it restarts it's sequence is an extremely large
                scatter shot. It fires a massive amount of red bullets,
                followed up by larger blue bullets. You will be using
                your ScrollStop Breaker alot here. Once you've 
                destroyed the cannons 2 more will come out, but these
                won't change it's mode or do a quick switch out. This
                final attacking mode for it uses the 2 substitute
                cannons at full power causing them to do scatter shots
                of both red and the larger blue bullets, plus they now
                fire blue semi-homing line shots that are faster than
                the Back-Stabbers homing shot. Once it's in this mode
                you'll be using that ScrollStop Breaker tech so much
                it wouldn't make any sense. Just keep the pressure on
                because it's almost dead. To make things easier you can
                of course have Lasers or even Missle Launchers for this
                one. Having any sort of extra weapons will make this
                fight alot easier.
                Boss to: Taeko, Yuu

- The Evil Fly - In my personal opinion I think this is the leader of
                 all the enemies in the game. The Evil Fly has 2
                 smaller versions of itself that flies around it for
                 a moment and fires a few rapid shots at you. The main
                 fly himself fires a few shots off at you as well. When
                 the 2 flies fly off screen even smaller flies fly out
                 of the main fly and start using the X-Vulcan's big
                 cannon move, cept it's as small as the flies
                 themselves (even tho it fires out 3 to 4 at a time).
                 Now when the mini flies are out trying to hit you with
                 the cannon blast move those 2 smaller clones of the
                 big bug start flying around you keep a very close
                 distance to you, and they fire at you. It's not hard
                 to dodge their shots, but when they make you dodge
                 they make you dodge into those mini flies' cannon
                 blasts. So if you see this trap coming on use a
                 ScrollStop Breaker to get rid of the mini flies and
                 get rid of the smaller flies' shots. You can destroy
                 the smaller flies, but if you focus mainly on the big
                 fly then the 2 smaller flies will self destruct out
                 of damage done to the main one. As soon as the main
                 bug gets rid of it's sidekicks be ready for some
                 choas. The main fly will start firing scatter shots
                 all over the place, plus it'll start firing off those
                 annoying little mini flies like crazy as well. You
                 most definitely need your ScrollStop Breaker here.
                 You can make this fight easier by getting 3 Lasers and
                 letting them handle the main bug while you dodge from
                 a safe distance. This boss is by far the trickiest to
                 deal with, and it'll probably take you some time to
                 defeat him.
                 Boss to: Rurika, Wakana

- The Armory - This guy looks like a white tank with 2 main cannons
               in the front and 2 floating in the back, plus one on
               it's back. The ones in front are what it'll start using
               against you in the beginning. You can fire at the
               cannon's themselves causing damage to them and
               eventually destroying them. At first it fires spread
               shots, but when it sustains enough damage it starts
               spinning circles firing big blue bullets all over the
               place. When it's sustained more damage it starts firing
               small red spread shots at a semi-rapid fire. Once you
               get the cannons to fire red spreads then keep pressure
               on it because it's almost destroyed. Once both are
               destroyed both the floating back cannons and the main
               back cannon start firing scatter shots all over the
               place. You'll need to use your ScrollStop Breaker here
               quite a few times to survive this one. To make things
               easier use either the Laser or Missle Launcher weapons
               for this one. He's not exactly hard, but he's not easy
               either. Just keep up with it, and you'll defeat it.
               Boss to: Miyuki, Chie

- The Black Plague - This guy is huge and deadly. His first attacks are
                     to shoot out small spreads plus attacks distinct
                     to him. He fires out 3 different kinds of lasers.
                     First there's a blue one. It's goes in a straight
                     line and is easily dodged. 2nd is the red one. It
                     to goes in a straight line, but instead it also
                     breaks apart and fires of in the direction that
                     you are in (although not accurately) 3 times.
                     Finally there's the green one. This one is a
                     homing laser that will follow you. You must make
                     it turn 3 times before it'll stop chasing you.
                     This boss loves to use it's red and green lasers
                     like crazy. Use your ScrollStop Breaker Tech to
                     get you out of tight situations that you might get
                     yourself into with this boss. Once you've
                     destroyed the front part of the ship that fires
                     the lasers it will start to fire crazily all over
                     the place. Then once it's settled down a bit it'll
                     start to get it's rhythm back and it'll start
                     shooting scatter, spread, and line shots all over
                     the screen. You'll need to use your ScrollStop
                     Breaker here like crazy. Just keep the pressure on
                     and it'll be finished.
                     Boss to: Akira, Kaho

5) How the game works

- This is your basic shooter. All you do is destroy the bad guys while
  undressing the girl you've chosen. To undress a girl get a target box
  on the clothes. It'll look like a green targeting box. There's a
  small number in the box that's the "life" of that box. Once it's
  reached 0 then the box will disappear and the clothes will begin to
  rip. Once you've destroyed certain areas of the clothes then
  eventually an article of clothing will fall off in shreds of cloth
  leaving nothing but her bra and/or panties showing. If you have
  successfully destroyed all the girl's clothing by the end of the
  level, then you will be allowed to take on the boss, and recieve the
  chance to strip off her bra and panties leaving her bare ass naked.
  If you can strip off all of her clothes in the first stage, and then
  strip her naked in the 2nd stage and defeat the boss then you've
  officially defeated the level with that girl in it. Also you can take
  snapshots of the girl once you've defeated the stage. After it
  adds up the score it'll give the option in the bottom right corner
  of the screen to take a snapshot. It doesn't matter where you take
  the snapshot of the girl if you've defeated the stage, because it
  will take a pic of the entire girl. You can look at the pics in the
  snapshot folder. If no one believes you beat that girl, show them
  the 2 pics of her (bra and panties, then nude). It's that simple.

6) Defeating (and Undressing!) each girl

- you know what to look out for and how to defeat the
  enemies. Now it's time to get down to the part that you'll need to
  know to actually beat the game......stripping the ladies. First off
  you need to know that there are green target boxes that will appear
  on a point on the girl's clothing. That box appears whenever you've
  shot it from a distance, or if you've moved your ship close to the
  spot. Each target box has a number inside it that shows the HP for
  that spot. Just shoot the box until it reaches 0 and the clothes fall
  off in shreds for that spot. Just keep it up and you'll have your
  girl stripped down naked for you to see in no time.

- Akira - 

- On the first stage for Akira she sitting with her legs outward and
  her arm over her knees. Clothes you must destroy to get 100% are: 
  First Level
  2 socks
  her skirt
  her shirt
  her scarf around her neck
  Final Level
  Now the ones you must worry about the most is her socks. You won't
  have as much time with them as you will the rest of her clothes.
  Each sock has 5 target spots on them, but they've all got pretty low
  HP. When you see the socks out on screen, immediately go for them and
  destroy them. To destroy her skirt you must hit the part that goes
  under her butt and above her knees. You'll have clear shots at the
  exposed part of the skirt in the beginning, so take them then as you
  will have a snag later. When you've circled back around from her
  socks, if you've destroyed the exposed parts of her skirt then you
  won't have much worries. To destroy her entire skirt you must destroy
  the target boxes on the lower part of her shirt. Once they've been
  destroyed then the rest of her skirt will show. Destroy the remaining
  target boxes for her skirt and the entire thing will fall off leaving
  her nothing but panties and her shirt and scarf. Now onto the shirt.
  To destroy her shirt there are alot of target spots to hit. When
  you're circling around to the socks, you'll get some shots at the
  sleeve on her arm over her knees. Take those shots and destroy as
  many as you can. The screen moves slowly on her, so you'll have
  plenty of time to take out the shirt. The target boxes appear
  mainly at her sleeves and shoulders. At one point you'll have a clear
  shot at her scarf. By this point in time you should of seen and
  destroyed her sleeves and the bottom of her shirt. Take out the scarf
  so you don't have to worry about it later. After you've destroyed
  most of her clothing by now it should start to move to her right
  shoulder. There are 3 target boxes to destroy here, but they're not
  that tough. Just get rid of these and her shirt falls off in shreds.
  If it doesn't, then you missed a spot on her shirt, and you'll have
  to do the whole level over again. If you've managed to destroy all of
  her clothes (poor girl's gonna catch a cold now) then you get to move
  on to the final level and shoot off her bra and panties. The bra and
  panties each have 5 target boxes on them. The boxes aren't that hard
  to destroy as they all have some low HP. Just dodge the Black
  Plague's attacks and hit the target spots on her when they show up.
  If you have Lasers you might want to be careful as you could
  accidentally destroy the boss without destroying all of her clothes.
  If that happens then the game's over. You'll have to go through the
  entire process for her again. This holds true for all girls. Once
  you've destroyed the bra and panties on her (and now have her bare
  naked in front of you!) destroy the boss and take your snapshot of
  her nude.

- Asuka -

- She is a bit tricky when it comes to destroying her clothes. Her
  clothes are:
  First Level
  a pair of stockings
  a skirt
  a shirt
  a scarf
  Final Level
  The stockings are going to give you a bit of trouble. They travel
  down from her feet to her hips. To fully destroy them you must
  destroy the skirt and bottom part of her shirt. You'll get a chance
  to do so when the stage starts. Take out as much as possible until
  you have to go down to her stockings. When you reach the stockings
  position the ship at the bottom of the screen and start taking out
  every target box that appears on her stockings. Make sure to find
  and hit all target boxes that show up on her stockings. When you're
  going up her legs if you already haven't done so, destroy her skirt
  and bottom shirt part. This will expose the stockings on her thighs
  and butt. Destroy the remaining target boxes that appear on her
  thighs and butt and the stockings will fall to shreds. Just one note
  .....the hardest part to destroy is on her foot. You only have the
  slightest chance to destroy it. If you need to use the ScrollStop
  Time Freeze (holding the X key instead of just tapping it) to take
  out the box. Her skirt is really easy to destroy as is her scarf and
  shirt. The screen moves slowly enough for you to take out everything
  on her. Just remember to swing out to her arm that's layed out behind
  her. Now on to her bra and panties. She's layed out in a model's pose
  so things are fairly easy to hit. The boss is the easiest so just
  dodge it's attacks while you destroy her bra and panties. The HP is
  low on each target box for her bra and panties so you'll have no
  trouble getting rid of them.

- Chie -

- Her level is a little hard. Her clothes are:
  First Level
  1 sock
  a shirt
  a skirt
  an underskirt
  Final Level
  At first it starts you off in front of the sock, but it moves by
  pretty fast for you to take out much of any part. You might be able
  to take out just one spot on her sock, but that's ok. You'll move up
  to her skirt first. There are 2 small spots on her skirt that are
  a bit tricky. The smallest spot is close to her leg on the right side
  of the screen. Destroy this spot and the rest should come easy to
  you. After it moves from the skirt it will go to her sock. Her sock
  is fairly easy to destroy, just give it some attention more than the
  enemies. After it goes to the sock it will then move back to her
  skirt. You'll get a clear shot at the rest of her skirt that you
  didn't destroy before. Once you've destroyed her skirt, an underskirt
  will appear where her skirt was when it becomes shreds. This is easy
  to destroy, as it has only about 3 target spots to hit (and fairly
  big spots at that). Once you've destroyed the underskirt, her panties
  will be showing. Next it will start to move up to her shirt. All the
  spots on her shirt are pretty obvious and really easy to destroy.
  Just keep attention to her shirt and it'll all be destroyed in no
  time. Her bra and panties are easy to destroy. Her panties are
  bunched up between her legs, so they have very few target boxes.
  Just take aim at the and all the target boxes should show up. Her bra
  has the most target boxes so move your ship left to right when you
  see her bra to make all the boxes appear. They don't have the highest
  HP, but just keep shooting at them and dodge the bosses attacks.

- Emiru -

- Emiru not only has clothes to destroy, but a big stuffed animal to
  destroy as well. Her clothes are:
  First Level
  a stuffed animal
  a skirt
  a shirt
  Final Level
  panties the start of the level it passes by pretty quickly over
  her stockings. You can shoot out some of the target boxes if you want
  to, but it's not necessary for you to right then and there. It'll put
  you down at her feet and from there on up it goes by extremely
  slowly. From her feet you'll have plenty of time to take aim and
  destroy her stockings and everything else. In order to destroy her
  skirt and shirt you must destroy the stuffed animal she carries in
  her hands. It has a massive amount of HP, but it has an extremely
  huge target box range. Just destroy the stuffed animal and then focus
  on the skirt and shirt which are relatively easy to destroy. All the
  target boxes have low HP on the skirt and shirt. When you destroy the
  skirt you will see her panties, but when you destroy her shirt you
  will see a thin shirt in place of a bra. You don't have to destroy
  this yet so don't worry. When you get to the final round you have to
  worry about destroying a shirt and panties to get her naked. In order
  to destroy her panties you must destroy her shirt. You'll only have
  one target box to shoot at at first on her panties. This is rather
  tricky to get her naked since that boss stays in your way constantly.
  Just try your best to focus on the shirt without fully killing the
  boss. When you've finally destroyed the shirt you can destroy her
  panties. You're going to really need dodging ability here to survive
  and strip the girl. Use your ScrollStop Breaker when necessary. It
  might take a few tries to get this one down right without destroying
  the boss outright at first, but you'll get it eventually.

- Honoka -

- She's fairly easy to defeat, it might take you only one or 2 tries
  to fully defeat her without a hitch. Her clothes are:
  First Level
  2 socks
  a shirt
  a ribbon around her neck over the top of her chest
  a skirt
  Final Level
  When you start the level you fly in pretty fast. Your first target
  that you can hit is the bottom of her skirt. Take out as many targets
  that you can. You'll slowly make your way down to her socks. Each
  sock has 3 target spots that are fairy easy to hit and destroy. When
  you start to move up to her skirt the only hardest part to hit is on
  her butt. You don't get much of a chance to hit that spot. You'll get
  one extremely small chance to start on it at first, then it'll swing
  out sorta wide so you can see her whole butt. Take both opportunities
  to take out this part of her skirt. Really this should be the last
  part of her skirt that you should have to take out since the rest of
  it is really easy to take out. When you first reach her shirt your
  first thing to do is take out the ribbon on her chest. Once that's
  been destroyed you'll have the whole shirt vulnerable to be destroyed
  and ultimately totally stripped. The arm that's not behind her head
  is seperate from the rest of her shirt and will fall off after you've
  destroyed the target boxes on it. In order to destroy the entire
  shirt you must hit all the target boxes on her chest, stomach, and
  the arm behind her head. Now the final stage is extremely easy. You
  have the easiest boss in the game to deal with here. Just dodge his
  shots while taking out her bra and panties. You first start off
  taking out her panties, which are easy to destroy, then you destroy
  her bra. Once you've stripped her to her bare essentials just take
  out the boss and you're done here.

- Kaho -

- Here you got a girl with a trick up her sleeve when it comes to
  getting her naked. Her clothes are:
  First Level
  2 socks
  a shirt
  a skirt
  an underskirt
  a small ribbon
  Final Level
  Ok........first off the biggest worry about her is her sock that's
  not under her butt. I'll get to that in a sec. You start off able to
  shoot at skirt and her sock that she's sitting on. You should be able
  to take out that sock plus a few spots on her skirt, if not the whole
  thing if you're that fast. After it moves to this part it will start
  moving down to her other sock. Immediately move to the bottom of the
  screen and stay in line with her leg. When you reach her sock start
  shooting at it to make the target boxes appear. There's 4 to hit
  here. You don't have much time to take out the sock, but it can be
  done. The target boxes aren't that strong, it's just the timing and
  speed. The most irritating spot to hit is on her toes. Once the
  screen reaches the very tip of her toes, it moves back up, leaving
  you with extremely minimal time to destroy this spot. You can use
  your ScrollStop Time Freeze if you're a newbie to the game to take
  out that spot (hey I had to my first time playing this girl til I got
  the feel for the game....). Once you've got that sock destroyed it's
  fairly smooth sailing from there (that is if you can handle the
  enemies and all). When you destroy her skirt an underskirt will
  appear in it's place. This isn't as hard to destroy as the skirt.
  Just a few shots and it's gone, and the panties are now showing. Her
  shirt is also easy to destroy. When you make that first turn around
  on her sock (the one she's sitting on) and skirt, you can take out
  a few spots on her sleeve. This is recommended since you should focus
  on her skirt later when you get a full view on it instead of having
  to worry about both her sleeve and skirt at the same time. When you
  reach her shirt you'll notice a small red ribbon tucked inside her
  shirt. To destroy her shirt you have to hit this spot also. Now her
  ribbon has a nice bit of life to deal with, and it also has a small
  target area. Even though it's got these 2 downsides you should be
  able to deal with it no prob. You have to hit her all along her
  sleeves, chest, and stomach to fully destroy her shirt and expose her
  bra. Now her final level isn't hard, just a bit difficult because of
  the boss. Just dodge his shots. It's also recommended that you don't
  destroy his first gun. Let him stay with his small lasers, if you do
  destroy his first gun then you'll have to deal with that spread shot
  of his which makes things harder for you to strip her in the nude.
  Her bra and panties don't have really any life in any of the target
  spots, so just dodge and shoot and you'll have her naked in no time.

- Manami -

- Here's a girl that wants to give you problems getting her naked. Her
  clothes are:
  First Level
  a pair of stockings
  a shirt
  a skirt
  Final Level
  Now things start off with you flying in somewhat fast. Shoot at her
  stockings as much as possible as you pass by them, try to destroy as
  many target spots as possible. I recommend you stay at the bottom of
  the screen the entire stage since she has alot of tricky spots to
  destroy. The first tricky spot is at her foot on the leg that isn't
  bent. Just like with Kaho the moment it reaches the tip of her toes
  it'll start moving back up again, and like Kaho there's a target box
  at her toes. The 2nd tricky thing with her is her stockings all
  together. You have to destroy her skirt in order to locate the last
  few target spots for the stockings. Now the speed of the board isn't
  that slow. Despite all her clothes having some pretty big target
  spots and low HP for each, the stage itself moves at a pretty fast
  pace. This girl might actually take you quite a few tries to strip
  down to her bra and panties. Now on her final stage you have to deal
  with a boss that actually takes some skill to defeat at first.
  Getting her naked isn't that hard. Both the bra and panties have 4
  target spots each, with low HP for each one. The main thing to worry
  about is the boss. Once you've got him figured out then you can focus
  on the bra and panties at your own pace. Keep up the pressure and
  you'll be rewarded with a nice nude anime girl.

- Miyuki -

- This girl can (and probably will!!!) give you some trouble to strip.
  Her clothes are:
  First Level
  a shirt
  a skirt
  2 socks
  an underskirt
  Final Level
  When you start off on the 1st stage you are able to shoot at her
  socks right off the bat. This is the only time you have to get rid
  of them, so destroy them now. Both socks have 4 target spots, and
  there's one target spot on each that's extremely small. They're not
  that hard to find, just a bit hard to aim at considering that you
  have constant enemy fire. Now when you leave her socks you move up
  to her skirt. Shoot out as many target spots as possible when you
  first see her skirt. Now on a note on why this girl is a bit hard to
  strip: THE STAGE GOES BY TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!! What I mean by this is
  that the stage is really short, not that the screen moves fast. So
  you have only a small amount of time to strip her to her bra and
  panties. Well back to the stripping.....In order to fully destroy her
  skirt you must destroy the bottom part of her shirt. When you've
  cleared out her bottom shirt half take out what's left of the skirt.
  When you've fully destroyed the skirt an underskirt will appear in
  it's place. The underskirt isn't hard to destroy as it has 3 huge
  target spots. Just destroy it as fast as you can! Now this girl has
  a long sleeve shirt. Whenever you get the opportunity take out her
  sleeves in the beginning. This'll make destroying her shirt alot
  easier when you come to it. Her shirt has fairly large target areas,
  but they all have a pretty decent amount of HP each making them a
  tad bit hard to destroy in time. If you're quick enough on this stage
  then you get to move on to her final stage, and then you have the
  opportunity to see her in the buff. Her final stage is nowhere near
  as hard as her 1st stage, just dodge the boss's fire and take out the
  bra and panties when they show up. It would be a considerable amount
  of help if you're able to get 3 Lasers right off the bat in her 1st
  stage. If you're fortunate to get 3 in the beginning then you
  shouldn't have much of a problem with enemies, and you can focus more
  on her clothes.

- Rurika -

- Not too hard, but not too easy either. Her clothes are:
  First Level
  2 socks
  a skirt
  a shirt
  a jacket
  a tie
  Final Level
  You start off at her feet, so your first target is her socks. You
  must destroy both here and now, because you don't get a 2nd chance at
  them later. Her socks are easy to destroy though, so no worries
  there. Now her skirt too is easy to destroy. The target boxes on it
  are fairly large so you won't have much of a prob with it. Now when
  you move up to her shirt you'll only get a few target spots on it,
  plus you'll see her tie. Now her tie has alot of HP, but there's only
  one target box to hit. In order to fully destroy everything from the
  waist up with her, you must take out her jacket after you've shot out
  her tie and shirt. Her jacket is long sleeved, so be prepared to take
  out an excess amount of target spots. Her jacket is the most annoying
  part about her. It has many target spots, but they're low on HP. Just
  do your best to fish out all the spots while dodging enemy fire. On a
  note for this stage....I noticed that enemies seem to more aggressive
  than in the other stages, coming out in massive swarms. Taking out
  the jacket while dealing with enemies is no easy thing, but if you
  use your ScrollStop Breaker then you shouldn't have any sort of prob
  with this. Now when her jacket is destroyed and everything falls off
  to shreds, you'll see a shirt in place of everything you destroyed.
  This you don't have to destroy just yet, this is her bra replacement.
  In the final stage she has a huge shirt, panties, and the hardest
  boss in my opinion. Her shirt has extremely massive sized target
  boxes with low HP, so taking out her shirt won't be too much of a
  problem. When you've destroyed her shirt you'll expose her panties.
  Get rid of them as quickly as possible and presto......a totally nude
  chick for you to look at. Just deal with that damn boss as best as
  you can.

- Taeko -

- She's not so much hard as she is annoying!!!!!!! Her clothes are:
  First Level
  2 socks
  a shirt
  a skirt
  Final Level
  an apron
  You start off in front of one sock in the beginning. This sock isn't
  difficult at all to destroy. Take it out as quickly as possible since
  you don't get a 2nd chance at it. The screen will then move up to her
  skirt. Take out as many target spots as you can to make things easier
  for you later. Now the screen will then move down to her other sock.
  For some ungodly reason this sock has massive HP for it. Each target
  spot is in the 200's or just at 200 for HP. The screen might move
  slow at first, but it'll speed up in a moment. Take advantage of the
  slowness when you reach the sock. It'd be best if you positioned
  yourself at the very bottom of the screen so that you can start on
  the target's the moment you see the sock. Take out this sock as fast
  as possible also since you won't be making any return trips to it.
  Now her skirt and shirt act the same in this level.....all target
  spots are small and have decent to high HP. There are many spots to
  shoot at on her that you'll get confused as to which spot belongs to
  what. Just shoot at all that appear in front of you. When it reaches
  her butt there's a spot there that you only have a moment to destroy.
  When you see the screen start moving towards her butt make your way
  to position yourself to shooting out it's target spot. I've had many
  times where I'll miss this spot and get everything else, so don't go
  through all the headaches I went through and do what you can to get
  this spot out of your way. The stage moves by pretty slow so even
  though each box has high HP, you should have the time to destroy them
  all. When you've succeeded you should see her in her bra and panties.
  Now on her 2nd stage she takes off her bra and panties and puts on an
  apron. This makes things a bit more difficult. Each spot on her apron
  is spread far out from each other, making looking for each spot a
  hassle. When you find a target spot though it should be huge with low
  HP, so do your best at finding each one. When you've shot out all the
  spots, the entire apron falls off leaving her naked for the world to

- Wakana -

- A bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but you'll get her in no
  time. Her clothes are:
  First Level
  a sock
  a shirt
  a skirt
  an underskirt
  Final Level
  When you start off the level you'll start off in front of her only
  sock. This is easy to destroy so make quick work of it. Next you
  move up to her shirt and skirt. I suggest that you start off taking
  out her sleeve before working on her skirt, but if you have found a
  way that works for you then go with it. Her clothes aren't very
  difficult to destroy. Most (if not all) target spots have low HP.
  In order to destroy her skirt fully you must destroy the bottom part
  of her skirt. Once you've exposed the rest of skirt by this time you
  should of destroyed the majority of it, so you'll only have just 2 or
  3 target spots left. When her skirt is destroyed there's an under-
  skirt in it's place. The undrskirt is easy to destroy and shouldn't
  take very long to get rid of. Once you've destroyed that you've
  exposed her panties. Now her shirt is also easy as well. Basically
  this is a stage that you yourself will have to find a way to
  defeating at your own pace. The stage moves by pretty slowly making
  things rather easy, so just do things the way you want to do here.
  Now on her final stage her panties are weak, but her bra has massive
  HP. The target spots on her bra reach up to 400 HP in some spots. The
  boss here doesn't make things easy either, so you're gonna have to
  put that dodging ability of yours to good use (or use your ScrollStop
  Breaker like crazy). There aren't many spots on her bra and panties
  so just deal with that boss and you'll have her nude in no time.

- Yuu -

- The little goth girl will give you a hard time, but in my opinion....
  she's worth it! (Personal note: this is my fav girl in the game.)Her
  clothes are:
  First Level
  2 socks
  a skirt
  a shirt
  Final Level
  her hand
  Ok........while her clothes have pretty big target areas, they all
  have alot of HP each. You start off in front of one of her socks.
  You only get one chance at each of her socks, so whenever you see
  them immediately go to them and destroy them. Her socks are about the
  only part of her that's low on HP for target spots. Now destroying
  both her shirt and skirt isn't easy. The target areas are huge on
  them, but they're all high on HP. The stage moves by slowly enough
  so that you can take out each spot at your own pace. Just deal with
  the massive amount of enemies that appear on this stage to even shoot
  at the target spots on her shirt and skirt. Once you've stripped her
  to her bra and panties you'll move on to the final stage. Here you'll
  notice that her hand is resting above her panties and at first she is
  smiling when you see her face. Her bra has just a few target spots on
  it with somewhat low HP for each spot, so taking out her bra should
  be a piece of cake. Now when you destroy her panties she puts her
  hand in the way so you can't see her totally nude yet. Well you'll
  fix that soon enough. You can shoot her hand (you have to to get 100%
  completion on this stage), but it has the most HP on the game (a
  whopping 1000 HP). When you finally have knocked her hand away from
  her crotch you'll be able to deal with the boss at your own pace,
  also you'll notice that her face is now that of pain rather than
  happiness like before. Get the boss out of the way and you're home
  free to take your snapshot of Yuu in the nude.

7) THE OMAKE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!

- Recently I've been told by many people about the OMAKE pics, and have
  seen them all due to various donations from all you. Thanks guys....
  you rule. Now it's time that everyone gets there hands on the OMAKE
  pics. I know it's been a long time coming and I'm sorry for so fucking
  scatter brained about not updating this with the OMAKE pics section,
  but better late than never.......

- If you manage to win both stages for the chosen girl with 100%
  complete, no life loss, and not using any scroll stop, you will fight
  a hidden boss after beating the regular boss.  That hidden boss is
  very powerful and takes lots of shots to kill, and there are 2 phases!
  In first phase it sweeps across the screen horizontally and fires blue
  shots downwards and occasional red shots in circular formation, then
  switches to red shots sweeping in diagonal formation, then it stops at
  upper center of the screen, and fires lots of red shots in (mostly)
  circular formation, then repeat.  At phase 2, it sweeps across the
  screen again, and fires red, purple, blue, green shots rapidly in fan
  formations.  If you manage to beat that -- regardless of scroll stop 
  use or life loss -- you will get another picture for the girl in
  OMAKE\ directory.

- There you have it. Those aren't my words, they're the words of the
  immortal Sentimental Shooting great, Jacob. There you have it people,
  get your ass in gear and start making legends of yourselves in the way
  of Sentimental Shooting! It's your civil duty!

8) The Amber "Kodamagurl" and Jace "Daijaga" Summers Challenge

- Corrections need to be would seem that Jace's girl
  Amber "Kodamagurl" came up with the idea instead of Jace. Damn did he
  hear it when she found out he took credit for her idea. Shame on you
  Jace......course I'm sure he learned his lesson by now. I don't think 
  I even wanna know what she did to him when she found out. In any case 
  the creds now goto Amber "Kodamagurl" for coming up with this

- OK........first off I want to let everyone know that all the credit
  goes to Jace "Daijaga" Summers for coming up with this idea. The
  dude e-mailed me his Hall of Fame proof of completion stuff, and in
  that e-mail he told me of a challenge that he came up with. Instead
  of trying to destroy all the clothes on a girl, he said try leaving
  one article of clothing on her (her skirt, socks, shirt, etc.) w/o
  destroying a single shred on the item of clothing that you've chosen.
  That means if you pick to not destroy a girl's skirt, then not a
  single target box can be fully destroyed. Now most people might think
  "Well how can I get to the final level?" Well you can't. This is
  basically a challenge for those who've completed the enitire game
  altogether. (Or at least beat that one girl entirely....) So for
  those that are looking for that extra challenge after completing the
  game (and hopefully e-mailing HoF submissions) then I suggest trying
  this challenge out. I haven't myself tried it at this point, but I
  will soon enough, and in my next update I'll let everyone know how it
  was for me, and how hard it was for me. So give it a shot. The only
  thing you have to lose is not seeing the girl totally half naked on
  the first stage. Again....everyone thank Jace "Daijaga" Summers for
  this challenge. If you're reading this FAQ again're the
  man. Lets see how many people can successfully complete your

9) The Hall of Fame!!!

- Well in order to get in the Sentimental Shooting Hall of Fame, you
  must strip all girls down naked. Whenever you end a stage it'll give
  you a chance to take a snapshot. Just press the X button to take a
  snapshot at the end of the level. Now I know that when you pause the
  game you can take a snapshot then and there, but it'll only take one
  of the screen you're on instead of a full body pic for completing the
  stage. That's right.....when you complete the stage it doesn't matter
  where you position the screen at, it'll take a snapshot of the entire
  girl. order to get into the Hall of Fame you must complete
  each stage, take a snapshot, and defeat all the girls in the game.
  You can take one of them in their bra and panties if you'd like, but
  just nudes will do. I've succeeded in getting all of them nude so I
  know how each looks like whenever you defeat them 100%. So if you
  want on the Hall of Fame just e-mail me the pics of all 12 girls nude
  (full screen! Even if you strip them and you have a boss to deal with
  , then deal with him. You won't get credit if you don't defeat the
  boss as well.) and I will put you up on the Hall of Fame. Hope to
  see some Hall of Famers soon.

             *** The Sentimental Shooting Hall of Fame ***

1. Alex "Joker" Hall
2. Chris "Animeraider" Reed
3. Kodamagurl
4. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
5. Piotr "Piter666" Kasprzyk
6. Jace "Daijaga" Summers
7. Aurielius Hibiki
8. Pat "El Presidente" Burns
9. "Normal" Clint Graff
10. Mr. Wu
11. Vince "Quickman"
12. Roger Solano
13. Matt aka "Mobios"
14. LordDemitri777
15. Mars Knight
16. Keenboy64 V.M.
17. Le Necroyeur (I can't do the little symbols thing on WordPad)
18. Sven Bent

10) The Amber and Jace Hall of Fame!!!

- Well since they've made a new challenge for us to do, I figured as
  much that we should add a hall of fame for their challenge. Rather
  than it be like the original hall of fame, this one can be done for
  each girl. Just chose which girl you want to do their challenge with,
  and leave all of their clothes on! ( Yeah I know Amber and Jace said
  to pick clothes you want to leave on, but I think trying to leave all
  their clothes on is a pretty tough deal. ) So send in your submissions
  for the new hall of fame. ( I myself haven't been able to leave all of
  their clothes on, but when I do I'll enter the HoF )


1. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
2. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal


1. Aurielius Hibiki
2. Ben "Cat with Lead Feet" Woodhouse
3. Keenboy64 V.M , ExNewCriminal

11) The PoisonFrog8 Hall of Fame!!!

- Coming Soon.........whenever I can get the details right......^.^;

12) Credits

- First off I want to give credit to Kazaa for actually letting me get
  this game. I wouldn't of never of known it existed if it weren't for

- Second I want to give credit to GameFAQs for giving me this
  opportunity to do a walkthrough to help out gamers like you to defeat
  this game (and others hopefully in the future!).

- Third I want to give credit to myself for actually doing this. This
  is my first walkthrough and I hope that I did an outstanding job on

- Fourth I want to give credit and thanks to all of you for reading and
  using my walkthrough. It'd be pretty useless if none of you guys
  would use it, so thanks for giving this thing a look over.

- A special thanks to Don "Gamera" Chan for clearing up some errors on
  my description on Akira. This dude rules, so visit his FAQs too....

- Shout out to Chris "Animeraider" Reed for entering the Hall of Fame.
  Nice shooting there, maybe others will be able to enter the Hall of
  Fame just like you sooner or later.

- Shout out to Jace "Daijaga" Summers for making it onto the Hall of
  Fame. and your wife have fun with that game ok, oh yeah,
  and always remember.........YUU RULES ALL OF THE GIRLS!!!!!!!!

- Giving creds to both Woodhouse and Kasprzyk for making it on the Hall
  of Fame. You two did the work and made it on the prestigious list.
  Keep on kicking ass.

- Big time shout out to the real creator of the Amber and Jace Challenge
  Amber "Kodamagurl". Guess behind every man is a smart woman after all,
  or a vengeful one that gets pissed when her ideas get stolen.
  Whichever comes first........Thanks for the idea for the challenge.

- Giving credit where credit's due to Aurielius Hibiki for being the
  first to enter any of the Amber and Jace Hall of Fame. Not only that
  the dude made it onto the original Hall of Fame as well. This dude's
  been kicking ass and taking names.

- Hey I made a new FAQ! I did it on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
  Just search for the game and click the FAQ on Teenage Mutant Ninja
  Turtles in the Arcade section. I did it on the original arcade game.
  Hope you all enjoy it.

- Welp that's all for this walkthrough. If you want to get your name in
  the creds listing then try to find a few things I missed. E-mail me
  at to give me your info for me to use and see if
  you are correct on it. You will get your name in the walkthrough and
  credits for doing so. Thanks and sees yas later.

  Alex "Joker" Hall

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