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 Settlers 3 [solve]

Settlers 3 [solve]

Here's the walkthough for "SETTLERS 3"




Stuck on Settlers III? Richard Crook knows a thing or two to help you on
your way


Settlers III is a very complex and challenging game to master, no matter
what race you choose, be it Romans,
Egyptians or Asians. You certainly won't get far by rushing in and making
hasty decisions - careful planning and
patience is the key to a thriving economy which then enables you to expand
and produce loads of troops to defend
your territory. If you can get your basic industry working as fast as
possible you can expand and mine minerals,
and eventually produce iron bars, weapons, gold and tools. And don't worry
about starting with plenty of weak
soldiers, because when you've expanded you can build temples to upgrade
them. Let's start with the first steps to
getting your settlement on the right track.

It's off to work we go
Your economy is based on constructing the right buildings to produce the
right products in the right quantities. It's
about balancing what buildings to construct, and when and where to build
them. There are four main types of
building: resource, food, military and miscellaneous. You must keep in mind
that the various races need wood and
stone in different proportions as they have different architectural styles.
For example, the Romans are well
balanced and need stone and wood in roughly equal amounts, whereas the
Asians need considerably more wood
than stone. Top tip: to speed up building construction press F12.
Always build a woodcutter next to the trees, then construct a sawmill
nearby. It's wise to build two woodcutters
and a forester together to ensure you never run out of trees for your
woodcutters. For a successful community you
need lots of trees, so make sure you have multiples of these building groups
(two woodcutters and one forester)
all over your land. For every three of these groups you need a sawmill.
Next, look for grey rocks standing inside your borders and build one or two
quarry huts near them; you can also
change its working space with the multi-coloured sphere. Be careful though:
once the rocks are gone from around
the huts, your workers will become idle and you'll run out of stone.
Finally, make sure that you build additional
quarry huts in other rock-infested areas when you expand your borders. It's
advisable to send some soldiers out to
scout for the best place to expand. Also, areas need to be flattened for
such purposes as grain farms.
It's worth remembering that you can demolish a settler's residence when it's
empty; you'll lose half the material but
it gives you another place to build if the land is very tight.

Manic mining
Construct your barracks as soon as possible so that you're prepared for any
sudden attacks - remember that it's
much easier to defend rather than launch an assault. Build an ore smelter,
weaponry and then a barracks. Place
them close together and near a mountain to gain extra coal and iron.
Next, get your geologists to explore the mountain regions; the information
they come up with tells you exactly
where you should build your mines. Even though you start with some coal and
iron, you soon need more and the
location of your mines can win or lose you the game. Geologists put up signs
showing one, two or three 'balls' -
the more the better. A high yield mine means that not only do you need less
of them, you don't have to produce as
much food for the miners; it also gives you the luxury of producing minerals
at a faster rate. Make sure that you
cover as many 'three ball' sites as possible when you place a mine, as
there's no point in placing an iron mine on a
coal deposit if you haven't found any iron yet.
There are five kinds of mine in the game, most of which are
self-explanatory. However, if it's a gold mine,
remember that you need another coal mine to feed the smelter, as well as a
storage bin to stockpile the gold. Each
piece of gold adds a percentage to your strength, as do gems and sulphur,
depending on the race you have
chosen. If you want to have unlimited space for your resources, transport
them to a second island. You can then
save your gold on the beach.

Let the battle commence
And finally, keep an eye on your economy at all times - it helps you predict
what you need next and build
accordingly. And make sure that you have a steady stream of soldiers coming
out of the barracks for when the
inevitable attack comes; it means spending a couple of hours on town
planning and financial management, but at
least you'll be ready to participate in all-out war.

Each race has its own way of producing alcohol: Egyptian breweries need to
use more grain, while Roman
wineries must be planted on a hill. Asian distilleries are trickier as you
need both rice farms and distillery coal.
Place rice farms in swampy areas and erect charcoal huts to produce more
Once alcohol production has started, create a large temple and several small
ones, all of which must be located
close to the source of alcohol. Once you begin sending the Gods' favourite
brew to the temple, the mana you
receive in return can be used to either cast spells or to promote soldiers,
thus enabling you to upgrade your
fighting skills.

1 promotion: 10 offerings of alcohol
2 promotions: 25 offerings of alcohol
3 promotions: 50 offerings of alcohol
4 promotions: 100 offerings of alcohol
5 promotions: 200 offerings of alcohol
6 promotions: 300 offerings of alcohol

Remember that when casting spells, the best - and only universal - spell is
Gifts From The Heavens, which gives
you an assortment of goodies in return for sacrifices. The return is always
greater than the cost, so make use of it.

Having expanded your borders, find room for a bakery, a waterworks, a grain
farm and a grain mill to produce food
to feed your miners.
Fish is the quickest food to obtain if your race is situated near the coast.
It is often a good idea to build a toolsmith
and make a few extra fishing poles. As soon as the hut is built and
populated, he should start fishing. If you can't
build a hut close to a water source, he'll sit there until you set a new
area for him.
Bread takes slightly longer to make and you'll have to wait for your first
grain harvest, after which you need a
bakery, waterworks and a grain mill. Place the grain mill near your farm,
the waterworks near a stream and the
bakery in the middle, as it needs both grain and water.
Ham also takes a while to produce as you'll often need a second grain farm,
a pig farm and then a slaughter
house. Note: if the woodcutters have taken all your axes you may need the
assistance of the toolmaker to make
you some.

Castles are extremely hard to build but make ideal defence systems - but
don't build them too early on as they
use up too many resources. Make sure that you fill your towers with your
strongest troops, as losing one is not
only frustrating but dangerous for your race. Place the healers near your
castles or towers and send any red or
yellow soldiers close by to restore their health.
It pays to have a few scouts roaming around. It's also a good idea not to
attack the enemy until you have seen
inside their camp (look at their buildings, towers and most of all their
barracks and weaponry), as you never know
how powerful they are. Enemy soldiers can see spies if they get too close,
so be careful. Finally, you'll need a
couple of healer's huts and a cannon, ballista or catapult hall (depending
on which race you are). While these
weapons are lethal against towers, they are slow moving and vulnerable to
enemy infantry. They can also be a
strain on resources.


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