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                   S H A D O W L A N D S
                 The solution by Delporte E.

To start, colect all the apples,  sticks and the bow (which can be
found at the far right hand corner  of the woods) for use later in
the game. Follow the  path, collect the two  torches at the end of
it and go down the steps into the next level.

Collect and extinguish all the torches  you find as a rule collect
all torches and  always extinguish  them so you  donīt waste their
light. Collect the three  silver coins. Move over  to the door and
pull the  switch. Proceed  through the  doors. Collect  the stick,
bread and full water flask. Drink from the fountain - this applies
as a rule  whenever you come  across one- and  fill the skeletonīs
flask. Collect an additional flask by the gap in the wall by using
the coins. Pick  up the  apple - always  collect food.  Look for a
secret switch  on  the  wall  and push  it.  Collect  the strenght
potion. Now open  the lock  with the key,  leave the  torch by the
gargoyle (light  sensor)  to  open the  double  doors  and proceed
through them.  Leave a  weight  on the  floor switch  (used torch)
ahead and enter the room. Here  you encounter a skeleton. Kill it,
then collect  the shield  and chest.  Exit from  the room. Proceed
around the corner,  drink from the  fountain, leave another weight
on the floor switch  and go through the  double doors avoiding the
skeleton. Once  at  the  doors,  pull  both  switches  and proceed
through them. Collect the apples which  can be found in the corner
of the  corridor. Once  youīre at  the next  double doors,  try to
place a  dead body  on a  pad -  it weights the  same as  a living
character. When doors open, move trough. Pull the secret switch by
the side of the  small door, collect the  scroll (light spell) and
exit from the room.  Collect the key by  the fountain and open the
double doors with them. Kill the skeleton encountered. Collect the
chest and descend the steps into level three...

Collect the key,  buy the light  spell and pull  switch to proceed
through the double doors. Pull the "pull" switch and send only one
character through  the teleporter.  Collect the  key lying  in the
corner. Have a drink.  Pull the switch in  the far corner and exit
the room through the teleporter.  Open the portcullis with the new
key. Do  not  pull the  "do  not pull"  switch. Have  a  drink and
collect food. Put silver coin in  slot. Throw an object across the
central pit onto  the far  pad to  close it.  Extinguish all light
(there is  a light  trap) and  cross in  single file and  kill the
skeleton. Collect chest from the alcove then leave in single file.
Return to the gate.  Unlock the gate with  the key from the chest.
Split your characters in two parties, making sure party number one
contains a warrior, and each party carries a torch or light spell.
Each floorpad needs  the weight of  two men so  stand party number
one on the farthest pad, and  party number two on the nearest pad.
Party number two will  then be transported  further on. Go through
the now open door  with the first pair  of characters. Collect the
chest and stand  on the weight  switch. A gate will  open to allow
the other pair to  exit. Walk through the  gate, kill the skeleton
for a  key to  the next  gate, then  onwards to re-join  the other
pair. Kill the next skeletons for a good sword. Along the far wall
is a secret panel containing the key to the next door. Collect the
shield and  walk  around to  the  light sensor.  Extinguishing all
light will close the pits and allow you to cross. Walk to the next
line of pits, throw  a fireball over them.  This activates a light
teleporter at the end of the corridor. The pits then disappear and
you can proceed to open the lock and portcullis. Kill the valkyrie
with fireballs. Buy  any item  - I  recommend the  third chest. Go
through the  door  by  placing  something  on  the  weight switch.
Recharge any  depieted  item  on  the altar  or  resurrect  a dead
character. Have  a drink,  pull the  switch and  exit the  room by
pulling both  switches  on the  outside  of the  door.  Now either
proceed past the valkyries,  kill them, collect  the gold coin and
open the  next  door to  it  - or  go  right round  and  stand the
characters by the sign "say  nothing, reveals much", A secret wall
now opens  and  you  must  enter. Send  one  character  through to
collect the two  chests. Pull the  lever to open  the double doors
and enter. The  two set  of steps  lead down  to level  4, but the
party has to be  split before you proceed.  The steps on the right
lead to the  easiest route,  as food,  water and  torches are very
near. Also there are  no enemies in this  section, so you can send
your weakest warrior and magic user  down here. Send the other two
character down the left steps into level four ...

Walk the single character all the  way to the fountain - itīs also
a dead  end. Now  walk the  other  three over  to a  secret switch
between the second  and third wall  torch. Do not  bother with the
floor switches. Push the secret switch and rejoin the first member
of your party afterthe secret wall has opened and youīve collected
all the items.  Carry on down  the corridor. Avoid  the last floor
switch because  this  warps  you back.  Make  everyone  read "this
message is for everyone".  Spend your coins  and collect the chest
(it takes a little  time to appear). Stand  three of your party on
the three  floor switches.  This leads  them to  be kidnapped, but
donīt worry, you can rejoin them  later. check each of the three -
one of them has to kill his cell mate. Once in the cells, look out
for the rats. Food and water  are available and can be obtained by
collecting the key by  the doorway to the  "bread and water" cell.
Take the free character, collect the key thatīs appeared, open the
leftmost door and  collect the  waterball spell. Have  a drink and
continue down the corridor. Go through  the small gap in the wall,
wich is  the  first  gap  to the  characters  left,  and  kill the
firedemon with the waterball  spell. When he  dies, one cell opens
and one of  the previously imprisoned  characters joins you. Leave
the room the same way  you entered it, but  turn left and go right
around to the portcullis and switch. Pull the switch and enter the
room. The switch also  turns on the teleporter.  These warp to the
floor switch which  closes the  pits. Collect your  items and pull
the switch to  open the  cell. Now exit  from the  room with three
characters. Turn left  out of  the room (the  characters left) and
continue down  the new  corridor until  you reach  the T-junction,
where you  should  also  turn  left.  Pull  the  switch.  Kill the
minotaur and collect  the chest,  which contains a  key and coins.
The key opens the last cell. Donīt forget the key in this cell (by
the door). Exit from the room and  turn right. Put the cell key in
the lock and enter the dining  room. Pull the switch in the corner
to open  the door.  Buy some  food and  collect the chest.  Have a
drink. Now proceed into the  master switch room. Donīt pull switch
4 !!! It lets the  monster in. Kill the  minotaur in the room. Use
switches 1,  2  and 3  to  open rooms  and collect  the  key (send
someone in and wait for the key  to appear - do not "choose" key).
use the  key  on the  last  room and  descend the  steps  to level

HINT: From the moment you got a light spell, use it to gain magic
points, and extract the force from the torches to replenisch the
light spell. Open the door by using the switch. Send one fighter
into the room. The photoreceptor picks him up  and opens the
monstersī doors. Try and let the monsters  out one at  the time.
Kill  them and keep an eye open for  any firedemons because  they
light the photoreceptor themselves and  let all  the  monsters out
at  once.! One  of the firedemons carries the exit key. Kill him
and get all of the group through. Spend a coin  and use the
altars. Buy refreshments, then send men  trough into  teleporter,
leaving an  item on  the floor switch. Extinguish all light and
exit through the new teleporter.  Now enter the  "one each" room.
Send your men  into the corridors one at  a  time.  Kill  the
skeleton;  collect  the  key.  Use the following  key  combination
in  the  four  locks  to  solve  this corridor:

Key 1 = lock 4
Key 2 = lock 3
Key 3 = lock 2
Key 4 = lock 1

You  can  use  the  switches  on  the  outside  to  free  adjacent
characters. You do not need all  four keys to solve this.

Hint: Let the two members in the middle trow the key to each other
via the gap halfway the corridor. Open the doors and rescue the
other members by opening there doors on the outside of the corridors!
To solve the next corridors,  two teams of  two men are  needed,
since each team helps  the  other  to  progress  further.  Use
the following combination:

Switch 1 closes pit A
Switch 2 closes pit B

Get everyone through, stand together on the floor switch and enter
the portcullis.  Go to  the "mystery  tour" switches  and take one
switch (A, B, C or D) each :
A - light  both photoreceptors.  Keep light away  from the doorway
because invisible receptors create a skeleton. Collect the key.
B - Collect key, extinguish all torches and exit.
C - Collect the  chest, kill the skeleton  (use a frees spell and
    fireball him) and leave all the items on "please  give
    generously".  Go through  the  door  and proceed through the
    second  door (NB: No  items can be  carried, but donīt worry
    - you can find them all back outside.)
D -  Collect the  chest. Throw  the fireball  in the  direction of
arrow. It warps X-Y-Z and the door opens.
Use the collected keys on three locks, wait for the doors to open,
then proceed down the steps into level six...

In this level  there are  plenty of  keys and  switches which open
doors anywhere in the level. Look  at the diagram below to clarify
what does what.  With regards  to food,  water, potions, equipment
and any creatures, the same rules apply as on the previous levels.
* switch-A opens door-B
* Key-C, which can be found in the chest, opens door-D
* Once  through door-D,  throw fireballs  down the  corridor until
Key-E appears.
* Key-E opens lock-F
* In order to collect key-G, use the switch combination 2-4-3-1 in
quick succession to gain access to the room.
* Key-G opens lock-H
* Collect key-J,  which opens lock-K.  You need an  empty chest to
solve "I am 1, act like 6" puzzle.
* Exit level via teleporter-T TO Level 7...

`      _________________________________________________
`      |            |             |       |            |
`      |            |             |   C   |            |
`      |            |             |       |     J      |
`      |            |             --------|            |
`      |A           |                     |            |
`      |-------------                     -------------|
`      |                                               |
`      |                                               |
`      |---------------                        --------|
`      |    |    |    |                        |       |
`      |T   |K   |F   |B                       |<--- |Start
`      |    |H   |    |                        |       |
`      |---------------                        --------|
`      |                                               |
`      |                                               |
`      |-------------                     -------------|
`      |        |   |       ------        |            |
`      |        |   |       |    |        |      G     |
`      |--------|   |D      |    | 2431   |            |
`      |   E    |   |       |    |        |            |
`      |        |   |       |    |        |            |
`      |-----------------------------------------------|

You need the map of  the maze if youīre  going to manage this one!
See the enclosed map, VIEW PICTURE. (the map is not to scale).
- Switch C opens wall Z
- Key A opens door Y
- Key B opens door X
- Lock W is opened by the key at the end of the        "egyptian".
- Collect both keys  (A & B),  open the wall with  switch C and go
through exit 1 to level 8....

Trow three coins at the  fountain (or urn) at  the end of the long
corridor (past the sarcophagi). Come  back to the double doorsnear
the entrance and press the secret  switch near them. Now press the
next secret switch in order to enter the "zodiac Room". To get the
key you  need  to  place  two  men on  each  pressure  pad  in the
following order:
1> Capricorn
2> Aquarius
3> Pisces
4> Aires
5> Taurus
6> Gemini
(ie. the order they appear in the zodiac sequence.)

`     |----------------------------------|
`     |      2         5         6       |
`     |----------------------------------|
`          |    |    |    |    |    |
`        ------->  ------->  ------->   Key
`          |    |    |    |    |    |
`     |----------------------------------|
`     |      4         1         3       |
`     |----------------------------------|

NB. Your  key collector  can  walk one  step  further each  time a
switch is activated without getting teleported.
Collect the key and go through the double doors. In order to solve
the "sacrifice puzzle", stand  one character with  no items at the
end of  the  passage.  Now  have a  second  party  member  throw a
fireball at him. The  magic will explode inside  the altar and the
doors will open. Exit through these doors.
Now fire  a second  fireball  into the  teleporter created  by the
secret switch "send an appropriate  sacrifice". But be careful! If
you mis-time  the magic,  it  will reappear  behind you.  Walk the
characters carefully  around the  pits (the  switches do nothing),
and push the secret switch in the alcove at the end of the passage
(with snake and torch).  Now enter the shop.  Do not buy the third
Exit the passage.
"Read the  heiroglyphics"  -  light  all  the  decorated  walls by
walking around them. Eventually, the keys you require will appear.
All four keys must  be collected in order  to open the next series
of rooms.
"Send me your champion"- operate  the three switches and send your
best fighter through the door. Leave all his items behind ("travel
light") and walk him  over to the switch. [Itīs better to distribute
his items with the other members because you canīt recover these
when you drop theme on the floor.]  He will teleport beyond the axe.
Press the  secret switch,  enter the  room and  kill the minotaur
using the torch. Collect the chest (containing two keys).
One will let you  out. Kill the other  minotaur also with a torch.
Put the two spare keys in the  lock by the steps. This will create
a teleporter back in the "Send me your champion" room. Now reunite
your characters via this  teleporter and collect  the chest in the
secret room beyond the steps. Go down the steps in level 9....

Use the chessboard to copy the switch pattern and lead your men in
this  formation   in   order   to   operate   the   four  switches
simultaneously. Throw a lit  torch down into the  pits in order to
open the next doors ("Lightfalls"). Now extinguish both torches in
order  to  open  the  next  doors.  Fireball  into  the  rightmost
teleporter to close the pit and  open the wall. Go around to "fire
straight". Fireball  straight  over  the pits  and  eventually two
teleporters will appear. Go into them and warp over the pits.
- Read sign X. It will teleport you
- Try and read  all the signs  you encounter as  they can move you
around: X -> Y -> Z -> A -> B -> C
- Key K opens lock L
- Key G opens door M
- * teleport out and go around again to H
- Exit through E to level 10....

`     |-----------------I  I--------------------|
`     |                 I  IE                   |
`     |   |-------------|L |----------------|   |
`     |   |    B        |  |                |   |
`     |   |-----  ------|  |-------  -------|   |
`     |    *     G                          C
`     |   |-----  ------|  |-------  -------|   |
`     |   |A            |  | Y             Z|   |
`     |   |-------------|--|----------------|---|--

`     |   |-------------|--|----------------|---|--
`     |   |             |  |                |   |
`     |   |-----  ------|  |-------  -------|   |
`     |                    |H       K           |
`     |   |-----  ------|  |-------  -------|   |
`     |   | X           |  |                |   |
`     |   |-------------|  |----------------|   |
`     |                                         |
`     |-----------------------------------------|

LEVEL 10 :
- Pull switch A
- Push secret switch B. This will open walls C and D
- Open and go  through door D.  Stand in corner  E. This will open
walls F and G
- Solve  puzzle H:  switch ->  teleporter ->  fireball. This opens
door J. Go in and collect the chest which contains key K.
- Use key K to open either locks L or M
- In order to open locks P or Q, collect another Key (key R or S)
- Open the door. If  you go via P, you  will need 2,5kg weight, if
you go via Q, you will need three gold coins, but no more!
- Kill  the two  anubises, collect  the keys  and exit  into level

` Entrance                                                   |
`|----------|-----|---------|   |----------------------------|
`| Timed    |     |    |    |   |  |    E |    |             |
`| Fireball --| |--    |    |   |  ---  ---    |    Chest    |
`|          --| |--    |    |   |              |             |
`| H        |     |    |   C|   |D             |             |
`|          --| |--    |    |   |              |   K   J     |
`|------------| |------|----|   |--------------|----   ------|
`|                          |   |                            |
`|           |------|      F|   |B     |------|              |
`|                  |       |---| G           |              |
`|         M |      |       |   |     L|      |              |
`|         P |-|  |-|       |---|     Q|-|  |-|              |
`|             |  |    Key R|   |        |  |                |
`|             |  |----------   ---------|  |                |
`|             |----------------------------|                |
`|-----|                            Key S            |-------|
`|     |                                             |       |

Use all the gateway keys that  you have collected, go from room to
room... until you get to the final teleporter. Once there, collect
the woodland key and enter the teleporter.
You will reappear in the "maze".  Open the woodland door, find the
steps and go down into level 12...

Exit this  level  via  the  teleporter and  reappear  on  the last

Find and kill the overlord (  the guy with the cloak), collect his
key and use this to get into the temple room.....

You have now completed shadowlands !!!

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