Shadow Of The Beast Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Shadow Of The Beast

Shadow Of The Beast


STAGE 1:  At the start of the game, go left past the tree with
"HOME" written on it and punch the rock pile to collect the key.
Run back to the "HOME" tree and select the key to enter the
underground domain.

STAGE 2:  Once inside, go right, down the ladder, left,
down, right, down, left down.  Travel left to collect a long jump
potion from the chest.  Walk down the ladder and jump left to get
a secret life potion.  Leap back quickly and go right, down, left
and drop off the platform.  Continue left, and leap over the gap
to fight the guardian of the orb.  Punch the blue ball he holds,
avoiding the flame, until you defeat him.  You'll get a plasma
bolt punch.

Walk right a little and drop down the gap to get the round yellow
key.  Go right a little and collect the energy restoring potion
and fall down the gap.  Run right as far as possible.  Go up,
right, up, right, up, left (get the red potion to increase your
strength), up, left, up, left and up.  Walk right to confront
Death Skeleton.  Keep zapping him as quickly as possible.

Go right, up the first ladder, and left until you reach a lever.
Throw the lever, go right and up the previously ignored ladder.
Walk left to get the key, go right, down the ladder, down, right,

Run right, up the ladder, and right.  Go all the way down, then
left (jumping over the slime).  Go down, right, down, right, down,
right, down, left, down, left, down, left, up, left, down, left
and then up.  Get the green key to the right.

Retrace your steps left and go back down the ladder, right a bit,
then down.  Go right until you reach Hydrassas the Dragon.
Defeat him by punching the horn on the lower head a number of
times, trying to avoid the flames.  Run right and use the yellow
key to enter the well.

Climb the well to reach a position just right of the starting
position.  Head right, punching rocks to collect energy.  (Get a
torch for the upcoming castle.)  Taking the coin to the well and
selecting it will get you an extra life.  When you reach King
Gargoyle, you'll be transported to the outside of the castle.
Use the square white key to enter; you'll need to find the
dragon's egg for later in the game.

Once inside the castle, run left a bit, up, right, down, right
and then up all the way.  Go left, drop down (use the white
invulnerability or long-jump potion).  Go left, up, then all the
way right to pick up a spanner.  Return all the way to the left.
Walk down, right, down and left to collect a round white key.  Go
right and fall down (be careful).  Travel left, down, right, down
and left to the chest marked "BLASTER."  Select this and you'll
have a weapon to use against the monsters.  Go right to the
forcefield and select the spanner to disable it; continue on.

Go up, left, down, left and then up.  You should have returned to
the point where you entered the castle.  Run right, down, left
and pick up the high jump potion, down, and right to fight
Skarlos.  Use the high jump potion and shoot him in the eye a
number of times to kill him.  Continue right and use the round
white key to enter the caves.  You MUST have the mask and
jet-pack selected before you enter (these are in the chest just
before the door).

Fly right, hitting the slime on the floor to pick up strength.
You should also find the egg that the Gargoyle requested.  At the
far right, you'll meet Corannis.  Fire at its mouths until it is
destroyed.  This will teleport you back to the castle.  use the
crucifix in the gravestone here to give King Gargoyle the signal
to teleport you back.  Run right to Gargoyle and he'll let you
pass.  Go right all the way, hitting the gravestones for extra
potions.  You'll reach a giant's foot and a club.  Hit the foot a
number of times, avoiding the club.  Sit back and enjoy the
ending sequence.


Extra life:

Drop the coin down the well (on the start of level three) to get
an extra life.


You'll find the jet-pack and mask outside the entrance to level
five. Put them on BEFORE entering the room. If you don't you'll
be instantly killed.


You'll find this handy object outside the castle. Keep it because
you'll need it to summon the King Gargoyle.

Round gold key:

This is to be found on the platform underneath the Orb Keeper on
level one.  It's used to open the door at the end of level two.

Round green key:

This key will allow you entrance to the caves on level five.

Square white key:

In the top lefthand corner of level two you'll find this key.
You'll need to use it on the door to the castle.

Round white key:

This is one of the 'red herrings' left lying around to confuse
you. It has absolutely no use whatsoever, so it's best left where
you find it.

High-jump potion:

This mixture will be needed to destroy the monster at the end of
level four. (It helps if you have the gun too.)

Item Locations from Sega Power
Remainder contributed by Dominick Roman

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