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 Shadow Of The Beast 2

Shadow Of The Beast 2

First you should go left. Through the trees tossing their balls about at you, 
and across the bridge. You will now arrive at a tree stump with a guard (Don't 
kill him!). Here you'll need to be as fast as possible to jump up about four 
times and kill the oversized mosquito that is going to carry the guard away. 
When he's dead then stand still and listen to what the guard says. Now ask him 
about "traps" and he will say either "Upper" or "Lower". Now descend the 
stepped branches to the left and jump into the side tunnel on the left. Walk 
along until a cousin of the mosquito that you killed above will fly past. Turn 
around fast and go to the right where the mosquito is cutting through the 
rope. KILL him quickly or else you're stuffed. Once he's dead just stand on 
edge of the ledge and wait for a strong dude to push a stone towards you. When 
he reaches the very edge where you're standing, hit him once and he'll kick 
the bucket. 

Now go to the left and up the rise where the hovering mosquito is waiting for 
you to kill it. So oblige it then go back to the right where a key has fallen 
when you swatted the bug. Take the key the go back to the left. Drop off the 
edge, walk across the see-saw then jump up onto the rope that's hangin' around 
waiting to be climbed. Climb it and jump off onto the ledge at the top. 

Use that key you found open the way for you. Continue to the right until you 
come to a wall with two switches. Now remember what the guard told you? Was it 
upper or lower? Hit the switch (with your mace) that the guard told you. (ONLY 
that switch!) If you killed the guard by mistake, the try the upper switch. If 
you hit the wrong switch the ground disappears and you get you're feet wet. If 
you got it right then stand still and the cage above you will be lowered. 
Stand on it and wait. It will then rise up. 

Step off at the top and go the right, across the pit with the guard and the 
puppy dog. Continue until the end where you will find a key. Climb a chain 
from the ceiling to get to a high ledge where you'll find some goodies. Then 
return back to the pit with the guard and his pet puppy dog. Carefully climb 
down the chain and when you're near the bottom jump to the left otherwise 
you'll wake the guard which will mean restart the game. Use the key you found 
above and release Fido. He'll then scare the chicken soup out of the sleeping 
guard who then goes off to look for a better life and a large bottle of 
scotch. Hit the bottom lever at the right off the pit, then climb back out and 
return to the cage at the left and descend.

Continue to the left and go back down the rope you climbed. Go to the left 
until you reach a wall with 3 switches. These switches operate the crane that 
is above you. The lower switch moves the crane up or down, the middle one 
moves it left or right and the upper one opens and closes the claw. Now use 
the crane to pick up the huge boulder where you're standing carry it across to 
the right hand spike and drop it. It will then break up. Be careful when using 
the switches or else you'll break the boulder and you're knackered. 

Now push the rock piece left over to the see-saw. Now climb the rope and after 
some practise manage to properly jump off to the other side of the see-saw 
where the rock is launched into the air and lands in the suspended cage. 
Quickly run to the left and stand on the other cage. The rock's weight will 
then lower it's cage thus raising your cage up to a ledge. Go to the left, 
chat to the dragon if you like, then whip him into a fudge brownie. Next hit 
the bag hanging from the branch and the original guard's brother will then 
drop down. Ask him about "ishran" and he will then give you a password for you 
to remember. 

Now return right, down, right, upabit, rightdownabit, right and you should be 
at the edge of the ledge with the rope at your right. Climb down the rope and 
continue to the left until you confront a big lumberjack with a skin 
complaint. Hit him until he falls back into the acid pool. Continue until you 
reach the tavern. Enter go to the left and take the bottle of booze you find. 
You can talk to the barman on the right but he's rather boring. Leave the 
tavern, go right and down the stepped branches with the leaping greenies. Go 
to the wall with the ghostly apparition of somebody's granny behind it. Speak 
the password that you were told (you did remember it, didn't you ???). Then 
continue on until you reach a big dude who gives you a parchment of a 
prehistoric playboy centrefold to help you while away the time on those cold 
lonely nights. Now return all the way back to where back to where you 
originally started. Continue to the right, through the forest full of uglies 
with oversized toothpicks, until you reach an area where there are jumping 
green booger balls. Make you're way up until you confront Simon the Snot-Nose 
Monster. Kill him and collect the axe that he drops. Look around and you'll 
find a couple of chests, one's to you're left and the other's above to the 
right. After you've raided the chests then go back down to the ground. 

Go to the rock platform that defies gravity on the left. Under it you'll find 
a patch of grass that looks slightly different to the rest of the ground. Jump 
on it a few times until it collapses. Go down the stairs and across to the 
left. Run to the left until you wake a guard who starts to run off. Keep 
running until you reach a wall with a sliding floor in front of it. Stand up 
against the wall and use the axe you found to kill the guard who's winding the 
floor in before you fall and have to restart. 

Once he's dead you can then kill the other guard and break through the wall 
using your mace. You'll find a chain so go ahead and climb it. You'll find a 
switch so activate it then run as fast as your little Reeboks will carry you 
to the left where you have to activate another switch then run back to the 
right before the timer runs out. If it runs out and you didn't activate the 
cheat then you'll be a skewered corpse. Go down until you find four cards 
sitting around playing poker. Kill the two on the right and collect the key. 
Go left until you are caught in a cage. Don't worry it's harmless. Wait for 
the guards to take you to a cell. Once in the cell offer the bottle of booze 
you got from the tavern to the guard sitting outside the cell. He'll then take 
it and drink himself to sleep so you are then able to bash down the door of 
the cell. 

Jump onto the chain and climb up to kill the guard on the left. Go back down 
and kill the sleeping guard, take the key and go back up to release the 
prisoner with it. Now climb up to the top of the chain where you'll kill any 
guard you find and take a rather large ring. Go to the right where the 
prisoners are waiting at a door. Open it with the other key and run along with 
the prisoners, who should get impaled by the Heavy Duty Deluxe Model Stainless 
Steel Low Calorie Toothpicks. Then return to the entrance up at the ground 

You'll need to find your way to the right where there is a bridge. If you go 
right from the entrance and go down the rope and into the water there will be 
a rope that you can climb up to get to the bridge. On the right side of the 
bridge you'll find a large postman with an equally large letter opener. Get 
him to follow you back to the bridge. To do this go up close to him then run 
away quickly. Once he's on the bridge he'll fall through. Go to the right and 
avoid the hole in the bridge. You'll find a guy who you'll give the parchment 
and ring to, and he'll then give you a rather useful new weapon. 

Go back to the bridge and fall down into the river where you'll get sucked in 
by the whirlpool. Make your way across and down collecting energy (wow) and 
the Horn. Go across until you find and angry snail sitting on the world's 
largest magic mushroom. Ask him about "karamoon" and he'll then offer to take 
you for a ride for 36 gold (which you should have collected by now if not, 
restart etc...) so you accept of course. He'll take you to Karamoon where you 
go to the right until you are at the edge of a great sea. Blow your horn and 
your limousine will arrive to take you to Zelek's castle where you enter and 
seek out Zelek to take your revenge. 

That's it you've now finished the game and you can live happily ever after 
until Shadow of the Beast III.

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