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authored by Brian Montgomery -

The complete walkthrough as best I remember it - 
remember it is from memory so do not complain if I 
forgot something.  Do complain if I have something 


AVOID ALL COMBAT when given a choice.  If you must 
fight, have everyone follow your lead that way you 
can kill monsters faster.  Talk to everyone in each 
scene.  Take everything that you can take.

Part 1 - Shady Vale. You are fishing by a creek when 
the program first opens.  Take the fishing pole and 
take the broken twig on  the rocks. Take your 
journal.  Look in the creek and look at the 
reflection.  Use the fishing pole on the weeping 
willow and you will see something in the tree.  Put 
the twig on the fishing pole and get the item from 
the tree - it is a locket.  A play scene will occur 
in which Allanon appears and lets you what to do 

Part 2 - Trip to Leah.  Avoid all monsters on the 
trip to Leah.  You will encounter the princess of 
Leah (Shella) along the way.  Move the rock and push 
the tree off her with the fishing pole.  She is 
looking for a missing item which you should give 
her.  She will accompany you to Leah avoiding 

Part 3 Leah.  You meet the guard and talk to him.  
Talk to the gardener on the way to meeting King 
Menion.  The King is ill from poison, although no 
one knows it.  Take the tea cup smell it  and take 
it to the herb shop in town and give the cup to the 
owner.  He will tell you the necessary ingredients 
to cure the King.  Take the bottle of growth potion 
from the shop.  Use the potion on the dogwood tree 
on the left side of the screen in the garden.  Take 
some blossoms.  Enter the main hall and take the 
potpourri from the table and read the book.  Go 
upstairs and take the pot from the brassiere.  Pour 
the pot on the fire and take some charcoal. Return 
to the shop and take the instructions from the dead 
owner.  Mix the cure and a movie scene will take 
over.  Allanon will appear and give you your next 
directions.  Follow Shella into town, talk to the 
guard.  Shella will give you her locket and tell you 
to tell the servant to meet her in the library. Talk 
to the servant - he will leave.  Use the locket in 
the dragon on the shield to open the secret way from 
the manor house.

Part 4.  The Ferry.  You meet the gardener at the 
ferry.  Talk to him and then shoot him with an 
arrow.  He will reveal that he is a servant of 
Brona.  You need to fight 2 monsters - Attack the 
closest and tell Shella to do the same.  You need to 
kill both monsters. After killing the monsters toss 
the rope in your supplies onto the rope that holds 
the ferry.  Pull the ferry to you and have  Shella 
shoot the break on the opposite side. get on the 
ferry and  head to Tyrsis.

Part 5 - Tyrsis.  When you get to the walled city it 
is surrounded by the walking dead.  Head to the 
right side of the city until you get to the small 
hut and Knock. Knock again.  Talk to Brendel, give 
Brendel some food.  Talk to Brendel again and he 
will tell you about the Laurel and tell you where 
the tree is.  Go to the tree, break off a branch and 
take it back to Brendel.  Go to the Gate and talk to 
the guard.  Talk to Brendel then - he will return to 
his hut and the guard will let you enter town.  Talk 
to the seneschal, show him the locket.  Talk to King  
Balinor.  Talk to the seneschal.  Enter the library.  
Look and read the book.  Talk to the seneschal and 
get him to open the locked bookcase.  Take the book 
and use the knife on it to get the pact.  Enter the 
throne room. Look at the throne.  Oil the lion head 
and push it and take the key.  On the wall push the
animal head and use the key in the revealed keyhole.
Push the tapestry on the right side wall to reveal 
the secret room.  Enter the room and light the 
lantern.  Light the candles and when you can move 
again break the mirror with the sword.  Open the 
secret drawer and take the Spell.  Invoke the spell 
of revealing on the book - read the spells.  Talk to 
the seneschal and then to King Balinor.  Watch the 
movie scenes.  Take the mace and enter the wine 
cellar.  Put the incense on the floor.  Put the Pact 
on the floor and the mace. Light the incense.  
Invoke the spell of summoning on the pact first and 
on the mace next.  Talk to Stenmin.  Invoke the next 
spell on Stenmin.  Talk to Stenmin again and he will 
tell you the ingredients for the potion to put out 
the fire around the sword.  Talk to Stenmin and send 
him off for good.  Take the bottle and a bottle of 
wine.  Fill the empty bottle from the wine that 
turned bad - vinegar.  Go to the Laurel tree and 
take some leaves.  Go to Brendels hut and ask Shella 
to get the mistletoe out of the oak tree.  Mix the 
mistletoe, laurel leaves and rose petals from the 
potpourri in the vinegar bottle.  Return to the 
castle and go the flame area where the sword is.  
Pour the potion on the flames.  Watch the animated 

Part 6. Arborlon. Talk to Lessa.  Enter the manor 
and talk to Davio.  Look at the everything in the 
room.  Try to start a fire..  Leave the manor.  Get 
the pot from Brendel and fill it with clay from the 
area to the left of the fountain.  Put Shella's 
scarf in the hole in the fountain.  Go left to the 
garden area.  Remove the vines from the gate.  Close 
the gate and take the life Rune diamond.  Look at 
the rune stone in the garden.  Go back to the manor 
and talk to  Davio.  Talk to the Prince two times.  
Talk to Davio.  Leave the manor and go to Lessa at 
the entrance scene and talk to Lessa.  Use water on 
the dark stone on the path. Take the stone.  Put the 
clay in the diamond impression on the rock on the 
left.  Put the rock on the clay to make the earth 
rune diamond.  Take the earth rune diamond.  Give 
the rope to Lessa and take the ladder.  Climb the 
ladder and remove the bird nest.  Put oil on the 
wind vane and turn it.  Take the loose shingles.  
Climb down and enter the manor.   Talk to  Davio and 
show him the diamond runes you have.  Start a fire 
in the fireplace.  Climb up the ladder and put a 
shingle on the chimney diamond shape area. Turn the 
weather vane and look at the design.  Show Brendel 
your journal and he will carve the air rune.  Return 
the ladder to Lessa.  She will give you a ring for 
the elf prince.  Go talk to Davio and show him the 
ring.  Talk to the prince and ask him about his 
insignia of office.  Talk to Davio and the to Lessa.  
She will get the last rune from the prince.  Take 
the rune parts to the rune rock in the garden.  
Place the elf rune in first, followed by earth, air, 
fire, water and the life rune last.  Take the 
elfstones.  Talk to Davio and show him the stones.  

Part 7.  The Plains of Streleheim.  Fight the 
monsters and meet Panamon Creel and Telsek the 
troll.  Talk to Telsek and Creel.  Follow the tracks 
to a box canyon.  Look around and talk to everyone. 
Have Telsek pick up the boulder in front and toss it 
at the arch. Fight the monsters - order Davio to 
user the elfstones on the leader. otherwise you will 
have an endless succession of monsters to fight and 
can't win.  Order everyone to follow your lead.  
Attack and finish off the monsters.  Look at the 
cave - enter the cave and light the lantern.  Talk 
to the boy.  Show the boy the "writ of passage" 
given you by the elf prince.  Look at the Black Irix 
above the tunnel beam.  Talk to the boy.  Tie the 
rope to the Irix and leave the cave.  Give the rope 
to Telsek.  Go to the plains and look at the war 
camps.  Enter the troll war camp and talk to the 
troll king.  Talk to everyone in your party and talk 
to the troll king again.  Go to the elf war camp and 
show the guard the writ of passage.  Talk to the 
King.  Talk to everyone in your party.  Talk to the 
elf king again.  Return to the troll war camp and 
talk to the King.  They now should have a combat of 
challenge doing riddles as weapons.   The elf will 
give the first riddle.  Go to the bluff between the 
2 camps look at the nest on the bluff and take the 
nest.  Give the feather to Telsek.  The elf answers 
Telsek's first riddle.  2nd riddle go to the troll 
camp look in the pot, talk to the chef.  Go to the 
elf camp and put the fishing pole in the creek - you 
need bait.  Enter the elf camp and talk to Brendel, 
take the wine from him.  Return to the troll camp 
and talk to the chef.  Try to get worms.  Trade the 
wine for worms  Talk to Panamon Creel and take the 
helmet from the tent he is in.  Return to the Elf 
camp and talk to the guard - it is Hani - Lessas' 
brother.  Fish in the creek and give your catch to 
Telsek.  The elf answers Telsek's riddle.  3rd 
riddle - talk to the elf guard.  Look at his shield.  
Try to get his shield.  Offer the sword of Shannara 
for the shield.  Give shield to Telsek.  Select 
elfstones as the next troll riddle.

Part 8. Storlock.  On the way to Culhaven you fight 
monsters - have Davio use the elfstones on the shape 
shifter (leader).  Fight the other monsters.  Head 
to Storlock - Davio was shot with a poison arrow.  
Talk to the Gnome healer.  Go to the source of the 
pollution of the river.  Look at the monster.  Smell 
the monster.  Talk to the others in your party.  Get 
an arrow from Stella.  Tie the handkerchief from 
Stella on the arrow.  Put oil on the arrow.  Light 
the arrow.  Have Stella shoot the monster.  Have 
Telsek drop the rock on the monster.  Talk to the 
gnome healer.  Talk to the others in your party.  Go 
to Culhaven.

Part 9 Culhaven.  Talk to the King.  Talk to Kili.
Go into the next room.  Talk to Kili.  Look at the 
cupboard.  Look on the ground near the guard.  Go to 
the right and talk to your group that is in the 
cell.  Look at the barrel Telsek is siting on.  Go 
into the room where the hammer was stored.  Look at 
the fireplace.  Look at the hole on the right side 
of the fireplace.  Talk to Kili.  Look at the soot. 
Move the chair.  Talk to Kili.  Go back and talk to 
your friends.  Get the beer stein  from the cell 
open it.  Look at the sash.  Talk to Kili.  Fight 
Kili Telsek will help.  Talk to the King.  Return to 
the room of the fight.  Look at the backpack.  Go 
into the room where the hammer was.  Use the handle 
on the hole on the right side of the fireplace.  
Look at the scene.  Talk to your party.  Go to the 
pond.  Talk to everyone in your party.  Use the 
powder the King of the Silver River gave you on the 
pond.  Talk to Davio.  Return to the Bridge and talk 
to your party.  Fight the monsters.  

Part 10.Dragons Teeth Mountains.  Talk to everyone 
in your party.  Cross the bridge.  Give the rope to 
Davio.  Look at Allanon.  Now cross the bridge.  
Talk to Shella.  Kiss Shella.  Kill Shella.

Part 11.  Gnome Camp.  Use the cursor in the middle 
of the black screen until you find your boot heel.  
Take the heel.  Use the heel on the ropes.  Look 
around the tent.  Look at the guard shadows.  Use 
the nails on the left side of the tent.  Use the
boot heel on the wall of the next tent.  Take the dagger
and the Magic Troc.  Use the blindfold to gag the
sheman.  Use the rope to tie up the sheman. Leave the
tent.  Enter the original tent.  Unlock both metal boxes.
Enter the shamans tent.  Talk to Geeka.  DO NOT give him
the Torc or promise it to him.  Keep talking to Geeka
until he agrees to help you if you get him the Helm of
Command.  Leave the tent.  Talk to Geeka and have him
open the pit door with the handle he has.  Enter your
original tent.  Have Geeka take the chest with everyones
items.  Tie the rope to the chest and put it in the pit.
Have Geeka enter the pit first.  Enter the pit.  Use 
Geeka's handle to close the pit door.  Have Brendel use
the hammer on the grating.  Have Brendel enter the grating.
Open the metal box by the door with the wheel.  It is broken
- fix it.  Turn wheel.  Have Telsek use the Black Irix
and have ghim open the door.  Leave.  You get to Hadeshorn
and find Allanon.  Watch the sequence and fight the

Part 12.  Hall of Kings. Have telsek push the statues.  
Enter the main door.  Fight Shifter - Davio uses the
elfstones twice (you can't stop it or want to stop him)
Pickup the Diadem and go through the door.  Go back and
get Telsek to pick up the door and put it across the 
chasm.  You get trapped in a cage.  Lift the cage with 
Brendel.  Geeka can now get out.  He proves that once a
Geeka always a Geeka.  Push cage over the hole over the 
hole the Helm of Command fell into.  Tie the rope to the
cage and climb.  Have Brendel use the Hammer on the Idol.
Fight the monsters and climb the idol.  Animated sequence.
Draw the Sword of Shannara.  Follow the sequence selecting
the appropiate answer (correct answer will only talk
once before you proceed)  Move through any door - they all
lead the same place.  At Alter select your true enemy
and attack it.  If you didn't choose the book - you blew
it!  Watch the sequence for the end of the game.

To bad about Shella and Davio.

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