Shipwrecked Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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Go to island (not the first one!). Click right and fwd to cave. 
Note circles (large to small) and map. Exit cave and go right facing

Navigating is a bit strange, but we will draw a 3x3 grid. Number

Fwd into jungle (north) note parrots and berries to help you navigate. 
If you click left/left/left you are turning to face west, south, east 
and north. This is square 2.

Square 1 facing snake (west) go fwd and see a totem. Note eyes and symbol.
Click left (south) snake box with jars. Note colours. Click twice to face 
north and zoom on skull. Read book and note story about the ceremony (you
need the order of this later). Click back and then fwd to square 4. North
facing jungle, left west big totem..see what you need to find! 

Click right twice facing east fwd square 5 facing lion box. 
Click left (north).

Fwd square 8 and zoom on plane. Click back and left west totem and click
twice to face east another totem. Click right face south (bananas) fwd 
south spider(5), right west, fwd (4) big totem. Right fwd volcano square
7 right east volcano box. Right facing south click twice to snake box (1).
Click left facing east, fwd twice thru square 2 to new totem. Square 3. 
Click left north is village. click left facing west is monkey box. Fwd 
west twice to totem (1) and left facing north fwd (4) left west big totem.
Click symbols that relate to the eyes. Go into cave.

Click round to circles and tap largest to smallest. A light appears. 
Right into chamber. Fwd to squares. Tap to get three skulls.

New chamber gods, monkey, chameleon, snake. Enter monkey and click around
until you get an orange square, now follow path to coin getting orange s
quares. Note symbol. Exit.

Enter snake and click that symbol, pull lever. Exit.

Enter gods. Remember ths ceremony in the book. Tap the tiles in order. 
Gods/no rain/no fish/sacrifice/cloud/rain/fish sea/fish pot. 
All the tiles change.

Go right and pot puzzle. Click the monkey tile and a box lights up. 
Tap the correct pots from your notes and the box goes red. Go to lion,
then snake and finally volcano. Exit and flashing light! 
Click right and fwd thru the chambers to the exit. 
Whoops cannibals! 

Click right and enter sewer. Look at map. Need to get to the skull.
(Fwd, fwd, right, fwd, fwd (gods), left, fwd, fwd, skull.)

Right, fwd into cave and click vine top right. Need to reach it from 
bottom left. Click around to activate a brick until you reach the vine.
Up and exit to plane.

Click left and right levers. Now to get the guages working. 
Click coloured buttons until you find the right order. 
Click right lever and wheel to take off.

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