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 Shower Escape

Shower Escape

ACT 1: Collecting The Items
Starting Point: The Letter [Zoomed In]
1. Zoom Out, By Clicking The Down-Arrow [Middle]
2. Move Right [A Little Bit Over Middle], And Zoom In Where The Shampoo’s Are.
3. Move All Of The Bottles Except The Last One, Because It’s Unclickable. Once
   All Of Them Are Facing Up, You’ll See Something White Between The Last One 
   And The One Before The Last One. Take The Scraper And The Sponge, And Zoom 
   Out By Clicking The Down Arrow [Middle]!
4. Move Right [Middle] And Then Click The Down Arrow [Between Middle And Left]!
5. Take The Rubber Glove, And Click On The Drain! There’s A Little Puzzle, A 
   Puzzle Where You Have To Repeat What The Puzzle Shows (Just Like Simon Puzzle)!
  If You Want The Solution, Follow Me:
- = Nothing
(0) = A Dot
(1) = Which Dot You Have To Press First
(1*) = The Dot Is Pressed Twice
(2|5) = The Dot Is Pressed Twice, As Second And Fifth
- - - - -( 8 )- - - - -
( 1 ) ( 0 ) ( 0 ) ( 3* )
- - ( 7 ) ( 5 ) ( 0 ) -
( 0 ) (2|4) ( 0 ) ( 9 )
- - - - (6|10) - - - -

Once Done, Press The Button, On Top Of It!
6. Use Rubber Glove To Remove The Dirt, And Take The Coin. Zoom Out By Clicking 
   The Up Arrow [Middle]. Zoom Out Again By Up Arrow [Middle]
7. Move Right [Middle], And Then Look Down By Clicking The Down Arrow 
   [A Bit To The Right On Middle]
8. Take The Spray, “Mold Magic” And Look Up By Arrow Pointing Up 
   [A Little Bit To Left On Middle]
9. Move Right, And Then Click On Up Arrow [A Little Bit To Left On Middle]. 
   Take The Brush On The Corner Of The Shower, And Zoom Out By Clicking Down 
   Arrow [Middle]
10. Move Right, And Click On The Soap Tray/Dish To Zoom It In. You See The Plus 
    Sign On The Middle Of The Tray/Dish. That’s A Screw! To Unscrew It, Click On
    The Coin To Use It. And Then Use Coin On The Screw, If It’s Correct The Coin 
    Will Rotate. Use Coin On The Screw A Several Times. When Done, You’ll Get The
    Soap Tray/Dish! Zoom Out By Clicking Down Arrow [Middle], And Then Move Left 

Do Not Move Onto The Next ACT If You Don’t Have The Following Items:

Spray - “Mold Magic”
Soap Tray/Dish
Coin [Not Necessary]
Rubber Glove

ACT 2: Finding The Numbers And Shapes
NOTE: This ACT Is Not Necessary To Complete. If You Want To Escape, Move Onto The 
Next/Last ACT! This ACT Just Tells Where To Find All The Numbers And Shapes

Starting Point: The Shower Window Where You Can See The Letter [Not Zoomed In On Letter]
1. Move Left [Middle]! You Do See The Dirt On The Shower Window. Use Scraper To Remove 
   Dirt On Bottom-Left Corner Of The Screen. Once Done, You’ll See An Infinity Shape 
   And A Number: 1!
2. Move Twice Right [Middle], And Zoom Into The Shampoo Bottles Again. Look At The 
   Big Silver Shampoo Bottle. If You Look At The Bottom Of It, You’ll See A Triangle
   And A Number In It: 2! Zoom Out By Down Arrow [Middle]
3. Move Right [Middle], And Look Down By Down Arrow [Between Middle And Left]. 
   Use Sponge On Top-Right Corner Of The Shower, To Find A Pentagon And The Number: 3!
   Look Up By Up Arrow [Middle]
4. Use Sponge To Remove All The Dirt On The Wall. You’ll Find A Square And The 
   Number: 4, Near The Top-Right Of The BathRoom.
5. Move Twice Right, And Look Up By Up Arrow [A Little Bit To Left On Middle]. Just
   Move Your Mouse Over The Big Circle On The Lamp, And You’ll Find A Circle And The
   Number: 5! Look Down By Down Arrow [Middle]
6. Move Twice Right, And Look Down By Down Arrow [Between Left And Middle]! Click On 
   Drain, To Zoom In. Open It, And If You Haven’t Unlocked It, Read ACT 1 Once More! 
   You’ll See A Six-Pointed Star And The Number: 6! Zoom Out By Clicking Up Arrow 
   [Middle] And Then Look Up By Up Arrow [Middle]!
7. Move Twice Left, And Look Up By Up Arrow [A Little Bit To Left On Middle]! There’s
   A Bit Dirt On The Left-Side For The Lamp. Use Spray “Mold Magic”, To Clean It. 
   Once Cleaned, You’ll See A Five-Pointed Star And The Number: 7! 
   Look Down By Clicking Down Arrow [Middle]!
8. Move Left [Middle], Where The Toilet Is. Place Soap Tray/Dish On The Middle Of 
   The Shower Window, Near The Top. It Will Reflect Some Arrows! 
   This Is The Combination For The ShowerHead, But It’s Also Tricky! Move Right Twice 
   [Middle], And Click On ShowerHead To Zoom In!

If You Move Your Mouse, Right To The ShowerHead, An Yellow Arrow Will Appear, And If
You Click It The ShowerHead Will Move Left [Counter-ClockWise].
And If You Move Your Mouse, Left To The ShowerHead, Another Yellow Arrow Will Appear.
If You Click That one, The ShowerHead Will Move Right [ClockWise]!
Let’s Call The Yellow Arrow, Right To The ShowerHead: Right-Arrow
And The Yellow Arrow, Left To The ShowerHead: Left-Arrow
Code: Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left [This Code Does Not Show Which Arrow 
You Have To Click, But Which Direction You Have To Move It]
Click: Right-Arrow, Left-Arrow, Left-Arrow, Right-Arrow, Left-Arrow, Right-Arrow
If Correct, The ShowerHead Will Open!
Use The Brush To Clean The Dirt, And You’ll Find A Rotated Square With The Number: 8!
Zoom Out By Clicking Down Arrow [Middle]!

ACT 3: The Final Puzzle To Freedom
Starting Point: The Part Of The Room, Where The ShowerHead Is!

1. Move Left [Middle]! If You Look Next To The Letter, On The Left-Side, You’ll See 
   Something Blue And Square! Click To Reveal A Puzzle!
2. Try To Move The Puzzle Pieces A Bit, And You’ll Find Out That The First Tile Holds
   The Number - 1! The Second - 2, Third - 3, Fourth - 4, Fifth - 5, Sixth - 6, 
   Seventh - 7 And Eigth - 8!
3. Try Moving The Shapes On The Correct Number, As We Found Them:
   1 = Infinity
   2 = Triangle
   3 = Pentagon
   4 = Square
   5 = Circle
   6 = Six-Pointed Star
   7 = Five-Pointed Star
   8 = Rotated Square

In Puzzle:
[ Infinity ] [ Triangle ] [ Pentagon ]
[ Square ] [ Circle ] [ Six-Pointed Star ]
[ Five-Pointed Star ] [ Rotated Square ] [ Nothing ]
It’s Not As Hard As It Looks Like!

Hint: Try To Get The 3 Shapes On The First Row, And Then Move On To The Next One. 
Once 2nd Row Is Completed, Just Move The Pieces On The Third One!

4. Once Done, The Last Piece Will Say: OPEN DOOR! Click It, And You’re Free!
5. Congratulations! You Just Escaped Yet Another Escape Game!

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