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(English) Walkthrough

Shuffle! is a game originally by Navel and is now owned in someway by
MangaGamer. Iím not sure exactly what all that means, but just know that I
donít own the characters or the rights to this game. 

This walkthrough made for GameFAQs.

Table of Contents:
1. About This Guide
2. Introduction to Shuffle!
3. Controls
4. The Characters of Shuffle!
5. Walkthrough Section
a. Nerine [N932N]
b. Lisianthus [L361L]
c. Asa [A026A]
d. Kaede [K132K]
e. Primula [P859P]
6. Extra Modes
7. Credits
8. Questions?

1.About This Guide

This guide is made to grant you that 100% completion ratio that fanatics like
me appreciate. By 100%, I mean unlocking all of the content (at least what I
know about). For more about the extra modes, please see section six (Extra

2.Introduction to Shuffle!

Shuffle! is a game originally by Navel, but from what I understand, was just
recently translated to English. For recent fans of the series like me, that
was a very, very good thing. I actually got into Shuffle! a few months before
I found out about the English release by watching the DVD set.
Anyhow, in Shuffle! you play as Rin Tsuchimi, a student at Verbena Academy.
He is living with Kaede Fuyou and her dad (who youíll never see, by the way
:p). Now, because of her dedicated nature to him (which youíll find out in
Kaedeís storyline), Rin basically does nothing but play all day (forgive me
if I sound resentful, but I am). Anyhow, between them life is pretty normal
,that is, until the game of Shuffle! actually starts.


As this is an adventure sort of game, youíll be controlling Rin in his destiny
to find the one he truly loves. Admittedly, thereís not much controlling to
be done. For what there is, allow me to enlighten you.

Main Menu

- Start
Self-explanatory. Clicking here will start your new adventure from Day 1.
-  Load
Again, pretty obvious. This will allow you to load a save that youíve made
in the middle of an adventure.
- Config
This will allow you to adjust various settings like message speed and volume.
Itís worth checking out once or twice.
- Extra
Not really useful until youíve completed the story at least once. Really 
useful after youíve gotten 100%. It will allow you to do anything from viewing
CG images from characterís storylines to playing back music from the
adventures. All of your hard work will be reflected here.
- Exit
When youíre tired of playing, you can either click here or on that handy
little red X. Either one produces the same results.

In Game Controls

Left-click/Enter - Advances to the next dialog or makes the speaking
characterís text show up immediately.
Right-click - Hides the HUD. Note: Unless you are in a CG scene, you will
still see the date indicator.
Quicksave - Makes a quick save. Note: There is only one quick save slot,
so if you want to save that point for later, use a regular save.
Quickload - Loads your quick saves.
Auto - Will play through the characterís conversation in a movie-esque manner.
Skip - Speeds through text youíve already seen. Unless youíre a die-hard
Shuffle! fan and want to read through the same dialog multiple times, this
is the most useful button for playing through different girlsí storylines.
Log - Lets you view the last three events that happened and who said/did them.
Menu - Brings up a fairly useless menu that allows you to do everything you
can do from either Config at the main menu, pressing a key, or clicking an X.
Except for the Save/Load function, which allows you to make a hard save in 
case you want to go back to that point in the game at a later time without
using your quick save.

4: The Characters of Shuffle!

Rin Tsuchimi
Our protagonist and the man you play as. Rin is a student at Vebena Academy.
He lives with Kaede Fuyou. Rin does not have a voice, but does have text
responses. He is currently sought after by many girls. He has many death
threats per day and is exposed to more abuse than any person should be.
As he says, My strength is tolerating pain.

Kaede Fuyou
Rinís friend/maid. She has been taking care of him for a while now. She is
smart, happy, and caring. She makes it her point in life to make his life
as easy as possible. As such, she is usually either in school or at the
house doing chores. Despite this, she is usually always happy.

Asa Shigure
Another of Rinís friends. Theyíve been friends for about four years. She is
one of Rinís sources of abuse and can usually be seen greeting Rin with a
nice slap on the back. She is cheerful and energetic. She can usually be
seen with her best friend, Kareha.

The daughter of the King of Devils. She is reserved and smart. She has
returned from the world of the Devils to gain Rinís love. She deals with her
fatherís nonsense by refusing to talk to him and deals with people who talk
bad on Rin with offensive magic that might be a bit out of control.

The daughter of the King of Gods. Lisianthus, or Sia, is cheerful, outgoing,
and sort of dim. She often finds herself embarrassed by her father, so she
has adopted the policy of hitting him with blunt objects.

Well, without trying to give too much away, she is involved in an experiment
and has come to the world of the humans to find Rin. She rarely shows emotion
and loves cats.

King of the Gods
Eustoma, or as you will get to know him by, King of Gods, is Lisianthusí
father. He overreacts a lot and finds that the best way to solve something
is either by force or drinking excessive amounts of sake. He is generally a
cheerful guy and can easily be considered a comic relief.

King of the Devils.
Forbesii, or as Shuffle! calls him, King of Devils is Nerineís father.
He is Eustomaís friend. He has an odd obsession with doing chores and cooking.
When push comes to shove, he is usually joining Eustoma for sake drinking.
He often convinces Nerine of things that Rin really wishes he wouldnít.

Sheís a god and Asaís best friend. Kareha loves anything cute and will
often space out upon seeing anything cute with the words: My, my!, much
to Asaís displeasure.

Mayumi Thyme
Mayumi is a half-human, half-devil mix which explains her different iris
colors. She is usually excited and takes it upon herself to find the juicest
gossip stories around Verbena Academy. She is often teased by Itsuki on her
small chest size, which she denies and insists is very attractive to the right
type of men. She considers her weakest point to be her academics.

Nadeshiko Benibara
Rinís, and a number of other charactersí, primary instructor at Verbena
Academy. She enjoys handing out extra work to slacking students and scolding
Itsuki on his women prowling tactics.

Itsuki Midoriba
Possibly Rinís only male friend in the world. He is competitive, intelligent,
and all about the ladies. If heís not scolding Rin for not picking up a girl
or acing a test, heís hitting on another girl. Surprisingly, Itsuki is single.

Ama Shigure
Asaís mother. She is rarely seen, but is often mistaken for being much younger
than she actually is. She is very concerned for Asaís wellbeing and is a
polite, cheerful individual.


Well, I had a rough time deciding how to write this out. Instead of wasting
your time (and mine) of detailing every day for you (you have the game to get
the story!), Iíll simply tell you of the choices you must make for each girl
and your 100% completion of her storyline. To find your character, please use
the codes in the Table of Contents, or use my convenient reference table here!

A few notes that are worth...noting...

- At a few points during this walkthrough, Iíll tell you to quicksave and
quickload. The great thing about Shuffle! is that it remembers what youíve
seen already, so by doing that you kind of tackle both routes and unlock
everything in one go.
- In order to do Primulaís story, you MUST complete Nerineís path.
- At a few points during this walkthrough, Iíll tell you to hard save. This
means going to your menu, going to Save/Load and making an actual save. Why?
Because if you overwrite that quicksave, youíll be reading this walkthrough

Nerine - [N932N]
Lisianthus - [L361L]
Asa - [A026A]
Kaede - [K132K]
Primula - [P859P]

Nerineís Walkthrough - [N932N]

6/15 - 	Choose Ask about Nerine
6/16 - Choose Nerine
6/20 - Choose Take her in
6/21 - Choose I guess Iím free
6/23 - Choose Go home with Kaede
6/25 - Choose Go home
7/4 - Choose Take this opportunity to do something with Primula
9/11 - When the choice selector comes up, quick save your game. After it is
done, choose Withdraw my dick quickly. Advance through the rest of Nerineís
storyline. After thatís done, load your quick save and choose Come inside
and advance through the rest of the game.

Lisianthusí Walkthrough - [L361L]

6/15 - Choose Ask about Sia
6/16 - Choose Lisianthus
6/20 - Choose Take her in
6/21 - Choose I guess Iím free
6/23 - Choose Go home with a friend
6/24 - Choose Look around a little longer
7/4 - Choose Just go shopping
8/11 - When the choice selector comes up, quick save your game. After it is
done, choose Come outside.
8/24 - Choose Let her have it her way
9/6 - Do a real save (using Save/Load) and choose Catch her. Advance through
the rest of the Siaís storyline. After youíve finished reload your real save,
and choose Dodge.

Load your quick save and choose Come inside. After this, continue to follow
the guide (including the real save parts).

Asaís Walkthrough - [A026A]

6/15 - Choose Ask about Nerine
6/16 - Choose Someone else
6/20 - Choose Donít take her in. I personally just found it interesting
that Asa is the only person who you have to attempt to turn down Primula for.
How heartless!
6/21 - Choose Actually, Iíve got something to do then, in your second choice,
choose Maybe I should mention Asa
6/23 - Choose Go home with a friend
6/24 - Choose Go home
7/4 - Choose Just go shopping
8/2 - When the choice selector comes up, make a quick save and choose
Take off her blouse. Advance through the rest of Asaís storyline. After youíve
finished, load your quick save and choose Take off her skirt instead.

Kaedeís Walkthrough - [K132K]

6/15 - Choose Ask about Nerine
6/16 - Choose Kaede
6/20 - Choose Take her in
6/21 - When your choice selector appears, make a real save, then choose
Actually, Iíve got something to do. Next, choose Kaede can be trusted with
6/23 - Choose Go home with Kaede
6/24 - Choose Go home
7/4 - Choose Just go shopping
8/11 - When the choice selector pops up, make a quick save. After, choose
Come outside. Proceed through the rest of the story. After itís finished,
choose Come inside.

After youíve finished with this, load your real save and choose I guess Iím
6/23 - Choose Go home with Kaede
6/24 - Choose Look around a little longer
7/4 - Choose Take this opportunity to do something with Primula
Note: It doesnít matter what course you take on 8/11, as youíve unlocked all
of Kaedeís content for that day in your previous play. This is simply to get
her last CG image.

Primulaís Walkthrough - [P859P]

6/15 - Choose Ask about Nerine
6/16 - Choose Someone else
6/20 - Choose Take her in
6/21 - Choose Actually, Iíve got something to do. Next, choose Best to play
it safe.
6/23 - Choose Go home with Kaede
6/24 - Choose Go home
7/4 - Choose Take this opportunity to do something with Primula
8/19 - When the choice selector comes up, make a quick save. After, choose
Come outside and finish the rest of Primulaís storyline. After that, you
know the drill by now! Load your quick save and choose Come inside instead.

6.Extra Modes

Perhaps the most rewarding part of Shuffle!, the extra modes allow you to do a
variety of different things, provided youíve unlocked them already! In order to
view everything, you must complete 100% of each girlís story. However, many
of these modes are available from the get-go and can be used to some effect
once youíve completed any girlís story once.
In order to access these, at the main menu, go to Extra. A new menu will
pop up with the following options:

CG Viewer Mode
Scene Recollection Mode
Sound Mode
Expression Viewer - Unlocked by encountering every character in the game.
Allow me to detail these for you.

CG Viewer Mode
This handy little fellow is great for screenshots or just going back on the
more memorable moments of Shuffle!. You can view any CG image youíve seen
already. It is split by girls, an etc. category, and background images.
It has a percentage tracker for overall completion, each girlís individual
completion, and the etc. categoryís completion. On some of the more CG
heavy girls, it will actually divide scenes in which a lot of CG images
like each other were displayed into sets, which also show how many you have.

Scene Recollection Mode
This mode allows you to skip (well, without going to Start and using skip
through the story and making choices to get your girl) through the story and
go straight to the more intimate moments between Rin and the girl of your
choice. This isnít a CG viewer; this is actually a tool to skip through the
story and resume at the love scenes of Shuffle!. Also, it can be used to
display any girlís epilogue.

Sound Mode
Yes, thatís correct. Not only can you unlock CG artwork, but music tracks,
too! While it lacks a completion percentage marker, it visually displays which
tracks youíve yet to unlock. All of them are unlocked at some point through
all of the girlís storylines. Yes, you will need to play and fully complete
(100%) them all to unlock all of them, though most of the common tracks are 
available after one completion. Comes complete with a back, play, stop, and
forward button control panel!

Expression Viewer Mode
Perhaps the most rewarding unlockable mode; actually, itís the only unlockable
mode. Iím not completely sure, but I think the requirement for this guy is to
have encountered every character in the game. Once unlocked, you will be able
to select any character you desire, put them in any costume youíve seen them
in, and give them any expression youíd like, and view the results. Always
wanted to see Sia with a surprised look in her gym outfit? Expression Viewer
Mode is now your new best friend.

7. Credits

Well, props to Navel and MangaGamer for the English version of one of my
favorite animes ever.
GameFAQs for being awesome.
All the people who stuck with the Shuffle! translation projects. Itís been
some long years waiting...
And everyone else who deserves some place in here that I couldnít remember!

8. Questions?

Have a question that isn't answered in this guide? Know something I don't?
See something I made an error on? Please, let me know!
Feel free to drop me an email at: Please include
'Shuffle! FAQ' somewhere in your subject. I'll do my best to answer your
question as soon as I can.

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