Shutter The Dark Room Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Shutter The Dark Room

Shutter The Dark Room

Turn left. You'll see a small redlight haze. Zoom in on the little box there. It is your
lightswitch. Turn it on.

Back up. Underneath the switch is a small garbage can. Zoom in on it twice and pick up the
CAMERA PART, the bulk of the camera.

Back up. Take a left. Those three black things on the counter? They are developing trays.
Zoom in and select the center tray. Receive DURACHARGE BATTERY.

Back up. Place your cursor under the sink, in the middle of the wood cabinet underneath
it. Click when hand appears, and you'll be taken to a couple of drawers underneath. Open
the bottom. One of those items is a yellow JAR. Now back out.

Left turn again and you'll be facing a full-length mirror. Now, on your bottom left there
is the base of another shelving unit. Place your cursor on the edge of the very bottom
corner of the lowest shelf. When the hand appears, click it. Now that the view has
changed, click the same area when hand appears. You should now be facing the gap next to
the shelving unit and the wall. Inside is another CAMERA PART, the flash.

Take another left turn and look down upon the many narrow shelves. The fourth one on the
right must be selected. Get down, and zoom in. Move your cursor around the left side of
the shelf. Zoom in on it and pick up PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK.

Back out til you're on even level. Take one left and zoom in on the small woodest chest
beneath the hanging polaroid. In the bottom drawer is another CAMERA PART, this is a small
battery holder.

Zoom out, but before continuing, point your cursor to the bottom left of that shelf.
You'll know something is there when the hand appears. Go zoom in on it and on the second
to last edge, pick up the FILM.

Now take two lefts until you've passed the door and are facing the lamp/switch/shelf
again. Zoom in on the polaroid bulletin board behind the lamp. Now, place your cursor
about 3/4 of the way from the left of the board, along the top. See the top photo on the
board? Directly in line with the right edge of that photo, a smidge above the frame of the
bulletin board itself. Take your time. When the cursor turns into the hand, click it. Grab
the second DURACHARGE BATTERY lying on the top of the bulletin board.

Now you have everything you need to assemble the camera. Take a look in the book if you
need help. Highlight the camera bulk icon, and hit VIEW DETAILS. Now you may highlight the
flash and battery section, and click on the top and bottom of the camera to attach them.
When that's done, click one battery at a time and select the battery case to insert them.
Now do the same with the film. You're now ready to use the camera.

Now, if you look at your gameplay screen as a whole, you'll notice it is in the shape of
the back of a camera. Select your camera, and you'll get a warped noise. Above the
inventory screen, where it says YOUR ITEMS, you'll see this little nub sticking up along
the edge of your gameplay screen. If you move your cursor over it, a white border will
appear on your screen. That means all you'd have to do is click it to take a picture.

Now face the full-length mirror. In a minute, the ghostly image of a girl will appear,
complete with weird sound. Take her photo. Now, move to the left once, and take a photo.
Move twice to the right, or once right of the mirror, and take a third photo. Now analyze
all three pics. The ghost girl is in all of them, left one pointing somewhere to your
right, right one pointing somewhere to your left, and the center one? Narrowing down a
section in the middle of the mirror.

Once again, pixel hunt (or be very meticulous in selecting just the right bit of area) in
the center of the mirror til you get the hand. Now click. A combination box will seem to
appear out of nowhere.

You need a five-digit code (duh). To find it, check out the bottom of your film box to get
a url to the film's site. The fact that the box never disappeared when you used the film
should be a clue. If you don't want to search url's, the code is 26557.

The safe will open, grab the key. You must close the safe in order to back out. Use it to
exit. Gasp in horror and rent the film. Enter name for prizedrawing. Congrats.

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