Simon The Sorcerer 4 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Simon The Sorcerer 4

Simon The Sorcerer 4

Walkthrough Author: GARR

After starting a new game and you have control of Simon, look 
at different items around the room. On the end of the table, 
where a piece of pizza is, get the glass of milk from the 
floor. Use the milk on the wardrobe. Now use the wardrobe.

After talking to Alix on most of the topics, she leaves and 
you have the ring in inventory. You're at a crossroads. Talk 
to Alix. Take the left path to the Workshop and speak with the 
carpenter. Near the boxes and barrels get the knife. At the 
cellar window get the pot. At the steps get the dandelion. 
Behind the rocker get the bucket. To the right get the spade.

Talk with little red riding hood and ask about her mom and she 
leads you to a rabbit burrow. Investigate the burrow. Talk to 
red again. Take the path to the Lodge. Talk with the 
woodcutter to get a piece of wood. Behind the woodcutter, get 
the climber (hook) near the trunk. On the right side of the 
house, get the sledgehammer near the roof.

From the cross roads, go to the workshop and get the carpenter 
to make a trap. Return to the crossroads and use the trap on 
the burrow, then use the dandelion on the trap. From the 
crossroads, go to the river bank. Use the dandelion on the 
dead wild boar. Get the rope from the small pier. Look around 
at different things.

Return to the crossroads and use the bloody dandelion on the 
trap. Investigate the burrow to get the black cap. Give the 
cap to red and she leads you to her mom. Talk to red's mom to 
get the basket. From the crossroads, go to the Troll bridge 
and speak with the troll. Now look at the tree branch.

In inventory, use the rope with the climber. Use Artificial 
liana on the tree branch. Cross the bridge. Look at the Temple 
of Dead. Go into the Deep Forest to the little house. Go 
inside and speak with Grandma to give the basket. Tell about 
your amnesia, and get a map for automatic traveling.

TIP: while on the map, or anywhere in the game world, fast 
double clicking on most places instantly takes Simon there 
instead of having to wait while Simon walks there.

On the map, select the crossroads and Simon chases his double.

In the city, after talking with Alix, go into the alley. Talk 
with the drunken wolf. You automatically pick up a bottle of 
alcohol. Go left into the Dark alley to meet your double. You 
end up in jail. After listening to lots of talking, talk with 
your own dialogue options.

Use your corrosive cleaning alcohol with the pee pot. Under 
the window to the right, take the straw. Use the new liquid on 
the door, and leave the cell. At the cell next door, speak 
with Goldilocks. Take the red rug on the floor just below her 
cell. To the left, get the glasses for magic deciphering, and 
get the scroll. Get the glass flask from the chair.

In inventory, combine glasses with scroll. Use the deciphered 
scroll on Goldilock's cell door. Go in and talk with 
Goldilocks, then talk with the Wailing Walter, Ghost. On the 
floor get the hairpin. Under the window, get the red 
neckerchief and the straw. Go to the lab and enter Simon's cell.

In inventory combine the two bunches of straw. Combine the big 
pile of straw with the red carpet. Put the red torso on the 
plank bed. In inventory combine the glass flask with the red 
neckerchief. Put the flask head on the plank bed. Now leave 
the cell and click up screen on the Dark alley. Use the 
hairpin on the Dark alley. Simon reads the club notice. Go to 
the alleyway. Go to the left street to town gate, and to the 
market place. Go to the left and attempt to enter the club 
house. Talk on a lot of options and you are refused. Go back 
right and speak with the pizza chef on everything. To his 
right take the paper cup. To the right, speak with yogi.

Read the two notices on the board. Click the town hall clock 
and notice reference to Back To The Future! Go inside town 
hall. From the board behind you, get the red magnet. From the 
counter get the ink eraser. Behind the counter get the member 
index. Speak with the all-purpose officer.

Use he map back to town, and enter Calypso's shop. Talk with 
Alix, then to the right talk with Calypso. Take the helium 
baloon. To the left read the Great tome to get a flyer.

Go to the troll bridge and look into the treehole above the 
mail order sign. Speak with the dragon who sells everything. 
Go to the carpenter's workshop and speak with little red 
riding hood on the porch, then speak with her mom. Speak with 
the carpenter. Take the oil up a little and slightly left. Go 
to the crossroad and speak with little red riding hood.

Go to town and into the alley. Speak with the wolf about 
eating little red. Go to grandma's house and talk to the wolf 
outside about everything and give the helium baloon to the 
wolf. Return to the crossroad to see red is not there. Go to 
grandma's house and speak with the wolf on the left side.

Again return to the crossroad and speak to red till the pepper 
spray is empty. Finish talking. After the long scene where 
grandma and red are eaten, return to grandma's house and get 
the skateboard by the door. Go inside and get a needle from 
the pincussion. If you want, talk to the wolf.

Return to the marketplace and speak with the pizza chef. Give 
him the skateboard and order a pizza with sour cherry and 
anchovy. You follow the chef. Get the pizza box from the 
bucket. Go in the tiny hut that has a lot of rooms. Simon 
needs something to ovserve the rooms.

Go to the troll bridge and talk to the dragon about a magic 
tool. It sold a magic observation mirror to a rich guy and 
Goldilocks tried to steel it. Go to the town, alleyway, dark 
alley. To the right talk to Goldilocks at the barred window 
till you can ask about magic mirrors. She wants a magic bottle.

Go to grandma's house. On the left side find the large moss X. 
Use your shovel on it and take a magic potion. Return to town, 
alleyway, dark alley and talk to Goldilocks about the potion. 
In inventory, pour magic potion into the paper cup. Give the 
filled cup to Goldilocks. You learn where the rich person 
lives. Go to the alleyway where wolf first stood drinking.

Go to the right, past the TV cardboard box, in a trashcan get 
a cork. Continue right to the marketplace, then go right to 
the villa. Try to use the magic potion on the villa. You need 
some way of showing which way is west. Back in the alleyway 
where you first met wolf, go to the maker of musical 
instruments. Talk with the maker till you ask which way is 
west. Take the abacus from the table upscreen. Study the 
abacus in inventory and it comes apart, giving you
wooden pearls. By the trunk, try to take the cat's bowl.

Ask the maker who owns that bowl, and you finally pick it up. 
Go to the marketplace, and right to the villa. In inventory, 
use the magnet with the needle. Use the magnetized needle with 
the cork. Use the cork compass with the cat's bowl. Use the 
new compass on the villa. Use the magic potion on the villa to 
get inside.

Speak with the rich guy and eventually give him the pizza for 
the mirror. Use your ring on the mirror, then use the 
sledgehammer on the mirror to get a big magic mirror fragment. 
About where you stand, investigate the Floor contraption. You 
get knocked out and get a dart in inventory. Use the trapdoor 
to go down and emerge in the alley at the sewer cover. Go to 
the Street to the town gate and enter the tiny hut.

Go to the kitchen and get the broomstick. On the sink edge, 
get the bucket. Go to the pool room and fill the bucket at the 
pool. Down from the toilet, get the shampoo on edge of the 
wall. At the garden furniture, take the mole from the cage. In 
inventory use the broomstick with the mole to get a mole 
spade. In the left side of the garden, use the mole spade on 
the dirty hole, then use the dirty hole to get a bone.

In the top drawing room, a poodle sits on the left edge of the 
wood floor. Check out the poodle, then use the bone on it. It 
will follow you when you go to the kitchen. Use the bone on 
the windown and the poodle will jump out after it. Return back 
left to the drawing room and use your bucket of water on the 
fireplace, then use the fireplace to get charcoal. From the 
woodpile take the rake.

In the central hall, use the rake on the key cabinet, then use 
the cabinet to get a remote key. Use shampoo on the polished 
floorboards. Now use the remote on the chemical lab door, and 
go into the laboratory. From a table get the formula for black 
powder. Read it in inventory. Use charcoal on the alchemical 
apparatus. After an explosion, the double slips on the hallway 
floor and goes to bed.

Now go into the study. In front of the window, take the parrot 
from the cage. From the Desk get the inkwell and quil. 
Investigate the Desk to get a paper with a riddle. Read it in 
inventory for a safe combination. Study the files cabinet to 
reveal a love letter and take it. Read it in inventory for a 
vague reference to a safe combination. Read the inventory on a 
small table to the right of the room. Study the safe up on the 
right wall and input the code 3421 and take the fake diamond.

Read the to-do list on the desk. Use the inkwell and quil on 
the to-do-list to change it. Open the windown to create a 
draft and just wait. The double comes into the room and puts a 
membership card on the desk. Take the membership card and use 
the map to town, then walk slightly right and go in Calypso's 
shop. Talk to Alix and show her the parrot. Try talking to 

Go to the marketplace and go left to the club. Show the 
membership card and enter. Open the Wardrobe and get the box 
of white gloves at the lower right of the Mona Lisa. Get the 
Dart board. Speak to Swampy, you get sick from the soup and 
run outside. Go to the right and speak to Yogi about stew. Go 
up screen to the alleyway, go just left and speak to the rich 
guy. After telling him to just go home, you get his tax 

Go back right to the marketplace and give the tax assessment 
to Yogi. After the lessons, return left to the club, go in and 
speak to Swampy and get information about the double. Simon 
goes to warn Alix. Use the map and go to the Castle. Speak to 
the castle guard. Look at the Little monster under the 
drawbridge. Go To the building site and look at the chalk 
drawing on the wall.

To the right, on the end of the trailer, take the Building 
plan. In inventory, right click the plan. Go To the castle 
moat and talk to the castle guard about getting inside the 
castle. Go to the marketplace and enter town hall. Ask the 
all-purpose-officer about getting into the castle. From the 
scroll shelf get the building plan. On the counter, remove the 
"Wanted" poster. At the foot of
the stairs, take the Cardboard model of the castle. On the 
bulletin board read the job add.

On your map, town and into Calypso's shop. Speak to Alix about 
the machine and a
demonstration. On the counter get the Model made of plastic 
bricks. Speak to Calypso about a ghost for the castle and 
suggest he try it. At the building site, speak to Calypso 
about spying inside the castle. When he returns, he says he 
failed because he didn't have a Ghost chain and a proper howl.

Go to town, alleyway, dark alley and talk to Wailing Walter, 
Ghost about the theft and everything else. Just left, before 
the swampy notice, get the Secret building plan from the 
barrel. Go to the alleyway and speak to the rich guy about the 
theft and everything. Go right o the market place, enter town 
hall and speak to the all-purpose-officer about the art theft. 
Show the box of white
gloves to the officer.

Go to the club and try to take the mona lisa. Speak to Swampy 
about paintings, gloves, and getting into the castle. Keep 
insulting swampy about members till he leaves the club. Again 
try to take the mona lisa, but it's too heavy. Look at the 
nail head holding the picture, then look at the nail tip. Use 
the sledgehammer on the nail tip to make the picture fall.

Take the fabric of the mona lisa and right click it in 
inventory. Use the fabric with the bucket and sponge to reveal 
a picture of Modern Art. Go to town hall and show the Modern 
Art to the officer. Return to the alleyway maker of musical 
instruments and show him the abstract painting to identify the 
artist. Return to townhall and reveal this to the officer and 
get a document of

Return to the alleyway, dark alley to Wailing Walter, Ghost 
and give the document to him. He leaves a chain, pick it up. 
Return to Calypso at the building site and give him the chain. 
Now he needs to learn proper howling. Go to the river bank, go 
left and speak with the director on the stage.

Ask about teaching a friend acting, and learn that he wants a 
magic robe, a halberd, and a flute. Go to the troll bridge and 
use wooden pearls on the troll, pick up the halberd. Go to the 
carpenter's workshop, talk to the carpentar about the chair 
leg. Speak to red's mother and you show her the wanted poster 
to cause her to leave. Speak to the carpentar again and he 
leaves to do some drinking. Take the chair leg, and take the 
dead depressed chicken that has a nail.

Go to town, alleyway, maker of musical instruments and talk 
about the chair leg. Go to town hall
and read official notice outside on the board. Go inside and 
talk to the officer to learn the
prohibition is almost ready for printing. Make sure you know 
where the type-case is at the printing press. Ask the officer 
about the paragraph and he leaves. Quickly click the type-case 
to rearrange some letters. Leave town hall and get the new 
altered notice from the board.

Go back to the alleyway, musical instruments and report the 
ban being lifted. Give the maker the chair leg and wait 
several seconds while he works. Then talk to him to get a 
wooden flute. Go to town, Calypso's shop and try to take the 
magician's costume behind the counter and to the right. Go out 
to the street and in inventory, use the loveletter with the 
ink eraser, then put the new
loveletter under the doormat outside.

Alix reads the letter and leaves. Go in the shop and take the 
magician's costume. Return to the river bank acting stage and 
hand over the three props. Calypso arrives to be trained. To 
the right at the tower, talk about everything to the hunter 
that just climbed it. Go to town, alleyway and use the manhole 
cover. Inside at the lower right, just above the junk, get the 
last Building plan.

Go to the castle, building site and show Calypso different 
plans till he shows you the secret entrance. When you use the 
map, Simon automatically goes there. In the courtyard, enter 
the chamberlains' house. Simon is mistaken for the double and 
get orders to obtain a diamond for the machine.

Go to town, tiny hut. Go to the Study and check the paper tray 
on the desk to get an order form for a diamond. Go to the 
troll bridge and ask all about gems. Go to grandma's house and 
get the money sock under the bed. In inventory right click it 
to get a note. Right click the note to read it. Go to the 
river bank and talk to the hunter in the tower about the wolf.

Return to grandma's house and talk to the hunter. He goes 
inside. He comes back out and says he needs a scalpel and a 
tranquilizer. Go to town, alleyway and use the manhole cover. 
Use the dartboard on the floor contraption to get a full dart 
with tranquilizer. Go to market street and ask the Yogi to 
sharpen your knife. He wants a nail for his bed and you give 
him the nail from the
dead chicken. Then he creates a scalpel.

Go to grandma's house and give the scalpel and tranquilizer to 
the hunter. After the operation, go inside the house, speak to 
grandma and get thrown out. Go back inside and tell her "Look 
at this, there is no better way" for investing. Return to the 
troll bridge and speak to the dragon. The
diamond has already been sold to grandma.

Go to town, Calypso's shop and use the parrot on the instant 
machine. Click the instant machine to learn it is broken. In 
inventory is a packet of alphabet soup. Study the packet twice 
to get separate letters. Rearrange them to "Simon you 
slowpoke, where is my diamond", and "Just bring me the rock". 
Now use the sorted letters on the magic water of Arakh to get 
back the parrot
with altered vocabulary.

Go to town and enter the tiny hut. Go to the study and use the 
modified parrot on the bird's pole. Go to the troll bridge and 
ask about any diamonds in stock. There's no more in stock. 
Tell the dragon he should have fake stones in stock so that he 
could replace them when he gets real diamonds. Tell him I can 
offer you a fake diamond.

Return to town to see the double received the huge expensive 
rock. Go to Calypso's shop and get Alix to go to the castle 
and spy on the double and Calaba. After a long scene, Simon 
ends up in the realm of the dead. After speaking with Hades, 
you end up outside the department of postmortal affairs.

Go back inside and speak to the hades files for release. Talk 
again about a lunch break and it agrees if you bring an egg. 
Just to the right, try to take the doorstop. At screen right, 
about halfway up, go out to town of the dead. Talk to Orpheus 
on the steps. Continue to the right. In the dark area before 
reaching the next building, look carefully for the correct 
spot and talk to Fence, which is a dragon related to the one 
in the land of living.

Continue right to the tomb of Eurydice and knock on the door. 
Talk about Orpheus, then about partying. Go back left past 
postmortal affairs and talk with Ovid in front of a large 

Slightly to the right, go to the barren grounds. In front of 
the tomb is the double and the king. Speak to the double and 
say "Why are you always blaiming me"? Then finish talking from 
top to bottom in all options. Give the applications to the 
double and he fills them out. Nerby on the ground, look at the 
dead chicken. Use the inventory dead chicken with the dead 
chicken on the
ground and an egg appears in inventory.

Knock on the tomb door and speak with the operatic banshee. Go 
back to the town of dead and to the fire pan in front of the 
department. Use the egg with the fire pan. Now the egg has to 
be even hotter. Go right and speak to the dragon about the egg 
to get it fully cooked. Go back left to the department and 
give the cooked depressed egg of sorrow to Hades. In front of 
the desk, pick up
the egg slicer.

Go back to the barren grounds and enter the unknown tunnel to 
see Cerberus and an elevator. Outside and further left, see 
the Sisyphus rock and try talking to it. Back right of the 
tunnel. Go to the River Styx and try going down the steps. 
Talk on the options top to bottom. Go back to barren grounds 
and to town of dead, enter the department and try giving the 
filled in applications
to hades. Outside, by the empty fire pan, talk to Orpheus on 
everything and give him the egg slicer, telling him it's a 
lyre. Witness the scene with Hades.

Go to the barren grounds and tell the tomb banshee you know 
someone that sings better. Go back to the town of dead and 
take the megaphone from inside the department. Outside, place 
the megaphone in the empty fire pan near Orpheus. Go to the 
barren grounds and speak with the tomb banshee again. You 
automatically pick up an invitation.

Return to the town of dead, go right and speak to the dragon 
about "unusual things" and delivery of new "approved stamp". 
Continue right and show your invitation at the party door. 
Inside, speak to Eurydice.

Try to take the wedding dress. On the extreme left, above the 
leg of meat, take the wine jug. Back right, use the wine jug 
on the fire pan. Now take the wedding dress. Go out to town of 
dead, then all the way left and up to the barren grounds. 
Speak to the double, laying out plans and give it a
piece of the mirror fragment. Now characters can be switched.

Send Simon back to town of dead to where Orpheus is. In 
inventory, click the dress and Simon puts it on. Now speak to 
Orpheus and "tap him on the shoulder". You both go to the 
river styx. Click the ticket machine on the left and Simon 
needs a coin. Go back to Ovid, in the town of dead, and ask 
about the coin. Go speak to Hades and ask about coffee and he 
leaves. Quickly take the doorstop. Go to the barren grounds, 
then go left from the elevator cave, and put the
doorstop under the sisyphus rock.

Now speak to the rock about the interview. Return to Ovid, in 
the town of dead, and get the coin. Return to the barren 
grounds and to the river styx. Use the gold coin on the ticket 
machine and say "I think I'll go on my own", and Simon rides 
the boat back to the river bank in the land of living. Go to 
the troll bridge and cross. At the upper left of the 
guardhouse, go to the temple of
the dead.

To the left there's two boxes. Get black candles from a box, 
and in the other box get a stamp. In inventory use the stamp 
on the filled in documents. Speak to the monk and learn about 
him needing a successor. Look at the vampire cat, then try to 
use the elevator. Try to open the window. Did you get the oil 
from the carpenters workshop? Use oil on the window and open 
it. The vampire cat will fall into the elevator shaft and 
distract Cerberus.

Switch to the double and send him into the unknown tunnel and 
speak to Simon through the elevator shaft. Switch to Simon and 
put the stamped applications in the elevator. Use the elevator 
switch on the left side of the elevator door. The double can 
now get the applications. Click the elevator and the king 
arrives. Both he and the double can use the elevator to go up. 
After a
conversation, send Simon to the troll bridge where the double 
and the king waits with the troll.

After the conversation, send Simon to grandma's house and get 
the sheet from the rocking chair. Click it in inventory to 
make a long rope. Go to the troll bridge and tie one end to 
the troll. Give the other end of the rope to the double. 
Switch to the double and send him to the temple of the dead. 
In inventory, use the rope on the elevator. Use the elevator 
switch to pull the troll down.

After a conversation, the king leaves for the town. Switch to 
Simon and go to town. Speak to the king and convince him to go 
into Calypso's shop. In there, speak to the king, explaining 
about the machine. Click the king into the machine, then click 
the machine but decide to get someone else to do it. Go 
outside, switch to the double and send the double inside 
Calypso's shop. Operate
the machine to get a packet of king in the form of instant 

Switch to Simon and go downscreen to the marketplace. There's 
two demons and a civil agent. You talk to each demon. Then 
talk to the officer about the competitions of running, chess, 
and weight lifting. The winner gets an invitation to the 
wedding of Kalaba and Alix. Tell the officer "Alright, I'll go 
for it" and "Ok, I'm ready".

The race starts at the crossroads and finishes at the 
marketplace. Tell the guard you are ready. And they're off. 
Simon looses and because the demons tie, the race has to be 
done again. Before talking to the officer at the crossroads, 
switch to the double and send him outside of Calypso's shop 
and try to go to the marketplace downscreen, but the double 
decides to wait.

***During the race, the double actually hides to the left in 
the shadows, so when the demons appear in the area, quickly 
click downscreen on the marketplace icon***

Switch back to Simon and have him tell the officer that he's 
ready and they're off. When the demons appear over the area 
before the shop, quickly click downscreen on the marketplace 
icon and the double wins.

Now the double will get into a chess game. Tell the officer 
you have to pay a visit. The smart demon will follow and stop 
in the pentagram outside the bar. Go into the bar. Afterwards, 
the double comes out of the bar, so send him back right to the 
marketplace game. Switch to Simon, go to the pentagram in the 
alley at the bar, and use the black candles on the pentagram. 
Simon into the bar to hide.

At the game, again ask to pay a visit. The demon is detained 
inside the pentagram, so send the double on into the bar. 
Simon comes out. Send Simon back right to the marketplace and 
he wins the chess game.

Last is the weightlifting. Send Simon left to the club and 
tell the door you're immunized. Inside ask Swampy for some 
soup but he's still mad at Simon. Go to Calypso's shop and use 
the dead chicken on the machine to get the powder. In 
inventory, put the instant chicken soup in you pot, then use 
the pot on the magic water to get chicken soup. Return to the 
club and give the soup to
Swampy, eventually telling him it will get him more friends.

The double arrives and Swampy is happy to have new friends and 
gives Simon some swamp stew. Send Simon back to the 
marketplace and put the swamp stew in the demon's mineral 
water on the small table to the right. Speak to the officer 
about doping suspician. This is investigated and the demons 
are disqualified. Tell the officer you are ready to try. All 
Simon has to do is just attempt to lift the weight and he wins 
the gold medal.

On the map, go to the secret entrance to the right of the 
castle. Go in and show the gold medal to the guard. Look into 
the throne room and take the new gold medal lying beside you. 
Leave the throne room and hide at the boxes to the right of 
the entrance. The double arrives and gives the king's instant 
powder to Simon, then he goes inside to create a distraction.

Send Simon into the throne room where he talks to Alix. Put 
the king's instant powder into Calaba's goblet and watch the 

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