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 Simon the Sorcerer II

Simon the Sorcerer II

** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                          Simon the Sorcerer II
Platform:                                      DOS/Windows (PC)
Genre:                                         Point & Click Adventure
Author:                                        TimmyTheRabidTurtle
Last Updated:                                  Friday, 16th July 2004
Date Created:                                  Tuesday, 17th February 2004
Current Version:                               Version 1.0
FAQ Size:                                      24kb
Guide Type:                                    FAQ/Walkthrough

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                          1. - FAQ Information
                          2. - Table of Contents
                          3. - Version History
                          4. - Walkthrough 
                          5. - Frequently Asked Questions
                          6. - Credits 
                          7. - Copyright Information

** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 1.0  - Completed the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Version 0.92 – Added the walkthrough and the rest of the document.

** 4. - Walkthrough                                                          **

The game begins in a small room with a small boy lying awake in bed reading a 
book. He will do some random magic. Another person soon enters, which turns out 
to be the boy's father. He finds the boy doing magic and takes the book he had 
in his possession. He burns the book and a ghost later appears. The phantom is 
a sorcerer, going by the name of Sordid. He convinces the boy to help him. 
      The scene continues, obviously in the future. The now-formed Sordid is 
near the boy and they are both in a fortress in a volcano. Simon appears to be 
a nemesis of sorts to them and the sorcerer wishes to have Simon crushed. The 
scene changes to find Simon, a young-ish kid wearing blue jeans with long brown 
hair, just entering his bedroom to find the transport wardrobe inside. He 
believes it to be the property of someone he knows, and tries to move it. He 
succeeds not. Out of curiosity, he opens the closet and wanders inside. The 
introduction to the game, accompanied by the game's credits will arrive 

After the credits and introduction, we find Simon to be transported to what 
appears to be an old village. A castle lies in the background while Simon and 
the wardrobe itself are situated in a street with shops on either side. A woman 
appears nearby and calls her grandfather out. You might remember him from the 
previous Simon the Sorcerer, he is Calypso, a friend of yours. He tells you 
what he believes to have happened and explains that Simon must seek for a way 
to transport himself back to his own dimension. The only way Calypso can think 
of is by retrieving some Mucozade. Mucosade is a substance which will create 
the necessary power to transport the device. He mentions that some may be found 
in the castle's treasury and Simon sets off. Meanwhile, it is established by 
the sorcerer and boy that the wardrobe failed. They plan to kill Simon. Around 
this time, you take custody of controlling the game.

Simon steps into the street. Step back inside and pick up the baseball bat and 
the dye. Calypso won't mind. Head to the castle. Talk to the guards about 
letting you into the castle and you will discover they will only accept bribes. 
They tell you about the currency of the land. If you feel like writing it down, 
you can, but I'm just going to tell you here anyway:

 256 Pence = 1 Dollar
 16 Pence = 1 Grout
 64 Pence = 1 Crown
 2 Crowns = 1 Queen's Shilling
 3 Crowns = 1 King's Shilling
 5 Dollars = 1 Silver Sovereign
 45 Dollars = 1 Royal Crest

Note this and go to the Town Square. Talk to the dancers and Simon will watch. 
One of them will break his stick. Talk to the accordion player and he will 
mention how he is looking for another baton in place of the used one. Give the 
troupe the baseball bat and watch the agonizing sequence. Go to the Street of 
Traders and take the advertisement for a new Dance Instructor. Talk to the 
Ironmonger and help him out with his math problems. You will get a left-handed 
crowbar for your efforts. Head to the docks. 
      Depending on which side you arrive in, you will come across either Um 
Bongo or Goldilocks. Either way, you'll come across Goldilocks anyway. Talk to 
her and she will tell you she is hiding from the police after she stole some 
porridge from the Three Bears. Use your crowbar to open the crate she's getting 
into and she will give you her wig and a plastic, though watertight dinghy. If 
you haven't seen Um Bongo, go to him and give him the advertisement from the 
Street of Traders. Exit the docks.

Head to the Three Bear's house. You will see, upon arrival, that it is heavily 
fortified with security, ergo, you can't get in yet. There should be a 
letterbox near the entrance of the house. Open it and take the letter inside. 
There is nothing left here, so go to the Loan Office back in town. Ask to take 
out a loan, any of them. Talk to the Manager once you enter his office. You 
will find out about the tube and where it leads and then talk to him about the 
paperwork. He will go beneath his desk, so quickly put the letter from the 
Three Bear's house in his Inbox pile. 
       By the time you get back to the Three Bears' house, you will see it's 
pretty destroyed. You can now enter. Look around and pick up the rubber gloves 
near the gloves, is a tap. Turn it off. The Three Bears will then arrive home. 
Simon will try to hide and end up in the chimney. The Bears light the fire and 
Simon eventually lands in the fountain. Return to the house and give them 
Goldilocks' wig. Receive their porridge gratefully and go to the Tattooist's. 
There is a ladder nearby, pull it down. Climb up and in the door. Talk to the 
Saucepan Man and he will give unto you a notepad and a pen. You must use this 
pad to talk to the Saucepan Man, as he has taken a Vow of Silence. Continue to 
talk to him and you will find that there is an available job opportunity as a 
porridge wearer. Wear the Three Bears' porridge and you will be granted the 
position. Look at the Membership Pack you receive and you will unlock all the 
items inside and they will enter your inventory. Anyway, leave the area and 
head to MucSwamplings.

As you enter the area outside the building, Simon will initiate a chat with a 
MucSwampling look-alike. You will get a balloon and meal voucher, however. 
Enter the building and speak with the Anorak and with the Tattooist. The 
Tattooist will say that he will not return to his workplace until 2pm. Talk to 
the Waiter at the counter and get a Kiddie's Meal. Look at the contents and 
they will spill into the inventory. Head to the large tent in the center of 
town - this is a Magical Competition. Sign up at the hut outside. Enter the 
tent and you will see various magicians, obviously all better than you, so you 
won't be able to win by the traditional means of ABILITY. There is a man with a 
trumpet in his ear somewhere on the screen. Pour the MucSwampling drink in the 
trumpet and he will go completely deaf.

Go to the Street of Traders and to the Costume Shop. A conversation will ensue 
about the prospect of the Joke Shop Owner making you a costume of MucSwampling 
for you using the model you got in the meal. He will agree, though on the 
condition that you provide the green cloth. Easy.
       Head to the Pet Shop. You will notice a large amount of mutated animals 
in the store. Try picking up the tortoise in the cage and you will be 
electrocuted. Use the conveniently-placed rubber gloves. The machine used to 
create these mutations is nearby and luckily it can reverse the process as 
well. Put the tortoise creature in one end of the machine and press the green 
button. This process will separate the two animals, giving you a turtle and 
some glow worms. Put the worms back in the place you put the turtle and the 
owner will come out and let you keep them, now supercharged.

Return outside and talk to the cloth seller, going by the name of "Fat Bloke". 
Talk to him about the prospect of getting green cloth and he will accept. In 
return, however, you will have to retrieve a golden lamp from a cave. This part 
is easy, you can't deter, as there is only one relatively short path. When he 
gives you your earned cloth, you find it is white, not what you're looking for. 
       Note that if you try the dye from Calypso's shop with the cloth, Simon 
will explain how you will need water first. Head to the fountain on the 
outskirts of town. Use the dye with the fountain and the entire thing will turn 
green, while the women continue washing. Put the cloth in one of their baskets 
and wait for her to put it in the water. Once she has, head to the joke shop, 
pick up the joke book and give the owner the green cloth. He will make you a 
MucSwampling costume, just like you ordered. 
      With your added weapon of a green costume, go to MucSwamplings. Enter and 
wear the costume. Head to the back and go to the kitchen. The real Swampling is 
here and, upon conversing with him, will give you some swamp mud and a bucket. 
Attempt to head to the swamp, but you will end up at the loan office. Speak 
with the jester and he will give you a bladder in exchange for the joke book 
from the joke shop. Open the drain grate nearby and you will find a large 
spider blocking the view. We will deal with this in due course.
       Go to the town square and talk to Um Bongo. Give him the bladder you got 
from the jester. He will begin his Rain Dance, which will get rid of the spider 
in the drain. Return there and climb down into the swamp. Walk deeper into the 
swamp and it will soon become impossible to see. Use the supercharged glowworms 
to create a light for you. You will find a ladder – climb up and into the 
       Walk right and use the bungee jump cord with the railings. Use the 
bucket you got from MucSwampling to get some swamp mud. Leave and return to the 
MucSwampling restaurant. Put your costume back on and talk to the Swampling – 
you will get swamp stew. Go to the Joke shop and give the swamp stew to the 
owner, who will make you a stink bomb from it. Go to the Magical Competition 
and use the stink bomb. Leave the tent and then enter it again. The only wizard 
remaining is the deaf one (he has already been eliminated, however). Pick up 
the spell book. Simon will win by default and will get the Wizard ID card. Head 
to the castle and show them the ID – they will let you in.

Once you enter, you will see the prince. Talk to him. Afterwards, talk to the 
King and he will appoint you the task of making the baby in the nursery sleep. 
Pick up the cymbals and enter the room with the double doors. The right hand 
door has the baby inside. To stop the cradle from rocking, use the wedge on it. 
This is the first step to making the child shut up. Pick up the cog, the rattle 
and the Klaxon and leave the room. Exit the castle and head to MucSwamplings. 
Go around the back and pick up the fishing rod from the dustbins. Wear the 
swampling costume and do the same as before. Use the cog on the clock there and 
it will work again, thus the Tattooist you met earlier will soon have to return 
to work. If you return to the eating area, you will notice he is gone. Follow 
him to his store and speak with him. Pick up the leaflet upon exit and return 
to MucSwamplings.
     Give the leaflet to the Anorak Guy and return to the tattooist's parlor. 
You will be granted a tattoo free of charge because you were his 1,000th 
customer. Choose the swords and crown tattoo. Return to the swamp and take the 
left turn. Talk to the Lady of the Lake and use the fishing rod. Simon will 
catch a fish. Return to the castle and head to the Throne Room. Use the fish on 
the royal symbol. Return to the Lady of the Lake and  show her the symbol. She 
will remove her scuba gear and leave it free for stealing. Take it all and put 
it on. You'll need a vessel to cross the lake. Remember the rubber dingy you 
got from Goldilocks? Use the air tank to inflate it so you can cross the lake.

After some brief searching, you should come across a sword on the other side. 
Pick it up. Return to the castle the way you came and give the sword to the 
prince. For it, he will exchange a pea and a peashooter. Return to the room 
with the two doors. Enter the one with the princess inside. Naturally, but the 
pea under her mattress and she will awaken. Talk to her about the baby and she 
will give you a lollypop for the baby. When you give it to him, however, he 
will fling it out the window. Exit the room, take a right and pick up the 
lolly. Head to MucSwamplings and talk to Swampy. Give his kids the lollypop and 
pick up the bottle of milk they drop. Leave here and go to the castle. Enter 
the baby's room and give the baby the milk. Seeing as how your task is now 
complete, you are given the remainder of the day as free time.
      Go to the Throne Room and enter the door near the king. Walk up the 
stairs and past the Pentagram. You'll meet the two demons you banished in the 
previous game, if you remember them. If you speak with them, they will knock 
you back down the stairs. Pour the SwampShake on the Pentagram to defeat them. 
Leave the castle and head to the Street of Traders. Tie the balloon from the 
MucSwampling lookalike to the railing. Get another two from him and tie them 
the railing. Simon will be lifted by the balloons to the top of one of the 
castle towers. Look around and you will soon come across the mucozade you 
wanted so bad. Return to the previous room and get out the window, assisted by 
a bird. Head to Calypso's once ready.

You now are situated on a pirate ship in the middle of an ocean, but you no 
longer have the mucozade. Pick up the eye patch next to you (pick up the 
skull). Head upstairs and you will arrive in the Captain's Cabin after a cut-
scene. Leave the room. There will be a sailor nearby with sunglasses – give him 
your eye patch and he will give you the sunglasses. Just on a bit, there is a 
sailor working on the ship. Push him and, after a moment, he will fall into the 
ocean. Pick up the hammer, plank and nails he was using and head into the door 
on the left. Talk to the Tough-Looking Guy and mention a welder. Go to the deck 
enter the captain's chamber. 
       Pick up one of the parrots and the postcard (in the diary on the desk). 
Walk through the door (not the one you entered through) and you will find a guy 
sleeping in a hammock. Pick up the knife and cut down the hammock. Pick up the 
revealed tinder box and leave the room. Use the welder on the chain on deck. 
The Captain of the ship will come out and stop you. Nail the board you picked 
up to the door and then repeat the process. Thus, you can weld the chain and 
the Captain can't do anything. Open the nearby  door and descend the stairs to 
get the Mucosade. Climb the rigging and you will arrive at the Crow's Nest. Put 
the postcard at the end of the telescope and go back to the deck. Head right 
and switch the fake parrot with the real one on the pirate. You'll have to 
stick it down, however, so use the swamp gum on it. Soon, a scene will come 
about and Simon will wind up on a beach, though he will be inventoryless. 

Pick up the shovel and the towel, which is on the right. Talk to the guy who 
has the Mucozade and head into the jungle. Give the kid the balloon and you 
will receive a shell. Pick up the pole and head to the beach (right). Use the 
shovel and the pole together to create ULTIMATE SHOVEL, with which, Simon 
builds a sandcastle. In the process, he digs a hole nearby out of which he took 
the sand. Put the towel over the hole and use the shell on it to create a 
decent trap. Talk to the kid that gave you the shell and he will fall in the 
trap. Pick up the Mucosade and head back into the Jungle. Pick up the Fierce 
Dog. Continue left and enter the café.
        Talk to the waitress inside. Take a free coffee and after you awaken, 
get another, but don't drink it yet. Head outside to where the dealer is. Ask 
him about his salmon. Pick up the whistle and head back into the jungle (go 
north). You will find a guy tied up on a torture device. Go to the generator 
and use the Fierce Dog on it. Pull the switch and blow the whistle – the 
torture device will be powered. After the torture, pick up the dog and head 
right to the Judge, to where there is a limbo competition taking place. Use the 
whistle and you will get some money. Talk to the dealer and afterwards you will 
have some Caffeine Tablets. Use the tablets with the coffee.
        Enter the cave nearby and talk to the genie, which comes out of the 
bottle after you try to pick it up. After you're done, use the coffee with the 
bottle and try to pick it up. You will be transported to Calypso's.

After the cut-scene you will be in a cell with Alix. Talk to Alix and then open 
the door on the right side of the cell with aid from her. You will find Runt 
(the kid reading the magic book at the start of the game) running after a Simon 
lookalike. The other Simon will transport you out of the camp. Leave the area 
and head to the Dark Woods. (Happily), the kid from MucSwamplings and the Beach 
will be found here. Enter the cave to the right and Simon will step on a cat. 
You'll see three deformed witches. Head to the Hut to the left and close the 
door as you go in. Pick up the sodas and handkerchief. Drink one of the sodas 
with the drinking straw and pick up the cat that runs into the door. Open the 
door, leave the hut and go to the edge of the volcano. 
       Pick up the book and the chemicals. Use the cat with the plants nearby, 
who will drool their saliva on the ground. Catch the saliva in the empty soda 
bottle and head back to the Goblin Camp. You'll see some guards. Use the saliva 
sample with one of the mugs. Enter the camp and pick up the Conch horn (on the 
right side as you enter). Go to the largest tent (Big Tent) and talk to the elf 
outside for an empty bottle. Enter the tent and pick up the food and pepper. 
Use the pepper on the elf and use the hanky with it then. Use the soda bottle 
with the bottle you got from the elf and give it back to him. Head out of the 
scene (to the left) and you will discover a fire. Use the soda on the fire and 
it will go out. Pick up all the items near the demon and a scuffle will ignite. 
Leave the camp and return to the Hut.
       Take three more soda bottles and go to the Dark Woods. Give the kid some 
food and a bottle of soda and he will swell. Pick up the magnifying glass. 
Nearby, there are some old antiques for sale. Look at them and you will run 
into some woodworms. Give them the wood once they ask for it. You'll get some 
false teeth. Head to the cave with the Deformed Witches inside. Give the teeth 
to the left one. Give the magnifying glass to the right one. Give the Conch 
horn to the central one. A cut-scene ensues. Drink from the soda bottle again 
to get an empty bottle which you can dip in the potion to get some. Leave and 
go to the Hut.

Use the potion on the Role Players. Play with the remaining players, but use 
your own dice. You'll get a brochure. Leave the hut and return to the Goblin 
Camp. Go left and you'll soon find a skeleton which you can walk beneath. 
You'll find a rather large door and nearby are the two demons that kidnapped 
Calypso's daughter. Converse thusly:

"Are you threatening me?"
"I'm here on important business"

Simon will show them the catalogue from the Role Players, in order to try and 
persuade the demons that he is the decorator. They will buy it and will then 
let you in. Once inside, go into the Eerie Passage and talk to the abomination 
of nature you find. Simon will leave when he has exhausted his conversation 
options. Pick up the tapestry and head down the steps. There, you will find the 
source of power for the castle – a lone goblin running on a treadmill to 
generate power for the entire castle. Use the tapestry with the puddle of sweat 
beneath the being. Use the Chemical Sprayer with the sweat to put some sweat 
inside. Pull the lever nearby and you won't be able to see a thing. Thus, I'll 
have to guide you exactly. Click on the right side of the screen and then click 
on the middle of the screen.
      Use the sweat on yourself to make Simon smell like a goblin. Now, you 
have to wear the puppies (just think how much I had to mess around until I 
thought of that... >_<) Simon will make slippers from the puppies and thus he 
can be silent now. Put them on and Simon can safely traverse the room and get 
past the monster. Go left so that Simon will begin his accent towards the 
pinnacle of the tower. Simon will explain that he needs to find the Time Stick 
(the stick  the other Simon used) in order to save himself. Pick up the 
screwdriver. Use it with Sordid's hand (the machine) and use Sordid's hand with 
the Palm Reader. Thus, you've completed the game. Watch the cut-scene and pat 
yourself on the back. Bare in mind that you used this walkthrough to help you 
though :p

** 5. - Frequently Asked Questions                                           **

Q: Who is the kid at the beginning of the game reading the book?
You'll meet again him towards the end. He is a minion of Sordid's.

Q: How do I get inside the castle?
You must win the Wizardry competition (the purple tent).

Q: Why can't I talk to the Saucepan Man?
He has taken a Vow of Silence. You must talk to him through the notepad and pen 
he gives you.

Q: How do I get rid of the Spider in the way of the drain?
Um Bongo can do a rain dance. Get the bladder from behind the counter at 
MucSwamplings and give it to Um Bongo. When you return to the drain, the spider 
will be gone.

Q: How do I defeat the two demons in the castle?
Pour Swampshake on the pentagram.

Q: How do I get inside the demons house-thingy?
You must convince them you are a decorator. The Role-Player's catalogue will 
assist you on this.

Q: How do I get silently past the monster in the dark?
You must wear the puppies – Simon will turn them into slippers. Thus, you can 
walk across the room without being noticed.


Thank you for reading my guide.

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