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 Sims 2 - Seasons

Sims 2 - Seasons


v 1.1a

Written by:
Shadow Flash (

 1. Introduction.......................................................[INTRD]
 2. History............................................................[HISTR]
 3. About the Author...................................................[ABAUT]
 4. Guide..............................................................[TGUID]
    - A Quick Word.....................................................[QKWRD]
    - New Gameplay Features............................................[NWGPF]
        - Temperature..................................................[FTEPR]
        - Clothing.....................................................[FCLOT]
    - Seasons..........................................................[SESON]
        - Summer.......................................................[SUMER]
        - Autumn (Fall)................................................[AUTFA]
        - Winter.......................................................[WINTR]
        - Spring.......................................................[SPRNG]
    - Weather......................................................... [WETHR]
        - Staying up to Date...........................................[UPTDA]
        - Protecting Yourself..........................................[PRTEC]
    - The Return of Talent Badges......................................[TROTB]
        - Fishing......................................................[FSHIN]
        - Gardening....................................................[GRDIN]
            - 1) Getting Started.......................................[GRDN1]
            - 2) Your Greenhouse.......................................[GRDN2]
            - 3) The Garden Club.......................................[GRDN3]
            - 4) Gardening Tips........................................[GRDN4]
            - 5) The Plant Sim.........................................[GRDN5]
            - 6) Juicy Juices..........................................[GRDN6]
    - New Careers (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION)...........................[NWCAR]
        - IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT THIS SECTION.........................[IMATS]
        - Education....................................................[CREDU]
        - Journalism...................................................[CRJOU]
        - Adventurer...................................................[CRADV]
        - Gamer........................................................[CRGAM]
        - Law..........................................................[CRLAW]
        - Musician.....................................................[CRMUS]
 5. Additional Tips....................................................[ADTIP]
 6. Trivia.............................................................[TRVIA]
 7. FAQ................................................................[FRAQS]
 8. E-mail Rules.......................................................[ERULE]
 9. Acknowledgements & Credits.........................................[ACKCR]
10. Disclaimer.........................................................[DSCLA]

**NOTE: To jump to a specific part of this guide, copy and paste the 5 letter
        abbreviations in the block brackets into your search function. In
        Windows Notepad you can generally press Control + F and a window
        should pop up.

        I saw this idea somewhere before in another FAQ, but I forgot who did
        it. If you know who came up with this idea, please e-mail me so that
        I can credit him for this.

1. INTRODUCTION:                                                       [INTRD]

A warm welcome to this FAQ Guide for The Sims 2: Seasons. I'm sure that a lot
of people have been waiting many years for weather effects and, just like with
cars and The Sims 2: Nightlife, Electronic Arts has finally answered. So,
without further ado, let's get started!

2. HISTORY:                                                            [HISTR]

**Note: The latest version of this guide will always be available on
Version 1.1a:   Corrected mistakes in my career section and added a few more
                miscellaneous bits of information.

Version 1.1 :   Revised Plant Sim section and made changes to the Greenhouse &
                Temperature section. Added some more tips. Basic career info
                added as well. More to come soon.

Version 1.0 :   A decent amount of the FAQ complete and correct with the
                Career section outstanding.

3. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:                                                   [ABAUT]

I'm a South African student living in Cape Town. My 1st language is Afrikaans
and my 2nd is English. This is my 2nd guide and hopefully it can help you in
some or other way. I am open to comments and ideas so feel free to e-mail me.

4. GUIDE:                                                              [TGUID]

----//A QUICK WORD//----|                                              [QKWRD]

I would like to say that I started this guide researching all the information
myself, but as I was browsing I decided to look at the Message Board on
GameFAQS, because I struggled to become a Plant Sim. Upon entering the Message
Board, I found tremendous amounts of info on Plant Sims and more! So in the
end, this guide kind of became a mixture between mine and the Message Board's
posts. To all the people I took info from, THANK YOU! I sincerely hope that
you don't mind.

----//New Gameplay Features//----|                                     [NWGPF]

The Sims 2 Seasons adds two major new gameplay aspects that must be taken into
consideration from now on. If you fail at this, it could have dire
consequences - such as your sims dying! If you have not done so already,
familiarize yourself with them now.

[Temperature]                                                          [FTEPR]

Coinciding with the seasonal change is the change in temperature. When it gets
hot, your sim will get hot as well and visa versa. This poses new problems,
especially when it comes to clothing. (More on that after this)

To check your sims temperature, you will have to look at the Sims' Portrait
while playing for a small thermometer. It has roughly 7 levels and 3 colour
variations to help you. Here they are in descending order:

SCORCHING HOT (RED): Your sim has become so hot that he/she has reached the
                     tip of the thermometer and got burned! It will need to
                     stay out of the sun for quite some time to recuperate.

VERY HOT (RED):      Your sim is sweating non-stop. You'd better cool him down
                     or he might get burned! Let him take a dip in the pool.

HOT (RED):           Your sim is starting to feel warmer and no doubt wants
                     some juice to cool him down.

MILD (GREEN):        This is the best possible level and thus perfect. It's
                     not too difficult to keep your sim here provided that you
                     choose the right clothes, don't give him exercise to do
                     and don't over-stimulate him emotionally.

COOL (BLUE):         Your sim is starting to feel colder. Make sure he has
                     warm clothes on and it won't hurt to give him hot

COLD (BLUE):         Your poor sim is jumping up and down to get some heat.
                     Shivering is the least of his worries. If he gets colder
                     than this...

FREEZING (BLUE):     Your sim is practically a popsicle now that it has
                     reached the very bottom! You should heat him up quickly
                     or he might freeze to death! Give him a nice fire and
                     some major amounts of hot chocolate.

Many things can influence your sim's temperature level i.e. everything from
the weather to exercise to the woohoo and kissing that they do. Make sure to
keep your eyes peeled, because the temperature can change suddenly and without
you even realizing it. Just a warning: Your sim's temperature will increase
extremely fast while in the hot tub. Even if there is a blizzard blowing
around your head while you're outside in your hot tub the temperature will
still rise.

Another Warning: If you let your children get too cold, the social worker will
pay a visit and take your children away.

[Clothing]                                                             [FCLOT]

A wonderful new feature is the addition of an entirely new line of clothing.
It was made for the chilly Winter season and is there to keep you warm. Other
than that, it delivers nothing else that is special.

The truly impressive addition is the hairstyle option that allows you to
select a different hairstyle for every type of clothing that you wear! Just
be careful not to make things impossible like e.g. move from long hair to
short hair when putting on pajamas and then suddenly the sim has long hair
again when changing into his everyday clothes.....then again, the game
wouldn't be fun if everything was possible, now would it?

----//Seasons//-----|                                                  [SESON]

Every single neighbourhood can now have its own set of seasons and, the best
part is, that you are the one that chooses them! This is beneficial in two
ways: Firstly, it would look really stupid if it snowed in Strange Town and
secondly, each season has its own advantages and disadvantages. So choose them

Something to note about the seasons are that they change gradually. This means
you might get some additional warm weather before that ice cold winter.

[Summer]                                                               [SUMER]

Here the sun is shining brightly for your sims - quite literally. Summer has
great advantages when it comes to making friends or upping your friendship
level. I also find that this is the perfect time to get some body skill points
via the pool. In other seasons the weather can be too cold and make your sim's
temperature hit rock bottom. It also keeps your sims cool on those extra hot
days. If you use an exercise machine, your sim will just heat up faster and
you'll end up having to make him swim or give him juice to cool him down.

A nice thing to look out for during the night, are fireflies. They sometimes
pop up rather conveniently for you to catch them. Thus far, I have seen them
coming out rather close to dawn more often than not.

[Autumn/Fall]                                                          [AUTFA]

This is the perfect opportunity to not only boost skills, but to get that
extra (free) oomph for your garden.

In autumn your sims will acquire skills at a quicker pace than normal. You'll
know this is happening, because you can see little leaves flying around the
progress indicator for a skill while you are busy learning it.

In addition to this, Autumn helps you greatly if you have (or is planning to)
a garden. If you purchase a compost bin from the new garden centre under build
mode, you can rake up all the leaves and use them as compost! This way, you
can save a lot of money and get cleaning skill points to boot! Just be careful
when selecting to burn the leaves. Make sure that they are far from anything
flammable, but I guess I don't have to tell you that. ^_^

Other areas also benefit from this namely careers and when you want to gain
more talent badges.

[Winter]                                                               [WINTR]

The icy cold snow flakes may look intimidating, but it's the best opportunity
to have some fun with your family. That said, winter helps in strengthening
family bonds.

The most important thing to remember here is that your sim needs to change
into his outerwear clothes, otherwise he might find himself an iceberg sooner
than you think. Also remember to make sure you have a roof over your house and
your green house. If not, everything that is not covered will be swamped in
snow (and rain) and your sim will perish from hypothermia.

But if you've got your roof and want some fun then go outside and have a super
snowball fight with your friends and family. Alternatively you can make a
snow angel or build a snowman. If your lucky, a penguin may come and speak to
your snowman during the day! You can pet him, but I don't think you can adopt
him. :-( 

Interestingly enough, the penguin can also appear during the other seasons.
If you leave some fish on the floor he might just come and eat some of it!

If petting the penguin isn't for you, then go and ice skate! You can try some
spinning and jumping if you like, but I don't know whether you will make it if
you have very low body skill points. Furthermore, you can also do some
interactions with other sims. This actually seems to be limited to only going
to the center together and twirling. It still boosts your relationship greatly

By the way, it appears that furniture or equipment left in the snow still
miraculously work! At least the stuff I used did. If you find something that
no longer works because it was frozen stiff, please e-mail me. It should be

[Spring]                                                               [SPRNG]

Does your sim aspire to be a super romantic? Are love relationships important
to you? Then Spring has come to the rescue!

Spring adds that extra flare to your romance. Existing and new romantic
relationships benefit from this so consider this to be the perfect time to
catch up with your girlfriend or increase your chances of getting that perfect
man or woman.

Another cool thing is that in spring you can catch butterflies. Sadly, they
will die eventually, but it's worth it if you want to see them a bit longer.

----//Weather//----|                                                   [WETHR]

[Staying up to Date]                                                   [UPTDA]

Since the weather can mean life or death for your sim, it is important to know
what lies just across the sunny day. For this exact reason the game allows
you to get a weather forecast by reading the newspaper or by watching the
Weather Station on the television.

[Protecting Yourself]                                                  [PRTEC]

Besides wearing clothes, you can protect your sims from harsh weather
conditions by doing the following:

- Always ensure that a roof is over your house and greenhouse.

- Make sure to keep trees a safe distance away from anything flammable. Trees
  are very likely to be hit by lightning and, although the rain sometimes
  extinguishes the flames for you, it might happen that the rain stops at a
  crucial moment giving "bringing down the house" an entirely new meaning.

- I think it's possible to place a lightning rod outside to attract the
  lightning to it instead of the trees. Place it on your roof and it should
  work. Personally it has never worked, but it could not hurt to have it

- Speaking about lightning... from an e-mail as well as personal experience,
  it was observed that your plants get soaked even inside your greenhouse! I'm
  still investigating, but a possible cause, which was e-mailed to me, might
  be that during a thunderstorm lightning can destroy your greenhouse roof.
  More information regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

----//The Return of Talent Badges//----|                               [TROTB]

Yes, its true! They are back and this time for gardening and fishing. I never
got the Open for Business expansion pack, so I assume that it is basically
the same. You have three badges: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The badge you have
will depend on the level of your talent in the specific activity. Unlocking
talent badges will also provide you with new interactions e.g. if you receive
the gold talent badge in gardening, you will have the ability to speak to
plants. This helps to replenish your social bar but also has advantages when
getting your plants to flourish.

[Fishing]                                                              [FSHIN]

The only place you can fish is at a pond. If you don't have one, then add one
through build mode. As far as I know, the size of the pond does not affect the
size of the catch. Instead it's the lure. The type of lure you can use is
directly connected to the talent badge you have. To get a better talent badge,
catch more fish. If you're hungry, you can even cook the fish and eat it.

[Gardening]                                                            [GRDIN]

    1) Getting Started:                                                [GRDN1]

    To create a garden, all you need to have is some space & time on your
    hands. Time is very important, because if you are too late in tending to
    your plants, you might find them a bit wilted or covered in weeds.

    Plotting a garden is kind of like plotting a pool. Simply drag an area
    where you wish to have soil to plant in. It is suggested that if you are
    planning on having a large garden, you place your soil in rows with one
    row between the other rows (It will look like brown and green stripes next
    to each other) I found that it works nicely to make rows about 4 blocks
    long. That way, when you place your sprinklers, they fit perfectly.

    Speaking about sprinklers, if you don't want to water all your plants
    manually, then place some of them. They come on automatically which is a
    great bonus. The only down part, (besides slowing my PC down when I have
    a lot of them working at once) is that they can break, at which time you
    will have to get them fixed. When one of my sprinklers broke, I found that
    my other sprinklers did not activate. This may just be a fluke, but it's
    something to look out for.

    Another thing to look out for are bugs. Make sure to have a ladybird post
    close to your plants to help protect them.

    2) Your Greenhouse:                                                [GRDN2]

    Constructing a Greenhouse is rather easy, but getting the money to build
    one is difficult. Make sure you have a lLOT of cash. When you do build it,
    remember to put on your roof so as to protect your plants from hail and
    snow. Ironically, rain is also bad if you get too much of it, so be
    careful. Rather put on the roof and water them yourself or through

    If you are planning on having plant sims, rather wait until you have all
    the plant sims you want and then build your Greenhouse. This way you save

    ****GLITCH WARNING****
    Fortunately not a serious one, but rather annoying. If you delete your
    green house roof before you delete the lights in your green house, the
    lights become unselectable - preventing you from deleting or moving them.

    To solve this, save your lot and return to the neighbourhood view. Go back
    into your lot and the lights should be selectable now. I wonder why they
    allow you to delete the roof before the lights are removed??

    3) The Garden Club:                                                [GRDN3]

    If you're an avid gardener and want to make a living from selling your
    produce, then joining the Garden Club is an absolute must. As a member,
    you will receive a discount on seeds and compost (Remember: Leaves = free
    compost.) and even win prizes! So how do I join? Easy.

    When you have a garden of about 8 blocks or more, add some compost and
    plant your seeds. Immediately give water and they should sprout well
    enough to be very healthy very soon. Make sure to have some ladybird posts
    around for bug-protection! Now go over to your telephone and contact the
    Garden Club. An old lady will arrive shortly. Simply greet her and ask
    her for a Garden Club inspection. If everything goes well, a lot of people
    will come to analyze your garden and make you a part of the Garden Club.
    If everything goes extremely well, you will not only be a member, but
    also get a wishing well for free. You can either keep it, or sell it. The
    cool thing is, you can get re-evaluated many times and get a wishing well
    each time! Money, money, money...

    Of course, the wishing well has other nice properties as its name implies,
    but I will leave that for you to discover on your own. =)

    On a side not, just to be safe when joining, make sure that trash lying
    around outside or anything else that can lower the environment bar is not
    there for the evaluation.

    4) Gardening Tips:                                                 [GRDN4]

    - When watering without sprinklers, water only when you have the option of
      "watering many". This way you won't risk drowning your plant.

    - Tend to your garden the moment a plant needs tending. Don't delay!

    - If you have pets, keep them well away!

    - Make sure to have a ladybird post. It helps for all plants and trees.
      If you have one, then you don't need to spray any plants, but it does
      prevent you from becoming a plant sim.

    - Once you have the gold badge in gardening, remember to talk to your
      plants when they are unhealthy. Doing this will give them a great boost.

    **Note: Have more tips? Please e-mail me.

    5) The Plant Sim:                                                  [GRDN5]

    In the previous version of my guide I basically copied and pasted the
    info on plantsims from Sorugue on the Message Board, because she had such
    an awesome pack of info and I didn't have anything better. Now that I have
    done some research of my own and got some contributions, I decided
    to revise this section to accommodate everything. 90% of text is still
    from Sorugue, but with small additions and changes to make it even better.

 | Adapted from Sorugue's Post on the Message Board:                         |
 |                                                                           |
 |="What is Plantism ?"                                                      |
 |  Plantisim is when a sim transformed into a humanoid/plant organism.      |
 |  Unlike previous transformations (Zombie,Vampire, Werewolf etc.) once your|
 |  sim turns into a plant their needs are completely changed (more on that  |
 |  later). Their physical appearance is changed completely to the point     |
 |  their almost unrecognizable, Their hair is made of leaves (which cannot  |
 |  be altered or changed in the mirror) their skin is green (similar to the |
 |  alien sims) and their attire is also made of leaves with brown wooden    |
 |  shoes(think of the jolly green Giant) They also have a vine pattern on   |
 |  their skin and bright green eyes.                                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |="How do I become infected by Plantism?"                                   |
 |  This along with Zombie is one of the more complex transformations, as it |
 |  cannot be transferred. In order to be infected you must first build a    |
 |  garden not inside a greenhouse and with no ladybird posts. I would       |
 |  recommend you build it during the spring or summer months as the plants  |
 |  flourish better in these seasons, but also the insects who make you a    |
 |  plant sim are more abundant - especially in summer.                      |
 |                                                                           |
 |  After your plants grow to some size, I would say 2-3 days after planting |
 |  the seeds, insects will begin swarming the plants. Before you start      |
 |  spraying them, wait a bit so that the insects can spread to your other   |
 |  plants. When they've spread to about 2/3 of your garden, start spraying  |
 |  them (choose the "Spray Many" option) with the sim that you want to be a |
 |  plant sim. Keep spraying the plants with insecticide and eventually your |
 |  sim will be transformed into a plant him/herself.                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |  If you are having trouble transforming, try enlarging your garden so that|
 |  you can spray more in one continuous session. Either way, you'll         |
 |  eventually end up as one.                                                |
 |                                                                           |
 |="I don't want my sim to be a plant anymore how do I cure it?"             |
 |  Simple call the garden club and buy a potion off of a member when        |
 |  the member comes over your house OR mix one (sorry i don't know the      |
 |  ingredients.)                                                            |
 |                                                                           |
 |="How does a Plantism effect my sim?"                                      |
 |  Plantism holds the most significant changes in a sim than any other      |
 |  transformation to date. Most importantly ALL the sims basic needs are    |
 |  removed and replaced with 3 new needs "Sunlight" "Water" "and "Love".    |
 |                                                                           |
 |     Sunlight- Plant sims require sunlight in order to function and this   |
 |               need can be refilled slowly during daylight hours in the Sun|
 |               If it could be compared to anything I would say this is     |
 |               similar to the energy motive, where as if the sunlight meter|
 |               is depleted (this almost always happens at night) Your sim  |
 |               will go outside and pass out (if this happens at night the  |
 |               plant sim will lay there until the sun reemerges ) so it is |
 |               important to make plant sims do some gardening or outside   |
 |               activities during the day in order to refill the sunlight   |
 |               meter.                                                      |
 |                                                                           |
 |               A good way of keeping your plant sims from passing out due  |
 |               to sunlight deprivation, is to purchase a sunlamp from the  |
 |               Garden Centre in build mode. As long as your sim stands     |
 |               directly beneath it, it should increase the sunlight meter. |
 |               While underneath it, a plant sim can do other activities    |
 |               such as painting. You can even hold your plantbaby and the  |
 |               baby will also receive sunlight!                            |
 |                                                                           |
 |              Note: Sometimes plant sims don't get sunlight while in a     |
 |                    Greenhouse so take a look at them now and again.       |
 |                                                                           |
 |     Water-    Most Similar to the "Hunger" only easier to fill ^.^ The    |
 |               need "Water", represents the plant sims hydration level. If |
 |               the meter is empty for to long, (like hunger) the plant sim |
 |               can die.                                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 |               This can be refilled by simply letting the sim bask in any  |
 |               body of water (bath, shower, pool etc.) or by drinking water|
 |               in the sink. Other ways of replenishing this include        |
 |               standing in the rain, drinking juice, coffee, espresso, or  |
 |               cocoa. A very effective way is for your sim to drink from   |
 |               the wishing well, which restores about 1/5 of your meter.   |
 |                                                                           |
 |      Love-   The exact same as the "social" need and therefore requires   |
 |              no real explanation.                                         |
 |                                                                           |
 |     Plant sims are also Asexual (for those whom do not know, this means   |
 |     they can reproduce by themselves without the aid of a member of the   |
 |     opposite sex) and for the first time ever when a Plant sim reproduces |
 |     by themselves the babies Will also be plant sims.                     |
 |                                                                           |
 |     *Note: Plant sims can still "Try for baby" with a partner however the |
 |     baby will come out looking similar to the sim not affected by plantism|
 |     or if both are infected the baby will look like their parents BEFORE  |
 |     they were infected by plantism.                                       |
 |                                                                           |
 |="What are the advantages to plantism?"                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 |     - With only three needs to replenish all the time, plant sims are easy|
 |       to take care of.                                                    |
 |                                                                           |
 |     - Plant sims are more effective at taking care of plants and trees    |
 |       than normal sims are.                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 |     - Plant sims will seldom (or not at all) get fat. This is because they|
 |       do not need to eat. When a normal sim eats while his hunger bar is  |
 |       full, he loses fitness. Plant sims don't have a Hunger bar to       |
 |       overfill.                                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 |="What are the disadvantages to plantism?"                                 |
 |                                                                           |
 |     - Plant sims have shorter lives than normal Sims. When growing up they|
 |       skip the toddler, child, teenager and Young adult phase, and go     |
 |       right to Adult phase after the infant cycle.                        |
 |                                                                           |
 |     - Plant sims are severely sensitive to the cold and their temperature |
 |       goes down much faster in the Fall and Winter seasons . It would be a|
 |       good idea to remove winter and fall from the seasons Cycle as this  |
 |       seriously hinders plant sims from obtaining proper sunlight.        |
 |                                                                           |
 |     - Plant sims cannot go to college since their teenage and young adult |
 |       phases are skipped.                                                 |
 |                                                                           |

    6) Juicy Juices:                                                   [GRDN6]

    If you purchase a blender, you can blend some interesting juices by
    combining certain ingredients. These juices have benefits and are worth
    the trouble. Again, I got this super cool list from gyrobot and Sharon1969
    on the Message Board:

 |   From Gyrobot (and from Sharon1969):                                     |
 |                                                                           |
 |                                                                           |
 |  RECIPIES FOR JUICES:                                                     |
 |  Apple juice         - 4 (or 3) apples = faster homework                  |
 |  Beauty Cocktail     - 2 oranges 2 cucumbers = Love potion                |
 |  Eggplant juice      - 1 (or 2) eggplant = random skill point             |
 |  Lemonade            - 4 (or 6) lemons = Cools sims down                  |
 |  Orange jucie        - 4 (or 6) oranges = Cures colds                     |
 |  Orangeade           - 3 (or 4) oranges 1 (or 2) lemon = random badge     |
 |                          points                                           |
 |  Pepper Punch        - 1 (or 2) pepper 4 (or 1) pole beans 2 (or 1)       |
 |                          apples = energy boost                            |
 |  Pureed boot         - 1 boot = sims freak out                            |
 |  Strawberry juice    - 6 (or 3) strawberries = clears furious bits        |
 |  Strawberry lemonade - 3 (or 2) lemons 2 strawberries = platinum mood     |
 |  Tomato juice        - 3 (or 6) tomatoes = warms sims up                  |
 |  veggie cocktail     - 2 (or 1) tomatoes 1 cucumber 1 pepper 3 (or 1)     |
 |                         pole beans = build skills faster                  |
 |                                                                           |

The reason for the two series of quantities, is that Sharon1969 gave a list
that worked for her. I believe Sharon1969's combination (the ones in brackets)
to be the likeliest to work. My reason being that she tested her combination
7 times.

I don't know if this means that for each game it's different, but I am
currently researching into it.

----//New Careers//----|                                               [NWCAR]

[IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT THIS SECTION]                                 [IMATS]

When I opened my mailbox I was overwhelmed by the massive amount of e-mails I
received regarding this section. Thank you to all the people who sent in info
on mistakes that I had made. I've read every one and decided to make the
corrections as soon as possible. 

The result is the removal of the "Requirements" sub-section as a university
degree AND the Sims 2: University expansion pack is not required to apply for
any of the jobs.

**Note: This part is unfortunately still under construction and will be
        completed by version 1.2 of this guide. Sorry for the delay.

[Education]                                                            [CREDU]

Ever dreamt of standing in front of a bunch of children, giving them orders
and seeing only 40% of them listen? Well, here's your chance!

   1) Top Job:
      The top job for education is called "Minister of Education"

   2) Career Reward:
      Now this is cool! The career reward, which is a bookshelf, allows you to
      study any skill! That's right! You can even gain Body from this!

[Journalism]                                                           [CRJOU]

Being a writer is tough! Nevertheless, if you have a passion, nothing is too

   1) Top Job:
      Publishing Mogul is the top job.

   2) Career Reward:
      Gootentaugen Award for Excellence functions much the same as the
      Adventurer's career reward. It will give a small boost to all the needs
      of a sim when it is close enough.

[Adventurer]                                                           [CRADV]

A lot of fun! According to Phoen777, the top of this career looks rather
"interesting". ^_^

   1) Top Job:
      Ahoy! The top job is a Space Pirate. Get ready to rob some space ships!

   2) Career Reward:
      The Golden Skull of Jumbok IV is one of the strangest looking rewards,
      which makes it so cool to have as a decoration in your house. The added
      properties, however, is why you should get it. It will give a small
      boost to all the needs of a sim when it is close enough.

[Gamer]                                                                [CRGAM]

   1) Top Job:
      Contradicting e-mails were sent. One states it's "Game Designer" the
      other "Guild Leader " I am also looking into this again.

   2) Career Reward:
      While the job is less that stellar in some cases, the reward leaves much
      to desire for. The Tribal Flame a la Coconut Pinball Machine has a fun
      rating of 10 and, to top it all, your sim gets 5 simoleons when

[Law]                                                                  [CRLAW]

What can be said about this career? In real life, big bucks await you, will it
be the same in the Sims 2?

   1) Top Job:
      I still have to reach the top, so it will be in by the next version of
      this guide.

   2) Career Reward:
      In this case it's the "I Object!" Litigator Podium.

[Musician]                                                             [CRMUS]

If you like music like I do, you'll love this career.

   1) Top Job:
      Once you reach the top of this career you'll be known as the Rock god.

   2) Career Reward:
      This career will see you wielding a guitar as a career reward with
      massive speakers for an absolute ear-crushing effect. It seems that it
      may be no better that the other instruments that you can purchase, but
      it does have a fun rating of 10 and looks super cool!

5. ADDITIONAL TIPS:                                                    [ADTIP]

This is a bunch of ideas and tips that I just wanted to add in case someone
struggles with something or just wanted to know another way of doing it.
**If you have more tips please e-mail me.

- If you haven't noticed yet, while in build mode there is a new tool called
  the Sledgehammer tool. It's been there since The Sims 2 Pets, but it is so
  convenient that I just had to add it here.

- Make use of leftovers. They really help!

- When using the aspiration reward device, the Weather Machine, I noticed the
  following: If you used it to block snow by creating a clear sky and you
  switch it off, the weather reverts back to the weather you blocked.
  In this case snow.

- From Moondragoness, Trousle & Arbiter Jack from the Message Board:
  A plant sim cannot get sunlight while indoors - no matter how many windows
  you put in. The alternative is to purchase a sunlamp from the Garden Centre
  in build mode. As long as your sim stands directly beneath it, it should
  increase the sunlight meter.

  Additionally, you can also construct or transform a part of your house into
  a greenhouse wall. One wall per room will suffice

- Also from Trousle (Message Board): "Spore of Happiness allows a plantsim who
  is in a good mood to affect the moods of other sims nearby. While using this
  interaction, the other sims needs decay at a slower rate. I think they might
  actually fill at a slow rate, but I don't have the strat guide here in front
  of me to know which it is."

- If you have the Open for Business Expansion Pack and Servo, then be careful!
  When Free Will is turned on your Servo will make meals even if your entire
  family is composed of plant sims, who don't need food at all!

- An awesome game performance enhancer from the Message Board, posted by
  "My game, however, ran pretty badly. I would turn EVERYTHING down but
   textures, and the camera would lag around as I moved it still."

  "But recently I fixed this. Now, I am at 1024x768, with all settings on max
   (except for smooth edges, but everything is smooth as it is)."

       Here's what I did:

    1. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup.
       This got rid of a TON of unneeded things.
    2. Make a new Admin profile on your computer, just for the sims.
    3. On this new profile, go to Display. Set the colors at 16 bit.
    4. Start -> Right Click on "My Computer". Choose "Properties".
    5. Under "Advanced" choose "Performance"
    6. Set EVERYTHING at off, or check "Adjust for best performance". This
       gets rid of TONS of unnecessary things that slow stuff down.
    7. Turn screen saver OFF
    8. Download CCCleaner and run it every so often. It gets rid of TONS of
       things you don't need.
    9. Start -> Run -> MSConfig. Under Startup, turn off everything you don't
       need starting when the computer/profile is opened. This prevents things
       from cluttering the processes.

   "After doing all these things in your new profile, your game will be able to
   run MUCH better. I made my "explorer.exe" in the Task Manager go from an
   average of 50,000(whoah)kb to 11,000. Much, much faster, and the game is
   much less stressed to render things(My games graphics got much smoother
   just by doing this)"

   Note: "You WILL have to transfer your downloads folder to the new profile
   and put it back where it belongs, or your downloads won't load."

6.) TRIVIA:                                                            [TRVIA]

- It is possible to become a vampire, werewolf, zombie, alien, plant sim as
  proven by Leora on the follwing webpage:

7) FAQ:                                                                [FRAQS]

Q: What will the next expansion pack be for The Sims 2?
A: There was talk of it being a revised edition of Makin' Magic from Sims 1,
   but it appears to have been a hoax.

Q: Help! My game is running slower than a sloth! What's wrong?
A: The system requirements were increased since the last expansion pack. Try
   the game performance tip in the "Additional Tips Section" before going out
   to buy new hardware.

Q: Where can I find the latest version of your guide?
A: Always on

8. E-MAIL RULES:                                                       [ERULE]

When you e-mail me for whatever reason, please adhere to these rules and

- "Sims 2 Seasons" must be the subject.

- It has not been answered already in this FAQ.

- Comments and suggestions are welcome.

- No SPAM - but that's obvious ^_^

9. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS & CREDITS:                                         [ACKCR]

- Thank you greatly to EA Games for their great expansion pack!

- I would like to thank the following people for their contribution:
    The Message Board Contributors:
        Sorague (Plant Sim Info)
        Moondragoness (Tips)
        Trousle (Tips)
        Arbiter Jack (Tips)
        NirxRMax (Season Advantage Info)
        Canti_sama (Game Performance Tip)
        Gyrobot and Sharon1969 (List of Juices)

- Other major contributers include:
        Phoen777 (Plant Sim, Careers & Other Miscellaneous Info)
        Airheadz826 (Info on social worker taking children away)
        All the people who sent e-mails on the career requirements mistake.

- Thank you to all the sites/programs hosting this guide.

If I forgot to credit you in some way, please e-mail me a.s.a.p.

10. DISCLAIMER:                                                        [DSCLA]

I hereby declare that this walkthrough is freely distributable under
the conditions that:

 - It will not be altered from its original release content and format
   in any way without prior approval by me.
 - It will not be used to make a profit in any way.
 - You give credit where it is due if you decide to use it in your
 - I reserve the right to ask for the immediate removal of this walkthrough,
   from any website, program or any other web-hosting place, at any time.
 - It will not be hosted on any other sites/programs other than:

All rights are reserved by their respective owners.

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