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Section 1: Controls/Objects
Section 2: Slalom
Section 3: Tree Slalom
Section 4: Freestyle
Section 5: Codes/Secrets

Section 1: Controls/Objects




F2 = New Game
F3 =Pause

Left = Turn left, when horizontal moves you left
Right = Turn right, when horizontal moves you right
Down = Go down
Up = When horizontal moves you up the mountain
Insert = Jump

7 = Turns horizontally to the left
8 = When horizontal moves you up the mountain
9 = Turns horizontally to the right
4 = Turn left, when horizontal moves you left
6 = Turn right, when horizontal moves you right
1 = Go diagnolly left-down
2 = Go straight down
3 = Go diagnolly right-down
0 = Jump


Move mouse left = Turn left
Move mouse right = Turn right
Left Click = Jump


Super-jump Ramp: Small rainbow horizontal lines. When you move over one you perform a 
Super-Jump and can perform tricks and jump over all obstacles.

Rock: You can jump over rocks to perform a super-jump. It's not as big as one you'd
get off a ramp therefore I'll dub it rock-jump. If you don't jump over it, it'll knock
you over.

Trees: There are two types of green trees. The small green trees and the large ones.
If you pick up enough speed you can sometimes jump over the small ones.
You can super-jump over either of them. There are also dead brown trees.
These trees can be set on fire if normal jumped over.
If you super-jump or rock-jump over them, nothing happens.

Beginning Skier: These guys are beginning skiers and are colored cyan with purple clothes.
They often crash on easily avoidable obstacles and move slowly.
You can also crash into them. Try to avoid them. They can fall in two different ways.
If you jump over them they fall forwards. Any other way they fall backwards.

Snowboarders: These guys go extremely fast. They glide down the mountain and they don't
fall down. Avoid them, they'll knock you to the ground.

Ski-lift Pole: Just avoid it, you'll fall if you hit it.

Ski-lift Chair: It runs on an invisible ski-lift line, but sometimes snowboarders or 
beginning skiers will jump down from it and hit you from behind. It can also earn you 
bonus points. Read the secrets list to see how.

Mogul: A Mogul is a small hill on a mountain. If you move over them you'll make a small
jump. If you jump over them they'll make you jump the equivalent of a rock-jump.
They come in two sizes small and large. They both have the same effect.

Mogul Group: A group of moguls that slow you down instead of making you jump.
If you go straight down over them, you slow down. If you go over them at an angle,
they don't affect your speed.

Stump: A stump is exactly like a rock, except that if you go under it and then move up
and crash into it, it turns into a mushroom.

Mushroom: A mushroom acts just like a stump except, that when you jump over it,
it disappears and you earn bonus points.

Dog: There are little gray dogs moving around the mountain.
If you crash into one there is a chance it will pee on the snow.
They don't make you fall, don't worry about them.

Red Sign: When doing either of the slalom slopes, make sure you pass these to the left
in order to not get extra seconds added to your time. They turn into smiley faces
if you make it. If you cross it on the other side they become sad faces.

Blue Sign: Same thing as the red sign, except you must pass it on the right.

Yeti: At 2001 meters down the mountain a Yeti eats you.
This also occurs if you go up 126 meters above the starting line.
The point of the Yeti is for you to start a new game.
After all, the game officially ended at the finish line.
You can outrun it for a while if you are fast, but don't count on making it back
to the starting point. That thing is fast. It also appears if you go very far to the left
 or the right of the mountain.

Section 2: Slalom

If you choose the slalom course you have a race to the bottom.
Swerve through the Red and Blue signs to make a fast time.
If you pass the Red or Blue signs on the wrong side you'll have a penalty
of 5 added seconds to your time. To make the quickest time, don't pass the
signs on the wrong sides.

Section 3: Tree Slalom
This is just like the slalom mode discussed earlier with one exception.
In between the signs are trees. This makes the challenge of swerving between signs
much more difficult.

Section 4: Freestyle
This is my personal favorite mode. In this mode you have to earn style points.
By jumping in the air and either flipping(by pressing up and down in mid-air)
or spinning(pressing left and right in mid-air) and then landing it,
you rack up style points. You lose points by crashing into objects.
If you don't have a satisfactory score, you can always go back up the mountain
and do more tricks, until you like your score. There are other ways to rack up
score described in the next section.

Section 5: Codes/Secrets

Increase Gameplay Speed
Press the F key to increase the Gameplay Speed. Press it again to deactivate it.
With increased speed you can outrun the Yeti.

Bonus 100 Style Points
Turn a Stump into a Mushroom and then jump over the Mushroom.
It should disappear and you should get 100 style points.

Tons of Style Points
If the skier is located under the Ski-lift Chair, you will earn massive amounts
of bonus points for however long you stay under. Stay under it and you can easily
amass scores of over 10,000.

Copyright 2003 Michael G. Barash
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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