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 Smile for Me

Smile for Me

1. Examine the shelf. You will need: 
-A three-digit numerical code for the heart box
-A key for the pentagon book
-A password of indeterminate length for the triangle box
-A three-digit code for the pentagon box
-A three-digit code for the diamond box
-A key for the triangle book 

You have: 
-Something about sun and moon and steps from the diamond book
-Something about 2=28 or 29, also from the diamond book
-A clue about 50000 balloons from the heart book
-A clue with Rs from the teardrop book
-Some math (7◊8) on the back of the diamond box
-The shelf itself seems to be hiding a clue (or clues?): there are 
 those colorful books on the left, and that E on the right. 

2. Now letís go around the room to the right.
-Steps leading nowhere: nothing to do here. 
-A strange white machine: ditto. 
-A computer desk: whoo-hoo, a trashcan! It always pays to look in trashcans. 
 No clue what this thing is, but Iím sure itíll come in handy. The computer 
 needs a password, which we donít know yet; but wait, whatís this on the 
 keyboard? Thereís also a box with 7 diamonds on it, the first one red. 
-A bingo machine? Whatever it is, I told you it pays to look in trashcans. 
-A bulletin board! With codes on it! Paydirt! Well, maybe not immediately, 
 but Iím sure all of this will become useful eventually. 

3. Ok, now youíve found two items and used one of them, and you actually have 
   enough information to:
-Open the box on the computer desk. Use the long clue from the diamond book. 
 Another hint: think calendar and days of the week. This gets you an orange 
-Open the heart box: combine the heart-shaped note from the bulletin board 
 with the clue from the heart book. (That black splotch on the note is actually
 a balloon.) What you actually need is the remainder. This gets you the pentagon
 key. If you look closely, it also gets you a purple fuse. 
-Open the diamond box: combine the other clue from the diamond book with the 
 clue from the back of the diamond box. Again, think calendar. This gets you 
 a yellow fuse. 
-Get stuff from the bingo machine. Use the clue from the teardrop book. Note the 
 double-ended arrow: you can use the same code twice. 
 (Net: Green fuse and triangle key.) 

4. The keys get you some more clues:
-triangle book: A diagram of the shelves with some numbers. 
-pentagon book: something about ďnew our footĒ. 

5. Now you can:
-Open the triangle box. Combine the clue from the triangle book with the items 
 on the shelves, in particular those colorful books (and the words written on 
 them) and that mysterious E. (Cyan fuse) 
-Open the pentagon box. Use the pentagon notes from the bulletin board along 
 with the hint from the pentagon book. The in-game hint (if youíre using them)
 is that t = 10. (blue fuse) 
-Get the password for the computer. Use the shelves again, same letters as the 
 triangle box, but this time combine with the symbol on the computer. Where else
 do you see that symbol, and how many of them are there in each place? 
 Once you put in the password, it should be pretty simple - the computer will 
 tell you what to do, and you canít mess it up.

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