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 Sam & Max Hit the Road

Sam & Max Hit the Road

Robert Readman AKA Killjoy Submited the following info
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Complete Solution:
The Office
The game starts in the office. The first step is to LOOK at the rat hole at the back 
of the room. This is where Sam and Max hide their cash. PICK UP the rat hole to 
get your loot. Next, walk to the right and LOOK at the closet. PICK UP the black 
light bulb. Feel free to pick up and/or use the implements in the dartboard for a 
quick laff. They serve no useful purpose though. When you’ve finished playing 
about, go outside.
Outside The Office
USE Max on the bloke hanging >from the stairs if you want a throwaway giggle. 
Now go down the stairs to the street. You may remember from the intro sequence 
that you are supposed to meet a bonded courier here. TALK TO the cat - he is the 
courier in disguise - and then USE MAX on him. This reveals a letter, which 
shows you the location of the Carnival, as well as your mission briefing. USE 
CAR to go to the carnival.
The Carnival
USE the letter (outlining your mission) on the fire-eater to get past him. You can 
now enter the Hall Of Oddities and TALK TO the Kushmann brothers, who tell 
you of Bigfoot’s escape and the Trixies’ involvement. The brothers then give you 
a free pass for the rides. By the melted ice-stand you should see something on the 
floor. PICK IT UP - it’s a piece of Bruno’s fur. Go back toward the entrance and 
you’ll see a jar with a hand in it. PICK THIS UP too. Now exit the tent past the 
Kushmann brothers and walk to the left. You arrive at the Cone Of Tragedy. 
TALK TO the operator about Bruno, and then ask to have a go on the ride.
Once the ride has stopped, LOOK at your inventory. You should’ve lost 
everything. TALK TO the operator again and he will give you a claim ticket. Go 
back to the right and past the caravan round the back. This brings you out at the 
side of the Hall Of Oddities. Go into the Lost And Found tent on the right, and 
you can get your gear back. LOOK at it and you will have gained an extra piece 
of equipment - a fish magnet. LOOK at this and it reveals a new location - The 
World of Fish. Go back past the Hall Of Oddities and locate the Wak-A-Rat game 
in the booth by the caravan. USE the game and score 20 or more to get a torch 
with no light bulb. USE the black light bulb with the torch to make a black torch. 
PICK UP the lens >from the machine behind you. Now walk to the left, past the 
Cone Of Tragedy, and you will arrive at the Tunnel Of Love. USE the Tunnel 
and, once inside, USE the black torch on the walls. Now look at everything with 
the torch as you go past. About halfway through you should see a fusebox. USE 
MAX on it to stop the ride. Get off the swan and walk to the beheading scene. 
PULL the beard off the Henry VIII figure and the door at the back will open up. 
Go through the door to meet Bruno’s friend, the mole man. TALK to him and 
he’ll say that he will swap the key to the Trixies’ trailer for some pecan 
chocolates. He also tells you of his Uncle, Shuv-Oohl, and reveals the location of 
the Ball Of Twine Restaurant to you. USE the switch by the door and leave. Once 
you’ve left the ride, walk left, down past the side of the Hall Of Oddities, and 
you’ll end up on the map screen. Drive to any of the burgers (these represent 
Snuckey’s bars).
PICK UP the cup outside, and then enter. PICK UP the box on the shelf nearest 
the counter (the required pecan chocolates) and the hidden game from the rotary 
rack near the back of the store (repeat this at all three Snuckey’s to get all three 
games). Go to the counter and PAY for the items. Now TALK to the bloke at the 
counter until he mentions he can open any jar. Get him to open the jar with the 
hand in it. Now ask him if Max can use the bathroom. Max takes the key. Now 
make your excuses to the counter man, and follow Max as quickly as possible. 
Once outside, you will hear the toilet flush and see Max coming back. Stop him 
by TALKing to him, and then get him to keep the key with the rasp file. 
Afterwards, return to the carnival.
The Carnival (again)
Go back to the Tunnel Of Love and USE it to revisit to the mole man. GIVE him 
the chocolates and he’ll give you a crowbar (the key to the caravan). A cut scene 
follows. Leave and go to the caravan. USE the crowbar on the door and enter. 
USE the chest in the foreground to get a stiltwalker suit, and then the wardrobe to 
obtain a Gator Golf card. This reveals a new location, the Gator Golf Centre. Now 
go back to the map and head for...
The World Of Fish
PICK UP the bucket of fish near the bait store. Go and TALK to the man about 
the helicopter you saw when you first arrived, and he’ll tell you about the Ball Of 
Twine Restaurant stealing his fish. Now go back to the car and head for...
The Gator Golf Centre
Go up to the counter and TALK to the man about the characters. PICK UP the 
broken golf ball retriever >from the bin on the right. Walk down to the golf range. 
You will meet Conroy Bumpus again. In the cut scene that follows, a fight occurs 
and Max ends up in the Dunk The Beast tank at the back of the screen. Once you 
wake up, it’s time to play Gator Golf so you can rescue Max. USE the bucket of 
fish with the golf balls, and then USE the golf club. To liberate Max you must line 
up the gators down the approximate centre of the screen, which Sam can then use 
as stepping stones. To do this you must aim a shot slightly behind or ahead of 
each alligator, and then shoot - with the fish - until they are all lined up. Max will 
know when you’ve done it right. Walk to the island and USE the door in the tank 
to get Max out. This also reveals a cupboard-type area in the base. USE this and 
you will find a snow globe inside, which reveals the Mystery Vortex location. 
Max will also give you a piece of fur he’s found. Now return to the car and go 
The Mystery Vortex
Enter the cave. Everything is a little weird in here. Go into the back room first and 
TALK to the woman. You’ll find another piece of fur near the block of ice. PICK 
IT UP. Now go back to the main room and USE the mirror. This takes you to a 
secret room with three magnets - each corresponding to a primary colour. You can 
switch the magnets on or off individually by USE-ing them.
Changing the room’s colour scheme by activating and deactivating said magnets 
enables you to enter the doors. Turn all three magnets on and you’ll be able to go 
through the white door. Through here you will find the mole man’s uncle, Shuv-
Oohl. He’ll give you some advice and then complain about his mood ring being 
lost when he helped make the ball of twine. He also tells you of Frog Rock 
between two landmarks (it’s random), where strange things happen. Leave the 
Vortex and go to...
The Ball Of Twine Restaurant
Go to the cable car and USE it to reach the top. Once there, walk left to enter the 
spinning restaurant. TALK to the shaman-type character and he will give you a 
bent spanner. Now go to the left of the elevator and you will see two power lines 
on the floor. PICK THEM UP and USE them on the telescope behind you. Also 
USE the lens from the carnival on the telescope. Now USE the telescope itself. 
Locate the two landmarks, controlling the telescope as directed in the manual. 
You must stop the telescope to identify them. Locate the grey rock between - and 
then stop the telescope on this. Frog Rock will appear on the map. Leave the 
telescope and USE the elevator. Go back to the ground and head to the museum 
near the ball. Once inside the museum, USE the ball-grabber with the hand - and 
then USE that with the fish magnet. USE the whole contraption with the ball of 
twine to acquire the mood ring.
The Mystery Vortex
Go back and see Shuv-Oohl. Give him his mood ring, and he’ll give you some of 
his mystic powder. Take it and go to...
Frog Rock
At Frog Rock, use the three samples of fur on the rock as instructed by Shuv-
Oohl, and then use the powder. Watch the following set scene carefully for a less 
than subtle clue. A new location on the map - Bumpusville - will also be revealed. 
Head back to the car and drive there.
Go into Bumpus’ room (on the far right), and use the bed. Pick up the pillow, and 
then use the golf ball retriever to get the book above the door. Don’t attempt to 
grab the wig yet. Leave the bedroom and go down the hall. Enter the music room 
on the far left, and watch the band. When they’ve finished, do not attempt to 
approach them because the alarm is on. Now exit the music room and, when you 
see the robot, use the book with it. Connect all the wires, and the robot will re-
enter the music room and trip the alarm. Now go to the alarm room, which is next 
to Bumpus’ room. Use the virtuality alarm equipment. In the VR section, pick up 
the sword and go to the cave. Use the sword against the dragon. After you’ve 
killed it, pick up its heart to get the key. Leave and go back to the music room. 
Use the key on the keyhole by the door to disable the alarm. In the following cut 
scene, Trixie and Bruno escape, but find time (fortunately) to reveal to you where 
they’re heading - the Savage Jungle Inn. Go back to the trophy room, and pick up 
the photo of the naturalist, John Muir, at the back of the room. Now leave the 
house and go to the...
Savage Jungle Inn
Once inside, engage the receptionist in conversation. When you finish she gives 
you some brochures. Look at these to get the final locations - Mount Rushmore 
and the Celebrity Vegetable Museum. Try to enter and the yeti reminds you that 
only sasquatches and their dates are allowed in. Obviously, you need a disguise. 
Leave and go to the...
Celebrity Vegetable Museum
Go to the lady and talk about Bumpus. She tells you she has got a lot of egg plants 
that look like him. Take one (they’re on the right). Now go back to...
Go to Bumpus’ room, and use the egg plant with the wig. You trip the alarm, but 
at least you get the wig. You’ll then get thrown out. Use the wig with the stilt 
walker suit to make the beginnings of your costume. Now go to...
Mt Rushmore
First, go to the dinosaur. Look at the mammoth. Bruno will remark on the likeness 
between its fur and sasquatch fur. Use Max on the mammoth to get the fur. You 
now need some way of attaching it to the suit. To do this, walk to the bungee part 
of the park and go up the lift. Note the tar near the lift base, and how close it is to 
the bungee jumpers... Use the Snuckey’s cup with your golf ball retriever when at 
the top, and then use the screens to get changed into one of the harnesses. Now 
use the bungee rope. When at the bottom of the jump, use the golf ball 
retriever/cup with the tar. When you get off, use the screen again and then use the 
lift. Now go back to the...
Savage Jungle Inn
Use the tar with the stiltwalker suit. Afterwards, use the mammoth fur with the 
tarred suit. Voila! One sasquatch costume. Give the rasp file to the yeti who looks 
in pain, and he becomes indebted to you. Now use the costume. He is impressed, 
and lets you into the ball. Talk to the yetis once you’re inside, but remember that 
you can’t go backstage. Instead, go to the right of the stage and enter the kitchen. 
Open the back door and Bumpus will come in. When he attempts to net you, use 
the costume to reveal who you are. He’ll now take the costume from you for his 
own use. When the chance arises, use Max on the freezer, and he’ll get trapped 
inside. The chief enters, having seen what you did, and makes you honorary chief 
in his gratitude. Another cut scene follows. Make note of the pictures on the 
poles, and what they remind you of. Now go back to the kitchen and get the ice 
pick from near the freezer. Use the freezer, and it will be revealed that Bumpus 
and his sidekick have been frozen in ice, dressed as a yeti. Go back into the main 
room and pick up the bottle of wine from the table. Now leave the conference and 
go to...
The Ball Of Twine Restaurant
Go up to the restaurant bit and give the ice pick to the shaman character. He then 
bends it into a corkscrew. Use this with the bottle to get the cork. Take the cork 
and use it with the snow globe. Go back to the...
Mystery Vortex
Go into the back room and use the mini vortex. Once inside, use the snow globe. 
You’ll now catch it and get a handheld vortex. This is the first totem pole 
completed. Head to the...
World Of Fish
Go to the river-mounted fish and use the bent spanner on it. Now use the fish. 
Finally, use the fish with Max. Once you are both inside, a scuffle will knock it 
off its podium and the fisherman will catch you. After this scene you will be 
above the Ball Of Twine on the other side. Look at the loose end of rope, and then 
use Max on it. A chef will come out with a cleaver. You jump over the side to 
escape, but 91 yards of twine better off. You may be worried about your car being 
at the World Of Fish, but don’t be. Head to...
Mt Rushmore
Go to the dinosaurs and make the T Rex talk. When its mouth is open, use the 
rope to lasso a tooth, then use Max on the rope. This will extract the tooth, 
completing the second of the totem poles. Next go to the...
Celebrity Vegetable Museum
Give the photo of the naturalist to the woman behind the counter. She will tell you 
to come back later. Leave and go anywhere. Now return to the museum to collect 
your Zucchini squash of John Muir (the third totem). Afterwards, go back to the...
Savage Jungle Inn
Go around to the totem poles. Walk to the right, past Bruno, by clicking on the 
bottom-right of the screen, then click about two-thirds up on the right and you will 
walk to the hot tub. Use the snow globe, dinosaur tooth, naturalist Zucchini and 
the pillow case (the fourth totem) with the hot tub. The totems will all disappear. 
The chief will now tell you that the last part of the ceremony requires a yeti 
sacrifice. After hearing this, Max should go and get the Bumpus imitation yeti 
from the freezer automatically. Now sit back and watch the ending.


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