Sniper Assassin 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Sniper Assassin 2

Sniper Assassin 2


Wait for the guy to leave for work and shoot the guy sneaking
under the window

Level2 - Level Code Bully:
Shoot the guy with the do rag and then shoot the other guy with
the baseball bat in the store

Level3 - MANIAC:
Shoot the guy in the upper right window who is going through 

Level4 - JUSTICE:
Shooth the guy in the middle that is not wearing glasses

Shoot the tree branch on the right tree. It will only fall if he
is under it. It is will the be left most treebranch. It took me 
a long time to find the sweet spot, so be patient!

Level 6 - RANSOM:
Find the guy with the package. Then wait for the “bad guy” to stop
and talk to the package guy. Then shoot the bad guy in the head 
(I thought we weren’t supposed to kill him?)

Alternate between kicking and hitting but make sure that the light
keeps swinging. When fear is higher than gut, press space

Level 8 - HIDOUT:
Shoot in the following order - Guy by tree, guy in window most left,
guy in window most right, guy on roof, guy by car

Level 9 - SUCKER:
Shoot both men as they go to get into the helicopter

Level 10 - BEACH PARTY:
Shoot the string for the kite. Shoot the ball. Wait for them all 
to leave and then shoot the guy in the leg

Level 11 - THE TRUTH:
Alternate between kicking and hitting but make sure that the light 
keeps swinging. When fear is higher than gut, press space

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