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The Optimized Straightforward Walkthru for Sorcerer


This FAQ is copyright 2009 by Stanley E. Dunigan (

This FAQ may be posted and used anywhere by anyone as long as it's unaltered,
but always check one of the official websites listed below for the latest

GameFAQs (
SuperCheats (
Neoseeker (


Like all of my optimized straightforward walkthrus, this FAQ is a complete
walkthru for the game that has been optimized and organized to make it as fast
and easy as possible to complete the game. I don't give any reference-style
information, like a list of all spells, or encourage you to do unnecessary
things. In true walkthru fashion, I just tell you the answers without explaining
or rationalizing them. If you want non-spoiler-ish hints, see the Sorcerer hint
file on the Universal Hint System (UHS) website at:


This is the original release of this FAQ, so I have no special notes or credits
to report yet.


NOTE: This FAQ was written while playing the Sorcerer version that came with the
Lost Treasures of Infocom package that was released in 1991 by Activision. As
far as I know, everything will be the same for other game versions.

*** STEP 1: Get two new spells and potions. ***

The first thing to do is use the WAIT command to end the dream and wake up in
your quarters in the Guild Hall. Next, cast the Frotz spell on yourself (FROTZ
ME) so you'll never be in the dark again. Get out of your bed (GET UP), then go

Go south and west to enter Helistar's quarters, then pick up the scroll. Read it
to learn that it's the Gaspar spell scroll, then scribe it into your spell book
(GNUSTO GASPAR). Go east, south, and west to find a store room, then take the
vial and matchbook.

Go east and open the receptacle, then put the matchbook in it (PUT MATCHBOOK IN
RECEPTACLE). Open the vial you got from the store room, then drink the potion
that's inside it (DRINK FROM VIAL) to keep from getting hungry or thirsty. Drop
the empty vial, then go east to the library and get the dusty scroll. Read it to
find that it's the Meef spell scroll.

Copy Meef into your spell book (GNUSTO MEEF), then go west to return to the area
with the receptacle. If it still has the matchbook in it, wait until a member of
the Messengers Guild shows up, then look in the receptacle to see that it now
has an orange vial in it. Get the vial, but don't drink it yet, since you'll
need it later in the game.

*** STEP 2: Escape the Guild Hall. ***

Go north twice and then west to enter Belboz's quarters. Look behind the wall
hanging, then pick up the key that fell out. Open the desk and take the journal,
then unlock it with the key you got (OPEN JOURNAL). Go east, south twice, and
down to reach the cellar.

The locked trunk in the cellar is opened by pressing its colored buttons in a
certain sequence. To learn what sequence to use, read the journal and see what
creature is named at the bottom as the current code. Find it in the list below,
then press the colored buttons in the sequence given.

BLOODWORM: white, gray, black, red, black
BROGMOID: red, purple, red, black, purple
DORN: gray, purple, black, gray, white
DRYAD: black, gray, white, red, red
GRUE: black, black, red, black, purple
HELLHOUND: purple, white, gray, red, gray
KOBOLD: red, purple, black, purple, red
NABIZ: purple, black, black, black, red
ORC: red, gray, purple, gray, red
ROTGRUB: gray, red, gray, purple, red
SURMIN: black, black, purple, red, black
YIPPLE: gray, purple, white, purple, black

For example, if the current code is surmin, you'd use these commands to unlock
stands for AGAIN, which means repeat the previous command. You could've used
PRESS BLACK again instead.)

After the trunk opens, drop the key and journal, then get the moldy scroll from
the trunk. Read it to see that it's the Aimfiz spell scroll. Remember the Zifmia
spell from Enchanter? This one does just the opposite, taking you to whoever you
cast the spell on. You're trying to find Belboz, so type AIMFIZ BELBOZ.

*** STEP 3: Get two more spells and another vial. ***

You'll end up in a twisted forest, with a hellhound racing straight toward you.
Immediately go northeast to escape it. Memorize the Pulver spell (LEARN PULVER),
then go east and northeast to a river bank. Cast pulver on the river (PULVER
RIVER), then go northeast twice to find a hidden cave.

Use the GET ALL command to pick up the bat guano, soiled scroll, and amber vial,
then drop the amber vial since you'll never need it. Read the scroll to learn
that it's the Fweep spell scroll. Gnusto it into your spell book, then go down
to a pit of bones. From there, go southwest, up, west twice, northeast,
southeast, and east to enter Fort Griffspotter.

Lower the fort's flag (LOWER FLAG), then examine it to find an aqua vial. Take
the vial, then go east to find a cannon. Put the bat guano into the cannon (PUT
GUANO IN CANNON), then take the ordinary scroll that remains after the yipples
all run off (GET SCROLL). Read the ordinary scroll to find that it's the Yonk
spell scroll, but don't bother trying to Gnusto it -- it's too complicated for

*** STEP 4: Get past the underground toll gate. ***

If you haven't gotten tired yet, you will soon, so go west and north to the
barracks area. Wait until the game says you are beginning to tire (if it hasn't
already), then type SLEEP to get that over with.

Go south and west, then memorize the Izyuk spell (LEARN IZYUK) and cast it on
yourself (IZYUK ME). This is to make sure that you don't get killed when you go
northwest to the river bank area. From there, go southwest to the meadow, then
west, down twice, and south.

Go west to the Edge of Chasm area, then Izyuk yourself just like you did before.
Go west twice and north to reach the tree room, where you'll find a big zorkmid
tree. Get one of the tree's coins (GET ZORKMID), then go south and east. Izyuk
yourself up once again, then go east twice, northeast twice, and east twice.

You'll find yourself at the underground highway's toll gate. Wake the toll gnome
up (WAKE GNOME), then give him the zorkmid you got from the money tree (GIVE
ZORKMID). He'll open the toll gate and go right back to sleep, so search him and
steal your zorkmid back (SEARCH GNOME).

*** STEP 5: Get the Swanzo spell. ***

Go east three times to enter a stone hut with a fireplace. Gaspar yourself here
(LEARN GASPAR. GASPAR ME) in order to set the stone hut up as a resurrection
point. Also, memorize the Fweep spell (LEARN FWEEP) and drop everything you're
carrying (DROP ALL).

Go west and north twice to reach the entrance to the big 3D glass maze, then
turn yourself into a bat (FWEEP ME) and go east. To get through the maze to the
scroll you're after, go north, east, south twice, west, down, east twice, north
twice, up twice, south, and east.

Get the parchment scroll, then put it in the hole that leads down into darkness
(PUT SCROLL IN HOLE). Wait for a dorn beast to show up, then wait for it to kill
you. You'll appear at your resurrection point in the stone hut, and can use the
GET ALL command to pick up all your items, including the new parchment scroll.
Read it to learn that it's the Swanzo spell scroll, then Gnusto it into your
spell book (GNUSTO SWANZO).

*** STEP 6: Gain access to the coal mine. ***

Go west five times, southwest twice, south, and southwest to reach the entrance
to the Bozbarland amusement park. Try going west, then give your zorkmid to the
gnome who appears (GIVE ZORKMID). Now you can go west to enter the park, then
west and south to find the arcade.

Open the aqua vial, then drink its potion (DRINK FROM AQUA VIAL). Drop the aqua
vial, then take the ball that the hawker is holding out to you (GET BALL) and
throw it at one of the little mechanical bunnies (THROW BALL AT BUNNY). You'll
win a glittering scroll, so read it to learn that it's the Malyon spell scroll.

Go north and east twice to leave the amusement park, then go northeast and south
to reach the hall of carvings. Use the Yonk spell scroll to empower the Malyon
spell scroll (YONK MALYON), then use the empowered Malyon scroll to get the
dragon carving to move (MALYON DRAGON). You can then go south to the sooty room,
which is the entrance to the coal mine.

*** STEP 7: Get through the coal mine. ***

Open the orange vial, then type SLEEP to rest up, since you're getting tired
again by now. Go east and drink the potion (DRINK FROM ORANGE VIAL) so you can
breathe in the coal mine. Your future self will appear, so give him your spell
book (GIVE SPELL BOOK TO STRANGER). He'll tell you a randomly chosen combination
number that you'll need to remember, so write it down.

Go east, then turn the door's dial to the number you were just told. For
instance, if the number was 37, you'd type TURN DIAL TO 37. Open the door and go
east, then drop everything you're carrying (DROP ALL). Get the rope, then go up
and southwest.

Get the wooden timber, then go northwest and west. Drop the timber and tie the
rope to it (TIE ROPE TO TIMBER), then put the rope down the chute (PUT ROPE DOWN
CHUTE). Climb down the chute using the rope (CLIMB DOWN ROPE), then get the
shimmering scroll. Read it to learn that it's the Golmac spell scroll, then use
it on yourself (GOLMAC ME).

Open the kerosene lamp to find a smelly scroll, then take it and go east. You'll
end up in the coal bin room, so tell the combo number to your "twin" (who is
actually your recent-past self). Using the above example of 37, you'd type TWIN,
COMBINATION IS 37. He'll give you his spell book, after which you should go down
to quickly exit the coal mine.

*** STEP 8: Rescue Belboz and trash Jeearr. ***

Read your new smelly scroll to find that it's the Vardik spell scroll, then add
it to your spell book (GNUSTO VARDIK). Wait until the effects of the orange
potion wear off, then type SLEEP to recover from the exhaustion. Learn the Meef
spell, then drop your spell book and enter the lagoon.

Dive down to the lagoon floor (DIVE), then cast the Meef spell on the clump of
spenseweeds (MEEF WEEDS). Get the wooden crate, then return to the lagoon's
surface by going up. Go west and drop the crate, then get your spell book. Open
the crate and get the grue suit, then go northeast and north.

The cave entrance to the west is blocked by vines, so learn the Meef spell again
and use it on the vines (MEEF VINES). Go west twice to a mammoth cavern, then
open the white door. Learn the Swanzo and Vardik spells, then use Vardik on
yourself (VARDIK ME) before Swanzo-ing Belboz (SWANZO BELBOZ). That'll trash ol'
Jeearr, and win the game.

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