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 Space Interceptor - Project Freedom Faq

Space Interceptor - Project Freedom Faq

Limona Razvan
  Legal note
This faq/walkthrough belong to me. Feel free to use it,except one situation.
If you obtain money from him,send some to a humanitarian foundation (Children 
Care, Green Peace, fight against antipersonnel mines,etc.). If posted, mail
me to keep track on him.         

                          Space Interceptor - Project Freedom Faq
                                        Version 1.2

   Contents :

 1. Strategy tips
 2. Missions walkthrough/Bugs
 3. Credits

   Strategy tips

 a. Use always W or S in combat,no matter the target(fighters,missile battery,
    buildings,etc) to reduce enemy lock on you.
 b. Choose carefully what part of your fighter need to be enhanced. Usually
    speed and armor should be first priority in the beginning.

 c. When obligated to protect a slow vessel like freighters and battleships, 
     use boost to meet the threat far away in order to reduce their damage .

 d. Usually enemy battleships concentrate their lasers in front,so keep a safe 
    distance when strafing around .

 e. Adapt missile fire according to target designation : air to air against
    fighters, air to ground and plasma for buildings and ground defenses.

 f. The best tactic when dealing with heavy enemy fighters concentration is
    to boost against their lines in order to destroy the formation and
    then engage one by one. Also pick a strategy in dogfighting combat. My
    favorite one is air to air missile for the first enemy, lasers to second ,
    missile again, lasers, etc. 

 g. Save a lot. 

 h. Ground mission work best if you take care ground defenses first and after
    that proceed to destroy the main targets.

 i. Pay attention to your weapons. When some of them enhance, put it to good

 j. In a battle destroy first enemy fighters, then engage the battleships.
    The best way to meet such a ship is " hit and run " tactic - hit with
    all you got , run , go back , etc. 

      Missions walkthrough/Bugs

  You are a fighter pilot in 2500, working for a corporation called Project
Freedom, a more " by the law " space company. Your task - fight for survival
and profit against rival corporation Galactic Enterprises, Solar
Brotherhood pirates and aliens.
  1. Data Recovery  ( click Ship and choose speed to enhancement )
 One freighter crash landing on Ida planetoid with important data stored in a 
module stolen from Galactic Enterprises and you have to protect the rescue
ship until she load the crew and module. Patrol over the ship, engines down
( the inertia will keep the fighter in motion ) until first wave ( 7 ships ) 
and second one ( 8 ) show up. Power up engines ,engage those close to rescue 
ship and keep an eye to that crushed freighter, because bumping into him means 
death and to rescue ship health. 

  2. Space Trucking   ( Ship = speed )

 The task in hand involve the protection of modular freighter Copernicus until
he reach navigational buoy and go for hyperspace. Protection get better if
you stay on the right/left side of freighter, engines down until enemy close 
by. Face 2 waves of 10 and 14 fighters, then engage the enemy battleship.

  3. Lunar Strike      ( Ship = defense )

  Destroy Galactic Enterprise secret base on Moon`s dark side. After jump you
get 2 main objectives : a) destroy the cyclotron. Engage his ground defenses,
then hit cyclotron arms and central core. If enemy fighters show up, break up
and crush them fast. b) annihilated the spaceport. Let others engage the 
fighters and bring down all laser turrets, missile battery and robots, usually
disposed in a circular pattern around your target. Attack fast the buildings 
with air to ground missile and end mission.

  4. The Brotherhood Connection    ( Ship = defense )

 Protect Solar Brotherhood freighter against Galactic Enterprise ships. Go to
waypoint, where 3 freighters awaits air support and engage 3 waves ( 12, 14 
and 10 plus a battleship ). Hit them hard, attack afterward the battleship,
keeping a close eye to laser turrets.

  5. Mars Patrol     ( Ship = speed )

 Patrol Solar Brotherhood landing area on Mars and blow up any Galactic 
Enterprise fighters.At first waypoint protect the freighter against 10 enemy
ships and proceed to second waypoint to do the same job facing 13 ships. Go
back to the first waypoint to engage 10 fighters and from there to the third
waypoint where you should destroy those 13 ships. Don`t worry if you seem a
little out of speed , by the time you reach the freighters the enemy ships
doesn`t do to much damage. Just engage with missile.

  6. Watching Space      ( Ship = defense )   

  Your mission is to establish an observation post on Ida and destroy any 
enemy in sight. Go to the freighters location and protect them against 4
waves ( 2 , 2 , 10 , 12 ).

  7. Cosmic Surprise   ( Ship = attack )

 Patrol the asteroid belt and fight any enemy ships. First wave belong to
Galactic Enterprise ( 7 fighters and 2 battleships ). As usual take fighters
first, then hit the battleships. When close to destroy the second one, 4
alien ships jump in. Blow them all. After that 9 alien fighters and a 
battleship enter the system. Use the afterburner ( boost) to break their
formation and, after a while, you get into another system.

  8. Bullseye     ( Ship = attack )

 Explore Taurus galaxy. The first task is to survive the meteor shower (keep
going straight until you clear the area ) and reach the waypoint where you
have to deal - You now the drill ! - with 3 waves ( 10 , 12 , 4 plus a 
battleship ). 

  9. A Friend in Need      ( Ship = attack )

 Fly around the galaxy, destroy 4 aliens and head to waypoint where you
stumble on the human freighter Yellow Cat from Solar Brotherhood. Protect him
to the new waypoint, fighting through 2 waves ( 6 and 8 ) of alien ships.

  10. Allied Lies      ( Ship = attack )

 Protect Project Freedom delegation who want to question Solar Brotherhood
about aliens. Reach waypoint and stay close to delegation. Engage 2 Galactic 
Enterprise waves ( 8 plus battleship , 13 ) as you see fit. Proceed to second 
waypoint where Solar Brotherhood 8 fighters and one battleship turn rogue on 
you. Make them history and end mission.

  11. Blood Valley      ( Ship = attack )

 Project Freedom want to punish Solar Brotherhood by destroying their base on
Blood Valley (Mars). Engage fast ground defenses using plasma and lasers,
before bringing down the main targets. Go through canyons to receive 7 
objectives : destroy a) radio tower; b) radio tower and power generator;
c) radio tower and power generator; d) hangar and power generator; e) Blood
Valley mine; f) hangar, spaceport and power generator; g) 3 hangars and 
Blood Valley base

  12. Winning Freedom   ( Ship = attack )

  Solar Brotherhood enslaved some Project Freedom workers in a labor camp on
Io, one of Jupiter moons. Protect the rescue ship without collateral damage.
Destroy ground and air defenses to avoid any damage on rescue vessel.Do the
same at second waypoint ( in the valley ), waiting the prisoners to be saved.

  13. Payback     ( Ship = defense ) 
 Because Solar Brotherhood allied themselves with Galactic Enterprises, your 
job is to annihilated G.E. delegation shuttle before reaching hyperspace.
Find enemy ships at waypoint and engage first the 14 - 20 fighters. When 
their number is reduced to 8 - 10, make some hit and run using plasma and
missile against the shuttle and battleship, without forgetting the small 

  14. Return to Io     ( Ship = attack )

  Destroy Solar Brotherhood radar system and operation center on Io. Expect
heavy ground defenses. Here you get 3 objectives : a) blow up the radars, 
protected by missile batteries and lasers. Keep your ship down, between
canyons and shoot enemy from there to avoid hard damage. Use plasma and
air to ground missile ; b) destroy force field generators, protected by
5 fighters and robots ; c) transform to dust the operation center (2 fighters
and 3 robots ).

  15. Destination Unknown   ( Ship = attack )

 Find the portal over Mars structure known as Face and keep an eye for alien 
ships. Go to waypoint,but in the way protect the big ship who`s going to face
22 alien fighters. Use booster to came in range, destroy them as fast you can 
and go back to shoot at every alien much to close to rescue ship. This is the 
most difficult mission so far and expect some failure before winning. Head to
waypoint and jump through portal.

  16. Star of the Kings    ( Ship = attack )

 Scout Leo Constellation before leaving to present a detailed report to
Project Freedom brass. Avoid weapons platform ( green oval structure ! ) and
head to a waypoint full of debris where you get some conversation time with
other aliens who identify you as a communist clone from Sol. Before they 
decide to turn you into dust, the first aliens( Aldebaran system) show up and
you get another chance. Engage them ( 18 fighters and 2 battleships ) to 
find out in the end that your performance was bad, but not hopeless.

  17. Heart of the Lion   ( Ship = attack )

 The "godlike" civilization give you a mission: destroy Aldebaran`s fleet and 
base on Regulus system. Engage 4 waves ( 5 fighters and one battleship , 12 
plus 2 battleships , 8 patrol fighters , 15 patrol fighters ), then go home.
Don`t worry about enemy number, because your ship is more than capable to
handle them, thanks to some nice upgrades in weaponry.

  18. Defending Freedom   ( Ship = attack )

 Even that Galactic Enterprises sign a peace treaty with Project Freedom, 
Solar Brotherhood / Aldebaran aliens alliance destroyed Project Freedom fleet
near Jupiter. Use the guns from P.F. battleships to keep the enemy away until
help arrives. Shoot at first wave, expecting the enemy ships to get in range.
Let it be those who pass through and concentrate on second wave. Then 3 
freighters kind of ship appears on left side - destroy them one by one to
avoid mission failure and help pump in.

  19. Return to Regulus    ( Ship = attack )

 Solar Brotherhood / Aldebaran aliens alliance is close to win the war and 
attack Earth, so you have to reach Regulus to ensure the "godlike" 
civilization help. Proceed to waypoint and destroy the 16 fighters plus 2 
battleships that Aldebarans use against locals. Do`t hesitate to shoot at
asteroids and debris if they are in the way - grace to Deus laser cannon your
life become much easier. In the end locals accept to send some roboships to
help Earth`s cause.

  20. Close Encounter   ( Ship = attack )

 Aldebarans launched a huge star ship against Earth. Escort a PF probe who`s 
attempting to find a weak spot in alien mothership structure, destroying in 
the process ground defenses and fighters. Attack quick AA lasers, break up
to engage 2 fighters wave ( 4,5 ) and continue to AA on the road to waypoint.
After a while friendly roboships leave the area and 6 enemy fighters show up.
Use boost and missiles to bring them down before damaging further the probe 
and get back to AA until mission accomplished.

  21. The Big Bang   

 Objective : deactivate 4 force fields and destroy four energy receptors placed 
on Aldebaran star ship to get access at vessel core. Engage heavy ground 
defenses, while shooting at force fields and receptors placed around central 
core . After some time the mission objectives change for a little while : 
protect Freedom battleships against enemy fighters . Destroy them and go back 
to business in hand. When the force fields are down enter star ship core and
use proton missile against the flaming structure inside. End game.


 None. The surroundings are pretty simple and fighter controls somewhat slow in 
response, but the game engine do his job properly.



 Merscom company from Poland and City Interactive succeeded in making a good
game, even that the story is to linear for space sims fans.

 Copyright 2005 Limona Razvan

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