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 Space Quest 2 - Vohaul's Revenge

Space Quest 2 - Vohaul's Revenge
                ___________      .__        __                  
                \__    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \  |/ ___\|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \/  \  \___|    < \___  |\___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|  |__|\___  >__|_ \/ ____/____  >
                                         \/     \/\/         \/ 

Version 1.00

There is a VGA version of this game somewhere, so came to my attention.
This FAQ is not about it. In fact, as far as my information goes that version
is not even legal, and also not authorized by Sierra, so don't ask me anything
if you got that version, and I will not cover it in a FAQ. 
If I was misinformed on that version, you can let me know. 
Please provide sites that show evidence I was misinformed.

| Index:                                                                      |
    How to play this game on modern machines ......................... IDX00
    A few notes before we begin to play .............................. IDX01
    Xenon Orbital Station 4 .......................................... IDX02
    The forst of Labion .............................................. IDX03
    Strange creature area ............................................ IDX04
    The dark labyrinth ............................................... IDX05
    Platform in sight ................................................ IDX06
    Vohaul's Hideout ................................................. IDX07
    The Escape Pod ................................................... IDX08
    Copyrights and permissions ....................................... IDX10
    Contacting me .................................................... IDX11

| How to play this game on modern machines                            | IDX00 |
Space Quest is written on a machine that is almost ancient, and a system that 
is not (completely) supported by Windows and other modern OSes. 

Therefore you're gonna need a emulator for old systems.
When I wrote this FAQ I used DosBox 0.72 (MacOS X PPC version).

DosBox can be downloaded from

| A few notes before we begin to play                                 | IDX01 |
Much of Sierra's games, and this one in particular has puzzles that can no
longer be solved if you forgot something. For example there's a keycard you
need near the end of the game, which you only can get in the beginning of the
game, but once you need it, you cannot go back there to get it, forcing you
to start all over.

This is why I'll start every section by naming my inventory, so that you know
you got all the stuff you need before advancing.

For the rest, if you know my FAQ writing style, I start every location with a
-, and I use = to sum up all actions. When I type parts in ENTIRELY UPPERCASE
it means it's the command you got to type. And that covers all you need to

| Xenon Orbital Station 4                                             | IDX02 |
Invetory: Nothing

Well enter you name (or enter "Roger" if you want the name our hero would get 
since Space Quest III), and let's play

- After you stop cleaning walk over the wall and ceiling to the airlock

- = Get your clothes
  = Open you locker
  = GET ALL (you get a supporter and a rubix cube puzzle) (4)
  = Exit west
- The boss will come in and scold you.
  = Step onto the elevator plate
  = Enter the tube to move to the shuttle bay

- Enter the shuttle 

Now you'll be beaten up and be lead to Vohaul. After his speech you'll be send
to the mines, but your transportation crashes and you come to a strange

| The forest of Labion                                                | IDX03 |
Inventory: Order form, Supporter, Dialect translator, Puzzle

If you mis any of the items listed above, restart the game, as there is no 
more way to get them.

- = Search the dead guard
  = Get the keycard (12)
  = Exit north
- = Hide behind the big tree and wait until Vohaul's guard has left (17)
  = Go to the far north and exit west there
- = Mail the order form
  = Get the whistle the machine leaves you (21)
  = You can allow yourself to fall off the cliff
  (Thouches the spores will knock you out for a few minutes)
  = Exit north
- This part is pain. I advise you to do this at slow speed
  You need to get acros, but touching the vines will capture you and the
  monster will eat you, so do this slowly.
  Once you are across take the berries from the bush and go back (yes again,
  you hate it doncha?) (25) (29)
  Exit south
- = Take the spores (watch out not to get paralyzed)
  = Exit east

- Go south (without exitting) and exit east

- = Free the strange creature (34)
  = Exit west
- Take the most northern exit east

- You see the strange creature rubbing berries on itself and then rushing into
  the water. Follow that example.
  (If the creature is not here, free it first)
  - Now enter the water and exit east
- Go east a monster will try to eat you, but because of the berries it doesn't
  like you any more and let you go. 
  Exit east
- = Climb the tree 
  = When it cracks get off it east
  = Exit east
- Go east and you'll walk into a trap, when you awakem you are in a cage guarded
  by a monster. (44)
- = Talk to the monster twice (the second time he'll come to you)
  = Throw the spores at him and he'll pass out
  = Get the keys from him (51)
  = Unlock the cage
  = Open the cage
  = Get the rope from the rock (53)
  = Exit north
- You can see one of Vohaul's ships leave in the distance. Just ignore it, 
  nothing you can do about it now.
  Exit west
- = Get on the log
  = get off it west
  = exit west
- Get in the water, exit west

- = Behind the small tree is a deeper area go there (the game will tell you when
    you are there).
  = Take a deep breath (You'll dive automaticly)

- Swim and exit west

- = Swim to the cave
  = Take the glowing gem (60)
  = Go back into the water
  = Take a deep breath
  = Go back to the surface (East and up) (62)
- = Get on the log
  = Tie the rope on the log
  = Climb down
- First of all type "SWING", (66) now you got to jump off at the right time or 
  you'll die, but when you wait too long the monster will get you. (71)
  When you jumped off at the right time exit west
- Use the glowing gem, walk west until you fall down

| Strange Creature Area                                               | IDX04 |
Inventory: Supporter, Whistle, Cage Key, Dialect translator, Keycard, puzzle
           (You also must have saved the strange creature before)

If you miss any of these items you're doomed and will have to start over.

- After the creatures leave, take the gem (which you lost in your fall) and
  exit south

- = Go to the creatures with the rock and "SAY THE WORD" (76)
  = Decend in the hole below the rock
| Dark labyrinth                                                      | IDX05 |
Inventory: Supporter, Glowing gem, Whistle, Cage Key, Dialect translator
           Keycard, Puzzle
If you miss any of these items you can no longer finish the game.

Well, you must know that a monster lives in this cave. If you take too long 
you'll get yourself eaten. So be carefull.

Before you start to move you must put the glowing gem into your mouth
and after that let's play.

Well here goes

= Go down
= At the end east
= First ladder down
= First way east
= At the end down
= Around the corner east
= First way down
= At the very end left
= Second way down
= First way right
= Keep going right until you reach the underground lake.

- Go into the lake and exit east
- Take the way on the right (the left one means death)
- Allow yourself to get swallowed up by the vortex

| Platform in sight                                                   | IDX06 |
Inventory: Supporter, Glowing gem, Whistle, Cage Key, Dialect translator
           Keycard, Puzzle

- Exit east
- = Get out of the water
  = Blow the whistle
  = When the monster comes to you throw the puzzle to it
    (Type the command "THROW PUZZLE" but wait with pressing enter until the
     monster gets close to you. Don't wait too long, since that'll mean death).
  = Go to the hole the monster made, and take the rock (119)
  = Exit north
  = Go to the door on the right
  = Enter the elevator
- Enter the pod

- = Press the power button
  = Press ascent truster button
  = Set the dial to VAC
  = Press the down button of your keyboard to take off
  = Wait until you are in space
  = Set dial to HAC
  = Press the up button of your keyboard to move forward
  Now wait awhile. Vohaul will take over your ship and lead it straight to his
| Vohaul's Hideout                                                    | IDX07 |
Inventory: Supporter, Glowing gem, Whistle, Cage Key, Dialect translator
The stuff you have is nice, but no longer of importance.

What I need to note is that everything here that moves is basically lethal.
There are several droids that kill you on touch. There's also a kissing alien.
DON'T ALLOW IT TO KISS YOU. The effects are not directly notable, but you will
die later in the game.

Those robots and the kissing alien will follow you as long as you are in the 
same corridor with them.

The cleaner droid can be easily avoided by standing in an elevator or closet
so that it doesn't see you.

That sums up all you need to know for now.
Let's go

- Go east, exit east

- Step in the elevator and type FIVE.

- Okay, this is the floor where the kissing alien is, though it won't come 
  unless you go to far, then it will be released. After being released it can
  appear on other floors. Check again, if the road goes east. If not go down 
  and use the other elevator, you cannot get past the kissing alien otherwise.
  = Exit east
- exit east

- = Press the button to open the closet
  = Get the basket (165)
  = Get the overalls (you'll toss them again, but something will fall out of
  = Get lighter
  = Get out of the closet
- Exit west

- = Step in the elevator
  = Type FOUR
- In most cases a cleaner droid will appear. When it touches you, you'll be dead
  so wait in the elevator until it's gone.
  Exit east (twice)
- Press the button to open the door to the gentle men's toilet and enter

- = Enter the cubicle second from the right
  = Get some toilet paper
  = Exit south
- Exit east 

- Enter the closet (press the button to open it) and get the cutter
  Exit west until you reach the elevator

- Enter the elevator and type "THREE"

- Exit east (3x)

- = Press the button to open the closet
  = Get plunger
  = Go all the way west until you reach the elevator

- Enter the elevator and press one

- Exit west

- Exit south

- = You'll be trapped. PUT THE PLUNGER ON THE BARRIER when the acid pit is 
    almost completely open and wait until it closes again. (188)
  = Put the toilet paper in the basket
  = Put the basket on the floor
  = Light the basket (this will destroy the killer droids on this level)(200)
  = Exit east
- Exit east

- You are now in Vohaul's chamber. You have to continue, but Vohaul will when 
  you do use a machine to shrink you, and to lock you up in a jar
- = Cut the glass (you need the glass cutter from floor 4 for that)
  = Go to the vents and climb into them
- = Go to the red button and press it (Vohaul will die), and climb out (206)

- Exit west

- = Pull the switch
  = Type ENLARGE
  = Exit east
- Stand in the glass jar to return to normal

- Exit upstairs

- Get the oxygen mask from the small closet (218) wear it and follow the 

- You are now in a corridor exit west and keep going west until you reach
  the pods (Type PRESS BUTTON while you are on the way, but wait with
  pressing enter until you are in the pod area at a pod door)
  Open the pod area, and go away, getting the robot after you
  Keep going east until you are in the main hall. The robot stops following
  you there. Follow the way east and enter the corrior. Keep going east until
  you are in the pod room again. The robot is gone (it will come back if you
  wait too long). Enter the pod you opened.
  Press the launch button

| Vohaul's Hideout                                                    | IDX07 |
Inventory: No longer relevant

When you get control over the game
= Look around
= Go to the sleep chamber and open it
= Enter the sleep chamber and you finished the game.


I must note, due to a bug in the game, you may still die after you completed 
the game. Don't worry, you have completed the game, nothing can change that,
it's just a bug that can cause this to happen.

You may think this is a poor ending. Maybe you're right, but this closes this
chapter correctly and will be perfectly taken over in Space Quest III, trust me.

| Copyrights and permissions                                           | IDX10 |
This FAQ has been copyrighted by Jeroen Broks aka Tricky, formely known as
Tricrokra. This FAQ may be viewed, downloaded and printed for personal use
only. It may not be sold, or used as a basis for commercial work. This FAQ
may also not be modified. Parts of it may not be copied to your own FAQs 
without my permission.

This FAQ is NOT officially authorized by Sierra On-Line or any
other party that is related to Space Quest

If you want to host this FAQ, it's allowed, if you ask my permission first,
permission will be granted assuming that the FAQ stays in this form 
unmodified, that users can view it FREE OF CHARGE, and that no pop-ups have 
been added to the page that views this FAQ.

Sites with permission to host this FAQ:

Sites banned from hosting this FAQ:

| Cantacting me                                                        | IDX11 |
Before contacting me, please read carefully.

If you want me to answer questions about the game itself please visit this

That is my Q&A site where I (or others) will answer all your game questions.
If you do, please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been asked 
before. :)

If you want to inquire about me as a person, or when you have anything to 
say about the FAQ itself, like asking permission to host, got suggestions
for this FAQ, something like that please mail it to

       REJECT YOU!

If you see that I missed things in this FAQ, then in stead of calling me
names, you may tip me about that part, or if you want even come up with 
a complete workout of that part, that I will copy into this FAQ (I may alter
your lay-out to make it fit with the rest) and even credit you for your
trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.

I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking 
about, and since I'm very busy as a contributor for GameFAQs, and ocasionally
other sites, I have quite a lot of FAQs here. So it will help me a lot when
I know which FAQ/Game it is you're talking about. :)

And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.

So here are those mails with my standard replies:

  M: Fix your English
  A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
     English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
     care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If 
     I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.

  A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
     will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
     agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
     also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
     Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you 
     detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and 
     I'll fix it if I agree with you.

  M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
  A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
     I was quite amused by such mails actually.
     Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
     in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
     I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
     the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 33 years old.

  M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
  A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
     so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German. 
     (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
     English, tough).
     I don't speak any other language.

  M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
  A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem

  M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
  A: That's something between me and Neoseeker. I don't find it necesary to
     go into detail about that. I noted it in my FAQs to make sure they     
     will never pop up there unnoticed. So don't mail me about it
     cause I won't answer. I got very good reasons for it. That's all you
     need to know.

And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!

(c) Copyright 2008, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)

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