Space Quest III - The pirates of Pestulon Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Space Quest III - The pirates of Pestulon

Space Quest III - The pirates of Pestulon

                          Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
                                  Version 1.05
2.New features
5.Fun things

     Space quest III is also a very good game and includes much more features
than Space quest I and II. You can read about them(the features) in section 2.
This is the last game of the series that can run on any computer without any
problems. And, in my opinion, it is the best game in the series.

2.New features
-Sound Card support(the sound and music sound great)
-Music(in the game itself, not just the title screen)
-Better graphics
-Special function that pauses the game when you type commands
-Volume control(I believe that is mainly for the PC Speaker)
-Speed control(and not just a few speed levels)
-You finally get your own ship to control(not like that shuttle in SQ II)
-A setup utility(and many options)
-And probably a few things I have missed here

The controls are like in the other two games :
-You walk around with the arrow keys
-When you need to perform an action, you type it(example : jump over cheese)
-You bring up the menus by pressing ESC
-If you need quick help, press F1

Also, I use the following directions :

                    West         East

Anyway, some standart adventure game hints :
-Take everything
-Save often
-Explore your surroundings
-Organise your goals

Start by examining the device, then go south and then east. Stand near the
conveyer device and wait for a bucket to pick you up. One the conveyer belt
stand and then jump. Go all the way west until you reach a room with a droid
and a machine(called Grabber). Get in the Grabber and drive it west. You'll
make a turn and now face east. Go one screen east and stop the machine at the
right end of the current screen. Press the button in the Grabber and the claw
will grab the warp motivator. Drive east until you make another turn and then
press the button again. If you did it right, the warp motivator should be
installed in a ship. If not, grab it with the claw and try again. Drive back
to the room with the droid and stop the machine near the chute. Get off and
jump down. You'll be in a room full of rats. Go to the west side of the 
screen, following the wires and get the reactor. Climb up the ladder and get
it. Walk north, east and enter the tanker. Walk east and a rat will attack
you and steal your reactor. Go back to the place where the ladder was, drop
it and climb down. Get the reactor, go up the ladder, get it and go in the
tanker. Get the loose wire. Go east and climb the giant head. Place the ladder
on the ship, climb up and open the hatch. Inside the ship, place the reactor
in the compartment and connect the wire. Check the computer if you wish and
go to the pilot's seat. Check the pilot's computer and turn on the engines.
Turn on the radar and take off. When you can't go any further up, switch to
the weapons system, turn on the forward shield and shoot the wall.

Switch to the navigation system. Scan the region and set a course for the
desert planet Phleebhut. Switch to light speed.
NOTE : You should follow these directions every time you want to go to a
planet(engines, radar, navigation, light speed).
Land on the planet and press the red button to go out. Go two screens east
and walk north until you reach the World o' Wonders. Go in and show Fester
the gem. The highest price you can get is 425 buckazoids, but you don't really
need that much money. Anyway, Fester will show you some items that are for
sale, you only need the underwear, so buy it. When you leave, you'll be
captured by the terminator. When he lets you go, go west and in the door. In
the elevator, press the button and go to the second floor. Walk up the stairs
and stand behind the lower rope. When the terminator is near the gears, push
the rope and you'll get rid of him. Go to his remains and get the belt.
Fester will appear and you can ride down with him. Go back to your ship and
set a course for Monolith Burger. When you arrive and get inside, go one
screen left and go to the counter. Look at the menu and order a Monolith fun
meal. Pay for it, sit at a table and eat. You'll get a decoder ring. Now, go
play the arcade game(Astro Chicken). You must insert a buckazoid each time
you play. If you play well enough, you'll get a coded message. Use the ring
to decode it. It should say :

Help us! We are being held captive by ScumSoft on the small moon on Pestulon.
An inpenetrable force field surrounds the moon. It must first be deactivated.
It's origin is unknown to us. ScumSoft security is armed with jello pistols.
We're counting on you, whoever you are.
                                          Two guys in trouble

Go back to your ship and set course for Ortega. Before you go out, wear the
Thermonuclear underwear. It will protect you from the heat. Go south, west
and then south again. Hide behind a rock and wait for the pirates(ScumSoft
employees) to leave. When they do, look through the telescope and you'll see
the force field generator. Get the pole and get a detonator form the box. Go
east two times and north two times. Go down the stairs, find your way to the
ladder and climb it up. Go to the edge of the opening and drop the detonator.
Leave the generator and go south and two times west(to the place with the
telesope; you may look through it again if you wish) and north. Use the pole
to get over the lava and go back to your ship. Set a course for Pestulon,
which will now be on your map. Go out of the ship.

Go east or south, wear the belt, activate it and go in the complex. Press the
button and enter the door. Walk along the corridor until you reach a door in
the left wall. Enter it and look around. Search the room and wear the 
coveralls. You'll also get a vaporizer. Walk along the corridor until you
reach a door on the right wall that's not locked. Go in. Now, you need to
zap the garbage from any trashcans you see or else you'll be discovered. 
Make your way one screen north. Go in the office and zap the trash. Go south
and then north again. Get the keycard from the desk in the office. Go south
and then west. Make your way to the photocopy machine. There, get the picture,
copy it and replace the original. Make your way back to the corridor and walk
to a door in the right wall(locked). Insert the keycard and then show the
copied picture. Go in the door and press the button. Cross the bridge and zap
the jello. You'll be captured.

This part is easy. You must win the robot fight and you'll escape on your
ship. After awhile, you'll be attacked, so switch to weapons system.

1.The radar should say if the enemy is ahead or behind you
2.Turn on the forward or backward shield
3.After the enemy strikes, switch the shield to the other side
4.If the enemy attacked from the back, you can track him down and shoot him

After you destroy a few fighters, they'll flee. Now, just watch the ending.


5.Fun things
Here are some fun things to do in the game :
-Order a big belcher combo at Monolith Burger
-Look at the postcards in the World o' Wonders(and everything else)
-Explore Phleebhut. There are many ways to die there
Well, they are a few, but I didn't see anything else interesting.

I.You can
1. Read and distribute this file without changing it or without
removing anything
2.Read and distribute both in electronic or printed format
3.Copy or quote something, as long as I'm informed
4.Use this file as a model for writing

II.You can't
1.Distribute only a part of this file
2.Change this file
3.Copy or quote something if I'm not informed
4.Sell the file

Sites that have permission to use this file :

You can e-mail me at or

Copyright 2004 Nikolay Kaleyski

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