Space Quest 3 - The Pirates of Pestulon Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Space Quest 3 - The Pirates of Pestulon

Space Quest 3 - The Pirates of Pestulon
                ___________      .__        __                  
                \__    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \  |/ ___\|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \/  \  \___|    < \___  |\___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|  |__|\___  >__|_ \/ ____/____  >
                                         \/     \/\/         \/ 


Version 1.00

| Index:                                                                      |
    How to play this game on modern machines ......................... IDX00
    Garbage Scow ..................................................... IDX01
    Phleebhut ........................................................ IDX02
    Monolith burger .................................................. IDX03
    Ortega ........................................................... IDX04
    Pestulon ......................................................... IDX03
    Item List ........................................................ IDXZZ

| How to play this game on modern machines                            | IDX00 |
Space Quest is written on a machine that is almost ancient, and a system that 
is not (completely) supported by Windows and other modern OSes. 

Therefore you're gonna need a emulator for old systems.
When I wrote this FAQ I used DosBox 0.72 (MacOS X PPC version).

DosBox can be downloaded from

| Garbage Scow                                                        | IDX01 |
Well, in my SQ2 walkthrough I told you SQ3 would immediately start where SQ2
ended. You start the game when you are picked up after your escape from Vohaul
by a garbage scow.

Way to go.
Now to get outta here...

- Exit east

- = Get the wires
  = Exit west
- Exit west

- Exit south

- Exit east

- Stand on the machine carrying the rocks to go up (10)

- As soon as you are on the conveyor
  = JUMP (20)
  = Exit west
- Keep going west until you are in a room with a robot

- If you hang around too long here the robot will kill you. Just for your 
  information. :)
  = Stand over the cart thing and type ENTER MACHINE
  = Go backward and take the northern exit east
- From here find the good position and press the button. If you picked it right
  the grabber picks up an engine. If you did wrong, move your cart and try it
  again, until you got it. (35)
  Exit east
- Exit east

- Exit east

- Exit east

- Move to the front and press the button to release the engine. If you did right
  it ends up in the back of a ship (hidden in garbage),  if not pick the engine
  up again, and try it again. (50)
  Exit west, and keep going west until you are in the room with the droid again.
- = Stop the cart in front the "path" south of it and get off the machine.
  = Go south until you fall in the hole there.
- You may see some rats. Don't you worry, they will not hurt you.
  = Go west and get the reactor (70) and it will get dark
  = Go to the ladder and climb it
- Exit north until you reach your old ship again

- Exit east

- Enter the tube (exit east)

- A rat will attack you and steal all your stuff except the reactor. Damn. 
  Exit west.

- Exit west

- Exit south

- Go to the most southern-western spot and climb down

- = Go west
  = Go back to the ladder and climb up
  = Exit north (twice)
- Exit east

- Exit east (into the tube)

- Exit east

- Climb into the giant head (CLIMB HEAD)

- = Move to the front of the ship
  = SIT (you'll move to the cockpit)
- Now you see a menu. Only 2 features are yet chosable, but as you continue 
  there will be more.
  = Choose 1. Engines
  = Choose 7. Radar
  = Choose 3. Takeoff
  = Choose 8. Weapon System
  = Choose F. Front (Shields)
  = Press space (Fire)
  Okay, you made it out of the garbage scow. Look at the screen again.
  = Choose 2. Navigation System
  = Choose 1. Scan
  = The game will show you Ortega. Sorry can't go there yet, choose scan again.
  = The game will show Phleebhut. Choose 2. Set Course
  = Choose 5. Light speed
Now you'll see that the Terminator is after you. That means trouble.
Well, it'll take awhile before he finds you. When you see the computer screen
again, choose 3. Land.

Stand, and open the hatch to get on the surface.

| Phleebhut                                                           | IDX02 |
Inventory: Glowing Gem

What you must know is this. When you go to far to the south, you'll be eaten
by a big snake. When you go too far to the north you'll be zapped by lightning.

You may see the terminator landing too. Don't worry about it, this is not a
timed mission.

- Exit west

- Avoid the "things" in the cave, and exit north

- Exit west

- Exit north (That monster you see is not real).

- Enter the world of wonders shop

- = Sell the gem (you can say "no" twice, after that you should sell it or
    you'll never get enough money for it).
  = Buy Orat on a stick
  = Buy the chicken hat (Not that you need it, but you get points if you do)
  = Buy the thermoweave underwear
  = After that leave
- Now the Terminator will catch you.
  He'll allow two ways to get rid of him.
  One of them is to go west, enter the building go up the elevator and grab
  the hook when the Terminator gets close. This method gets you less points 
  though, and does not always work. So I'm going for the long method here.
  = Exit south x3
- Exit east

- = Stand in the cave behind the "things" and wait for the Terminator to come
    it'll get eaten by the "things". (Sometimes the Terminator simply won't
    come. I don't know what causes that, or what to do about it. DON'T GO TO
    YOUR SHIP. If you go there, you'll be killed. It could be that exitting
    west and coming back can fix this).
  = Use the Orat on a stick to get the Terminator's invisibility belt
  = Exit east
- Enter your ship.

I suppse you know how the ship works now. Use it to go to Monolith Burger

| Monolith Burger                                                     | IDX03 |
Inventory: Orat on a stick, ThermoWeave Underwear, Astro Chicken Flight Hat
           Buckazoids, Invisibility Belt
- Exit west

- Go to the clerk

- Order the Fun meal, after the silly questions pay

- = Sit at a table
  = Eat
  You'll get a decoder ring.  (258)
  = Stand up
  = Go to the arcade game
  = Play it.
- This is ASTRO CHICKEN. One of the most silly games of the universe.
  The object is to play this game until you get a secret message.
  To do this, land Astro Chicken on the mat as much as possible.
  Harder than you think. I hope you can appreciate this crappy game.
  The points you win are counted for you actual score. I got mine to 308 and
  then the game stopped counting points
  Once you played enough you get the secret message. 
  Use the ring to get the key to decode it (378)
  In case you don't feel like deciphering, let me do it for you.
        Help us! we are being held captive by ScumSoft on the small moon of 
        An in penetrable force field surrounds the moon.
        It must first be deactivated.
        It's origin is unknown to use.
        ScumSoft security is armed with jello pistols.
        We're counting on you whoever you are.
                   Two guys in trouble
  After reading this message you are done here, and you can leave this place.
  Next stop Ortega.
| Ortega                                                              | IDX04 |
Before you leave your spaceship wear your thermoweave underwear or the heat
on this planet will kill you.

Another thing you need to know. When you fall in the cracks you are dead.
Pretty obvious, but just an extra warning.

- After leaving your ship, exit south

- Exit west

- Go south and exit south. (Careful, the "bridge" is not stable).

- = Wait until the men here are gone (they'll kill you if you don't wait)
  = Use the telescope, and you'll discover Pestulon (398)
  = Get a detonator from the box (408)
  = Get the pole (418)
  = Exit east
- Exit east

- Exit north

- You reach the outside of the generator. Exit north

- Exit downstairs

- Go north, exit east

- Go to the ladder and climb it

  Before you do anything. Once you continue here a timer will start to run.
  A timer you don't see, but one that is pretty narrow.
  Once you continued you have a short time to reach your ship and get off
  the planet. If you exceed the time you are dead.
  = Throw the Detonator into the big hole (438)
  = Climb down
- Exit west

- Exit south

- Exit south

- Exit west twice

- Exit north

- = USE POLE (you'll use your pole to jump over the crack) (458)
  = Exit east
- Go to the center of the screen and exit north

- If you are at your ship enter otherwise exit east or west, pending on where
  you went north.
Next stop..... Pestulon

| Pestulon                                                            | IDX05 |
Inventory: Orat on a Stick, ThermoWeave Underwear, Astro Chicken Flight Hat
           Monolith Decoder Ring, Buckazoids, Invisibility Belt.
- Exit south

- = Wear the invisibility belt
  = Turn on the belt
  = Enter ScumSoft
- The invisibility belt will get broken. Great. Now what to do.
  No use complaining. Just press the button and exit north (483)
- = Go south
  = Take the first door on the left
  = GET CLOTHES (You will disguise yourself now as a janitor) (488)	
  = Leave the closet
  = Go south
  = First door right
- You are now in a big hall. Now you have to empty all transcans with you 
  vaporizer (command: USE VAPORIZER). If you forget one, you'll be dead./
  Take the first way west and exit west.
- = Use the vaporizer on both trashcans you can reach here, and go for the
  = Get the picture
  = Use the copier to copy the picture
  = Put the picture back where you found it. (493)
  = Exit east (the way you came)
- = Make your way north (and empty the cans)
  = Exit west
- Take the most northern exit west (and empty all cans on the way)

- Follow the way, empty all cans, and exit north

- = Enter the room of the boss
  = Empty his trashcan
  = Exit east
- Here you see that ScumSoft took your ship. That sucks. Well, let's worry 
  about that later. For now, just go back.
- Now the boss is gone. Cool
  Enter his office, steal the keycard from his desk and exit south (498)
- Make your way to exit west (no more cans. Whew)

- Take from here the most soutern exit east

- Exit east (if there is one can filled, empty it)

- Empty all cans here, and go back the way you came

- Exit south

- = Go south and stop at the first door on the roght
  = Use the keycard
  = Show the picture to fool the face scanner
  = Enter (518)
- = Type PRESS BUTTON to create a bridge
  = Go to the center
  = Use the vaporizer to free Mark and Scott
  = Now wait for the boss to pop up and he challenges you to a fight (737 (?))
The game will explain how the battle works so no explanation required here.
When you win, you'll get into your space ship for one last battle.

For the space battle goes, to keep your shields where the enemy is (what the 
radar will tell you), and to shoot all targets the game allows you to shoot.
If you make it you finished the game. (728)




| Item List                                                           | IDXZZ |
Below is a list of all the items I got. Where to get them and what to do with

Get: Copy the picture you find at ScumSoft
Do:  Fool the face scanner

Get: Buy in shop on Phleebhut
Do:  Nothing at all. It's just junk

Get: Buy at Monolith Burger
Do:  Eat it and hope for the big surprise

Get: Sell the glowing gem in the shop on Phleephut
Do:  Buy things in the shop on Phleebhut and Monolith Burger

Get: In janitor closet at ScumSoft
Do:  Disguise so the people won't recognize you as an intruder

Get: At Scumsoft's
Do:  Copy it and put it back

Get: Game start
Do:  Sell it to the shopkeeper for money

Get: You can steal it from the Terminator after you defeat him.
Do:  Wear it when you reach ScummSoft in order not to be seen.

Get: At the entrance of the rat pit
Do:  You need it to enter your ship

Get: At the scout site on Ortega
Do:  Jump over a hole

Get: Hidden in a Monolith fun meal
Do:  Decipher the message hidden in Astro Chicken

Get: Buy on the shop in Phleebhut
Do:  Get the invisibility belt from the Terminator if you killed it with the

Get: In the rat pit
Do:  Fire up your space ship

Get: In a box on Ortega
Do:  Bow up the beam generator on Ortega

GET: Buy in the shop on Phleebhut
Do:  Wear it on ortega to beat the heat

Get: When you get the Coveralls
Do:  Destroy contents of trashcans and other things.

Get: In the tube in the garbage scow
Do:  Fix your spaceship 

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