Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

                         Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
                                   Version 1.05
2.New features
5.Fun things to do

     Unlike the other Space Quest games, this one has many new features. It
is the first one that has an icon menu for actions. Also icludes voices if
you don't like reading. Also, it's probably the funniest in the series.
Unfortunately, it can run with problems on faster computers, it requires much
more hardware than the previous games and most of the music wasn't too good.
But it's still a good game.

2.New features
     As I said, the game has many new features(which require much, much more
hardware). Some of them are :
-Icon menu
-Detail control
-Much better graphics
-All of these result in a great introduction
-Interfaces not really from the game(for example, the hint book)
-Two mini-games
-Much more bugs

1.Take everything you can
2.Save OFTEN and do MULTIPLE saves
3.Organise your goals
4.Learn all the information you can
5.Decrease your game speed if an action sequence is too fast for you
6.The icons make it easier to solve a puzzle by accident, so click around
7.Keep an eye on your buckazoids

NOTE : If you should see a man walking around the streets, avoid him. He is a
hostile cyborg and will only call a droid to kill you.
Go one screen left, search the skimmer, open the glove compartment and get the
PocketPal terminal. Go back to the starting screen and go one screen right.
Hide behind the pipes and wait for the Droid o' Death to pass. Get the rope
and go north(hiding behind pipes if needed). Hide behind the piller, and when
the droid passes once again, go north. Hide behind the first pillar here and
throw the rope to the street. When the rabbit goes over it, pull. Go south and
go through the grating. Get the jar from the desk and search under the blotter
for a button which you'll press. Open the door and go into the sewers. Go
left and don't change your way until you reach a ladder. Some green slime
should have followed you here. Fill the jar with some of it and go up the
ladder. You'll see a shuttle land and troops go out of it. They are the
Sequel Police and are looking for you(you DID watch the introduction, right?).
Anyway, get out of the manhole, go one screen right and get in the shuttle's
landing gear compartment. You'll fly to the Sequel Police HQ. After you get
out of the shuttle go left and you'll see a Sequel Policeman arrive in a
Time Pod. Get in it and you're safe. Write down the code on the display(it's
the code for Space Quest XII). You need to enter the code for Space Quest X.
It's either six times the first symbol or six times the last symbol. Enter
the code and press ENTER. You'll go to Space Quest X.

Get out of the Time Pod and go one screen left. Walk around here until you
see a shadow pass by. Go right, then down. A pterodactyl will grab you and
carry you to it's nest. In the nest, wait for a Sequel Policeman to fall,
search him to get a piece of paper and jump down from the nest. You'll be
captured, so jump in the sub.
When you are released from the restraints, press the button. Grab an oxygen
tank and throw it in the sea slug's mouth. You'll go to the Galaxy Galleria.
Anyway, take the right conveyer and wait until you reach the Big and Tall
store. Go in and select some clothes from the bargain shelves. Pay for them
and go out. Take the other conveyer until you reach Monolith burger. Talk to
the manager until he offers you a job. Accept. You must earn about 30-40
buckazoids. After you are fired, get on a conveyer and wait until you reach
the starting screen. Get the ATM card and the cigar butt and get on the right
conveyer. Go to the ATM machine and try inserting your card. Get on the 
conveyer and wait until you reach Sock's. Go in and talk to the clerk. Pay
for the clothes and go out. Go to the ATM machine again. Insert your card and
withdraw all the money. Go back to Sock's and change your clothes. Go to the
Hz. So Good store and buy a Pocket Pal connector plug. It doesn't really
matter which model you buy. Go to the software store and look in the Bargain
Bin. Find the SQ IV hint book, keep it and pay for it. Go to the Arcade and
go in through the right entrance. Walk around until two Sequel Policemen 
arrive in a Time Pod. Go out and go to Sock's, but don't enter. Take down the
stairs instead. Now, fly up(yes, you can) and then right. Fly around here
until two Sequel Policemen(or at least one) shoot at you. They'll most 
probably miss. Fly down and go up the stairs, go to the arcade and enter the
Time Pod. You can now relax. Connect the plug to the terminal. Read the 
hintbook. There's a question about the Time Pod on page 4. But only half a
code appears. Unfold the piece of paper. This is the other half. Enter the
code and press ENTER.

Get out of the Time Pod and go south. Enter the bar. Try to get the matches
on the counter. You'll be kicked out. Kick the bikes and the guys from the bar
will come after you. If someone is heading towards you(on a bike), jump away
from him just before he hits you. Make your way to the bar and get the
matches. Make your way to the Time Pod, go in and enter the code for SQ XII.

Get out of the pod and go two screens right. Use the green acid(in the jar)
to get rid of the lock on the door, then open it and go in. Light the cigar
butt with the matches and throw it on the floor so you can see the lasers.
Use the panel on your right to rotate them. You must enter numbers. I suggest
you use combinations of 111 and 352. When it's safe to pass go to the other
end of the tunnel. You'll now be in the computer's core. Go all the way left,
hiding from the security droids(hide in the tunnel you just came from). You
should be in a chamber with a big iron door. Look on page 7 of the hintbook
for a code to open it. It's 69-65-84-76-69. Go to the terminal and delete
the security droid program and the brain. The computer will begin a formatting
proccess. You need to finish the game before it's end. Go all the way right
to the screen where you came out from the tunnel. Go north, west, down the
stairs and all the way left to an elevator. Go in it. On the upper level go
north, east and in the passage. You'll have to fight with Vohaul. When he
stops attacking you, go down the ladder to get the diskette. Insert it in
the disk drive. Select DISK UPLOAD, then BEAM UPLOAD, select ROGER JR and


5.Fun things to do
1.Read all questions in the hintbook
2.Browse the Hz. So Good catalogue
3.Examine the lettuce, pickles, mustard, etc. when working for Monolith 
4.You can play an arcade game in the Arcade(logical)
5.Watch the introduction
6.Just play the game, there are many fun things in it

I.You can
1. Read and distribute this file without changing it or without
removing anything
2.Read and distribute both in electronic or printed format
3.Copy or quote something, as long as I'm informed
4.Use this file as a model for writing

II.You can't
1.Distribute only a part of this file
2.Change this file
3.Copy or quote something if I'm not informed
4.Sell the file

Sites that have permission to use this file :

You can write e-mail to or

Copyright 2004 Nikolay Kaleyski

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