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The Optimized Straightforward Walkthru for Spellbreaker


This FAQ is copyright 2009 by Stanley E. Dunigan (

This FAQ may be posted and used anywhere by anyone as long as it's unaltered,
but always check one of the official websites listed below for the latest

GameFAQs (
SuperCheats (
Neoseeker (


Like all of my optimized straightforward walkthrus, this FAQ is a complete
walkthru for the game that has been optimized and organized to make it as fast
and easy as possible to complete the game. I don't give any reference-style
information, like a list of all spells, or encourage you to do unnecessary
things. In true walkthru fashion, I just tell you the answers without explaining
or rationalizing them. If you want non-spoiler-ish hints, see the Spellbreaker
hint file on the Universal Hint System (UHS) website at:


This is the original release of this FAQ, so I have no special notes or credits
to report yet.


NOTE: This FAQ was written while playing the Spellbreaker version that came with
the Lost Treasures of Infocom package that was released in 1991 by Activision.
As far as I know, everything will be the same for other game versions.

*** STEP 1: Blorple your first cube. ***

Use the WAIT command until a shadowy figure turns everyone else in the Council
Chamber into amphibians. Go south and get the fish, then go south again. Learn
the Lesoch spell (LEARN LESOCH), then cast it on the orange smoke to dissipate

NOTE: Due to the main plot of this game, magic isn't very reliable anymore, and
any spell you try to cast may fail. If so, learn it and try casting it again.
Spells will be more reliable later on, after you've collected several cubes.

Get the small featureless white cube that the shadowy figure left behind (GET
CUBE), then use your magic burin to inscribe the word "earth" on the cube (WRITE
"EARTH" ON CUBE) for identification purposes. Learn the new Blorple spell that's
appeared in your spell book (LEARN BLORPLE), then use it on the cube (BLORPLE
"EARTH" CUBE) to be taken to a dark area called Packed Earth.

*** STEP 2: Get the Girgol spell scroll and Caskly spell. ***

Frotz your spell book (FROTZ SPELL BOOK) so you can see, then go east and south.
Pick up the zipper, then open it. Frotz your knife (FROTZ KNIFE), then put it
into the zipper. That way, you can see the zipper's contents at any time with
the LOOK IN ZIPPER command. Do so now to see that it came with a flimsy scroll.

Get the scroll and read it to find that it's the Girgol spell scroll. You can't
copy it into your spell book, so don't bother trying. Re-Blorple the "earth"
cube to get back to the Packed Earth area (LEARN BLORPLE. BLORPLE "EARTH" CUBE),
then go down twice.

Wait until a roc grabs onto you, then wait some more until you're dropped into
its nest. Get the stained scroll, then Blorple the "earth" cube as before to
escape the roc nest. Read the stained scroll to find that it's the Caskly spell
scroll, then GNUSTO CASKLY to get it into your spell book.

*** STEP 3: Get the gold box and "water" cube. ***

Go south to the Cliff Middle area, then pick up and read the dirty scroll to
find that it's the Throck spell scroll. Go up to the Cliff Top area, then keep
trying to go up until the game says that the rocks tumbling down are "making an
almost continuous curtain above you." Use the Girgol scroll (GIRGOL), then go up
until you reach the Mountain Top area.

You won't need the gold coin, so leave it and enter the stone hut by going west.
Learn the Caskly spell and use it to fix up the hut (CASKLY HUT), then take the
featureless white cube that was helping to hold the hut together (GET CUBE).
Label this one the "soft" cube (WRITE "SOFT" ON CUBE), then Blorple it (LEARN

Go south from the Soft Room area to reach a meadow. Use the GET WEED command
twice to pull the weed out of the ground, then Blorple the "earth" cube to get
back to the Packed Earth area. Go west and north to enter a big cave with a big
ogre. To temporarily incapacitate him, plant the weed, then use the Throck
scroll on the weed (THROCK WEED) to make it grow.

Go down to reach the ogre's lair, then use the GET ALL command to pick up the
gold box and the dusty scroll. Read the dusty scroll to see that it's the Espnis
spell scroll, then put the "soft" cube into the zipper (PUT "SOFT" CUBE IN
ZIPPER). Open the gold box and take the cube from it, and label this one as the
"water" cube (WRITE "WATER" ON CUBE).

*** STEP 4: Get the Liskon spell. ***

Blorple the "water" cube in the usual way (LEARN BLORPLE. BLORPLE "WATER" CUBE)
to end up in the Water Room area. Learn the Blorple spell again, then put
everything except for the smoked fish and the "earth" cube into the zipper (PUT
keep any water from getting in and ruining your paper items.

Go south to the ocean, then immediately drop the smoked fish so the stupid
"grouper" will eat it and go away. Get the "water" cube next, then get the
floating bottle. Blorple the "earth" cube, then open the zipper and get the
spell book, burin, and dusty scroll from it (GET SPELL BOOK, BURIN, AND DUSTY

Open the bottle you got from the ocean, then look into it to find a damp scroll.
Get the damp scroll, then drop the empty bottle. Read the damp scroll to see
that it's the Liskon spell scroll, then add it to your spell book (GNUSTO

*** STEP 5: Get the "air" cube. ***

Go east and north to the Smooth Room area, then use the SLEEP command to get
some sleep. After you wake up, learn the Liskon spell and cast it on the giant
"circle snake" (LISKON SNAKE). Go north twice to find a temple, then learn the
Malyon spell.

Cast the Malyon spell on the idol (MALYON IDOL), wait one turn with the WAIT
command, then use the Espnis scroll on the idol (ESPNIS IDOL). Wait again to get
the idol to re-freeze in just the right position, then climb up to its head

Look in the idol's mouth to find a cube, then take it and label it the "air"
cube (WRITE "AIR" ON CUBE). Pry the idol's one remaining opal eye out with your
magic burin (PRY EYE WITH BURIN), then get the eye before it can fall and

*** STEP 6: Get the magic carpet and "change" cube. ***

Blorple the "air" cube to get to the Air Room area, then go north. Get the white
scroll and read it to find that it's the Tinsot spell scroll, then add it to
your spell book (GNUSTO TINSOT). Blorple the "air" cube again, then go west to
the bazaar, and east to enter the Emporium.

Trade the idol's opal eye for the blue carpet (BUY BLUE CARPET WITH OPAL), then
check your inventory to see that the jerk gave you the red carpet instead. Give
it back to him (GIVE RED CARPET) in order to get the blue carpet. Go west, then
Blorple the "water" cube. Go north to the Oubliette area, then learn the Liskon
and Blorple spells.

Put the spell book, the "air" cube, and the "earth" cube in the zipper. Get the
knife from the zipper (for light), then close the zipper. Cast Liskon on
yourself (LISKON ME), then go into the outflow pipe (ENTER OUTFLOW PIPE). Go
west, then get the mossy cube from the niche (GET CUBE). Label the mossy cube as
the "change" cube (WRITE "CHANGE" ON CUBE).

*** STEP 7: Get the Snavig spell and "string" cube. ***

Blorple the "water" cube, then go north to the Oubliette area. Open your zipper
and get the spell book, then learn the Tinsot spell five times (LEARN TINSOT.
G. G. G. G). Put the spell book back in the zipper, then close it again. Save
your game, then Tinsot the water three times (TINSOT WATER. G. G).

If any of those Tinsot castings fail, try again until you've successfully cast
the spell three times. If you run out of memorized Tinsots before that happens,
restore your save and try again. Once you succeed, get on the ice floe that was
created by the third successful Tinsot casting (GET ON FLOE).

Wait for the water to stop rising, then open the trap door and go up to reach
the dungeon. Get the white cube and label it "bones" (WRITE "BONES" ON CUBE),
then go east and north to enter a dungeon cell. Open the zipper and put the
knife and "bones" cube into it, then get the spell book from it.

Use the Rezrov spell on the cabinet (REZROV CABINET) to open it, then get the
moldy book from it. Learn the Caskly spell, then use it to fix up the moldy book
(CASKLY MOLDY BOOK). Read the moldy book to find the Snavig spell, then add it
to your spell book (GNUSTO SNAVIG).

Go south, west, and up to reach the Guard Tower, then drop the blue carpet. Sit
on the carpet, then type FLY to get it into the air. Go west four times to get
over the roc's nest, then land (LAND) and get off of the carpet (GET OFF
CARPET). Get the cube from the nest, then label it as the "string" cube (WRITE
"STRING" ON CUBE). Blorple the "change" cube to escape the nest.

*** STEP 8: Get the "noplac" cube. ***

Go north and get the compass rose, then Blorple the "change" cube again. Go west
this time to reach the Carving Room, then put the compass rose into the north
wall's carving (PUT ROSE IN CARVING). Get the rose, then go north. To get
through the octagonal room maze, use the following moves:


Cast the Rezrov spell on the alabaster plug (REZROV PLUG), then go west. Drop
the now-useless compass rose and get the cube. Label it as the "noplac" cube

*** STEP 9: Get the "light" and "dark" cubes. ***

Blorple the "water" cube, then learn the Snavig and Blorple spells. Put the
spell book and the "change" cube into the zipper, then close the zipper and go
south. Get the "water" cube, then turn yourself into a grouper (SNAVIG GROUPER)
and go down.

Wait until the Snavig spell wears off, then get everything from the grouper nest
(GET ALL) and go up. Label your new cube with the word "light" (WRITE "LIGHT" ON
CUBE), then Blorple the "light" cube. Go west to the volcanic base, then open
the zipper and get the spell book.

Learn the Tinsot spell if you had to cast it all five times in the Oubliette
area, and cast it on the hot lava fragment that's fallen nearby (TINSOT
FRAGMENT). Get the fragment, then Blorple the "noplac" cube and go south.

Give the lava fragment to the nearby green rock (GIVE FRAGMENT TO ROCK), then
get on top of the rock (GET ON ROCK). Save your game, then tell the rock to go
north (ROCK, N), then southwest (ROCK, SW), then east (ROCK, E), then south
(ROCK, S), and then east again (ROCK, E).

Check to see which way the brown rock went last. If it went north, then go east
(ROCK, E), otherwise go south (ROCK, S). If that doesn't get the brown rock
mesmerized, then restore your save and try the exact same moves again until it
works. Jump over to the brown rock (JUMP TO BROWN ROCK) and get its cube, then
label it as the "dark" cube (WRITE "DARK" ON CUBE).

*** STEP 10: Get the "fire" and "magic" cubes. ***

Blorple the "dark" cube, then go down to the Dark Cave area. Learn the Snavig
spell, then drop the spell book. Put the "dark," "light," and "water" cubes in
the zipper, and close the zipper. Go down to the Grue Cave area, then turn
yourself into a grue to avoid detection (SNAVIG GRUE).

Go down again to reach an area with a pillar that's in the center of a pool of
light. Without wasting any moves, climb the pillar, get the cube, go down, and
then go up twice. Label this cube as the "fire" cube (WRITE "FIRE" ON CUBE),
then get the spell book.

Use the SLEEP command to get some sleep, then Blorple the "fire" cube. Go north,
then examine the outcropping that's to the west (EXAMINE OUTCROPPING) to see
that there's a cube on it. Open the zipper and take the gold box from it, then
put the "fire" cube into the gold box (PUT "FIRE" CUBE IN BOX).

Take the "fire" cube, then throw the gold box so that it lands on the new cube's
outcropping (THROW BOX TO OUTCROPPING). Blorple the "fire" cube, then go east.
That'll get you onto the outcropping, so get the new cube and label it the
"magic" cube (WRITE "MAGIC" ON CUBE).

*** STEP 11: Get a key from Belboz. ***

Blorple the "string" cube and go south to find the Enchanters' Retreat area.
Save your game, then ask Belboz for help (BELBOZ, HELP). You'll then have to
correctly answer the question he asks.

Find the question in the list below, then type in the answer like this: SAY
"ANSWER". For instance, if he asks who invented the Golmac spell, type SAY
"BARBEL". If he asks a question that's not listed, restore your save and try

* In Borphee, who was famed for his skill with fireworks displays? DIMITHIO
* Of the necromancers, who other than (harumph) myself is best-known? BERKNIP
* Which mage had the motto, "The hardest trick is making it look easy.'? BARSAP
* Which of our esteemed colleagues was fabled for his skill at Double Fanucci?
* Who invented the golmac spell? BARBEL
* Who wrote of the Coconut of Quendor? GUSTAR

*** STEP 12: Get the vault's cube. ***

Blorple the "noplac" cube, then go east. Use the Rezrov spell to open the inner
vault's door (REZROV DOOR), then learn the Blorple spell once and the Jindak
spell three times. Put everything you're carrying into the zipper (PUT ALL IN
ZIPPER), then save your game.

Go north to enter a room with twelve cubes that are labeled "x1" through "x12,"
divided into two piles. You can't save in here, and the one cube you want is
randomly chosen. To find it and get away with it, you'll need to use the
following process, starting with section 1.

SECTION 1: Take the "x1," "x2," "x7," and "x8" cubes. You can do all that in one
command if you use commas and leave off the quote marks, as in GET X1,X2,X7,X8.
Next, cast the Jindak spell (JINDAK) to see how the piles glow. If they glow
with identical brightness, go to section 2. Otherwise, the situation is way too
complicated, so restore your save and try again.

SECTION 2: Take the "x3" and "x4" cubes, and put the "x1" and "x2" cubes on the
first pile (PUT X1,X2 ON FIRST PILE). Cast Jindak. If the piles glow evenly
again, go to section 3. Otherwise, go to section 4.

SECTION 3: Take the "x1" cube, and put the "x7" cube on the first pile. Cast
Jindak. If the piles glow evenly yet again, Blorple the "x8" cube. Otherwise,
take the "x7" cube and Blorple it. In any case, go to section 5.

SECTION 4: Take the "x1" cube, and put the "x7" cube on the first pile. Cast
Jindak. If the piles glow evenly, Blorple the "x1" cube. Otherwise, take the
"x2" cube and Blorple it. In any case, go to section 5.

SECTION 5: If you're now in the Sand Room area, save your game again. Otherwise,
you must have done something wrong, so restore your earlier save and try again.

*** STEP 13: Set up the zipper and dungeon cabinet for your past self. ***

Go down to the dungeon cell, then unlock the cabinet with the key Belboz gave
you (UNLOCK CABINET WITH KEY). Open the cabinet and take the vellum scroll, then
get your spell book back from the zipper. Memorize the Blorple spell twice, then
put your spell book in the cabinet (so it can become the moldy book that you
took "earlier"). Next, close the cabinet and lock it with the key.

Look in your inventory for a reminder of what the name of the cube you got from
the vault is, then Rezrov-blast the cell door (REZROV DOOR). Blorple the vault's
cube to return to the Sand Room, then go up. Get the sack and open it to find a
flimsy scroll.

Get the flimsy scroll and read it to see that it's another Girgol spell scroll.
Get the magic burin from the zipper, then use it to copy the Girgol spell onto
the vellum scroll (COPY FLIMSY SCROLL TO VELLUM SCROLL). Move everything from
the zipper to the sack (EMPTY ZIPPER INTO SACK), then put the flimsy scroll into
the zipper, close it, and drop it.

*** STEP 14: Defeat the evil shadow. ***

Get the "magic" cube from the sack and Blorple it, then go east. Wait for a
shadowy figure to form on the throne, then attack it (ATTACK FIGURE) to get
yourself frozen as early as possible. After that, keep waiting until the game
says the shadow is preparing to jump into the hypercube.

Immediately use your new Girgol scroll to time-freeze it (GIRGOL SHADOW), then
remove the "magic" cube from the hypercube (GET "MAGIC" CUBE). Replace the magic
cube with the sack (PUT SACK IN HYPERCUBE). This will destroy the shadow and,
supposedly, all of magic. Play Beyond Zork next to see how magic gets preserved
via the Coconut of Quendor.

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